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<music> and bill simmons podcast on the ringer podcast network is brought to you by nobody because we didn't know we're doing podcasts right now. Let's shut up to ziprecruiter get to try them at ziprecruiter. Dot com slash g._s. Don't forget about the ringer podcast network as well as the ringer dot com and <hes> and the rituals nineteen ninety nine which i was on those last week all right. Let's get gone my dad's annoying daddy there. I'm here. It is saturday. It's three o'clock. This news broke an hour ago. I was taping in an interview randomly in the studio with an ayla celebrity that i'm excited around that podcast. I'll tell you who was after that <hes> and then all of a sudden the patriots sign antonio brown. Can i pry. I'm pretty sure i've text from you saying i wouldn't want this guy so i know you've done one eighty right. I they have done a cautious when eighty cautious one okay. What's the problem well. The problem is his behavior <hes> in the last year and a half. I guess but we've seen it before. We've seen guys still bell ring guys in and and you know it's only for a year <hes> i would think he wants to get his reputation back and then signed a contract with somebody else and away. We have nothing to lose. I guess because that clubhouse has so many strong leaders in it and the fact that he's coming here. It's just shocking. It's not just going to go to seattle actually <hes> they could really use that wide receiver but i'm shocked <hes> and yet not chuck because we we've you know randy. Moss certainly was a character. I don't think he was a character in the same vein as this guy but <hes> it's just really funny you know i i don't know if you saw that. The odds in las vegas went from for the patriots went from six to one to four two one for us to win the super bowl. Oh wow we we now jumped ahead of against city well. I didn't i did a podcast with mallory that we take on thursday and let's do it yeah yeah and we are wondering if there was something wrong with him because his behavior was so strange that it seemed like he was either a a unraveling or be like just might have passed the point of just being too much of a malcontent ever be happy and the team now. We're starting to learn that. It seems like there is path c. Which was at some point over the last three months. He must have decided did he wanted to play for a contender and not for the raiders kind of rumor out there on on twitter actually that <hes> you know be the motivation to play for oakland <hes> which is not going to be a good team even would not have been a good team in even with him <hes> after coming from a team that was a contender every year you wonder how much he orchestrated all of this and and again <hes> we'll wait hold hold that thought because that's the glass half full. If you're a patriots fan of this whole thing is the he's crazy like a fox. Eh orchestrated this whole thing and that the only way he was going to get out of pittsburgh with all the dead money they would have had. They have to pay twenty twenty. One million dollars not even have them on their team was to if they had traded him somewhere else so the options were buffalo and oakland he goes to open now. If we're doing the crazy like the fox path he goes to oakland realize as quickly as no chance to win. There isn't impressed by the quarterback is impressed oppressed by anything and then just starts planning his exit from that point on which could explain all of the weird things he's done now. Does that make me want to root for him on the patriots. It's a <hes>. I'm not sure well in week. Two it probably makes you want to route from yeah <hes> but it does seem suspicious in terms of the helmet and then all the other stuff that went on and how quickly out quickly quickly he signed with the patriots by the way i mean he was only eligible for clock and the news went out of 4._0._1. While so there's a lot of side effects effects this would go no random mortar here number. One is the patriots if if he can just stay normal for four months there undoubtedly did they better. This guy is one of the best four wide receivers of all time and he's not that i would just say that <hes> he might be the best wide receiver in the league now i think he's in the top four or five though but i but the baggage that he brings knocks him out of the top four i mean he's he he brings the the most problems of anybody but yeah he does but so but he's never been a <hes>. You know how josh gordon we have such high hopes for but we we have such it's such a risk rank right but i don't recall antonio brown having that kind of a history now but i mean he did not i play and he didn't play in a week seventeen muslim steelers game last you know last december. He's definitely a little nutty much much win. They had a chance to make the playoffs. It wasn't there wasn't over yeah. I understand <hes>. I'm you know in a way. I'm if you'd call me two hours ago and said. What do you think i would have said no. I don't think we need them. I'm not sure what he'll do in the locker room. <hes> i'm not sure how much much bill belichick will put up