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Elimination Chamber 2018


The Aches Conrad Thompson. And you're listening to our bright hear on Westwood One and of course we couldn't be here without the man of the hour the founder of the four horsemen the hall of Famer himself. Double A. Arn Anderson Conrad. I am honored to be in the presence. At least on the microphone with Nunnelee the hardest workin manage show Biz the hardest working man in any business. Oh whatever Africa Shea saying that your take on no. I think it's true and I don't think people realize how hard you work in. How many orange got in the fire? And you know you're you're trying to bring this product With the PODCASTS. And everything you know to the people of Europe as well as you know God knows where else and you know. You've developed a following of people that are very appreciative including me and I don't think we thank you enough so thank you. Well thank you for saying that I appreciate that. Thank you for joining us here on the show today and taking time out of your busy schedule. Of course we're coming off on unbelievable show last week in Atlanta. We told everybody to watch in Atlanta. We promised A big Awa cage match with wardlow and cody and now the chips fall fall in where they may. This is the go home. Show this week in the next week or I guess this weekend. Now it's It's pay per view Tom. You guys are GONNA be in Atlanta and we're going to J. F. Cody come to a head. We know where you stand on this What type of match should we expect this weekend? Well Yeah and I think that the big shockers you know ever since day one. When cody decided he was going to solicit my services as a coach. Everybody not everybody but let me just do way. A fair share of people have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Never Trust an Anderson Cody. You know what he did near Dad. You know what he did. Your brother can't trust him. God knows you're GonNa go down in Atlanta and it didn't so I'm very happy to say that I told people in advance. This was a new day. This is a new thought process. Tony de Cody. Didn't offer me a job. He didn't give me a job. I don't need a job and I don't want a job. What he did offer me was to join him and be a support to him as well as everyone else in. Awa from Tony. Kahn to the bucks to everyone. That's that's a part of that You know upper-crust as well as the talent and all the all the production people be a part of that industry that is going to. In my opinion. Be The company over the next ten maybe twenty years and he asked me if I wanted to be a part of that and absolutely I love this business. I think everyone knows so I accepted and Atlanta came in and we're still intact. I was not surprised. I'll be honest. I I know that the relationship you formed with cody is real. And I wasn't expecting any shenanigans. I was expecting a spectacle was expecting Some violence and man we got that in spades and it all comes to a head this weekend. M J. F cody Rhodes. This is what code. He's been looking forward to since Baltimore's not yesterday as and before we go forward. You know I've been dropped on my head a few times. Kenya Omegas another one of those. Those guys that has been here from the very beginning as in a position to make a difference in the company. And he's doing a hell of a job and I just forgot had a brain fart. Apologize for that. I've tried to include everybody in and now we can move forward. Repeat that question please. Talking this weekend revolution on paper view you can join it on fight or your local cable provider. Think most of the world Oliver International listeners are going to be watching the big pay per view this weekend in Chicago on fight DOT TV and sure Michael Weber is Rolling in a a mattress filled with cash right now because everybody is ready to see this big payoff the big blow off. Can't cody Rhodes get revenge. On 'em Jeff after what happened in Baltimore Well. You know one of the mistakes. That cody made was one. That a lot of men make you know when he agreed to the ten lashes? He was leading his ego doers thinking and make his decisions for him when he didn't really think it through. And that would have been a good time to ask me what I thought but you know. They proved he's a hell of a man and he stood in there and he took it. Now we're going to have a one on one scenario with him and Max Max is good. Lotta guys. Don't understand. A lot of wrestling fans don't understand and to a very small degree. There was a time when our looked at Max and said you know what I may have a double stolley seabreeze with that asshole. You know. Because he's my kind of Hassle. The guy says what he thinks. He's got a lot of guts. He's got a lot of ability. Problem is he is young and he's young in the business and you tend to lead with your Chin and a lot of scenarios when you're young in the business because you think you're indestructible cody. Who's a young man as well but seasoned he's a veteran. He's been around a while and he's been in the mix were top top guys and top top scenarios and every kind of matches ever been coached. Bene- part of this is just going to be a wrestling match. An IT'S GOING TO BE A. Hey who has more talent who doesn't blow a gasket and get off of game plan. We've got an account for the big guy on the outside because while we did find out in Atlanta is the guy's a monster he's GonNa have to be seasoned. He's going to have to ask a few things to his knowledge and repertoire. You can't survive on on size and strength in this industry you gotTa have cardio going for. You got to have a thought process. You got to be able to react to things not in blow your gasket angry way but in a plausible feasible solution type way and he's got to do some thinking before he does his acting and once this guy puts it all together. He somebody for the future. There's going to be. It's going to be good. He's going to be a force. Who's going to make a difference And this particular scenario though. We're going to just narrow it down it's going to be Max and it's GonNa be versus cody and we're just going to see who's got who's got the most. Moxie we'll find out this weekend on pay per view. Don't forget to see orange. He's going to be there. Of course second thing the American nightmare cody Rhodes and We hope you'll check it out and support all of our co-hosts here on the show because I can't believe it Sixty percent