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going. Hey, everybody, welcome the hundreds last. I'm your host Tim. Thanks for Click in my link taken. Listen taken a shot on me. Thank you so much while the comments and feedback, you guys have been sending me. Please keep it coming to ten items or less podcasts. The G mail DOT COM today I have a very special episode so special. I want you to pause this. Go get a drink. Get yourself a nice comfy chair and listen to the next forty five minutes. I'm going to be having a conversation with the New Jersey. Bad boy if you don't believe me Google. That the New Jersey Badboy. You'll see that we're going to have a conversation with Mike Marino the world famous. Comedian the guy's been around twenty seven years inducted to the comedy hall of Fame Back in two thousand eight. He has an amazing show long right now on Youtube. Please check him out. We're to talk about how he got started what he's doing right now and then all the in between. I. Hope You guys really enjoy it. It's going to be a Lotta Fun. Awesome Man Mike? Thank you so much for joining the show. This I've been waiting for this all week. I'm super excited. like you and I talked a little bit off the air before I hit record. You and I share a a lot in common after I read your bio and got to know a little bit about you We're both I. believe correct me if I'm wrong. Born in New Jersey correct. Rate Jersey City on Gotch plane down Belmar Alvin. Well, yeah. I'm in Austin Texas. So if you can real quick just give me a quick synopsis or The listeners, a quick synopsis of who you are your age. Your Life Kids, no kids, whatever? Okay I'll put it out there I'M GONNA TALION COMEDIAN I've been in show business from about thirteen years old. Fifty five years old now, never married I have no. Very. Happy with my life on the cloud. They're looking case. Anybody in Texas was like. Nice journey bed with. I. I'd like to the people in Texas, Halley US doing. How you doing so I? I work with a bunch of people, Mike. That are from Texas I've been. I've been in Texas a few different times. I've lived here, but now I work with four hundred and fifty people a day and I say things like you guys, and those things and people look at me. Like what the Hell Are you talking about? So I can only imagine you living in La. Do you get the same thing? Being the shot of waters, what really works in the exchange business because I actually have blonde hair and blue eyes? My parents who really are in so I. Don't look Italian at all. What I did was I developed the knack out need just being myself being coming Hind family misplaced in Los Angeles and makes people, Laugh and anybody that right especially talking about just family in general I get a lot of taxes I hope I get to go back out there. When the Doors Open Hampton, colder I love to go back to Texas again. A loved it. There's a lot to do. Here is like I said I live in Austin. my wife and I. We lived in Dallas a few times in Houston now we live in Austin. We live a few of the major cities in Texas, and they're all uniquely different, but nothing is different than New Jersey and I and I mean that in a good way. I left there and went to college and never returned, but my brother and his wife still lived there. My Mom and dad moved out of their day. Now live in Florida which we call the New Jersey of the south right. And that's where we all end up. And that's typically where we all go on vacation all the time, but as far as your life. And how long did you were you in New Jersey the whole time? Technically, I still live half. My life injured right bought the house I grew up in around high forty from my mom dad about fifteen years ago when they start to get old. Movement on here so I took over the family couch and My mom got. Till the. Older and older and my hat and my father lives in the area, but I still own. The House will have placed him on changeless that place in New Jersey and up until three months ago, pretty much mother. Back, and forth back and forth. I'm sure and we'll get into the three months of the COVID nineteen mess here. I'm sure I would imagine anyway. You'll you'll educate us all, but I imagine it's changer your career or your your your path every day from what's going on people like you being locked up or quarantined Texas is starting to open up slowly, but surely but I can be honest with you, even today a prior to me and you going through this recording. Everybody's a little bit nervous. Because the cases are going back up so as much as we've opened all of a sudden, it seems like we may be slowing back up awhile. A nightmare nightmare for so many people in somebody different businesses. And being an entertainment business will be the last people to open up I guess along now Salons Sayi people who? Really know. Why never saw this common I was one of the biggest, comp. Of White kind. Light show words on March. In