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Way taco bells toasted. Cheddar do is back. Are you thinking what i'm thinking. They took to the lupu genius delicious. Nope and now comes in a box of cinema medium. drink outside. this is cool. we're all thinking. The five dollar toasted cheddar chiluba boxes back only at taco bell have limited participating locations for olympic replaces hours in participation vary tax extra food threes. John kobylt ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. mccolm five. We're i today. I'm hearing a new word not here in grim anymore word. I'm hearing every day. In many newscasts is staggering staggering staggering. Is the word. The drinking word staggered often is in regards. To the cases. The number of cases california of course now is the spotlight of the covid nineteen coverage in america particularly even southern california. But today i got blocked traffic when i went to pick up something Store and when. I got closer to see what it was. It was a clinic with copa testing. The people parked all over the street blocked some lanes and then i looked it was a long line out the door people waiting to be. I'd never seen that before. And i'd pass this business. It's one of those emergency care clinics been standing in line. Oh oh yeah. They're all socially distance looking at their phones. I'd rather go home and suffer. I i would stand in line. They have symptoms or they think they were with a crowd that breathed all over. The i don't know who they are. But this is hoping i guess at the cases pop other people feel like well. I hung out with him. Well you know what you know. What i've noticed when they when they freak out about positivity rates what they don't point out is like well over ninety percent of the people who get tested are negative. So if you if you think you've got a sniffle over ninety percent of the time you don't have the virus. Yeah i haven't looked at latest positivity rates still running below ten percent depends on where there are pockets. Where your radio where it's higher than that. Yeah i don't know but we're going to start the show with this curious story. We mentioned the other day out of san diego curious because a couple of strip clubs apparently been able to remain open. That's right the state got into this attorney. General havi erbakan. Thanks joe biden. Sent a letter saying you got close down. Because while locally you can be more restrictive than state orders. You can't be less restrictive. And the way he's reading. This is sarah the state ruling. You can't have strip club open well last night. A san diego superior court judge made a ruling that not only can the clubs that to strip clubs questions stay open but says he went further and it can apply across san diego's restaurant sector similar guest to the la county judge ruling. Yeah way i read it. We we now have two judges one for la county one for san diego county which says you cannot close restaurants for virus reasons because there's no evidence and That was spurred by the to strip clubs but The superior court judge joel wolf wolf eel. extended it to restaurants from the way we're reading it. We're gonna talk with jim desmond. He's a partly jumped right on twitter to make this announcement san diego county supervisor jim desmond coming back on the show. Jim how are you. Hey all right. John and ken The wacky world out there when strip clubs. They're leading the way. How did this happen. I'm sure there's other lawsuits is it's just the judge they came upon the actually the strip clubs Had a temporary restraining order against the state and county from being closed down. They got that granted to them and then yesterday the superior court judge like you said he said that the county has to stop for a visions of the cease and desist orders from the live entertainment and also from businesses with restaurants services so That's you know that's where it went in. Its now got a preliminary injunctions right now. Our county council is our meeting with the judge right now and to make sure they have all the clarifications and we have a clear understanding of what's going on but the way i read it is is restaurants and and adult entertainment is opening in san diego. County s means indoor indoor restaurants to it does not state that these What the county put out is that. We have suspended enforcement activities against restaurants and live entertainment. Establishments period doesn't say indoor doesn't say outdoor silent on that but we have stopped as of last night any enforcement activities against restaurants in well. Is that does that mean an indoor restaurant can operate if they're doing it safely in my opinion yes for right now like i said i've actually at two thirty and twenty minutes. There are county council a meeting with the judge. Just to get clarification. 'cause he did put some restrictions in place for the strip clubs as far like fifteen feet away. You know the tables you have to be separated six feet apart and all those kinds of things. He put in those types of restrictions for strip clubs but he didn't mention that for restaurants so it silent is is a decision right now is silent on that. And that's what we're going so your county lawyers are meeting with him now to see if there's any specific restrictions outside of allowing the business to open yes and and one other one thing. The judge did say that there was no next us or no connection between the business the businesses that are closed and the spread of the covert. So he said there was no real. You know Arguments or next this and even you know dr galley said there's no relationship to businesses that were being close and the virus our own health officer in san diego county said the same thing and so you know. He came to the conclusion. If you can't provide a next us you can't provide a reason for these businesses. Be shut down. They shouldn't be restaurants. Indoor restaurants closed in. San diego governor's order they were in december third or whatever. It was Yeah indoor and outdoor were. We're closed and they're only open for takeout right now part but before that we're could you eat indoors in san diego county. Yes yeah before that there was some indoor. We have twenty five percent indoor and outdoor and then went on clarifies as of last night. They're open both indoor and outdoor. Until we get clarification on on it but we did have shut down like the rest of the state you know. Let's southern california. We all get grouped together and as a region and We were all all of our outside out the outdoor and indoor dining. Because the reason i'm asking is because here in la county a judge throughout the county closure for out to restaurants but the state closure still seems to be an effect. There are very few restaurants challenging that but in san diego county you are in effect challenging the state closure well and the judges. I'm reading from the His decision Or you know since Stopped enjoined from enforcing stop enforcing the provisions of the cease and desist order or any related orders including the state's regional. Stay at home order. All right so that that is groundbreaking. Because that is that is that is a reversal. The state order. Yes yeah and so actually. The state is there with the county council. Say council and county council are meeting with the judge Like i said in short order the state still arguing that they should be closed even though they admit they have no evidence. I would imagine so. I really think is gonna happen out of this. The state is going to appeal this And the and ask for a as a stay or you know to stop and keep things as are and And then have a court hearing later on and so I would imagine there's the state's gonna for the stay and then asked and then appeal the judgment here By our superior court. Yeah we're waiting for the california restaurant association or what mark arrogance john to challenge the state order. So yeah dancing overturn dining. No i just asked about that a few minutes ago and apparently the lawsuit is in the works but has not been filed yet. According to what was this one did not include restaurants but the the judge came out and it added the restaurants. You know san diego. County businesses with restaurants service to his two's decision so he and he actually went even further her. By saying you know that other businesses he says A wide array of businesses and other activities as gyms fitness centres restaurants churches Do little if anything to demonstrate any nexus between the business and the restaurant services such as the place of style. Establishments who've implemented protocols directed by the county and the spread of covid nineteen so basically. It says there's no nets between any of these other businesses and the spread of covid nineteen. However he did not rule on them so it was actually a good thing that he included that. I think because it's kind of paves the way for churches and and and You know other you know gyms and places like that to show shohei this. This judge said there was no next between you know our business being open and the spread of the virus. Jim this was a national story. People are like wait. A minute strip clubs can stay open. His san diego but churches can't shoot clubs in a headline. I guess everybody. I appreciate you coming on. We hope for an update then later on after this to thirty meet up. Be happy to get back in. Whatever you like. San diego county supervisor. Jim desmond and i don't know if you noticed but i was asking a specific question before for a very specific reason about You know restaurants strip clubs and open and outdoor imagine an outdoor strip club. Well actually allowed outdoor dining awhile right so be because it'd be quite a show pippa walking by if the judge's decision was narrow at and said well you have to have some kind of entertainment with restaurant business. Yeah in order to be open. The if i was running restaurant. I get one of the waitresses up on a table. Top right away and say we got a new business here. You're dancing and the rest of your serving. It's kind of the hooters. Look yeah everybody could be strip club. Then it's apparently this judge in san diego county has made a decision that not only can to san diego strip clubs remain open. He's apparently it's expanded into many other business. Sectors including san diego's restaurants. More coming up. John and ken show. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Tomorrow we will present the las- voice line of twenty twenty so your message. One eight seven seven moist eighty six one eight seven seven six six four seven eight eight. Six words just came down that this. Fda advisory committee by a vote of twenty two zero. This time have agreed that the benefits of the moderna vaccine outweigh the risks for people who are eighteen and older so i remember what the pfizer vaccine was a couple of no votes and i think it dealt with the age issue. I believe that's what it was anyway. Maderno will begin shipping millions of doses. Once the full. Fda says find. You can go ahead and do that. They'll head out to healthcare workers and nursing home residents right off the bat now but says they've got ninety four percent protection against covid nineteen. They did a study of thirty thousand people. We've watch pfizer roll out for a couple of weeks and it's probably worth a couple of minutes to spend on something that i also believe is over reported anybody who watches tv and sees one of the many billions of drug commercials that come on you know. They have that announcement about the possible side effects may cause explosive diarrhea for example. We're all my favorite suicide or thoughts of thoughts of suicide and severe cases. Death make side effects include death. They have to report that. That's part of the requirement. It's extremely unlikely. But to have to so with pfizer. We had a couple of alaska. Health workers who had allergic reactions. One could barely breathe but it says here that they found no severe allergic reactions. In maderna's data but flagged a slightly higher rate of less serious side effects like Rash hives itching well among participants. Who got the vaccine every those who got the placebo this dish. It this is the media at its worst they have. They tested on thirty thousand people. I think pfizer tested on sixty thousand people and there's already thousands that have been injected. And from what. I heard there was there. Were four at allergic reactions to england and two in alaska. An allergic reaction. It's going to scare off the idiots. That's that's darwinism. Then then they're gonna catch it. They might die but it gets better as they didn't they're not able to calculate risk properly with the madonna vaccine. There were three cases bell's palsy. You know what that is. That's when the side of your face gets paralysed paralyze facial muscles temporarily went away. It does go another question. Not sure of can the vaccine prevent people from symptomless infection and but during the study said there's a hint that it may study. Participants had their noses swabbed prior to the second dose of either the vaccine or the placebo at that one time points swabs from fourteen vaccine recipients and thirty eight placebo recipients showed evidence of as symptomatic infection lead them to believe that since they had a lower rate among the vaccine recipients that could be another benefit to them dern vaccine also the vaccine can be started regular freezer temperatures. It's