Apple HULK SMASHES the Competition - WAN Show April 23, 2021


What is up ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the show. We've got a fantastic show for you guys today with obviously the big headline topic. Being event this week they went in the. I mean it's like their entire corporate strategy is putting them one in it. They went. They put 'em one chips in topic. What is that is that these ads bought terrible. Sorry about that. They put an m one in pretty much everything. And we're gonna talk through what that means not just for their products but also for potentially the environment we did a little video this week on product repairability and right to repair and putting him ones and things definitely has an impact on that. We're also gonna talk about the no. We're not gonna talk about that. I s the project. X cloud beta that rolled out on s. and p. c. That makes project x cloud and even more compelling option than it was already for those of you out there who are still struggling to get a graphics card and what else we got luc. We have some some non news topics as well talking about how linus brought go-carts home for his kids. Which sounds amazing. I'm gonna tell you all about the cool you got to come over and try them some time anyway and and That linus might be building a pc with a basketball star. Yes all. I am so excited to talk about that okay. Yeah we're gonna have a great show for you guys today and let's go ahead and the show is brought to you today by private internet access wallet and see sonic. Why don't we jump right into our first topic of the day and that is of course apple's fall for twenty events. Now i think that what do you want to start with luke. Do you wanna start with their tile competitor. the airtags tracker or the ethics long refresh. I think the tile competitor thing is almost it's its own topic entirely due to the The friction that they're having with What is the other brand Tile yes friction. they're having with tile. So maybe let's leave that off and the slew of 'em one products. Alright so man. This ipad pro now luke. Have you ever owned a tablet in your life. No have you ever had any desire to own a tablet in your life. Okay stop looking at the specs. Stop looking at the specs. Closer an imagined this okay. It's a twelve point nine inch display. So this is a freaking. This is a big tablet. Okay it's big enough for real man hands all right okay. It's got type. C port on the bottom. But we already had that okay. We already had that on the ipad pro. But get this the type. C port is freaking thunderbolt. Okay that's precinct okay so we've got a thunderball ipad. Okay now let me tell you about the cpu. Or rather the assoc- apple they went and they put the same m one processor from their recent macbook pro and macbook air. they went. They threw it in an ipad and for all the jokes that we made about the new. M one mac. Books being basically ipads with keyboards and without touchscreens. The process that is a very good thing going in this direction. It's a very good thing going in both directions. It was never meant to mean that ipad. Pros were not fast. It was meant to mean okay. These devices are obviously converging here. And it that has come to fruition. We have an m one equipped ipad pro. Now here's the kicker okay. Imagine this in a mobile device. A thousand knit backlit screen six hundred. Nits peak brightness with twenty five hundred. Local demings you can open your eyes. You can open your eyes. I don't actually fully understand why they were closed. They were close. Imagine i appreciate share the experience regardless so this ipad which starts. I don't start at like nine hundred dollars or something like that can't remember. The pricing doesn't matter. The point is this ipad will be probably the fastest computing device in your household when it comes to single threaded or even lightly threaded tasks it will be. It will have the fastest connectivity in your household with a forty gigabit per second connection that you could use for. I mean it runs. I wouldn't necessarily expect that you're going to be hooking up like your audio interface to it anytime soon but who knows what the future is going to hold at least the capabilities there now but you could definitely hook up something like a pro display x. Tr six external display with a usb hub for all your peripherals use the thing a freakin ipad os freaking desktop. And and get this. It will probably be the best. Hdr content viewing experience in your household in the range of a thousand dollars so yes. An ipad is an expensive device for a tablet which to me the utility is would you very limited. I mean we're talking like what what what what is a tablet for like watching porn in bed. It's the best device for that. Loyd it is maybe not because vr. Headsets exists but all come on. They're have a vr headset in. You're got the standalone ones. Okay that's fair share into you people. Do i guarantee okay. You know what. I take your guarantee i will see your guarantee and raise you to guarantee i'm with you. I'm with you on that. Okay yeah. vr headset okay. Fine pop up there though. I will give it that way okay. It's the best device for Watching netflix on the couch. While you're so is watching something else on the tv and if you have the disposable income but you can buy a device that is dedicated to that then. The ipad has got you covered but but with these changes. Now it's so much more because okay. You can't use the last year magic keyboard but if you had a magic keyboard now all of a sudden it's a full little laptop thing that also you can disconnect. It's basically a convertible but with extra steps and that display thousand knits full screen brightness. Luke this is the are. Why can't use the previous keyboard. I don't know because the possible limitation like what's so ridiculous. I mean it's like a little thicker so like i don't know maybe there's a physical compatibility that could possibly have been overcome by the billions and billions of dollars. That of course yes. That's possible about that. That part just annoys me but maybe it is like yeah. Maybe there's some shape issues or something. I don't know but yeah i mean we haven't been hands on with it yet but okay so now. The now that we've talked through this thing is barely even an ipad anymore. Could you possibly be compelled to use it to use it. Yes sure okay to pay almost anything for it. No okay hundred bucks. I'm probably not. Are you serious. If i could flip hundred into. That's not what i'm asking used it so like it's it's the fact that it's a really good deal doesn't matter i don't think i would ever use. What about regaining. You don't have a single other iowa device in hold on hugh bear with me now sir. Okay okay you wanna play. You don't have a single other less device in your house. So why not for gaming like you could play compelling exclusives like fantasia in and i don't know if they have any other ones like pulling out of viva la dirty. A keyboard slamming someone over the head. What games max. I don't know. I don't have no idea like what like no i'm good i have. I have plenty of devices in this house that i can play games on. And what a what a terrible buying a tablet for gaming but it has been dollars has thunderbolt so you can connect it to anything but you still running ipad. os. Yeah but like okay hold on. When's the last time you used paddle us. Okay okay you have an ipad like quite awhile your house or something. I still have an ipad to at my. That was probably at that. Ipad had has changed a lot. It does support keyboard and mouse properly. Do you play on it. No no no. I don't mean from like a gaming standpoint. Even i mean you can just use the keyboard and mouse on it so if you were just word processing doing whatever oh there you could use it for. I believe the update came off shoot. Who are those guys that we worked with that. Have a not par sec. But it's another kind of similar thing. But i'm pretty sure probably has working so you could stream games to your ipad if you just like on the couch or whatever So you laptop. You could do that to a laptop. Yes what you have already. But your laptop doesn't have an hdr display on it with sixteen hundred net peak brightness case you couldn't hdr game not that any of those games streaming services support each vr yet. Anyway some point they might Escapement dog says an eye. I mean as as marquess tweeted on twitter. You don't buy things with pro for for for software promises down the line. So i i would not get it. For that reason i escaped. The dog says an ipad is great for eating digital magazines. No don't care dog. That was gonna work your plane subscriber and so i'm not going to be too rude to you because thank you very much but are you real means. What do people read magazines should are you in. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Things importing Okay okay okay. Skies scan are says. I have an ipad mini for my drone. That is a great application for the mini on talking about the me. But hey cool. That's great and you don't need any of the features or to spend anywhere near as much again though if it's one hundred dollar discounted price and i cared sure but i still. I still don't says rain. Late rain was the one. i'm talking about. Were you could keyboard mouse. Game on an ipad. Streaming from your gaming pc apocalyptic aumf apocalyptic on three says linus puts way more value than i think the average person does. The average person doesn't put a lot of value in hdr because the average person hasn't experienced hdr properly. Hdr is a big difference maker. Me luke now would you go back. I mean i would but it's a fantastic feature. I like it a lot It's very noticeable when you're playing actually are constant it is very nice and you can really tell when you're watching content on the tv that does have hdr y- do you remember when you got flow playing to Make it so that. Hdr content could could be played through the website. Remember that i remember when it was super urgent. Because you guys we're gonna totally pivot to everything being filmed and uploaded. Hdr remember that. I remember only uploaded one video in that format. I took like a lot of work. I remember a thing like happening. I remember thinking like this happening. I can't say that. I remember when it happened because my memory doesn't go back that far it was quite a while ago. We're still supporting yes. So okay in fairness are working on it okay. That was actually a somewhat genuine question because yes i needed to know because we were wondering if because we're doing smokers bring yeah so Yes we're bringing it along for the ride. Ed is still working on the workflow for that. So ultimately it's funny but what it comes down to is that floatplane is not getting hdr. Because adobe and youtube still haven't gotten together and figured out how to have premier output all the meta data in a format that youtube can natively understand and accept it. Okay that is why so good. I know that my friends is how you pivot rancho into a folk on work meeting. Okay great sorry. do you have any more says. I read the economist. Also reading books as nice on a tablet. I you know. I can't get into it. I can't get into it for me. The galaxy fold was kind of a game changer for me because it was something that i had on me all the time like actually read more when i was daily. Driving a fold speaking of which and also flame related Is jaden ever going to send back my folds e to know yes is he full two or whatever they call the stupid thing. He's two hundred. And we'll see if i can get that back that'd that'd be great. Thanks so that was a game changer. For me but i would never go get a tablet for that if i'm gonna go get a device like after actually get up off my hiney. I don't have it on me already. I gotta go get one. I'm going to go get a kindle or something with an e ink display was gonna say right when you said i would way rather have an e ink display by the way a really cool project not that long ago. I should've thrown this in doc. Actually but i think it was a few weeks back. So i really cool project where someone made a very large like. I think it was like a monitor sized He didn't make this. He worked developed on top of it but he bought this very large like monitor size e ink display vertical mounted on the wall and then had it grab random newspapers from his area and display them and it looks like super cool. And i thought there'd be some other cool things. Don't read newspapers that you could do with it. unique displays. Her freaking awesome cool. And it's kind of unfortunate. That hasn't really been joying further than e-readers. This is great. This is from the From bs mods. Give luca hundred bucks. What would you be more likely to buy an ipad pro or a tube. Tv for retro. Games ooh yeah to tv for it. Depends if it's good. Though you get you get killer deal you find a good one. Neither of those happened in on one hundred dollars if we're being realistic like crappy two. Tv's you can get them for free if you're willing to haul them away but good ones are actually starting to become run asleep if i had acquired them when they were worth nothing five eight ten years ago and i just store them in a warehouse to warehouse until now. That's probably one of the best investments. That i could have made like those things are going for crazy amounts of money. Now you know. The operative thing that rod said though was give loop one hundred dollars. He asked by one of these two things. Because i wouldn't buy them with my own hundred dollars. Yeah i guess. Courageous potato says it is an unmatched pencil experience. Besides welcome tablet yup. That's fair if you're actually into sketching and whatnot there is a lot you can do as an artist with an ipad so you want to have a mobile photography workstation absolutely crazy amazing device I'm super into it. i think it's a compelling value. Now talk about the morning clipped. I max that come in six different colors that happened to be the six colors of the original apple logo. Apparently so yeah smaller vessels. Have you seen this have you. Have you seen this baller. Basil's let's talk about the external power break. This is first to my knowledge. This is the first apple desktop machine to ever have an external power break. Even the trash can the tiny little trash can had an internal power supply. Did not mistaken fought it. Did i thought it did. I can look it up though. But i thought it i'm pretty apparently the g four cube the g. four law. Okay all right. So that's fair. Yup there are some old ones but like why so. There's a feels honestly despite your your evidence that you've pointed out that very very few have ever had an external powerbook for some reason to me. It feels very apple to do that. If they could make the design of the device itself like sleeker. I could totally. If for some reason it clicks in my brain they would absolutely have an external power brick. So then my next question is why does it need a magnetic cable on a desktop. We're not talking something that you've got at starbucks or whatever and might trip over it because to me that was one of the big selling points of megasafe. It wasn't that. I'm too much of a smooth brain champ to plug in a barrel connector. Was that if someone else is too much of this. Move brain chimp two foot flick when they accidentally hit my cable. And you know the foot flick luke. Luke's the one who coined the name for it. But where your foot like hits the cable and you flip up so that you don't actually drag whatever it is off the table so if someone is dumb enough that they drag my laptop off the table to me that was like a killer feature that could save you two grand like the first time you go and use it on desktop opie want says literally all mac books have external power bricks. Yes but we said desktop. Macs like help me out here. Yeah i i mean okay. So one counter that oh bring up with is why not. i mean. They're charging a lot for it. So you might as well get some like cool nido features and like maybe you're you're cleaning under your desk and you like join the cable. It's probably very light and thus very easily accidentally manipulated young. So i'd like if i i'm sure it weighs more than just by non computer monitor. That's in front early. Probably sorry. I'm sure it weighs less than my non computer monitor. That's in front of me mainly if you yank on the cable i wouldn't want that really expensive devices whack into the wall. Guess there's also thinness factor where you're gonna put it like. I've seen external displays that are thin. But you plug in from the side and there's no way that was gonna fly with apple still i mean there's there's a hundred