Leavenworth Kansas. Oh my God I know. Leavenworth Kansas very good, so that's that's crazy so I'm a huge Kansas Basketball Fan. We have season tickets, my wife and I we live in Texas and we go to Kansas about once every month starting November once or twice a week. I'm sorry once a week starting in November, all the way to March, so we go back and Forth Kansas and I've passed that Leavenworth exit all the time. Did you do it at the prison? There's not there's not much out there. It's a cool place though Kansas for sure. Tree there I did get taken around for a little wild look at all the different national landmark and The president was pretty interesting. It go. Get to go. Some pictures on it I went did this show? Show, do then. Right back, Wall. Banjo Back Walsh Angeles. Everybody was like your big Surpri like. Oh my God. It's incredible. Now I've lived a little bit in Los Angeles. I lived rating culver city for about seven months. Obviously, you know where that is yet. I opened I used I used to be in the restaurant bar business, so I worked for a company that opened I. Guess You'd say a franchise out there and I was out there literally just short of a year I've loved it, we have. have some really good friends. My wife and I live out there. One of them works for NFL network right there in culver, so we connect with them every once in a while, California's one of my favorite places but New Jersey obviously to you me, anybody that's really grown up live. There has a special place in my heart, but I could be honest with you. I'm Kinda. Miss Living there is that crazy? No not at all. What of different places in New Jersey that most people got fed up with the move at this stage with like you said they went down to Florida something Jerry people down in Florida. North Carolina and That's all fine and good, but there are some places in New Jersey just just. Just missed so like Jersey shore I? Miss the seasons and the people and more than anything I. Yeah I'm a chef by Trade Mike, and there's no better you know doesn't get much. Credit New Jersey people. Call it New York. New Jersey New York Philadelphia. I'm I'm more of a South Jersey Guy I grew up on the shore. I was born in Tom. I was born in Edison, but I grew up in Toms River brick town. Do you know where to south? Yeah! That's where I grew up my whole life, so it's closer to the shore. My first job was selling umbrellas at the beach. An Jenkinson's and seaside and point pleasant, so I'm sure you associate with all those places and. I miss that a lot I, don't I don't Miss I don't miss the I miss the seasons but I don't miss the the length of the season's. If that makes sense here in Texas today ninety seven. It's. It's way too early to be ninety seven degrees. It's hot I don't think it's rained in literally ten to twelve days. Everything's dying, so it's a little bit of a shock, but but it is nice here. Eleven months of the year so I, mean my wife and I. We can go out on the boat in November. You're not doing that New Jersey. You know what I mean. So so we enjoy that, but being from new, Jersey the food. I'm a very fast paced individual I. Love the pace. I love. That everybody's on the go. I don't have time for this and that we all have an opinion. I grew up at a kitchen table where it was passed the fucking butter. You know that's just how I am you know. When I listened to yes, when I listened to some of your comedy stuff, you're the last couple of days. I'm like Oh my God. This guy sounds like my life now. You're about five years older than me so I know you said how old you were, so this is my big. This is my big year to turn fifty, but very similar backgrounds and very similar. Things in my head that you cover on your. I guess you'd say comedian Skit, but let's get into that real quick. How long have you been? Do you said thirteen years old? You started? How long? Did. When I was thirteen years old, I grew up doing TV commercials. I was on active world turns for a while back in the day when I was in my twenty I did a lot of movies grown up a lot of the shows. I didn't start to. Like turn third. So. Were you a really good looking kid? I'm just asking. I think those are pretty good. Looking Kid. I want had really thick, gorgeous blonde hair Luanne. Above average might. Always in pretty good shape. And Make decision I was even going to keep doing TV commercials in New York City, going down to the Jersey shore more was going to take my life in the business seriously and will Hollywood. Hollywood started some. TV, commercials here doing some TV shows. I. Was pulled twenty. Everybody likes the way I sound. From New Jersey you act the way you talk. That's when I I mean. I, hope I curse on your show on. Absolutely let it go. Let it go my friend. You know I came to California and I started performing at the comedy book and I got on stage night. Actually think no I'm so church you. I didn't know puff was