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Crimson trace now offers a complete line of electronic sites brain from fixed magnification battle site to reflect sites with the latest power management features purpose built versatile find yours at Crimson trace dot com. Hey welcome back Tom. Gresham gun talk. You could be with us if you have a range aboard or you have. A question doesn't matter. We're just talking about guns and shooting and safety and home defense and personal defense conceal carry and sure. We'll talk about hunting and long-range shooting and guns and rifles shotguns. Handguns revolvers pistols. Doesn't matter we're talking about all of it. How to store guns safely in your home and still have available for self defense. Well best way would be to have it on. Your person just was looking at some video of home invasion. It was kicked in the door. Broke it in from the time that they. I hit the door. Three of them homeowner ended up shooting one of them. It was six seconds from time. They hit the door too when they got in and homeowner shot one. Six seconds so by question for you do you have access to. Can you get your gun seconds wherever you are in your house? Oh Wake Up. Call six seconds back. Yeah no no. It's not available to you. Well it's no still not able to you if it's not where you can reach it. It's like we all deal of crime. Cooper said if you cannot reach out and touch your gun while you're reading this you have not learned the lessons. We teach at gunsight Interesting or one of the people who knows those lessons? An provides really good products for that joins US right now. So a pleasure to welcome Samantha. Tony also known as Sam from Wilderness. Talk Products. Hey Sam how are you? I'm Tom how are you doing good? I'm going to just admit right up front that the reason you're here is because I screwed up okay to two weeks ago I was talking about a I said it was a holster. Fail when it wasn't it was a an alcohol stars using one of yours and I had frankly I had the wrong gun in it and it came out and I caught it holster fail when it was actually an operator fail and you called and said Hey did something wrong with our holster. Did we screw up here and I go. No actually. It wasn't me I'm sorry so about it. Well you you let me apologize. Which was was great but I love your ankle holster and we ought to talk a little bit first of all. Let me just explain for those. Who Don't know we'll lose tactical Go Online it's the wilderness DOT COM maker. Great gun belts all sorts of holsters in packs and different things but somewhere along the line you ended up with the ankle holster. That was actually recommended to me. Fifteen or twenty years ago by Clint Smith at Thunder ranch you might describe how that came about that renegade holster the ankle holster while the renegade ankle holster. As you know has been around you just mentioned it and it was something that my dad who owns the company used on his own and we had some in our retail shop and we sold them and what he would do for himself is kind of put a stitch here. They're kind of tweak it just kind of because he had the ability and wanted to make changes and eventually we were able to get them along with everybody else. So we're kind of reaching out and seeing where they went and they did wind up closing up and We took what we liked about it and then we took some of our beefier materials and we made what the the improvements or what we wanted to do it So we've we've stayed with that sheepskin There's a moisture barrier between the gun and your skin and We just kind of wilderness did up a little bit world. That makes sense because I remember Clint saying look. These are great. They're really comfortable. But they're only gonNA last two or three years. This is twenty years ago. They're just going to hold up and then I'm looking at the one that I have from you go. This is going to fall apart in two or three years right right. We wouldn't I. I don't know that we know how to make something that could fall apart in two or three days. And that's what we're proud of. That did he that. Trust me I I have probably three or four of your belts that I've had for at least ten years whenever I go to gun side by one bottom directly from you guys and then of course you have sense and I just want to add this because we're all over the place but I think improved your belts by offering version. That stiffer because with a gun. Belt stiff really makes a difference. Yeah yes so. Yeah we've added the We we put a piece of polymer down the middle we. So that right in if that's your preference and that's the more rigid one that we make. And we put that in any of our the frequent flyer the low pro everyday carry the titanium. They all have that. I love the titanium titanium buckle on it and it's all hooked up so that you could get hooked up picked up by helicopter and not that. I'm going to do that but if I needed to. it's good to know that my belt will handle that so sector about instructor about yeah exactly right but let's go back to the ankle holster. Because I'd like to talk about that. You have a piece of sheepskin on the inside. So it's comfortable against your leg but I was just