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Hi, welcome to Hungary in Nashville may I take your order. You may have heard of CBD. It's one of the hottest trends and food this year and very soon as CBD cafe will open Fairview. It's called harvest and most of its offerings include CBD. So let's start out by explaining what CBD is and why it's become a thing CBD shorthand for Canada by dial. It's an extract from the marijuana plant or hemp without the ingredient that makes you high. It does have a calming effect and many claim it has curative properties as well who will get into that later. But let's get started by telling you about the harvest cafe. My name is Daniel Davis. And I'm the head chef here at harvest where a CB cafe. We do a bunch of vegan vegetarian daring, gluten free options as well more or less, it's we want to educate the people on CD on what it is, and what it can do for you, as well, as you can eat it in putting food and benefits you in your body and could benefit a bunch of other people around you as well. There has been very little research on CBD. But as yet there have been no major health warnings other than did not take it in mass quantities. It can also have interactions with other drugs, such as blood thinners. So it's a good idea to check with your doctor before starting a regimen. It typically comes as part of an oil or tincture a tincture involves soaking the plant in alcohol thinkers are said to take effect in about twenty minutes while it takes oil about forty five minutes, CD self is flavourless, how much should you take a, let's the unanswerable question. I it depends on why you're taking it. If you want to do things -iety, you'll take less than if you're dealing with chronic pain. What I tried it. Michael was relaxation by mistake. I took about ten times what I should have taken very mellow guy for a couple of hours than drowsiness backed off. And I was just very relaxed for me through drops oil under my tongue is just write your mileage may vary, especially with whether product to use. In the show notes, we'll have some links will help you do your own research. So that's what it does. But why is it become a thing well pressure? It's because it's been scrutinized by the law for so long, and we haven't been able to understand nor fully explore with CB can do for us. And now that the possibility in that were out there kind of rake opening these doors. And we're seeing the possibilities CBC can do for us like medically, I think more blessed people are jumping on that and it's more natural remedy versus going through the pharmaceuticals and getting hooked on all their drugs, and all their bad side effects, and everything as well brownies have to be on the menu at the cafe would be wrong, not to what else is there. Try doing a lot of desserts incorporated. In the chicken wings. We have a pretty much to can be anything. That's, that's the best part about it. Daniel was kind enough to whip up some of his food for me to try and sense. I felt obligated to take the bullet for listeners, I got down to work. There's only one dish which I could taste. The CBD mixture was the limit sore. Day by past experience, the CBD tasted oil in grassy. So the first taste caught me off guard the second and third spoonfuls gave me a chance to step back in set, and I liked it. There were various other sweets that were just as tasty. The wings were great. The spring rolls are the die for all of this shouldn't be surprising as Daniel knows his way around a kitchen and his recipes based on what he likes to eat. So I worked at liberty Commons, which is a French breakfast dinner joint, and then butcher, townhall, which is up in a Germantown. It's like a breakfast Mexican smoke barbecue joint. I was the assistant Baker for both of them for me developing recipes, just more or less, what I would enjoy eating or what I kinda see around me, the different types of like savior, fruits, sweets. That what I can kind of combine like put together more or less with seasonal as well. So for like some desserts, we had a bunch of mix berries, which America crumble mixed berry tar and then a toasted oatmeal date ice cream. With a lemon caramel sauce. And then a basement bacon whip cream. I just some things that we saying, either, like we need to use this stuff and what can I do before this goes bad? Or what can I create out of this, that I would generally joy that everybody would love as well. If you've heard anything about CBD you've probably also heard of its healing properties. When we come back from the break, we'll get into that school, boys and girls are having a half of the local soda fountain innocent. They dan. Innocent of a new and deadly menace. Lurking behind closed doors. The burning weed when its roots in hell. This film, you will see the ease with which this vicious plan can be grown in your neighbors yard ruled into harmless. Looking cigarettes, hitting an innocent shoe or watch case? If you want, you will meet Bill a wants to bride, and the strong will as he takes verse stem or enslavement back in the fifties and sixties the were a lot of movies and television advertising intended to scare people about marijuana like the cut from Reefer madness that you just heard now marijuana legal in forty three states either recreationally or medicinally CBD is legal in nearly all states with some caveats. It depends on whether CBD comes from the marijuana plant, or from him him has virtually none of the THC, which produces the high in marijuana for awhile CBD was legal to use in Tennessee. You just couldn't buy it here. Now CBD's store everywhere in federal laws concerning the growing of him have loosened. So now, more of it can be gone and transported as long as certain