S13E30 Whistling indoors


Welcome season episode thirty of the book. I'm alan joining me this week. As martin. how you pray well yourself. Yeah you know. I'm sure we should make this video poker high one of one of those weeks and only choose day. Oh my gosh yeah martin. What you've been up to this week. Well i have Been upgrading my computer whole. Yeah it's been all over the incident now seeing photos of lots of expensive pieces of computer equipment Well yes they. All started with the very first expensive pair of computer equipment which is a new graphics card. So i saw that Nvidia released their new three thousand series cards so you got some bitcoin Had the day off work on release day and purchased an rtx. Thirty nine is the ones which fills up half of the case Yeah it's triple width card. And i have a large case and just has like full millimeters of clearance in the of the length of the case the volume. That's taking up the heat sink or the fan. Yeah i mean the economy the circuit board in the chip because this is the heat sink. In the fans i mean the circuit board is is a thin fairly thin. Pc pcb these channels where they tear it down. You think. Close all this fuss about this though thing. Yeah it's like a key low and a half of copper tubing and Fiend stacks what have you and then three Great big fans plant on top of that out and Can you play crisis Yes i can even play the remastered version which is just being released as well. I think To coincide with the launch of these These cards and have you actually used in anger or is it just been admiring and taking photos for instagram. I've been playing some games. Were the first thing. I did is Stretch out my lead as the number one performing computer gaming on lenox benchmark forums. So there's a standard standard bent coupla benchmarks to do that so immediately i ran up those and then over by system and trimmed down the operating system and just made the mougins bigger and bigger addssome funding. That played some games as well driving games. of course so You know all the usual one so you know f one twenty seventeen and grid autosport and the rally and then some of the all katie ones. That's pretty much all i play. I did actually play some something else. Career what it was now played an actual compute. Oh yeah it was it. So there's only one rtx game on lenox rtx being the ray tracing technologies. And that's quake too. I think is which was remastered with full light ray tracing so i've played expecting to date anyway as someone who is averse to first person shooters. I quite enjoyed that i. I was having fun playing that. So i think because of its vintage. It's a little simpler than some of today's first person shooters any. It was about my pace. So i enjoy playing excellent mark even up to anything. I been playing. Haiti's did i mention that you have you still been playing a lot. more hours. clocked up in. Hell have you year. I've no actually kept track of how many hours but he eats. Good still enjoying it. I'm not a lot further. Third bosses very tricky. I find okay. Awesome well before the hearing more about another time. Let's get on with the show. So i we want to seven chat about that. There is not thing that everyone keeps talking about and to be clear in the context of this conversation. We're going to be talking about iot devices in a domestic home setting we're not talking about industrial robots and iot in the enterprise and stuff that manages buildings and sits smart cities or any of that nonsense. We're just talking about the stuff that you as a human being might put in your dwelling to make your life better. So how are we qualifying devices. Mark do you have a definition in your head of one iota devices. Okay when i think of is device it is a device which you plug in in your home and it connects to the internet and does something performs some sort of utility in your home using the internet to enable that he said plug in and i have some that. Don't plug it so yeah. Let's be william vague. It's a thing in your house and he's probably got an ip address that so. I think there's some things that we can easily go to. There's the smart speakers. I'm not gonna say their names robust reasons and in recent years lighting stuff. But then i was wondering do like games. Consoles passes an internet of things device Because i have one that has some of the features of some of these other more traditional. You know i m not devices is not. Because he's a general purpose computer happens to be running the software which also runs one of these embedded devices. I think that's the difference. Is these things on general peps. Computers generally imbedded systems. I think we should discount general-purpose competing devices such that might live on your desk and have a keyboard and a screen right which it's not one of those and well also things are all in one screen which occupies most of the device. Snow one of those either so okay. So what you're saying is basically set top box of sorts. Yes right so. I don't know i guess they do. I guess they do count. Because it's a single purpose purpose device much like a smart speakers a single purpose device. Okay it's extendable extensible so we've kind of talked around a little bit. So what what i. O t devices. Do each of us have in our homes. Well i started with. I think well obviously set til books and you know. I've had those over the years i'm going to dismiss those. I didn't think they can't for my for my thoughts. So i'm going to dismiss those and say of the lady cylinders and i call them that simply because