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233: NHL Rules Changes, Jose Bautista Wants to be an MLB Pitcher, Olympics and Coronavirus


The Swat is presented by rb Computing Popeye supplements and by all Insurance Ontario. I can't think of a better way to spend time than waiting on. Hold for hours to get mediocre service. Just kidding that sounds terrible. I'm Jerry Girard at all Insurance Ontario. Great Insurance Advice never more than a quick text away. Text me eight zero one two six five nine to find out more all insurance Ontario. Your modern boutique broker Steve Worn project. Everybody welcome to the S. WBZ. It's presented by all Insurance Ontario. Popeye supplements and rb computing and every weekday. We discussed the biggest stories in sports. Whatever my name is Steve Warne? And I'm joined every day by Jim Jerome as always a welcome boost from you the good listener you can help us keep rolling. These shows daily five a week by considering a Patriot membership in the show costs as little as a single cup of coffee once a month and also helps if you're able to subscribe leave a nice review and share the WPA as much as possible. You're jumping off point. Four everything is Steve W PROJECT DOT COM James. How're things? Well Stevie? I love the winters are long in our country. Although this this winter wasn't bad Nevelson we had a cold snap not very much snow but when March rolls around Stevie. I'm a new guy baby. Really new guy did fate thereby announcing that it's been a great winter. You're going to be terrible march now. My mother used to say Oh. It always snows in April. It always knows April but you know what I mean. After a long long winter when March the sign in the masters decided the golf season's just around the corner. Although Steve Reason I bring this up is there's always a bunch of idiots who love golf so much. Can't wait to start the season and I see yesterday. There's couple post by people with their golf clubs out there. Steve shovelling off a Green Matt somewhere in their backyard or at a driving range that they broke into. I'm the first guy to hit golf balls this year. Oh okay to do it. It's fine you know. What if it makes you happy? Can't be that bad as Sheryl. Crowe once taught us. However if you're taking to social media to brag about it that's where I'm going to have to draw the line. Well it's just it's just silly just like there is a golf course here that opens the earliest every year. It's sort of a crappy course so I guess it doesn't affect the beaten up the fairways too much or they don't really give a shit because you can't you know what frost right. I don't know if you've played golf. Showed up to play in the morning there was a frost warning and they won't let you on and Yep sure and the reason for that is because it it. It breaks the grass. Okay it fucks up all the grass when you walk on it but I just I just went like oh here we go now now. I'm the first one to hit a golf ball this year. Why they'll okay. That's funny but now the desperation for some summary. Stuff I get that I mean as you may recall as a guy who is in bar haven for twenty years with our postage-stamp sized lawns. I would every once in a while. Get so sick of the winter that I'd start shoveling off my drive shoveling off my lawn onto the driveway so it would melt faster. That's how desperate I was green anyway. Love It love. That marches here. So I can't wait for another month of snow in the NHL GM's are certainly primed for a little nice weather because they always plan the NHL GM meetings right around this time of the year and they always find some warmer climes to hold them in there in Boca Raton this year. And one of the things we're going to talk about is how to handle the emergency backup goalie situation. We talked about that in an earlier episode. This amazing story the Gut the NHL coverage on one major network after another They want somehow certa change it so that doesn't happen again and it's an interesting thing because I don't think you have to tweak it that much. I think he could probably bring up the level of the player a little bit based on where David Air was age wise conditioning wise. And all that. But they're certainly solutions that should alleviate what's going on with with the NHL concerns at the same time. If this ever happens again it could still be a great story. Well what's weird about it is You know when this came out after after air stepped in the Zamboni. We all know it now. The ZAMBONI driver former former junior player kidney transplant survivor grave. Cool story but the way they're talking Steve is like they put a guy in and everyone was amazed and then he got hurt but but the guy never did get hurt. No there all this concern if you if you read it today without knowing the story oh I see the guy must have got frequent tattooed or broke a leg or something or got nailed in the throat or went to move to feed the puck to someone else went out of his net and got got killed rail something but there was just no problem with it. I I feel like there's a really good chance. Injury could occur in a player