working. You sit me replacement because he said okay. Why don't you get the right holster for the right gun? And I said I WANNA put an Elsie CR CR in and I'm sitting there trying to get the gun in the holy cow man. Is that ever going to fit in there and then stopped at actually? Read the directions and said look. It's going to be really hard the first time you put it in. Shelvin there and then let it sit. Let it stretch a little bit and I did that. I got it in there and I think maybe need let people know. And you do the instructions. Is that when you first get it? Put your unloaded gun in their shelvin there however you can and then basically what let it sit for a day or two. Yeah yeah and your even. Your particular holster was sitting with an L. Cr On my desk. Because I certainly wasn't GonNa let you get one you said Tommy Gonna. Screw this up to four. That goes out. Give it to me please. We had that sitting in there. We had it. You know we put it in even kind of halfway. Were that large trigger. Guard kind of can can you know? Stretch it out just a little bit because there's not a retention step on that that's you know that's retained by the holster going around the trigger guard and it's and I would just let people know there are a lot of different kinds of ankle. Holsters out there. This one is absolutely comfortable. I will tell you that when you put it on you think. Okay yeah I I can live with that but after about. I don't know fifteen minutes. I kinda forget I even have it on. Got The first person who said that really surprised it. I mean it just is comfortable and there are some reasons for ankle holsters. People say well I would wear that instead of what I do. I wear it in addition to. We're belt Ulster. It's a backup. Yes drawing from an ankle holster is a separate skill that you need to learn and practice typically beef in my case. I would probably go down on one knee. Pull pants legs up with both hands above the gun and the new my draw down on a knee and and do what? I need to do from there. That's not really considered a primary. That's kind of win. Other things have gone wrong. You go to that exactly and you know I do. A lot of road trips and You know visit You know well travel for work and a lot of it's in the car. And what a great. What a great opportunity to use the ankle holster. Because you right there. Great Point you know you can draw from an ankle holster in a car without having to lean over much you basically just bring your knee up slightly. The ankle holster. Invite their your guns right there now. You have your gun in your hand and you haven't had to mess around trying to dig into a bell tall. Stir our an appendix holster. Who else you got. So that's a great point to what's the story behind your company. My parents started it Nineteen eighty one thirty nine years ago. my dad was a high angle rope instructor for the Maricopa County Sheriff's department and The leader of the mountain rescue team. And so you know. It's kind of started with the belt He wanted a backup and he found that parachute buckle and some webbing and he voted himself so like most things that kind of developed out of necessity and then Dealt with a lot of rock climbers and things and then it kind of transitioned into Law Enforcement and shooters and a lot of what we had. Just you know it catered and it was built for The shooting sports and it just it went from there and I started working with them Lucky enough to you about fifteen years ago. Well it's when you look at your product line you realize you guys are shooters and talk with top instructors and police people in Swat guys and Gals and you. You make stuff that works. I guess where I'm going with this. We do yes and you know. I train Train this really. Great instructors and I've been lucky enough to train it gunsight three times and I'm not I mean I'm going to be back as much as time allows and as much as they'll have me I i. It's like a happy place for me so I do. We do around ourselves with with people. Who now has the wilderness dot com got belts and bags and slings and ammo pouches and ankle holsters. Obviously you got church You've got actually now that a lot. More people are carrying turn it gets in medical catch. You have Kits for that as well. Yeah we do yeah. We HAVE ANKLE. Kits belt mounted kits Yeah everything to wherever you would wanNA carry attorney. Kit Make Place for that good. Well Sam thank you for letting me make up for my mistake. I appreciate that I think Tom it was my pleasure absolutely And as I say. I've been a customer for more than a decade the Wilderness it's The wilderness dot com. Thank you again and we will. Maybe we'd get together gunsight. That's like I agree. That's my happy place as well. All right take care all right eight six six talk gun look range reports guns and have you ever tried an ankle holster? Would you ever try one eight six six talk gun for more than seventy years? Tim Knee triggers has been enhancing the shooter's experience whether it's a local competition a day at the range or even the hunt of a lifetime setting the standard in aftermarket triggers. Tim Knee is now producing more than one hundred and seventy models of triggers for Bolt Action