of my my folks are now with a w Tanisha Vanni and and Jim Ross is going to be on the call. Your cody's corner. It's going to be a big weekend ordering on pay per view right now and it sold out. That's your only place to Take a look but it was not sold out Elimination Chamber Twenty Eighteen. It went down on February twenty fifth from the t mobile arena in Las Vegas. Nevada was known as no escape in Germany instead of the Elimination Chamber drew. Fifteen thousand one hundred and twenty six fans. It's the Eighth Elimination Chamber event. It's a raw brand pay per view. ticket sales were really really sluggish. For this show I remember In the local market they were advertising. Buy One get two free Just trying to get folks in there And Vegas has been historically sort of hot and cold market for WWE. It was like a different times. They would do very very well. And then after this event I think the edict was passed down. No big shows there for a little while. Why do you think mark? It's SORTA go hot and cold like that especially a city like Las Vegas. They just inundated with entertainment and it's too competitive there. Yeah I think so especially Vegas I mean. There's a dozen things you can do when you go to Vegas. And a lot of people go there and I truly believe that. A percentage of that crowd will travel to Vegas specifically to go to like a wwe event but that percentage of small think a larger percentage of people that just happened and they decided to take their vacation there downtown there. Oh wwe's in town way. We're going to be here a couple of days. Let's go see that and I think it's A it's a random scenario In Vegas of South Africa say they have a lot of things that can entice you away? I think we're over exposed and I say we being the wrestling industry certainly. Wwe At that time. There's just too many freebies too much television. That's free to go and spend that kind of buck on a pay per view event and. I think there's probably another half dozen reasons that it's not completely sold out but It is what it is what we're making history for this one. It's the first time that a women's elimination chamber has happened. And it's also the first time we saw a seven man elimination chamber match. And here's a little footnote for you. Think it's the first time a raw pay per view since two thousand sixteen didn't have a cruiserweight match on it but the big news is Ronda Rousey which. Ut's last week she debuted at the Royal Rumble. And of course we know she's going to go on to have a very big year. What the company I don't think some of our more casual. Mma fans may have been plugged in. Who are listening to this as to what a big deal. Ronda Rousey was at this point. It's really her and Conor McGregor as the two biggest draws in UFC history and and comes to sort of Leveling up your women's division. There's not a bigger name in sports that you could have pulled into the promotion Ronda. But that'd be fair to say Yes sir absolutely would be fair to say made rotten was right up there with connor and several other huge names. That were the face of 'em. May and it was a huge coup to get Rhonda who had been nothing but respectful towards our industry but to get her into the fall to get her to be part of wwe was a huge coup. you know Rhonda and her three compatriots who were team partners in. Mma which is one of them is the Being featured in exte- right now shane a baseline. Absolutely killer to other Young ladies I can't recall their name but they call themselves the four horse women and it was a tribute to us which. I took very seriously and was very proud of when Ronda. Rousey is saying she wants to bleed off of your moniker. And and your gimmick. How do you feel about that and we had that conversation one day and in in the halls of La Prior to this? And I went right. I'm honored that you even know who I am. And that's the truth And she got a little bit embarrassed and you know she. She's a very nice person as well. Talk to believe underneath that killer. There's a there's a sweet soul but there is and For them to do that. That was a big deal for me so I was honored to have her aboard. By the way we should mention this fact The prior year two thousand seventeen. She is the most searched female athlete in the United States online. And that is a big big deal for the wwe. And I think they would probably use some of that to leverage the giant television rights deal. They got We should also mention that. She's not the first person to make the transition from MMA into wrestling Ken shamrock did it. Dan Severn did it and I guess brock listener actually went backwards and he. He did him after pro wrestling. But there's certainly been a bit of a crossover How natural do you think that crossover was for those guys? I mean a hard transition or do you think especially for the younger generation. It kinda hand in hand I mean certainly there are just a very few people that can do what we do and do it at the level that Consider top. You know top shelf just like very few people walk in MMA NBA champion And just because you do one well doesn't necessarily mean you can do the other and to Crossover Ronda. Rousey you know the match. She had wrestlemainia. And you know the last couple of matches she had. It's important to know abet. Rhonda didn't have twenty matches total her entire wrestling career to date and she gave a hell of an accounting of herself. And I'm talking about training sessions and everything maybe twenty times in the ring that makes you a natural that makes you something special and to perform at the level. And she was in. There was some top shelf performers it. Oh becky in Charlotte and you know who bring the best out in you but my God to be able to pull that off to credible. How many times a year does brock listener performed for WWe? I don't know the number but I mean you can't think it's more than twelve at the most. Yeah I'm saying maybe maybe four or five four or five times. Maybe yeah to be able to perform at the level. He performs that when he really does knuckle down and decide to have a match. It's incredible because you gotta do this every day. It's like playing golf for shooting pool. If you if you don't do it a lot you lose your you lose your stroke. Whatever it may be. It's a precision game. Wrestling involves so many things. You GotTa be one part act or one part athlete one part ventriloquist one part storyteller and then you got