like that and I also think they even though this didn't happen either talking about getting absolutely freight trained for fifteen goals or something like that. That didn't happen either. But they feel like there's a good chance that it could and you know affects the balance of playoffs and all that the last thing is the biggest thing that I'm most concerned about with it and that's the optics of an employee facing their employer. I think you need to get into a situation where this emergency backup. Goalie is an actual league employee. Not An employee of the teams playing that night. Well I guess yeah. We did talk about that. If you know and it's worse situation you got way too much of a conflict of interest. Sorry I let that. One in Nudge Nudge Wink wink fellas. Yeah but don't forget I worked for you exactly so I guess I guess you can understand that but I never. Nothing went wrong with it. Nothing nothing at all. So maybe if that's what they have to have to look at saying I don't know you gotta gotTa have a goalie. Who's not a fan of the other team or doesn't work for them or something. Okay but is it really that big of an issue right now you know? The guy made appearances on the again. This is in America where honestly the NHL do something out of the ordinary to get much. Love airs made appearances afterward on the Dan. Lebatardshow Golic and Wingo the today show pro hockey talk does show Fox and friends world sport. The Dan Patrick. Show and as you mentioned in an earlier episode the late show with Stephen Colbert. Those are places where. Nhl Hockey is rarely ever discussed. So I certainly see your point of view the in the big picture. It was a one off one night. But it got people talking. Nhl Even myself who's in NHL nut. I go on the various websites to find interesting general. Nhl Discussion to talk about. And it's like Okay Joe. Blow got a goal an assist in a win last night. Okay and you just look. You're searching for something that's kinda grabs your attention and this one did so. I don't understand exactly why there's this big rush to snuff. Owed something that rarely happens anyway. Yeah Yester- in yesterday's shore or previous show. We ended up talking about which was interesting. Tony Romo the coveted commentator now right who skyrocketed to fame after about two games and as I said one hundred percent hundred percent of all people said this is the best thing to ever come along in the booth and I agree and he signed the seventeen million dollar deal. I don't know how long it is but three years. Three or seventeen mil. So he's making six six change or just under six million a year. No it's a three year deal. Where seventeen million per year right? So one of the one of the issues is really owners when we're out you know. The collective bargaining agreements always a topic. You know no matter. How Far Away is it? Always just haunting everyone. And they're saying really okay. The the League we can't we can't get we can't collectively bargain against a few things in your signing this guy who's making as you pointed out money than most players and he's in the booth and ninety percent players make less than Tony. Romo does to talk right so all the GM's meeting in Florida okay. There's gotTa be a pretty big price and you know part of me goes okay so you guys get together once. You're right Steve. It's always okay. What what what luxurious place or the end to do this. It's always like palm springs or somewhere south in Florida. A bunch of GM's get there and the topic they want to talk about. Is this emergency goalie thing you know? What a fucking waste. You don't. Can't we do this by conference call or something in our skyping? There's just I would expect. Gm's go down there and handled a bunch of other more serious stuff injuries. Concussions stuff like that they have done in the past but where I'm going okay. So there's a million dollar tab for a bunch of gyms together have a bunch of big dinners or or more. I don't know what it would cost. But fuck waste makes makes me wonder you know? Yeah there's a whole bunch of different things that probably needs to be addressed before that while do need probably they absolutely do need to be taken care of before you even worry about something like this which almost never happens and Brian. Burke fired a bunch of ideas. He didn't like by the way the whole emergency backup. Goalie situation. Thought it was a joke. That a guy that's zamboni drivers forty. Two years old was their best option. The also came up with some other ideas as we get ready for this. Nhl GM meeting as we're recording this. His ideas are as follows. He had four the other night on Saturday. Bear hugs a cap on icing. No opening doors on the player benches during the actual game play and a shot clock in overtime. Those are the things that concern him the most so I'm not sure exactly got his finger on the pulse of things either. These are sort of throwing stuff out there. None of that stuff. I mean bear hugs. I don't know if that's practical bear. Hug what you're suggesting is do something illegal to lessen injury like that's