regulations are followed, Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota have taken strong stance against CBD's. So if you're in one of those states find. Out what the law is. So let's talk about the benefits. Many people have reported about using CBD what research is out there says it can help people with some illnesses, but it's not a cure by any means in a moment, you'll hear from some of the people who benefited from choose be aware. I'm not a doctor. I'm not advocating for or against CBD the stories about a new CBD cafe. The trend for CBD to be added the food and the people behind, what is the first CBD cafe in the area. Now, there are some people, I'd like you to meet my name is no Hollingsworth. And I'm the head roaster in barista here at harvest by lob Cana. I m made to ensure that the best coffee is being served to everybody. That comes through the doors. My life was hectic Oz actually born with a disease called cranial sin Stosic, which essentially means that my brain didn't have enough room to develop and my skull wasn't going to grow with it. So I had my first surgery. Three months old hide around there. And for a long time that was really what defined my density until ten years old. I had to have another surgery and suddenly it wasn't the fun. Cool aspect of me. I couldn't play sports anymore. I couldn't take any head collision, so I was protected pretty hard. And then when I was about thirteen I had my first seizure, which came out of nowhere all that being said my senior year, I went from having a seizure, every six months to a seizure, every four months, two months, and then November of my senior year of high school had to seizures and a day than three. And then they actually had to put me in a coma for a couple of days in order to prevent me from further damaging my brain. And then in January of my senior year actually had a neurosurgery where they removed type. Taniwha screw that they had placed there earlier in a previous surgery. It had impeded on my brain, and they weren't expecting that he was bedridden for three months and experienced what he said felt like painful goosebumps on the brain. I'd you see before after I'd have a seizure because I heard that it improves your brain, health and improves your brain healing. So I figured after a seizure, loft times I'd have concussions alongside the seizure because of the thrashing after the seizure, why not at least take some buys word for it if it may improve brain health may reduce that brain fog that I would have for one or two weeks after of fifteen minutes seizure. But when I was taking it this time, I, I saw those pains that I was mentioning those pains were reduced then eventually they, they went away. And I think that, that CBD made a huge difference. They're still seizures continued. And the prescription drugs he took head their own consequences. April eighteenth around. There was one year seizure, free for me going from two seizures day, three Caesar's day two year seizure, free is absolutely mind boggling, but I'm also six months off of prescription medications, which I mean, it's, it's life changing those medications I've been on since I was thirteen. So I'd knowed nothing but the, the brain fog caused by anti epileptic. There's someone else. I'd like you to meet. Hello, my name's Aaron Crawford, and I am the general manager of harvest by lap Cana. I am a holistic nutrition consultant. So this is something that I have been dabbling in four years now, actually. And I am so, so grateful for this opportunity to make this, my actual career one of Erin schools to educate people about CBD and what it's done for her. My first. Experience with CB was back in college. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and unfortunately, I ended up total being diagnosed and going through treatment total diagnose, total four times, went through treatment toll of three times it was with the fourth diagnosis that I kind of step back and took a long hard, look at what the common denominator was, and that was me and my lifestyle, and I went straight from that fourth diagnosis to the university of logo library, which has amazing library, and I started studying nutrition cancer, how do these things happen, and why into whom and on and on and on. And I started a variation of the Gershon therapy at that point, I did a forty two day juice fast, and along with that in my studies came the word cannabis, and I had been. When I had been in the day or program back in fifth grade so up until this point here I twenty one at that time. So from fifth grade till the time I was twenty one I had honestly thought of anything that had to do with the word cannabis as being illegal, marijuana gets you high stone or stereotypes, and I the more and more, I read into cannabis and it's medical uses. And that kind of thing I started to be blown away and considering that this was fourteen thirteen fourteen years ago. Now there wasn't nearly as much information out, then as there was now there were studies starting to emerge that were showing the healing properties of cannabis and in particular candidate or CBD. Erin toss to away the chemicals in her life, shampoo, and other chemical Laden products, went into the trash eliminated the chemicals in switching to a healthy diet, improved her life. I. Truly believe that one of the best things I did was start CBD it was with starting CD that I saw a remarkable reduction in symptoms. Just started feeling better in every way, I started sleeping better, my mental health with surrounding the entire situation, immediately started getting better lessons -iety, and all of those things are so healing. And so many ways that when you put it all together. I think that is, what really helps set the