Episode #1267: The New Phil Hendrie Show


Mm-hmm. Famous fill ratio, and let me say. Account treasurer or something, not yet Geno. This is Margaret Craig general given Sean and Dickman. Now I'm Linda, his Bill. What was your question was like west who is a contractor? He did. He did sound tad eastern European, didn't he? He's the host of a new podcast. Gonna podcast one. It's about serial killers. Yeah. What's the whole eastern European Dracula you know, which is correct pronunciation by the way. Well, you're talking about man, you call him drek hula. No, you don't call if you're making this uptick, but so I hope we got. I swear Drik hula. Yeah, I heard. On a TV show. What TV show. Did you hear that? On? Creature features get outta here, creature features, whatever drac hula Dracula the guy exists. So get a phone call for the by the way you're mispronouncing my name. He can't really be sure them just goes their Halloween. You're trying to get all vampire enough. Well, you know something. There are stranger things in heaven on earth. Then we dare think of. I'm Margaret grey. What are you talking about? I think there are a lot of things that are very possible. We're going to talk about the possible tonight and he's going to be all that spooky. We're gonna be talking first of all about, don't you have some thoughts on the Harvey. Wean seen Harvey what Weyermann not hard. That's our man. Harvey wherever I know I know at blue Harvey Weinstein, weans the, I don't know how it's pronounced, but I'm pretty sure. First of all, my husband Frank had a party object bun worth. Do you know the name. I'm afraid. I don't know what about. You know, I don't know. Jek pun worth. Well, apparently you you say you're in show businesses. Phil, what's the story? Margaret? You don't know the name, Jack bunt worth. He produced some of the anyway. Jack. What do you say? Jek bun worth put his hands all over. You. You know something, this is a deadly serious business. I understand it as it. So if Jack bun worth exists exists and he put his paws on me. Now I'm not trying to make light of the Weinstein situation. I'm certainly not trying to make light of that. I'm letting you know that while I did not have contact with Harvey Weinstein, I'm sorry. Harvey Weyermann is an attorney who is one of our contributors folks has got nothing to do. Harvey Weinstein is his name, right? I thought it was weaned steam that could be wrong. I thought it was weaned steam. You're, you're gonna get in trouble because people really pissed off the jokes are being made about this stuff. What do you mean? Your guys are going to get in trouble? You are. Dench coordin- got in trouble a lot of people late night guys getting trouble because they were trying to make gigs out of this thing. So be very, very careful. I'm not making a joke out of it. I'm talking about. I don't want to talk about the Harvey Weinstein. I wanna talk about Jack bunt worth now who is jet Butterworth the only one of the hottest producers, wow, she's nobody's heard of Jack bun worth will. Yes, people have heard of Jack Butterworth just you clowns. Haven't excuse my language. All right. All right. So we haven't right well when I was a young. All gene. All right. You know what that word means? Yes, Margaret, I do. What's it mean. Margaret? What are you trying to test us? Just because you don't French words the, we don't. I great. It means go ahead. Young in engineering down. Oh, I don't know when I was a young artist when I was a young actress in this town, trying to break in Jack bun worth was producing, why am I wasting my breath? Well, when it's your turn him in because he's dead. Oh, shit. Oh my God. Phil Hendrie is laughing at the death of a man. I'm laughing at your reaction because he's dead. Oh, like you know what? I think you are making light of this situation. I am not making light of any situation. I'm talking about my situation. No one else's on talking about Jack Butterworth. I'm talking about what I was always you knew I'm talking about him putting his paws on me, untold you about my husband, Frank, you, heaven, hell the devil. Do you get five. All right. Well, thanks very much Harding. Harding that, yeah, you're playing hard on from. You being William Redfield any welcome to our program folks. You are talking about the William Redfield, welcome to our program folks, world-famous. Phil Hendrie show here from the Pacific. Oh, it's a Sunday night. We're back and for those of, you know, just exactly what in the holy hell was happening around this joint. We had three days of fumigation. Our students literally had the termite gear guy here, right? But yeah, termite guy came any any tended to any tended to studio in a headed in. We couldn't use a studio, right? So we did the three days of best of and returned on Friday just in time to do our chat chat and give you a program. Note, there are many features that we do on our show. There is, for instance, Bob green today, buggering the grocer, yes. We also do. Of course, you know, Dr l. Kat. We do a lot of different individual features. All of those are going to be going behind our pay wall. Not that we don't love you. It's not that we don't appreciate you, but those will become available only to subscribers. This daily podcast will be, we'll continue to be a free offering, very happy to do that, but when we do, but when I'm hosting, what about the the? The great host duties and things when you're filling in? Yeah, I mean you're here. Okay. But do you do any special? I'd like to think that when I'm on the, oh my God, I was great. You're not that special. I mean, oh, I'm not wait. Wait, wait, yes, you are. But you are a fill in host so we can't really sing with general. So. What about bud but can't fill and he's, he's barely, but, but but can turn on the microphone. You your book wealth. Neither one of you knuckleheads can do anything, so you guys are guest host. I, I can't really say that we're gonna put you behind a paywall, although I thought times we all should be locked up. Go ahead so that is how that's