Steelers Stat Geek: Plenty of challenges await the Steelers in Preseason Week 2


The pittsburgh steeler fans welcome back to another episode. The steelers stat geek. This is dave scofield from behind the steel curtain coming at you to talk about all these wonderful steeler things we have going on and and some not so wonderful steeler things we have going on is great. We have football to talk about. We've actually had a game on the field and numbers to discuss but it just wouldn't be right to start the show and not mention the passing of coach drake. It was a shock to the team. It was a shock to the steelers community. A lot of people still don't know how they're going to continue on and how they're going to handle everything with with loss of such a great man. I've i've heard so much about his character. Even before the he was lost to us on saturday night or sunday morning <hes> it's it's just a sad time. It's just it really is but the team was back out for a short practise today because it was shortened by arraign and <hes> it was probably better that it worked out that way because it was tough for them to get back to it. They cancelled practiced sunday. They move of monday's practice today tuesday when this is being filmed but coach drake is going to be missed with coach tomlin's press conference today. He said he didn't even want to discuss about what they're going to do to replace him. It just doesn't seem to be appropriate right now there some reports with some various things that are out but that's just not what they're going to talk about now so coach drake we love you. We miss you all steeler nation does and hopefully hopefully the team can go out there and put up some wins for you this year so let's just move on to some football because <hes> that's just kinda how things go that sometimes we just have have to have to keep moving and those of you that are here and if you watch last week show that we talked about some numbers going into the game against tampa uh-huh. I want to make a disclaimer you will not have this very often where i picked the number that that i wanted and that's exactly what happened last week. I said that i wanted thirty points from the steelers in week one because that was their average average from the year before i just thought it was a good goal as i was watching the game. During the second half i was able to watch the game with the b._t._c. Contest contest winner derek chadwick who came down from windsor ontario to watch the game. I was able to watch it with him and his wife melanie and my daughter we were all there. Watching together in deir are kept saying what are they going to get your thirty. Are they going to get your thirty at didn't it didn't look like they were at halftime but as time went on we kept talking hey i think they can get get this all. They're gonna get it now. What do you know i wanted more than thirty but i was happy with thirty points that that they put up so <hes> that was a lot of fun. There was some mother numbers that i outlined in my crunching the numbers article that that i do for the website there'll be another one this week heading into this game <hes> i wanted to see the at least nineteen first downs because average last year they got exactly nineteen. <hes> wanted to see <hes> only one turnover the other one got overturned on the penalty. We got one turnover really wanted to see a plus one and turnovers we got a zero steelers had zero turnover margin but that's only because the interception on the two point conversion does not officially count statistics wise as an interception and the plus minus or in in the anything else when it comes to a two point conversion play the statistics that count there are point scored. If if someone catches a two point conversion counts as two points scored a quarterback throws thursday conversion a counts as two points running back to council points. They don't get credit for yards. Large carries catches incompletions interceptions while i was gonna say safeties but they can't really have i guess technically you could run backwards a hundred yards and have a two point safety safety but that's just kind of silly. None of those other stats count on that convergence. If it wasn't for that the steelers would have had a plus one turnover margin arjun. There was a lot of good numbers from this game. <hes> if we're going to go ahead and start talking about the numbers from this week people in the live chat go ahead and start start throwing out there what numbers you liked that you saw from the game friday night oh before throwing my numbers for those of you watching on youtube over my right shoulder. There's the mask the kylo ren steelers mask if you were watching on n._f._l. Network here's your number exactly at the end of the first quarter when they cut the commercial there was a shot of me wearing the mask <hes> lance williams mm sent me a text right away said i just saw on t._v. Jeff thought he was crazy. Because jeff was so busy doing other stuff he doesn't watch those those little sendoff parts of the game <hes> f anyone in the live chat saw. Let me know <hes> but there. I was wore the mask good bit during the game. I don't know it was during the game mm-hmm but i was also trying to do everything i could to get a shot to get noticed to get my daughter on the jumbotron which we did eventually do