holding by its very definition. He wants guys to get you. Know if you're going into the end boards for checking and the defender is going in. I YOU BEAR. Hug Him from behind right into the boards and then get on with Your Life Right. I. I saw that when Burke was doing that it was a few nights ago and he showed A. It was a great piece because they showed a bunch of examples of of what he was talking about to change and and that bear hug wise. What what does that mean? I don't even know what it is but it it. It's a smart thing Steve. I think because what everyone's forgetting through this thing all the time as they talk about the players getting flattened they talk about the player getting injured which it is. It's a high risk right to to flatten guy into the end boards. You got you gotta time it perfectly. So it's not a penalty or a suspension for that matter but everyone forgets well. What what's The guy supposed to do? Then it's a contact. Sport is very physical And the way everything's going up to now it's sort of like okay. Go ahead and get the PUCK. I can't touch you so they had to come up with something. They got to come up with some idea where you're still allowed to run. The guy into the boards are allowed to make a play and and to make a play in the puck is almost always going to result in you hitting the guy at the end in my mind anyway so I see what he's getting at that he's trying to find a place where we can still have the playmate but but this guy is about eighty five percent chance of getting knocked out of the game for injury so I understood anyway. What he's doing so I'm not sure I do I understand the intent of it because you want to lessen injuries and things but I'm just thinking if I'm a defenseman going back in my own zone and this guy behind me giving pursuit and then giving me a bear hug as we're going into the boards lake okay. That what if he trips you know we both trip and we go into the end boards. I can't even defend myself now because you've got my arms tied up in this bear hug. I'm not sure I'm happy about that per se. I also feel like I could get a separated shoulder because I can't get my stick in my gloves up to kind of lessen the blow absorb the hit my again. My arms are tucked inner. And now the you know if he takes me into the boards and go in Shoulder. I separated shoulder waiting to happen. So I'm not sure that it's a slam dunk but I do appreciate the idea behind it. Generally speaking you wants to avoid those situations so that both going at the same speed the less likely to go in head first. I get all that but I don't think it's without its parallels as well so I'm not sure anywhere are be competing. Web poll today is basically asking people what they WANNA do like. I basically gave the good listener an opportunity to jump into the middle of the NHL GM meetings and you have an opportunity to lobby for one. Nhl Rule Change. And I asked the question. What would that rule change be? And why Jamie Brig Brigden Rights? Scrap that loser point. I'd be on board with that. I think particularly this year. I've never thought about it too much particularly this year when you look at it. Look at the wild card race you know. There's there's like I can't quite recall looking last night. There's like five teams that are within a point or two making the wildcard spot on you know So if that is that because the one point for sure it must have a lot to do with. I'm looking at points. You know racist. I don't necessarily need this number of teams so long as there's two or three teams kind of fighting for their playoff lives. I think that's a good thing but just a personal opinion. The other the other ones I did like that Burke Burke brought up for them with the bear hug was one. There's an injury every year and he showed a bunch of clips of players getting hurt when the door is open. The door to your bench is open during play. I recall in Ottawa. There was a horrendous. One years ago you know where the guy was skating. Sort of his head down and the door was open and went like full-on into the sternum. You know whether those issues I mean the one. I recall with Ottawa. Just to fill the gap there. Magnus Arvidsson almost had his career ended by it and actually did an interview with him in faces magazine and he says still bugging him to this day now in his mid forties and is still bugging him even now so he's certainly agree with the rule. Well his thing was. Don't kid yourself players players. In fact it's almost quicker you know to to hop over the boards right to get in and out of your bench. So he said they're the players have no problem with that so you can end that right away. You're not allowed to open the door during play So now I think there we go now if the League starts to look at that they are doing something about player safety. I agree with that. That's the smart thing to do right although it is it. I mean there's always the door being used to some degree you know. Let's see all your forwards make a change even one year defenseman at the same time is usually. There's rarely any situation where all five going off