with anyway but now that he's on the team. You try to talk yourself into it. <hes> that's what we do yeah. That's what we do all the time so you have brady who in my fantasy action on tuesday was one of the last names called win for dollar. Nobody he went to you had a receiving core where they pick harry in the first round. He's on the i. R. josh gordon who knows how many games ramsey's gonna play. I hope i'd kyle has the jersey is in his corner for life but we don't know if we're going to get four months out of them. I hope we do <hes> they have. No tight ends ends who i would even say our average. I would say it's all below average. Ted ends the running. Backs are good <hes>. It looks like jacoby. Myers is gonna play door set. We've we've already had <hes> eshelman looks like he has some sort of thumb issue and i'm wondering if the brown thing is part of that because if not one hundred percent healthy they're probably i'll be worried about that. They have said there's no issue but okay. I'm i'd never never trust them when they say no. No he's fine. <hes> the round cottress thomas who from is on the injury report right now <hes> he is a amstrong. It's a quad so they put him on injured reserve yeah for at least four yeah they put them into reserve for four games but if they can get browns head head straight and you're putting him on one side with eshelman and with gordon oh my gosh cows just cackling over there right so i bet you know there's a there's a crazy thing on twitter of him finding out that oakland released him and he runs around in his his backyard and he jumps in the pool is there is something off about the guy yeah but you know i think he and brady your friends <hes> well. I'll tell you this this was so he came and talked to us. He came hung out with him in his in my office for like an hour and february. I remember that that's right. I forgot that right yeah. He did say do a pod with them. You just chatted with them. Yeah we're gonna do a pot and then he ended up. He left l. a. and and it just never happened but it was interesting. I wasn't saying we were we're talking. About what teams would you want to go to and you know he is being a little quick because that in on that well but then we started talking about what offenses would be the best i offense for you and he said pats and chiefs and so as raiders thing was he was like you. I'm not playing with tom brady being in that the way they use you know smaller guys around the field like i e that'd be the greatest and then the same thing for the chiefs so when this raiders thing really started falling apart. I didn't think we'd go near him and i was really worried about the chiefs yeah because it's the kind of going to another team like the chiefs. No no okay so in a way we blocked him going to make another other team better <hes> that's one way of looking at it in less unless this is something he has wanted to do for a while because if you look at the stuff he's done he's repeat. He repeatedly escalated the raiders thing rain. Every time it calmed down he did something else and even calm down you know over the last thirty six hours or twenty four hours and then all of a sudden he puts this youtube clip will might have been a gruden interview nike. He was just throwing gasoline on the fire every chance he could get so whether the now this leads me to my second big thing. I don't know if you know this but everybody hits the patriots oh i. I realized that anytime. I've left boston. Yes and i don't know if you realize but but there's some people out there that that seemed to think maybe they don't do things on the up and up sometimes that maybe there's some some nefarious nece and some trickery and <hes> the conspiracy theories of ballot check. You're not suggesting adjusting for the patriots might have had some discussion with brown about if you act crazy enough. They're going to release you and you can come to our team. You've been here's the thing and this has been happening in the n._b._a. For the last five six years right like it doesn't have to be bella checker or bob kraft kraft or anybody it could be somebody in the team that he's friends are being like yeoman. Y'all i talked to ballot check. He said he he wants you. If you get out of there while you're right it's the paul george just the the it's the davis from new orleans kind of scenario in the n._f._l. Which doesn't usually happen though in the n._f._l. Well i'm in the position of just being a huge hippocratic decrypt because i hate player movement i hate i hate the recruiting and and the stacking on and all that stuff of good teams and guys jumping around and just all of a all sports has gone and yet now it helps the patriots so i'm torn. Kyle helped me well. There's a lot of other funny you little ramifications. You know we're not gonna. He's only gonna be here a year. If he's a here a year with something not gonna pay in the kind of money he's going to demand man next year third round compensatory draft pick <hes> his agent is rosenhaus some sure you know that was also grottes agent and and you think graca sitting there looking at this receiving core thinking yeah week nine