a lady's voice in its electrical The us to the amazon one. I used to play music and ask for weather and the kids. Use it to do the homework and stuff like that. Can i just make a point. Hey you're you're trying really hard not to say the at. It's called amazon echo for a reason right so that you don't have to say the when you when i often say the word inadvertently and there is one on my desk. It doesn't matter. Utsa his headphones on icee. Then it might react so yeah of course some of them. Five of those dotted around the house. Those are the first things go. Are they connected as a single coherent group is downstairs group and to them upstairs so no then all group together you can't you can't do stuff like play music on all of them and it will synchronize the music or of them or play podcast across all of them so as you walk from one room to another. It's quite like that. I quite like having the same audio me as i walk through the house. If i'm doing housework or something you know carrying close from one of the house to another. I don't lose the context of a conversation going on our podcast or something. I quite like that. And because i'm not wearing headphones i don't have the warriors wires batteries or one of my kids jumping out of somewhere and scaring me because i'm wearing headphones playing. Its engine. which does happen in this house. So yeah that was. The first thing is the amazon things. Yeah so i think as well in the traditional sense of iot devices that was the first iot device. We had in fact curiously the day i got it. Mark was at my house. Yes and it was the original echo of the tool amazon echo and My daughter who was identified like four or five at the time was absolutely fascinated by this thing that you could talk to and it would owns you. So that's where it started for us. We have three of those now on that all discreet. So one is. My daughter's one is my wife. Someone is lying on their in different rooms in the house yes mark. I don't think you have one of these. The no i mean the the closest thing that i have really is a couple years ago. I tried to make my doorbell using a ross reply and a fancy button that i bought off ada fruit but no. I don't have one of these amazon echos unfortunately fortunately so. I got to the point where you could go a notification to my favorite when someone press the doorbell but stopped working and then i basically i had a baby and i didn't have time to mess with doorbell so i went out and bought a wireless doorbell instead of trying to make one so the even my doorbell doesn't tell my phone when when someone's reading the door so speaking of doorbells i also have the ring branded doorbells which have cameras on them to them because my house is a weird shape into the doors face fords and some people come to wondering some people come to the other and he's quite nice that when someone's giving delivery and i'm upstairs they hit the button and all of the echoes in house bring and then say there's somebody at the front door of the somebody at the side door as tells me which door to goatee. Now i can hear joe saying i'm completely lazy and really. It should just be a doorbell. And you can buy doorbells traditional bells that have two different rings or two different doorbells. Oh yeah i mean we had before this. We had two different buttons one on each door but they haven't been ditches on the back and you could change the ring depending on which door button was pressed. You can't do this without small without ip addresses. But i think the thing that i like about. This is the accessibility. I didn't have that ring doorbell. And so that wasn't a feature that i cared about. And then when they came out. And i saw my neighbor had one and i thought actually. That's quite cool. I like the fact that the doorbell and in fact this morning i had a delivery from ikea at seven. Am and i was laying in bed and there's almost no chance anyone's going to rise me out my bed at seven in the morning because they hit the doorbell and the amazon thing is right. next to my head's by my bed it rang and said there's somebody at the front door and so luckily zombie. I was able to bed. Go to the door so you could argue that lazy. But i actually call them for good so the recently very recently in fact. I've got quite a lot of small bulbs smart lights and lamps and things so this will face. All of the lighting in this room is smart in air quotes. I can whisper her name and she will. Illuminate me in every color of the rainbow. And then for my livestreaming. I've got l. Ghardaia key lights. Now those icon speak to but i can push buttons on my phone and turn on and off and that's quite nice because i just now have one button. Which tends everything on and sets everything the right levels whereas before it was all manual to around and twiddle nope some buttons on six seven different things so i'm ready so setting out where they is something that saved me a bunch of time and something. I do quite regularly. I just push a button and magic happens. So what you using your iot devices for an ave a labor saver for you or are they just not value. I mean i could open the amazon app. And scroll through and tell you will the things i've ever said because it keeps track of all the things you say partly because there's a button next it where you can say where it says did did did i do the right thing. And can say yes or no to help train the algorithm or whatever they call it to make it better and so if i scrolled through i would probably find that another time. It's me having. I want to listen to