a dirty Barkley. Like. Up. Say it all the time. That is so true and I'm telling you there's so many people in my life that I've met over. Let's say the last eight years and they say oh, my God. Do you say that word a lot? You'll fuck and I'm like. Yeah, like it's just part of life there and and I've learned to control it I don't use it when I'm not supposed to use it, but as I probably already said it's three times and just general conversation. Sometimes, it comes out. My joke that people say to me. Kercheval time you people from the Jersey. You curse upon what the Funky poke about she leave just cursed right there. That's not a current employee of love. You and I don't hurt you sure i. don't like you. Know you're spot on my friend, and like I, said I grew up in a wonderful family. My Mom and dad are still married. I mean fifty something years the greatest of all time we ate dinner. Every night got older brother, a younger sister and we were the ultimate family. We weren't poor. We weren't richest your normal New Jersey family, but it was like what the fuck you doing every day. This is how life was. Car. Mike Bunny thing to people New Jersey courtesy. Head coach. We have wind chill. The clock in the morning. It snows out his ten degrees below zero. You open up your. Own the first word out of your mouth. You're not saying good morning. Warm you. That's amazing. Is this something you think thirteen you've always wanted to do? Is this been your thing? To be in show business of the baby. I wrote my third grade play on always one. Being in the movies always wanted to be on television. Always a hand fraud I. Try and make people laugh for jokes on the. I was a prankster. Junior high. High School all the played. I played drums. The band, so you you're! You're the guy so I was always the social guy like I didn't do great in school like I love school. A lot of people don't love school, even elementary or high school I love it I saw it as a social event I met girls made friends, and I was always having fun, and I was friends with what we would call the nerds. I was friends with the burnout who did drugs? I was friends with the oddballs like I was friends with everybody and I've always wanted in my entire life like you just said to be famous I didn't really think of it as being like. Like in show business, but it makes perfect sense what you're saying and I still have that almost fifty years old. I have not done anything clear or close to what you've done, but I've been on a few reality shows by luck. I've been a few here and there, but my point is. It's just a feeling that you get our at least I. Get when I've done it. Like Oh, my God. I can do this like people are interested in me, so is this something that that you felt like? Was this from your parents and somebody pushed us on you, or how did you get in the mouth and that? No, the pension have nothing to do with his brother didn't. I was the only guy I was always watching television trying to imitate somebody to be like somebody. Wants it'd be Rodney Dangerfield. What beat a bowery boys? But I do, and it's so funny that you said that 'cause. Somewhere down my list here I. Have you know who who who inspired you? And I have like it's got and this is what I wrote for myself. This is no lyle. Even shoot your pitcher. It says Richard Pryor Rodney Dangerfield and you just mentioned Rodney Dangerfield and we're not even ten minutes into conversation. So that was our time right and there's people today that don't even know who that is. Try. Yeah In insane, so no respect, no respect at all. You remember that. I used imitate Rodney dangerfield wherever I went when I was studying. All. I did everything I could have voice. And his and his movies, what was the movie? I can't remember the college that was. CADDYSHACK was probably famous. Did say movie going back to school back to school? Age Field yet back school when he had said in an e I couldn't remember the guy's name. Yeah, there's people today Mike that have no idea who that is and to me that baffles me. From the classroom when she says. What do you think about the great death? He was great. I remember him on the diving board. DO IT I! Don't know why I remember this, but it was called the triple Lindy and he did this dive, and it was obviously TV generated, and it was like three different trips, and and you know he was on the college, or whatever it was college or high school swim team. And he was, he was the the legend, and it was just an amazing you. You know if you watch it now, you'd probably like Holy Shit. How did I even laugh at this? But it was just old school comedy, which is so famous or so? I guess you'd say inspiring. So people like him I was never big Sam Kinnison Guy I loved for some reason growing up Richard. Pryor and I think I love him because he did curse, every word and I thought it was great. Things was that teams when he did that died, and