gonna be easier to distribute yup and there's gonna be more available because this was directly funded by the government and the government is already purchased Much more of merger and vaccine your if was an outside without government l. project. Six million maternal doses. A ready to go as soon as the fda says okay. Six million yeah. Hundreds of millions of additional shots. I'll be needed to evacuate to vaccinate the general public. It's all good news. It's nearly one hundred percent good news and if you hear any media carrying on about a an allergic reaction here and a side effect there any other nonsense. They're just trying to scare you. Which is what they've been doing. Successfully now for for nine months just frightening. You emotionally manipulating you. it's garbage. the vaccine works. It's this is the greatest possible. This is the best possible outcome and just to top it off your right. The government warp speed program has orders for two hundred million doses of moderna vaccine. There's one hundred million. They've contracted for for the pfizer vaccine. So right there there's three hundred million doses three hundred thirty million people trump administration and The geniuses adviser and madonna have done an absolutely fantastic job just miraculous. It's amazing everybody should be happy and applauding. Now when we come back onto another clumsy part of government which isn't as smooth as pharmaceuticals contracting with government agencies to come vaccines. It's this crowd in washington. Dc with another economic stimulus. bill passed. They're still sitting there there every day. The same headline getting closer. We'll be talking to. Abc news for kfi. Coming up next. john and ken. Kfi john john token chiampou kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Are we going to come on the show today. Concerning the la county district attorney. George gascon We are going to have a number of guest. Steve coolies coming back on the show. He's the former. La county da. This has really woken up. La county deputy district attorneys. Some of them are going on the public record speaking about their objections. If you don't know what this is gas gone. Yesterday's news conference said that. You should know what i was going to do if you voted for me. And what he's doing which is getting a lot of prosecutors particularly upset he's dropping. What are called special enhancements special enhancements or things that end up if they stick adding a significant amount of prison time to some very very dangerous criminals and gascoyne said there are no exceptions to this rule. Talk about a baby was beaten and the enhancements against the babysitter. who did this if they cannot be applied. Then it's going to be possibly probation the woman who beat the baby. You magin no exception this woman crush the baby's skull permanent brain damage. The baby can't see can't talk can't sit up can't eat and gascon doesn't think this woman should be prosecuted for jail time and we have more stories. Were hearing about today because deputy. Da -'s has been forced to go to courtrooms today and try to get charges dropped hideous hideous crimes. Fact will give you a couple of examples coming up in the next segment. We'll be talking to erik. Leonard from nbc four. The i team there. He did a story on this Yesterday that i noticed and he can come on with his understanding but his big headline was there will be no exception. You what he's running up against this towards gas gone. There are people angry. John because that also means hate crime enhancements cannot be added. That's getting progressives really worked up. oh i yeah. I saw that. I saw that last night. The fox eleven did a story on that. Yes i got this. I got the guy that gave the nazi salute them. Get gas gone is going to unite the entire county because this is the most horrific policy i've ever seen a public official try to implement and he's getting massive resistance from all quarters all right. Let's go now with the talk to caleb silver. he's the editor in chief of investor. Pedia and This the unemployment benefit Number of americans applying for unemployment benefits rose again last week to eight hundred eighty five thousand people as we await and awaited await whatever's coming out of washington. Dc as far as an economic stimulus bill. So let's get caleb on here for. Abc news Caleb how are you. I'm good thanks for having So this is a big jump in recent weeks and the unemployment situation. Yeah and it's a trend heading in the wrong direction guys. Eight hundred eighty five thousand. People followed her first time unemployment claims last week that the highest reclaimed timber ten months into this pandemic. And we're still having claimed this high and it's been a trend of the last three weeks trending higher. Some of that is season Some companies like all workers as we get closer to the holidays. 'cause they hire them for the holiday shopping season but it's also the shutting down of these economies of shutting down to businesses the restrictions in place across cities across america. You see los angeles. Obviously it's happening in new york texas Chicago wherever you look what that happened and that is causing this high unemployment and that's gonna be a big drag on the economy going into twenty twenty one when the rest of the economy is actually recover. What's the i i heard the telephone. You may be in worse shape than a lot of other regions. We've been tracking five cities. In in a city economic recovery index. Los angeles is one of them although new york houston and columbus ohio los angeles by far the worst because of the high unemployment because of the reliance on service sector employees because of the hospitality industry and high number of code infections. The recovery is sold the most right there in your city. California's suffering greatly. Obviously you have the shutdown happening and you have so many infections. It's also the most populous state so it's going to suffer the most apropos proportionally when you get these economic slowdown now now. They're passing supposedly very soon. Finally a stimulus bill. And what's that gonna do for somebody who's out of work right now. but what. What do they get out of this. Extension of the pandemic unemployment benefits that were part of the cares act those expire on december. Thirty first guy. Thirteen million people will lose those benefits so hopefully in this bill. They agreed to continue that and also extend the eviction moratorium the forbearance more for closure moratoriums so that people can stay in their homes. It's gonna put it. Looks like six hundred bucks in individuals pockets. It's obviously half of what it was The twelve hundred bucks from the cares act but it is money going into people's pockets and what we found out with at twelve hundred bucks. Is that people did mostly the right thing. They staved it or they pay down that high debt. We'll see what happens this time because a lot of folks especially on the lower income level are nearing the end of their financial boats. So people get six hundred dollars plus an extension of their unemployment benefits plus they won't get foreclosed on and how. How long are these extensions. For how many months no. They extended it a month extending another two to three months. But you can bet there's going to be a much stimulus a much. Bigger stimulus bill coming down the pipe. As soon as the biden ministration takes office. They have the democrats for two point. Four trillion don't forget going into this. Republicans wanted closer to nine hundred billion. That's where we're ending up. Believe me next time around the much bigger package because the biden administration is full of alleged spenders and policy doves that no that spending through these types of crisis is the only way to prevent us from dropping into another recession or depression. And how much show is gonna go towards businesses. That's another business bailout like that. Tv program from last spring so in kern version of the nine hundred billion dollar package. There's about three hundred and fifty billion targeted small businesses. We can't tell yet if it's an extension of people i think that was uneven. Obviously use that properly by all businesses but it could be the type of loan that can allow them to keep people on staff or fuller them for just a couple of months because once these accidents happen and we just got good news madeiran infection once that becomes more widespread in the distribution becomes more effective. The economy's good open up again and these businesses are going to need to step up the whole thing. They don't lay people off in the meantime before that happened in the meantime sarah projection on how bad the unemployment numbers are going to be over the coming weeks the next six. We're gonna continue to see highly highly numbers the monthly unemployment number. We'll get to them at the december in the first week of january. It's gonna show a drop in the unemployment rate. There guys is that a lot of people have just stopped looking for work there what we called discouraged workers and the long-term employ people unemployed twenty seven weeks or more that number just keeps growing the longer out of the workforce the harder it is to get back in and the availability of the kind of jobs that people might want to get out of you know get out to work for are not exactly Paying as much as they might receive if we get an a continuation of some benefit programs. I can't thank you for coming on expanding it all. We appreciate it. Michael thank you happy holidays. You can have silver as editor in chief investor. Pedia coming on. Abc news for kfi about the surge in people applying for unemployment benefits. It makes you think particularly here in southern california that with all these lockdowns than these searches and unemployed people and all these businesses shut down and these cases growing and growing if there's really no linkage meaning whatever is driving these caseloads and deaths probably is coming from people just gathering and otherwise flooring the masks and the social distancing. Well i i saw that. It means businesses closing. It's not having that much of an effect. I saw something today in story. It's about andrew. Cuomo the governor of new york and about all the stupid things he's done and buried in the story it says seventy four percent of new cova cases are coming from in-home gatherings seventy four percent. Oh yeah i did see that. That's the one that had restaurants at around one percent one point three percent from bars and restaurants so seventy four times as many cases are coming people gathering at home. We obviously thanksgiving. We really jumped the whole. Jump this up another level. There's no reason to punish any businesses. You can make an argument for certain restrictions but to mandate absolute closings. There is no evidence at all no science behind this and and everybody ought to be suing resisting an they just rebelling in general against the these these government edicts. Because they're wrong they're destructive if you're in charge this you have to ask yourself in their knees when we do. Something doesn't have an effect weeks later. Did the case. Loads in the positivity rates everything else drop and then versus it didn't drop or went up and that's how you kind of after nine months you kind of get an idea of what works and what does it work. Keep doing the same stupid thing because stupid people government made up a stupid people. Smart people don't get into government work they get into private sector work period. This is this is an iq problem here. These are this is a brain neuron problem if you can't see now when you've got three quarters of the cases coming from in-home gatherings and one percent of the cases coming from restaurants and you close restaurants well then there's that there's something wrong with your brain and you may be driving indoor gatherings when you close restaurants. Yes he's take a moment to think about that. If those ten people that you saw a couple of months ago sitting at a table like a family or a bunch of friends that got together and maybe they were wearing masks a little while. They're outdoor dining if they're going to do that inside without basques because they can't do the outdoor dining thing don't you think that's gonna make things worse. Why do we have to explain this. I got more coming up including some more examples of the damage being done by the new. La county da. John and ken show john kobylt ken. Chiampou kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheart radio app. Yes welcome wilbur. Special guest this hour. Steve cooley the former la county. Da coming back on the show and joining them. We'll be tanya owen. She is the widow of la county. Sheriff's department sergeant steve cohen remember. He was murdered a few years back. in lancaster. an execution style shooting. We covered that story. Big time what had happened. She's also gotten herself. Involved with steve cooley in objecting to the prosecution policies of the new la county district attorney. George gascon which of course could result in a lot less jail time. Prison time for these defendants. Yeah he wants to Get rid of All the enhancements that prosecutors us to add significant jail time to these terrible crimes. And we we've given you some examples in the last half hour. Now we're gonna talk to our old friend. Eric leonard who's working for nbc for these days Part of their