the radio. And so i'll just say her name and then say play and then radio station. I want to listen to. And there's like half a dozen radio stations. That i listen to law and as i walked from one room to another. I'll tell one of them to shut up in the next room. I'll like play different radio stations. So a lot of it is just playing radio. And yeah that's convenience. I don't have any radios in this house anymore. It's all streaming radio and some radio stations. Just aren't i listen to on available on normal. Fm bands and if they're on the reception's terrible and cuts out whereas streaming of the incident. They so you know yeah okay. I could replace this. Internet enabled device with something else. But it wouldn't be as good right. I also use them to turn the lights on and off and self light outside and inside which come on at the twilight so the lights are on. If i'm coming home in his dog. I know the lights will be on which is more welcoming and i have all the lights in house. Go off at bedtime and stuff like that. So yeah it's it's automation. Some of it and some of it is just convenience lot of the time it's set in a timah in a three minutes. I'm cup he'll you know senator time if something in the oven and setting multiple times and having her beep at me for a convenience more than anything and while i could use a smartphone could use a notepad and a piece of paper when i'm making chicken wings picking up a pen and a piece of paper and the smother in like chicken juice all over them. Some of these cases are very similar. I actually looked and i could. I could say that. Broadly there are five things. Every smart speaker only needs to do five things that needs to be able to play music. Radio stations this is what we're we we do. I'm turn lights on and off Tell you the weather and Kitchen timers is the is the main one Because when i'm cooking. I don't have to stop push buttons. I just yell at the thing and tell it to set a timer for two minutes and it's done so as i saw alluded to when i said once i tried to do this thing and then i didn't anymore you kind of get the impression that i don't really have any of these things and for me. It's kind of a trade off. Because while i have you. I don't have an internet of things in my house. I wouldn't mind having an in front of things in my house if everything state within my network but what i'm not ready to kane on is all of this stuff is essentially bouncing stuff off someone else's servers and sending my data elsewhere and that data's being used for some purposes other than just providing me with these comedians and for me the things you've just described there's got to be a trade off so yeah i carry a small phone around which does a lot of the same things that gathers a lot of data and so on but for me a smartphone having smartphone in your pocket everywhere is it's a completely life-changing device whereas the ability to not put push the button on the front of my oven when i'm standing in front of my oven cooking something. It's not worth having something. That's always listening to what i'm saying. And what my family is saying in my house. All of the time in order to enable that the trade off isn't worth it for me. Well i think you'll minimizing. How time has work. Because it's not okay so there is one timer. There is on the front of your oven. Your oven has one time it does. My microwave has a second time. My smartphone has as many as i need in the almost never events that i need to time things differently like that. I just sat one timer and then i remember how long everything needs. It's yeah maybe you might not like cooking something complex and you want different things to finish at different times then maybe of different times or jansher. Okay yeah okay or do what. My mother in law does and she has a notepad and she writes down all the times and then takes them off as she puts things in the oven and stuff like that sure. There's analog versions of all of these these things could go and look out the window to see what the weather is like but he's quite nice to know when she says there is a an percent chance that it's going to rain in the next hour. He's quite nice to know as i'm walking out of the house. It's a convenience. The whole thing is it commits a trade off. You're right there is the possibility well there is the inevitability this data is being sent somewhere else and i know is being sent somewhere else. Certainly for the ring doorbells. Because i pay for service that the video for three days and so i know that the video is sat on a server somewhere the video of a dog walking boss my front door in the video of me leaving the house in the morning and me arriving at the house a few hours later all of that stuff is archived on a server somewhere and i think i've come to the realization that life is too short and i don't care i don't care that there is video somewhere of me in a public place driving onto my driveway. I don't there is no tangible harm. That can come from knowing. The i was driving onto my driveway at ten thousand nine this morning. Because anyone who's standing outside my house could see that anyway. Okay so another. Another thing that i think about is the fact that essentially your you all providing for free a load of data for someone else to exploiting for their business and not really compensating you for it. Which isn't something that. I'm particularly comfortable with just like i did when i contributed to the projects. Before i started working for canonical. There are some times in life. Where like i contributed album. Titles