the actually mentions where we did it, and he said Hey, aren't you that guy that didn't? It was steel pier in Atlantic City exactly what the horse remember those days I'm a little younger. Absolutely? I don't remember either, but plenty of trips Atlantic city in my life for sure. So so somebody like me, Mike Honestly I've always been in the bar and restaurant business I went to school I. Always wanted to be the greatest chef of all time. I'm short statue I'm not a big guy. By any means. I never quite knew what I wanna do with my life. At some point in time I wanted to be a police officer. I remember my mom. Tell me Tim one hundred pounds. That's never going to work you. You live in New Jersey. You'RE GONNA get killed, and then I to culinary school, my mom and dad own talion dally a New Jersey, so I of I'll try that, but my whole life I've always said if I could do it over. I would go back and try to be a comedian or even some kind of radio host, because I love talking to people. and not so much face to face I like talking like we are here, but for somebody like me almost fifty years old. You're a little bit over to me. Is it too late for me? And then I you know, and and how do I get started? How do I get enough guts to get on that stage because I'm sure and we'll get to in a second. How did you do it? Well I. Never, had here, okay. And going on stage, and being upon a people was a drug. So I didn't have I wait. And then when you get older and you become a professional entertainer. What would be a necessary? I can't wait to I've been on page three months. Mike Person Parents. Next Thursday night. At a club in Naples Florida and I just can't wait to get on the state his job and have voted gun of new material. But that'll that would have. Like go on. Careful what? Yeah Oh my God right we're. We're in that movement right now. We all know that regardless of your opinion or not i. get what you're saying, but let's go back to your first time and you whatever you don't have to be too detailed, but when you said Shit, let's go I'm going to do it tonight at seven. o'clock I mean. Do you remember that we're was it? When was it? What did you do? The triumph! All had a big Beach House on the Jersey shore down. and. They had no pike night. And everybody was going there because they're open mic. We're going to have like Karaoke thing up like that. We went in there I. Don't think we knew it was a comedy competition with Amateur League. And since I already backing backed by the night saw what they were doing on, my did the hell out of my way I can do that, so so I went on stage and I. Just made fun of her Shell Exactly, ended. Kim Your genes. So, that's that's so funny. You said that, and you're creating so many memories for me, so I have in my head and tell me if this is crazy. Mike, Crazy Mike. I have a skit in my head. That's probably about nine minutes long I've gone over at fifteen times in the last five years of exactly what I would do, if I got on stage, but my biggest thing is I. Tell my wife or people that are real close to me. I'm not a joke teller. I'm a storyteller. Could Make Fun of the guy with the green shirt in the front row I could make fun of my parents I could make fun of myself, so is that is that unique or or should i? I. Guess you just answer my question, but you did the way I'm talking about so. Is that normal? It's normal. The truth is always funny when comedian gets on stage of life. He will make everybody laugh. When you make something up, people might not get Utah Trout. You're on your point of view how you see what's going on in the world. You'll always be funny. 'cause everybody's vigil. Go Oh my God I know. Yeah my mother. Father Act like that. Might might date ended like that. All the touches all my agent pains. Oh when I see Dr Anything. That's real will take people on A. They'll they'll take the ride with. So when I don. I didn't really make under. The out that. Really make a pot of twelve thousand. And people will wear because. They're enjoying listening to what they see within their family exact vegas. They can relate right. Most people can relate at some side. Bubble showed. For fifty people waiting on the table every day. Was Jerk tasted came over twenty. Six. That's my life every day. Exactly. I got a chuckle out of that from. Your saying this is what she. Had venue d-actually control. And that's what I would say this. I'm and cook. had. Somebody that take a picture. You're never gonNA, get. So then I stretch it and say I. Think my mother was responsible. Buckle and she said I've had enough about doing it. Somebody paint a picture of all these. This is the last of. You're exactly right. My Mom true story would do this. She cooked every night for my dad and asked me and my brother and my sister, and still does to this day every single day for my dad now in my. Fast forward to me my wife now my second wife than married you. She