that during the game so let's talk numbers. Let's numbers of the big number. I'm sure everyone's gonna wanna shout out here. So i'll start with is we're gonna go with ten. We're going to go with ten tackles of devin bush in his in his debut that was you know pretty big big deal now. Some people might say well some of those tackles downfield true. Some of those tackles were downfield not all of them for a loss he had a great tackle for a loss on fourth down now with him and ola making that stop and that's right after he made a great stop on third down no one where the sticks was with crossing route on a tight end and kept him and drove him back and did not let him get that first down so those were some really good heads up plays by devin bush that the the key is he was all over the place he was after the ball so whether the ball was downfield or whatnot they were plays where he what it wasn't even towards him and he still was able to go in and and and get ten tackles which was really nice i there were some concerning numbers from the game this past week. I'm going to throw out the number thirty. One as a negative steelers gave up thirty one first downs. I know getting i down as we've talked about how that's not always the best judge of things because you can have a one play drive with a touchdown and technically touchdown counts as a first down so one first down or you could go out there for a long methodical drive an have first downs. I like that number to be high for the steelers even though they're scoring quick because i want them to show that they can keep drives sustained and really keeping going if anyone the live chat can help out. I do not think that the steelers it had a three and out all game. I'm pretty sure that they at least achieved one first down. That's not true. I was gonna say not one first down on every drive but i know they did not get a first down at the end of the first half when they got the turnover. They didn't get a first down but they were able to get a field goal so <hes>. Let's see what we got here just to mention if you're in the live chat now we do have what we call the super chat feature <hes>. I'm not asking to use it. I'm not saying you you have to use it but if you want to type a comment or ask a question you can type it in hit that dollar sign donate any amount that you want to the show and we'll get your your question or comment bumped to the top of the queue so that will definitely get mentioned so if we start looking through here here. We got some people that says that. They saw me here we go. Oh my goodness that will elaine john charles <hes> was one that says they saw me matt thomas saw me. I know some other people that said they'd seen me in a different live chat going on. The people saw the mask at the game. That's great getting with bo didn't realize that <hes> <hes> different bush had ten tackles well if you've been to the site at all you've it's been all over the place yeah matt thomas. Go i jumped out of my chaired said that's dave and his kids thought he was nuts. That's that's pretty funny so <hes> it's nice to know that that people recognize the mask so <hes> rhino toll all said bush did more than devon white that is true but devon white did not did not play as much as devon bush bush played the first half you did not play in the second half <hes> so that's that's one also interesting article coming out tomorrow morning that i wrote about how devon bush now after the first week how that first week the preseason in how that shapes up where they were currently stands in the defensive rookie of the year conversation i know the regular season hasn't started but if but if you're talking about vegas i guess odds now's the time that they're going to fluctuate those things with especially with those rookies here we go andrew be says here's a number that he liked about one hundred jordan forty one point. One people don't know what that was. I'm pretty sure that that is that was mason rudolph quarterback rating because he came man and had himself a pretty solid game. All three quarterbacks played pretty well. <hes> i root off. I'm pretty sure had the highest tested. Was that rudolph's or was that hodges rudolph's. We'll find out here. Someone'll tell me in the live chat as i scroll down through josh dobbs got two series eary's he did flip the field before they had to punt when he started at the seven yard line and that was on the long past james washington if he could have got a little bit more the air and it could have been seven. Maybe but you know it's still a pretty nice completion in the first place and then dobbs did did lead a a drive that started at their own seventeen did get a field goal. Rudolph got four drives so out of his four drives. He had two touchdowns in a field goal so that's pretty good and then hodges had four drives. I'm pretty sure his was a field goal at touchdown and to punch. I don't count a drive arrive at the only plays are kneel downs. I don't count that as a drive so that was pretty good <hes>. Someone said they missed me. Brad missed me. That's all right. <hes> <hes> devon white only had one tackle so <hes> daredevil said that he saw me at the game <hes> someone wants to thomas white. Did i use my kylo ren powers to influence the outcome. I'll be honest with you the other part. I don't have it with me. Is i actually found a