Episode 211 - ALDS GAME 2 REACTION: One of the Worst Plans Ever + The Worst Umpiring Job In Baseball History


Six. Time to. One. where? You're. Back. Just seventy seventy today. Ooh, what's up? What's happening? Welcome to another edition of the short? Porch present by Barstool, sports and our friends at Miller lite not that long ago going out with friends was a little too. Used to worry about where you go what you look like who you invite but now getting together for a beer with your closest friends isn't so complicated these days it actually feels more like it should. You just can't be yourself with your friends are you can. You can just be with your you can just be yourself with your friends. Maybe that's the way it should be as the original light Beer Miller lite has always believed in this, and that's what Miller time is all about Noah time is there for the good times and the bad times it's getting through the season it's getting us through all the good times and the. And what we just went through tonight I was having a few great tasting. Tasting, less filling middle lights to get me through CB buckner and Aaron Boone and J HAP-. Holy Fuck. This is going to be a frustrating episode but Miller lite is going to get us through his great taste only ninety six hours and three point guards. However, you and your friends are enjoying Miller time. You can have originally delivered by going to Miller lite dot com forward slash porch and find the delivery options near you as always folks celebrate responsibly Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ninety six calories and three point carbs for twelve ounces. Joined here, Noma, cast and crew in. Philadelphia Barstool. Gambling House. The Yankees tried to outsmart the raise and be the raised tonight with some gimmicky smart genius plan that just couldn't be dumber they out thought themselves. They go Debbie Garcia for one inning then Jay. fucking HAP and then we deal with C. Buckner and Gary Sanchez swinging missing they struck out eighteen times as a team and right now we've got a series of the best of three the rest of the way it's one one. Thank God. They won't game one what's going US Out Great Nope the bat like just bad night. All around Yep. So let's start with. Let's start with. With the decision. Table just. Said we didn't like it when it happened. So it was like it just because they have was we liked starting debbie game to. Shewn. Flashes of brilliance this year he's a rookie, but it's not the most pressure because there's no fans and shit in you're up one zero. See what Debbie's got. Any pigeon pitch. Great. In the first day we didn't pitch bad. I would have liked to see you know. Scrap through four, five, seven pitches. So that was the I guess the along the. But like you said. Do you think there's one fan on earth that watches the Yankees like every game or mostly games and saw Jay hat movement was like. Yep. This may this makes perfect sense. It's like who is like Holy Shit I just got tricked Jay Hopson again, we're fucked like my line is not good for Jay. Do any lot of they had wouldn't have mattered for J. Hap- like nine lefties in the lineup and especially like all right Debbie what I to outy got, and then he got he. A bit and I I mean He. Two strikes on on Arroz arena. WHO's fucking Mike. Trout that is ridiculous and he has a I mean listen it was a up fastball zone a little away wasn't the easiest pitch the head out it was just a good piece of heading there but. That he didn't look horrible. He was walk into macy's loaded and and stand hit the home run the next inning so is tied but boone was like Oh. We had a shortly sean him anyway we know you knew half was coming out second inning no matter what I think no matter what he's. He's one. Second. Don't say that you fucking don't like you didn't know it just makes no sense. It was one one. If let them go another inning and then bring them if you want to do that lead that's a short leash like a shortly not just because he give one run and it's tied up right now I don't get that. I just don't know what Hap- showed the season that boone was like. Oh, like this is a this is like the head and weapon like this, what we're going to do like his. Outrage with or just like he wasn't like he was, he was bad this year. Happens like right? Yeah. He's like the veterans put pitch into rookie but did start 'em like what the? And he was the most deceptively low. We already this year like I know we had a couple good start but. It. It was like look at J. Happy. You don't think this is a guy trust got hit hard a lot. You don't. You don't do this for J. Happy. Do It for like Garrett Cole Like if they did this did this. In game five well, I still wouldn't like it but like I could get you like, okay. One inning with Debbie and then here's coal fuck let's just go quickly. Don't love with Debbie. Let's go to Garrett Cole. James. Fits Kate. Not Garrett Cole pitcher than Jay Harry Not J. Hap. It, was I. Know People like Oh because I was saying blame boon. Boon doesn't have all