other ways that you could connect something it doesn't have to be magnetic you could have it go on and kind of screw onto a thing or you could a thousand different ways to connect to thing to thing. Wasn't it xbox microsoft that started the breakaway controller design. I always thought that was really smart. I think oh. Yeah with the xbox. I mean i'm sure that they didn't invent it. But yeah probably one of the more famous mainstream implementations of cable. Yeah so they could have done something like that I'm not against it. Because why not i when i heard that it had that feature like okay. It's cool. it's it's not going to sell the device for me but now let's talk a bigger problem. Okay a lot of people are upset about the chin bar. I get it. People are upset about the chin bar because what modern monitor has a chin bar. Why and okay. Yeah that's a good point. It's a thing to be upset about. Because it's so unnecessary in the interest of making it as as possible from the side where you will quite literally never see it. Apple went and put a big ugly chin in front of you where you will see it all day every day and all for what to save you like this much space on your desk like. That's a funny thing when we went from. Crt's to flat screen displays. Excuse me flat panel displays. 'cause a flat screen display is a crt with a flat piece of glass in the front. That is an important distinction so when we went from crtv to flat panel displays. All of a sudden there was a significant. Like desk. savings yourself was so much cleaner. All of a sudden and motion on your screen was smear horrible boy. Did you ever get a cleaner. Just set up here. I don't see the difference between this. And this and i feel like apple is kind of coming at this trend really late like for years and years. Tv manufacturers kept chasing thinner and thinner. Oh we made it a millimeter thinner. We made it a millimeter thinner. Lg when as far as to make a wallpaper tv and then. I don't know if you guys noticed but that will thing is kind of gone away like there are thin. Tv's but nobody's talking about it anymore. It's not like when you yes. They're like it's thirty percent thinner because they figured out that beyond a certain point. I'd say beyond like really matter thick. Nobody cares because it does not make an appreciable difference to how you enjoy the product. So i can see why people are upset about that element of the chin bar because the just made it thicker. They could have hooked everything on the back of it honestly. The one that. I'm way more upset about is the lack of ethernet. It doesn't have ethernet on board or super bonkers like how mind blowing is that. It's not like. I don't talk to people where i go. Hey are you are your connections kind of bad or do you on wi fi. And they'll say yeah. I'm on wifi and i'll say can you go get a wire because even the best wi fi is not as good as the worst while cash. Say that. And the other is some really good wireless solutions but i also say like it's. It's just kind of weird because so many like you're talking about calls right and especially in the current endemic state. So many calls are happening from home devices and these m. one max look like own devices So to not have that wired connection. It's whether it's video calls normal calls or streaming because as much as a lot of streaming sorta just games there's tons of artistry mors and yet like non gaming streamers out there now So to have that limitation feel super weird. I there's there's a way to get like a doctor something that it comes with the higher end one so the power. Rick actually has an ethernet jack in it which is kind of an ingenious solutions. Booster yet another wire into the back of the machine but it bothers me a lot that people are going to buy the lower end model. Not have an ethernet. Jack at all and then i their nephew or grandson or whatever are going to go over to their house. They're gonna complain that the internet doesn't work their phone calls are are or whatever and then i'm going to have to go and go by like a usb ethernet dongle to hang off the back because it's going to be so much cheaper than buying a replacement power breaks. Oh yeah definitely. It's just really. It's just really frustrating. Because i know for a fact that the cost of like an ethernet controller is literally like between a dollar and two dollars it's actually negligible in the context of you. Know a seven hundred eight hundred nine hundred thousand dollar product. So can we just can we not you know. Can we not save that dollar. Can we just provide it with everyone. It not everything has to be and in fact the fewer items that are wireless in your house or in your office. The better those wireless things will perform so if you plug in every single desktop your laptops and phones and tablets are all going to deliver a better user experience. So i'm i'm interested. I've been trying to look it up but this this power connector that that includes you. I wonder how they're doing that. I found i found a picture that shows the the wall side. Where the jack and the power to the wall. But i can't see anything on the other end is it. It's it's just a single cable that does power and ethernet. I guess that's just some kind of usb power delivery that they're using four the device itself so then it's no surprise would data channels in it as well that would be to make sense. I'm guessing right now though. I haven't seen the actual connector so you'd have to have a look at it. That's interesting okay. Anyway you know what i think. Honestly it's white basil's and chin bar aside. I think people are gonna get used to that. It's going to be like the notch where it starts so where people are angry and then it becomes i or something and these things are going to sell like absolu- hotcakes because what apple has managed to do with the m one and we talked about this in our macbook air and macbook. Or do they call it. The eric can't remember if it's error pro. Air or non anything just book But in the macbook pro. That also has the one processor. We talked about this on our reviews. What apple has managed to do with the m one processor is nothing short of amazing. They have delivered better performance at a lower price. I mean that's something that apple hasn't seemed to care at all about in a very long time. It's always been the better performance but hey it comes at a higher price like if you look at the introductory prices of basically every iphone. It always goes up right like the original iphone. What was the that thing. Four five hundred bucks for the cheapest one they have literally doubled in price since two thousand seven. My problem with the m one is that if apple doesn't kind of surprise me here not at the on the m one. Yeah there's nothing they can do surprise me but my problem with apple silicon with their m series processors is that there's absolutely nothing that you can do to upgrade or change it after the fact and do you remember when apple was cool and they allowed you to use your amac as an external display for another computer. That was awesome. Actually and the these. I think i know the direction you're going in. These would look kind of cool as displays. Sure whether they look cool or not just keeping it out of the landfill wants the computers too. Slow having it have any purpose whatsoever beyond just being your computer. I mean honestly. This is a totally shallow thing. But even just having the ability to have to matching monitor's on your desk today if you just by two of them. News london as monitor. Whatever your reason for it is. That was a really cool feature. And i will be really disappointed if it doesn't turn out to be a hidden feature of this one because as it is if anything goes wrong with this thing. It is basically headed to the wood chipper and yeah you can recycle certain elements of it but recycling is not the best solution extending the life of it passed. Just its initial usefulness as an all in one computer is by far a better solution than recycling it so i hope that turns out to be a thing but honestly i don't have a lot of hope for it Maybe maybe someone who knows something. That i don't can let me know in the floatplane chat c. J. strong says if it weren't for the silicon shortage. Do you think the i mac would have a new processor. No there's no way. I mean with the with