yellow lightsaber that you just flick it out and it extends. I don't even remember that. I had until halftime so <hes>. I didn't even use the lightsaber power for that one <hes> hey. I'm spencer hall. I'm in holly anderson. I'm ryan nanny. I'm jason kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what i mean is it's all spoiled every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too fashionable pants worn middle school we also do you talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app someone said about <hes> <hes> they watch the all twenty two that was brad the strength to push pack tight ends and interior linemen wasn't there is is what he was saying. I'll be honest with you. There were times. I felt that devin bush was blocked where he did get blocked so he didn't he wasn't he didn't get to fight right up to get that <hes> to get the tackle on a shorter gain is what you would like but you have to remember. It was his first game and those guys on the other side. They're making money to try to block him so you can't ask them to make every play. It's their job to so that's that's. That's just kinda how it is sometimes so all in all to just to say that he was is caught up in the crowd and he was he was constantly getting to the ball. <hes> there's still things work at is a little small. Perhaps we'll see we'll see how that can how that can can progress. Crickets did throw out the number sixty two which is too young to pass. We've talked about that already and i wholeheartedly agree then here we go hodges would have had better ratings of if his receivers hadn't dropped the ball that is true. There were some drops <hes> <hes> someone bringing up <hes> gotta make sure i get it right unlike coach tomlin today. It's ulysses gilbert a third. He did call him. Ulysses grant today was pretty funny. He laughed it off pretty good. He had one and a half sacks. I do believe and did pretty well. One thing that was brought up about him. He was playing playing later on in the game. You wanna see something for this week. See where they have. When they have gilbert take the field. You might see him out. There may be with the first group or very shortly after to get a better look against some better competition 'cause <hes> he definitely did turned <hes> turn some heads. <hes> have a question about this past week will what about gentry. I'll be honest with you. I tried to rewatch the game on tv after being there. I was also trying to write some articles at the time so i didn't get to look at the blocking as much as i have to. I don't know how gentry did as a blocker and in order for him. I'm to be a equality tight end the steelers. That's something that's going to be important but <hes> big target in the end zone rudolph found in pretty easy. You know anyone any shorter wouldn't be open so <hes> you gotta like that possibility but if he can't come out there and sustain a block that's going to be the key to. I'm getting playing time in the regular season <hes> felicia. Let's talk that vegas baby k point spread to bet on <hes> there. No she's talking about this game coming up or just throughout the season. <hes> we talk an awful lot about point spreads <hes> for the week when it comes to the steelers preview only get into especially in the regular season that we do like to talk about point spreads there. I'll mention them on this show some because of the numbers of it for this week coming up. It's a pick em game saw. The money's moved it a little bit where i saw at one point. It did go to one point the steelers i favor but it's basically a pick him game and the over under is at forty six the last i saw i would definitely felicia you want something to bet on. Take the over in this game on saturday with the steelers and the chiefs. I think they're i think they're going to a mean forty-six forty-six. That's only if it's twenty three to twenty four. You're over and i think both both teams will be there. I would go way over on that over under what i came to the steelers. That's my safe bet for this weekend so here we go. I'm going to have to kind of skip through these in order to to get onto this coming week <hes> so so here we go yeah. Someone did say that white played two series was how long he was in the game so so there we go so where he has some stuff <hes> anywhere on the andre johnson he apparently was practicing today in the breda practice. They were not in pads. <hes> the only only people that were not out there. Today was <hes> because this is a one more number. We want to talk about this past week still know joe haden. He's has an ankle contusion for those. They don't know what that is. That's a bruce markey's pouncey and dave decastro to castro's dealing with some just general soreness and <hes> general soreness sorry i couldn't help it and into cash and county is a no one's really sure what his injuries they asked <hes> coach trauma today and he would not disclose what it was so but everyone else is back on the field today. Sean davis is out there. <hes> data john's was out there so hopefully we can see the one of the person that wasn't there was the the one injury from this week which was christian scotland. Williamson has like a soft soft tissue tara. I'm getting a message from from jeff hartmann. He has a soft tissue injury so <hes> when i mentioned david a cashier i want everyone to