the decision-making elephant offs evolve. But today he is the Matt like he's very involved in it up. Sure had input like he decides went to pull them officially. So blame him blame cashman blamed J. for sucking, but it was like. A terrible. Plant. Arable Heroin It was getting way to Q. as much. Said like the moment they bring happen it's like they probably sell the let's fucking. Russia the already metrics are not everything. Yeah. I also don't like when people are like don't blame boone it's like the it's the organs so. Never, mentioned any. There for us to blame, that's the coach's job is like it's his no matter what you're gonNA have to blame like hate that Shit I hate I just at the moment that move was made because right you stay in ties. And it's like Oh, okay. That's okay. We got some life year and all of a sudden it's out the way when you when just Jay has pitching and he just given up homer after homer and it's just such a momentum shifter. Yeah, and it gets to five one. No is that correct? Yeah. Five one. And it was just the momentum was gone. The momentum comes back when Giancarlo Stanton hits a fucking other homer, his third homeowners as many at bats which tied I believe Reggie Jackson, the Yankee Record This ball was this is like the one positive of the night this ball was it said four fifty, eight, I believe I believe. It might have been in yards. I. Mean this ball had to go and five fifty. I've never seen a ball hit like that especially in like Petco Park although the ball keeps flying a puck bark anywhere anytime Tommy thinks is a home and every time there's a fly ball do and it's almost kinda warranted because. The ball just keeps carrying every single time even off the end of the bat but John Carlos was blasted. He's so locked in five homers in the first four games the postseason. So you know this is like kind of this Miami Marlin stand when it's nice to see the bad part is that. Everyone else lineup was pretty much terrible today judge bad game. Dj until the last inning had horrible at that's. The most lost. They've ever plus they've ever seen him. Look bad tonight. With an offer Gary was terrible. Gary came up at so many spots and was just terrible. He can't. I don't know how he starts tomorrow. TJ By the way just semi Debbie Orsi. As quote after the game they explained to me that it was going to be a short outing. I'm really I feel really good and healthy I've got to see but I could probably be ready to pitch tomorrow Thursday Debbie Garcia looks like he's Sixteen He looks like he's in first grade in this church like he's. Crazy. Yeah Third Grade Picture. It looks like it's going to Catholic school, yeah wow. That's crazy but yeah, I mean. What more he said like yeah. Of course this was absolutely you said it's a plan. This was a thing. pull him. But Gary I mean, Gary you he had so many chances tonight to really like okay. We can't say a bad word about him. If he if he gets ahead here, it's a home run here and he just could not catch up too fast balls. The whole team shook up eighteen times eighteen fucking times Jesus Christ. And the shittiest part is obviously they score the five runs they hit. Glasgow. Like they hit him he they got him at five innings. You told me tonight going tonight five innings four runs from Glasgow. Now, we're winning this game probably if you told me, they were doing the Debbie Garcia j plan. I would have said otherwise sure. That would be the counter to that but I mean. Glasnost still was good. It wasn't bad at ten strikeouts. The St Sick even mushrooms like he's fun to watch even if. We thought it Sunday the the raise bullpens a problem. Yeah Nick. Anderson Nick Edison's he's. A. Great for one inning. He's got a couple of hundred on fairbanks. Look look though. Yeah. Scared like I think we'll be. I think he looks like a maniac. Crazy person but so take away. All J.. fucking umpires trash. We two innings first and second nobody out. Knowing got the third. That was the night, the night, and that's like the last game. If we put a ball what may scored the run in the nine oh whatever. Before that they had the same and they all struck. It was three strike as. Clint Gary. No that was like the six then. Chances when Anderson came in Easter three in a row. The. Who knows about? Bad and. Yeah Auto. Was Sleeping again I told her. It was so funny is there I didn't even notice. That's Today. Honestly. I thought they had. I thought it was destined to win this game when Clinton made that play and left and the winning where that ball is that still image of of Evan Mush, you guys are just like in dismay he literally had to pull like an Odell make catch. But I thought you make that play. It's like, okay we're GONNA win this game guests not the. LASAGNA. He should be better. Yeah his fastballs two straight. He I do feel like I said weirdly confident with them because his stuff always does look good but it's always in the zone. Always in his own, it gets teed off on. The one run but I'm John Holder. I. Guess Another Bright Spot probably pitch