going to go down. So if you're looking for, you know, at Alcott and all those cats, they will actually be available only by way of subscription here on the world famous fill in the show. The other thing that's available by subscription, but we're very happy to be offering it to our subscribers are brand new by any tapes that we just got in. These are the Matt lake by archives, and when you go to visit our archives, you can find them under three categories. You can find them by the category. Name could find the by date. I believe we can find them by characters that right, but. Kick websites. We'll go to the website and check it out, but there are three different distinct tabs there on the menu. If you're looking for category, this would be the map lake by archives view. Looking for the years, ninety four and ninety five. These these go back, you'll think this is what pill was trying to get put under the end of the digitized and everything right now. Do you have the Larry King, the Larry King is they're all of that stuff, right? Phil wanna make sure that people aren't getting gypped. All right. Jytte when a lot of people are going to be listening to your Miami archives, but the Larry King film, the Larry King. What about the Larry King? I don't want to give it away. Don't sit there. The Larry King. I'm just reminding fill that he has a moral obligation to his listeners to present the Larry King. Thank you. Very nice born by the way. Did you have a good time at? Oh, yes, we did do. We didn't do the bilge we did the week before we did the the oyster slot this past week where where we anyway up, think while you're at the bait shop. Oh, we were. We were at Rudo foes bay shop. That's right. Beautiful. Little bar, although it, it's a dump rodolfo's. Bake shop. Yes. It happens to be a pretty class joint for San Pedro. You saying his grave? Yes, I what is with you guys anyway, tells me going to be this weekend. You didn't. And I didn't see it announced anywhere. Well, I forget me because these things are fast. If Frank is supposed to be taking care of that rodolfo's shop. Yes, it's a piano bar, very elegant. It has cement floors and they shuck oysters when I'm not on the bandstand they use it for shucking oysters, but you gotta tell people with shucking oysters, shucking oysters when the some of these monkeys get up there and they've got the big heavy gloves on the big knives and they open the stir up serve at that way. Now they did that on the bandstand because there's a gutter right in front of the stage. I know it sounds disgusting, but actually when I start singing the lights go down and can't see it, you can smell it. But you can't see, I wanna get the street. There's a gutter where the oyster, guts, and all that stuff goes when you're not on the band. Stanfield don't make. A federal case out of it sounds like it works pretty well. Bart city it. You can smell it though. Well, I can spend. I don't know about the well. The patrons don't care. All right. So that was rodolfo's bait shop, and I had a beautiful baby grand piano player. We brought in. Well, we brought in leeann leeann Bush who was Jimmy my company, my accompanist, but my accompany my God damn Kim. It can't even say. Wait, make fun of me. Hold on, but you know, better than that, what did I tell you about dancing around here every time you go hand even say, you go dancing about the room. All she has to do is stick right hand out, didn't do will bud DEA blame me so predictable because you start dancing over there and I know you're going to swing around behind. Phil, you'll come over toward me. My left hand goes out even as applying makeup, so it's almost Matic to see that. But because she was she was putting on eyeliner when she clocked, you. Can't even understand your kid. With the nose willia-. All right. Any other announcements? Well, the fact that see, we got past renting coming on tonight. You got into a fight at Dodger Stadium at the ball game. Last night past rented got into a fight when he was blessing the dodgers and someone hit on a hot dog vun I heard about this. All right. And can't wait to hear that one. And then we have Ted bell and Ted is going to be discussing well, it'd be talking about what he's got coming up there at, what do we what is going on here? Man is that okay, ten is going to be discussing going to have to what about you. The other in the queue monitor that looks like it's the the website put on the stills. It's a very hot night folks in more ways than one. Ted bell will be talking about the upcoming events there at the prime rib room. Apparently he's getting rid of the miniature chickens. All said, you gotta be carrying. He said he can't take it anymore and the Putin to get rid of the team. So he's going to have some ritual. Did he call you? He's gonna have some big ritual outside in the parking lot where I think he's going to take the chickens and the Putin and throw it all out onto the cement of the parking lot and then have Ruben hose it off. And that's what he calls a big. It's a big celebration. Yeah. He's finally free of the Putin that chickens the stink. I would imagine working restaurant things befell for where you just told you wanna do is get far far away from wherever it is you are understood. All right. Well, Phillip, I didn't create this world. No, I know that general. Thank you very much. So that's a beautiful thing. What else are we missing? Just the fact that, oh, well, I don't wanna make a big announcement. You made the announcement during the pre show. Standard announcement. We've got a lot of people who have been posting comments. Are you in Maria getting back together? And the answer to that is no. We have been friends through this period that she was recuperating from major surgery and helping her on her way as she pursues the. The final stages of education eventually moves into the professional world as a marriage, family counselor, and we're very proud of her, but please don't read into that anything. And the reason why say that is because it's there's a lot of chitchat