stage for six months later on test came back negative. All my cancer markers were gone is still a part of my daily routine. The reasons why have changed, but it's still part of my daily routine. It's no longer not trying to perfect the ratio for, you know, cancer or anything like that. I am now actually a competitive bodybuilder. And so, for me, it's really about recovery, and sleep because sleep. Can make or break a you know, your performance in gym and also soreness. Oh my goodness. I get married. Very sore. So as soon as I leave the gym every morning, it's straight Montana. See, I have a bottle keeping my purse take it immediately. And then also again in the evening to sleep really well. And now we come back to shift Daniel. So I was in the Marine Corps and being deployed, I've sustained several injuries and a little bit of PTSD here in there. And it's helped me breakway pretty much from the pharmaceuticals, and I've been on other drugs and getting picked trials and it just was really messing with me in my life. And when I first tried CD, it's it was a big shock of relief just like just release of tension. And the way it made me feel and helping my pain and stomach issues and PTSD, and I was able to sleep. And it just I was able to get off all those drugs, and more or less straight narrow and help me out a lot again. I'm not a doctor and I'm not recommending four. Or against CBD and it's certainly not a cure for cancer or anything else. These stories are important to tell because they help you better understand the people, building this cafe, and why they're doing it moving on, we'll may come back from the break. You'll learn how to cook with CBD at home, and about the future plans for harvest and its sibling firms. Also works really great for these, I personally prefer dark chocolate, because it's a bit of a deeper, flavor and is a little less sweet. We did the math using the brand of peer CBC oil that I buy and found that about one tablespoon of oil evens out across the number of cups, that I make so that eating too peanut butter cups equals about one dosage, but the amount needed can actually vary by brand and really by person. So this is just what works for me. You can definitely try out any kind of nut butter that you want here, the all work, I just personally, really love the classic peanut butter chocolate combo. And the reason that we're using coconut oil here. Is that the CB needs to find with something that has a high fat content in order to help absorb into the body so you can actually add the CD to the chocolate, or you can add it later to the nut butter, because Nassar also high in healthy fats? Again is can go into really anything. So just you gotta figure out what you want incorporate to see the in like I mean for a cinnamon rolls. I can mix it in to the DOE. I could also mix it into the sugar that I put in the dough as well as the butter that spread on it, so that it can be incorporated. Five six different things into one dish versus just I just put it in the DOJ, and keep the, the sugar, and the butter, separate and keep that just regular generally the medium dosage for persons fifteen to thirty milligrams. So it's really not that much. It's like let's say quarter of a penny mic marinate with oil so that you could like 'cause meat I mean it does. Have fat, but it's you know, tough so that you could kinda let us sit and so can generate in the beats or do the same thing with vegetables, Brian them. And that's the way it incorporated. There's also different forms of CB that you can use. There's like tinctures which was made of alcohol. There's a CD isolate, which is pretty much pure extracted. There's no ham oils or TC NS, which is pure city and it comes to, like, crystal inform. You just sprinkle it on food. Yeah. It really is that simple. He does very well with that. But it can work elsewhere. In a recipe harvest is part of the lab cana- family, which grows its own crops, and processes them we have to farms in the area. There's one in the Lakers four caria, and then we've have just recently acquired, what is going to be in industry changing property with our plans for it, and it is, actually the largest farm, not just as far as hamper anything goes, but just the largest farm in the state of Tennessee, it's formerly known as grinder switch and about nineteen hundred acres. I believe it has been you. Used for everything from hunting expeditions to crop growing crops. Hay corn soy on and on. And we are going to turn it into the largest farm, and I think in the region, but our farms being lined up the way that they are. And with wear harvest is we are hoping to eventually turn this highway one hundred here in to the him. Highway Kentucky has the bourbon trill. We would like to have the ham highway where we, you know, have tours so people can meet here at harvest have some infused food, and drink. Get on a bus. Go out to the farm. See how it's grown go out to the production facility, which is in Centerville. See how it is produced into its various forms of consuming it, and then back here for, you know, some education class, maybe as more food and drink just I phone with a lot of fun. The fact that, you know, you're going to get a medical benefit on the other. End of while something great tasting, it's much more rewarding. And then just to see on everybody's faces as well. Hungry. Nashville is brought to you by out of my pocket. Productions this copyrighted twenty nineteen by me, Jim Grinstead, you can listen to hungry Nashville, on our website, hungry. Nashville dot com on apple podcasts Google play, or wherever you get your podcast. Our music is by Kevin McCloud. Thanks for listening and may. You eat well.

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