the lead time on a project like this. This product has been in development since at least like to four months ago. Don't kid yourself so we didn't even know there was gonna be a silicon shortage by the time they were sitting down to work on the twenty four or twenty three point whatever in china And honestly apple so far hasn't really been meaningfully impacted by the silicon shortage because apple does just an outstanding job of managing their supply chain. I mean at the end of the day you can. You can think apple is a luxury brand or you can think. They're consumer electronics brand or technology brand or a services brand. You got your apple. Tv and all that kind of stuff there icloud. What apple is first and foremost as a supply chain company. Because they do it like pretty much. Nobody does it. I mean wins the last time you wanted to buy an apple something and you couldn't do it. Maybe maybe for the first couple of weeks after the launch of a really hot product. I think the airpods were kinda hard to get your hands on for the first couple of weeks but they recover. Let like you were kind of saying. They recover a lot faster than a lot of other companies due to like the switch or the we like nintendo theoretically must have a pretty good sound little. Bit of experience. You'd think yeah but but like both in intendo we and the nintendo switch were both horrible like almost impossible to buy for very extended periods of time and then i mean the switch out for a while and then it was almost impossible to buy again for a very significant maritime. What was the we. Fit was practically impossible to buy for like six or seven months in the pandemic hunger present while hundred percent. Alright we should announce Something pretty special soon. And i guess we're going to do it right now. Yes ladies and gentlemen on. I'm getting a call from the president. Give me a moment. hello president. Oh you're we can hear you. You know that right. okay yeah. He moved away from the mic. Okay all right. I got a big surprise for y'all and by the time you're watching this in the archive it will definitely be too late. All right. okay okay okay. Was the president. Just calling to tell me to do this Yes we are we are we are not going to. War is okay. that's all right. Attention verified gamers. You're not verified yet but if your actual gamers there's a chance that in the short while you will become verified we have a small when show exclusive drop of a sous top gaming amdi radon rx sixty eight hundred x edition graphics cards and we are going to have these at now. Please do note. And the sarpi on this card has gone up a fair bit since it launched due to a supply shortages as well as component price increases. But this is still a lot less than what it would be on ebay from a scalper monster whose whose extorting you so this is a frigging sick. Gpu ladies and gentlemen brunswick over two gigahertz has sixteen gigs of memory. Four thousand six hundred stream processors a triple fan two point nine slot heat sink. It tactic why. I think boy and features a seuss's axial tech fence with a zero decibel mode and their ara are. Gb lighting. got invented back plate. And i want to thank before i tell you guys anymore. I wanna thank. Amd andy seuss for supporting the verified actual game or program. Where i promise them. I promise you every single card. We've even had people cancel orders and all we've done with them we've held onto them until we get a chance to put it in the hands of a verified actual gamer. No-one no-one no one on my staff. No one who knows me in person can get their hands on it. This is only people in the community. I've i've had people on staff tried to buy them like many members that want to get them and one go missing. The answer is no. You must pass the game gauntlet. You must do it. I they do one hundred and forty four hour validation on these things for reliability out of the box which is good because if it dies the odds of getting another one pretty slim so here it is ladies and gentlemen you can go. Challenge the gamer gauntlet now. Lt store dot com slash. The brand of the chip. Okay so who is it. That actually makes the chip on this graphics card. Three letters all right lt throw dot com slash the brand of the chip the three letter name of this. Show the format that you are watching so the hint that it is not vaud okay. It's not video on demand. How are you watching right now. Ladies and gentlemen four letter word and the number of the month we are currently in l. T. t. store dot com slash the company that makes that radio on chip three letters. The show you are watching right now. Three letters the format. You are watching right now. Four letters and the number of the month that you are watching it one number just in case. That was the case. I was unclear not spelled out just unsure rate. Good luck gamers in the meantime. Let's blow through the apple. Tv four k refresh. It's got the twelve bionic chip. It's got four k sixty. Hdr playback this is really cool. This is a really neat feature so with the apple. Tv four k. You can actually use your iphone pointed at your screen and it will automatically calibrate its output based on the idiosyncrasies of your tv with the camera of your iphone. That's pretty cool right. That's actually kind of sick. Unfortunately because apple is apple. And didn't you know think to have it actually interface with the The menu of your tv. It won't work for any other devices. That are hooked up to your tv but it will work with your With your apple tv so at least that'll be color accurate so that that's cool better than nothing for when you play fantasia which i still haven't played because i kinda wanna play on a different platform so i'm playing breaking the default instead now Comes with a new aluminum remote. Unfortunately doesn't contain the you on chip so that you can find it like airtags which is unfortunate. That seems like a missed opportunity. And we'll remote won't work with some games if anyone cares about that. Also there's a purple iphone. All right do you wanna talk about the thing. The tile is interesting People are mad. And when americans are mad these lawyers so there's lawyers involved tile seeks to reinforce ongoing antitrust charges against and the eartags release. And this may help their cause tiles airtags as copycat product. I can understand why. See squeeze tile out of the ios ecosystem honestly. When i saw the first screenshot of the air tag thought it was a tile apple recently opened the find my network system to third parties in order to head off anti competitive complaints That probably isn't going to solve things though. Considering these notes that are following the tile took exception to what they call very strict terms and conditions. Likening it to a hostage program. Wow i'm surprised. I'm super surprised after dealing with The the apple app store. I'm very surprised someone would think of it as a hostage program because that's exactly what it is This is referring to the fact that third parties cannot use their own apps to control. Find my find my functionality Which is notably not how homekit works. Additionally apple hasn't fully opened. you moved you on all tra- wideband support to third parties making it impossible to compete with apple devices like airtags. Very cool not surprised Also crucially tile has already announced an advantage in january but has been unable to bring it to market thanks to uwb restrictions Apples responses are basically like. Oh no this is totally fine. We did some of this stuff before you did. And you have ninety percent of the The market share anyways. So it doesn't matter we've always been graced competition as the best way to drive great experiences for our customers. Yeah that's just another way of saying go yourself. We don't care much. yeah. I mean there is another consideration. If apple opened up you want access to third parties without any kind of validation. A lot of potential privacy issues like also has a uwb and android that is similarly unavailable to third party apps. so as for. who's right about this I mean i don't know gets into some money. Legal water said. I don't understand it's a funny thing because on the one hand like let's say that youtube Inter implemented some kind of policy or some kind of business change that made it difficult for linus media group to operate