at once. But let's say there's three maybe four guys going off at the same time in four guys coming on. That could get a little interesting. If you've got eight guys. Straddling trying to find spots to jump over the boards. But I don't think it's going to happen very often so I agree with that too. Yeah they'll figure it out and the reason they reading they should because the end the injuries are like fucking big man when it happens you know. I like that one. The Shot Clock. What was so. That's the boards. Are The bench store. The overtime shot clock in overtime. Is I don't know if they have to change very much in that over time. The the reason he brings up because three on three players often skate out of the zone. And they're attacking right if they got to regroup and they skate backout way back onto the red line to regroup. You see it a lot. It never really bothered me. I thought the overtime is cool. But boy what a huge change that would be in it. You know that you got to fire the puck Barrett before twelve seconds or something. I don't know I'd be okay. They do need to do something because three and three is great. But what's Kinda wrecking it? Is the coaches. The coaches always. Find a way to snuff the fun out of something. You know the wildness the excitement level the scoring opportunities. That were there in the early days that anymore because everybody understands. It's like you know what you make. Sure you have an attack at the net or a good scoring opportunity before even begin to think about giving up the puck so if you're running at a room in the offensive zone it is more important to maintain possession than it is to try and force something at the Blue Line like you might say a power play situation. So that's how they handle it and it's no good. Nobody likes that right. And I think I think the way it is now because of that They're probably coach them saying look at in a very very short time and three hundred three. You're going to get a two on one okay. Someone is sure. Someone's going to get it to a in fact that's what results in most goals. I think when I watch over time so right now I can understand what they're saying you know. Don't rush anything here you know. You'RE GONNA to end up the players are GONNA fall down. They're going to get caught. There's all sorts of shit that happens now but that'd be that'd be interesting for trump believes That's the key a simple way to do. It can't retreat with the puck back over the center. Ice Red Line during overtime. Church of Alfie. Says Yeah the back court once you pass the centerline yet. Possession the offensive zone. You cannot pass to a defender back in your half of the Pitch Court or ice regarding Soccer and whatnot and hockey. It would force offense in any sport where is sorely needed. So that some of the fightback we got on twitter anyway. Stevie the web poll presented by RB COMPUTING DOT COM. You got a computer system or server. That isn't quite getting the job done. You might just need some repair maintenance or maybe it's time for new system. Whatever you need. We recommend the experts at RB computing. Great people with great experience serving Ottawa. Over Twenty Years. See them today at one. Oh six men play suite two three five in bells corners rb community Ottawa's trusted. It solution provider now. We we got into this whole discussion and the pull itself by talking about this emergency backup goalie situation and the worries that a guy like Dave ayers might get absolutely lit up. Do you know what the M- the record is in the NHL for the moat and some modern day record right. So I'm going to say this is like something along the lines of nineteen eighty to present day. The most embarrassing night a goalie could ever have. What do you think the record is for most goals given up in one game modern day record by one? Goalie fucked eight. Well Patrick Wa. He gave up. I think I want to say it was nine something like that before. He finally got pulled. I want to see sixty eight. And he was so upset about it. They said I played my last game for this team. Give him the Bronx. Cheer and everything. And that was the night given the allowed. Nine Goals Mario Tremblay. The coach left him in there. And that's how offended. He was by nine goals. Winnipeg jets Goalie Doug. So tart was left in by the head coach that night. Tom Watson. Nineteen eighty-one he was left. Fifteen goals no fifteen goals against the Minnesota North Stars. What in God's name Could Tom? Watt had been thinking leaving a guy there to take that level of abuse. His take on it was well. You know if I if I take the year nine or ten goal mark. Aren't I just saying it's all his fault? No Dude no that that is that is weak. Sauce is that is totally unacceptable and it might be a because coaches are so sensitive about their goalies that may be as unbreakable record is any in the NHL. Well true fifteen goals. Maybe the GUY was saying Steve Babies so maybe they're down. They're down like eleven goals. I don't know how many they got you know. I'm not sure to finalize. May maybe it's like eleven for Annie's and in the