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Whenever I hear that particular time whenever I hear that I know right away it's an android phone. We don't have that. We don't have that ringtone. Oakland. Enjoyed android specific. It's just so happy and cheerful. That is. Alright jeffries messages, I'm one of your overseas listeners won't thank you He says, I live in Switzerland. Wow. That's wonderful to know that we're reaching people that far away. Though though originally from California one point that doesn't get enough airtime and he says I'm not caught up on all your recent show. So maybe you discussed before. Is the fact that Republicans in the RNC are working overtime to make it hard for people to vote and to fault Slade de. Register many voters. The CHEETO talks about fictitional risk of mail in ballots while his crowd works against democracy to reduce the number of voters. That can I just say it warms my heart to know that there's somebody in Switzerland calls him the Cheeto. I thought you like that. To. It is. The he goes on to say there are many. Defects in the US system but finding these democratic efforts is one short term way of nullifying the over the top disproportionate influence of oligarch kick Neil columnist behind the scenes. Since voting is regulated at the state level, many decentralized groups of people can fight this tendency in their local jurisdictions as an example. The terminal. As one of the highest unfavorable ratings among the Senate. Hurry. Just. DART. Since Kentucky is not really a functioning democracy. He keeps getting back in office. Town. I get tired of alone. To Sweep again. He goes on to say I get tired of Republicans saying they represent the American people they do not. They don't win the popular votes and they don't support policies that are favored by the overwhelming majority of US voters. You're absolutely correct. They do not. We need to see Republicans lose and landslides everywhere. If there is any hope for fighter for writing excuse me the US ship. Thanks very much for yard site full shows. And Jeffrey we thank you for being A new and loyal listener. We appreciate that a great deal. We do and I mean you know really throughout throughout the last year and a half. We. Have sort of ramped up Political speak if you will to to some degree on only because we knew you know a the the election is looming. Obviously, we spent enormous amount of time in the last recent months talking sadly. About trump, the CHEETO or the fool in the White House has another more common refrain is that we talk about him talk about the turtle who is actually Mitch McConnell the Senate Republican majority. only because these things obviously the decisions these idiots are making are affecting everybody. I'm mostly in disproportionate ways if you if you're in the one percentile in White than than this, I'm not applying this to you because you think things are great. but for the rest of us that is not the case. And And it's you know I in the problem. So everything that that Jeffrey's talking about is absolutely true from from my point of view at least in I'm pretty sure David too. But but yeah yeah. We we we have grave concerns about. The direction things are going. Even, though I have a lot of issues with America as a whole. Anyway historically as well as right into current day. But But. That doesn't mean that people couldn't work to make it better. And and and one way to do that is to remove bad bad leadership. So. Yeah. So I want to say on that. I guess. Yeah. It. Kind of speaks for itself. Really does. But thank Jeffrey for listening and thank you definitely for for writing in and know taking the time to do so we appreciate that. Absolutely Emerson the appreciate it. Thank you. All right we got some of voicemails well, Paul called in again and something about our last episode got the activists side of him rocking. Here's what he said. You guided really did something I'm tired. I'm very proud of here your. Debate. Got, my revolutionary blood boiling. And I just wanted to get A. Storm storm allows. A would-be King. gave up a good work hard. Talk Your Incurred you guys go back and listen to episode. Two, five two. which was Saturday and Dave, and I got into a spirited debate over. would be author journalist Bob Woodward. Won't revisit it. But I'm right Ask. By the way on the subject and again I don't intend to. relitigate this whole thing but. part of my argument though. On that. Had to do with I said that you know they talk about in in police circles, the the Blue Wall of silence right. Well I I did happen to catch some mainstreams interviews of Bob, Woodward? And none of them. None of them asked him any any controversal questions about why did you hold this audio? K.. So I, maintain at least that that part of my argument that they the news media protecting. This guy when you won't even ask the that type of a hard question. I watch CBS interview with him. I watched. Was it twenty twenty I think it was ABC's interview of him. And you know they had the entire focus was on you know everything that trump said in the interview they had none of them race that question you know you know I don't bother to. Because I'm sure they probably brought it up but again for the wrong reasons and I know that because we played it on the show Y T. has commentary in the direction that I was referring to but but mainstream. nope. So Just well, I think they mentioned it for a couple. Didn't did not mention it for a couple of reasons. One the obvious marketing and to I. I would I if I was interviewing him, I wouldn't have asked that either because it's not about Woodward, it's about the fool in the White House on what he said which is that is also true. Yes. So But okay. All right. I'll leave it there. But thank you Paul. Paul. Thank you good to hear from you and I'm glad you're you're revolutionary blood's boiling. You also sound better before. With the smoke and everything you know we last couple of calls in he was reporting on the fires there they're. Not. You know. It's not good. It's just not good out there at all. We were checking out a broadcast or a program called live rescue. Which was produced also by the now? DEFUNCT LIFE PD. and so you know as timing what habit their program is focused around. You know ride alongs with you know fire and rescue ems workers. And