to get into the cosmetics part of you know there's so many layers that come into being a top pro wrestler performer. A It's more than just having one thing going for you and to be able to pull that off and do both. I mean my God those magazines and girls or killers. That's all you can say about it. We should also mention that As we're having lots of talent come into the company unfortunately or seeing some talent combined with the company or at least off camera on February six Jason Jordan. What have neck surgery for a herniated disk? And the surgery is that he has a posterior cervical micro dissect amee to decompress the nerve tissue or the nerve issue rather the calls the problems and at the time. Jason isn't a storyline with Kurt Angle. Ask his son but even now I don't think we've seen Jason since then it maybe could have been an interesting angle. But he's a guy who a lot of folks all big upside in at the time he was Recently Alpha tag team with Chad Gable. Did you work with Jason at all? What do you think is upside could have been? I worked with them Underbowled circumstances that you know as a performer. And then when he got hurt they wanted to put him in the producer chair so he got to come to some meetings and sit in with me on matches. I got to know where his head was at. Him and Gable. Were a great team. If there were there were damn good and they could have been pushed to incredible heights by Kosh. There were legitimate number one amateur us was my God Gables Olympian and Jason had a lot of success as an amateur but more importantly they were really really good team but when Jason when his neck started bothering them or you can use all that all that high Falutin terminology you just used which was a very impressive by the way almost medical issues all come down to this a developed a bad neck when you get a bad neck in this business on the first one that could say everything else starts to fall in line with the bad neck. He had the grip issues that I had A. He's right by the thumb in the first finger that indentured started to make its way all the same of what I and I just. I didn't want to discourage him and I just said. Hey keep you know. Keep your therapy up. Keep doing all the things that the bet you've been told as far as the doctors go. I would say go to a chiropractor. Go to a massage therapist. Do all the extra things that you can possibly do to arrest this where it is right now and I think it continue to Downhill Slope. And it's one of those things that when your neck when you have a bad neck in this business it just kind of affects everything else in your body. Eventually if it's one of those deals and it was one of those deals because he has been a ring sense than probably won't be on a rain. Less some miracle cure comes up and he was one of the guys I think had a lot of talent at a great mind for the business had a great attitude as far as being in the locker room you know he had all any had a look in his eye. If you just if you know what I'm talking about you can look at a Guy. And he has this look at these odd you know. He's for real or for damn sure he believes he's for real and sometimes that's all it takes to be legitimate as you just got to believe in yourself and that guy believed in the south and he had that he had that. I the Taga to be cliche which is silly to say. But he had it and it's one of those lost talents that that people go back and go. Let's see we'll we'll pull ups. I don't remember him down. He was good and they were good as a team. Let's let's talk about a little shakeup that's happening on raw. In this era at least on the announced crew guy you go many years. Back with booker. T. is removed from the announcing team. He's going to be replaced by Jonathan Coachman and he took his radio show to blame corey graves and Meltzer road report. Booker put the finger on his demotion. at graves in reality. The company hired coachmen and kept it a secret from everyone because they waited until almost the last minute to tell. Booker T. and one of the things that he would say on his radio show he being booker t. is quote if. I catch him on the street. I'm GonNa do something to him. It ain't going to be at the office or anything like that. But if I catch him and it's not GonNa be at the airport now. I'm not GONNA do that but if I catch core graves on the street you see that bouffant. Hairdo he's got. I'M GONNA rearrange it for him. I'm just saying let me catch him a star box. I'll tattoo him. So this of course is revealed to be a big funny Ha-ha for a few days booker and Corey had fun. Stirring up the dirt sheets. What do you think of that when you Sorta run your own quote unquote angle with the dirt sheets? You four against it mean. You've never talked about your attitude with Some of the behind the scenes guys who cover the business. Well that's not my style. I don't begrudge anybody making a living off of this industry you know that's always been the knock on the dirt sheet riders. They're bleeding off the industry and they're making a living off of anybody that can make a living off this business and offers something to the business as a result of it. Hey more power to you know. I. I don't have a monopoly on. Who makes a living off this business? And who doesn't who's allowed in and who's not that certainly not my call. I don't I don't believe in shooting an angled and just throwing stuff out there just to say who's going to react to it and what the reaction's going to be you know there's got to be a little bit of truth in everything otherwise it's just all bullshit you know and I know one thing about Booker T. of lawn with longtime and I know his brother and their straight shooters there Sala guys and if Booker T. Dead have beef with anybody. He wouldn't be on social media threatening him. He would probably just go to his house and set out in his driveway and when the guy got home whenever that was he would say okay. You had your say now. I'm going to have mindless. Let's resolve this booker. Got Balls. No doubt about it. That was the first thing me that it was just a work. It was just something going on to to see who would bite. And I'll just throw some bait out in the water and CEO Bite it and a lot of people bid it. You Know Corey graves was given some you know some leeway by the boss you know to to maybe tell the edge on some of the things he was doing. I would listen to commentary when I get a