Rifles shotguns rifles and semiautomatic rifles proudly made in the USA since Nineteen forty-six. Find your new trigger at Tim. Knee TRIGGERS DOT COM. Visit gun talk dot com slash win to enter gun. Talks goes along giveaway with Dale Defense Crimson. Trace Caldwell Timmy. Triggers and locked down the Grand Prize winner receives the Daniel Defense Delta Five Bolt action in six point five creed more prize packs from Crimson Trace Caldwell and locked down and Tim Triggers Calvin Lee em seven hundred trigger plus two first prize packs enter now through may eighteenth at gun talk dot com slash win mental health and guns at walk the Talk America. We're working with both the mental health community and the gun industry created by a gun industry veteran. Walk the talk. America's seeks to raise awareness and create change through suicide prevention and firearm safety without legislation we strive to eliminate the prejudice that firearms and mental health. Face for more information and support. Walk the Talk America. Please visit walk the Talk America Dot. Org All right back with here. Did you happen to check out the put it on twitter by the way if you're on twitter? I'm at gun talk at Gun Talk. Everyone's why you see something you go really what it is under the category of why do we not trust the general media? Abc Thirteen Houston TV station. News Station in Houston on their twitter. Feed to show. A picture confiscated firearm. That was it says was among the weapons found during a raid at a luxury Condo near downtown Houston. The picture is of a Mossberg Shockwave. You know the Little Shotgun. Ish Pump action shotgun shells. I got a call. It's not an any other weapon. Call it something else a firearm. But the tweet says buzz Zucca among weapons found during raid luxury Condo near downtown Houston showing the Mossberg Shockwave and calling it a bazooka for those who don't know this and then I see the other story where they usually got a file photo. I get it in. The headline is Florida threatened with lawsuits over cancellation of online conceal. Carry applications. But the picture. They're using his woman pulling a gun from a concealed place but the gun she has a inert solid plastic. Blue Gun Blue Gun. That's their demonstration for concealed carry. Here's the problem here's the takeaway for you. Though remember we look at that and shake our heads ago? That's kind of funny. That clever isn't that sad. Whatever but an awful lot of people I would offer. Even the majority of the people get their knowledge about guns from the general media. There are people who are saying. Can you believe that they found a Suka in this condo gets a shotgun okay it but the media called it a Zucca and so that's what people know so never miss a chance to educate people and they kind and generous way without ridicule? Because they don't know and it's up to us to help them know all right lying one with us out of Dodge City Kansas. Hello Mike. You're on gun talk. What's on your mind Tom? I've been catching up on some old movies. I hadn't watched for a while and I was watching one and the actor actor shooting. A fifty caliber machine gun fully automatic without a tin cans to decide or a belt. That just amazing. I think our military needs to adopted just impressed as all get out. I'm just telling you. There are not a lot of people who could pull that off. I'm glad they found the right guy for that last week after show. I listen to you on Sunday mornings. I'm sitting around waiting for you to come on God. That was good. You talked about the fully Sim fully automatic weapons. You were shooting is stepping that pop. We saw that movie. I'm going my God. Tom Needs to hear this. He doesn't know what he's facing and for those who are wonder what we're talking about the movies do silly stuff and it's kind of what we're talking about. Here is the idea of shooting. A fifty caliber fully automatic machine gun. Hand-held is fairly ridiculous. But it's good movie stuff. I've got the guys who you shoot the chain guns and everything else and of course you have one shot from the gun and a car blows up so typical movie stuff. Here's the problem and I know you know this. Mike is that we all have to work actively to purge that junk out of our heads because we may laugh at that but we don't realize we've actually picked up other things like what do you do in a self defense situation. How do you hold your gun when you're going through a house and we may go to a movie stance or a movie way of holding a gun because we don't actually know what we should do? We Make Fun of the Charlie's angels the the full Samantha. Where the you know? The Gun is pointed straight up right next to your nose as you're moving around you're going okay. But people don't know if they don't know they don't know right right right where you guys were talking and laughing and adamant that darn good time. It was fantastic thing. Do the after show this week. It was great world. I appreciate I. I thought the same thing I thought. Okay we're having way too much fun I mean and this is supposed to be worked but heck with that. We're just having a ball we've got a great crew here. Look thank you for the call. I. It gives me chance