that idle chitchat and the idle gossip. Oh, and speaking of idle. Oh, I already mentioned Jack on birth s part, and you say this to see check with has been dead for thirty years holiday. You number line? He was. I was don't worry about it. All right. Okay. Just so jecklin worth is dead. You know, Laura live yet boilers. Why would you say something like that. Wait, wait Barbie familiar. Great. I was just saying he put his puzzle over me. Let's be careful the way we're talking about the the dead here. All right. I'll be very careful how I refer to Hugh. Shoot. That wasn't I. So here we go through the traffic. We got our good close personal. Michelle out there Bob by toil about. Freeway was going down. Got to semi bail out of our make good him in chicken. See. This guy boy. Guitar. The Camden Catholic Lizzy it'll be if you're saying. Thanks. Are you fall down? Okay. And down. We'll fall down British. Although after. Orange County and the flood is they're gonna fall from yourself fit. Both. Oops. Maybe sweep. Folks time. Now for Ted barrel, Ted's Beverly Hills. Jaunt steakhouse come on. And welcome everybody, Beverly Hills. His always the place to be here in the different here during the ending the baseball season. People have asked as well. You have all of the great things that you usually have their Beverly Hills, bribery. And we're talking about the team. We're talking miniature ticket me something that was pioneered by Ted Bill and that Bill something I'm extremely proud of and we painted the, you know that we find the miniature chicken do. All right. I just want you to get up there for me. Look, I'm sorry, ten. I've got a million things happening. I understand. You got a million, you know right now what you got going on is paying sponsor. You'll like the miniature chicken which was pioneered by Ted bell. That's right. And well, guess what? A lot of people complain. They said, you know, it didn't really fill me up with anything. It was a small chicken and I thought the number of it would make you forget how hungry you are saying and believe me when I tell you wait a minute, what do you mean by that? But I mean by what? What are you beat? The novelty of it would make people forget they were hoping what I get a load of this guy looking. You're telling me that I come in there, starving, and then all of a sudden I forget starving a look, a miniature chicken, right? And then you start eating about ten of them, ten bucks a piece. So that's a hundred bucks. How many miniature chickens do you have on any given night? If I, we don't have anymore. We are ceasing the sale of miniature chickens. As of this series, the dodgers Cup series by the World Series, there will be no more miniature chickens. And I would also like to say we will not have any more team. We're going back to straight bar food. We're going back to the straight bar, fair hot, dogs, ribs, dirty rice. You know, Coors light. You're gonna. You gotta live with it. Love it and because I'm telling you it got to be a little weird. I don't like dealing with these people in Indiana. I don't like Putin. It looks funny. It spells even worse and I'm gonna let you know kind of live instinct that I've had for few weeks. We're gonna take it and throw it into the street tonight right here, Beverly Hills. So come on down and watch picked miniature chickens and the Putin and dump it out into the alley. What's so funny you will you sound angry? And that's funny. Phil gets rucks off, listened angry people. No, I do not. But just the way you sounded man straighted. The miniature chicken was going to be a boon thought it was going to be something that would put us on the map. The only thing that's done is be the laughing stock of the central market. I go down there to buy stakes or I go down there for seafood. They're going, hey, where are you a little miniature chickens. What did you bring with you when you're doing a dance who's up that? Do they talk? Do they United? I tell them, I say, you guys can go straight to hell and get back card. I leave without yet. And then we run out of stakes and they'll say, what we're the stakes, I forgot to get them because they were giving me shit skews me for saying this, but they were giving me shit about the chickens. You forgot to buy states. I don't wanna play it again. General. Let that one go. All right, Ted. So tonight, the big celebration at major celebrating tonight right after the New York Yankee Astro game, we are going to pour that stuff out into the street and act as if we've never seen it before. Ted Belsen tens of memory hills is us. You know, the the end of an era of the miniature chicken is the miniature miniature kick it the Minhaj. I know the miniature chicken is going away and the patina teen is something from Wisconsin devastates minutes, like messed up transfers. Oh, yeah, that's right. You had to daughter kids southern it up what we tried to make it a big thing because doubter was talking about it on the Henry. Okay. Shouted, interesting. I maybe it was the beginning of a big thing so we we was brought in one hundred pounds of team couldn't sell it. I couldn't give it away that shell citing that was couldn't give it away. No, no, I couldn't. He'll here at Ted Beverly Hills. We'll take the Putin miniature chickens and we're gonna dump them right out. Here in the south, where to the parking lot right in the wash and Ruben's gonna be there with a garden hose and hose it right into the storm can stay the storm channel and they will just go, hey, I don't know what we'll do. Like firecrackers who said, I know I am set up a temporary bar out there. The customers invited this is sippy something simply for me the and the employees did Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills tend to see I wanted to talk to you a little bit about t- well, this the the games watching these you get dodger seats, don't you? We've got the, we got the Lakers seat. We've got kings. I got all the major sports. All of the major sports. I've got season tickets to, but I don't go to the games because you