know that we have our our contest going on <hes> we hit one hundred people in our survivor survivor league. I've got to check the settings to see if we're allowed to have more than one hundred. If we don't have more than if we're not allowed to have more than hundred we will set up another one so <hes> if you're not sure we're talking about. It's it's it's a survivor league three. I who it's right now it's the top article what behind the steel curtain because we just updated it and and we'll see what we can do all right here we go before we move onto this week. We've got some super chat going on first of all <hes>. <hes> felicia has just throws out a a good job sticker off. There's five dollars tip jar. Thank you felicia and then for <hes> here we go six forty nine six dollars and forty nine cents rhino. Tool rumor has it. You threatened to retire for t._s._e. If you aren't allowed to wear the kylo hell the kylo ren helmet during chats. It's obviously i tried it again tonight. I've i can't do the headset and the helmet helmet in order to the show. I was going to try to do it just for second and it just doesn't work so <hes> so that's what's going on with the helmet comet so let's let's transition now into this coming week. The steelers play saturday night at seven thirty. It'll be on n._f._l. Network they play the kansas city chiefs piece. That's going to be really really interesting for this one once again. I've already said if it's if it's forty six points take take the over in this game because the number. I'm gonna throw out there to you all for this week. I wanna make sure i go with the one that i say the last week. Number was thirty one or one of the steelers scored thirty points this this week i think the steelers are gonna have a super successful game with the number of twenty four if they can hold the kansas city chiefs to twenty four points or less. I think that's a really really big statement of their defense. Going into the season. Mahomes did play a series week one of the preseason so i'm assuming that he's also going to be playing some this week. This some more steeler starters and their more regular players bears will probably play for a couple for series or maybe two in this game. I don't look to see i don't look for ben rothlisberger play at all he would be one for sure <hes> <hes> and then possibly market pouncey depending on him other than that. You might see everybody at least get a series so it's a little bit more of the of the bigger competition titian kansas city so far for the preseason is leading the league in points. They put up thirty eight points last week against the cincinnati bengals angles so it's gonna be really interesting to see how they go this week. If the steelers can can hold them twenty four points on defense that's a big win and that's a big statement <hes> from their last year in week to the steelers gave up fifty one points to the green bay packers in their only lost as the preseason <hes> but the but the but then the year before the only gave up thirteen points and won the game seventeen to thirteen. I can't remember that was against and in the two thousand sixteen was when they stuck it up against the philadelphia eagles and lost seventeen to nothing in the preseason so i wanna see that week too. I wanna see that offense begin to flow more <hes>. I think you're gonna see switch up with quarterbacks in the order that they come out <hes> there was some some questions about who was really ahead dobbs rude off what really had to be dobbs. I'm telling you josh dobbs started that game because he was the backup quarterback last year unless he was injured or ben was going to play he was going to get the first crack at it now. Even of josh dobbs played lights out and mason rudolph came out there and devon hodges and just played terrible. You were going to see one of those other. Two guys start the second could week. That's the rotation that they want. They want to see how are people going to do. <hes> that terrible. I don't know if they would have done it but because all three played well. I'd i'd put my money on mason rudolph starting this game on saturday nights against the chiefs so i thought all the quarterbacks look good. I thought some receivers levers really showed some stuff. I'm going to once again highlight my sleeper pick to make the roster that i've talked about for awhile and that is one johnny holton. I believe he fills that special teams void that the team lost dairies hayward bay and he's capable to be a fifth wide receiver <hes> i could see him if one of the other receivers gets bumped off the roster like possibly a rogers or switzer her that i know some people are really high on some of these other dante spencer kevin jones pretty game but johnny holden keep your eye out on him especially with these guys plan special teams really love to see all it any get getting some tackles on kickoff benny smell junior getting tackles tackles scott the first tackle the game on the on the opening kickoff it some really good stuff so <hes> let's go ahead and see what kind of numbers we got coming into. The live chat. I just saw something something. <hes> that's people talking about injury reports and here we go sixty three total points is what we want from create gets what that may total points because i don't want to save you to have as many points if <hes> if kansas city scores twenty four and the steelers win the game they they just hit their over so there you go felicia. That's why i'm going with that one. <hes> would like to see some progression from lane. It's now <hes> justin. Lane did struggle struggle at the beginning when he was gonna get higher competition. He did get better as the game went on. He did miss two tackles that resulted in touchdowns. The first one looked worse than the second. They kinda happened right in front of me at the game so i was able to see them but <hes> he he did not he had a learning curve he he got a better game on him but he he's got about back and learn from that and then <hes> benny snell. I think he's just got to got improved on that stiff arm. I'm kind of whiffed on one. They're a little bit. I also wouldn't mind him just saying hey. I'm gonna it's better to fall forward and get two or three yards than it is to try to try to busted. I it for eight so here we go if we got any kind of numbers or any kind of questions coming in <hes> go ahead and put them in the live chat now <hes> <hes> <hes> houghton is good competition rogers and switzers. That's right daredevil. I believe that's what i'm saying. <hes> tevin jones kevin smith. I'm not sure zach what i noticed estaban. I might have got that wrong there so <hes> thanks brad. I appreciate that for letting me know that one so i don't know which person person it is every any any other specific numbers that you wanna see this week. What about sacks. What kind of snacks would you like to see. The steelers had or orlando. It'd be nice to see them. Raise that number a little bit so yeah we're right. It is seven jones. Hey i i did. I didn't know what i was talking about so <hes>. Here's someone that was brought up. <hes> marcus allen was kind of caught up in the crowd didn't see an awful lot from him. <hes> i know some. Some people are really high on him. He he's got some skill could really help the steelers but we've gotta. We've gotta see him. Come out on the field and i know last last preseason he struggled with injury but he really came on in week three to earn that spot on the fifty three is when he really really made a big push so i'd like to you see that coming from him because right now he's getting. He's kind of the forgotten safety going on right now. <hes> here we go. We've got another super jat question. From thomas white. <hes> safe to show was it would he recommend going to the the steelers chiefs game without a ticket meaning. Could you get when there i'll be honest with you. If you wait to the last minute and hop on. I suggest ticketmaster because that's the official official site of from n._f._l. Tickets i know you can get stuff through stubhub or whatnot put as a as a season ticket holder if i wished to sell my tickets i can. I have an easy way to just put them out right on ticketmaster. It's our official selling resale tickets for n._f._l. N._f._l. tickets you know they're legit from ticketmaster. If you show up to that game i'm sure you can you can get some get some tickets a good price. You can get ticketmaster now. Alan get some tickets for a pretty good price. <hes> i've got several different family members that <hes> that are headed up to the game saturday because it's just a and they're both doing what i was trying to suggest to do with jeff hartmann ryan anthony davis and get lance williams coming in from the west coast but he says it's too hot in august to be in pittsburgh. You can go to a game but the pirates played afternoon game. They played the cubs at one thirty and then the steelers played seven thirty. If if you live outside the pittsburgh area and want to catch some some some good pittsburgh sports go hit up the pirates and then grab yourself something to eat and then head on over to heinz field to check the steelers so <hes> and ali irregular these chats a lot of you. Already are in these chats. I should say <hes> he'd like to see to pick my already burns. That would be that'd be nice. I would rather see already burnt actually get on the field because he did not do that this past game so if he's gonna show that he can do anything versus i he's got to get on the field <hes> hi daniel hi amanda we get to tell everyone about the new pod <unk> jess digest that is right are brand. New podcast is available now. It's everything you need to know about the world of food every week with a little will help from the biggest names in the industry and journalists from the eater newsroom. We're gonna talk about everything from the worst things that diners do in restaurants too fake meat. We're gonna talk about delivery free tack. We are going to argue a lot about how to behave in restaurants. Oh yeah big time so many things. I mean politics politics. Yes it comes up. It might make you laugh. It might make you think it might even make you hungry daniel. I'm so subscribed to digest for free today on apple podcasts or in your favorite i tasked so here we go <hes> and then the people agreeing that marcus allen is kind of getting passed up okay okay. How much do tickets usually cost to watch a game at heinz field. That's from darren dalton. It's very simple depends on the game. You're it depends on what you want to sit. <hes> my my seats are in the lower deck in the end zone and closed down to the stadium so i have a great view of the the jumbotron