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I'm confused and you're listening to the brakes podcast. These highlights from our Saturday night hip hop show on eight nine in Austin Texas my co host fresh in our native off. Tonight's and we love talking here Pop Texas pop hip hop history. And what's going on right now and just so you know the opinions expressed in this podcast. Our own and do not necessarily reflect. The position of in the wake of the white became We are the brakes Congratulations on your off. The monthly feature. Am I often monthly feature Austin. Monthly fee was right to Nixon article. We talked about already officially out Alpine. It's got a lot of positive positive reactions. Forgive me got a little bit under the weather so I'm not gonna I'm not. I'm not as long winded as normal sons Dan. It snowed recently. Oh Yeah No I was at work when it started snowing as was a little kid when we got a little bit of snow. Down here ludivine now. I'm just like driving this. That's what I was I was. I was filling in for Taylor and then he started coming in and I was like. This is the time you get at home because I really don't want to have to sleep at the station like I can still get home. I care about but I wasn't able to be on air last week because I had the flu so I get a chance to do my Kobe condolences but I didn't do any last week in either Idea play chief Koby but I didn't like go into legacy and all of that I was once we day Boyce me I can at all. I played the chief Keith Kobe. I'll play a little wind coby. So of course you know on the breakthrough music news. The recent passing of Kobe and his daughter G of course this the world large large loss of Kobe was so tragic a lot of times when we lose celebrities. It's something directly happened. Like with nipsy past. He was murdered. We're back past drugs. Kobe was killed by helicopter. So it's a lot of misplaced anger so Yesterday a clip came out of Gayle. King Interviewing Lisa Leslie WNBA player Hall of Famer. Lisa Leslie what was the initial interview. 'cause I missed what the initial interview you. Good Morning America that I'm saying like what. Why was Lisa Leslie being? I think about Kobe out like the whole evening had yet also was most like our Kelly doing clips they for some reason. The network decided to lead with the Kobe. The backlash started because of the clips released was Gayle King. Asking about Kobe's passer rape allegations and Lisa Leslie's subsequent answer to do it And people of course are automatically up in arms about it about Gayle King asking that asking you know. How could you ask that question you know? Hello Lisa Leslie. Who in my opinion answered it perfectly outside of the whole? I've never seen Kobe towards me. That that policy the kind of sound like Barbara Walter's talking about woody Allen snuggling but everybody else was fine snoop dogg jammed in with his his old. Well see now. Sales new dolls reaction was unmixed. I I get it in. And it's got a hold of them. Thought it was funny but like he could have responded and reacted to that. Totally different being being an elder statesman in hip hop culture. Like you handle that differently than what you did. Yeah he's Tuck until Buzi while funds. He reacted the way busey Oliver ax to everything for me and this is you know a sensitive topic the passing of Kobe. While it is it it still hurts and it's very painful. One thing I saw people say like why would which he asked Lisa Leslie that in time. She's grieving my question is when is a good time to ask the question. True if your argument is we should ask me live okay. What was his Gotama asked when he was alive when they they did ask about it but we just WanNa listening at the time? Was it a good time to ask after it happened. It was a good time to ask after his finals. MVP's what is a good time to ask so because this is a serious. It's a serious accusation. As a journalist list in Kingston steam journalist you can like dislike journalists. She she does have the right to ask that question to another woman and she didn't say hey. Kobe did it. She said how do do you feel as a woman about the allegations against him and unfortunately yes. That is a part of Kobe's legacy so I know a lot of people feel very strongly. You Bet it but we gotta be careful in that Roy motions blinders from you. Know the the some of somebody's life. Lebron James Chimed in entreated about it. And you know even chastise Gail. I was kinda disappointed Lebron for that because it's like Bro. Come on like once again. I know we're morning but your your act like Kim K.. Asked this question to something like and I felt like is it. I felt like it was a question that we all should have expected to be. act like you said. Unfortunately this is a part of his his legacy part history it happened. We all saw the news reports of it happening when it happened. We also going to court and Lee playing games. We all saw it so you Kinda Shoulda expect it to be asked at some point now you can feel with. You can feel like it's too early to as people still mourning but like if you see when is a good time to ask and as a journalist get with simply doing our job. Aw and like I said I watched gaels. I think you'd like facebook. Live in scream. Live and she was saying that she said that she's she said actually I about it and says she feels like it's time to move on and Gail said she agreed with