I team investigative. Unit and. Erica was covering this gasco and situation yesterday. Hi there hey. Good afternoon guys. Good afternoon what have you found out. Well you were just saying that. This is what Gas gone the newly sworn la county district attorney intends to do but it. It's pretty clear it's already happening a day. One soon as he was sworn in on december seventh his office sent a series of directives to prosecutors. Who work for him that they were to immediately cease using any of these sentencing enhancements and criminal filings additionally. They were told that the next time. Any case that you're handling comes up in front of a judge. Your job is to get those enhancements dismissed. And furthermore gascoyne said. His office is going to begin the process of going back through. Virtually everybody that the la county da's -'s office has convicted. Who still in prison and looking to see if those cases can be resentenced under his new guidelines which will eliminate those sentencing enhancements and these are things like people who have allegations that they committed a particular crime to benefit a street gang or it was a hate crime or they used a gun or other weapon personally but the most significant one when it comes to how long people spend in prison as punishment is that the special allegations can include prior offenses. Which means that somebody who has committed a series of crimes and is now being prosecuted for. Maybe the third or eighth or eleventh time is supposed to suffer greater punishment than somebody who's first time through the system and effectively. What's happening is without these enhancements. People who may be a veteran of the prison system if -ffective get treated as if it's their first time through each time so yeah there will be a lot less time spent in prison and we talked with the da yesterday after there was a lot of Murmuring and the anger that was coming from people who work inside the court system the victims of people who had been murdered saying they were astonished that their cases would also be subject to these policies and gas and said yesterday. This is a blanket policy. There will be no exceptions. No matter how terrible any particular crime is and the words he used yesterday was he said. Exceptions will swallow the rule if he begins to carve out any deviation from that just because one particular crime is awful. I spoken at length with a number of families. Who've had people murdered yesterday we included the pollard family in our reporting michael pollard. Junior was one of two men who was burned to death. burned alive in a recording studio fire in studio city in two thousand eighteen a fire that was allegedly set by a young man who was a lifelong friend of michael pollard. Junior and the whole things on video. It's pretty clear what happened and pollard. Junior's mother and uncle and the mother of polar juniors young daughter all told me yesterday. They're horrified and they feel like gascons decisions. Here that were made blanket Arbitrarily not considering any of the facts of the case in their mind has diminished. The value of their loved one's life because the person accused if convicted will not spend the rest of his life in prison but rather could be out in fifteen years. Let me ask you this. What's the history of enhancement. Eric is this because the original crime and these were heinous crimes. We've been talking about sometimes murders. The punishment wasn't strong enough according to prosecutors so they looked for enhancements to tack on wasn't prosecutors who look for the enhancements. It was the public because in the eighties. Early nineties when the crime rate was much much higher than it is today. Were pushing for tough on crime initiatives. I mean that's where the three strikes thing eventually came out of and by the way three strikes are gone. Also more importantly in many court cases second strikes are gone. Second strikes double the sense of somebody who is being prosecuted if they've Have a have a previous serious felony. That's gone to a. That's where these enhancements came from and they're from the legislature. It's not like prosecutors. Made these up a under state law and it is designed to turn up the volume on people who have shown that they have done something particularly horrible. That's why hate crimes by the way Which is a thought. Crime are bundled in this way. There is no law in california. That's called a hate crime. It was it was put on the books as an enhancement. So that if somebody was being prosecuted for i don't know Hypothetically crushing somebody else's head with a baseball bat the legislature says. It's worse if you did that. Because of who. That person's very human being is it's worse if it's because you don't like their race or their religion and so that was where this thing got parked and prosecutors use it when there's evidence to support it a lot of the pushback on the justice system in recent years has been dad. A lot of these enhancements have been overdone that people who are not the kind of predatory criminal that perhaps voters were thinking of when these things were brought into effect were being subject to overwhelming prison terms for things that probably weren't as bad The problem that everybody we've heard from in the last week has is that there's no consideration being given for the nature of some of the most horrible crimes. It's arguable and gas. Certainly campaigned on the idea that the prisons are filled with people who have been over prosecuted and over punished. And it's unfair and it's been going on too long but it seems like many of the people who supported those ideas did not expect them to apply to every single case and clearly the one percent the worst of the worst kind of cases. It seems like the people involved in those prosecutions are really stunned. That these kinds of rules are applying to them as well and a judge though. Ken stick with the enhancements as possible for a judge to overrule the idea pulling them. Well it's an interesting legal quagmire because yes a judge has to go along with the idea that a particular charges being dropped i in theory it is supposed to be dropped only in the interest of justice which is a bit of a murky term and what that usually means is Let's say somebody gets charged with a particular crime and they decide to accept a plea bargain and admitted they did something and in exchange for accepting the plea bargain in the interest of justice. Getting the case through the system without the time and labor of a jury trial some of those counts could be dismissed. Some of the enhancements could be dropped another time evidence comes up as the case is being investigated after the charges are filed and it turns out. This isn't what it looked like to begin with and the prosecutor goes into court or the defense lawyer argues that this enhancement shouldn't apply and a judge will dismiss it. But in answer to your question yes. Judge is the check against the The prosecution and the conceivably say. No i think this is an appropriate charge. I don't agree. It should be dismissed. Apparently that has happened multiple times already. And there's word going around that folks. Gascons administration are intending to prevent future prosecutions from going to those judges whether or not that could be successful or there is a serious balance of power issue. that comes up is untested. one thing. Gas going said yesterday during his talk with reporters was that he fully expected to be challenged legally on some of these ideas and perhaps suggested. I don't want to say exactly what he said. Because i don't remember his exact words but that he could face a constitutional challenge and was fully prepared to fight for this in other words. He knows that some of this might be legally questionable but believes that his philosophy for what he's doing is so important that he's gonna go to bat for it and try to fight for it in court and were months. Maybe even years away from any of that happening The close fight the one that we're going to see in the coming weeks and months is going to be with judge just like you said judges who may be uncomfortable with dropping certain aspects judges who may see the facts of a particular case and see that it's particularly horrific and now the. Da comes in and says oh we're going to remove a bunch of the allegations that might have given this person a whopper of a prison sentence. Our to give them something much less. The judge could not agree and we don't know what what we're that leads. But what about the enhancements aren't in there in the first place because gone is telling prosecutors. I'm talking about future cases. I want you to add those special circumstances so can judge do anything. It doesn't sound like it. It is definitely in the realm of what the prosecutors role is in court Which is a different question than whether a judge could allow the prosecutor who had already filed those allegations to now decide to remove them from the case for gas cones political reasons which pieces says are being done to improve society verses a legal one which is usually why they were dropped in the past that is untested and. I think we're going to see this. Come up a lot in the coming weeks. And months as cases move through court although it might be slow for us to detect it because so many cases are delayed right now simply because of the pandemic health issues. And they're trying to keep to prevent juries from having to assemble for trials right now so this is going to play out in court. It may take weeks or months for us to really see how it's gonna work. I never thank you very much. We appreciate good to talk to you. Guys yeah all right. Explain things like no one else. Can eric leonard from nbc's on la county district attorney george gascon and his plan to remove all of these sentence enhancements and talking about prior convictions. Which you know. Ask anybody on the street. And they'll tell you guys got priors and then he commits some terrible act. Will shore sentence enhancement. Sound great. they can get them more prison time. I we'll play eric's report you'll hear this colored family response to the fact that their son was burnt in a deliberately set. Fire more coming up. John and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt and ken. Chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Just had eric. Leonard on from nbc. Four and he's been covering this bizarre. George guests jones story where he is told all his deputy district attorneys. He's given a blanket rule out no more sentencing enhancements. When you file charges in fact Take any existing cases. Back to the judge and i want all the current enhancement stripped from the case which could mean more prisoners getting out early because if they find that enhancements forty lead to more jail time for these people. Then they'll have to be released. We're talking about things like prior convictions. Hate motivation gang involvement and to use of guns. All of those things will be stripped from the case. These are the most violent crimes to this is where they're talking about nonviolent misdemeanor cases non-serious no. This is the violence stuff. The this is the biggies and we told you free airs. It's like they're not gonna stop. They're not gonna stop with nonviolent misdemeanor cases. They're eventually going to try. Not only to release everybody at a prison but prevent anybody from going into prison to begin with and this is a big cannon blasts towards that from guests. Gascon here is eric. Leonard's report last night at nbc four. you'll hear him talk to the family of a man who was murdered in a particularly brutal way. He was burned to death in a deliberately set. Fire da gascoyne is not backing away or apologizing for any of these sweeping day one directors including that sentencing enhancements be dropped in all cases that will mean far less prison time for those convicted of even the most violent or disturbing crimes. Gas going said. Today it's to be done for the greater good lead or a moment that we are going to fix all the social roads. Why would it be wanna concrete walks so wrong. The district attorney says those sentencing enhancements that are part of state law intended to more severely. Punish hate gang related and other serious crimes are actually and abuse and are largely responsible for what he says is. Mass incarceration in california racist today. Gascon said he is going to change that pointing out. What he was elected to do was not a close election with a wide margin. Gascons office has criticized. The critics of the policy saying a handful of troubling cases. Shouldn't take away from the da's more important goal of justice reform. It's really a political game by people that failed from endless economic interest completing when the gurney finishing has no heart or the and their family the pollard family says it got a phone call last week. Notifying them that the. Da was dropping enhancements in michael pollard. Juniors murder he was burned to death along with another man inside. This deliberately set fire at a recording studio in studio city in two thousand eighteen. A teenage girl was disfigured but survived according to pollard's uncle. He can't understand why the person charged would face anything less than the most severe punishment it was premeditated gasoline and the studio it murdered relic of our loved one. My heart hurts more today. of what guest. Wait and take it away. Now the man charged with that murder will appear in court in january. That's when these special enhancements would be addressed in front of a judge. Gaskin told me today. There will be no exceptions to this rule. No matter the awfulness of a particular crime because he says he fears exceptions will in his words swallow the rule. He says one area he's unsettled with is hate crimes. But he says that's an issue that the state legislature should address eric leonard. nbc four. When we come back we're going to have former. La county district attorney. Steve cooley on with a special guest and Her name is tanya and it was. Her husband was in. La county sheriff's sergeant. Who was murdered back. In october of twenty sixteen. This was an execution style murder. He had come to a home to investigate a possible break. In and parolee came around and just absolutely shot him point blank range and killed him. I guess special enhancements could be involved in this man's case too and they could be dropped. We'll find out more. We come back. John and ken show. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Making news this afternoon. The fda advisory panel is Said fine with the madonna vaccine so once. The fda gives its full approval. It should come shortly. Did with pfizer lot. More vaccines out there for people out. We're continuing now with our war on the la county district attorney. George gascon only about ten days after taking office he's already wreaking havoc with some of his new directives refusing to File sentencing enhancements in many violent cases. He's trying to remove in that have already been filed he wants to go back into past settled cases and get enhancements reversed. So felons violent felons can be released from jail. We've given you a many examples over the last two days and we're gonna talk now with steve. Cooley who is the former. La county district attorney. He was the da before. Jackie lacey and we're also going to talk with tanya owen the widow of la county. Sheriff's sergeant steve owen. Who is killed three years ago. In res ago by a three strike parolee. this was the execution style murder. That happened up in lancaster. We covered it for days and weeks after this. It was horrific. And the reason she's coming on is to talk about the possibilities. That special circumstances will be dropped in the case against the man that murdered her husband. So let's get steven. How are you good. Good you guys. we're fine tonya. Welcome to the show as well. Thank you thank you so much. Let's start with you steve. This is even worse than i think. Anybody imagine ten days into his term. This is absolutely the worst case. Scenario of george gas gascons policies. His policies are. He will not allow enhancements special circumstances in any case whatsoever whether it be a violent felony or any other kind of felony in this case. The murder of sergeant steve owen. You'll strike the special circumstances you eliminate the possibility of death Which was the chosen Po- potential penalty. He'll eliminate the possibility a life without the possibility of parole eliminate the gun enhancement and he will eliminate the individuals prior convictions That's what his policy reeks and I my heart goes out to on your own and her family to suffer through This incredible injustice that george gas gascoyne is visiting upon her her family and the good people of the antelope valley. Tanya how does all this make you feel well you know obviously just extremely disappointed not only for my husband but the many other victims. That are really in the same place that i am. I never thought in a hundred years that something like this could happen. That someone could come in Take office and literally within a twenty four hour of him being in office changed the laws Without going through a process the murder against her husband was committed back on october. Fifth twenty sixteen for only going to be coming around in january to a true court cases. That's what's going on so we have already Gone through the preliminary hearing and We were at the point where our tastes was to be presented to a group of district attorneys who specialize in Crimes against police officers and this particular group is called kapos crimes against police officers in there. They determined from the circumstances based on the case based on the evidence. They have Whether they're going to pursue the death penalty or not and donnington without a doubt. I know that that would have been the decision of this of this Couples are grew. So this group is not gonna convene. Now that's correct Was i received a phone call from the district attorney handling my case and i was told that now that mr scone is the da No longer pursuing death penalty cases and all death penalty cases currently on track. Were coming to an immediate stop and basically what that told me that this case or my husband's case was no longer going to be present it to the Team of the as That make the decision correct. And what about all the enhancements to get life in prison so we initially have the death penalty. That's off the table. We have life without parole parole vessel off the table and all the other enhancements that Are involved in this case. The fact that he was a parolee at the time said he murdered my husband and he was carrying a gun at the time that he was Murdered my husband and that he was a gang member and there's other Stances and other enhancements Within the case that they're all going to be thrown out they had they filed those enhancements. Already steve cooley have filed them and they will be stricken on january the thirteenth. If gas going gets his way every single enhancement will be stricken if gas owns policies are put into effect. Could a judge refused to strike those enhancements. This is steve cooley. Yes and i fully expect The judge will because the judge is actually know the law enter following it. And they're not gonna bend to the will of a relatively ignorant and arrogant. Da who is trying to impose his view the world On everyone else. Even when it's against the law and steve you said that the marci's law enters into this. We see that Tiny will be accompanied by by marci's laws attorneys to make the case that is correct or going to be Three lawyers with tanya At that hearing Two of them are Martial law experts one of them is matt murphy of renown homicide prosecutor. I used to be with orange county and explain seized law. What what rights. Marci's gifts the tanya here. Well she gets a chance to speak out. Express your opinion as as the next of kin. She has a right to appropriate of any significant change in her case but mostly she gets addressed the court and and and and her or have her lawyers do so her behalf and tell the court why this is wrong legally and factually and otherwise tonto could be there. And i'm gonna be there matt murphy's gonna be there and Former retired deputy. Da who's a victim witness expert Kathy katie also. Be there steve. You must know everybody is. Is there any significant number of of of prosecutors or judges or anybody in law enforcement who subscribe to gascons policy. I think i think there's two or three quislings out there. One is Mario trujillo and then the other one is this guy. Named joe was who is a to which is like really low on the totem pole. Who is now the number two man in that twenty two thousand two hundred person office. She got a couple of quislings and they got a couple of public defender types that he's listening to very very carefully formulating his policy. Most everybody thinks this is nuts. Yes i'd say ninety nine percent Everybody i think this is nuts and the other one percent are nuts. And i think it goes without saying steve that While we appreciate all the help tania's getting in the case against her husband's killer. I think you understand. A lot of the people are not going to have all this available to them in order to make the same case in court that these special circumstances should not be stricken. Well actually a number of Retired and former deputy district attorneys Have met Zoom and telephonically. And we're in. They're putting together a group of those lawyers to go down and it's just any victim that were requested with Enforcing marci's law rights. So yes they are all going to be supported because so many people are upset. What gas goings doing well. We appreciate you both coming on tanya again our condolences and we appreciate your standing up l. George casco and of course as always steve cooley. Thanks for input. Thanks guys that's former. La county district attorney. Steve cooling was the predecessor to jackie lacey. Tiny owen was also on the line. She's a widow of sergeant. Steve cohen was with the la county. Sheriff's department he was gunned down by a three strike. Parolee in two thousand sixteen and if they wipe the special circumstances from that man's case he may not get a lot of prison time for murdering a police officer in cold blood more coming up john and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt ten chiampou kfi am six forty live everywhere. The iheartradio app. We're talking alex stone. Abc news for kfi about california covert picture staggering as the new word. Also coming up on the show we got a lot more to get to but we have learned that the judge down in san diego who made a ruling concerning a couple of strip clubs that wanted to remain open and apparently he not only affirmed that ruling but also opened the door to restaurants resuming indoor and outdoor dining. We've learned that the judge clarified the order. That is what he's saying. Restaurants may open for outdoor and indoor dining in san diego county. We'll be talking to supervisor desmond later on in the show for the update on this but at least somebody from the court is fighting back against the state and they're overreach later so so. San diego is going to open. Despite the state ruling all the counties ought to open i honestly. La county wouldn't do that town. He likes the state ruling and they probably think this judge out of his mind. The judge here that made that ruling but down in san diego county. It looks like they have a different take and they think that the local judge probably the one. That should prevail. I honestly don't understand why at this point once. The state is admitted. There's no evidence wants. A judge has declared that the county produced no evidence. Now here in san diego. Judge says you have no evidence. I think all the restaurants you ought to fling your doors open now you absolutely should because there's no legal basis for any of this and i would do that i wouldn't go under you're gonna let these little. These little twits what newswoman. Garcetti are going to put you and your family and all your workers out of business those two. It's gotta be something a little stronger than that. It's one thing if we were engaged getting invaded by the russians. But newsom and garcetti. Seriously you're gonna you're gonna give up your livelihood for those two clowns and the la county supervisors holy jeeze. After we talked to alex stone. We have new details on Some fraud that was carried out against the employment development department unemployment payments the pandemic unemployment benefits system. They've arrested some people including a woman a former. Apd employees who participated in this and got twenty one thousand dollars in the name of diane feinstein so a dianne feinstein applied for twenty one thousand dollars and got it unemployment pay. Yes unemployment pay. Yes diet feinstein. Petitions gavin newsom unemployment office and got twenty. One thousand dollars will tell you about that. We'll tell you about a couple of other people. They're probably not going to get even close to arresting all the people that scam the unemployment system but at least the few cases which gives us indication as to how they pulled this off and again. This woman is a former employee who was dismissed because apparently stolen money order when she worked. There are many other idea. Add employees part of this s. There's got. I bet you that would explain a lot of the fraud. I don't think you could pull off eight. And a half billion dollars without a lot of e d d employees being part of it. And we're glad that we talked to steve cooley. Just now along with tanya widow of stephen l. a. county sheriff's sergeant to was gunned down back in two thousand sixteen. Steve told us that they're putting together. A team of Prosecutors i guess past mostly who are going to help people in court fight to keep those special circumstance charges against the criminals that committed their crimes against their family members who are against the person themselves if they're still alive so that's good to know we're going to stay on top of that story but we'll start with alex stone next on cova. California john and ken show debra mark. Has the news a wakeup in there. I'm so tired. Kfi by am six forty right now. Command the season at persons kia. If you're looking for a new kia persons has zero percent financing and leases starting at one twenty nine per cent check them out at hirszon's kia dot com o way taco bells toasted cheddar to back. Are you thinking what i'm thinking. Six chatterbox lupu delicious. And now comes in a box of the crunchy taco break side. This is cool. We're all thinking the five dollar temps degenerative lupus boxes back. Only at taco bell limited participating locations for a limited time moment custodial prices hours and participation vary extra freezes. John and