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It's Wednesday August. Twenty six republicans need dramatic improvement. This was dramatic. Alright we start here. Breaking all sorts of norm, the Republican National Convention amps up the base eight, million trump voters didn't show up two years ago snow accident the GOP's victory. We will break it down with one of this week speakers. Protests have grown and not just in Kenosha Wisconsin. Were there no other nonlethal methods considered why the shooting Jacob Blake is united new arguments about police force and resisting arrest don't be embarrassed if you're not sure what convalescent plasma is, you're basically doing a shortcut of the vaccine process ridicule headlined by headline breaking down the latest Ovid news you need to know. From ABC News this start here I'm Brad Milkey. Be True to yourself and stay true to the dream of America. Thank you and God bless you all. Tiffany trump younger daughter of donald trump. They're speaking at the Mellon Auditorium Washington DC modulating tone. If you want the conventions on network tv, it is a relatively brief primetime slot this year even within that, there are commercial breaks, cut aways for analysis but before the gins and even during those breaks, the convention keeps going mostly for the hardcore folks online people really dialed in politics. If you watch them both you'll notice a difference. The stuff that everyone sees is meant to have broad appeal visiting. Lincoln's Boyhood home has always been a treasury experience for me and my fam last night though Republican National Convention some of the more fringe personalities of the party were not on the fringe anymore. Nothing prepared me for what I saw on the screen. An unborn baby fighting back desperate to move away from the suction. Really in the evening, a former planned parenthood employees gave a graphic description of what she described as a horrific work environment. You see for me abortion Israel. I know what sounds like I know what abortion smells like? Did. You know abortion even had a smell planned parenthood. It already said her account was not supported by documents but the real questions were over her other past comments like when she suggested reverting to household votes where husbands voted for wise or comments earlier this summer where she said police would be smart to profile her biracial son Democrats pressure on schools to allow boys to compete in girls, sports and US girls, locker rooms. Those are the facts and other key slot the granddaughter of Evangelical, Legend Billy, Graham, and one speaker was actually cut from the program just hours before the night began after she tweeted links to anti Semitic conspiracy theories but as primetime continued the tone group more triumphant -gratulations now. Questions about using the White House as a backdrop for partisan political events. I'm Mike prompted. I'm speaking to you from. Beautiful Jerusalem. Concerns about our top diplomat hyping up the president from overseas. But whether lawyers liked it or not Malania trump highlighted the evening by speaking from the White House Rose Garden I want to acknowledge the fact. Since March, our lives have changed drastically, and in that moment wearing military green amid a clear culture war, she became one of the only speakers to speak extensively about the pain felt by one hundred, seventy thousand American families I know many people are anxious. And Sound feel helpless. I want you to know you are not alone. My husband's administration will not stop fighting until there is an effective treatment or vaccine available to everyone. All this to highlight the needle that Republicans are trying to thread getting mass-appeal moving the needle with president trump trailing in the polls, but still throwing red meat to the Republican base stock to somebody who's been in this position we are joined. Now by one of this week, speakers stevescalise is the number two Republican in the House, the minority whip congressman scalise. Thanks so much rain with us. Sure great to be with you. Thanks. Now you spoke on night one. What is it like in this format because everyone knows that president trump would really love to have one hundred thousand screaming people in the arena with them or riot it's the first time I've addressed a convention but Benda, many of them and You know the thing about a convention is just jam packed with with all of the real party activists the people that are feverishly working to reelect the president and and you feel that energy will you know in this case you don't see anybody when you when you got to speak and. And so that is a little bit weird. But you know mmediately, your phone starts blowing up with text messages. So you know that there are a lot of people out there watching, but you know I watched a lot of it myself and it was just great and you and others have really been highlighting the Donald Trump. You know that others might not know right late this kind of peek behind the curtain is that the key to coming out of this convention with momentum like like if there are swing voters still out there, what does swing them in your mind? Know because I get to work with the president and in a lot of ways that most people don't and I work with them on policy primarily you know you're in a meeting with them talking about tax policy but he's talking about how is this going to help rebuild our middle class and how's IT GONNA help those lower income people that were that were struggling to to now be able to go buy house and those kinds of things. What did the paycheck protection program mean to your? Company. AS THE CORONA VIRUS STRUCK Who is a huge tremendous help in the big things but there's so much to build up on. We had such a hot economy prior to Kobe and then that just shut everything down but we can get back there. Again, we have to get back there. Again, a great bipartisan rescue also saved the economy right now our economic health is common back with emergency spending and tax cuts. Americans are going back to work in the meantime the president's. been very focused on on working on finding cures and getting all the red tape of government on the way so that the scientists can actually go