has never cooked a thing in her life and I cook every meal and I do this i. do things such as like my mom did? My mom gets so mad if you are not ready to eat when she tells you, it's ready and her theory is. I have busted my ass and kick whatever I had to do to make this meal. Perfect and hot for you and is sure to hell ain't going to be on your plate, and you're GONNA eat it. It cold, so like I'll be like honey. Two minute warning dinners about coming out and if that if she ain't down there shits I'm thrown in the trash so I've had plenty of those talks. This is the last time on cooking for you, so it's. It's so funny that you bring that up, but do you feel that? Do you carry these stories? Mike and I'm just asking for my own good, because I'm GonNa do this sooner or later. Do you carry these stories to each night that you do performance because they are different people, right? is usually different people visible so repetitive cover. Okay show. Things for certain amount of time. Then you change a little bit the new age track and go back to beginning. You could bring something back maybe that you did a while ago. Something like that. Obstacle humor whatever's going on the world today. What's going on in the area maybe if I went to. Talk about seeing things that I don't normally get to shake her. I did write a joke one time and I was injected, and I said I went to the dairy foam and I never seen that many towns. Show, but they thought this one pounds walk around with blue strange and I'm thinking to some within that, you don't even have got half. And half and people would just scream like really stupid. I. Get what you're saying. Yeah! Shortage won't carry. It was the thinking well. That's where they get the soy milk. Chocolate milk right never. Show Leavenworth I saw the black gang counts and I've I've never seen. And, you only really know that work by gang is because of the restaurant. and. I saw the account I. Think were both that had their horns rumble. Today J- I you people of. The horns off those bowls and they've screaming. Idiot. But I make them land exactly, and that's the. How long is a typical set for a guy like you? I mean is a twenty minutes is ten minutes. Oh, it is so you go that long, okay? Calling who you performing. People Out Hollywood you twenty minutes showcasing such just go onto. Want minutes Gotcha your headliner. Gene hundred people in the theater. You don't h for our dollars fifteen minutes. No, that's true. My wife and eye anytime and I guess that we've been the LA of bunch. We've been the laugh factory and a few other places right there on whatever the main drag is, but we. You're right I mean the main person gets the the time, but have you ever. Let's back up record. Have you ever had enough or I guess? Nerves were like man. I'm going to really screw this up today had. Seven years to become the headliner. Comedian. And fear. Shoe because it should become your job. You WanNa go to work. I really don't know that many comedians that are trained to get on stage order, but. She's doing a theater of about navy downtown people than he did, but he a hunger I can't wait to get steak, yeah! Up Shut up daddy. Let's go I. GotTa go go. No I. Get that and that's I just I just need just need to rip the band aid off and try it even if there's seven people in the in the in the room I I agree with you, but is there anything that sticks out in your head? That like? Wow, I really fucked up or that was a failure that. And I'm sure you have. We all have even in a normal job. Anything, you could share like man. You really screwed that up. But it would have been so long ago. That I really don't even remember. Yeah, not that I'm doing. Stand up comedy twenty seven years. Yeah, that's so long! Datus screwing up or saying something wrong. Not only that much fun need the oil. 'cause everybody a comment. Yeah, who knows what it's GonNa be like now God knows people even going to be really really hungry to see what you can do or and enjoy, or you'd have somebody the back in. The paper right can't. Actually I want you? To. It's it's insane. I can only imagine listen. I've only been doing this podcast thing for short period of time and I've gotten. I would have to say ninety five percent great feedback, but there's always that two or three percent, and you're like Jesus. Christ I can't make you happy. No matter what I do and I've even gone back and made shot setup person trying to make things better, and you still don't so I get it, but how long do you think in your twenty-seven? Stand up career. How many years did you finally think? Man I got this I got it. Seven year. Okay, so that seven year thing so. Then I became a headliner. I do this. I wanted to do I didn't really think of going to become a comedian I just want to be an occurred, but very difficult can act role. Future whole and medium. Control your. Yeah eventually after I was performing