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This is mornings with Kale in northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K. love it. Eight hundred eight right here too great morning. We're sending the Auto Collision Specialists Studios. And I'm telling you. It's eight Oh eight, but also need to tell you that that's brought to you by carrying hearts home healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where patient care always comes first nine, seven, zero, three, seven eight. One four, zero, nine or carrying hearts H H. Dot Com. Already I've got the business taken care of now I can rail on some other things that I'm concerned about. Let's see. The governor is once again. taking care of us now. This does not affect me because I. don't drink alcohol at all I I don't mind telling you that. I was addicted alcohol one time in my life. I haven't had a drink alcohol. Since nineteen, sixty nine and I'm still a recovering alcoholic, but Even after that amount of time you never let your guard down, but he's now but I don't have a problem if other people drink because not everybody who's a social drinker has a problem with it. It's just certain Weirdos like me. And that didn't even reflect on the other drunks. It's just me, but nonetheless here's the point. He has changed the cutoff last. Call last call is that's when you can't buy anymore alcohol in a bar. It's normally to am. And he's now changed it for the next thirty days to be ten PM. His rationale is that there's too much social drinking going on out there while people are getting drunk there being less careful about how they're reacting with other people. Can, so they've seen the age group twenty, two, twenty nine spread the virus Just go right on up. It's doubled in the past two weeks and he thinks this might be. An impact of late night inhibitions. Resulting from. Over indulging in alcohol, so that does make sense to me. Colorado has. Not Seen. Exponential recent virus spread like Arizona or Texas House, and and this is according to a Denver Post story about Alec Bernas. Need to give credit. It's a good one Okay, but but. Police last week ordered everybody in Colorado Unmask. Until August, we know that and that's kind of we talked about. Some of the bumps were experiencing that, but then also eased discouraging socializing among inebriated people in larger groups. And that might be a key step to avoid. The tipping point now the tipping point is when we've got so much sickness. That are hospitals. Fill up! There's no place for those folks to be taken care of who contract the virus need hospitalization, and that has been the reason all. Since this thing hit. Ever since this thing hit that, we have been doing what we're doing. The idea is somehow we're going to keep it from spreading by wearing masks, staying six feet apart, and these kinds of things and I. Don't I. Don't quibble with those. I do take a little. Exception to. People's I'm not wearing a mask. Right not to and these are Nazis I I don't see it I i. do not agree with everything. The governor does by by a long shot. Don't get me wrong. But I do see value and wearing a mask, and I don't see it as being a terrible imposition on my freedom to wear a mask when I go out public out of respect and out of concern for other people, but also understand I am a senior citizen. Therefore I am more susceptible to getting it from somebody else. Than someone of a younger age. So I am concerned. but I make an idiot. Atta myself and go up in household. People who don't wear a mask I just wear my mask and I'm make abroad A. Track around him. But the governor has now decided to. Many young people are partying. Right What else do young people do, but but yeah too much of this. We're going to close the bars at ten. Well okay now. One of the one of the people who was talking about what you do about this had actually suggested that instead they wanted to see the bars. Stay Open till four. Now that in my mind could become a problem. Why well I think it's because. We're in a situation where. If you stay, open a four. All of a sudden. If you've ever driven like I do once in a while WANNA come over here to do the show for Gail I'm out on the roads at about three thirty in the roads are completely bare. If I don't come over until a little later like at four, four, fifteen, four thirty. Commuting is starting that for the traffic picks up considerably. People are heading into Denver to to work. People who just go to work early. Whatever the reason I find an awful lot more traffic at four in the morning in here. You'RE GONNA dump. Drunks and people do leave bars drunk. I'm sorry to tell you it's against. The law shouldn't happen, but Dang it. It does in better to have out there to than it is at four because they're going to be colliding literally. With people commuting during that time. But the governor has decided that it's ten well ten. Okay I I hope it. It really does what he wants like. I say it doesn't bother me because I don't drink, but if you do like to go out and hang out with friends and stay out 'til all hours and drink until to. This is definitely. GonNa. Change your mode of operation. Just, got to be that way well. We there is so much stuff to talk about I do WANNA get back to this issue? I talked about earlier about what's happened in our beautiful capital in Denver and how the places been trashed. I think the interview. If you didn't hear it, you might want to check. Our PODCASTS with Steve Reams. Well County sheriff. He was there. He was in the middle of it and even. He even suggested you go take a look. In the daylight of what's happened to the capital, I mean the whole area of Denver down there has been absolutely trashed. We're GONNA. Come back and talk about that just a little bit more. Gosh. As I've told you I was raised in Denver and I spent an awful lot of time is I'm an East Denver Kid. My Dad's business was at sixteenth and Broadway and when I left. College and went to work for him and photography That's where I worked right downtown very familiar with that part of