ken show john kobylt ken. Chiampou kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Welcome to everybody. Tomorrow brings us the last mois. Line of twenty twenty. They'll get your best in there at one. Eight seven seven moist eighty six one. Eight seven seven six six four seven eight six. It will also be the last hacked to be thrown in a dumpster. Wow anybody got a wild guess. Who's going to be this week last. Hack last hack of the year. Go out on the lib. think about. Who's been on our radar this week. right now. We're gonna bring on alex stone. Abc news for kfi with the latest staggering. Kovic report is the new word. Incredible or grim. Yeah we can use them all as of today. Now guys new figure show that cova nineteen is now. The country's leading cause of death as of now is ahead of heart disease but the numbers in california three hundred seventy nine more people dead today. Yesterday was two hundred ninety three. That was a record now. This beats that almost one hundred more than that today so as of today southern california's zero available. Icu beds of being reported. Back to the state and our teams got into to providence saint. Mary's hospital in apple valley near victorville. Where it's bad right now. And and dr harm dylan. He's icu is at three hundred percent capacity at this point. It's critical right now. This is kind of like a war. It's i've never seen somebody code blues All add once shift being war. He actually wears combat boots and combat boots. Because he says that's what it's like right now. They've got patients on gurneys and hallways overflow ten outside. They had ambulances yesterday lined up waiting to get people in on nurses who are working. Jamal willis among them working around the clock. This martin and we ran multiple colds back to back. We had three cove lose at the same time you know. One of our doctors went up and ran those coach. In fact while our team was talking to them there was another Code blue that came across a loudspeaker as he was in the middle of talk and a code blue means someone just died or are in cardiac arrest and the or they. They need to resuscitate them in some way and he said that they had three simultaneously yesterday morning. Going on to people who are so sick that You know they're they're breathing. They couldn't do it on their own any longer. Or even with the ventilation one more for you mendy hickey. She's a nurse at providence. Saint mary's and she says exactly what we'd been told would happen down. The road once hospitals are overwhelmed. That there are too few nurses for the patients now and you know with all of them that are in hallways and waiting rooms and waiting outside that quality of care. She says he is now dwindling on every unit of the hospital and she says a lot of hospitals are reporting that in so as we hear from hospitals around that again. You know like we said. Yesterday the numbers are bad and they sadly become numbers whether it's thirty six thousand or fifty four thousand today fifty two thousand new cases in california new positives but i and you missed a distrust new summer rare but these are the people who are in there and dealing with it and they're telling us say it's pretty darn bad right now so it it it's fascinating because when the original surge happened in march and even there was a comeback You know in a couple months later. it never got this bad and It looks like there's absolutely nothing the state can do about it anymore. No and at this point it. Unfortunately where the numbers are going the positivity right now is a twelve point eight percent and that indicates the numbers are going to keep getting worse. Because the history would show and we're seeing a right now that after people get Cove at once. He test positive which would be that. Twelve point eight percent right now about two weeks later the hospitalization numbers go up two weeks. After that. The icu numbers go up about ten percent of people. Go to the ice or go to the hospital after getting it then. The numbers go up then. The death numbers go up. The death numbers were getting right now. Based on that week count goes back to around thanksgiving. But if we're at twelve point eight percent right now. That means that in about two weeks the hospitalizations are going to be even up from where they are right now and then down the road from there. Then you'll have the christmas new year's gathering you add that onto it and you're going to see ads. I saw for the first time day in the state. Put it out where they're pretty moving. Ads talking about tradition and being with mom and not to gather that california. Put together. And you know. They're tugging at your heartstrings. To say don't get together for christmas but interesting today. Two guys as governor abbot in texas very critical of california saying that these lockdowns are making the numbers. Go up because he says it's forcing people to to gather inside their home since they can't go to a restaurant or they can't you know get together so he says it's causing it to go up. Here's what he said today. California has some the toughest shutdown that we have in the united states of america. And yet they are skyrocketing and leading the united states and the number of cases. Oftentimes when you do have shut down. You have people going to homes and one thing that we've learned now is at one of the places where cove nineteen spreading. The fastest and causing the greatest problems is in the home setting. Yes so he's saying that you know it's it's kind of creating now technically. It is a band. it's illegal to even gather inside your home but you know people are doing it and they probably will over christmas unfortunately as well but but abbott says here's what needs to have is time to put behind us shutdowns no more shutdowns. We need to focus on opening up businesses. And i think a lot of business owners and california would agree with that as well but there wasn't a research that happened to come out today as well from rice university in houston that showed the early shutdown orders when people actually pay attention to them and were scared not now where people are. A lot of folks are saying. You know what. I'm gonna do. Whatever i wanna do but at the early ones did make a major difference in lowering the spread and early on that that when they're put into place correctly and then when people pay attention to them that they really do make a difference right. Alex thank you very much for that report. You gotta alex stone. Abc news for kfi whenever the control freaks than the dictators. Try to change human behavior. Try to go against the natural wiring of human nature. They always lose. They always fail. And this idea that you can keith. Hundreds of millions of people away from one another and that families can't get together and friends can't get together that there can't be any entertainment in life any fun any diversion. It's just not gonna last that's impossible it never works. It's like when they tried. Prohibition what happened. You created a huge underground booze economy and and it's the same thing here. They tried prohibition across the board for all activities in every industry and And i think ca- california i read today is now. One of the worst ca has one of the worst covert spreads in the world at this moment with la being the epicenter so by definition they've all failed with their policies and all they're doing putting people at a business in that work. Because i think if you're not going give people choices. They're going to gather inside and other people's places households another phony was revealed. The democratic governor rhode island gina raimondo who cautioned and told everybody to please stay. Home was found sitting at a table at a wine bar without a mask and providence rhode island there. You go a picture of her. So she joins the gavin newsom hall of shame. Another big stinking hypocrite. And why why should that's. That's why people aren't listening. I mean newsom did the french laundry routine on november sixth and then spent the next two weeks trying to tell everybody not to have a thanksgiving celebration and much of the state responded with a big few and some people getting sick but most people are going to survive this. Most people are not getting it and People are more angry than ever now that they've seen that this. This restaurant closure was was was wrong. They lied they had no evidence. People are going to get even more rebellious here. They could not have handled this worse. There's nobody in the state of california that has any credibility less and nobody's going to be listening to when we come back we'll tell you about the former california e worker. That's the people that pay out the unemployment money but debit cards. Who's been arrested. She faked being dianne feinstein scams. Some jobless money coming up john and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt and ken chiampou. It's kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Well i haven't seen a an update today but the last time we checked the estimate for unemployment fraud perpetrated through the states employment development department. These are people that submitted phony names and got themselves debit cards in the mail. Thousand sometimes tens of thousands of dollars on those cards and cashed out was over eight billion dollars. We're not done tabulating but what we're finding out this afternoon is. Some people have finally been arrested. The name of a former. Apd employees came out today. Andrea and gurvey's just like ricky gervais no relation on this. This woman's a piece of work. She did work for a dvd from twenty ten to twenty eighteen. She was let go after an internal investigation implicated in the theft of a money order but that was petty anti compared to what she pulled off air. Jeff filed more than one hundred fake unemployment claims this year using stolen personal information including she put down. Senator dianne feinstein's name for twenty one thousand dollars. at got. The money put down senator feinstein or just she used the stolen identity so state bicycling her social security number and must have gotten some kind of personal information that worked twenty one thousand dollars under dianne feinstein all told twelve claims more than two hundred and sixteen thousand dollars repaid to this woman. They're all sent to her home in roseville which is outside of sacramento. Did you see the picture of her. They got photos of her at the atm's cashing in her. He see that. Oh you should scroll down gray give you the story your story out with her picture online. Version this squirrelly looking woman with big glasses and faintly looks like she has a mustache. Well shoot anyway she She was working there under a different name. Yeah that's another gender andrea dangerfield. That was her name when she worked for a. Dd so what they fired. Her and she changed her name because she didn't want that. I don't know why. I imagine that if you're gonna file fake claims you're going to have multiple names. Now as she. She filed a hundred. She got paid off on twelve twelve of them gave her two hundred sixteen thousand dollars and all the all the money was sent her home in roseville. They of forty four. Atm photos of her. Using the bank of america debit cards including the one issued in the name of feinstein. She could get twenty years. Oh wait it's california be prosecuted. Oh she's a nonviolent low level offender so they started once. They matched her address. They started watching her where she lived. She lived in a duplex and then they found the forty four. Atm photos using the debit cards and she was arrested and released on fifty thousand dollars bonds. Now she could get twenty years and a find a two hundred fifty thousand for each count else happened today to women were indicted by a grand jury there from fresno and what they did is they filed false unemployment claims involving prisoners at the california the central california women's facility in chile. So look at that john. Women perpetrating fraud prisoners. Shamlan thomas christina. Smith had been charged with mail fraud and identity. Theft smith used part of our proceeds to pay for plastic surgery. Yes smith was paroled. Recently she worked with thomas who was still in prison to file illegal claims on behalf of other women at the prison. They netted more than two hundred grand. So we got out of prison and went to and then started. Defrauding the dd. Yes with her friend on the inside giving person formation of other women. I see i say so so so this this is how a lot of the fraud work you had somebody on the inside of the prison and then somebody on the outside of the prison facilitating. They found out through recorded phone calls between the women. Prosecutors allege that smith the one that got paroled us part for money to pay for plastic surgery and the other woman. The woman still incarcerated. Put it in a shoebox waiting for her release. You know you're right. It said they were. Hairstylists are barbara's who were unable to find work as they were using the middle hairstylists. Add didn't do the cost checkmated. No they were imprisoned either way. Edd's hiring a lot of garbage sixteen former employees have been convicted of fraud in the last ten years nine six stain in fact in in march a former e. d. tax compliance rep was sentenced to six years in prison for conspiring with five other people to rip off almost nine hundred thousand dollars in california unemployment