to the cd project back in the day but they're not see these. These are open projects which you can then benefit from not anymore isn't it was bought by a company and closed so no is complete. It's an example of that happening is happening. But i'm not. I'm not thanks good thing. I'm saying yeah. I'm old and i've got a long history of contributing to stuff over the years. Which is you've been browbeaten by the you just stopped. Caring partly is partly. i just think. I've got to the point. Where life is too short and i think like okay. Yes it is a minor worry that these things are listening all the time and listening for their wake word and maybe they hear something. I say that sounds a bit like their name. And from that point on words for a few seconds they record the next few words of my mouth that data then get shipped off to a server. The i don't have control over. That's a bit of a worry. But what are gonna do with that like this. Three seconds of me saying something after the word that sounds a bit like what her name is. Okay maybe maybe those words might be. And then i murdered. That's quite unlikely not i. Don't think the kind of person who has committed here heinous crime and then he admitted it after slightly saying the lady cylinders. Name such that it's recorded and stored on a disk somewhere in a data center. I don't know it seems like a contrived thing that actually isn't going to happen. I dunno so earlier. This year when i started During the small light thing. The first set of bulbs. I bolt all bluetooth only so the hugh phillips bulbs but they don't require a hub They have an app that you put on your phone. A different app to the one speaks to the hub and you set them up a manage them entirely for bluetooth right and i use that for day and thought this is good and then i stop some small plugs and then it was all a boever pfaff and i bought a home hub and go the out does have and did it all in one place in it's infinitely easier to create these multiple profiles and zones and all the rest of it rather than turning them on and off discretely via bluetooth. I mentioned i mentioned a few weeks ago. The fact i bought these tapa camera to monitor my daughter's nursery. Which i think you probably agree that i don't will narrowcasting over the internet. I don't think either of you would like video of your child on the internet without the with so the interesting thing about that is. I can use their up which manages all their devices body is. I'd internal app. It's not there might be something that the can connect to the internet. But the fact. I've filed the camera off from the internet doesn't impact anything at all about how it works. I mean days possibly the with something like that. The mining convenience that if you had that setup for another purpose you might be able to view it from outside the house but for me. That's not anywhere near the use case. Have for so. He's actually quite nice. That you sets up a direct wi wi fi connection to the camera to set up and then it connects from there to your wifi and then it keeps everything internal and yet that for me was a nicer a nice feature of it even though is it's actually using their dare official app it doesn't have to connect to the internet and bounce their server to do it. It's interesting how some companies are doing that. The nevada combs right way or safeway or failsafe safe. There was a apple keynote. Today and there was a whole section on Home lifestyle products bill around the apple smart speaker and at the end it was punctuated with someone very clearly saying what leaves your house and we'll does not leave your house and under these circumstances it won't and you can only do certain personal questions when your phone is nearby so implying that you are nearby so if you're in the house the kids count query your calendar and stuff like that. So it's it's it's it's i find it interesting that some companies are pushing the privacy englehard and pushing the data to yours and the data stays within your network and isn't going to be exfiltrated out to to all data center somewhere but does that bother you to mountain. I'm in a similar camp. You in the eye. I think about these things and i try to do the right thing. But then i like the convenience of some of these devices and software. So you know. Mark talked about fiber rolling his camera. All of my smart devices are on a separate valen. Which i do have network monitoring on and i do look at just to see what they're up to and that's just being a little little bit cautious i suppose and matt's kind of the extent of myself tinfoil hat ignace about these devices and i was just thinking you know would i get any mole and i think yes i would. I would certainly like to have more smart lamps and plugs and lights around the house that super convenient and a bit like you. I would probably go as far as you know. The doorbells video entry and smart entry devices is when in the future as funny. I i was thinking you know. None of these things are essential. They're not like bread and milk. I could do without all of these things. In fact like around the house and pull the batteries out of all the ring doorbells and i could just all of the amazon echos in the house and replace all of the light bulb with traditional led. Deal whatever light bulbs and i. It wouldn't be a catastrophe. Wouldn't be a disaster. I wouldn't have a massive problem with it. But i quite like being able to step into the kitchen and say thing radio full and on it comes immediately. After a brief advocate for bbc sounds ab- debut. Please