to pitch the after. Show if you haven't heard it obviously Mike Likes it? It is the part of the show we do after the regular broadcast show. And it's available through podcast. You can use after smartphone APP gun deleo or any other way that you get podcast. You can always hear gun talk. We put the whole show on his podcast and listen to the show as well. Let's see here. Yes we can get Stephen here on four out of Stone Mountain Georgia. You're on gun talk. What'S COOKING TOM? Hey I'm just so sheltering in place today cleaning guns. Hey Hey I got I got one. Two run by Ruger just recently came out with five point. Seven by twenty eight millimeter Pretty exciting to me. Because I've always been found out cartridge And I know you know people that Ruger. I sent a email into them requesting if they could take a look at chamber in a modern high cap firearm seven. Six to twenty five millimeter. Okay why because I've I'm a sucker for bottleneck cartridges and I would love to see one. That's a high performer. It has impressive a ballistics and it's always been a good cartridge and it would be fantastic. A ruger was thinks outside the box. If they could do something like that I think it would sell. Do you talk off. Carter's do you have any guns that chamber that I have a Stafa m fifty seven the chambers that and also a Chinese knockoff. Vietnam bring back Of a Tokarev that you move those chamber that round and they they shoot great flat shooting high-velocity and With Hall appoint very valuable for self defense available for AMMO. It Sir Surplus. Ammos drawing up but you can still find it. New Manufacture a number of manufacturers. Make any problem. You'll pay a bit more but you can still find it for sure now. Do you have an idea what size pistol would be best to load this end? You think up something along the lines of seventeen about that that that that that size envelope. I think you could probably cram at least fifteen seventeen. Soccer's a magazine you'd how To my way of thinking you have you something so any of the Ruger mid-size to mid sized Compaq. You could load this into this what you think you could. I would prefer stop. I'm I'm a fan of full size. You Know Service is weapons hand guns handguns and I would prefer to see that first and then they you know whatever happens from that smaller you know or even a cartoon or whatever you know. I've around comes the question there. They're going to ask two things. How many can we sell? And then how much could we get for it? So what would you pay for a modern Ruger chambered in the seven six two by twenty five? How much they're five. Seven and marketing for our P. Right around eight hundred. I think that would be a starting point. I wouldn't I wouldn't have any problem paying that for something like that. I think it would be a fun gun and something. That would also have a absolutely practical use where you pass it along. That might be the kind of thing that you could get like a limited run from the folks from lip. Caesar SOMEBODY SAY WE'RE GONNA do a thousand or five thousand. Whatever it is we'll pass it long gets an idea I mean. Usually what I find is that they say yeah. We've talked about that or that's on our list somewhere but there's no reason we can't know them and say hey moving up moving up on the list there. Thank you for the call. Sir. I share appreciate that. I had not thought of that. Honestly the seventy six to buy twenty five. Millimeter Hawker Lov round. You got anything else. You'd like to see the gun makers making or maybe bring back and of course. I'm just kind of excited about the whole specialty now. I'm looking for forty for special AMMO. Here's a lot of it out there. Some of the cowboys this himself into new also like bear loads always want their loads. Don't you we write back? Can't stop you know giving stuff away around here by the way welcome back. I'm Tom Gresham Gun. Talk if you're new to this yes I said gun talk. We're talking about things that go bang. We're the good guys. And the good gals we're the ones who own guns in use them responsibly. And safely we try to share the message of safe and responsible gun Houston. Hey you know what if you were to go out in the range we'll take you out? We'll we'll buy them for you. Let's shoot our guns. We'll invite you to go to the reins that's what we do. That's part of our outreach program. So if you're not sure if you knew the guns have questions about it we're give me a call. We'll talk about. It's okay in the really truly are no dumb questions. The only thing dom not getting the answers to the questions so call. We'll see if we can help you out eight six six talk on or just call me at Tom. Talk Gun yes. We like to give things away. We're doing another Another it seems like every month we got a new giveaway going on all. You GotTa do to go to gun talk dot com slash. When we're calling this the go long giveaway giving away Daniel Defense Delta five bolt action rifle in six five creed more very cool very neat gun with a great triggered by the way comes with the the chimney trigger the Calvin elite. We're giving away a lead trigger for model seven hundred Colwell Range. Pack a crimson traits optics. Pack a lockdown security