and the field at the same time and those tickets depending on the game or a couple of hundred dollars each if you want to those saint tickets for a preseason preseason game you're probably looking about after fees and everything about maybe probably no more than six dollars a piece for a preseason game. If you don't care where you sit and you wanna get in the stadium you can probably get them for bare bones minimum. You'd be surprised. I know some people that they just give away. Their pre. Season isn't tickets because i understand. You've got to be selective with your games when when it comes to things like that that you don't wanna you know be be wise with your hard earned money. <hes> i'll be honest with you. I probably have enough money in the live chat right right now for someone to go to the game <hes> while i mean i don't know for not me personally slate but there's been enough donated for someone to go to the game checkout ticketmaster and look for the little for preseason games a lot of times. It's the only time this never happens. You're going to get a better price from resale tickets than you are tickets from from the actual <hes> steelers. Those are the blue seats. If you get on the website i check it out so <hes> here we go. Someone would like to see brad. Budde do pre with a sack which would be great so that pretty much much something up. I think we've pretty much dried up with any kind of number stuff in the live chat so <hes> like i said don't think that many big great greg guru because i called a few of the numbers i from this past week. I was basically going off of averages so <hes> the thirty points was a good thing to go with and they nailed it this week. I'm i'd like to see see the defense. Only give up twenty four points like i said last year the averaged twenty three point seven five so around that up to twenty four twenty four or under for i'm gonna go up against the chiefs would be a great total another number that i really like from this past. Week is the number one and that the steelers at least have one preseason victory because it's it's not very often the team that goes oh and four in the preseason makes the playoffs make the super bowl or anything like that so even though the preseason doesn't really matter when it comes to windsor lawson's that that's one. You'd like to at least get one. <hes> jefferson talked about that last week on pretty sure on the steelers preview so so so here we go. I got some people one person did say that they bought five tickets in the corner end zone for the home opener home. Opener is expensive. The home opener is an expensive game. You're gonna look. I mean that's actually what you pay. Their reginald is not not bad for the home opener because because i know <hes> ali in taxes xs asking about watching the games free online. I'm gonna say this 'cause it's on n._f._l. Network if you don't get n._f._l. Network the n._f._l. Mobile the app n._f._l. Network app could possibly show the game. You may have to log in as the only problem with that one so there are some other streams that people have have you can go in and type those. I'm gonna. I'm gonna be off at you be very careful. I have a laptop from a few years ago that i don't even use anymore because it's got to viruses because i used to stream steelers games so you have to be very careful with with what you're gonna. Put out there. I know sometimes people like to like to put things in the threads of our articles to say where you can watch the games a lot of times. We'll have to hide those comments because we the last thing we want to someone someone to come in and click on a website from our our one of our articles that then gives them a virus so <hes> lots of opportunities. I used to watch the games. They have also on replay on on n._f._l. Network the other big suggestion that i have is if not you you can lease listen to him. On the radio. I paid a dollar for an app on my phone years ago that that lists out all the radio stations that stream a game both home and away so you'd have a kansas city you even have the kansas city teams radio stations not all of them work but there's always at least one or the two that works and if nothing else you can catch it on the radio some wanna thank you all for joining in tonight we had <hes> we had over sixty people here in in a live chat and everything going on and had some some good numbers <hes> unexcited about more steelers football week to should tell us a little bit more about how things things are gonna go. I'd like to see those only twenty four points at another thing. Let's drop those number first downs down l. Let's let's try to keep them under thirty so <hes> thank you for joining us tonight and to send you off. Lance william style tune-in can tell a friend and subscribe. We'll see all next week high the medical editor in chief of eater and i'm janine up producer here at eater and we are here to tell you about our brand new podcast digest every week on the show we dive dive into the weirdest funniest and most important stories in the world of food twist inside scoop from the biggest names in the industry and expert insights from the eater newsroom. It's really fun on time so i would say subscribe to digest for free today on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app.

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