develop a vaccine and you're seeing tremendous remarkable progress. By the way you know about a week and a half ago are the president helped broker deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and let's talk about some of these issues because the ton of topics being covered in these speeches you've got. Economics we've heard a ton of references to police to protest. We've heard less about the pandemic and Covid nineteen you brought it up there. But if you see these other items as advantages are any of them going to matter at the end of the day if a thousand Americans continue to die from covid nineteen every day and if president trump is continuing to defy calls to slow the spread it at places like schools and businesses while you know. There, there's a number of pieces to that. Clearly, you you WANNA see the president continue like has focusing on Kobe. It started in China they lied to the world about it. They could save a lot of lives that they would have been candid with the whole world, and so you know we were all all countries were working to figure out what was really going on, and in the meantime, the president was working with scientists from the very beginning. The virus did not arrive from China though right congressman scientists say likely arrived here New York from Europe and there. I travel restrictions on Europe right with because initially, the president put a restriction on. China, because that's where we knew the virus was coming from in the meantime people were leaving Luhan and going to countries in Europe, and of course, Italy had a big outbreak. Well, European flights weren't banned because we didn't know the virus was there Lo and behold the virus. Spreads through Europe so the president put a European travel ban DR FAO chief. Let me ask you by the way Dr. Fao. Cheats. South. To fight under oath that those decisions by president trump to put those travel bans in place to save American lives you agree with that decision I do do you think that decision save lives Doctor Fauci yes I do so he still Doing things to protect American lives. He still working with scientists today he said everything that I could have hoped. Promise made promise cap t he ran a video the first night of the convention where there was a montage of these governors. Governor Cuomo on down talking about how great of a job president trump has done working with them, helping them getting them the tools they need. We were at the edge and this is life or death stop and we're forever thankful for that. So it's interesting but sometimes, you see some of these governors criticizing the president publicly in different settings they were praising the president on the actions he's taken. And I should say other countries did see this issue coming from Italy they were installing checks at airports that American airports did not have at the time but one last question for congressman because I know there are so many surprises in modern politics at this moment I, was asking Democrats, last week like what would happen if you didn't win the White House, he won the Senate, is there scenario in? Your mind where not only president trump wins but republicans like you in the House and is to take back the house as well. Absolutely there is you know, I it all starts with President trump getting reelected, and if you go back four years ago, there were a lot of people the forgotten men and women of this country who hadn't been voting for people of either party Republican or Democrat 'cause. Washington had given up on them. I have to confess I didn't support trump in two thousand sixteen skeptical that he shared my conservative views. I expected him to flip flop on his campaign promises president trump was speaking to them as a candidate I. You saw a lot of those those people are the ones that the rallies that that we hadn't seen before and they voted for for president trump and. He's delivered for them but he is followed through on his promises including last week when he brokered a deal to end European Union tariffs of eight percent on main live lobsters they didn't show up two years ago because president trump wasn't on the ballot. That's one of the reasons we lost houses about eight million trump voters didn't show up two years ago if those eight million people show up again. I think that's how president trump wins reelection, but it's also how we win back to how? Thousands of votes and they're all waving the trump signed trump pen sign because they don't show up a lot of it's one of the reasons president trump wasn't only well for years ago. But ultimately one he's going to deliver again, we've got to get our economy back on track 'cause we're battling covert. I think there's more spirit now then this ever been for my campaign and that includes two thousand sixteen better to build it than the person who built it before as the greatest economy in the world and that's Donald Trump. Steve scalise seen a path to victory congressman. Thanks so much for the time. Appreciate it by you. Next. On start here, more flare ups between protesters and police but these are being seen very differently depending on who you talk to we got a former prosecutor after the break. For second straight night Republicans continued to describe key difference with Democrats in how they perceive scenes like this. The protests in the wake of George Floyd's death have been measured as the single biggest set of protests in American history think about that Democrats have focused on the events that ignited them Republicans have focused largely on the aftermath especially, the ones that turn violent. And is to highlight the Gulf. This week's events with a black man named Jacob. Blake. Shot in the back by police in Wisconsin have offered a prime example of how quickly outraged can build a check in with Sonny Halston. She's a Co host of ABC's the view Celso former federal prosecutor sunny the family of Jacob Blake now says, he's paralyzed from the waist down for the time being what was going through your mind. As you've seen this unfold, you know what's been going through my mind Brad is. This seems to just keep on happening. We're seeing this over and over and over again, we know that black men are disproportionately. Maimed