chance. But when you're walking around and producing stuff at television you don't get to hear cometary a lot of times but you know he was able to push the envelope and get away with some stuff which had to come from the office. You can't just shoot your own angle on on WWF television. It just don't work like that so I knew he had to have approval and it was what it was those that had fun with those that went off. They got me. They fun with it too. So let's let's talk about court grapes for a minute. What's your thoughts on graves this work as a commentator. I feel like he's a little bit of a throwback More of US Jesse Ventura style. I enjoy it. I think he's had fun Messing with some folks who are critical of his work or the WB product rather on On Social Media and I had the opportunity to hangout with Corey in real life. I think the guys great and I enjoy what he does. But you're one of the boys your old school. You say things a little differently. What do you think of his work? Not really and I tell you what don't do and what you won't hear me do is not the announce team for any company for any reason because I tried it once and we've been all through that. I failed miserably. I did get a respect that day for just how difficult their job is. And I feel that way today. A great announced team almost become invisible. They're so seamless there explaining to you the stories. And what's going on and when they're allowed to pay the picture properly and actually talk about what we're seeing in the ring all at the same time plus days dates and all the things they have to cover in the history of of what we're seeing and you know where it might lead next week. All those things have to cover. You gotta be very very touting. Have Your Shit together. And I respect announcers in all sports that are able to pull that off and and make it a pleasant. Viewing pleasure certainly got negative to say about Corey and has his own style. And if you enjoy them that much that says something pretty positive for me that's all. I need as far as endorsement. Let's talk a little bit about The XFL around the same time. It was announced that the xfl would be returning in two thousand twenty now here. We are February twenty twenty. We've already seen a handful of games. What are your thoughts on the return to the XFL? Have you managed to catch a game yet? Wash to of of games on both days. Saturday and Sunday was a little bit of it. I was happy to see. They're not gimmicky. They're just kind of playing it straight right so new innovations but I think it's a much different presentation than the first time I mean. It's not you know they're not incorporating anything wrestling into it so far that I could see you know there's no crossover they're they're they're not trying to do anything you know. The one thing that I wasn't a big fan of his as they go up to the booth and the guys calling the plays. It just seems like a distraction to me because you don't know what they're saying anyway or the meaning. That just seemed like you're just something that's a little bit too busy. Didn't necessarily fit. You know what I'm talking about so I mean but you know they're gonNA be. My opinion doesn't matter they're gonNA make mistakes. I'm sure a lot of people think they were thinking okay. I'm getting a little peek behind the curtain. Well if you don't know what the Lingo means. You don't know the play they're calling. My question would be as we get own end of the season and they start here. Those familiar plays being called from the booth. Somebody's GONNA figure out a way to get that information to the sideline I would think. Maybe maybe not. We'll see well something. We did see here. In February of two thousand. Eighteen is according to Mike Johnson at pw insider Mike the Miz has just signed a new four-year deal. Walking him up through twenty twenty two. I don't think that MS probably gets his. Just do as what a valuable piece of business he is for the wwe not just in rang. Not just on camera but man if you've got a PR thing. Is there a better spokesperson? Better representative of your company to send send them is nothing. Ms Does a great job. And he's he's underrated as far as his values and employees. He's a guy that I'm sure if you ask him. Hey we need you to get up and do five. Am radio you know. Do you mind. He's the first to say smart enough to know. Hey get my face on every media outlet. You can get for as long as I'm here. I'm just creating a household name and a household face and I think he speaks. Well carries himself well? He's well versed on whatever's going on in the world and he's a good representative for that without question also around this town. There's another change triple. H It's going to become in charge. Wlob in charge of two zero five easy for me to say now. How do you think he did with that show? And and what do you remember his goals for it well? I think Adam. Pearce had a lot to do that too. He was like the you know the Wrestler Bridge to the Riders Bridge Triple h they're all part of the same team. And you know Adam is one of the producers there. That does a really good job. He's a veteran. He's pretty seasoned. You know he had a lot of experience coming into the job. Those two five guys. You know all the stuff the cruiserweight are capable of and that they can do. They need to be the manager of a lot of that. Because the fact is wrestlers from IRA couldn't even imagine in our mind in our wildest dreams. Some of the stuff they do much less be able to come up with it and suggest it so you know has a pretty good effort between Adam cruiserweights to all five guys and hotter. I think they had a pretty good relationship. Let's let's keep moving here and talk about the company was released in February. Two Thousand Seventeen. The wwe released or recorded a record amount of revenue. Eight hundred million nine hundred fifty nine thousand dollars by far its record year up nine point. Six percent from the craft from the prior year profits. Were thirty two million and change The prior year the company grossed seven hundred and twenty nine million. It's just an unbelievable number to think that arrests and company can bring that kind of gross in is a not it's staggering. Sounds like a Conrad Thompson spreadsheet from one of those years to me but God. It's you know it's a for for just a regular cat like me that those numbers are so unfed the boy match. It's unbelievable