Lisa Leslie and fought to keep that part in the interview. That was perfect Footnote footnote what a period at the end of the whole conversation. Like there needs to be saying I agree In so I just think we have to be real careful because US regardless of how we feel about Kobe we have to be careful about automatically chastising. People who do feel a way about the past allegation is called because there's a lot of sexual assault victims out there who are triggered by people looking them are defending. Somebody was accused of rape in the past. Did don't do that. Line victim shaming. Yeah exactly because just because you like somebody a lot you know or your fan of them and I also think Koby wouldn't want you guys to jump Gail that way now Like don't don't sit here and try to say you're doing this because you feel the way for Kobe Kobe. Toby wouldn't want it Kobe. Kobe was Kobe. Wouldn't wouldn't get on social media. Make instagram live video. Colorado name and being disrespectful like that wouldn't spend a lotta years after those After what happened to Colorado rehabilitating imaging did a very very very great job at it became very very good advocate for women's issues and rights. And you see how you know how he was with his family. So thank about that when you start running your mouth. How would Kobe once you react that way so they go? What would mom would do so a couple of years ago meek was in prison For Probation Violation meakers famously bring on probation for majority of his adult life. is the whole special about it on Amazon prime which exit professional. Yeah Free Meek. When he first went to prison he was dating Nicki Menaj They subsequently broke up. They both moved on me. Allegedly having a child with his new girlfriend Nikki is dating a childhood friend so yesterday yesterday social media exploded because the pitcher emerged. Okay so nicky in her new boyfriend fiance husband onto what he is at this point enough petty. Yes I know his name for some day. They took a picture together and somebody photoshop. That picture of him and put it in a Jimmy. Jazz display window and make like the pitcher. I would like to to brush it. was I thought that was really a mannequin. In there I did too. I had to look closer. Like Oh snap him. Photoshop job I think like a Gossip site posted their meat. Liked it and Nikki off. Allegations were thrown heavy allegations allegations. Nikki accused of putting his hands on sister and spitting on her cues him of his mother and filming it and she also accused him of hitting her Jiechi nursing her Yeah so meek. Of course responded bringing up Nicki Menaj his brothers Was it rape conviction of that. Underage Child when he got twenty five life without life. You and it was just it was all bad and Obviously these don't like each other a couple of weeks ago they ran to each other that in La and It was all bad talking. Very finest atmosphere meek made the point that Nikki. The industry now is finding the Nikki's Nicky's really a bad person Nikki made a tweet saying in response to the allegations about her knowing about her brother being essentially Lia pedophile that mcnew that the accuser steak users mother sent a video to Nikki. Saying if you give me twenty million dollars I won't press. I won't proceed to try to get charges right. Get your brother. That tweet is gone when I saw that I thought to myself so we must get shafted. David dinners junior man. I love that twitter because I grew nine and I'm sitting stuff. He says he he without thinking he tweeted. He said so. What you're saying is you had that tape and did didn't give it to the defense or you so you don't have it in your lying and you're trying to fit your brother who's a pedophile? Either go I don't look good. There's no third option. That's your brother. Cool I get it I get it like angry tweeting. Yeah what a lot of women do. She posted the picture meeting. This bad ED built in words like everybody was like would you Dayton him and he was built like de so like you liked it at one point. It'll be mad. Don't come at Adam now about this about his looks like upset. Bre like shut out. You know we've talked about Nikki before and I'll I'll be honest with you. It really does bother me to see where she's at her career because Nikki is so talented and I listened to the Queen App not too long ago and I was like this is not a bad latte album. It wasn't a bad album. It just really got overshadowed by Oliver Antics. And all the bargaining issue did about not being number one and Travis doing what he was doing. And then all of the distractions. She's from Queen Radio if I was her labeled or PR. Until you get off radio. Because I think that her previous management Tez I think he just quit. They say he couldn't. I'm now I'm blobel the thing he just said like. I can't do this anymore. And I think it's best that you find somebody new management because I like that will tell you. I think I imagine it would take a toll dealing with someone like Nikki and all that she does in as emotional as she gig. 