didn't did that infill when you were asking me for charity. Pickets have these cancer kids with me. I thought you got over that. That is something that you should be very proud of to give a ticket. So we did these sick children. I don't mind doing it, but if I'm going to be at the game by self and I got a bone kid. Are you you going on about that? Again, it would be something. Would you see Jack Nicholson at the game? You don't really see Jack Nicholson the tuna games anymore. Well, when did see Jack Nicholson being he'd be sitting next to a beautiful girl. So ten Bill goes to Laker game, and I got a boom. I got a bone kid. You see the purpose built, it makes me look like like an asthma, half it makes me look like the acidly year. You do that to yourself Ted, you do it when I asked you, can we have the tickets and you said, yes, we use the tickets and then it turns out you're going to be at the game. Of course, I'm gonna be in the game. If you're giving away some kind of the contest, giving it away the prize. I want to be there little did I know, and the kid with the king of the what that one was head aiding hotdog out of one hand in the bun out of the. All right. Ted enough. Okay. You made all your jokes. I'm not making a joke. Everybody asks me. Oh, that's that you send, Josh. I said, no, no, it isn't and Josh. As soon as I got home, he's standing there with his arms full and aggressive chest. He's tapping still. He's looking at his watch going where you've been. I said, you're fourteen what businesses viewers. And he said, Willie happen to think that that kid was looking baloney and trying to stick it on the seat. You know, I still don't let it encourages him in. According to. I'm telling you right now tent. Don't be cruel and use this as your business. Don't be cruel. Elvis, Presley could be maybe maybe a little bit earlier. We're talking to Ted belt. Don't be crew. I know the sun don't be cruel to a heart. That's true. I don't want no other live baby. It's you, thinking of own don't. All right, Margaret. Come on. Excuse me, we segment thank you. We'll hear, actually, I wanna hear you sing. You don't own me. Did you do that the other night? I did as a matter of fact, and it got an f. got an ovation media standing of got a city vacation, which was good. It's not as good as a standing ovation sitting ovation. Look at the gentleman. I mean, they set down in applauded. That's what people usually do what you do when you applied. And if everybody applauds it's called a sitting ovation. Only part of the people applaud that is just applause, but this. You don't miss your point. Thank you. So Margaret gotta sitting ovation. Meta standing ovation sitting ovation for you. Don't own me great song by Lesley gore, but I, I don't see how that's got anything to do with me and that she don't have same. I understand. That's why your head Ted bell from Beverly Hills. When you what's the ball game tonight you'd onto tens of Emily hills. You watch the Yankees in the Astros the Astros leading series to zip Ted is gonna be as soon as the ball game is over with getting rid of the miniature chickens and the Putin. He's going to be hosing off done an alley, and he's going to be happy to crap is never going to be his life again. Right. Exactly, right. We've done a lot of experimenting. We've done. We've got live entertainment. We had the Dunphy brothers come in and saying, because you know, I owed the money. So I let them come in and saying they sang horribly, but but it saved me from a beating. And as it turned out people kind of like the horrible singing. We have people like. Didn't mind it. We've had the Patine we've had the miniature chickens. You know, I had the fire pit lit up at the height of summer because the old people are so cold, even when it's the debt of it's right there at the height of July, it is burning. Everybody's flesh off. They want that fire pit lit all the way to broil. You gotta be kidding me. Don't do what I kid you and. You would well. And so I had people coming in and dying almost that quite but dying from Hebron station that I say, this is what we do at Beverly Hills to make our customers happy. Was that a good idea? The purpose of good idea writing the summertime is it would you got fires and you've got heat and the Santa Ana winds, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, don't mention fire in the same breath with my restaurant. I'm not saying you started fires. I'm saying when the heat is so bad, that fires are breaking out all over the and boy, that stuff that's going to northern California's nuts, that that absolute tragedy and all I can tell you is Bill. We can't really address that situation, but I know we had a problem down here three years ago. I think the San Gabriel mountains went up and I was very grateful and very happy to offer people a complementary drink. People thought it was a cheap bum, and I was called a lot of names, but I was very happy to do that. You're, you're offering complementary drink. The people had their homes burned down. Oh, boy. So you look at gift horse in the mouth like that of a complementary drink, you'd think they you'd think they'd be thirsty or claims to now thank you bud. We're talking to Ted Bill and Ted's of Beverly Hills coming up. Also, we have pastor William Rennick who's going to join us. We have Chris Norton of who is going to be discussing a new film. He's going to get a little bit more into the Harvey Weinstein stuff. You have any opinions on that opinion on that. But let me tell you what and you, you made the point earlier. Nobody should be screwing around with that. Don't make any jokes. This is comedy time with this. This is serious stuff and that guy Weinstein, I don't know the guy from Adam. He was never in my joint. Thank God and we've had them all in here. I mean, I've had the producers of the top Hollywood stars and directors in Beverly Hills, but I don't remember that fat ass coming in here at all, and thank you very much for that because I don't need that kinda rep, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. All