but you know I see the houses I see the the merge you know you figure in the network all these different avenues and all that at the very forefront you look at the deals with Fox in USA. Those money deals in you. Start just doing the math. And man it it just it's staggering the amount of revenue. That comes through the doors and it's definitely a money machine. It's definitely a huge huge company. And when you hear those numbers you just go good Lord. It's really remarkable. Remarkable is the show that the gauntlet match has. It's the go home role before the elimination match. It's the longest match in. Wwe history. It's a gauntlet match involving seth. Rollins Roman reigns Johnson. Elias Fin Ballard the MS and Braun. Strowman start to finish It's it's an a one hundred six minutes fifty five seconds. He believed US real rollins actual wrestling time over history. Mashes was sixty two minutes and sixteen seconds. Which is likely the longest actual entering Tom on a show for any wrestler company? History since the The Old Bruno Sammartino Pedro Morales Master. The century between like sixty five knots. It's four seconds longer than ray mysterious. Two thousand six royal rumble a marathon of match all ultimately we know Braun strowman. Got The win. What did you think when when you first heard? We're going to do a crazy long mass like that on row. Well new one thing the one that you're gonNA put as the figurehead are the focal point or the navigator of this match. Being Seth Rollins was the best pick for the job. Seth is He is an architect and he's a smart guy is to tremendous performer And he's a guy that gets it he gets the business He is putting in a situation where he's over exposed to many times. I don't think in this particular situation. He was over exposed because he was in there to guide everything that was going on for a large percentage of that match and He's the most level headed guy. He's the guy that could keep the tempo go on. If something needed to be changed on the fly Ted are he. Would you know south would recognize that and be able to fix it? You know if it wasn't even something that anybody else knew was going on. He would figure out a way to fix it. So it's a that's a lot of time. That's a long time to keep an audience tuned in. That's for sure but I guess. The idea was that seth could beat x number of opponents leading into the elimination chamber which you had to do to ultimately end up winning that match. So that was I. Guess the precursor to elimination match sock a little bit about elimination chamber. We're finally here Luke Gallows Karl Anderson team up to be Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas eight minutes and forty seven seconds it gets a Star and three quarters. Typical pre show match Anderson Painting Dallas after a double team magic killer. And then we're on to the women's Elimination Chamber but before we get there talk to us a little bit about these pairings. I will start with gallows and Anderson. These guys come in with a big rip off a hot run for new Japan. People are really excited to see them here. The company it feels like they're off to a hot start very quickly. They cool off. It doesn't feel like they're going to do anything with them as rumors they're trying to leave or lack to leave and then magically they start to get a big push they double down re-sign looks like there's going to be you know a new club in town feels like there's a little push again and occasionally it feels like it's to step forwards and one step back. What do you think it is? That's kept vents from really going with gallows and Anderson as to permanent top guys. If you look at the history of the show you can take from last week till two years but prior to that you can go to years back and then go three years prior to that name me one team that has won own raw or smackdown. A match. Three weeks in a row can can't because it doesn't exist. There is no consistency in anything. That's the problem that's why people don't get over. Gallison Anderson good team very good team but unless you can be successful at least three weeks in a row people just say oh well okay you know. If the if it's not perceived that the company perceives a certain talent as a star which made winning and winning regular and getting over and getting hot and then been able to produce some results you know. The reality is on a three hour show. You got a lot of slots to put a lot of talent and you've got a lot of talent on the books that could be out there if you will give them a little town and even in a losing effort would be able to enhance a team and have some guys advance. But they have to beat qualified opponents. Weekend and week out so that it doesn't mean they're top guys it can just be roster guys But guys are you know the audience room that they know who they are and that they've had some success in the past unless you let get some momentum in this business thing you're just part of the pack and that's pretty much what happened gallows and Anderson. Stock Curtis Axel Bow Dallas both multigeneration talents. Of course we know that Bo Dallas is Got Quite the bloodline in wrestling and Curtis Axel. His Dad was Mr freaking perfect. It doesn't feel like they've gotten a fair shake is the right word but Curtis Axel. It felt like they were really going to do something with. When they paired him with Paul Heyman he became the intercontinental champion. They tried some different things with Dallas. Then they put them together as a tag team and then we really don't hear from the guys that often and I think that's probably a shame. They're both good guys talented performers. They've got the right pedigree. What is it about them? That Vince just can't get behind. He just didn't he didn't say anything. Adam and those guys are tremendous performers and I got to see them on the road every night with different opponents and and you know having twelve fourteen fifteen minutes to go out and tell a store. Guys were tremendous performers. They just go back. You can get to allow event and people can know who you are but if you haven't worn a match in recent history who cares and that's exactly what you had. The hadn't won a match in recent history if they want a couple of matches when they put them together and they became the B. Team. It was probably on main event and the only exposure they got off a winning match on the main event show was because it was in