So they've been having quite a bit of coverage on the fires and just really scary stuff man it just it just is when you look at the devastation in these towns. Total towns gone When you're driving on roads and you see cars burnt out to the frame you're. To the point where there were cops, they're also trying to make identification the cars because there's no license plates because those have been burned up they can't even identify vehicles brother by the Vin numbers, the vineyards or gone. Melted to nothing. So. Bad bad stuff man. I have some. Friends. Family to me. They always have been that live in that area they'd been evacuated twice. One of them sent me some pictures from out there looking out their back door and those orange skies that you see. Yep. Their their actual. That's not that's not media manipulation right Yep. That is though skies look exactly that way. Absolutely, I've seen I've seen as well. Yeah. It's not an exaggeration at all. If if you know people out in that area. If you can send them something to help protect against the smoke is the breathing I. I'm not tooting my own horn just having respiratory problems after fighting covid I, know how important the the lungs are. I knew that before but even more. So now I sent those those folks I just mentioned sent them. To To The Respirators not the one you way are your ears they're the actual. Right industrial respirator symptom tool those Yup. and. They're just they're saying the smoke is so toxic out there you have to stay indoors. not too I'm not getting off subject but but I want to tease some audio they're going to play for Saturday show. Last night ABC's twenty twenty program ran a sort of a town hall from Pennsylvania. where trump was answering questions from supposedly which is believing it's to be asked but supposedly on decided voters, I can't even imagine. Who in this country is undecided at this point. Right. Needless to say, that's not a pitched it and in one of the exchanges. because of course, covert was brought up in his his. Response or lack thereof. he was talking about how great his administration did and and getting you know where they had. No no respirators at all to now. And I'M Roughly quoting, but you'll hear it straight out of the Horse's mouth. He said now we no longer need them. Yeah let that one set for a second. Yeah. When in fact? And most of of I know most of these mainstream news media outlets have They're they're broadcast facilities are both in La and New York. And we know that La has been hit pretty hard with the fires around the outskirts. In the man sits there in the studio although I guess I know they were in Philadelphia but the man sits in the studio knowing full well. That west coast is suffering such severe fires. And just told the nation, we don't need respirators anymore. So. I. AM, not, taking that out of context, you'll hear it on Saturday I'll just leave it at that. I've never in all of my years following politics. I have never in my life. Seen this level of. Ineptitude. Ignorance. self-absorption. Just mean spirited behavior coming from someone that is supposed to be. Put in place to. Lead a nation. In all my political life I have never seen anything like this. And I've lived through. A Bunch of presidents I've seen a bunch of presidents come and go. My first one was is on, our was too young to to really know what was going on in the political world but. I got a clue not too long after that. As, much as a kid can to get excited about the conventions. I guess. About your childhood no. Mike Nowhere near thinking about anything politics, my grandparents were activists so. That would examine. And it kind of It kind of made. Me Think way back then. I, I grew up during the civil rights BS. and. It made me think about. What needs to be done or why people need to stop. With the racism, even even back in as a kid. And I watched you know the Kennedy era, the Nixon, the Johnson air not in that order but Johnson and then Nixon and so on and so forth. and. Little changed in the way of civil rights. In the way, people of color were were treated little changed from from Bantu now. But I didn't see publicly as we see now maybe it did exist it just wasn't as as public but. All of the things that I just described as behaviors of the fool in the White House I never saw that before. In other other sitting presidents until now. Well I will I'll I'll leave it there because I've got many that comment on around that but it'll be it'll be Saturday show. With things that were brought up during that discussion. Last night that warrant I think some them some. Further. Correction. Saying. All right our next of voice mail. Comes from Africa. Called in with interesting situation that she Is has now been in. And also posed a question to brother. Okay. So here is what she had to say. Go. Good Morning, Michael This is Africa. First Time I've called and. It was a little startling a morning for me. I had an occasion where I met a very brand new friend at my age, which is kind of unusual law and we have been walking for the last week. Every day at seven am in the morning. enjoying the morning. Greeting in the day. And This morning Mostly through our walk, I wanted to get a cup of coffee and. She. Can't remember what the conversation was. But she told me that she would be the voting for the current occupant that. Washington DC head of our country. And I. I felt like the wind SORTA got taken out of my belly. Because I have delicately, you know told her about my values and how I think that each individual is important and giving that we're here in this country that freedoms are very important. And I couldn't. I had nothing really to say, Hey, for quite a while until we got to the corner. Of the edge of our town. And there's usually some sort of saying scrawled on a whiteboard which started before the Covid But today was Kinda interesting. Remember how people say that there are no coincidences. The. Thing on the signed today after are walking silence towards home was wisdom. Is the absence of judgement. So. It was kind of hard for me. To rectify, but she had told me and we had agreed never to talk about politics. But as we reached my house I told her. my feelings and she coming from Vietnam during the era. When things were not very good there due to our occupation and. Sort of messing up the