Denver. and. It's sad here. What's happened to what I thought was a very beautiful area in a very beautiful city. If, you've ever stood on the Capitol Rotunda and looked off with the mountains. It takes your breath away. It is so gorgeous well anyway. We got more for you real soon right here on northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten KFI. Am John Clark in jail? All sports story in northern Colorado state in a country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI. Kevin Tara Affect guys at the movies here. Don't forget to listen to my show. Every Saturday on Kfi. Now back to mornings with Gail. Twenty seven. Give regale this morning so glad to have you with us if you'd like to give us a call, this whole situation in Denver is something I started ranting and raving about at six o'clock today and this morning. Even yeah and I. WANNA I WANNA go back to it for you because I am absolutely outraged at what's going on in Denver. Now understand I'm Colorado native. My parents Lived in Colorado and my dad came back from World War Two. My Mom has lived here in northern Colorado went to Greeley. High School graduated from Greeley Central High School back in nineteen, thirty, seven and my grandparents. owned a farm, and great grandparents owned farms in and around Johnstown and even over as far as berthod This is a place where I feel very comfortable. In Northern Colorado and I was raised however in Denver in fifty years ago. My wife and I came north. So I realized that my my youth down in, Denver got me to know a lot of these places and. The one. That's really bugging me right now is the capital. The capital has been. Just totally trashed. Just. I seen pictures of it, I. I don't have the heart I. Don't think to go down there, but I I may, because in my role as photographer documented a lot of things that have happened in Colorado. I guess maybe this is one of them. I need to go down and photograph. The capital is covered with. Graffiti. things are written on sidewalks walls. And even the the beautiful Supreme Court building down there on Broadway and fourteenth. It's been the windows have been broken out of it and things have been painted on the beautiful marble outside of it. The the Capitol itself is is White Colorado. Granite it's it's just killing me. What's being happened there? and we've got a gold dome. Thank goodness. Nobody got up there yet. Spray paint the gold. Dome Oh boy that that would be the end. I would be just crazy. But I do WanNa talk a little bit more about what's going on down there because Denver has basically been trashed that part of Denver by all kinds of. Tragedy people and what we'll get back to that real soon right here on thirty and ten KFI k. a northern Colorado's voice I'm John Clark in for Gail, thirteen ten K., A. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage than today's headlines Podcast mornings with Gail and more and schedule of upcoming sports broadcasts. Find them thirteen ten K. F. K. A. DOT COM. This is really good. Glad to have you there gang. This is John Clark in. Forget all right here on northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten. KFI, am sitting here in the article lesion, Specialist Studios and just happy to have you here with us. What you know what I always say, if you're here, I'm there and when I'm there. You're here or something like that really works anyway. We're grateful that you listen earlier. This morning I spent some time talking to well county. Sheriff Steve Reams about an experience he had as he went into downtown Denver to a law enforcement support meeting where they were even able to have their rally. The ANTIFA people came in and literally chase them out of the facility. Michelle Malkin was one of the speakers as was supposed to be the sheriff wealth those things. Were kind of circumvented by the fact, these protesters came and the Denver police really didn't do much to help the. Group the Sheriff was without a permit from the city to conduct this event. And They were able to do it. Because of all these protesters and yet this Denver police just weren't going to go and make it easier for him at all or even allow him so they wound up just kind of. It's kind of sad, isn't it? Well. Here's what I talked about with sheriff and want to get back to you because I think the governor has been totally derelict in his duties in his responsibilities to protect state owned property. Here's the reason. When we saw the first night of those protests slash riots. There was some original tagging meaning graffiti spreading. On the capital in other places, but not much just a couple. If I had seen that and been governor of the State of Colorado I would have immediately called the general who commands the for our guard here in in Colorado National Guard these are citizens who are in the guard, and become soldiers under the command of the. Governor of Colorado until they're federalized and these were not federalized people. They were still under the command. The Governor I would bring those precious historic beautiful state owned buildings with National Guard troops. wall-to-wall! Wouldn't have armed them because they are trained in crowd, control activities and they can do, they would come in there with their shields and their sticks and. Helmets and everything and anybody who came near there and tried to do it I would they could repel them, and then the police could come do their job of arresting someone who number one had assaulted a national guardsmen. Or woman in number to try to graffiti the building, which is tempted all kinds of crime. But the governor he. Where he was, it was like win underground for a couple of days as these riots just literally devastated downtown Denver. The National Guard. Is an organization of people who are trained in all kinds of things. They can be federalized by the president of the United States and sent to fight more. I've got a son who is a national guard person. He was In an organization in Wyoming, he was federalized in. They send him to Iraq for a year gave his National Guard