right. We got it. You're, you're free and clear. I just was wondering if you had an opinion, same opinion. Everybody else. Does you gotta treat people like human beings? You treat them like human beings. They behave with, you got to treat women with respect. You. Gotta treat your customers with respect. You. Gotta treat your employees with respect. I keep reminding myself of that every. Single time in here. One of these days I'm gonna get the hang of it. Thank you Bill. He just joking around real funny Ted bell folks, Ted's of Beverly Hills. And of course they are open tonight in the written open tomorrow night for the ball game there in the prime rib room, which I think is. Prime rib room, which I think is open right now. What are you close there? The prime rib real broom. Rumer serving until morning at the prime really stop serving dinner, ten, booze, forget it flows. I'll never, I'll never stops, serving liquor, Beverly Hills. Balut on meet in young. Thrills. Twitter, much like them thrills and so long. Good. Bye. Let's let's check in with pastor. William Rennick who's joyful union congregation was at the ballgame himself. Yesterday's game the dodger win over the Chicago Cubs, three, two and pastor running joins us now from joyful union. Passer. Again, I don't know what time we talked to you. Get has been a year. I'm very busy and and country though a busy dot is a very busy, but we've had a good year joyful union congregation. I thank God donate receive people used sin. We almost fully funded something and the general I talked about this. Pester me again about the youth how come it takes a long funded. Start a question it because I told you gentle use center. I wanna just right now, the first donations we got, you got up my face 'cause I bought a seven jet spa from my own personal use. And you got angry about that because you use donation money for that? Yes, I, it's money now we finally got it where we wanted. I wanted to hardwood floors. I wanted to beam ceilings. I wanted ceiling fans. This is for the youth center. What about been talking about here? Listen to good. I'm listening fine. You got it yet, have oak floors and you gotta have beamed ceilings. What about? Wow, Joe kids can't have it nice. That's very big expenditure. Well, I don't think there's anything to good for young people to go and enjoy themselves. Now we don't have the swimming pool. That's a small one, a swimming pool, what you said. It doesn't have a swimming pool, basketball court, the foods ball table, got air hockey. We, I'm very happy to hear hockey. But we got it. I tell you this is the best youth center that I've ever heard of in my life knowing about youth centers. Monty open and I'm hoping we get it open next month. I'm hoping that I don't look at this. My wife clear. You tell. Claire, Harry Hilo. Dear cler. Parents, Rene has been said he made look at the sermon and say, I can't do it. I can't turn over to the kids. I'd like to have it as an adjunct man cave like another basement. What are you being Riddick? It's pets. Rennick what are you talking about? Ben, an agile bent gave evidence to mention, what are we going to be? I'm gonna. What are we going to be? I'm gonna air hockey. Got all that stuff in there for the kids. If you gonna have so much stuff in there that attempts you and the next week. The next thing we know that you know you are you're in there instead of the kids. What's the point point? Is. That we made it so nice. I can't turn it over to a bunch of keys. You know, can't turn it over to a bunch of kids that laying around all day and Allie, you know, pulling stuff out of a garbage can these kids, they don't have any homes, you know. So they hang out at how I'm gonna, let them into my youth center. That's what it's about. I thought, hey, don't go, you feel sorry. Isn't that what? It's about. That's what it's about. But I've got to overcome the temptation. I live there hockey pester, Rennick all by an air hockey table if that's what it's about. Well, now you're talking. I can't believe Phil's going to you off. I'm only kidding. Couldn't go and cannoli now I'm now in kidding. All right. So the youth center is getting funded. That's not why we've got you on the air here, though. You were at the dodgers game last night with about twenty of a members of your congregation, congregation, right. In fact, Jim fat team was with us and his wife, Karen, we had the husband twins. We had to Bill boondoggle into and all these employees to wait up around twenty people from our congregation, and we had great seats reserved section over for space, and we right down on the railway with a lot of fun. Those are those are fun seats. Yeah, absolutely. And what happened was this guy the two dot bomb chip, I don't hold on. The the congregation member said, pets that you blessed the dodgers and I said, well, you know, and this come on past renting do a blessing of the dodgers and I said, all right, I don't know what it is you want me to do. They just get whatever you whatever comes to mind. So I said, all right, you want me to do this going to be an outdoor blessing. They say, yeah, go ahead, ham it up and. Well, you know, I'm going to do it outdoor blessing. Everybody gonna see it as you don't just want to say, Lord, please bless the dodgers. So I put my arms out. I do thing. The congregation gets a kick out of it with. You know, great spirit all this stuff and laugh at it up when talking about, are you listening to me glistening. I'm doing passing. Yeah, but I'm not paying the middle of the dodgers stadium and people in the congregation. They get it. I do this all the time. You do this at your own church? Yeah. Say great spirit. Please bring down your good fortune on the dodgers. You know, and I start, you know, jumping around and going, hey. Bless thing. Oh, horse done. It's not a black. I'm having a ball in everybody in the congress led us. Well, what happened with the one guy, one guy. He got upset about five rows back the Dunkin, and he had a hot dog. He had about half the