one of the best innings ever seen ever and in history bicknell Nick Nick. Nelson now, I mean the game is Ought to be Noah. was. Luck Great. Not Great. He gets out of the he does get the fly ball to get out of the initial inning and then it kind of goes to shit he gives up A. Garonne on a walk I don't know but. His bad just a terrible just. That's an infamous Yankee game. You'll look back at that game. Oh excuse. Series back and I came four ever forever ever forever and it will be on Aaron Boone's that's Aaron. Boone's like legacy with the Yankees, like this was one of the I mean listen sears so far from over its a three games here the one thing. The Guy who glare on twitter pulled out, put it this way like it's a three-game series right now it's basically wildcard series, right but Gary Cole and pitched the first two games. Against Tampa, Bay I mean having playoff Tanaka huge. He has to shuts crazy as this obviously loves to win the next two. But in a way I, wonder if it's a minor thing when one of the next two and we got Garrett Cole Game Five, which I know was on short rest but. He won't have a problem with you know. Think. He is pitching no matter what you know what I'm saying, right but even but eh th- flashbacks to last year Houston didn't use him in the world series and he was warming up and he would have been on short rest like he's he's like he's ready to go for game five. No doubt like to throw his fucking. I can looking five. I game for the worst part of a losing tonight is it guarantees a game four will happen which means the white sox. He's GonNa be here tomorrow which I don't really care too much about it. I mean, he's just if he says anything it's like your team's a fucking joke their homes definitely going to try to do the crop is troll. Yeah. He's GONNA tries best won't work I I actually I. Get a little like a set of. Keys bad luck to himself. He's come here. We'll probably twenty runs thing. He literally flew to New York City to do something for us and he got sent Tony Allowed in the building he flew to. Control the Yankees in that in the game where we fucked up and yeah and. So. This seems like a I'm almost a little I actually I don't even care and I know we're worried about Thursday. The bucks bear stream everybody's here. None of that gets in my head the game gets like. The game I have good tunnel this year the only way I mean. Everyone gets in your out during. The little gets you had. Cable. Cheering. Hours. Good luck I'm excited to have. GotTa was. Yeah. Yeah. So if he has no Thursday. It's bears. Bucks. So it's folds brady the rematch. So Dave will be here. Bay will be here everyone that lives in Chicago will be here like probably not even non bar people that that whole room that whole room with like they had their one TV and feel like they're all going to be in the room. It's absolute chaos people screaming left and right Stephen J. I I don't know how we're all GONNA fit frame. Body it's going to ridiculous image. People in the back. But This sucks at the series. It was never going to be listening to sweep would have been awesome. But like these are the raise and they are good team. So it just sucks for it to happen like this. But I also said this started broadcast. Could you imagine? If they had this plan. This is certainly a plan. This didn't happen. Could you imagine if they lost Game One? No pull this shit and they're down to. Actually kill. You can't you can't do that to someone. So now what happens game for? Debbie I guess with Montgomery. Ready to roll. And by the way we haven't touched on CB buckner yet. Somehow, we haven't talked about up like. I'm judge needs figured out. He's got to win. I, don't. But like today was like, that's he came up a lot of big situations over five three Shrek. He's getting a hundred during the post. Didn't we check out like eight, hundred, eighteen times? That's all. Dj and judge combined one for ten with five strikeouts. You're not GonNa Win Games when that's the case yeah. Those guys get set the table and if you WANNA combine gary some nine, one two we're looking at one for fourteen. Weightless drinks to avoid look loss. But I'M NOT GONNA was bad today. Clinton was bad that he does like the one that was nice. But I mean one play that he should have made should he ran a long way I will say. He did slip. She's Christ I turn you guys like maybe for Guardian for defensive one plant in the world but. CB buckner. Worst person on his job in the world yeah, he makes. A. Blackout his name what's the UPS name? Angel he makes his competent I mean I don't think he's ever had a game. This was crazy every ball high and away was a strike to both teams to live. Was it felt like it was worse against the Yankees to be but I felt it was that Gary Getting every pitch that Gary catch that he didn't catch in Atlanta other dugout and each call the strike but I mean that glacier three now. Walk Yeah he ended up walking but three one pitch was one of these in might have been the single worst officiated call and sports stir. Crazy it