country she had. Lied. She flew away with nothing in our pockets and you know arrived here and was able to make a life for herself. But given that that was her reason that she did not want to see that sort of regime occur here So I told her about my experience and understanding of politics I'll obey through the eighties especially, what occurred in Oakland? California and I ended the day with telling her that none of this really matters. that. It's important that we just remain human beings and accept. Everybody. Should be allowed to exist. So. We parted ways for the moment and. Will continue our rocks in the morning And I guess my call today which perpetuated it. Now that you know the reason behind me calling today was how? What am I supposed to talk? To people about and not that I really want to change people's minds. But? How do I let people know? Why it's important to. To hold leaders accountable and vote for appropriate individuals out will reflect decency. Although the candidates I don't feel really reflect all of my values I know that there is. one group of candidates that I don't believe reflect any of them I values. So how do I talk to those who I care about? About this. Silicon Valley. Or do I just not talk. anyways, heavy words and I hope you to continue to shed some light on how we can leave our lives In a balanced manner maybe can talk to this point. Maybe. On stage. A Wonderful Day. and thank you for taking my call. Wow. That's what I said. I heard it Yep. Wow that. Talking about bearing one Seoul You WanNA starring undersell high. She The lady from Vietnam, has this. Apparently image in her mind. That America. Is Okay under the leadership of Donald Trump. And and so. Being that we At least I didn't live through the time when the she was. So she felt she had to run from her own country at that time. You know maybe I'm sure he considers this or country now, and that's fine but You know are the same. Conditions. Right. I mean there's days. Yeah. You know I look at you know laws that are being enacted in in the behaviors of this president and though in his circle in. Modern Republicans. but I have nowhere to run. And historically, I should never run. From. This place. Because of a holes. But My parents had raised me at one point two. More or less say that you know I was free thinking you know I could I could make my own decisions but they also grew up in the era when you don't talk about your political persuasion. Right And In, today, I just don't see how you can avoid it. Having a conversation at some point. You know I think there's times you you have to switch it all off but know we read all the time about families being broken apart because of this crap friendships lost because yes there's distinct very differences as as Africa said, right? There's another aspect and in meaning cut your all I was rambling. Anyway don't worry. There's another aspect of this that I didn't mention. There's a psychological aspect. That I am qualified to speak on but I won't calls I don't know this lady specifically or have not talked to her. But I don't think culture has too much of a part to play in this. In her decision making war her. Her obvious. Wanting support for the full in the White House. But? It almost sounds like there's a site psychological aspect underlying why she feels that she should support this fool. Could it be that she's trying to disassociate herself from who she is. and. That's playing a part there. There are a lot of aspects here that could lead one to. Surmise that. Maybe she's not. Being totally honest with herself although I don't know that because I I do not know. Why anyone? Would want to support the full in the White House. If. They're being totally honest with themselves. After knowing hearing and seeing all that he's done. To this nation. there's there's under there's gotta be some underlying. Psychological aspects there that. Can Be rooted in some. In could be something a superficial as the full hading same people they hate. So. Africa. Africa. There's there's a lot of a lot of things to unpack there as to. What's leading your friend in that direction? If you want to know. Talk, to her more. And that includes you know other friends and family members. If you want to know what their impetus is, that's driving them to support the full in the White House talk to the more just just ask. Your an intelligent person. All of our most are are listening audiences intelligent listening audience. I can't be more proud of of all of our listeners because. You're everyone critical thinkers on a love it. I. Love It. Ask If if you want to know. Ask. I would. I would ask her. it. It may strengthen the friendship. It made aunt. But it leaves. Joel. If the friendship ends you'll have an honest. Estimation, as to why and if the friendship become stronger, the same thing applies will have an honest estimation as to why. and. That's my two cents for what it's worth. I felt a little bit of time to think about this a little bit more and so just to add on to what you said agree with everything that you said talking is is the right. Is. The right answer there. Just asking why she feels the way she does maybe try to discern whether or not. Her opinion is being formed as a result of what influences. So you know we we talk often about you know the media and the problems. that the media is causing on both sides Okay Ka. So I'm I'm not so blind that ten, I just. Listen everything they say and take it, take it as as fact. But But I think trying to understand as Dave said What what drove her to these conclusions, right. is is important if she's open minded enough to hear Your perspective of a Free Cup. Then, then share that with her. because. As you pointed out, it's IT'S A. It's about your values, right? And so. That will either. Because again, to believe, you said, this is a new friend. So it's not someone you've known for a long period of time, and again, we can only glean based on the audio we right the voicemail. So I look at it I guess as it's a developing friendship and so one of the things Really You know the way a couple becomes you know closer you know as as a husband or wife or otherwise right? Trying to understand each other. And so Value Becomes. Important at some point, right? So if you can have a friendship of that doesn't involve politics today. That's a