social media it was never on raw never on smackdown never owned the big show. You gotta you gotTa be a winner in this business to get anybody's attention. You can't win one and lose four and then be off TV five weeks. Just don't happen that way. You gotTa have momentum commander but these guys in particular though. What do you think it is do you think? It's Vincent like their look. Vincent like their ring year Vincent and lock their promos Winston like their in ring work because you know just based on their pedigree you would think he's GonNa go with these guys you'll have to ask him. It could have been one of those things are all of those things or could have been you know because it only exists and his mind and he's the boss he makes the decision that's it when he looks at that room of creative guys his creative team and says okay. I don't like that. I don't like that performer. Or that team. You know. That's it. Well that's the that's the kiss of death. It's it's the it's done boom over talk about the next match. It's the first ever women's Elimination Chamber match on the January. Twenty ninth raw. Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. What Convinced Oscar won the women's role rumble mass? The previous night To wait until after the Elimination Chamber to pick which championship she was going to challenge for a WRESTLEMANIA and Now we've got Alexa. Bliss defending her title inside the Elimination Chamber. So we've got Alexa Bliss. We've got solid. We've Got Bailey. Sasha Banks Got Mandy Rose and Mickey James. How they're GonNa go twenty nine minutes and thirty four seconds and the match opens up with Baileigh individual and after all of it. It's three and a quarter stars according to Dave Meltzer Bailey's GONNA use the belly to belly off the middle rope onto banks but blessed pins Bailey and That leaves bliss and banks and as we said. Bliss comes out victorious. She retains the first ever women's Elimination Chamber Match Man. This proves for sure. We're not treating the men and women different. I mean we've we've heard for a long time that This is one of the most brutal concept matches in WB history just the structure being so unforgiving an hour throwing ladies in there. What did you think of the decision to put the women in there? And then what did you think of what they did with it? Well I knew they can handle it but also knew because I got up and walked around inside the cage. It wasn't forgiving and there was a you know. No soft place to land anywhere That ELIMINATION CHAMBER WAS. It was a bitch and you could see the guys. Every year they would get up there and fail their way around during the day and look that thing over and realize how God well nothing changed towards the end of you know I wanna say that. They padded it up a little bit inside. So you weren't walking on chain link or whatever. The deal was that I think they addressed at least part of the issues but it was still. It was an unforgiving when you hit that chain leak. It didn't move. It didn't go anywhere. One like being in a cage match or anything else had just. It was just a very very dangerous place to work and the ladies thought without anyone coming out of it badly injured more than proved themselves and gave a good showing themselves after the match get Rene interviewing Alexa Bliss and the fans chanting. You deserve it. She says thank you starts doing a bit of a baby face. Promo and says that this proves you can be whatever you WANNA be into dare to dream dream big but remember that none of you ever accomplish any of your dreams so nice little piece of business here from Alexa Bliss. And there you hear Kevin Sullivan in the background fired up about this Alexa Bliss match and I'm fired up about the next match which is for the raw tag team. Titles Shameless Zarro on one side. Titus O'Neil Apollo on the other they go ten minutes and one second meltzer gave it two and a quarter stars course shame retain. I'm a big fan of the shameless. Is Our tag team. Thought it was very very well done. It is a little bit of an odd pairing. I was used to more traditional tag team. And in time they became that they had a similar look and it felt like the bar. became a cohesive unit. So I really liked the pairing. What'd you think of this match? And what did you think of Titus? O'neil Apollo as attacting well? It was designed to get shameless and says are over and I think they did jail as tame and embrace it and became a good team that they dressed alike in all they started to work together. And I think that was designed just to be what it was. I think Apollo's a guy that that that has a lot of -bility He's been there a long time. I don't know that you will be able to you. Know single him out and suddenly put a rocket on his ass but the guys very talented and he's a good guy. Looks good does a lot of things. Well I wish the best form titus is a guy that's been there a long time. He does a lot of personal appearances on behalf of the company. And you know he's got a hell of a story to tell and titus is a guy that you know they use Lhota scenarios like you would use me as and it was meant to get the bad guys over and that's what it did next up. We've got Oscar Anaya. Jack's they're going to eight minutes and eleven seconds it's mostly Jackson's gory. Destroying Oscar with power spots according to the observer but in the end Oscar gets her handwriting. Two and a half stars but Meltzer says this match totally destroyed Oscars Aura. The biggest spot in the masters. When Jack's throws into the post and then tackles through the barricade of course. The place goes nuts for that. What did you think of the match? And what did you think of The way they were positioning Oscar here at meltzer criticizing it saying it destroyed her aura. I don't necessarily agree with that. We're we're trying to get over. Jack says the monster but somehow Oscar still finds a way to get her hand. Raised and keep the undefeated streak intact if OSCO one you didn't you didn't do her any damage if you didn't make Ni- of the monster. Then what what is she doing out there? Why she a monster fish to make her one. And if some don't remember the exact vanished but if Oscar was able to pull it out after getting our ass handed tour it just made Oscar stronger. Let's talk about the next match. It's Matt Hardy Versus Bray Wyatt and I don't know this is an interesting deal because we've got the whole crowd in