hot dog. The dog was in the bun because you can't throw a hot dog bun. You gotta have some weight and sure enough. There was a dodger dog lodged in it, and he hit me full the back of the neck. And I mean it stunned me it stunned me, that's how hard he threw it. So I turned around and everybody was just a really frightening. So who is Hispanic? And I can I help you? And he said, quit doing that silly ass dancing around the ballgames about the start. If you want to the team, the team don't do the moment. I said it will homeboy. Let me tell you. Let me tell you don't this went back and forth. All right. Now did you guys get into it? Well, hold on the. No, we didn't, but we could have said mate. Now you guys dice it. I'm not gonna stop and I started going and I started. He started to chase me and as I was being chased, I guess you could say I was egging him on it was, do you know how can you be chasing a full ballpark? It was before the game, man, the twin full. So he's chasing me up the steps in reserve section and I'm going. And everybody's cheering me on to go pass to go. And I'm going to that. I was obviously pissing this guy off. Well, he finally collapsed because I, I can outrun anybody when he collapsed. Many obviously ran at a class at the top of the steps. He was having a hard time getting there. So we got the paramedics in the straw hats. All came out and he was trying to get air. And I said, hey, I think I'll give him out the mouth and he went. He did something. I don't. Like he said, the f. word is f. you. And I said, I was only kidding, but not watch this and I went, Lou started doing, let's you know, trying to give this guy, a heart attack has like to me, try to egg guy, some kind of Cindy s that's exactly what he had. He did, but he did have better with him and a couple of doctors paramedics. I don't know what the hell they would, but some kind of emergency text came over the got the medicine into him. But I said, you know, do you, you can't take a joke. So I started going. You know, what is this. What's the fake blessing? He's blessing the team. Oh, so you're doing it like, you know, that's up to date of Americans. What are you talking about doing some fo up native American thing? No, I was doing a past William Rennick. We're gonna do a blessing, but I'm gonna do my comedy blessing. Okay. Because I've got kind of do a comedy blessing. Comedy blessing yet doesn't mean it's any you know, give out, but I went and the guy started gagging. Again. He couldn't breathe until they told me to bug off and I, I went back down to the congregation. So let's watch this ball game and hope they don't. Piss excuse my language and hope it'll piss me off and they didn't. So that was the extent of you. You did this blessing. Wait, I get the feeling you wrong. I get the feeling people judging me judging you. You're going on, and then a guy starts chasing you and you ran away from him court. So ran away known as panic, get my ass kick, of course that ran ran away from this guy was fat, wouldn't say it was. He was gargantuan, but he was pretty fat. And I knew that if I just jaw up the steps, he was gonna lose oxygen, he might get guess show he could have say so. And I got to the top of the steps all. And I think, you know, I may have to give you mouth to mouth, and they look to me goes f. you and I said, okay, you ask for started doing maybe the man was a devout Christian, devout Christian. Of course, I am well then why wouldn't you guys have something common and not do that? You know, not think highly of something like that. That guy what this phony blessing you were doing. This guy was a type twos me for saying. Here's what I'm trying to do. The Margaret level, that guy was a huge thing. He was a Titus. Well, what's the point of doing. I kick because no one can understand you. That we're talking with pastor William hold on pastor pastor William Rennick from joyful union congregation about some blessing that he did at the dodger game on Saturday that actually infuriated one of the fans, they hit him with a hot dog and then pass the Rennick started to you started to provoke the men further by doing more and more of the blessing. And this was a dodger dog. Let folks may not notice dodger dog dodger dog is about half again bigger than a regular dog and you can't even get you can barely get into a bun. I don't think they make fun be do player today. They don't make a bun big enough dodger dog. So you walk around with this dog, you know, coming out of the bun. Wait a minute. I've had a dodger dog there long, but they're not so fat. You can't stick them in a button that what she said. What an asshole man now. I don't think that has already. Don't get him good. Well, it sounds like it's like you Mel formed his mouth is something in that you don't you ever top that way again? Good. Clara. Thank you for making him vailable at pre. She it that I think we've got all the information we. You know, I was the beginning and this man. Thank goodness. Miss. The Dunkin taught. Don't go insane. He did him. You know, the pastor is trying to have fun with over the end of that fine. He said, I have as and I have a heart condition and it was touching. But I understand. And I said, if you died at night, make God have mercy on pastor winning Phillies said, if I die tonight it won't matter. He said because look at me and I said, you know, you're handsome, young man. He's an open. Look at me. I said, all right. He said how much you think I weigh three hundred twenty six pounds three thirty. And I've been okay. What's the point? He said, I'm a, I'm a fat slob and by all rights on a day, but I want to go with my my conscience here and my soul ready to be delivered on the gun. So when I heard pastor Aniko do all that I had a chasing chasing down as good as I could. Well, he and he was up there in the upper section. I think it's up here offend man. No business man has no business up deca. Dodger Stadium. He said, I heard that. And then he, he not it off. I heard that then, but not at off. He went to sleep. But he's