still doing podcasts. I think then none of them massively change your life at all. They conveniences and it's nice. That when i drive up to the house the lights are already on and it's nicer eleven o'clock it could not just me to go to bed by turning the lights in the house of or fading them down or fading them up in the morning to wake me up. That kind of thing is that these are all nice things to have. These are all luxury. Trappings of first world but the essential and i could do without them by quite like them that i'm interested to know from listeners. What iot in that devices you have. We ran a quick straw poll for fun yesterday on our twitter account and the general consensus was on those things in my house But i'm interested to hear from people who do whether they're the kind of people like martin who watched the network or like mark firewall. Them off. completely. All i made care. Let us know. Send us an email show of anti podcast dot org. And now it's time for command line love and this one. I saw the internet's martin win. Press please outs in a very obvious. Humble brag about how many cpu has what's this then. Martin what's this all about. Well you may remember. We talked about bash top a little while ago and we send yan's and alm file wave youtube videos and blog posts and all the rest of it saying how this was an amazing system monitoring tool for your command line. Well bash talk is dead about well. It's been fine because they've been working on. Be pi top which is yes. They need to work on the name. I saw somebody coming on twitter. They should have cooled it by top pie bash topi are you just put wi on the end bash. Topi which would have been quite good anyway. It's a pipe an implementation of the same tool. It's be pie. top is available as a snap. It's also instill liberal via pip and you run be top and it does all the same things except and here is why i had that picture. I was running back top all my new supercomputer which i will talk about next week and brush crashed because it couldn't cope with all the 'cause i went to the website to file a bug or see if this was an issue and there was a big banner saying Be pi topaz. The success so i went to that page read. It did a snapping stole connected. Some interfaces i'm be. Pi top works absolutely fine so i didn't have to raise my bug on the dead bashed. I started using b-pi top instead. I could see all sixty four threads during nothing while doing something for a very short amount of time and then doing nothing right. Brilliant so be pie is the new bashful indeed. Thanks and now it's time for all of your wonderful feedback. Ratchet emailed us love. The show just wanted to let you know the time using a bantu to ten daily billed as my daily driver. The decision was taken after a few weeks of using tinted vm. And always blown away by the performance of it. I think two thousand eighteen is more stable than the lts twenty four hundred my system. I feel like my computer has been resurrected. This version of nolan super-slick. Many things have been to team in malton. And i'm sure this will be one of the best releases seen in a while. That's good to hear. It's always nice to get a reinforcement of the releases not yet upgraded. All of mine two thousand ten as well this machine. I'm recording on now and laptop behind me and to others there will twenty ten. It's working really well is very good yet. We had a twenty ten testing day at work today pretty successful. I'm really looking forward to this. Release super inform. email us. he says on the back of your victory with grievous guerrilla naming for the next to release mountain may i suggest who bristol hyena. Well his thing. I'm managed to catch the attention and air of mark shuttleworth to get that gravy guerrilla name and dies and going to happen again. So thank you twice. You definitely not twice in a row. Yeah exactly exactly so. Thank you for your suggestion. But this one is very squarely in Mr shuttleworth's cool. I think make left to comment on our youtube channel mugs. Soft edged stay in the windows world leafs mimics alone to its stable life. Anyone need educated boots up your windows. Ten vm and do it get your loads of virus. There enough is enough. Doubt commence from youtube do that. Nobody's forcing you to use it. He don't after install it you could just know. Install it it's fine. It's fine and mike del ripple emailed us. I am eagerly anticipating the release of microsoft's dad's brilliant. that was. This is why. I put the youtube coming in because i thought it was great that you know we have you know broad broad interesting analysis he goes on say. I switched to five fox from crime as my daily drive for about two years ago. Five fox contain developers. Tools are what drew with me with recent developments that missoula. I don't believe fire. Fox will be a viable develop a browser within a year or two. I'm not ready to go back to chrome. But i need to develop on a browser. The normals us unthought. What has me interested in. Mike soft-edge while i trust microsoft a lot more than once did i have heard grumblings about edge sending more telemetry data that i would necessarily want so. Here's the question. What tool would you recommend to analyse telemetry data coming out of the edge browser wants. It's released. I don't want sift through the traffic in my network. So i'm looking for a way to analyze the data coming out specific application. Why shock that was my first thought but then you would need to constrain that to just the traffic to from a particular apps. So i'm not sure