the reality of it. Is we built our business on someone else's platform so now we suffer the consequences of that and it's not. I'm not saying thailand something wrong. I mean that was supposed to be what was so great about the iphone was that it was this platform where you made a flashlight app or a level app or Whatever whatever app there was supposed to be money to be made in this ecosystem but then you know. Obviously if you're apple. Amazon does with amazon basics. Basics if you see something on your platform that's performing really well that you think you could throw a small engineering team at and whip up in a year or two and then just take all the revenue for yourself. Why wouldn't you do it because maybe you don't wanna be all but i guess you do so that. Get the breaks right i. Yeah i don't know how the law works here. It seems like kind of a jerk move. But but that's not antitrust law is supposed to prevent it's supposed to prevent unfair competition so if you if you on the if on the basis of a of the idea being that this is a platform that developers and product makers can can come and participate in and compete in. If that's the idea and then you come in and you have a first party competitor that has advantages that you don't give to anyone else. That's supposed to be what antitrust law is supposed to address. And maybe this is just my paranoia. But i just i don't i don't trust it. You know like that's why we built flow plane. That's why we built a forum. Because i had no guarantee that google couldn't just turn me off at some point and that's part of why we do our everything all our merch alert drops on not store dot com. It's not like amazon isn't an enormous market place that we could absolutely use when i called out that. Abc's of gaming is on amazon. I think that was last week on one show. We sold all hundred and fifty copies that we had in stocks so fast that amazon's recommended restock for us was more than we were allowed to restock. So this is great. Nick sent me the best message earlier. here hold on a second. Let's see if i can't while you're doing that i'll just say like i have no idea where the law lands on this or anything like that. All i would say is that i hope if this does go through and they go after an like apple takes takes a blow for this. I hope they look at amazon Who helped whoever whatever lawyers they had behind this. Take a look at amazon because holy crap. They've been doing the exact same thing and just as bad or worse for years so it's them serious scumbag and i'm really not that into it now This is really cool. I've actually got the message. That nixon me for you guys here can you. Can you see this luke. So it says recommended quantity eight hundred and twenty eight and then it says we put in eight hundred twenty eight and it goes. This product exceeds the allowed quantity for standard. Size storage click the restock limits monitor to view the maximum shipment quantity for the standardize storage. Like you literally told me to get this many of them but when it's a new item amazon only allows so many so they asked us to do what we couldn't do because they told us we couldn't do it was like okay. Sure so he's like a pretty simple thing to to fix as long as you're reliant on somebody else's platform that's always going to be the way that it is you want to do. Something like verified actual gamer program. There's no way we could build that through amazon. That's something that we were only able to do with the help of the floatplane team and by integrating it into a separate platform like shoplifting. Actually have least some degree of control. And it's not perfect to be very clear like developing for shop affi-. There's a reason that you know it's kind of considered to be half-science half a little bit of black magic gum. Just yeah but at least it's better than being entirely dependent on someone else's blackbox at least do let you do things like you. It all right so thank you verified. Gamers actually just looking at my shop. A fight dashboard right now. And i think that's probably probably everyone who managed to validate right away has checked out but i do have good news for you guys. If you didn't get one we will have an accompanying dropped coming up with the other. Two hundred and seventy of those cards. There's going to be more. We knew of not also to well. Okay but if you're not already queued. There's no way but we knew this one was going to be a total nabbed rush. And that's the reason that we haven't typically done them live on one show. Because you know you guys are dialed in all. We have to mention you know unavailable domain name and within seconds it's been snapped up and redirected to lt store dot com to like. We know you guys are on it. Which is why we only did thirty. we didn't want to just we didn't wanna just have them all go to the show audience. Sorry we have lots and lots of actual gamers out there. Who don't necessarily tune in to win. Show so we wanna make sure that they get a crack at it. Spread the love nettle gap. He says to everyone that got a card. Congratulations i hope you enjoy them. Thank you metal gap. That is exactly what we're trying to do here. All right Sa says only thirty. That's right it was only thirty. I told you guys very small dropped for this one but the other two hundred and seventy are coming so stay tuned not not in went. Show today all right. Why don't we what is going on what is happening to my. I opened the wrong. Hoya opened the wrong browser window. So i was like all my tabs. Were like kind of rate. But sometimes when i restart or chrome crashes or whatever you know how you can open up your previous twenty tabs or whatever sometimes italy do it twice for whatever reason so i'll have to almost identical chrome windows. We're and so this one. I the one. I'm using right now. I had like you know gone to win. Show document in my google. Docs tab and i had gone to the flame chat dashboard. And my full plane tab and all that kind of stuff. And i accidentally put the wrong one when i moved it out of the way so that i could show everyone that message from nick and i pulled up the old one. I was like all these tabs. What's going on in the wrong. The wrong pages. What's going on here in other news o. Our sponsors right show is brought to you today by private. Internet access adding. Vpn lets you mask your ip and helps encrypt traffic to and from your devices. Pi has reliable service and no bandwidth caps and features configuration encryption with an internet. Kill switch to keep you in control of your connection. When combined with private browsing it can make websites. Think you're in a different country and allows you to connect up to ten devices at once for windows mac. Os android and lennox. They recently launched a dedicated. Ip options so you'll get fewer of those stupid cap shows. Are you bought ludlow things and that dedicated. Ip is not connected to your account or to you so you still maintain that privacy. Try to risk free with their money. Back guarantee at lsu gee-gee slash pa when the show is also brought to you by ridge wallet with a ridge wallet. You can stop carrying around pointless items in your pocket like receipts old hotel room keys or spent gift cards orig- wallet is there to help you carry less. It's two metal plates that are bound together by a strong elastic band. So your cards are tightly together but still accessible if features. Rfid blocking plates. A lifetime guarantee end a variety of colors including aluminum carbon fiber and titanium those materials. But you get the point. And they don't just sell wallets. Have battery banks beg smartphone covers and more and you can offer code when ten percent at ridge dot com slash when finally the show is brought by sonic. They're just good people you see. Sonic it's like you know ocean calm and like sonic boom power. I dunno whatever great power supplies up to eighty plus titanium efficiency. That's the highest. It goes lambda noise level. A plus plus their talking points are hilarious. Basically means you're noise. Output stays below twenty decibels during operation. So it's functionally silent They feature fluid dynamic bearings and some of their a higher end models with their premium hybrid. Fan controls you can actually turn the fan off when it's under low load They've got what they call micro tolerance