benefits act. What's going on in that office. Oh my god. Can you imagine when they found out that they were going to be processing billions and billions of dollars in tax money. All the fraudsters who already work at sure then went crazy when we come back. Right at edgy. Germay says one mousy looking woman. I just the kind of fish bowl look with cameras Speaking of fraudsters. I do think there's finish is going to be deposed. The other one might be deposed made under oath to answer questions. It's garcetti and newsom up next. The twin twits. John and ken show kfi. John and ken show john kobylt ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Tomorrow's the last moist line. So were telling you heads up last chance to get in. There goes away for the year. One eight seven seven voiced eighty six one eight seven seven six six four seven eight eight six. Don't forget on the webpage links for you to participate in the recall of gavin. Newsom governor of california who we will be talking about in a moment. We'll start with the first hack though because this is definitely more interesting and this is definitely going to happen. A judge has ruled that los angeles mayor. Eric yoga pants. Garcetti must testify in a deposition brought by that. Lapd officer who has sued the city. Alleging he was subjected to repeated acts of sex harassment by top former adviser to mayor. Garcetti that man's name is rick jacobs. We talked a lot about that story. of course it blossomed into more allegations from other people including a journalist that we put on the show and the allegation by garza. Though is that in a number of cases because he was the bodyguard. Garcetti it was just the three of them you see and jacobs who do this and garcetti clearly was aware of it. That may be in. Some circumstances laughed. That makes sense. Garza had to be with garcetti. Garcetti had to be with garza. So the only way garza would meet rick. Jacobs jacobs met with garcetti. Every time james nuts if time jacobs met with that means he met with dr sousa because he's the bodyguard and he says he says that the jacobs subjected him on. Hundreds of occasions dreads hundreds unwanted unwelcome sexual comments and touching including tight hugs and shoulder rubbing the judge in this case ruth quan an l. A superior court judge says that while she understands that garcetti's mayor right now in the pandemic. She wants this questioning to happen sometime in january. You see the attorneys for officer garza. Were concerned he was going to run off to washington. Dc as part of the biden cabinet. Right they wanted to done before the inauguration. We don't think that's going to happen now. Is yoga pants still by the phone waiting for it to ring like a like a lonely girl on a friday night waiting for somebody to call to go on a date. Yeah i got good news for erica. You're going to be ambassador to neptune to joe call yet to every day every two minutes to joke. All you have your own phone. He would call your phone. Why asking us maybe by number. Yeah betty lost your number. This is from october two thousand thirteen october. Twenty nineteen when garza was. Lapd's police protection. Part of the unit for the mayor was required to drive garcetti to and from mayo engagements and accompany him on out of town. Trips and jacobs often went with garcetti. He was his top political adviser. He said garcetti was present. When jacob subjected me to these unwanted comments and tutchings tutchings including on occasions when it was only the mayor myself and rick jacobs in a vehicle. Which would be the case. When i was driving the mayor somewhere and jacobs was accompanying him now. The attorneys for the city again. The city is defending this hard to believe this this lawsuit. Because it's garcetti. Guards does not identify a single instance. In which the mayor witnessed the alleged misconduct instead of letting only on multiple occasions the mayor was in close proximity to various kinds of alleged misconduct. But garson is attorney. Said there's dozen witnesses who is going to support his argument that the city knew or should have known of jacob's alleged misconduct. And in fact this judge kwon said. The city's argument was not well taken. I guess that's her way of saying right. Because because garza not only has lots of other witnesses but he wants garcetti because there were dozens of these situations in the car for example if if guards is always with garcetti and that was his job to always be with him then he's going to encounter jacobs frequently and jacobs specifics on jacobs would do. He said jacobs would massage his shoulders while sitting in the backseat. Night garcetti in the front passenger seat or sit in the back with jacobs. Then jacobs would reach from behind and massage garza. Shoulders told him he was strong. And then talk about having rough sex with his gay partners and spoke about how he wanted younger men. Magic try to drive at sex versus creepy weird guy is rubbing your shoulders and talking about the rough sex. He's having with young men and you're supposed to sit there and take that and it says here garcetti directly observe this never took any action to stop jacobs from touching me. You're making these comments on many occasions. I heard garcetti laugh. So he's giggling like little schoolgirl. The backseat so cities attorney. Garces attorney gregory smith. He told the judge he wants to ask our city about his professional relationship with jacobs. And are you aware of any other complaints against the former aide. You see this is going to be under oath. Yeah rats thing garcetti's boxed in now because he has to tell the truth or a he'll he'll be indicted for perjury. Exactly if it's proven by a bunch of witnesses in any other evidence that he's not 'fessing up you're right. It could be in big trouble because remember the story. We got from the journalist whose name i can't remember right now but Yeah shirley yashar ali right is that he has talked to numerous other people and supposedly that not only garcetti. Wife discussed what to do about jacob's. Yeah garcetti's somebody who likes to watch they. That's some people are into that. Like what was I'll sit on the sofa and every four. well junior. Is that his name a pool boy story right right watch the wife and the pool. Boy that was tabloid stories. Sending him to watch jacobs. Now another hack that could be deposed as gavin newsom. Yeah he ought to be deposed. This deals with covid nineteen though not sex harassment. So it's not quite as flashy but in a motion filed in sacramento federal court. The plaintiffs are suing newsom. This is last spring's ban on protesting at the state capital in sacramento they asked for an order compelling newsom and of former chp commissioner and a former state public health director. They're all they're all former newsom should be former as well To sit for sworn depositions in the case now eventually they lifted the ban on the protests but this lawsuit was still challenging. The ban was filed back in april. So they're hoping to put newsom on the stand and depose him to over his stay at home orders. And i don't know specifically what they're going to ask him but it obviously tell us. Tell us about the science. Yeah tell us about the research and the science and the data that inspired you to make this decision at a don't have any exists science. No data by god. He ought to be personally sued up and down for all the lives he's destroyed. Can't believe that these twits are getting away with ruining so many people's lives and people are just taking it. They're taking it we all know. There's no evidence the clothes all these businesses. Don't sit there anymore. We got more coming up. John and ken. Kfi and john and ken show john kobylt ken. Chiampou kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. All right we got a lot to do in the five o'clock hour we'll take a look at the vagrant situation. With a couple of stories that popped up there is at least one city councilman who cannot believe the cost of one of these eight by eight sheds that the city of los angeles proposing put the homeless in to deal with getting them off the streets to a judge's order. Well also tell you. The shocking amount of salaries paid to some workers and what is known as lhasa los angeles services agency. I mean you you listening to show for a while you know that we've talked about the homeless industrial complex. And how a lot of the money that you always hear about that you're getting taxed for to go to the hallways is instead going to a huge bureaucracy. You know you paid an extra billion dollars. In taxes specifically for the homeless remember factor to tax measures one for the city one for the county that raised several billion dollars. And some of that money went to these exorbitant outrageous salaries for a bunch of do. Nothing's who did who watched the homelessness increased dramatically. Because they're so bad at their job why we should all be this bad at our job and make these kind of six figures salaries good lord. What an atrocity. I will go through that story coming up in the five o'clock hour. Of course the big story this afternoon from the covid front is that the moderna vaccine has been given the okay by an fda advisory panel. It was a unanimous vote. Twenty two zero. It's now before the fda gives its full approval and we start to her. It's okay we start seeing the vaccines being distributed around the country at addition to the pfizer. Vaccines well we go back. Many years on the john and ken show for the term. The banana scanners danner scanners. Yes that was that was. Those are the grocery store checkout clerk's yes. This was back in the day where they were always. Threatening to strike back. There was a big strike. There was a big strike back then went on for. I think a couple of months and they were. They were picketing and they weren't paid enough money to scan the bananas. They claimed well fast forward to today. Now they're on the front lines and they are indeed heroes. That's the term being used because the long beach city council unanimously voted to draft an ordinance mandating an extra four dollars an hour for the grocery store workers for at least the next several months now goes restores. Did pay them extra money earlier this year but they stopped in march. They gave an extra two four dollar an hour bump but most of those lapsed in may and and grocery stores i would guess are grossing. The highest amounts in history. Yeah they always had low margins because that's something we talked about. Strikes are like you know this is not amazon. You know right. But they're selling a lot more food than they used to. Because you can't go to a restaurant you would think so yeah. I saw the numbers after the spring situation and they were good but they weren't like drop dead unbelievably great big increases and. I don't know how to explain that but it just was. There was definitely increase in sales. And not saying that. Same thing i remember reading about cosco went up. But it wasn't like you would think with the lines down the street. With some of these places that their profits would have doubled or tripled. But i don't think that's exactly what happened but anyway. This is catching on and in the city of la. There's also a proposal to bump the pay of the grocery store workers in fact. La counsel being the idiots that they are they put together a motion proposing that this be done. Nationwide we want to be leaders. Call coalition leaders. But but i take it back kroger who owns rouse and food for less did see its profits. Go by ninety percent this year. Albertson's which owns vaughn's climbed one hundred and fifty three percent. So actually they got they got too big were percentages because they signed if their profits a dollar. Yeah if they had small profits than and that may be the difference between saying that they're raking in record revenue but are they taking record profit because they have very thin margins. You know if they're making a one percent profit rise every dollar how then the it's now to to to to cells. Who said yeah. That's what i'm saying. Yeah and by the way they do have some power. I remember that the latest restrictions were going to limit their capacity to twenty percent think immediately appealed and they gotta change and got bumped to thirty five percent. The grocery stores went right up there and say you know why restaurant people at work is hard. I know everybody thinks that grocery stores or a place. We're you're likely to get the virus it's not you know. Let's go back to what we were going through earlier. The latest study shows that seventy four percent of the new infections are coming from in-home gatherings only one percent coming from restaurants and grocery stores are obviously. It's it's got to be very small percentage i eight. It's happening at people's homes and private gatherings because in grocery because you have. I don't understand why this is a simple concept. Why can't people's brains understand it. You have to be within six feet of somebody for fifteen minutes and they have to be exhaling. All over you a viral load. So if you've got a mask and the other guy has mask and you're simply pushing your cart by him for a matter of a few seconds you know maybe you stop to get the can of tomato sauce but you're not gonna get it. It's just not possible so that the grocery store the actually the grocery store people are not on the front lines. Maybe the first couple of weeks. You'll doppler plastic masks. They're scrubbing everything down. So that's that's all that's all take fifteen minutes to checkout not breathing on you from less than six feet. I love these stupid ass council people. They're really good at shutting down people's businesses and really good tell businesses how to spend their money your business site your money and be careful of another trick just because the grocery store worker gets cova doesn't mean they got it in the workplace. No that's another problem with this whole story from the beginning. We don't have the origins of a lot of these cases. They could've gotten into gathering with numbers. Snow do political. Bastards are always scott and again. We follow the scientific. It's all of the day. What are you anti science and then when when push comes to shove now they don't use any science. They're just making stuff up in line of people anything to maintain their control. We got more coming up. Keep voting for him. John and ken show debra mark has news. Kfi am six forty. What i found here. We mentioned Right before the news that Story about day job. Cuomo new york and seventy four percent of the new cove infections came from household or social gatherings. I found the chart the whole chart Oh john and ken show. John kobylt. Ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty everywhere on the iheartradio app. It's new york. State data forty six thousand data points collected from contact tracers interviews from september through november. So they they went through all these forty six thousand cases interview people to see where they've been and they determined that seventy four percent of the infections came from households social gatherings in second place healthcare delivery eight percent third higher education students colleges two percent education employees one and a half percent restaurants and bars. One point four percent travel and vacation one percent sports one percent and it goes down from their religious activities point. Six construction zero point six retail zero point. Six professional services would that be hairdressers. Zero point five. Elementary school student zero point four high school students zero point four. You say the school should never been closed all that all these prisons zero point four percent. Oh here hair. And personal care. O'hare personal care is even lower zero point one. Four gyms zero point zero six media production zero point zero two so i guess we're safe the movies. Well that's new york state. We really need something like that for us. It's got to be about the same. I would guess not. New york state did the contact tracing and came up with all the all this information. What is california's contact. Tracing program complete bust a complete waste. Where's their information. But but i think this would hold up so it's not the schools. it's not the restaurants. It's three quarters is household social gatherings which is completely absolutely not controllable. And then you have another eight percent which is healthcare and the vaccine will take care of that now. I guess but there isn't much do about that. Since we're the covert patients were going to the hospital and the doctors they were going to bring back. san diego county supervisor. Jim desmond in about thirty minutes because the update on the story down there is that the judge who said the strip clubs. Two of them can remain open. Apparently did clarify that. This ruling applies to restaurants to in san diego county indoor and outdoor dining. We'll get the update on that and see where this leads because apparently the state is going to try to intervene in this. We'll find out more from jim in about thirty minutes. We told you the other day about this crazy city of la story that they wanna make these tiny shelters for the homeless. They're basically sheds their eight foot by eight foot. They're being in north hollywood but the cost caused some people's jaws to drop one hundred thirty thousand dollars for each one and you can get the same shed online for a few hundred dollars. Salman listeners sent all sorts of links by one. we know we do a little research for the show Do you have room for shed. No i don't you do though. Yes we've had sheds in the past who's in there. My secret friend burying bodies councilman paul koretz. He with the chin bag done. Did the price tag. He has a lot of questions about this. he doesn't understand the only one. The only one in this story sheds not stunned. You think so. Somebody brought this diversities desk. Go one hundred thirty thousand dollars for a shed. You can go to home depot for four ninety nine and he said in his west side district. He's been talking to property owners about the possibilities of putting these sheds down on their property but he goes the concrete pads that they have. It's a nonstarter because we tried to tell the property owners that you can just pick up the shit and move it. You'd never know the sheds were there. But if they're gonna put down concrete pads underneath the sheds then he says that's not gonna work. It's a nonstarter with. Oh god help me. If one of my neighbors brings in a homeless shed yet they can properties near you like any no. Do you have any like Lots that look. No not on. My block ba- graded but shell if something's leading heart. Weiner silly progressive fool brings his own yaw right. So you know some crazy guy could come out and stab me one night remember. That guy got hammered. Its last week. Some guy in south. La got hammered by homeless guy living in his backyard. No no let them live there. Well you know you put yourself in play. He said the city should be looking for ways to fashion. A more economical solution. That's his polite way of saying. This is outrageous. Yeah why doesn't somebody speak plainly and say. This is an outrageous criminal. Rip off of tax money. Is there anyone who speaks like that anymore. Saying this this is what a bunch of buffoons running this program. Who approved this this. This is the stuff that it should be mashed mass firings over one hundred thirty thousand dollars for shed when they cost five hundred dollars. God come on their apparently the The city administrative officer that he must be involved. The bureau of engineering plant safety all involved in this. They think they can bring the cost down to seventeen thousand to twenty two thousand per unit eventual. Why would they be seventeen thousand honest to god. There are a few hundred dollars by eight by shed. An eight by eight. Shed go go. Everybody could go look themselves. They have to put two bunk beds. In there yeah. A bunk beds are Pretty cheap too. I honestly i don't know how you get with thousand dollars. Well when we come back we think there might be some clues in the story. We're going to do next. Susan shelley columnist for the southern california news. Group did one on. we've talked about lhasa. Iran a lot on this show. That's the los angeles homeless services agency. That's the one where that guy resigned. Going did a good job because he built up a huge bureaucracy their lawsuit that guy. I forget his name he hired a lot of people was peter something. Peter loser peterlee peter. They have been hopeless cedar failure. Peter in solving the vagrant problem and susan shelley took a look at the jobs and how much they pay at. Lhasa talk about jaws dropping. We'll get to that coming up. John and ken. Kfi by the way we got an email. There's a call for a debra mark podcast another vegan and other. I was telling john yesterday. Can that people have asked me and johnson. Would you wanna do that. And i said not really but a lot of people ask me so i forwarded him i saved you from that can afford it into the animal rights podcast. Yeah yeah you never know. I mean all kinds of lunatics. Yeah there's a lot of lunatics. Sure well there are any way not just because it would be a vegan animal podcast but those are special. Ed show john kobylt ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty nine everywhere on the iheartradio app tomorrow. Briggs this the end of twenty twenty s voice lines. so you've gotta get that message in there. If he wanted to be played this year. You like that this year One eight seven seven moist eighty six one eight seven seven six six four seven eight eight six by the way. The goupil was coming back around our first show of the new year. We'll tell you what happened with google pool. Twenty twenty and then we'll open up to actually new year's day we will your entries for goupil. Twenty twenty one was a big pile up of deaths this year. The trend this year as i recall from entries but remember people had to enter the gopal before cove. It hit that may affect the outcome and some of the cases. But we're quite a few people that got three three. Yeah granted they pick some very old people as i recall when you had olivia to have linda one hundred and four going out and roberta mccain hundred seven right so this was Seven that's too long. I don't to be around till guy. Don't you talk about what's the point. Hundred seven yeah you get to see great great great great great great grand answers. I get to see the borough relatives. It's all about family is if not you. Don't care some days. That's what i hear. It's cliche we were just talking about the the vagrants in what we referred to. As the homeless industrial spending bubble susan shelley is a columnist opinion columnist for the southern california news. Group did a number on lhasa. Lhasa is the los angeles homeless services. Authority. these are the people that we often talk about with no answers to the vagrant problem. But they certainly know how to spend money like they spent four hundred million a year in federal state. Local money for a million and at the the homeless problem has gotten dramatically worse than they are such big. Who's the biggest failure the unemployment department at sacramento high speed rail lhasa loss. I mean these these. These agencies are so harbel. They're made up of such stupid inept people who do nothing but suck up humongous salaries and provides no benefits. She looked it up on indeed dot com apparently lost the needs a chief financial officer. They're willing to pay two hundred twenty thousand two hundred eighty thousand dollars a year and it says easily apply to this job without a resume. You don't need a resume to be the chief financial officer. Just tell us what you are and don't give us any references to check and we'll take you at your word. I don't know well what they should get that woman who just got Charged with all those counts of fraud. But then she goes through. All this gives you the idea of how bureaucracy grows. There's somebody who's got a job called policy manager. They want to pay that person up to one hundred and twelve grand a year. There's an associate director of policy and legislative affairs job. Pays up two hundred thirty seven grand. What's this policy. The agent director of access and engagement. You're supposed to develop linkages to available homeless resources and services that spectacularly good linkages skills will earn you up to one hundred eighty three thousand dollars a year then they wanna systems integration manager. What's the system. Wait a second. you're talking. We've got seventy thousand people in the county living on the streets. Urinating defecating vomiting inject million. You just hire people to work for you. What our bureaucracy bills. What's the policy iraq like they're all indispensable and while we're doing great work whether or not she goes on here. Legislative analysts legislative affairs analyst pays up to seventy seven thousand somebody. Who's a compliance coordinator. What is that to work under. The director of the monitoring and compliance manager a resource and referral supervisor. What she does he puts it. Your tax dollars are paying for boatloads of manager. Supervisors analysts specialist directors coordinators monitors. This is the idiot class that gets degrees out of colleges and universities and they get mid level nonsense garbage government jobs that accomplished nothing and they're all living off our tax money. they're all gonna get pensions. They're all going to retire at fifty then. Spor spent forty years on their large rear ends waiting for Their their pension check deposit every week. She looked up how much they actually pay the people that go on the streets and engaged with the homeless saying that you know it's it can be very risky job. They're only paid anywhere between thirty. Nine thousand fifty six thousand dollars a year. That's it that and they have to engage when team members they gotta stick their heads in those smelly tents and and and walk up to the guy with the bloody knife right. Ask him how he's doing and try to gauge the guy who's smoking crack and masturbating and custom system components supervisor car eighty-four grant and these are made up nonsense jobs that cost us millions hundreds of millions of dollars and the problem just gets exponentially worse. It's just more proof of what we've said before all they do. We spend money. They line the pockets of their friends and they hire people to build their kingdoms but the homeless problem only gets worse. I mean look at it now this year alone how bad it's gotten. I don't even wanna open my eyes anymore if i drive around la. Because i know. I'm gonna see all these tents up on sidewalks and it's it's it's so foul and frightening. Hey keep voting the way your vote. By the way somebody sent an email that mike bond