and killed by police officers in comparison to their white counterparts. But after all of the protests and all the social activism that we have seen a stemming from Brianna Taylor stemming from George Floyd. I am so. Surprised and dismayed and saddened that yet again, there's another video. Of A black man unarmed. Being shot not facing the police but with his back turned towards the police with his three sons ages three, five, eight in the car you're merger what his eight year old son who was celebrating his birthday. is going to think about every time he has a birthday. The pain in his father. Can you imagine this is real and our children. Should not ever have to witness. Anything like that. So I just thought about the state of the country in terms of policing. He when you watch this video I mean the guy is clearly not does not appear to be going after the cops they're also telling him to stop the. Pain him they're grabbing shirt. We've seen a lot of people at this point on social media saying, well, that's resisting arrest like stop resisting arrest escalating the situation is that how you know a prosecutor would see it well, that's not how this prosecutor sees it I. Think the real question here is we should be asking the police officers. Were there no other nonlethal methods considered earlier firmly? And they believe in miracles. The medical diagnosis right now? Is that he is paralysed. He shot seven to eight times in the back. that to me means that they lacked training what training would be useful at there are many alternatives when you're dealing in a situation as a police officer and you are trying to affect an arrest and some of the police training that I'm familiar with is yes a verbal command. If that is not listened to the next option maybe. A Taser then may be. A physical restraint. But to be sure and to be clear the use of a firearm. Is, lethal force and that on the spectrum is on the far end of the spectrum, it should be used as a last resort. Now, new video emerging showing a different angle just moments before blake was riddled with bullets he appears to be struggling on the ground with police before getting up and walking to open his car door when one of the officers opened fire and it was going to say, there have actually been reports that police did try to chase him but big difference between stunning someone to detain them and shooting at them with a gun because you think your life is in danger sunny can we talk about calls for action in the community because they were actually already marches planned for Ron Taylor and Louisville because protesters. Thought, you know our actions are being stalled here. They're trying to jump start this now looms over all that, and then even in the NBA, you've actually had players say they were considering boycotting games to try to force the Milwaukee Bucks, owner, his leverage, state officials, Mike Question you sunny it's like you know prosecutor's offices do do these kind of plays from the public work. It does work I'm a firm Believer in social activism. We play a beautiful game which brings so many great families together and people be able to rejoice in and enjoy it. But at the same time never lose track. What's really going on in our world especially here in. America. So I'm a believer in. People who have some power? Getting involved and indeed, you don't necessarily have to have institutional power to effect change. We've seen that with the protesters, right? La Melting major cuts to police funding Seattle considering a fifty percent reduction and New York, redirecting funds to youth programs and moving a bill forward that would ban choke holds I will say that you know the ultimate. Decision maker the chart is is the prosecutor would be I think the Kenosha County Da. And Prosecutor's office is are somewhat political. That's my question. Right. So that's a real. That is a real thing. It is a real thing. Many of these prosecutors are. Elected. And they do listen to their. Constituents they do and I think that not only should there be a call for action for. A charging decision to be made quickly. There should be a call for a vigorous and full investigation but what we seem to be lacking in many of these cases ultimately is accountability. And I think that is what you are hearing when you when you when you hearing the chant in, you're you're seeing the protesters. People want accountability and because of the stranglehold but quite frankly police unions have. In our country sometimes that accountability is very elusive and that is what I think people are looking for in still relatively few details being offered from Wisconsin authorities. In the meantime, we continue to see protests and even violence escalate in the streets of kenosha sunny hostile from ABC's the view. Thanks so much ankium. Early on in the COVID nineteen pandemic health officials said, you know if you think you might have gotten this thing you still feel okay. Maybe go ahead and Quarantine Yourself. There weren't enough test to go around what everyone flooding the system getting tested that has changed in recent months people without symptoms can spread this to spread it quickly there were fewer than two hundred people who came to this Boston hotel in February for an international biotech conference but a new study tonight says that this one event may have led to nearly twenty thousand covid nineteen infections in the Boston area along. So officials have said get. Tested when you can but yesterday the CDC suddenly and quietly changed its guidance saying if you think you've been exposed no need to get tested necessarily unless you have symptoms and what's even weirder was they didn't explain why they made these changes. They're actually a lot of recent developments on the cove front. So right now, I want to go back to basics. Let's get our chief medical correspondent in here, Dr Jennifer Ashton to describe some of the things we are learning Dr Ashton, we'll have more answers from the bit but in the meantime we were never rock rock-solid whether having this thing could make you immune. But now we have seen people getting reinfected right what are the takeaways from that? Yeah there's a story behind the story here Brad and let's get