great thing. If you can do it. I just don't know if it's if it's possible with So, many influences right now. until. Something changes, and we just don't know what that something is. Yet the election hasn't happened yet. We don't know if better people are going to be elected that helped shape better policy we don't know. So I think there's also some healthy aspects of turning off all forms of media. Walking on the beach does a great thing if you don't bring a phone or A. Kind of. I mean, no, we want folks to listen to our show even right but Sometimes you gotTA, turn it all off. You, know I mean, Okay Great Example Badger, right Badger called in I know a week or so ago and said I'm going up in the mountains and he was very, very happy about that. Remember. He said, I'm nothing's going with me. I'll catch up with your show when I. Right. Right. And so you know In Revere Badger in a lot of ways because he he looks at the world I think. Very. Positively. That's the impression I've gotten over the years that he that he's called in and listened in. And so you know maybe there's some wisdom there. That we should we can all take, which is sometimes you're gonNA turn it all off. And And for health reasons if nothing else and health can include you know building or making a stronger relationship. You know. But. Communication is also a part of this trying to under trying to understand the people so so yeah, maybe maybe Maybe good on the road of China understand again, her perspective in what shape that. Offer your own in see if you can find common ground if you can great if not the new maybe Evaluated, and if you like I said, if you can a relationship without a discussion of politics. Just stay with that. But if you think, you have to have a conversation around Politics in your values, try to draw on some Maybe, policy examples or things that. Affect you personally that either has been negative or positive. And explain why that might be to her. And then see what she says so Against All right onto native news. Yes. Onto Nita News and again, thank you for the call in by all means. Call again please. Everybody. Absolutely. This. Article Left me shaking my head a lot of times brother. gave me a headache just trying to think about how to. Put together in any kind of. Commentary about. The body of this, this particular article, and before I even began I, I love our native relatives dearly i. Hope Folks, I I love you all dearly. But I can't for the life of me. UNDERSTAND WHY A tribal body will allow this to happen. Excuse me what I'm talking about. Is. The title of this Article Navajos nation takes pride in covid vaccines study. Y. After all the crap. That Europeans have done to native peoples why? and. This was brought to us by way of Dolphin Walker for Indian country today. Dot Com. Dalton. Quote. Excuse me. If this study finds the backed vaccine is. Effective. against. Kobe. Listen to the first word of that that sentence again if. Excuse me. If this study finds the bacteria vaccine is effective against Covid nineteen than American national on Alaska native individuals and indigenous people around the world would benefit. If. That's a big word. Well. Not only that. If, I could just step in on this because this is the other part that I'm very, very concerned about. That's if you can get access to get it. Now, they're gonNA. Get it. When I'm talking they're saying if Okay I. See what you're saying if this study finds I'm talking about after the fact. I'm talking I'm talking about discrimination in in. An injection. I understand that but okay. All right I'll shut up. What bothers me so much about this article is they want to use. As Guinea pig, I understand. The. Scotty thought on it though I have two schools of thought. But anyway, go ahead I want our audience to understand that that's what this is all about. It's not that there's a a viable usable vaccine, a proven vaccine. That's working. There is no such animal. This virus seven months old. Seven months old. We don't have a cure for the common cold. We don't have the cure which is another another. Another form of Corona. It's a science virus. Absolutely. A cure for the flu. We don't have a cure for pneumonia. Way Don't have a cure for any of the many SARS related viruses that are out there. So. They're going to tout that there's a vaccine available for covid nineteen. They're using. People of. Color as guinea pigs. That's what they're doing. The making it available. To People's of colors to be used as frickin guinea pigs. Going on. With dolphins article, the Navajo nation which is more has has lost more than five hundred citizens to the Kobe nineteen pandemic. It's on the front. Lines Volunteer Vaccine Study. This. This makes my stomach turn. To read that. Only a few days after reporting. Now, new daily cases for the first time in months, the tribe announced Friday that it is participating in a Pfizer Bio INTECH Kobe, nineteen vaccine trial. A patient volunteer basis. Navajo Nation President Jonathan Ness regularly, updates cases each day the social media. He reported no new cases on Tuesday, which is Great. The next day. He reported twelve new cases still a dramatic drop from past weeks. Several potential vaccines are in development and summer in clinical trials trials on humans. But there is currently no licensed vaccine that prevents Kobe nineteen I'll read that again, there is currently no licensed vaccine that prevents Kobe nineteen. And a statement necessarily that it's important that the Navajo people have an opportunity to participate in a phase three trial quoting. At this study if this study finds that the vaccine effective against Covid nineteen then American Indian and Alaska native individuals, indigenous people around the world would benefit. Okay don't blanket us all onto one one heading please sir. Quoting again, we want to do everything. We can to keep our elders and people healthy and to prevent another spike in Kobe nineteen cases and I, understand the need for that. Without a safe vaccine, which it's not I'm members of cases will continue to fluctuate and we will continue to face substantial risk of infection. Stop right there for a moment. If people really understood what clinical trials do. and. Why they're done. Nobody would participate in them. I understand some people participate in in these various trials