tune with Matt Hardy doing the delete and the obsolete thing Bray Wyatt of course is it's really coming into his own. Now we started to see Glimpses of what? Bray was capable of even a few years prior to this. Are they get nine minutes? And fifty five seconds. Hardy gets the win which is not something you would probably see in twenty twenty. I don't think he's one of mass this year yet as he's probably finishing up on ww two stars nine minutes fifty five seconds. What did you think well check? The record? Books had bray one match on a pay per view in recent memory during that period too now not in that area. He was cold. They Polish them up with the feigned. But not on a hot streak here you go back and look at the record. I mean I remember hearing about it. It's like okay so many papers twelve or something in a row bray wide lost. You don't lose yourself. You don't lose your way into getting over in this business. You Know Matt Hardy many matches Eddie. One part of this the delete things cool. It was different. It was audience participation. But you gotta WanNa match occasionally and that was just a match between two guys who were talented and you know. The People Love Matt Hardy and I think Bray wide had a better grasp of the breakaway character is much as anybody I've ever seen. I mean all that came from him all those all those promos that were from some other dimension that he used to cut when he was with the Wyatt's and all that stuff that made you made you just think holy God what's going on. This guy's mind. He came up with all that that was all him. He's a creative guy and any en he's he's a good worker too so it was but it was a combination of two guys. Couldn't win a match. Who'S GONNA win? Okay Hurry let's talk alignment and about you know what we're seeing with these two characters in this era were saying you know the the obsolete in delete the broken or I guess it was woken Matt. Hardy what did you think of that character for Matt Just it was a little abstract for me. You know. It's and it came from Tom when he was with. Tna or something and he was allowed to run with it come up with his own stuff. I just remember you know. See and one of the episodes of the show and they had forgetting helicopters or something in the back and they were chasing jeff down on a motorcycle or some hijinks. What is going on? I mean? It was hilarious. It was hilarious stuff but it was meant to be off the wall. If you know what I'm talking about you know that's where it came from. But you know they had free rein over over the characters to bring it to wwe and just have it be PG or woken light or whatever it was. It's like anything else. It is what it is did you. Did you ever own? A dilapidated boat never owned a boat. What about these days after the Fain? What do you think of that? Well he's been Reborn it's it's creepy creepy looking character. That's for sure. And he's being used a bunch of better Which is a good thing and I? I just very seldom do. You see a guy who's been around that long that that's able to switch gimmicks who hasn't had that successful overrun no fault of his own and and make it a huge success and it looks like he's doing about as good as you can with the cards you've been dealt next. We've got a A Ronda Rousey segment She'll be out Kurt Angle. Stephanie McMahon Triple H. They're all here trying to lay the groundwork for their mixed tag Bassett Wrestlemainia And then it becomes revealed that that is definitely the way they're headed. Rhonda's going to sign the contract wrestlemainia. What'd you think of the decision to have? Rhonda's I might in the company be at Wrestlemainia teaming with Kurt Angle against triple H and Stephanie. Well I thought it was a good idea in the fact it. If anything went south you can have kirk and triple h covered. Cover up fort and plug any holes at might arise or anything that might occur before it could get out of hand. You had to pros in there. That could fix it. Thought it was smart in a Wrestlemainia walking down out all and stepping through those ropes is a pretty harrowing scenario. It's pretty nerve racking for most people and to be in there by yourself relying on your own abilities when you're as green as Rhonda would've been Wrestlemainia my God. That would scare anybody to death at least when she was going to an. Ma fight all she had to know is what she could do and as break. Somebody's arm and that's all she had to get to. When you're up there a performing In this industry a lot more to take into account and lot mortar. Remember a lot more to adjust to having a wrestling match than is just going in and snapping. Somebody's arm which she's an assassin. That's what she has naturally next up our main event the first ever seven man. Elimination Chamber match We've got a bunch of qualification matches scheduled to get here. But when it's time to do the thing. Th- Roman reigns. Seth rollins the MS Fin Ballard Braun Strowman John Cena and Elias. They go forty minutes and eight seconds. Probably not a big surprise. Roman reigns gets the win and the fans are sort of what they are with with Roman for the last few years. Three and three quarter stars is what got It's an interesting finish. I think Braun Strowman Was Super Hot a year prior to this? They're still trying to position him. In a big way he was doing all kinds of hijinks here flip and vehicles and whatnot And after the match he's going to give him to power slams. Throw him through the Gimmick Pod so quite the spectacle with Roman reigns and Braun strowman. What'd you think of the match? And what did you think of the decision to go with Roman here? I mean this. This has been beat. You know dead horse has been beaten to death and people have analyzed it and realized it and all those things Roman reigns is a pro his an asset to their company He's a bad ass. He's a Samoan killing machine underneath all that gentleman Lee conduct that that's what you get from. Roman he's a gentleman. He's a soft-spoken gentleman. I wouldn't piss them off but I think he's been shoved and shoved and shoved and put in uncomfortable scenarios. Promo lives that have allowed him to just be what he is. And you go back and you can. I don't know the number of times Roman and the shield have switched. He'll baby face. He'll baby face he'll baby face but I know the audience couldn't tell you that either but they also know where guy fits in their mind on the roster is year. He'll