into it. First of all, the first report coming out of Hong Kong was in an asymmetric person that was picked up on routine screening at the airport. At Hong Kong the patient thirty-three-year-old man was I in fact it in late March four and a half months later, he contracted the virus again while traveling in Europe this person had been infected with covid nineteen four and a half months ago was showing zero symptoms was tested found to be positive but then the testing went a step further they actually did the genetic fingerprint of the virus and found that it was A. Different strain. So the real headline here shouldn't be as surprising as It seems which is that, yes someone can get infected with a different strain of SARS covy to just like we can get infected with a different strain of influenza. So No big surprise here and actually want to talk more about the flu season a second but I when we're talking about treatments doctor Jan, I have a different question. WHAT IS CONVALESCENT PLASMA? Can you simplify this morning? please. Well First, let's look at the two words here Brad convalescent that conjures up a healing process right and it is just as it sounds plasmas apart of blood that basically just results in giving someone the antibodies of someone who had been infected with cove nineteen and has now since recovered urgent need for convalescent plasma donations taken from recovered Kovic patients to help those currently fighting it. About Sixty eight. People have been affected by donate. What we're seeing now is people who have had covert nineteen donating their plasma and then that plasma being given under experimental conditions to other people who are sick with cove nineteen but I've heard fantastic things about convalescent plasma last week. The FDA. Seemed to suggest that there wasn't enough data to suggest that it has benefits in treating patients with covid nineteen and they said. Not, really anything convincing to make us give it an emergency use authorization top federal doctors including Dr Foul. Say They don't have enough data from clinical trials to prove plasma can help people fight the virus this week the pendulum swung way to the other extreme and Dr Steven Hahn said. That it can save lives in a huge percentage of cases. One hundred people who are sick. With covid nineteen, thirty five would have been saved because of the administration about plasma and then immediately came out and said actually I misspoke some people say the optics either looked like. Or pressure what do you say about that? So first thing I'd like to say is that I personally could could've done a better job and should have done a better job at that press conference explaining what the data show regarding convalescent plasma and it's probably somewhere in the middle, which is still probably at the end of the day. Good thing if there's a treatment, the bad thing I suppose his critics have said the more you of Oscillate between these, it's great. It's not great. The less trust people actually having the FDA is the problem eight last question for you. Then you know you'd mentioned flu season seems so far away a few months ago. It's here now like next week's going to be September where are we on flu season and will that make everything we've seen worse? Well, no one has a crystal ball Brad. So no one knows what the flu is going to look like in the United States this season. Doctors, say the concern, a possible twin democ underscores the need for people to get the flu vaccine but we do have some clues and there are some things we do know. The flu is unpredictable every year number two we know we have a flu vaccine. While it's not the most perfect vaccine, it certainly is better than nothing. Damage will be done, but the virus is going to have I'm again November December January usually when we see our highest numbers best when we want the protection the but there is some reason for some optimism here cautious optimism data that we're getting from the Southern Hemisphere tends to suggest that there's been a dramatic reduction in cases of influenza this year largely because of all the measures were taken to try to reduce the chances of covid nineteen. We all transmitting it via coughing on each other no one's on each other. That's right. So this may be a silver lining in this whole saga but again, the very same things that can help us reduce the chance of covid nineteen also likely to reduce the chances of getting influenza except that we have a flu vaccine, Dr Jennifer Ashton, clear eyed through all this somehow thanks so much. Dr, you Bet Brad. And we'll last thing yesterday the biggest river in the Cleveland Metro area lit on fire. This was the Cuyahoga River where a fuel tanker crashed on an Akron highway the oil leak through some storm drains. Next thing you know flames have raced down across the top of the water. What makes us notable though is this is not the first time. The Cuyahoga River has been on fire. In fact, it's at least the fourteenth bubbling with sub-surface gases it uses rather than flow. Anyone who falls into the Cuyahoga does not drown Jeevan citizens joke grimly decayed back in the nineteen fifties and sixties this was happening on the regular in the Cleveland area. There were that many chemicals lining the water which was extra distressing since the river feeds right in the lake. Erie lots of people drink out of that and nineteen, sixty, nine, another fire and Koga a relative unknown became an overnight sensation. Sixty nine environmental activists were really gaining attention a spark flew off a train and lit up an oil slick that was seized on as the latest example of a much bigger problem that quickly led to the creation of the clean water act and the Environmental Protection Agency. That was the thirteenth documented Cuyahoga River fire. Yesterday's was the fourteenth. The pictures were stunning and thankfully now unusual. On, down to Cleveland town, ever want to continue to have the latest from the RMC each night on ABC News, dot. com. Or the APP shoutout to our podcast at five thirty eight and powerhouse politics, which features today the veteran gop focus group or frank leads. I'm Brad Milkey Zita Marvel.

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