okay. Oh yeah. Yeah. You side. Side. Maggie company right in the most? Well, you know what? Maybe a deserved it don't take the phone anyway. Still everyone have a blessed evening. Thanks a lot clearer to talking to you too. Claire de player. I'm saying to you feel when you come on now at my home and you call me if you want me on your show, you spend most of the time talking to clear after I got belted plea this tooth right here. Yeah, I loosened a couple. Because she. Let me she gave me an NBA down the middle elbow to the throat and you've got to loose teeth that it was has to William Rennick has been our special guests all's well that ends well, and I will tell you, I've never heard of a group of people from church sitting together to ballgame and having the pass to do a blessing that was so ostentatious and theatrical and quite frankly, disrespectful talking about disrespectful fail. You're going to and you're flapping your arms around like native American thing. Look at, I told you it's the comedy blessing tag again, a comedy blessing. What. You know, you know, I love you, but sometimes I think we should have you put down. I mean, I think we should just go ahead. Take you into the vent and have him overload you. I. William Rennick folks here from joyful union congregation. Thanks. He is one for the books that man and I'll tell you this. He does that in public and he's going to get himself in a lot of trouble. People are not putting up with that kind of behavior anymore. What kind of behavior talking about where he's he's giving these districts? You heard Donald Trump said, he said, we're bringing Christianity back to our holidays and you're an atheist. I am an atheist. I'm Margaret grey. Sense. It makes sense to me. All right, thank you. Yeah. Same as the in southern California back with Chris Norton. Chris Dorton talking to us about new film that has got called the get your rocks off. Is that get your except the Cornhuskers in town. That sounds absolutely filthy. Yeah. Does do adult film. So. We to remind all of you that backstage pass to the world. Famous Phil Hendrie show gets you fun. We've just added to the thirty thousand plus hours of archive material that we have in there with. Now, the met Blake, Miami archives met was the session engineer who took that raw analog tape and turned it into the beautiful digital quality that you can hear on the Phil be show, and this is some plastic material from Miami, including the great Larry, King Cole. So get your backstage pass. Now Filamba show dot com. That's film show dot com and take the Miami archives. York Times more at fill every show dot com. Don't be, don't don't delay. He's man. What I was gonna say, don't be don't be later. Don't delay. This, what you don't be, don't delay. I know. This you play guitar. Is it. Yeah. All right. Thank you very much. So Chris Norton is in the studios. There have Norton explodes, which is production company, and I, I gotta tell you, Chris is now come out with his third film in two years. He had the first one was Rexrod climb Rexrod climb Rexrod. There was another one I think was unnamed, or at least he's still putting title to it. And now this new ended, Chris Norton joins us on our newsmaker line from onto Beach, California, and we can hear the Chris, you are still pretty hard at work. There you know doing your post Brexit. I think we hear music. Where we only right now is doing plus reduction, but we broke for dinner or having the some, you know, method gun upset for Mexican food, and we're having some Jila some sketti. It's like Mexican. You know, the beans chili. Oh, yeah, Chile, we'll Chila is actually the way that you're, you're supposed to it from my from my understanding. And what else Getty. Spaghetti. I'm sorry. I, I learned how to say when the kid I used to say sketti general. General, you think. Sympathize with that? Yeah, all the people on in show I figure you want when you're a kid, you probably calling it, but Scotty did, but study your business. Well, making them my bit. All right guys, you're making it your business. All right, Chris. Tell us about that. You're working on right now and also this thing the film that you're doing, you have to let people know it was based on your inspired but a football game. Yeah, according to ban and Buckeye and nobody said that the Kornheiser and the Buckeye was bland, and I went ban and they're all like what I said, think about it and they go, yeah, we'll the buckeyes into the buckeyes. Slam the Kornheiser and I'm like, are you serious? Did you think that Senate still? Yeah, that sounds like a really good name for adult film. Now I'm not trying to say that the the Pasco the Nebraska corn huskers are. Some kind of, but you know pirates. I'm just let's watch it with the bud pirate thing. Okay. I'm sorry. Are you seeing because they're called the corn huskers that there some you're gonna get sued. You know that I'm not going to get sued. I'm I'm twenty determine and or the corn huskers you could call their athletic department say, hey, are you guys in the anal sex? Oh, my God. Gab is you're, you're going to be soon. Well, this is what this guy's. Isn't that what you're getting that I'm not trying to get it? Nothing. Henry. What I'm trying to say, the corn husker the name of the movie, get your off the corn, the corn huskers back. The corn huskers bet. Yeah, I thought it was the corn huskers coming to tell. No, no, the corn hunter. I'm gonna play the corn hut here and I have. I have terrorized town. Put everybody walks around. It's pretty funny. Everybody walks out with a frying pan. The hold it over their ass. God, it's over the road. Well, that's what you're saying right there. Yeah. Tokyo. So everyone's walking around town, holding a frying pan over there ashes, and then they hear that the Cornhuskers back and I've come back. I've come back and I want what's mine. Okay. And the comedy, because the people being to lose it up and realize Kornheiser know, get your off saying, this is get your rocks off. Yeah, it's wrong. It stars, my