is your baby face or they also know if guys being shoved too hard our audience for some reason just shoves back unless you have a case of a guy that basically came from nowhere and was told on a shoot. He was too small or he was too short or he didn't have enough personality like a Daniel Bryan who the audience absolutely adored and they got in his hip pocket and pushed him to incredible heights Roman you know. It's it's it's a shame because guy is a star is a megastar and and should be perceived as one. I think Braun Strowman. We all know to be a monster. But you don't have to have him just do ridiculous things. Like pulled down and flip in eighteen wheeler over to show me that the guy's a monster that goes beyond being a monster you know you pick up the rear end of a vehicle tires or sitting there spinning the question would be if you push guy and build a guy that hard you go that far with making him supernatural. What opponent is ever going to get him hurt? And if you can't hurt him how can you feel for him? And if you can't fail for him back and he ever be your champion when these things are being done for these guys you just sit there and look and you go. You're GONNA do more damage than good here. This an applause. I gotta turn Eighteen Wheeler over. Come on so I mean. There's a hodgepodge of things going on. They probably hit Braun with how many finishes before they got him out of there ten. Everybody's maybe twice. Yeah does that make you feel for the guy in a positive way or do you just go? I'll come enough's enough no I. I didn't see if I'm honest with you. I felt like I don't know we're getting in the weeds and we're bouncing around a little bit but summer slam. Twenty Seventeen Brooklyn New York. The main event is Brock Listener Braun. Strowman Roman Reigns Samoa. Joe I thought they should've went with Bron right then but the big belt on him and I think when they didn't slowly but surely It became less and less likely to happen. And now he's gotta run with the Intercontinental Title. And let's say doesn't have his spot but I feel like whatever reason they built him up and then Vince was just scared to pull the trigger or exactly. What else could it be? But in the meantime you're making him indestructible but it can't win the big one so I'll do it Bingo. It's it's a little frustrating at times but Listen we love it and that's what we're here to do. We're here to talk about it. We appreciate you jumping in the way back machine going back and talking with us. You saw the show live when it happened. Of course. The readers of the Wrestling Observer gave it twenty three point nine percent thumbs up twenty nine point one percent thumbs down forty seven percent thumbs in the middle. I probably landforms in the middle as well. I enjoyed the spectacle of the elimination chamber is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Because you know it can't be fun for the performers but it was cool to see this Gaza one at school to see Johnson in there. I guess one of those deals where you don't realize what you got till it's gone because watching this back. I Miss John And I enjoyed the the first ever women's Elimination Chamber. So let's say you thumbs up thumbs down thumbs in the middle. I just put myself in the In the corner of the talent and they all busted their ass and they all work their ass off and ladies and gentlemen and now even though abroad took twenty finishes that meant all those guys that diluted their finish having a kick out of once or twice or whatever mad that their company people their players they did everything humanly possible to get Braun. Who's good dude and a good performer? Got A lot of talent to get them over without winning the match and You know Roman reigns. I got nothing but but applause for the man he. He does everything that's asked for him. And goes out of a been able to witness Su twenty minute broad stroman and Roman reigns matches were Roman. Spent the entire twenty minutes getting brought over. And that just tells you who he is and what he is in a thumbs up from me. I'm in the side of the talent. Forget forget about the vanishes or anything else on their team next on raw the universal champion brock listener and Paul Heyman advertised. They're supposed to be here to confront the winner of the Elimination Chamber match. But they know show and Roman reigns would cut a promo on his WRESTLEMAINIA. Thirty four opponent saying that Brock Leser is entitled the hides behind his contract which allows them to show up whenever he wants says. Leser doesn't respect the wwe so therefore he has no respect for listener. He's going to defeat him a wrestlemainia to become universal champion. You were there. What did you think of the We're going to promote him and now he's not going to be here. Lots of fans were confused. Is this real life or the lives of reality and fiction being blurred the decision to have A quote unquote no show for brock listener. On the show. I still don't know if it was a worker. Shoot do well. It depends on who you ask. I suppose. And that's what we enjoy here on wrestling. Podcast is breaking down. What's real and what's not Some folks I think would what say it was a work and it was designed this way others say it was a contract negotiation ploy with brock listener. I guess You never know. No you don't and and the minute you say well. Nobody can just no-show raw. If there is anybody he's the guy and he he is indeed have it and we're gonNA find out who the guy asked this question? Ask next week here on the show. What are Hashtag ask? Aren't anything next week the week. After that. We're going to get marched Tampa at Ya Wrestlemainia. Twenty six what a show. That's going to be on the seventeenth. It'll be all about asked. Aren't anything again on the twenty fourth wrestlemainia thirty one on April seventh. We'll be back with extreme rules twenty ten on April Twenty first extreme rules twenty fifteen but for next week. If you've got a question for aren't you need to go follow us on twitter at the Orange Show? That's apple. Look near the top. You'll see something pinned and we'll be asking for your questions there. Go ahead and ask your question and then tune in next week and tell your friends to hit the subscribe button. Latest Five Star Review and tune in every Tuesday right here on Westwood one for your favorite new wrestling podcast.

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