interview is going well. You know what our team is so good at drawing penalties. I thought for sure they'd draw sixteen or seventeen penalties for the end of the game. I thought we'd get going offensively. Sure sixteen seventeen own anyway. That's that's a weird reason to leave a guy in. Yeah totally fire the coach when we come back is corona virus going to take the summer Olympics in Japan and Jose. Bautista wants to play a new position. We'll get to that next after these words the WPA heads up a little something something we do for those of you who listen the same day. We published Tuesday march third. Your forecast is mainly sunny and a high of plus three with periods of rain. Your sports guide for Tuesday March Third Center in Pittsburgh Tonight Montreal New York against the islanders. The leaves are in San Jose. If you're sentenced fan do you cheer for the leafs? There you want the sharks to lose tough question. The correct answer is I'd rather die. Cheer for the lease. That's your WPA heads up for all Insurance Ontario. I can't think of a better way to spend time than waiting on. Hold for hours to get mediocre service. Just kidding that sounds terrible. I'm Joe Girardi. All Insurance Ontario. Great Insurance advice is never more than a quick text away. Texts me eight zero one. Two six five nine to find out more all insurance Ontario. Your modern boutique broker. Did you know that inflammation poor nutrition? Put Mileage on our bodies like nothing else. Will Popeye supplements can help with amazing deals right now on vitamins? Omega threes and Collagen supplements. That can really help you feel younger and healthier. Go now and get Popeye's deluxe Shaker Cup. Eleven dollars value absolutely free. No purchase necessary just mentioned the Promo Code S. WPA Twenty Twenty Popeye supplements with six locations in Ottawa. If you're buying or selling your home in the Ottawa area call Glenn Walton Real Estate Team. Today when you let your home with Glenn. He'll set aside a budget toward things. Your home may need to get it ready to hit the market and in this crazy seller's market like this you need an experienced reliable agent. Glenn to help you navigate things. The Glenn Walton Real Estate Team at Glen Walton Dot Com Corona Virus James. It's getting a little crazy dominating the news headlines all over the world and you wonder and it's small potatoes when we're talking about people dying from it but the fate of the Summer Olympics is certainly at least of interest and right now we don't know right now. We have no idea what's going to happen. The status of the Games has to be in some question with health. Experts worried about holding such a large public event in July. Others are saying no. It's too early to make any decisions. But in Japan they are extremely concerned there. The confirm number of cases in Japan at two hundred forty one as of the weekend. That's well down from South Korea for example where they have thirty one hundred and mainland China. Where this whole thing originated. Is that eighty thousand. So so three and China account for over ninety eight percent of the global total and ninety seven percent of the fatalities right now almost three thousand as of yesterday as we record this so it certainly of great concern and You know it's it really feels leading up to this thing. The way the Olympics did in real when we were all talking about the Zika virus there were golfers are actually who actually stayed away from the thing because of that and this one is more serious even than that one was. Yeah it's like it's like a real deal right now right. Would you say few thousand deaths? Three thousand yeah. Yeah I'd think of coming on the heels of this story that general managers down in Florida deciding what they're going to do for the next little while about rule changes right and then this thing comes along it's like holy fuck. What what do we do there? You know like way out of left field when the when this happens I I one death Steve would be okay. Like like a lot of these players are saying they're told by the teams know signing autographs. No selfish with people you know a quarantine yourself. Here's as best you can. It's it's it's just like what what's happening. Yeah this thing is now. It's in Oregon and other places so there's nothing there's been no cases here in Ottawa. Have there been any in Edmonton. Not that I can no not that I can recall. It's like they don't all result in death no no. The mortality rate is something I be speaking at a turn but it's less than twenty percent right so still still. I guess I'd be nervous about it. Yuck I don't know if I'd go type deal like you're spending you think about you. Always see those vignettes. They have Canadian athletes. You know in all these sports that we totally ignore a sports fans but you see a profile on them. Get to know the athlete that has chance at a metal and and they follow them from time. They wake up to the time they go to bed that night and the work and the sacrifice and commitment they put in not just that day when the cameras were there but every day for four years