pack. It's all there on the website. If you go to gun talk dot com slash win. You can enter for a chance to win that I get emails. This one just came in. And why would you do this? Because I'M GONNA start with a PS first right. He's I wouldn't email Michelle I but I didn't have her email. Thanks a lot terrier Adam wants to know. I'm just finished building my first. Ar Pistol in five five six. I'm looking at putting on a red dot or reflex sight on it. I mainly using it for putting holes in paper and home. Defense thoughts on red DOT VERSUS REFLEX. Sights loved the show. Never Miss podcast. Thanks for all you do for us in the Second Amendment Adam. I thought before I went back and reread it and saw that it was for a pistol a rifle. I was going to suggest a possibility of a low power variable scope. A one two five one six something along those lines which I particularly love on rifles on a pistol a little less so and I think you're probably right on red diverse REFL REFLECTS. I don't really have a preference. If you have experience with one over the other I would say just pick what you like also within your budget because I mean I tend to with optics. I tend to try to avoid the cheapest. It's been my experience and I'm a photographer. That's how I got into all of this and I've owned well over a hundred cameras in probably two or three hundred professional level lens is you don't get good optics for dirt cheap money you just don't and every time. I've tried to cheat that system. I've always been sorry whether it was camera. Lenses or scopes or anything else so would say avoid the very very cheapest but I have gotten really good over the last hundred ten fifteen years and we have a lot of good things that are not horribly expensive. Now you can pay anywhere from one hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars and more for. Red Dot a reflex sights. Somewhere in there is something to fit your budget. One of the things I would say to look for for air pistol shooting targets but you mentioned home defense for Home Defence Gun. He want quick site acquisition. You WANNA be able to use it quickly and I would say there are some red dots. That are pretty small. Be careful. Don't get the ones that are made for pistols. Those are necessarily small. I would go with a larger diameter optic that makes sense a little bit bigger window. Remember you want to be using this with both eyes open and you need to practice that by the way you need to practice both eyes open shooting and you actually do a lot of that practice with an empty gun completely dry. Empty Gun am around at the House. Doing basically mounts pulling a gun up keeping both Eyes Open. Go ON TARGET. Find the red dot find the site over and over and over again. You're training yourself to keep both eyes open white. Okay why do you want? Both eyes. Open ended offensive situation? You want to have as wide view is possible to see what's going on. There might be multiple bad guys and you close one eye. You close off vision on one side. You don't have that peripheral vision there. There could be bad guys in front but you could have a family member moving in on the scene or an innocent coming in on the scene from one side you want both eyes open to have maximum maximum situational awareness so that you can get this input as much as okay so practice shooting with both eyes open and go into the range in one of the things. I would advise doing is going from like low ready position. Bring it up. Keep both eyes open and try to get that first shot or maybe even a double tap on target pretty quickly. Just bring up as soon as soon. Don't try to find unit. That's where people screw up as soon as the dots on the target. Press the trick. Don't try to find. Just bring it up as soon as it comes up pop maybe pop up but just work on that so that I can't tell you how many deer have owed their lives to hunters. Didn't know how to make a quick shot because all that ever done with shoot off of a bench and all they've ever tried to do is wait to the crosshairs were completely immobile still. That's not realistic. But as their T. Waiting and waiting and waiting trying to get everything settled down here. Took off south to fit situation somewhat similar to that you don't have time. You just need to get it on and press the trigger and get get going on it because only reason you're using a firearm and a self defense situations because someone is in danger you or a family member and that danger must be immediate. You know it's not somewhere down the road otherwise you would exercise one of the other options so you need to be able to move fast shoot fast future and keep both eyes open to see what's going on who's moving in from the side. As I say could be another could be a family member. It'd be a bad guy you wanna know so I would probably say. Go with large diameter optic on this firearm and from that point on it becomes personal preference. If if your friends have some take a look at those. You may say Oh. I really like that. One are ask them and benefit from their mistakes. If they say yes. I thought this was the bee's knees and it turned out not to be so. Then you go okay. I can take that one off the list. If you