Operationa specific duties. I was tough duty for him. But it happened in. That's when they were federalized, but normally until the president federalize. Guard troops in any given state. They worked for the governor. The governor is the one who can command them to protect property which our governor did not do. And I can't tell you how upsetting and frustrating. That is for me to know that people were coming in there and desecrating these places. And I'm curious what you what you think about this Why didn't the governor? Use the National Guard to protect these historic treasures. Why Y Y those are my questions? Even now they are protected a couple days ago, somebody came in and was in a situation where they were adding to the graffiti. I don't know where they found a place to graffiti. It's so covered up. Looks like we've got somebody on the phone. Is that what I'm trying to see you. Tell me I'll good who come on the line. This is John Garage call. What do you think in this morning? I, well. I, I think that National Guard should be called in. And do you do do you kind of? Share my frustration with our governor. Who seemed to be missing in action here? I think was. Derelict in his duties? Very definitely, yes, what do you think is GonNa Happen to the governor? As a result of the China run for president the day he was elected governor of the state of Colorado. He took out a website name domain name if you will. Polish for president. That does not appeal to me one bit. Tells me Oh. Boy, do you have any experience with the guard or with the military? I was in the army years ago. Yeah, well, thanks for doing that. I appreciate it. I would try to get in the army in nineteen, sixty six to go to Vietnam. It'd be a combat photographer I flunked my physical. That can believe it. Took me. Even though I have feet, they did. I had another problem that they didn't like. And I still haven't and I'm still alive, but I wouldn't have done, but but thanks so much for serving the military. And I appreciate your comments. You. Asked what to do about Cleanup Yep? What are we? The national comes in and they catch these people that are doing it because it's so many on film. then you. Attach their assets. When you arrest them, arrest them and let them pay for it and put him in chain gangs if you have to. That's yeah. We haven't done chain gangs in quite a while, but in concept I'm not opposed to them. be as long as it's done humanely so that they're not chained together too long, and and they only have to work maybe ten hours at a time out in the hot sun would. Kind of temper that so that we're not making them work twenty four seven. Did it didn't even bother them when they did the the graffiti and stuff, so it shouldn't bother them when they clean it up. Absolutely, you know another thing that I think has happened I think we've seen the spike in the covert virus among young people because of those. They weren't expected to stay six feet apart. The only masks they were wearing was to cover their faces so that nobody would recognize them when they did their their dirty work. Yeah odd yeah, and you even mentioned attach their assets. Maybe some of these people bank accounts. We ought to just take their money and use it to pay others to clean up at least. Kurds. Pay For this stuff sometimes more. Data houses maybe, Ron. Use that money to also pay the homeless people help. Clean it up. There you go homeless people are homeless because they don't like to work usually. Not Not. Bring them all with the same brush. I'm not, but that can have. Hey, appreciate your call. Thanks for checking in this morning. If anybody, else's got an idea for us give us a call. Nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten John Clarkin for Gail this morning. We got a couple of other things for you to hear, and then we'll be back in just written and ravens similar right here on northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten K. F. K. Best UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten kfi k. a warning for broncos country about drew lock coming up on the next hole show thirteen ten. Our Day, forty nine hundred great wins name morning John Clarkin for Gail right here, northern Colorado's voice thirteen. KF! We'll let you know that ton. Check was brought to you by carrying hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand one where a patient care always comes first nine, seven, zero, three, seven, eight, one, four, zero, nine, or carrying hearts, H, h dot com. Well folks I'm telling you this. This code thing just never ends. We've got a new story and if you live in Weld County, you're going to be fine. But if you live in Larimer or Jefferson County's, you may have a problem. Let me give you a little flavor of the story in the Post. Jessica. Seaman is the writer of the story. Datelined yesterday, public health officials in at least two Colorado counties warned they may have to roll back some aspects of their reopening as novell co Rona. Virus infections continue to rise in the state The the Colorado Department of Health had allowed certain local governments to loosen restrictions on certain events. But according to Mark Johnson Executive Director of Jeffco public health. He says we must take swift strategic action to help keep our cases below the permitted threshold, so we do not have to take giant steps backwards in our counties is recovering expert. Efforts recovering experts. Efforts. My brain. Okay Jefferson, county. Public Health on Monday. You should a new order requiring venues to receive approval from the agency before holding events. With more than one designated activity, and which would have more hundred people inside or hundred seventy people outside. So, that's what Jefferson County is dealing with. They've got a limit of five hundred eighty new cases. In and they reported four hundred and eighty six, so they're just afraid. If things keep going the direction they're going. They're going to bump up against that maximum, and then they're going to really have trouble now. Lamoure County variants