has filed the paperwork to run for reelection. He can't think he's turned out. Oh i'll look up that email and see what i worked. I was under the impression on my god. Well that's gotta be stopped trying to find it when we come back john and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app Well finally one of the republicans in california assemblyman jordan cunningham has filed a bill to strip away. Newsome's emergency powers. Now it would require looking. Yeah it would require the governor to seek approval approval from the legislative before making any changes to laws or regulations. Well everything new some dead failed. We've got rapidly. Increasing case counts and death counts and hospital counts because everything he did failed and We just reading you another chart a few minutes ago. That At least in new york state they looked at forty six thousand data. Points and three quarters of the new infections over. The fall came from household and social gathering gatherings seventy four percent healthcare was second at about eight percent. Let's see restaurants and bars. One point four percent so no. There's your science. There's your evidence. There's your research do. Simmons destroying people's lives and the infection rates out of control. Anyway by the way. I looked it up bonnin. Ken run for a third term. I know it was a measure passed in two thousand six allowing a third term fairly city council members. So you did find out panic. Bring back and i was wrong. San diego county supervisor jim desmond was on the show to start because what a wacky story out of that county. There was a judge it was allowing a couple of strip clubs to stay open and then the state and the attorney general havi. Sarah sent a letter saying you can't do this. We have state restrictions apply strip clubs while the judge not only turned around and said that the strip clubs can stay open. That's his ruling. Apparently expanded his decision to include businesses like restaurants and even further this afternoon at two-thirty. He clarified his ruling to say yes. It does apply to restaurants in the county. And i do believe they should stay open for dine in and dine out. Gyp desmond welcome back. Well thank you very much. yes so here. They give us the details here. How expensive is this ruling eagle county hall down but got a bump phone connection again. Underwater there hold on hold by the way is already appealing this ruling to the fourth district court of appeal. Well still have no evidence though. They keep appealing appealing. You have no evidence your own health director mark. Gailey set out loud. They want to get a stay put on the judge's ruling until the whole appeal can be heard so if i was the san diego county restaurant i quick do some dine out tonight because it could be gone tomorrow. Jimmy there you gotta well. We'll see still sound tentative. This connection plumber isn't that great all right across the border into mexico. Where are you. Let nats that. Good back at all right right. Yeah what you can hear. The union tribune just ruling means restrictions in place at limited restaurants to providing takeout. Service are for the moment no longer applicable county officials announced last night they would no longer enforce restrictions against restaurants and live entertainment venues. So now. now you've got two judges one for la county for san diego county. That's right and And i think it's clear like if we lived in a rational world this issue would be long-settled. We wouldn't be wasting our time discussing this any further but we have crazy people running the place. We have Wanna be dictators these little petty tyrants and they're so emotionally invested They can't let go. They don't they don't want to admit they're wrong but they were wrong. Do the humane thing a week before christmas but people go back to work and make some money. It's christmas time and your unemployment department is blowing eight and a half billion dollars. Well let's try jimmy again. How are you. hey. I'm doing all right. How you guys doing better talk fast. Well hey it was a great news that the judge you know he said it stands and it goes for all the restaurants in san diego county they could be open indoor and outdoors and this is different from the la ruling. Were la county. Only this judge went on to say it also includes the states regional a stay at home order so even though the state Ruling is in place we he says. No it doesn't count here in san diego county and so the states. I'm sure it's going to be appealing as soon as they possibly can. And hopefully like you said restaurants can can be open for a while and hopefully it takes months for an appeal. So according to your fellow supervisor nathan fletcher and a lawyer for one of the strip clubs already applied the the appeal to the fourth district. Court of appeal. The state has. I'm not surprised. So i'm not surprised at all and and Mr fleischer there is married to lorena gonzalez. So i'm not surprised. Ab five god bless him so so just to be a very precise here. He had blocked the state order to close restaurants but only in san diego county. Because san diego is part of that super-region that newsom setup called southern california but his jurisdiction is only for san diego. County is that is that courageous superior superior court judge in his ruling. It's a san diego county businesses with restaurants service so and chronically another statement in the ruling is the fact that the state and the county provided no evidence. No evidence that there was that these businesses present any risk much less a greater risk with the governor had imposed on december third. So last i checked you had to provide evidence for k. So this this state didn't provide any of these. These establishments are causing the spread of covid. Now it's outdoor and indoor dining allowed. Yes and is there. Are there any restrictions on the indoor dining. Well there's no percentages but they're still going to have to follow the safety protocols six feet apart the masks you know plexiglass if that's necessary and all those all the other precautions so all of those health orders are gonna stand but the shutdown orders not and and there's no percentage right now it's silent on that and and so they're gonna be able to do it but we want to do it safely so the pandemic and But so we're advising the restaurants be the gold standard for safety and and operate you know as best you can. And and keeping those same safety protocols. Any other businesses affected outside a restaurants in strip clubs. Well it's only to strip clubs right now. the No there's not no. It's just those two at this point in time. And i'm getting a lot of calls from salons barbershops gyms me too me do. And and hopefully we'll get there but this opens a door. I think and and if the governor gets us stay in other words he he gets a stay to say that to the fact where we have to stay where we are and we can't you know. Open a restaurant until until an appeal. We're hoping he doesn't get that. And we're able to keep the restaurant's open until an appeal is heard and that might be months. We'll be watching the story. Jim and hopefully will not get the state. Thanks for coming back on absolutely. Thanks for your patience. Take care journey. Hide san diego county supervisor. Jim desmond with the interesting news the judge in that county but his name. His name is joel. Whoa file w. oh l. f. b. l. He's a san diego county superior court judge. He made it clear this afternoon. An injunction he issued last night that stop state and local officials from enforcing the covid. Nineteen shutdown on to strip clubs also applies to all restaurants in the county dining dine out again. I'm looking for a strip club that has outdoor stripping your credit pacers and cheetahs adult entertainment clubs. Because this is kind of breakthrough and they start at us right. Who thought a strip club would would be The first brick through the window heard larry in a while it would be pretty cold stripping outside yes differently for the for the girl it would be. I'm sure it would be for guy. Gender boys up well if there are male strippers. They'd be called as well. Yeah well well. I don't have a lot of faith. But i hope. The appeals court turns the state down and does not put a stay on this. At least people in san diego could enjoy life as we once knew it and one small it it. It seems like since it's a regional order from the state. How can we have one county in the region be allowed to open up the restaurants and not the rest of the counties that has to be rectified. that's not that's not In general the rule is you can be less restricted than the state. but you cannot. You can be more restrictive than state. You cannot be less restrictive but now but now we have one county added the region that's less restrictive. So now things are out of balance. This has to be legally balanced. That's why i'm afraid. The appeals court. May say a can't do that. No be less restrictive view. Open everything up and usually what newsome says is. I'm going to withhold funding. That's what he often says if you did you. Withhold funding in and out. He's a black baylor. You'd never deal with blackmailers no you. Don't i wish. Local politicians would get a set of testicles already. Don't let him bully you. Don't let them threaten you. You know what you ought to do is say we're not enforcing this in our county. And if you bring any state health inspectors in here. We're going to have our local police and sheriff's march your little tweaks right out into the street. That's what you ought to do. They had a data declare themselves. Sovereign county's sanctuary county. The your your shutdown laws don't apply here and williams counties that have been doing that and i don't know what happened because that's when newsom bright less populated places and i'm saying threatening to withhold money if if they send a state licensed people down to to threaten the restaurants. It's like you have to have them escorted out. You know just have armed. Police arm sheriff's deputies handle that we got more coming up john and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt and ken. Chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. We have. We have breaking garcetti. News from alex michelson fox eleven on twitter. Eric said he says he told the biden. Harris transition team that he needs to remain in los angeles and will continue to serve as mayor. He says we're at a critical moment here and he will not be serving the new administration decent and biden just tweeted. Who asked you. don't you love. He's such a winner. Well i'm announcing that. I can't serve joe biden washington because everyone needs me here in la. Come on what job did they offer you. Phone didn't ring so this is this is politicians fake way of trying to negotiate a graceful exit from stage. That is the term for last we heard from the also condo times. He might have a climate change spot or being embassador mexico. Couldn't he couldn't even get that he couldn't even get an ambassadorship. He couldn't even get those fake climate change jobs. And and and what. Wh- what is it Los angeles needs him. What do we need you for. We're seeing a radical surge in corona virus. Hospitalization also getting quarantined for ten days. Yeah apparently is nine year. Old daughter is tested positive for covid. Nineteen that news also just came out. Yeah so let's get an update from his home tonight and maybe ten days. We won't hear much from him. He is quarantined for ten days. Because he can still broadcast as you see Zoom why don't you quarantine for the rest of your term. Why don't you resign. aren't you get out. You've destroyed the city. Even biden even in his feeble state realized that. You're a disaster. Can you imagine. I mean by by. He was practically on his hands and knees. Garcetti begging for a job. Now i'm not says the hospitals could go under meeting. They'll just have too many patients that they are not adequately deal with. They're talking about rationing. Now you had all this wonderful restrictions. What happened is shut down. All the restaurants cure everything. You put all those people out of work. Well that sob everything. Didn't it remember when you close down the tennis courts area. You go must be all those tennis ball. Infections that have caused the surge shutting schools and the playgrounds. Yeah that helped idiot idiot. Gotta make way for mr ding dong. Hey nah another alex. Michelson tweet here. I tr- Let's see tim conway. Junior has decided to stay in los angeles. Take a job with the biden administration. You're needed here. Get so gotta deal with this listeners. Need me here all right. Jason nathanson is coming on today to talk about tom cruise rant. They say it's the right message but really poorly delivered Petrels will be with us at eight. Oh five and then we've got tons and tons of great audio and that's that'll be a rap by about ten o'clock. That's the plan what to look forward to going with you guys. Let's row and look at this. Debra mark has the news. kfi am six. How's that taco bells toasted cheddar chilubas back. Are you thinking what. I'm thinking chatterbox lupu delicious and now crunchy taco cinnamon break. Whoa sorry this is cool. We're all thinking. The five dollar tested cheddar chiluba box back. Only at taco bell has admitted participating locations for a limited time only hours precipitation vary tax extra threes.

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