I ended up crucial. Depending on cruces like home, other animals that be really really clean. You can't do anything that with anybody Yup. Why it's funny, you say that because I was looking at your tour dates and we'll we'll go. We'll go through all you and your promotions at the end, but I was like Oh. My God he's got, he's got cruise ship coming up. I wonder if that's going to happen, right? Oh they did. Well let's just let's say that you were on a cruise ship. Do you just fly in on the cruise ship? Do your show for day and fly home or do you stay on the cruise ship? Worse different lengths. Depending on who you are. What should go on okay seven days on? Okay that's going to be fine. I saw the whole. Him Go back, yeah! That's gotta be interesting. That's gotta be interested in re really interesting so real. Quick on your material, and you know the biggest thing that again. I'm by no means where you're at in my life, but you know the biggest thing is, you can't steal another comedians material. So how do you stay current and I only say that? Because you said you're fifty five and I'm almost fifty I have a daughter. Twenty five and the ship that she's into is nothing that I can relate to. So. How do you stay current and you know I mean what is your? What is your I guess? You're studying or tools that you use to come up with material. Everybody could never talk. To it! Every day that we go out and walk around giving South America Fun. All you have to do is just talk about. Not Everybody's GonNa. Think what you saw was funny. But? Most people will yeah. He's twenty five you. Say I went to one. And everything is self checkout yeah. I wonder when this happens. Because how do they walk in shock? All of the sudden they flee. But. What. At My job who I call! So this ways to make the money for those kids. Now Mike say you're so busy. You don't know what the heck you doing 'cause commonplace. Then, you just take it to the extreme. And, went into Walmart. To. Did self checkout and I got an argument with my show. I've done that. Are doing it. That's fantastic. That makes money. Just laughed and of all the people go working trying. To change yourself into the airport. Any way your bed. For White Bread way my thanks. My baggage would have the bugging charge myself. I get it. You're exactly right. Thirty five dollars. You're you're. GonNa turn around and go home, right. Now short about these jokes one on one. Might, not be that funny I'm trying to speak to you, but when you perform it for people, then they take the live. Oh for sure, and it only takes one chuckle right. One chuckle creates more. You know you could see a doctor at Walmart. No. You could see a doctor and soft warm one, so it makes you wonder. Wanted to the Walmart says you know what I don't feel good. I must see here at the wool Mata early tonight free by the fruits and vegetables. Don't know, didn't. The I'm cracking up. I love it. Dr. Sexual. How long have you been a doctorate Wolman, said six months I said well. What did you do before you were adopted? said he was a cashier. You're giving me. I do totally. Knocked out twenty five year old, and then everybody else takes on the. Walking because. It's fantastic. How how is and you don't the, don't get too personal. But how is the pay? I mean I. would assume now like you said you're a headliner. Obviously, you can a career, but I would imagine in the beginning. It was tough. Right I mean there's a couple hundred or whatever it is a night, and then you still got to have a real job, and that's got interfere with your material and then timing. You're tired all that stuff. Right when I was younger when I graduated high school. I went to the American Academy dramatic. Arts in new. York City. They told you leap. Pro Cared you get your at. Your Ego Brew. Get ready to go out and get a suit of armor and pretended your skin. People penetrated constantly. And the most important thing you have to have is a survival shop without it. You will never become an actor a viable job. That could be waiting tables. That could be bartending four. Something else in the industry like working at an agency. Working as the distance casting director working as he as always work. Somehow in the industry. Because you do not earn a living in the beginning. Not Close. Yeah and I think I. think that's appealing to me. Because I have such a wonderful job, everything is wonderful. I would never quit my job. And now I'm at the point in my life were like wow, I think I have enough time money and and I. Guess I would say life experiences to try it. Does that make sense? So. Were you always? Were you always like you said in the industry never went the restaurant bar. industry-type suffer no. Waiter to try it on. You worked in supermarket. Worked at a comedy club. I always had a survival job. Yeah, you have to. Do So. I'm, GONNA I'm GonNa make funny here real quick. You seem like an