have any suggestions we appreciate that in Adam I appreciate it and yes. I understand he would rather ask Michelle. I get that so everyone else. Eight six six talk gun. Be Right that when the US military's elite unit and law enforcement agencies across the globe demanded innovation and reliability. They didn't settle. They chose six-hour when world champion professional shooters demanded precision accuracy. They didn't settle. They chose CIGS. Our so it's no surprise more and more civilian gun. Owners ARE REFUSING TO SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS. They're choosing SIG SAUER FIREARMS AMMUNITION. Electro optics suppressors air guns in training. Sig Sauer never settle since nineteen thirty. Seven ducks unlimited has led the charge on what lands and waterfowl conservation only wetlands reduce the effects of flooding recharge our drinking water but perhaps most importantly they allow us to experience. What makes the outdoor so great band together to rescue our wetlands? Are you looking for a place to shoot? The national shooting. Sports Foundation has a great website called where to shoot dot org. It's the largest database shooting ranges on the Internet. It's also a great resource for shooters where you can find videotapes. Printable targets and a lot. More find it online and where to shoot DOT ORG while you're there. Download their free eyeball. Now that's where to shoot DOT ORG. You've been seeing the Stories it seems like there have been a number of stories about carjackings and police chases involving people who've been you know carjacking and all that carjacking is not well it can be a lot of different things if you're in the car and they're trying to take your car. It's more than a car. Theft gets a physical assault. And you need to be prepared for that in some states. It's absolutely written into the law that you can use deadly force to protect yourself at a carjacking. I would offer that if someone is trying to yank you out of the car at gunpoint or using some type of weapon that that is a deadly attack and deadly forces absolutely needed and accepted in that situation. Having said that if someone comes up to you in the parking lot and says give me your keys. Guess what I'm GonNa do. I'm GonNa give him my keys. Why was that? You're GonNa let them steal your car yes I am. Because here's the thing when you get into gun fight there's no guarantee that you being the good guy come out of it unscathed. Cops get shot all the time. And they're the good guys if I can avoid that by just simply tossing them the keys and you can go the other way and call nine one one man. That's what I'm doing. I am out of there. Not My issue. I'M GONNA Call Insurance Company and we're going to report that and we're going to you got to be inconvenient now. I'm in the car or somebody else from family members in the car. Different deal right differ game different set of rules. That actually brings us back to that discussion about ankle holster ankle. Say great great option when you're driving because you can reach down and pull that gun out by the way if you're using a good holster. I was just talking about the wonders tactical and you may not be able to once you pull it out so you need to practice that and if it's too hard to re holster it just be prepared that if you have to pull it out then maybe shelvin pants pocket or something. These are things you do when you go out and train. Learn these kind of things. Just go talk to Brian Online. One he's out of Virginia. Hey Brian thank you for your patience. Talked to you Tom. A couple of weeks late but happy. Twenty fifth anniversary sale you about a couple of purchases. I made this purchase Me Springfield Healthcare for twenty twentieth anniversary and father's Day gift combination there. All right I haven't had shoot dry. Firings kind of getting used to it had been carrying a elsie nine but I just need something with a larger capacity round capacity nets. You got the Red Dot on it. I haven't yet. I've got the The the the option for it purchased it yet. Good deal but yeah. I was looking at that and the P. three sixty five while the spring filled in my hand. It just fits it so much better and it just one of those you know. Take me home so when you go to say You got the dog pound puppy dog guys out you also purchased after hearing you talk about was the the Mantis X. for what do you think of them? So far withdraw furring up. If it's Okay. I don't know I think he'll do better. Once actually put some rely rounds through it during the dry firing. I'm ranking mostly in the nineties. I'm seeing myself. Go from ninety to ninety five percent. You'll few times a mess up and tell me you know too much sugar finger or something like that tells me a couple of things but For the drafting. I didn't find it that great. I'm figuring they'll do a live around fluid. See Better AMMO story okay. So after about the the hell cat we were in the gun. Store will not need to buy smart munition and she said No. You've got plenty of ammunition at the house and I said No. No no I need about more munition. I've got a new gun but you've got plenty of nine millimeter at the house. I said well. How do you don't understand that