load regulation basically just means that when there's a sudden surge in demand you're not gonna have your your voltages dip and stuff like that. And they offer a twelve year warranty on their top tier model so check them out at sea. Sonic dot com or on amazon at the link down below. They should change their tagline to that which we sonic. We're just good people. Yeah yeah exactly right. Might not all be good. Maybe some of them are crap heads off. These are super cool. Guests who makes go-carts added it. Don't have a single clear. Nine dot nine bein. nine makes a go-cart this is the nine bought go-cart pro. Oh segue yeah. They bought segue so it is a drift monster and we got four of them. It's got like these super kind of slick back tires and then like grippier front ones. It's actually powered by a real rear wheel drive four different modes so will do up to twenty three miles an hour in race mode and what was the other aerodynamic rear wing okay. That's not much of a feature and then it actually converts into whereas you can pull out the drive unit at the back and it converts into what is it. call can s s. nine s. Yeah one of these things. It's crazy this thing is so i brought it home for my kids to try and to okay to be clear. I don't recommend this. This will not be in the email In the email are in the in the video about it but this is so funny. Okay so this is me ripping down our street with my daughter and my lap second. Why is my Is my auto rotate. not on. 'cause i'm some kind of monster i guess can see if you guys can hear this. Why is this. Wow wow why is awesome. Why does it not default to have audio fricken. I kinda hate. This thing. we're ripping is man the expression on her face when we were just like ripping down the street man. There's not many sounds that are more pure joy than a little kid going fast and probably the cutest thing about it was at each speed. I would take her and she'd be like goes fast as we can. We'd go we'd rip down in a straight line. And then i get back and i'd be like can i tell you a secret and she goes. Yeah and i go. it goes faster. And she's like we do it. I'm like okay and then we'd go we'd rip and it'd be like fun it'd be like yeah and it'd be like let me tell you secret. Okay it goes faster and just so funny man. Little kids man. It's i'm not going to try and sell you on it. Because i know you got you got your thank you got your saying but it's it's i'm into it. Hold on this. I think. I think i have one of those here. Oh why is the sound off. I hate you so much k. Now never mind. I think. I think we didn't catch that anyway. It was it was super funny. So yeah super cool. We're gonna have a short circuit coming where we round in the parking lot and the thing is guys. I actually wanted to talk to the community about this. Because i don't know exactly what to do with it. Would you guys watch a review of a go. Kart like we could act like give thoughts. They know what's up. Yeah you could go way over the top and like bench market. I mean we could. I could find one week enough. Maybe you could. You could like i know it. I don't even know if you could dine but We could definitely do zero to sixty while. I mean doesn't do sixty max out at lake thirty seven kilometers road of that thirty five zero two zero to twenty miles an hour or whatever really has some kick off the line it does about one g of acceleration according to the spec sheet but we could verify that obviously Andy is actually really good. Like when we went to the local indoor go karting place. He was like him and alex. Just put the rest of us to absolute shame okay. Youtube chad is pretty much unanimous here. They're like yes. do it. lake a car review. Yeah i mean that's a possibility. We could go totally over the top and just we have four of them. I wonder if you could convince Like a local go-cart place to let you like pitted against. There's yeah maybe maybe arnold traditional. Yeah your best driver interesting okay. You know what yeah. We'll consider we're definitely going to do this short circuit. We could do a channel superfund or something like that. that'd be that'd be pretty cool but otherwise maybe we actually do it in the style of our car reviews or something like that the challenge with that though is we have a lot of cars lined up. We're supposed to be doing one every two months. That's our target which we obviously haven't done so far this year we haven't shot anything yet this year. But we've got a ton of stuff lined up. I think the next one is going to be the type can and from there. It's going to be like one after another after another after another so many electric cars coming out right now. Live and says it would get roasted by a two-stroke cart. I mean it depends maybe in a straight line but remember. This is electric sun. Like when you're coming out of a coroner this is not. There's a lot of that on. Go kart tracks yes. That's basically how a go kart track works so no no. You might not actually be right about that. It's not an interesting stories but it doesn't have to win to be an interesting story. Yeah there's a couple of other things. I promised i'd talk about so i might be doing a pc build with a basketball star and i'm talking like nba like an actual like okay hold name. So how did this happen. I it was actually one of the hardware partners that we work with. Who is working on a thing where they want this basketball star to do a build but i think the idea was that i'm there to come in and act as kind of like a guiding hand. Sure that a it's like entertaining to watch and be it's Its educational so the way that i see it. I actually had a call with this person today. And you know what until we've actually shot it. I don't want to guarantee anything. Because life happens right like stuff happens. It might be no fault of their own. Maybe they can't do it. And i don't wanna put them in an awkward position where all of a sudden you know. I called them out saying they would. They would build a pc with me. And then they don't do it and they get pressured or whatever. I don't want anything like that. But i had a call with them today and i think it's going to be great because the guy personality. It's like super chill easygoing Genuinely wants to learn like this is not about like me building a pc forum. We're going to do it. Kind of like our og reboot but in reverse so instead of him being on the call and me being the hands. He's going to build it and i'm just there to coach him through it so when we're done he will have built a some gaming and honestly the story is great. Because he's like yeah i mean you know. I've always been kinda into console gaming but with the lockdown. It's like i thought maybe there's another world out there. And i kind of started getting into pc gaming. And i really like it now. I wanna build my own. Pc gaming pc. I'm stuck in hotels all the time because travel cova did so. Let's let's do this. And i'm like this is great. Heck yeah because what i like about it is. This is like like an everyman. Pc build. and i don't mean that in the sense that like star basketball athlete is an every man on a basketball court but when it comes to building a pc k. So i talk about this a lot where it's really easy for the community to be really kind of look down your nose that people who don't even know what kind of ddr goes in the motherboards for this socket. You know what i mean but you gotta understand for most people. They spend their life doing something else. Whether it's being focused on cooking or family or or or work or they're really into you know home renovation and construction whatever there's a thousand other things that they know better than you do and this is such a perfect example of someone who's life has clearly been about something else and so he's going to come in and he's gonna ask every stupid question that everyone else has and they're afraid to ask and because he someone that is already looked up to for his for his skill for his ability for his hard work in some other area of his life. I think that's gonna make the whole scene more approachable for other people. And that's what's making me really excited about it for sure. Yeah definitely you're like. Oh well if he who's obviously a literal actual master of this other thing has to ask this dumb question will now. I don't feel dumb. You know what i mean and so that