who's like not not even framed all that well, no Donald Awesome frame it's it's a foot outside and that shit someone says, it affects the rest of the batter they're like you. Well, we gotTA swing up because this is the clint. Frazier. This is the pitch that was called the strike, what the green for no. Yes are you sure know sure cy five Degrees below green green means ball. Spot but I mean, it's still it's still add. This, and almost that doesn't mean I wanNA see the size of the zone because that doesn't. It looked so much worse on TV. He that affects everything. If you bought that can being consistently called there which it was, but you just can't swim. It's a bad swing kid sweep at that pitch. It's so far outside and high. It's like come on. Man. Gary missed a fucking ton of those gary missed a ton of. Ma'am Bush pitches that he just needs to capitalize on who who, who do you think. I guess Tanakh is thrown into a well in the playoffs before. I go. I go Hegi Manhattan. Not, he he It's man he hits a wall like I was thinking like Oh. One one swing you know but I almost. More like about one swing at this point. I think you have to go hagi. Now the scariest part is I don't believe Hickey caught him all year. He cats isn't Gary usually Tanakh guys. Yes that's scary but. I think he can figure it out. If he could catch that cross Ono. No. We can't just figure it out. Well. I don't have faith and Gary I don't either but I know, I'd rather Tanaka be comfortable than having he fired killing. I'd be surprised. Let me confirm me too. I think they will go Gary Really You can't just change that off. He's an automatic outright now automatic. How could you I mean? No I guess, no, I mean I guess I refu- utter refusal I was surprised that they went with Clinton I mean I guess you never know but. By catcher Hagi, caught him one time six innings to runs. Sort of. Story Gary was seven Gary Seven Times thirty one innings four to six Sierra Kratz caught him twice once before. Kratz fucking. Better area to. Tanaka pitched three times. Let's pull up what he did against. Pretty good against stories this year just off the top of my head Good Friday night start at the trump i. think he had two good ones in one bed one. Let's see. Tampa five innings one hit five KS in trump. August. Seventh. Four innings six runs eight hits was bad that was at the stadium August eighteenth, and then once more six innings to run seven case at that I think might that negotiate? Game so so this precedent. That wasn't Ashoka game. You know who's looked. Gosh. Yoga. Knicks Yeah Yeah only got I only got enough strikeouts in it. Plus. B I. Canadian so that was a little disappointing. Lot of lot of good at bats, just fall off pitches and conversely singles he's can't get when he's got. Sanchez. Lemay he would draw one for fourteen hours by far the best at bats and the team he's gotten so much shit this year for like all that's the three hit whatever he's put. Every single bat is seems like it's a full count he's field in this position well. Yeah that's the guy I feel coveted right now go figure the postseason. I wasn't great either now said he lost. You have to wonder like if the foot is becoming an issue finally is not being able to play through it but whenever people start to doubt Luke. He tends to answer I'm not like. WORRIED ABOUT A. Much more worried about judge judges mural right now judge problem Dj of no worries with Stan. Get the guy up with the mental. Sends notarial. Yeah. How can you? Yes say word bounce one. Great. No one. No one. and. Yeah crazy just can't hit a single. Daughter refusal to single five home runs this five or five home runs. At Balls Fuck fucking smoked I. Wish I wish they want. So I could look at that more in a positive light but. I liked this quarter after the game to they asked him what felt like? How hold the record Reggie Jackson goes that sounds Nice. That's something you look at the season he's locked in now. So good for you Giancarlo but horrible one of the worst plans in the history of plans Aber in war life in sports just the worst plans ever fuck. CB buckner is a joke that guy should that guy should wake up and not have a job and I think it's I don't like saying guys should be fired that guy. He right. Ruko. Put it very very well on twitter. He goes him calling a three one pitcher strike is equivalent to me like cursing on there you just can. You just cannot do that just it's not like. Oh No. No No, you can't. Do. This shit Aaron Boone is lying in the Post Games for Mandy Martino Boone said, the plan was not to remove Garcia after one inning was an opener piggyback situation but he also made that quick decision based on what he saw from dougherty. Debbie was the strategy to bring them in early it wasn't predetermined Tehema w disputed. Martina said this was the exchange me just to make sure I understand answer before unique go into those knowing was going to be one for Debbie a little bit of feel out and see what stuff look like boon. Yeah exactly. Exactly. That's bullshit because