stars, Madeleine, chin, day, bun, and the the corn family. I mean, what do you want for me? I want something from you, Chris. I want art from you, man. I know you're into adult film. Well, they're ever going to have to wait until I got a backer. Okay. Because right now benefactor, why I know how about raising some money, you can go and get your lips repair to whatever happened you because you're saying Kornheiser and get your Ross off. What happened to you? You you can't even put out, right? That's the way it sounds Chris when you talk anyway, forget it. We're talking to Chris Norton that way. I talk. You got that nasal condition, man, we're talking to Chris Norton, hear about his latest film, the corn husker is back, get your Ross off. No, no, no, no, it's get you off the courthouse. Here's back. It's rocks off. Yeah. Get your rocks off the Cornhuskers back. Right. And this was all inspired by the Buckeye corn husker game this past weekend on on Facebook, talk about it and I went, you know. I mean, that doesn't sound no, it doesn't sound weird. Is that what you're asking? Yeah. I mean, you don't when you hear someone say, hey, the Buckeye just climbed all over the corn husker day didn't say the buck is first of all, it's the buckeyes and they beat them handily. I'll bet they did. Yes, sir. You can't get away from it real. You can't you really care. You can't get away from the says, the everything is informed by south by sensual energy. I mean, whatever your name is Chris gala names, Chris. Okay. All right. For Senator STAN, everything's informed by sexual energy, right? Everything's informed by we'll energy and my dad is very powerful. That's gotta adult film, and that's why I'm inspired by everyday situations. Okay. Like the whole thing with climb Chris Norton's mountain and turned into restaurant climber, climb wrath climber climbers rod that was inspired by all the fan mail that I hope to get some day. And I imagine a girl riding on a horse up the mountainside to my cabin at the top of the mountain and going. Yeah, is is is restless rod there I'll go. Yeah, and that's when you see kinda swing, you know, I opened the door, but then you see, I understand that we see, right? So this new film, the Cornhuskers back, get your off. Is an extension of that, get it essentially. Hey, Chris, what do you want to Mr. comedy adult filmmaker? No, this is the first comedy that I made, but I think it's going to be great and build. It's going to have a fair amount of fast when the corn hunter gets back and finally talks everyone into dropping their frying pans. Then the fun begins. You know, you should be ashamed of yourself in courage in the garbage. Henry arstan stir Henry doesn't understand anything, Chris, I hope someday you find a suitable pursuit for yourself and for whatever it is that you do other members of your, I don't know, but what you do and what you Do, Son, you do you go ahead and do it will by the way. Great. And you say that you are saying you don't own me at at at the Bill. No, not at the Bill saying, you don't own me at where was that? The Rudolfo bay shop. I heard that by a friend who went gore Lesley gore. Yes, not hor-. I didn't pay more gore. I like that song because there's a part in Kornheiser you know, get your off the corn huskers back. We're the corn husker decides to slave half the town because they won't Trump their frying pans. Okay. What does that again, half the town will get rid of their frying pans, so he inflates them. Okay. And at that point when he all he's marching them off to captivity, they're still holding their frying pans over their butts. And you know, you don't own me. I'm not. I don't think that. Good, right. Well, if you think I'm going to sing that song in your in your film, forget it bull. Can I get Lesley gore? I doubt it. I don't. She's not. She doesn't strike means the kind of person's gonna wanna be in your movie either. So what are you or something, man? How can I contact Leslie Gordon after the thing you don't. Let me ask you something the half the people in the town, you weren't able to talk in a dropping the frying pan. Not me the character I play the Kornheiser. All right. The corn husker. Asking that able to tell him to drop the frying pan, right? So half the town is walk around the frying pan to their rear ends because they're afraid the corn back. So that's what he inflates them. Oh, man, you know what? Missouri don't hang up, man. Hang up. I know it. I think it's really fair. I think it's fair. I mean that I'm not there hung up for you, Chris Dorton folks. That's wrong. I mean, he's a moron. I get that, but you make him look like even more of a moron. You make him look like, we'll feel you hold all the cards you're in control and to make that dimwit look, even dimmer. I think it's cruel. It's very, very cruel. I Margaret great. All right. I'm sorry, but I think I'm saving him from himself the corn huskers back. Get your rocks off. Yeah. Well, you know what? In in Norton's world. I bet to it's the magic word corn husker. Did you grow up Henry. Not a bad idea, man, not a bad idea. All right folks. That'll conclude it for this Monday. Of course, we have our encore show coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday. We'll be back with more of our great original programming. Don't forget that we are moving a lot of our shows behind the pay wall, and I don't mean these shows you listen to now, but Bob green today Dr l. cut August cellphone. All of the shows are going to be going behind our pay wall very, very shortly. So, yeah. So get your Ross off while you can get your rocks up and of course makes you hit us up for backstage pass because boy out to that solves all of life's problems. It just really, really does. Well, famous, Phil Hendrie show from the Pacific and southern. California's executive produced by Phil Emery foresee reincorporated. Alright, survived on podcast. One. Put some people call. Hillis such like I heard this. I was holding cell one night. Up. Pushing.

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