was what the meeting today was was about us getting turkey. Talk a little bit. Because i don't encounter a lot of like you know basketball stars in my daily life and i think the same partly goes the other way for tech nerds so the idea was that we get to know each other a little bit and i got a really good vibe. That he's going to be down to just ask the dumb questions and have me explain it like five so that everyone else can not have to feel like that and so i thought that was super cool and i'm really excited. I'm really excited to work with them. Awesome there's a note in here. I highly suggest getting titanfall to on steam. Just from you me. It's it's ten bucks but that's that's not even the biggest point so i haven't talked about this on on the show too much but i for me. I genuinely think the single player from titanfall to is the best single player of any shooter. I have ever played in my life like hands down. And i've pretty much played basically all of them because i really like single player. I have said this a lot and basically everyone puts their nose up. And then just ignores me to the point where i have basically sat multiple people down and made them play the damn game so they can experience it. It's pretty short so it's not. It's not too bad to do. And so far. Every single person that i have done that with has then co opted my opinion on the game okay. So it's just ten bucks. I think you should try it. The story of this game is freaking tragic back in whenever the heck when they released it it was released right in between the these other games will released a week apart or something i remember exactly what very close caught him battlefield. Yeah it was released right in the middle of those two you with no advertising. It was terrible and it's an incredibly awesome game since it's been added to steam it's player count has been blowing up so if you wanna check out the online scene. It's very popular right now and if you only bought it for the single player that price is absolutely worth it so please try it yeah. It's an incredible game in that. That studio the guys that made apex a lot of the people that come from that studio came from the original halo games. You can imagine that they might make a pretty good single player game. It's yeah it's good stuff. You're getting a lot of backup in the floatplane chat here so titan ten bucks on steam. Yeah the reviews. The recent reviews are overwhelmingly positive and the all-time reviews are overwhelmingly positive. It's fantastic game and it deserves more so check it out all right. We've got another kind of topic that we need to talk through Out of nowhere. A canada computers employee is blowing the whistle on the company's alleged substantial talk of g force. Rtx three thousands that they are refusing to sell. Despite having taken back orders. The allegation is that many stores have stopped. Getting new shipments of thirty series altogether. Why after it became always. We should've totally done this topic. Before the verified actual gamer program drought. Why is after. It became clear that the us would be in short supply allegations that should have gone stores or would have gone to stores. Were apparently held at head office for a new custom built program. Now here's the thing margins on. Gps are low. Like i'm tell you guys a little secret here hold on. Let me bring my shop if i'd dashboard. Okay so our sales today with those thirty cards that we added to it. That's that's a thousand dollars right times thirty cards. That's that's thirty thousand dollars. That's a lot of money but get this even though our revenue today hold on. Let me look yesterday is up substantially. Our prophet is actually ono. I only look at this on mobile and the layout is slightly different on. I've become that guy only look at it on I only look at these reports on my phone. Okay yeah so our profit today is let me check against yesterday antidote that wow just over half even though our sales are much higher because there is no flip and margin in graphics cards so why are why is. Canada computers allegedly holding these cards and headquarters well because if they sell the graphics card as part of a system that has other components they can actually make money on cases power supplies fans then they can make way more money as a whole because they're the ones that have so people can buy their systems now because there's people that there there's a strategy that's being pushed by the community actually which is to buy these systems and flip the other parts now. Allegedly these builds are hastily thrown together to mean more service calls. I don't know if i would necessarily by that. And the says that had office wants to end back orders. Full stop and just do built now. Here's a hot. Take the hot take and a half k. luke. Yeah i have personally with these. Two hands walked into the back and hand incoming graphics cards for systems. I have done it so well. I think the issue here is that they're on. They have accepted orders right like it's a bit different. That's the difference. That's what we're getting into okay. So when i was at nca ex. I would not have done that if there was already an order for the product. Ncis did a lot of things wrong but not honoring thief. Oh was not at least in the time that i was there was not one of them so fi fo means first in first out your first order in is your first order out and one of the things that. Ncis didn't do well was that they would actually take people's money on back orders where they weren't one hundred percent sure when it would come but the redeeming quality was that when the bloody thing came. At least you got your part. They also didn't have a very good system for like if we had an e. Ko an e. v. a. s. s. c. and the ko was way back ordered and the sse was only like ten more dollars. And we got a ton of these and we had done backward these. We wouldn't unless it was super bad super allocated it was done very manually. We wouldn't say we wouldn't go pull these and say okay. Hey we need to contact all those guys see if they want to upgrade for ten bucks. That's something they didn't do a good job of either but at least we did fi fo. So here's the problem. Is that canada. Computers has taken these orders and they are allegedly sitting on thousands of dollars worth of pay back orders. That can't that can be fulfilled. But they won't even. They won't do it because they're waiting around for people to buy an entire system a now deleted custom s. o. p. outlines the following all custom built packages with shortage item. Our final sale defective exchange can happen. Only within the first thirty days of purchase parts can't be greater than forty five percent of total cost. So you can't put a nine hundred dollar. Gpu and a two thousand dollar bill. Bill must have pugh motherboard. Ram case in storage and custom builds must be one hundred percent paid for before the partnership. Okay that i understand. If you're going to make sense. I now this is interesting. Anthony actually has taken here to the shop. I worked at pulled parts off the shelf as needed for new builds and most people are sexy to do this to wouldn't be controversial if these wrestle but they are retail cards. But i guarantee this is more common than we think. And that's a very good point because one of the big final pushes that sealed the deal for me on doing verified actual game program was the rtx thirty sixty launch in video. Told me there's lots board partners told me. There's lots retailers told me. There aren't any and i kind of went now. Videos response to that was well. Hey you're probably talking to like rinky-dink shops and i was like think of idiot. I don't know. I don't know where to buy graphics card like what kind of answer is that. Obviously i know where to get a graphics card. Big thank you very much So something went wrong. Hence verified actual gamer program. I mean i don't know. I don't know maybe maybe video cares. Maybe don't I did invite them to join the verified actual gamer program and they politely declined. So i don't know i. They also have probably their own separate reasons for not wanting to work with me but what whatever it is whatever it is. Hey we're going to have a radon drop coming in the next little bit here. Two hundred and seventy cards are sixty. Eight hundred x t So thank you very much. Amd for