amazing individual. No wife, no kids. What's The story Mike? I guess when I was younger girls that I've wanted to marry didn't want to marry me okay? Twenty. Been In my thirties girls that I want to marry didn't want to marry me. And then I moved to walk. And it. Never happened okay. So, what did you tell anybody that will walkie that way? Your. What's the? What's The answer, right? Now. This unhappiness is not about finding a mate I'm just asking because you sound like a superstar to me. I met a girl that we were together for quite some time she would considerably younger than. And I love her to death. What's all on real quick? What's considerably younger? Tell me what that means you. My Wife's ten years. That's the reason I asked so tens not consider early. Okay, no I I agree with you I. Think Anything I think anything over ten. Maybe over twelve is is a lot different so anyway. She was twenty years younger, so that is a big difference. And I loved her. But she wanted to get married and have children. And I traveled so much. That we weren't. Enough, so that happened and. Then what? Then I have to quit what I've been how I support the young I'm with you. So these are being major pretty normal thing. Most people show. Up in back divorce gotcha. Well. That's funny. 'CAUSE I. Know, I'm with you, I come from the restaurant Bar, industry, and most of those people I. Bet you dated say end up in divorce. I was married the first time at twenty one. Regardless, good or bad. That didn't last, but thirteen years, but now I'm remarried eight years I, believe don't get me in trouble and it's wonderful. It's my second term around so I think when I when when you say show business, and I think restaurant bar business to different totally things, but same nightlife, so so there's a big. There's a big stigma out there and you don't have to get into this if you don't want to do that A. A lot of Comedians people in the industry doing comedy suffer for mental health, ill shoes and I. Don't get that because a lot of comedians such as yourself extremely funny, always the life of the party energetic. That's how I am and I have never in my life, and I'm not making fun of anybody suffered from Zion were depression or any of that because I'm just so positive. Is that a common thing in your industry? Both Canadian detainers. Some sort of depression. And their relief. Of Depression. It's a platform. Because when you perform it. Here's some Kinda. Warriors you four yet. You feel so good, yeah? But it stops. And went to King. He feel good like that, emily you do. That when you're especially one who don't do drugs, yeah, I, don't I don't do drugs have any of a scapegoat like that? Yeah know. now that I'm older not like I. Have the Energy Glove every have a cocktail 'cause. I never really did that anyway. And I have I do have the night so now that we're actually. Stopped the showbiz thing right now before Kobe nineteen. been suffering from a different type of depression. Myself so massive loveliness! Mac Route my agent. My manager bill all. Same Him so long. Loving I can't say in any longer. Who Ain't way to shape. Up. What's the next thing to do? WHO's crying there out because? Not only do we go through pandemic, but now we have this other problem which is. Pretty scary. You know I. I don't know about it too much everybody in this world. It's like that. Kind caring loving people that don't deserve to have. happened. Know I totally get it. And I totally get it. You said it in the beginning of this conversation. Whatever was march nineteenth, or whatever you said I mean. That's your living entertaining and all of a sudden someone told you it's over, and like you said I mean it's you don't even have the option to work from home like most people have done so I can get where you get lethargic sitting home gaining weight I have been lucky and I know. We don't know each other but I. I work for a grocery store Mike so I have never fucking stopped then. It's been madness for fifteen weeks now here in Texas, so I'm lucky so I. Don't have a lot of the pinions that the majority of the world do about this 'cause. Nothing's changed for me now. My wife, she was told to work from home. You weren't even told that you know so I can understand it. Nothing it's done. Yeah, all your interaction, all your highs and lows all that whatever you said, orgasmic energy of of performing is over, and it's been three months. That's gotta be tough. That's amazing. Why a lot feel for your my friend I don't want to be lonely. By any means I know you and I have just connected, but we can. Always you can always text meal to shoot the Shit with you, and you teach me along the way and I can definitely Try To make you laugh. I know you'll make me laugh, but quick before we finish up a few things I have a few questions for you. Yesterday. We were talking via text and you said you were filming something. So are you