because they feel they have no choice. Because it is literally life and death. I I understand that. I'm not knocking anybody for doing that. You Know God bless you that's what you feel you need to do. But to expose an entire group or groups of people to trials. volunteer basis. To something that they have no idea about. Is is beyond me it's it's insane if you ask me. Yes. To be done to prove medications, vaccines, Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera I understand that. But I can't. I can't wrap my head around this. After all the things Europeans have done to native peoples. Why? Why do this? I can't even finish the rest of the couple of paragraphs it to be on the show notes, right? Well. Okay. I'm going to break this apart. first of all none none of this in my opinion is directed at Dalton Walker author all simply reporting the news. I didn't get the indication that it was I didn't I was just for the audience in case somebody. Thinks Dalton had something to do. With this They didn't. Also before I, give any additional commentary I have no idea what's involved in a clinical. Trial. I'm just be up front with that right. So I'm going off merely an assumption in Dave. You can correct me if any of what I'm about to say is just blatantly incorrect. All of this voluntary. I Don I e regardless of if you're indigenous or not. All of this is voluntary. Would I do not hear anything about is The risk to? The participants. So for example, we heard in the news. Recently that. One of the company's trying to develop a vaccine halted testing because of a reaction. One individual hat. And There was never a conclusive follow up to that as to what that reaction actually was. My next point has to do with the what I would assume is the inherent danger. To the participants. Because you're taking an injection. That is man made. And you do not know how your body's going to react to it. The science says. They think a chemical reaction in your body should produce X. And in some cases, it doesn't produce it produces. I'm not talking chromosomes or something like that. I then. I then do not understand if there is compensation for. These volunteers. because. I'm trying to be careful but I don't know any other way to put it this way is there not an inherent risk to even their lives? When they're taking unknown injections. To answer that question. Yes, there is risk. Okay to their lives. Absolutely. Okay. So, if there is risk to their lives. I put them on par as I would. First responders. Now they've called people essential workers. The people that are risking their health to be in an environment where let's say cove nineteen is spiking. Again not knowing. The science around What they're making. For these vaccines but For example, one of the Treatments, for, people with certain. Allergies. They're actually and this is true. Also presumably of the flu shot, which is you're actually injecting yourself with the very thing that you're allergic to. And I never understood that I'm myself personally this is just me I'm not saying everybody else should do this. I'm personally against the flu shot. Everybody should to some degree because you're injecting yourself with the flu virus to some degree or certain strain of it. I. I. Just don't understand that logic. Now somebody can explain the science to me I suppose I. I believe it has something to do with they feel it. counters it Like zeroing it out or something to that effect but. Same thing with allergies, they inject you with a form of the be that. To combat. The your otherwise allergic reaction to a bee sting. Well. I'll go back to I'll go back to your analogy of of the flu shop and that's that's a good analogy. The, flu vaccine. That they encourage people to get every year. Is Not a vaccine that combat's the current strain of flu. I'll say that again. The flu vaccine, they encourage people to get every year is not a vaccine for. To cover the current strain of flu. Okay. Thank you. What I'm going to expound on that more for our audience, K.. The current strain of flu that they want people to get vaccinated against. Hasn't been in existence long enough for them to create. Any, kind of vaccine for. Sound familiar. Yes, it does So your flesh. Is just going to say I, mean Now it's okay I mean I've already made the point I would just end up repeating myself I just I just I just don't understand the logic of it. Well, it's marketing that pure and simple the flu the flu shot for the most part is mattress where I was going to go but I just figured. I was. Sometimes, I get very worried that people think I'm some conspiracy theorist not. No, I don't walk around with my eyes bugged down the what if this? But but but quite frankly I mean that is a component to this meaning meaning. You know what I mean because like clockwork man, you know the ads start appearing on TV and radio. You get your. Did you take the flu shot? You need to take it now because winter's coming and if you don't take it. Well shame on you. And that's there's another good point the bring up they equate the flu shot to winter. Got Nothing to one that has nothing to do with the other third. Just. Exactly. Because because. Because you know sales are scheduled yup? I. Mean we have to make our numbers and therefore make sure they know. To. Shot. In quarter for. So. So you know. So yes, you know I I. I have concerns around that No let's hit the the main point that you. that you brought up Guinea? Pigs. I you know I tend to agree with you. The difference here is to some of the examples in the past of Government run. Injections of indigenous people. On is the word voluntary. And But like I said, I still have also heard about how How are these recipients? All be even if they volunteer see just because somebody volunteers doesn't mean that you shouldn't compensate them for in some way because they are putting their lives. At risk and also if they believe that they are trying to do something to help humanity in this case, for Navajo, nation their own people. Damn well better compensate and I don't mean five bucks five bucks show up because that's the other game. Right. I'll give you five bucks show up and just you know allows the stick this needle and you just once okay just wanted to you know. Just it's three hours of your time. Or something like that. No? You're injecting yourself with