actually giving. and while. i guess that's it. That's all i can say about what i would probably say is is. There's there's we're fairly certain there's more bad going on behind the scenes than this and and this is a bit more while. I think it's still a problem because of the like they're already backward by customers thing. I have no issue whatsoever with companies taking stuff off the shelf in order to build systems. If that thing isn't sold who cares that that means nothing to me at all. I don't think i promise latest. And i don't think anyone the community is that either but if they are already sold they shouldn't be taking those things and putting them assistance. But yeah there's there's there's there's more going on than this. That's where we'll leave it. And i think that's where we're going to leave the show today. Thank you very much for tuning in ladies and gentlemen. I hope y'all enjoyed it. Wait i think. I said we were gonna talk about projects cloud but we didn't Pc and iowa game pass ultimate subscribers will be invited over the course of the browser browser-based with support for multiple leading web browsers like chrome scarring. And of course there's no firm date on when the service will go live for. Everyone allegedly feels like x cloud on android input issues. It's running similar to what the xbox one s has which is jaguars core blah blah blah blah blah blah. Low times are rough due to hard drive can put it hard drive in it and also the series x and series s are getting aimed at fidelity effects. That's cool narrows the gap between a pc version and xbox version. That's cool man. Xbox microsoft is just like all no way they removed the xbox live gold subscription and requirements for multiplayer and free to play titles. Some free to play titles. But i'm not there. Maybe maybe it is all summer. There are going to be a lot of shrieking in microphones over the next little bit. I'm over but man. When team fortress two went free to play that game died to me it was. It was a yeah. I'm sorry this was a different flow. Play knows it's a different community that pays for a service. Yes this is. Sloping is highly aware of their aware of indifference in community. All right let's go ahead and get through some super chats. Then robert mail says lola. Bunny collab- confirmed question mark. You know you know the lola bunny. Redesigned totally unacceptable. We can't we can't stand for rise up gamers can can you. Even i'm not even gonna you know what i'm just going to say. That whole thing ridiculous. And then i'm just not going to say anymore. Grizzly garage says there's only one man who can break into apple. Tim apple i. Don't okay. I don't get it apple okay luke. Regardless of what anyone says keep that moustache. Oh gambler trying ignore it. So it's in my sight. Well gamba's says fox finance to the moon. I have no idea what that is but it sounds like probably spam that i probably shouldn't have read charles says linus less repairable isn't necessarily awful for the environment. Less repairability leads people to upgrade to more energy efficient devices and makes devices more durable extending their lifetime. The profits business says cyrus team talking about amazon. How complex it is we specialize in this and bought three tumblers to shoot some optimized john. The who does for us. Who could i reach out to had hoped not to talk about your amazon store. You reach out to lt stores support. Actually i don't know maybe they'll wanna talk to you. Man since when are the super chats like other businesses reaching out to me about stuff. Tales says this is my first super chat. Ever love you watch for years. Also subbed on floatplane. Keep it up. Hey thanks tales. Funny had says update on the rio pm p. Three hundred bounty youtuber. Dank pods appears to have one drink once. Yeah yeah. I think we already have one but thank you very much. I found out what happened with that. Dunk pods did reach out to us. And it went straight to spam. Colton sent me a screenshot today. so day pods. you've got to find out why your emails to spam dog. I don't know why. But we didn't block just was automatically flagged Nice john bray love it too. Cool story bro z. Storm as a daily driver of the note nine. Are you aware of the green tint issue that x. knows variance develop after updating ten. No and i don't have an x. Variance i probably won't see it Spleen tried to get one for a friend that just built a computer. Looks like a missed out. Have ten dollars instead. All thanks spleen begun. Db's edam says channel. Superfund laptop competition. Yeah i'd love to do like channel. Superfund thing with maybe we could rent an indoor track. Are you probably could. The orca says bought a used twenty sixty from an angry parent today off craigslist for its original price. I get home. Turns out to be a thirty sixty. I called the did not even care. I'm so happy. I feel the need to throw money at you guys. Don't off mom. I would say i feel bad for that kid but from the sounds of it. The kid didn't buy it. So wow don't obscure paradoxes. First time catching the stream live. Massive fan ever consider doing x. Oh see if so happy to lend all the equipment what the devil is. Exo see like ebay over clocking software. Or that's what that doesn't make much sense to me to. I wonder if you done typo your twenty dollars super chat dog. That's a little awkward word fish. Okay could bill gates a gaming. Pc says leandra. That would actually be a very fun club. I'd be super down to do it. Extreme overland camping. I had no idea now. People are trying to get the nba player that we're gonna cloud with. I will not confirm or deny until we have actually shot it. Danny martell says fifty nine hundred and now a sixty one hundred. X t thanks. You are now. Officially verified game reprogrammed out we are allowing duplicates on cpu and gpu but we are not allowing duplicates onto the thing. So yeah so. You're allowed to win twice if they are entirely different products as as an entirely different product. Sections is on a duplicate. You don't get to. Gp's yes one cpa one gpu. Like extreme over clocking. Oh like dry ice liquid nitrogen all that kind of stuff you know. It's one of those things that's never really appealed to me me. Neither hot take I just don't care. It's so i like i'm into impractical. I would even. I would have done a phase change build guide before but to me if it's something you have to continuously top up. It's just not it's just not interesting Like it's interesting in terms of i'll look at other people doing it and i'll be like well great resolved that is so cool and i will genuinely mean it but you guys an any idea how tedious it actually is to actually do it like all of you know adjusting this stupid thing in this other stupid thing and yeah i just i just can't care. I'm sorry it's not on twenty four seven he that's the point he knows that. Why don't care like to be clear. It's not that i'm not crazy. I literally ran a chiller as a daily driver. I took a like you know two foot by three foot chiller with my gaming pc. Kate my e sixty six hundred overclock to like whatever the crap it was. I took it to a land party. Que they had to get a separate circuit for my station so that it wouldn't trip the breaker kind of them. But i daily drove it. Twenty four seven baby. If it ain't twenty four seven. I just don't give that's just all there is to it. I'm sorry and that's it. I'll see you again next week. Same time same channel by we've got people asking if all the cards are reserved. Oh yes quite quickly. We knew that this is going to be the most dialed in possible audience and they were gonna be moving as fast as possible Robert says if an nba players cloudy with you. It's obviously going to be a bench warmer. Who's got a maximum of fifteen seconds of career playing time on the court. What is the point of tuning into a channel to say something like that and they want to contribute to you and make you a bigger and better creator. But they also want to belittle us better by themselves unbelievable. Ra well see later. Ladies and gentlemen and there's the person that asked if there was a q- after linus told people that it would be too late by annan that they should just leave the queue. It was still let over two thousand people in in line. So there's definitely cue.

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