half was warming up. After one batter which he got out has anyone ever in a playoff game fired their head coach and let a pitcher go 'cause I if that would have been all time move Aaron Boone just gets fire and half gets cut. And then HAP saying it isn't true on he would go in why the season opener I'll let Aaron talk about that. He's definitely pest that he didn't start the game I know. Yeah. What I'll give that to happen to like I know where shitting on him he wants like why would you? Know Sense. I know it's I'm not like giving them like a an out now but you still want to start to gain Wanna come in one one and second thing for no reason. Yeah I agree it's a little bit of a different mindset and I was saying this to during the Stream, like how secretive can you possibly be? How can you keep this all that under wraps because like a Guy I guess you can pitch under the tunnels and Shit Underneath the stadium I don't know what Petco Park built like but. It's pretty obvious feel like at some point. When they pant to him. My heart was like we were like water. He's bored and playing catch. The second batter is up nine pitches in one out. Don't need to do just pitched. Tanaka if you do this shit and thank God they want. Good Line. Good good silver lining up. Tonight. Didn't use any good relievers like the big three of green holder Chat Miller's Marianna. Chapman and Britain not used. So they could all pitch three straight games down down the street at Chapman has not been used. Yeah fucking Aaron, Boone Blewett you, Motherfucker CB, buckner this bullshit man had so much momentum. Why do you have to be cute what the trying out outraged the race play baseball how normal rotation? By the way they missed Tommy Canley. They continually like cashman not making a move at the deadline to get Tom Canley type lever to replace him. Could end up doing this team in hopefully not but they desperately need like a guy who's coming in instead win lasagna's coming in like that's. Spot, and he was so good in it and they are missing that show fucking badly let's let's take a positive. Okay. Give me some positive. The negative. We kind of expected to lose this game in a weird way was glass now. This way I know it's not this way the way the way it happened sucks, but we knew we need game one. We got game one call. Do you see Debbie glass now? It's like all right. You know what they can have that was. To knock it's Game three fucking to one, and then we have. Fourth Games of fucking tossup. I need playoff Masa. So I think he's he's pissed after that first bad star and he's no Hurricane San Diego herff pristine condition or several hurricanes would've splitters one twenty I like that my one twenty, seven tomorrow. Yeah it's seven Mar okay. Come I needed that line I didn't need it reverse I needed that long. Okay. Okay. Okay. Plath Tanaka I need a man to be magnificent I needed hair to be perfect. I mean that's literally split. The split in half I need a baseball to literally split in half I needed sinking into the ground. And then the bats will come alive and well keeping. You didn't win pinstripes. That's what they're talking about. The broadcast I would what are they going into spring training would wear spring training blue tops with fits strives. Satellite that says so weird I'd wear the pinstripes. I know we're not inky stadium. I would love from the where the spring training. Because it's A striped pants with the blue top. Their fire I love that I. Love that uniform. I'm want to wear the pinstripes I know same Nike Stadium, but you can't go home playoff without wearing the pinstripes like putting them on just different vibe. You feel like the home team you feel like the favorites put them on put on and you don't have a lump you. What's your life you need to get yourself fucking someone being me in the middle of the girl was hey. So Watch the group chat this morning the snap snap show on, and they were like look see a lump on your neck. And that freaked me out because that's understandable and I've been feeling around I looked at might even the lighting and I did look it was weird lightning in my hotel room which does explain it I center more pictures and videos that you didn't really see it. Okay. Does anyone else? fucking touching Karachi. Big Have Lumps now scary. Scary. Word teacher don't even joke. and Alex Taylor Arrow got one hundred hundred. Zero. That is the show positive going into tomorrow playoff. Tanaka, he's gotTa be playoffs Tanaka. Boone fuck this one. C. B Bucknor blind shouldn't have a job hopefully he's not in the field fire him in the morning but. Okay, one one, two new series. Playoff Tanaka. Okay Hope stole. My cookie. This John Sterling, you've been listening to short porch. Byproduct of Barstool Sports. All Right now on him years. Ago. Region. Media. Grind now. I need you now. Donna Donna me. down. Now, it's Down in. When I need you to the mall. Now did sign. Was No body mammoth. Young. Donna me. Down down. To the.

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