something that nobody knows what's going to happen. Now. And again, the flip side of this is okay. They WANNA vaccine. Supposedly to get. Rid. Of. This strain of virus. All night last night during that trump debate thing he kept calling it the China virus, a growth agenda virus because because whether it's where it came from China. Such an ignorant. As if to say as if to say corona virus only came from China. Corona virus that the core aspect of you know the core strain there's different strains of this you see. Cold strain there's a flu strain. There's all like at all forms of SARS. Didn't just come from China. Anyway Well. Here's why I say there's there's a financial or marketing aspect of vaccines. This this summer, the fool awarded one point watered at one point nine, billion dollar contract for one hundred, million doses. To be delivered by December yet. Okay. That red flag number one SHERP. I'll build onto that just for a quick second. All right. So what I keep hearing is. There are millions of doses lined up ready to go. Well well, how can there be millions of doses ready to go when nothing's been tested and has been deemed safe by any level headed medical professional first of all. Number two. But you're basically if you're picturing this in your mind, then you'll be picturing this accurately little tiny vials millions of them. With three quarters full solution. But missing an active ingredient. Okay. That they intend to if something is deemed quote, serve serve right. Then, they're going to add those little droplets to all these little vials and get them out the door. Basically, that's what happens. That's what they mean. When they're said, the stuff is staged and ready to go. Now, the flip side of that is if they can't find something that pass supposedly all of the safety tests guess what they gotta do those vials. Their own way. Will here's the. Scary. The news organizations that that that's part of this article is responsible for reported that Pfizer could know if the vaccine works as soon as next month October. That's BS. And if approved, it would manufacture ready more than one point, three billion doses worldwide by the end of next year, you know where the number one facility that they're that they're trying to do the testing for covid nineteen at Pfizer is. Now. We're we are here. In Connecticut Yeah that the main campus. We. kind of no. So the risk is enormous. Now what I didn't see in the article here. Putting all the other concerns aside? If if there's a certain percentage of Navajo, nation that are willing to volunteer themselves to this testing in the testing becomes how did they put it here? Of Study finds that the vaccine is effective against Kobe nineteen, then they stay that the Chairman Nez. President Excuse me apologized President Nez said then American Indian Alaskan native individuals in indigenous people around the world would benefit. Close quote will who says because this goes back to what I originally launched with. Discrimination on injection. Is there an agreement with Pfizer Pfizer is? The test right I mean Pfizer is a company that they've partnered with. Yes. Pfizer bio N TEK right. Is there an agreement between Pfizer bio tech and Navajo nation that they are the first to receive the approved? Vaccine. No you don't read that in the article. The people who are going to get the injections I are the wealthy. And why people aren't reporting on this more is beyond me. Those who can afford it i. These companies aren't making this. Because, they want to be good citizens king me. Regardless of what country they're in. See Trump is banking on. This as another form of economy stimulation. What do you think he's handed it off to companies. They expect payback. They do and expect paying back by who insurance companies. Who then in turn charged to you and me? You haven't heard that vaccine is going to be free to you have you. Know. They're expected to be well compensated. Now some cases in this hasn't been I don't think has been A determined yet unless you've heard something brother as a government given these companies, any kind of seed money for the indy. basically the answer to that is Yup. Okay That's. One hundred. One hundred one point nine, billion, dollar contract was four. Okay. So all of the I'm go on a limb and say these are only American based companies that are can can get access to the funding. No. It's probably available to anybody that applies. Okay. So there's more justification for people to Ask Will, why is my insurance rates going up? If I want to get the vaccine. Why does the end citizen have pay anything? For that vaccine. Because there has been assertions to that made. So. Well, here's here's one thing that really. Really. Bothers me about this whole thing. Participants must be between eighteen and eighty five healthy or have stable underlying health conditions, and they cannot have tested positive for the coronavirus. Rebelled again why. Disciplines participants must be between ages eighteen and eighty five. Healthy or have stable underlying health conditions any end they cannot have tested positive for the coronavirus. Enrollment will begin mid-september. which we're in at participants will receive two doses of approved vaccine and will be monitored over a two year period according to the first release. Okay. There's a lot to unpack in that one little paragraph. Number One. They're testing across a wide spectrum of demographics. Eighteen, eighty five. They have to be healthy or have stable underlying health conditions. That means they want is clean. A test subject is they can get. They cannot have tested positive for the corona virus. So that means if you're healthy, they're going to infect you with the KHURANA virus. Yup. They're going to give you the only way. It's the only way the they can test any any type of viable solution you have. You have to be willing to take the virus. Initially and then, and then they have to. Apply the antidote sorry. The the the the the vaccine intest. Well the virus is in the vaccine. Okay. Okay. So you're okay. So they're they're they're taking the same strategy as they are presumably the flu virus run. Okay. Got It. They're going to give you two doses of approved vaccine and they're gonNa Monir to you over a two year period. That's the biggest red flag of all. They're going to monitor you