how to do my head while you can do. In a vm. So you could have y. Shark running on the ip address. Of the vm. And have the browser in the em or you can have on another computer on your network if he wanted to vm. If you've got another laptop be could monitor all the traffic from that machine and if the only application running on that machine was edge then you just gonna get desktop traffic and whatever just doing. I mean his question. What would you recommend. I wouldn't not security professional. No name professional. Let someone else do it. And see what the internet comes up with because this is exactly the kind of thing that you know. Security professionals on the internet are going to be looking for. So i would go and hunt down articles about edge telemetry. And if you can't find one drop a hint to some security nerds somewhere. And if they'll do it for because they've probably got the tools in the nile today at dusty nisbet jones emailed us two questions because you each recommend focused on youtube channel or both that you really like all of your suggestions in the past have always been stellar. And so i'm sure listeners will enjoy your recommendations. Okay johnny go. I mark okay. This is this is going to be a bit niche burr. Give it a go. It's the critical role. Podcast so critical role is Basically some a team of friends playing dungeons and dragons and all voice actors professionally and. It's absolutely brilliant. Basically it's kind of like listening to an improvised ply the episodes along. But you can you know. Break them up. If you want a really good listen. That sounds awesome martin. What about you. So because dustin emailed us two questions breaking with the strict guidelines of this segment. I decided. I'm gonna answer this question with to youtube recommendations and no podcasts whatsoever. So i'm going to recommend a two youtube channels from australia. One could gase 'cause and another one could hardware on boxed and they're both sort of Pc hardware enthusiasts gase because has lennox angled some of that stuff so if you want to see the latest hardware and often with into running on it. that's great and nick is Very entertaining and hardware and boxes deep dive hardware information and there's none of the shouting That the american equivalent channels do And it's a little bit australian and bandari. And i like them a lot. Okay so i'll give you a youtube channel cooled lindy beige and this is a gentleman who is an acc eulogised by trade and a bit of an amateur historian seemed like a professional historians me but he just sets his camera and talk straight to the camera about mostly battle and war related things and he is such an enthralling person. You need to watch these videos. Crabbe or some other beverage and just pay close attention to what he's saying because he is so engaging. I even sit through all of his adverts and watch while he reads his adverts because they're just as entertaining as the video itself. And i have to pass on credit for passing that on to andy smith from bit folk because he recommended linney beige to me. And so i'm recommending it to review and a podcast. I would recommend the taskmaster podcast which is interesting. Because they haven't actually put out any episodes yet because the newspapers of thomas muster starts this week on channel four in the uk and One of the contestants on a previous episode is presenting cost. It's going to be released immediately after the tv episode as so. I'm looking forward to that. I haven't heard any episodes. Yeah other than the intro. It's going to be released so they get. There's not a question but we don't have time for that so moving onto the final piece of Email from gear apple store. I think a into marty. Twenty four one thousand. Lcs's i was prompted. To upgrade upgrade. Almost full is but i miss my gnome. Do what is the recommended. Way of getting similar functionality. On a bantu multi twenty four. I want something that makes it easy to start. Applications using the keyboard only something that learns which applications are used most frequently and gradually suggests these ulta. Just a key stroke. Okay so let's start. Game do is no longer available because it's not maintained anymore. And it was removed from the archives. I looked at all of the launcher things that i knew of and all of them have fallen into disrepair except for one so my recommendation to you is cup fifa which is in the archive apt stool cup. It's a spotlight style application and you hit control space to invoke it all there. You can remember that k. And it's got integrations full web browsers a music players and calendars and contacts. And just everything. So you can search files you can execute you know applications and you can also look information that's in your other applications as well and it's the only one that's still maintained There's a new version on their website if you want to grab that So there is cup for what up links in the show notes and. that's all for your feedback that we have time for this week. We have to have more time. All famous owed thirty. Thank you for listening Next time we'll be back with some news and community news and maybe some events who knows but it meantime if you want to keep up with us you'll find us on twitter at a to podcast and you can also find on telegram. You'll find this to polka dot org slash telecom. I'm finally thanks to jay during our show production. If you need ho cost production services you can contact him at joe risks dot com cenex time

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