was approved in May Bennett covers the openings of gyms, theaters, bowling alleys, pools, and some other particular kinds of businesses, so we're up against something there as well because they're seeing more cases, the variance will be rescinded Lamoure. County on this back. Story reconfirms more than twenty five new cases or ten percent. Of the individuals tested on three separate days during a two week. Period I, think they mean. Positive. In. The increase in covid cases in Limerick County is partly attributed to large gatherings over the fourth of July weekend. Boy, in according to Tom Gonzalez he's the Limerick County Public Health Guy, he's I. Know that we will regroup in reversed this uptick. We must serious take seriously the situation and be diligent with hand, washing face coverings and social distancing. We must large case count to keep our businesses open. Well, the county asked two weeks to slow. The spread of the virus or its variants could be modified or revoked. According to the news release from Larimer. Wow I know those are. Difficult things for us to take as a conservative person myself. I absolutely despise government telling me what to do I. Just I don't like it. But on the other hand. I think what I'm letting. Tell me what to do, and I wear my mask out in public when I don't make a big scene about it and. Make a big pain out of myself, I, don't I don't think of it is doing anything for the government. I think of it as doing something for somebody else. Heaven Forbid I would be exposed and come down positive with the virus I try not to. Try To. Do what I need to do to stay healthy. But on the other hand we do you get to be my age. You're susceptible to this thing and it's killing a lot more people than in his young people. I'm willing just in the case might get the virus to wear a mask and follow all these rules just because I care about other people. And the fact that I might make somebody else sick. That's just me and why I think we need to air, maybe on the side of caution when it comes to this whole issue of the virus. Because it's not going away. It's still here. People are still getting sick. People are still dying fortunately, though the deaths down, but there still is the risk of over taxing are medical facilities, and then people who really need it. Like somebody who just had heart attack and can't get in the hospital because it's too full with covert people. Or people with covid who can't get in the hospital just because there's no room period. This is all an issue that we need to be careful and I'm I'm afraid somebody you're gonNA say John You. Go all liberal on me here, but I'm really not I'm just trying to be concerned for people and I don't want to make them sick. In the case that I might get sick and I might be able to say to you I've been staying away from people Sarah. Good good. I'm still not sure that that guarantees you that you're not gonNA. Have Kovic people are cropping up with this all the time and surprisingly is day tested positive. He whoa. That's that's pretty crazy. How did that happen? Well, it does and it will. So anyway I'm going to wear my mask in. Invite you to maybe go ahead and do that as well. Just makes sense to me well. We're going to have a few closing comments for you here. Is We end up this? Radio Extravaganza that. We had this morning. Right here on northern Colorado's voice, thirteen ten K. F. Gay I'm John Clark in for Gail All sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. We're at fifty six. Fifty seven, just that quick John Clark here with you glad to have you. We're doing. We're broadcasting to you from the auto coalition. Specialist Studios Yep Yep. That's pretty cool. Are If. You're like me and you and. You just you hate to to ever Ding your car I, I did. I did I backed into my garage and I ran into a table. That's terrible, but these are the guys that can help you. Fix It so anyway. That's why we appreciate them so much right here. K A, they're they're. They're good people. Good work all right. I WanNa, tell you about something that happens. Every Sunday morning. Right here on thirteen ten KFI. With the help of MICA. In the other room we do show called seniors circle now just in case you wonder what senior circle is all about? We sit here in the auto collision specialist studios, and we create this Radio Extravaganza for you. Is it for young people? Everybody everybody. It's about young people it's it's about everything. The will. Yes, and we even cater. Here's what we do. That's kind of fun. One of the things I really like to do is to talk about travel because I know that older. Americans like to travel older people tend to do that and and so I'm just kind of interested in talking about travel. This particular week we're GONNA. Talk about camping. Did you know camping has become just crazy popular? And so that will be on Sunday morning eight to nine. You'll hear US talking about camping. And other things We've got some wonderful sponsors. Who help us with what we do. Today as as we look forward to Sunday We're going to be able to talk on Sunday with the people from the bridget greely. Day or a sister living facility? I've been there I've toured it. They're there. It's just a spectacular place so anyway I just wanted to tell you all about it. Encourage it to tune in now. If you can't tune in thanks to Mica in his fine work, he pat. Thanks to MICA. No if you can't tune in. Period. Thanks to MICA. He podcast the show forest so you can come back to. To our website, www thirteen ten k. k. dot com. Go over there two weekends, and you pull down and you click on seniors circle. And there are the PODCASTS, so if you missed the show in real lives, which we would love to have you at eight o'clock, but if you're doing something else. Just catch the podcast. It will be awesome. So anyway I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be here sitting in for Gail. Thirteen ten Kfi John Clark for Gail, thirteen ten KFI preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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