week ten week eleven oh my god i hold on to host our kyle. He knew he had the same agent right. Yeah yeah <hes> i'm greg and i'm sitting there and i'm looking at element brown and dimitrius thomas and jordan jordan marianne gordon excuse me and the rest of the team which looks pretty deep and i'm thinking yeah i can come back but i don't know the whole thing again two hours ago i would have said. I hope we don't go near this guy or this is our job to talk ourselves into our teams. I've talked myself into it. <hes> he's going to be a perfect citizen because he knows bella. Check doesn't put up with any shipped <hes> he likes brady. He'll fit in well to our offense. Will they veteran locker room. There's three things three things really really working in his favor. One is that i would say brady is one of the most popular teammates in any sport. It's just everybody eddie who passes through the brady orbit. There just can't say enough great things about him after there's never any sniping about him after the fact everybody just loves playing with that guy. All he wants to do is win so putting brown with him over what seemed to be a rocky relationship with rothlisberger. That's a win right there. We have seen receivers is over and over again with his kind of skill set <hes> really thrive in the in the last two decades with patriots going back to trade brand in two thousand one if to be double teamed yeah i mean we don't need to tighten at the moment and then the other thing they've over and over again have rolled the dice with you know the the shaky guys in and i moved shaky shaky for different reasons but you know it really the the only time it didn't work out was <hes>. I don't mean to make light of this but i i would say the aaron. Hernandez thing ultimately didn't work out but they we have rolled the dice with different types of personalities and when it doesn't work they just get rid of them like shadow chose cinco didn't work. They didn't bring him back. Albert haynes with was on on the team for four five weeks didn't work. They got rid of them but yeah. I think there's a difference though those guys were at the end of their careers true <hes> think oh oh you know he was done <hes>. He had a fork in his back. Yeah antonio brown is not at the end of his career. I mean he has three or four more good years. Here's if he can get his act together. <hes> this is a different kind of signing it as like randy moss bringing them in at a certain point in this career. The difference is he. He is somebody in. I don't think moss was ever like this. Mosque could be unhappy and maybe not go hundred percent and it was almost like wasting a car in the garage that you couldn't drive on the highway a fuse on your team near the recorder back all that stuff this brown is somebody who really could try to make it about him and that the team and try to submarine what's going on and i don't. I don't really remember the pats having a guy who's as much of a narcissist as he is if that happens though do you do you see him staying around no. I think they would cut him. During the season i i think this is i think this is a week by week thing with him and if fi drip jeopardizes or threatens anything that's going on that. This team was a favourite to make the super bowl before this happened so he's going to jeopardize it. They'll just get rid of them and that's it's why it's like it reminds me. Rivas was a really good guy and i think people love playing with him but it reminds me of the rivas thing. It's a one year deal aw and you're getting somebody at a discount who if you can just get four good months out of them is one of the best guys it is position and it's a no brainer as soon as the risk was removed moved and ballot check didn't have to give up anything for them that was when he made the move but i agree. I you know as you said it's a one year deal. It's actually a five-month deal deal not even one year he didn't have to go through training camp and off-season training and all that garbage and <hes> he can't play in week one on you're talking about playing fifteen regular season games <hes> with a quarterback he likes and respects which as you indicated. There's something going on with russia's bergen pittsburgh ironies here have pittsburgh still paying part of his salary twenty one years quinn yeah oh yeah millions of oakland who traded two draft third and a fifth draft picks for him and i. I'm surprised we're able to fit them. Under our salary cap. I mean must have been some maneuvering there. I i saw that it. It's really a one million dollar salary <hes> bonus money which may be the spreading of a couple of years and then incentives will they usually they usually save a nest egg and in half the time we get frustrated at at the end of the season because they didn't actually spend the money right so this year they actually spent it. Yeah talked myself into it. I really i think kyle should go out and get an tony brown. Patriots kyle can switch it. Can it can switch off with the gordon shirt one week and antonio brown on the next week and let me give you the exact time of the day when kyle talked himself into the trade the