and their entire probably childhood to get to this stage where they're good enough to qualify for the Olympics. And then this freaking Bungee Yahoos in China decide they WANNA eat a bunch of bats soup and right. The virus crosses over from bats into humans. And here we are. It's it's not tragic but oh my God. It's sad yeah totally. What's the bird? Steve were the size of a looney with the massive impact. They have all the time these viruses. What's up with that? There's been other ones right You know there was a story here. Steve and I used to buy my coffee there at a second cup around the corner from my house And then all of a sudden watching the news that night going. You know this is second. Cup has been shut down. Well that's very good my coffee because of fecal matter that Some someone got sick from and they probably figure it's from an employee handling the cops right the the sole keeping that mind. The best thing I saw the other day I was looking at a friend of mine just built this home beautiful house beautiful houses. It's like they spent the highest amount of money. Steve on every feature. Okay like I've never like forget the flooring marble and granite and all that stuff countertops the fixtures. The bathroom I saw is like it'd be five grand for one TAP TAP. Five the Faucet is probably frickin. Eight thousand it's as water multiple showerheads and all this shit but the biggest thing I've seen. I thought this is great. Is The no touch flushing of the toilet? Steve Okay home finally. Okay I'm never you know what I mean Steve Business. And then you've got to touch the touch the kids and shit like that shirt. Excuse THE PUN. Skews to put right so rooms. Have THOSE AS GET UP. And there's a laser or something in the back and can tell you laughed and so takes care business for you. Doing in homes best thing ever saw like at airports where there's no doors you'll handles to touch either right. They do the they do. The elbow turned right into the bathroom right. So we'll see how it goes. We're certainly going to deny that story whether whether or not the Olympics are going to go down or not this July when it all fires up scheduled fire up. Let's close it out today. The Little Baseball Talk San Jose Bautista. Still wants to play some ball and Right now looks like he's going to suit up for the Dominican Republic during Olympic qualifiers. If in fact the Olympics happened he's expected to play first base but according to Jeff. Who's one of the top baseball writers out? There one of the kind of your Bob Mackenzie type of baseball. He reports that bow. Teesta spent this winter working out as a pitcher hoping to return as a two way player and immediately. I scoff at that. I went however those who watched him work out a bullpen session. I'll say they say he ran his fastball up to ninety five miles an hour yikes man at thirty nine. Yeah there were. There were raving about a kid in spring training. Last night I saw a piece about a kid a picture that is one of the one of the best sensations. They've seen come through training. Camp Cocky Little Kid I forget his name of course and all of a sudden he was pitching and striking guys out left or right retired six batters. I'm assuming that sort of the number that they try all these pictures pitchers during games and they're showing his his. What do you call it? Steve his inventory of pitches. I don't know what they call repertoire. His repertoire pitches and this guy was like ripping by players high up in down low and then all of a sudden he said through pitch and I heard the crowd go upside down that hip through at one hundred miles an hour right and obviously that's exceptional and then I read this story about Batista. Ninety four or five miles an hour. Yeah slider that I guess. Is that a lot of action on it that had any different versions of it. One way bigger. Bend in it and Yeah this Marcus. Stroman who of course picked for the Blue Jays for several years. He said in January that Teesta could actually pitch right now in a big league bullpen. So certainly something to keep an eye on his joey. Bats tries to become joey arm. I guess I don't know if this makes sense Steven I say this but if I go. It's interesting now when you look at this going down. I mean this this this increases your roster you know if you got a two way player not so good like you. You probably have a lot of pitchers okay. Who could play position spots writer and but they don't do it because injury right. You're pitching we're we're not GONNA do that. 