into? Are you into a new journey right now? What's going on? I have a youtube channel and in videos. By Youtube Channel. Is Mike Moreno by on you too? And we have a very large amount of follow word. Watch what I did so yesterday. The Okay A. One. Six characters and you'll get. An had talked to each other. When you say characters like impressions. I have my uncle Tommy by causes, mony, my cousin, Michelle I impersonate. It's. It's you I got you so your cousin shall I can only imagine. Give me two seconds of your cousin Michelle. A wonderful. How Father Dan point come from really great for my daddy got it inventory Tory secrets secret out of one show. destig- and spent ethic. So you're working on youtube so I have and you're gonNA think I'm a Pansy and I don't know why I just said that, but I have this. Big Fear of going on Youtube so I love doing what I'm doing right now. I have very short period in very short period of time Mike. At least I feel it's been very successful. I've had a ton of information ton of followers all that stuff, but I have this fear of going on. Youtube I feel like Youtube has been around for so long and. And here comes this little white guy on there and I'm going to get eaten alive so as Youtube I subscribe to you by the way you and I text earlier I'm a huge fan I didn't know much about you before we connected, but I subscribe to your channel, but is youtube rewarding? You feel like you're getting the same I guess high from that. Yes, because get common. And you can make money. So the more people that watch. They don't Pack Subscriber K Okay Advertising. Okay. So like? Yeah. Well that and I love that. There's no better name I think. That's fantastic, so just just educate me real quick, so would I be on you if I did it. Would I be on Youtube right now. Live talking to you, or is it like? Right publish it. You. Okay. Well Okay Yeah. I've learned the INSTAGRAM TV. Thing. I'm just figuring that out I I've I've learned a lot about social media. You want to get on much social media. Can any tell everybody who you are what you're doing? And maybe they'll join in I. have sponsored got a couple of. Club sponsor, so you could tell listeners if they want to. You can go to Mike. Marino dot net I've felt each. Nicobar apparently again and. At, Mike Marino. I love it, my friend so real quick before we finish and thank you for giving me the youtube, ins and outs, and I hope you don't mind I'm gonNA either text or email you some youtube questions, my wife, my wife keeps asking me when I'm going to get on there and I'm like I. Don't know how to do it through I'm going to figure it out, but I'll ask you but real. Quick before we finish I. Want you to Promote Yourself I. Know you've been out of work for a little bit. This is your chance. I want you to give it everything you got and that everybody know who you are. Go ahead. You're listening to New Jersey's base with comedian Mike Marino. Just finished up my world tour. Make America tiny again my slogan. You. Don't know not seen on, you know. One of the president of the United States I will take care of everything. You won't know what I'm doing. Would you be happy that I think? Mike Marino dot net subscribe, go youtube fold slash Mike Marino. Alive instagram Mike Marina, alive twitter, Michael Ally and of course. Fantastic I am a fan for life. My friend I can't thank you enough for this last forty four minutes that we spent together I've learned a ton. I, am going to be like I said asking you a ton of questions. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for being on ten items or less podcast. I can't even remember who hooked us up together but I'm going to go back and thank them I really really really and I. Mean this the bottom of my heart, not just podcast bullshit. Appreciate you coming out here and my fan I'm GONNA. Shoot you some questions. And and hopefully one day you'll be in Texas or somewhere, maybe in Florida where my parents live and I'll come see you okay. You got it awesome Mike so much. By. Were there. You go guys. That was Mike. Marino the world famous comedian. The guy has been around forever. He is literally an institution in New Jersey he is. Over the place in the country right now. Performing comedy I really enjoyed that. You guys, I, think you all know at least that that was my hopes and dreams, or still is my hopes, and dreams to be comedian, and he gave me some good insights, and I'm going to try I'M GONNA. Try. We're going to do. We're GonNa do a Mike Night here soon and I'm GonNa. Fill you guys in how it goes, but again thank you so much for listening at ten items or less. Please send all your emails to ten items or less podcast at, also visited me on facebook and Instagram, attendance or less podcast. Thank you so much for all the support. You guys are wonderful, and I'll talk to you next episode, thanks.

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