over a two year period. Now that two year period. Within that two year period they're gonNA have. A lot of information that they're gonNA collect. Okay. Okay. Go ahead. Sorry. There's still. A lot of information they're going to find out who the viruses going to kill. They're going to find out who the viruses going to maim and or disfigure. To include severe neurological deficits which some cases have already been reported. Cognitive functions that are. maybe not not correctable. blood conditions all kinds of different things that can happen that they're seeing with people that have already been infected with the virus. Now the fact that they are injecting healthy people with the virus. Can Open up whole big different can of worms. To present a whole lot of different things that going to affect a whole lot of different people. So, so two things on that on that statement alone if they're gonNA monitor somebody for two years. Again, two years. Then that means anything that they presumably would be releasing to the public. They can't guarantee a safe. No because let two year window that two year window is the minimum minimum time to test. A vaccine or medication that now window is a minimum common. That's very interesting. You said that because the last night during the trump townhall meeting the people event that ABC put on. He said something to this effect. Again, we'll have this on Saturday, but he said. I don't think the Democrats could have done this. Because the Democrats had so many FDA regulations that it would have taken at least. Two Years Sir he said. To get a vaccine out. How very interesting You see regulations are always a bad thing people. Are Not. Always a bad thing. In this particular case, it was a say it's for safety reasons. But the guy that wants to be king again for another four years. Things regulations are bad. Slows down the process. Being safe is. an exaggeration. That's why this matters. Oh. Yeah. So. People need to think long and hard I don't care. I, don't care if you're indigenous or not. People need to think long and hard about all of the ramifications and those people that are conducting the test they damn well better. Be Telling people what those risks are. I I have some skepticism around that as well. When when you have this level of pressure? To, get something untested into people's arms. And I'm not talking about the volunteers I'm talking about Everyday People Question everything. Oh. So. Move on we're really do. Next. Article Up is something that caught my eye This has to do again with. Absentee. Ballots. This is from statement out by the native American rights. Lawsuit Challenges. Constitutionality of Alaska's witness re requirement on absentee ballots. And then a civil rights group to sue Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer to expand vote by mail access. Here's what's going on here out of Anchorage Alaska. LASCO's witnessed signature requirement for casting absentee ballot is unconstitutional and immediate injunctive and declaratory relief must be granted a federal lawsuit filed today against Lieutenant Governor Kevin. Meyer Director of the Alaska Division. Of Elections. Gail of Nami. And the Alaska Division of elections argues. The lawsuit seeks to waive the provisions of State Law for the upcoming general election that requires voters who submit a male imbalanced too heavy witness sign their ballot return envelope. Even in the midst. Of the highly contagious and deadly covid nineteen pandemic well isn't that special. The suit claims that the witness signature requirement places a significant burden on the fundamental right to vote because people will have to risk their health and being to vote or not cast their ballot at all. Allowing the witness requirement to could de franchise thousands of eligible voters in Alaska who cannot risk contact with other individuals to vote in person or obtain a witness signature on their absentee ballot. A preliminary injunction was also filed today that hopes to immediately abolish the requirement and guarantee voters the ability to vote by mail. So. In in Alaska, some of the villages are very remote saying you know really it's the same situation that some of the tribes out in out in the Midwest have. And so you know they can only rely. On, you know a a a mail service. Because driving to a voting location. Is. Extraordinarily, challenging. So. This is yet again, another little game people are trying to play by saying, did you sign your envelope? You didn't own sorry I can't I can't accept it. So. quoting here again, from the article, it is no way permissible to force residents to sacrifice their health and well, just to exercise their right to vote. But that is exactly what's happening because Alaska's highest education excuse me highest election officials have failed to take the necessary steps to ensure that residents can vote safely amid the pandemic said Associate Counsel at the Voting Rights Project at the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under law quote with the election just weeks away we are turning to the court to provide immediate relief to defend the right to vote for people across all of Alaska. We live in a democracy and a key component of our society is giving everyone the opportunity to have their voice heard close quote. So yeah very, very important arrested. This will also be in in the show notes It's. Rather important. we may think. All right. want to add one more item here to the native new segment. So this is an extra. Now. Montana. is considered to be a moderately republican state. There is a small percentage of Hispanic and African American voters there. However, data provided by home snacks dot net. That's the name. A resource which combines recent data from the census FBI, an open street maps and a number of other sources They state that native American population in Montana is sixty, four, thousand, six, hundred, forty, three, or six point two percent of the total population of that state. Versus six excuse me point six percent of black Americans there. Now. In the last ten presidential elections Montana has voted Republican except in Nineteen ninety-two. Now, why do we bring this up? Well. The Crow Nation of Montana as decided to endorse four more years. Of the CHEETO? Here's what the chairman said. The Chairman of the Crow tribe