literally the second it was on his phone and he started the dancing around going yeah yeah i do. I do have one prediction when they're on the road that they're not. They're not gonna room until the around on with score the odd couple. I think they should win them together. That'd be great i wouldn't i wouldn't antonio brown rooming with brady or somebody like that. Trading or the left guard you know the best part about all this is that takes a tremendous amount of pressure off a flash and that's really what we need. It'd be worth yeah tha kyle's look from how this affects. Josh gordon and this is a good thing for josh gordon ulta go. Who are we gonna release. I mean it's a probably they're probably trade. Thomas wave them out guests. I like him. I'd i'd because he's injured. I heard <hes> i put him on that. Six week i are with and kill harry and and then you have these two receivers sitting there and there's the other guy kim married. It's i don't know much about but you know who knows what's going to happen but our depth is certainly terrific we didn't we didn't talk about one other thing that i love from this and then then we can wrap it up. You know pittsburgh has a huge in for inferiority complex at the pats right. It's it's we were the city of champions than than new england. Just took that title from them. They can never be brady when it's mattered. I don't even think they've beaten brady and foxborough. They have a decade that started out. They lost the super bowl the year after six against brady and foxborough rate they loo- they lost a playoff game tim tibo all these. I think it was a bad bad. Steelers decade this appointing and then this antonio brown thing happen then it's like well at least didn't go to the patriots and now he's actually on the patriots and it actually seems there might have been some conspiracy stuff going on my thing is like everybody hates the patriots already we've met. It'll be like a good wrestling. He'll this is like a wrestling. He'll move you know. I know he can't play tomorrow night but i hope he's in hope. He's on the sideline in uniform and pointing across the field that his old teammates so all right so we think fifty percent anyway. We just talked to cells into loving this frightening. Didn't we won. They can cut him really doesn't it's. It's they didn't try anything farm and they can just dump them if he's a distraction but i think it's a fifty percent chance that he's just off his rocker and there's a fifty percent chance. He decided that this was how this was going to play out from june. <hes> <hes> you know the rosenhaus agent has had a wonderful relationship with the patriots now. That's not helping dad well. Don't you think he sat down with this guy and said you know this might be a last chance to act normal and behave yourself for four or five months and go to a winning team and get that a big contract when the season is over so you think he told him so now the earned the patriots don't <hes> don't burn your feet in a cryogenic chamber and don't put don't flip out. Yeah can't use your helmet and don't almost get into altercation with the g._m. Like try not to do that. He was doing that well. He had his cell phone in his ear and he was calling gronk up and telling gronk about what had just happened in <hes> stay in shape for week ten yep so if ground comes back and we tend and catches a touchdown and is greeted in the end zone by antonio brown and flash gordon. I'm gonna have to scrape car off the couch. That'll be he'll just be dead. Would that kill you. Kyle come back. I find a way to come back then. Everybody hates the patriots. We don't care. They hate us more than they did two hours ago and here's the thing though this happens in the n._b._a. This is exactly what jimmy butler did. What's different about it. They maybe jimmy butler butler and think about the cryogenic chamber and in it never occurred to him to try to pull the home row thing but he did all this other stuff minnesota and rachel nichols traipsing down there to interview him and gets traded fairly and it's like oh man he's choosing his destiny and antonio brown does it as an exception. He went to miami which is not. I'm saying when he did affiliate trade trade trade. He basically bullied them into trading to philly by doing all the same stuff. Antonio brown did split bullied itself to get to the lakers and he believed himself. You know see this is great now. We're defending antonio. Brown has come full circle. Oh my god i have twenty people my i was so mad. I forgot that you would chatter with them and i'm sure that you thought he was really nice man who just needed to be on the right team right. I i just think he wants to be happy and if we've learned anything in two thousand nineteen it's that we should just want our professional athletes to be texting right now and welcome to it. Tell if he's listening well tokyo. This has been a very special episode of the podcast. We're coming back tomorrow night with cousin sal wrapping up sunday night as well as guest the lines dad. Thanks for coming on all right. Take care <music> the first.

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