like when you have a kid you know when you have a new baby when you go to go out and buy new food? I said so when you buy new gun you gotta go out and buy new AMMO. So she's Kinda like give me that. Look and it's it seem to go over as well. She didn't understand okay. Well do you. GotTa Feed Your Gun. I understand that completely European gets knew. Exactly exactly the other guys who will get jealous. Because you're using ammunition you use can't have that you're GONNA get along. So here's the deal you know. She's never going to buy that. We're okay with it so you just go ahead. Keep doing it exactly. Yeah yeah alright down well exactly as we come out of this mess. People need to continue. If you're serious about this stuff you need to continue to buy some AMMO. A little at a time might be a box month. Might be a box a week. I don't know what you can afford. You know but you do what you can do. It's a little bit here a little bit there and you start putting it away. Prices will come back down. Actually prices are pretty good right now but it's really not a lot of price gouging going on even with all the purchasing case of finding it right now but that's going to alleviate and we'll make your cranking it out as fast as they can they're making tens of millions tens of millions around every single day and they're one of you out there is buying all of it up. I need to talk to you about that. Is Eight six six talk gun and Jim Offers? This thought we were talking about ankle. She says probably not a good idea to use make a whole strip. When you're wearing shorts just all depends now. If you're wearing the really tall black socks with your shorts you might get away with that. Did you may have other problems that we need to discuss at a future time. Eight six six talk gun. We'll get you in here. I'm Tom Gresham gun talk. This was inevitable following a mass shooting in Canada. Where van dressed as a police officer a man who was prohibited from owning guns so yeah he was breaking the law there and then murdered a bunch of people. Yeah this breaking the law as well went on a shooting spree over a course of ours ours. Prime Minister Trudeau has declared effective immediately. It is no longer permitted to buy sell transport import or use military grade assault weapons in this country executive order. It's the Canadian equivalent of executive order. No laws passed. He said we're going to do this. Understand pay attention no longer permitted to buy sells. You can't buy when you can't sell it if you own. It can't transport cared anywhere can't import it can't use it. You can't shoot it. The prime minister described the sweeping regulations as close quote closing the market on these weapons in Canada. He also has discussed banning all handguns. Avoid that option when he made this announcement to talked about confiscating. Roughly one hundred thousand existing firearms. Confiscating them through some order in the future he said but it will be a fair ineffective buyback program almost something on the order of fifteen hundred different firearms or we're going to be considered military grade in this order in this ban. Canadian Public Safety Minister. Bill Blair said a quote non-permissive. Amnesty close court will be established in order for Canadians who currently possess the now banned weapons to be able to possess firearms for two years but will be unable to use it ourselves. You can own it for two years. But you can't you can't you can't sell it or Woah. Woah Woah. What what can you do? Well you can. They're going to have a provision where you can export it. Maybe sell it to Americans. I don't know maybe we can have access to them. It will be fought but it's an uphill battle in Canada. This has been going on for a while this will. This is part of the deal and Trudeau made gun control a part of his platform. When you got elected Joe Biden now has made gun control a major part of his platform gun control and gun. Confiscation gun bans. If you go to the Joe Biden website. You see a whole list it is. It is the wishlist. It is the Christmas list of the gun ban lobby. Sure someone from the gun ban lobby wrote the list. But he is on board with that one. Furthermore he is selected. Believe it or not Joe Biden. This elected Chris Dodd to hit up his team to select or find a vice presidential candidate. Chris Dodd Gun banner. His father was the author of the architect of the gun. Control Act of nineteen sixty eight. His Father Tom Dodd. Who was the Dodd Bill? Also call for the tried to get the Reverend Martin. Luther King arrested during the sixties. Tom Dodd Chris. Dodd Joe Biden. The line is very clear from the gun banners all along the way. This is this. Is it this election twenty twenty? It's really very clear. We have one candidate says. I want to gun ban to ban guns. I want to take your guns away. I want to confiscate your guns. I want to price them out of existence. Oh yes and I also want to close down every gun maker America. Yeah that's part of his official policy as well. Then you have Donald Trump. Who's pretty good judges and justices on the bench? The choice is clear by question is are you in.

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