Mr Aj not afraid. Today. Only beyond Z. with great men and others like four others around you there hanging out. Now amongst the two the two great men that he's speaking of. Mike Pence. Swore. Make sure you guys. This isn't that long three minutes then no no no I know it's not the time, I? Just. Might my head feels like it's just. I'm looking to see Rod serling walk through my door, my office door at any minute. Here's the rest of the statement. Tribe is cold tribe home tribe. Is An energy tribe. The crew. Since, the early eighteen hundreds have always been an ally to the government. From the Little bighorn. World War to Vietnam. Myself. In the four. Out Today's send before you to. Endorse. As well, as support president trump. Vice President Pence. Senator Danes. My good friend. Matt Rosendahl. and. Last. Not Lease Superman. June four. Do. Not. Ask for handouts, patrol ass. This. Lineup to help which in the last four years president trump had. Endorsed and amended executed the Terror Act which enabled the crow tribe into permanent its own mineral resource. Longtime. Coming. Up to walk through that door. As well as Vice President Pence crew the war on coal is over. Working with US law enforcement. Government. To say, can you viewpoints around one for some I've says, please step out of the way. Let us run along. Congress June fourteenth. Testified before him during various. Natural Resources testimonies, and such. which not only helped the crow tribe would help many nations in general because there are over five hundred tribes in the United States and without that type of leadership that you have before you. Why changed courses. So this time again, I, thank you for the opportunity. Go from. Anyway You get the just thoughts brother. I think it's the Rod Sterling coming you. Know Yeah I I do. The audience has heard me say this before money is the new whiskey. and I'll just leave it at that and. Listeners can figure out what that means. He did make one true statement and his his his commentary. About the crow always being. In the pocket of the government, I? Sure that's not what he said directly but. I think it was the crew. Of That ad. Scouts for. custer. If I'm not mistaken I'll have to research that to be sure. So I just I I'm just saddened that. Any native person any native nation would have anything to do with full in the White House in his administration. I, am really sad about that. And again, he's taken a note from. Republican. Playbook Union. Taking a note from the Republican playbook to homogenize a lump, all native American tribes across the country. Into one category. By stating that. This kind of leadership. You know words on the behest and paraphrasing. All. All on native peoples across America. Now, it does not. So you you know you can support whomever you want to Serb. I am saddened to to hear your exuberance. Disappointed administration that would just kick you on the teeth. than. To. Help. You. Out of the out of the mud. If you were to fall down. If. You try to fall on hard times. This administration will just assume kick you in the teeth. That's all I've got to say. Okay, well, First of all lightened as as you stated, I also say this on the show often that is support and. There's a thousand different ways we can interpret this but Indian self determination. Now, I do believe. where? The chairman made those statements was a regular Republican trump rally it was not. Necessarily on. On crow reservation or. Or Crow Land if you will. I believe it was irregular rally stop but because it's Montana. and. Because There are sixty, four, thousand, six, hundred, forty, three. or six point two percent. Of the state. Is Indigenous People they're? They're like we're better invite the tribes. Right. But he said this. The Crow tribe is a coal tribe. Really. Because To the uneducated that makes it sound like your tribe only cares about. The coal. Industry. Now sure they don't but. I understand the need to move your economy forward to. Quite frankly make sure your people survive. In our case. We've chosen to. Conduct gaming on our reservation. Crow people apparently have made a decision that they would get into a coal mining industry. And that's fine. But be clear. That, there's. More to ourselves. Then economics. In my view. he also made a statement that I would yes I would definitely need to. study up moron. Reference that he said, crow nation is an ally to the United States government. Context important. So I I would of wished he would have elaborated on that more. Because his history is clear on that. Particular here in the northeast. Night states government has not been. In many cases continues to not be. Our ally. So we need to define that. Statement more I feel. So. In the rest I think Dave covered quite well, I don't need to. Step back over that but. They have every right to you know decide you know who they want when they want to back. But you see the promotion of fossil fuel. By making that statement about coal means you do not believe whatsoever in climate change. and. So Just. West of Montana. I think there's some folks there that are not including other tribes. That will disagree with you sir. because. It because those types of activities. Contribute to. A. Greater. Problem. So I. would ask that. That be kept in mind as well. I agree. But anyway three. Was Newsworthy I just wanted to. Let everybody know that did take place so Thank you. All right in would that said brother I guess I guess. As. You'd like to say buy bags empty my bag is. We appreciate. You guys tuning again as always as we. For. Another another Wednesday episode, we'll be back again of course. On Saturday. With the with more news and stuff like that. So. by all means, keep the feedback coming and You can email US hosts with an S. host at native opinion, Dot com can reach us out at facebook at facebook dot com forward slash native opinion podcast, and you can leave us a voicemail at its zero eight, hundred, five, five, nine, five, My name is Michael kicking bear from the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation here in Connecticut the guy over there. Of course, he is David Gray Al from the Cherokee tribe Alabama dot going. Thank you for joining us and we will see you Saturday. So your Saturday everybody. Take care. bye-bye.

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