'cause a lot of the stuff that she Box On people who runs off here emotion like she didn't she doesn't say in think about a response anything like the girl who worked for cans civil. Yes she wait for Nikki. Line making the album every five almost forty. You know where we're going to get some adult music. And she went on her about that he had to do was just so. That will one person's opinion in the Nikki turned around at his interviews out of Regret Making Anaconda layers right. Yeah and so it was Peter Rosenberg and everybody everybody else who criticize you for making those relief poppies singing songs like you balked everybody without Even like sitting taking the time to sit down and analyze what was being said it. Just it just really sucks because Nikki road. Her wave without letting people really know she was and now that it's come out who she really is is turned a lot of people off. She just seems to be mean a million meaning mean-spirited then it seemed like she just wants to surround yourself with people who enabler. Don't mind it I definitely see that or people. Yeah people who don't mind donahue brush it off and let's just let's just Nikki Nikki. Yeah it's sad because like I don't think earned drake have a good relationship anymore. They direct with one point is like you know what it was cool in the beginning when I you know we were kind of coming up together but now it's like I don't have to deal with this anymore. Don't have to deal with you I think he's the only one who Kinda Kinda stupid but even when I don't they deal with Wayne is more like when I see you're cool to see a once a year. Yeah I think I think I think Nori asked. Ask the metal Drink chance podcast. I think Wayne's to my recollection. His answer was more so like you know. It's all still love you know. I'm always have love for for her. And Drake more like eight. Either one of them like whatever they got going on I got going on but I'm doing me like you say when I see him. It's all love. There's no there's no hate so I don't really think they leave the house like that so either interview. It didn't sound like he left the house or ordeal at home so he just he just like. Will you know it was fine. They'll say that they're saying they need to talk to him. So I I hate the fact that every time we do talk about Nikki eighties and a very negative light and like you said see where her career was to where she is now is rather say right like nobody ever had anything positive to say about you and like you said we're in. We're we're in a town where now everybody is really showing you their personality where they'd be Meghan whether it be The baby or Cardi or so on and so forth and I see who you are and your personality and people don't like it you can't. She can't handle that because I think in her head. She thinks that she's he's probably this sweet person that is just misunderstood. Know people say about because they just don't get me that we get we get it. We get it just just you know her attitude and personality something. We had to deal with an industry. Large had to deal with because it would be viable options right now. There's so many other African if you don't have to talk to you can talk to cash talking Megan Malato CD Girls Sweetie or the left field right there. We'll be right back after this quick break. So the grammy's like two weeks ago right to go. Billionaires came out when he made the four major awards which is the first time. It's been done in a while. She got four grammys. But I just don't remember with the fourth was so you know. Of course he's riding the you know the granny wave remember way. Even when she did interview recently she spoke about hip hop so the her comments weren't exactly welcomed by hip hop aficionados Bill Elliott has come under fire recently for comments to five time Grammy Award winner who has received acclaim for her dark alternative. Live alternative pop set the posturing in the genre is not what she's doing quote just because the stories and Rio doesn't mean it can't be important. There's a difference between lying and song writing a story. Oy they're a ton of songs where people are just lying. There's a lot of that in rap right now from people that I know who rap in quote quote. Also it's like I got my AK forty forty seven and I'm a blank and I'm and I'm like what you'll have a gun in all my bs. I'm like what bs that's posturing and that's not what I'm doing in quote. I know you got all right so I had conversation with a friend earlier statement. Thank you was officially released for the interview was was released and I my initial stance on it was well. She's not lying. It's something that we've we've all within the culture have said and we say that about Very Pacific rivers excited about plies. We've stayed in about Ross. So I feel she. He wasn't a person to deliver that sentiment and she should not have delivered it listening hearing the quote again hearing the statement again now. You shouldn't have did it. 