'cause WE GOT FORTY. Jillian into this pitcher. They're also super rusty to write the probably the last time any of them played positionally back in college right. But it's not so bad if you have a position player okay. Which is his number. One Job. That's able to commit pitch. It happened several times a year in the middle of a blow. Right guys come in. You don't WanNa waste your bullpen. So the manager will say to his fifth outfielder. You get in there and just try and get near the plate right bright. You know. We're we're going to lose the game. Anyway let's save save some relievers. How about the kid? I think it's an Anaheim. The Asian Kit who pitches but also put in the battery. Steve Our Donnie. Battering Shohei Ohtani. Yeah that's the coolest thing I've seen come along in a while you know going what. Oh yeah sky can hit man like crazy so he's not just a fill in or something like that. The Guy let's see last year at eighteen home runs sixty two. Rbi and also a pitcher complicates things for all the stats guys out there. We're trying okay. This is going to be a pitchers page and this is going to be a batter's page. This guy's a quite successful in both air is the interesting thing here is. He's got the heat right Bautisita so it's a story. You got to follow the ones that have been over the years that they you know to try and try and sort of do a great. Pr Thing for their team. Saying he. Tim. Tebow Steve by the way has been floating around baseball. Still and he's met Sir as Asian. I think right so when these stories come by the. Nfl Guy is going to go to spring training. Michael Jordan did it. Tim Tebow did it. Thinking way. Back Matt Dunnigan and went to the expos camp one year. Maybe even Damon Allen. Who was a quarterback here the? Yup Yeah and those stories. All of them went completely dead completely flat right. It was like they got into training camp. Maybe hit a COUPLA doubles or something like watch out for him and then no no. Don't don't watch out for him. You know it's sort of made. I remember bunch of players going. You're making a mockery out of my sport here and you see trump by the way hit a golf ball. Chris Stevenson's twitter account this morning. I guess my trout is just an a driving range with friends and he steps up there. I don't even know if he had a driver. Looked like maybe it was a three would. I'm not sure didn't look very big. But he just pretty sweet powerful swing and just knocked the cover off the thing. Well it look like it was a little. It didn't look like much of a swing. But he he's he kinda ducked hooked to think three hundred yards. I said what the Fuck I you just creek crazy crazy. I saw that on. Social Media Club head speed. Good there and say baseball players are good Golfer. Smith I used to play with a bunch of the trappers took him golfing. Got Such an easy deal day in day out. Don't argue with that Steve. Baseball ain't so bad and they're really good players really good Golfer so I always. I'm always amazed by that. I think it's uniquely Athletic for baseball players too. Good golfers because it's such a flat swing in baseball by comparison it's not totally flat. But it's way flatter than the Gulf swing isn't always wonder. Are you gonNA screw one of those sports up? If you're like Mike Trout for example. Would you WANNA play a lot of golf with that? Not Screw up your your baseball swing but some of these guys are so ungodly athletic. It doesn't seem to matter as we wrap up the Blue Jays. I don't know if they did. Reese McGuire any favors. This randomly put out today as we record this that just happy. Birthday Reese McGuire celebrating twenty fifth birthday. And there's a picture of reese McGuire sorta heading toward so wearing his jays uniform and Smiling into the camera in the background. There's this explosion of confetti all over the place spraying everywhere. If you will James Anyway this is the same guy. That will what maybe two weeks ago. was a little bit of hot water because he found by police in his vehicle at the driver's seat in a parking lot enjoying his own company. Maybe a little more than he should be in a public manner. If you catch my drift so you can imagine how much fun it was to read all the replies. One guy put up there and I don't have his name handy but I celebrate you sir. I celebrate you so deeply. He just only did. He didn't reply with any text or anything he replied only with a picture of Shaquille O'Neal with the big crap eaten grin holding a bottle of lotion that I guess so I guess that he was. I Dunno advertising or something totally out of context. But he's offering it up like he's got for you over here. It was so funny in a in a related story steep the clubhouse now the locker room for the players is is draped in Plastic Vapor Barrier. All over the you know and they win the championship and they go in there and they prep. What Steve they prep the room with plastic. They're handing out goggles to all the players and everywhere through the through the Club de he's just a he's just gotTa take you know. Got The virus happening Steve. Go take precautions. You're now we got this to think of okay. We'll call it a day right there got A. Let's see what else we have. No that's all I got for you today. So enjoy your day James. Will I have the suspend ables coming up almost immediately in terms of a recording so looking forward to that absolutely I had a final thoughts Steven Hock it? Escaped me escaped me? I think all your plastic vapor barrier all over the room pretty much covered it off on there we go. Yeah goodnight everybody. We'll talk to more thorough Steve Goodnight. Everybody will see.

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