'cause it looked like he just took the opportunity to just attack rap and attack hip hop. Because you didn't the point you making. You didn't need to say that about wrap. You could've just said that about music. In general there's a difference between telling a story and writing a story to just blatantly lying. You didn't need to insert rap in there or to say that. So that's where the backlash comes from users inserting rap in there to further your appoint he didn't eat if you know rappers or not. You didn't need to say that okay. Let me preface it by saying bill eighteen so she's matured sure in the era of rapid is so much of it. There's this you know oversaturation of artists. That are coming out every day. In Rambouillet Kabila is a part of the generation. She's probably people who you know who. They process music a lot faster than we did growing up. I say that to say that's why her comments to me come across is very misguided in blinded because with so much music coming out and having access so much of it if hip hop. She's listening to all she takes from it to everybody. And here's everybody's record is lying. She's not listening to the right hip hop because once again you have access to way more than we ever did more. We came up. I don't call US old. Whatever and easier access to it exactly backing will young coming up? CDs came out on Tuesday. And you don't have the option maybe to listen to and sometimes times if you didn't have enough money Bob. Oh you had to make a decision exactly on top that you might if to okay. Let's say to rap albums came every Tuesday. That'll mean Eh. We wanted every Tuesday man fax. It might've been neither one of. You might not have Alec might be what you want. You want that muff maybe bass that Eh math. Jd combat another two months man. I mean I just wait. I don't do my money down on this Giro the danger. I'm cool on that I wait. So the Bill Ellis wants. Her generation has access to so much. That's why those comments bother me. Is their music. First of all music itself self is not meant to be factual based it can it can represent it can be it can be based on facts it can be representation facts. It can be reputation if somebody's experiences. But it's still a form of media is a form of art. Art is not does not have to be interpreted exactly other audits that allow. Yes even in this look doc audit play on here that say a lot of things on their records that me and fresh known the person that is not true once again. I'm a DJ. These same guys that will recommend sandwich money they have will hit me up asking to get into clubs for free it happens. It's just part of the game I it doesn't bother me. I don't think less of them. Whatever you know sound but for billy alleged to have this Metalli tally like oh well you? I'm just hiding wreckage. Well you may be listening different type. Wrap that speaks more to you're listening tastes than it does to the genre itself because his genre hip hop itself is so widespread and some multifaceted for you anytime anybody who owns in I don't like the raptors founders like the rabbit being play one is not for you and also okay once Dj and clubbed right people complain about the music. I play the rabbi playing clips. Wale the rap I playing clubs may for the clubs. If you working clubs you have a different experience about. Who's going to the club if you're in your car and you're hearing the same music then maybe that you have? You have a right to back and change aged but once you have so much to choose from billy. Alisher comments made me think of another pop star who had comments that weren't as that weren't very flattering toward upon post Malone. Oh what did you think it was going. I don't be Miley her but she kind of she fought in kind of falls into this into this category but pose malone came out and say you know if you WANNA listen to music the and you want to feel something then. Don't listen to hip hop hip hop dozen. You know the leagues don't really make you feel anything and he backlash for that because like and once again like you were saying you're listening to the wrong route. If you listened if the rap music you are listening to it doesn't make you feeling the or you don't think it makes anybody else feeling thing because there are there are rappers with lyrics that very deep and very top Bafokeng provoking and introspective. That makes someone sit down and make you do that opinion Kenyon to feel nothing so but if I told neighbor were my fans single. Yeah stay opinion. Made me feel that way. That's me personally personally and people listen to money man. I feel something I mean. Everybody away and with billy comments you care nobody is taking it that way or or is bothering anybody. I'll I highly doubt the average fan is listening or the average music fan is losing. Isn't any ravages believing everything that they here like. I was like eight. Eight wasn't believing stuff news saying I don't care to listen to music trial route. I mean I get it that you do it to believe it but if I believed everything every rap ever said I would be so told me if you're going to go into music thinking that everything that these people are saying true that I would love to see US watching marvel movie. They really can't fly so yeah no Kinda. The isn't real no. This is all special. Sometimes when people are so critical of rapids so amplified rapid happens self-esteem having to prove itself when it shouldn't have to this point forty five plus years follows done and what is continuing to do music industry but yeah that was stupid. He's eighteen the brakes. PODCAST is the production of Katie. Eight nine the Alpha music experience to the brakes show live every Saturday night from ten pm to One am pleased. Subscribe rate in view. This podcast on itunes. Or wherever you get your podcast this podcast is produced by Confucius Jones fresh night and Elizabeth McQueen. You can follow us on instagram and twitter. We are at the brakes and you can find more episodes at Ktar ATS dot org slash. The breaks our theme. Music was written and performed by Austin's Dizzy Brown production support provided by Art Levy

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