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I think it's just for the kids but that's just me. I'm not going to rain on was parade. We got a great show this evening. We had a full lineup again. My name is adam kern coming to. You live w. g. b. being and with me and i'll bring him on a right about now is in my mind all time jet. Great strong safety victor green. How're you doing victory there. I'm here what's going on their excellent. I pumped up. I'm ready to go on a great show. Facial hope the fans out there listening. Yeah absolutely awesome. Yeah yeah we we definitely do. I'm excited about our first guest. We're going to get to him in just one. Second that being jessie tuggle. A lifer over there for the atlanta falcons It's just been a crazy day. Yesterday we got our first snow here. In new york it was disgusting. It was awful. I called victor. He had just come home from a round of golf. As i recall right. That's why we have to drop around sixty. Oh you poor guy. Graceful anyways We also we also add the privilege and this is gonna be all nfl today. It is going to be all football. But i cannot and will not forget to mention in all time. Great game that we got That i definitely had the privilege of watching week that being game six of the world series where the cardinals outed the texans with a solo shot in the eleventh in one of the most amazing. If not the most amazing baseball game. I have ever seen in my thirty years on earth. I don't know. did you see that game. Victor victor. they're right. I guess he's not well we we will get him back momentarily. it was. It was just an outstanding game coming from behind to runs on two separate occasions two times that they were down to their last strike. Before the texans won the world series and talk about a curse franchise years. They have not been able to do it off. Just an incredible. You gotta tip your cap to the cardinals and congratulate them. It is half time for the jets it is thereby week and you know so. I'm feeling refreshed. I have not. I've not been worried this week. And i've just watched the other teams play and it's and the g. men that they squeak by with a win over the dolphins so it was ugly but they got the win and a win is a win so we are going to let. Let's see if we could bring victor victoria. You back with us back man. I have some telephone no fault. That's okay that's okay. I just took the reins and And i'm and i'm back on football. I was talking baseball when when you left. But look the g. man they get it done. I feel good. I feel good as jeff van foreign three. It's not ugly. When is it ever pretty asked me. You know that's the real question but more on the jets later right now. I want to bring on jessie tuggle. He played in the nfl from nineteen eighty-seven two year. Two thousand five time pro bowl linebacker. Who recorded sixteen hundred and forty tackles twenty one sacks six picks why not in fourteen years as i said lifelong falcon with the humble nickname of the hammer. How's it going jesse and doing great guys doing well doing well. Victor you still there. Great man thanks for calling in doing alright as well no problem and he called me so we can share sounds faz. Some fast big reason as times. Well absolutely adam mentioned a call you to have a talk a little bit about that man. How'd you get the name to hammer. Give it to me about teammate or just nailing people and Now always known as a heavy hitter in a short linebacker always play great levies and that was never afraid to you not a hard hit to the table. When you're when you're young and you've been president and and your little bit short have back able to produce force man. So i just go out and nell people and they've got started calling me the hammer. The name just stuck to me. What jesse. What what do you think Is the biggest story. That's been developing so far. Like i said it's it's the falcons are actually on by week as well so it's a time of reflection at least for this jet fan. What what do you think is the biggest story. That's going on in the nfl this year so far in the league of man i dunno good to get the bike plan and feel early the biggest thing with the whole without and all that he knows his footballs been going on. I think the fans have been really enjoying it. Because i level play haven't missed the You know it's good to see a lot of young players particularly the quarterback cam newton and playing gilbert and In christian ponder autumn guys go coming leading and try to make a difference You know. And i guess when you look back at some of the things that have been in headlines big hit. I mean been a ton of hits that guy's thinking fined for it in a way you can tackle in ways you can't tackle things man lying back linebacker thing that bugs me the most anything like you really can't make a legit hard hit without getting penalized for it. Jesse you know you talked about that. Let's let's stay on the falcons for a little bit. They lost one of their key players in Lovie haley man talk about how devastating loss that coming down the stretch and the next hour happening season the thing development pay. They have a bye week. Try to You know the hill up a little bit you know. He's saying they injured with matt ryan last week and through the league i mean it changes. It changes the course that they play changes Where you You know how how you can put up points and everything else. You don't wanna lose anybody So this point just got to recover and find a way to get some less on the field and quite ambi productive. And i guess when you looking back at what could have happened. You know with matt ryan you know when you lose a guy with that type of caliber means my team. They're they're sitting a better solution now. That could have been so. I guess you gotta take No the good with the bad. And hopefully we can recover and go a little bit more healthier. Yeah what we're talking about the falcons and forgive me ahead of time. Jessie but i always viewed. And i still do. You're going to hate me for this. I see the falcons as a soft team. Don't get it done wrong. Why do i. Why do i think this then things that we problem solve when you have a one of the hardest running right back from the league. I do like michael. Turner run down. He'll love him yes it does. I really love that but still defensively. Maybe you know. Maybe they don't have a fabulous not say linebacker. Somebody like the team. Who whose name recognizable instantly but you know. He got some african football team. You know i think This past year you know they had six or seven new guys. Go to the pool to represented as far as athletics on a team that you know as a former falcon. I can't hardly kick out work as a team. It's not it's not one individual it. They have a lot of good individuals. It just it. It just seems like when it comes to the big spot. They don't get it done. You know agree to that thing when it comes really have to prove themselves when it comes to making clutch play the kucice aware of you know like if the time to make the put all time the makes up to happen particularly when you have a national audience like the old whether you in the playoff whether you plan on Monday night football. You got to go out there and show people right now. You can play and i think when they have that national audience right. They'll see what they can do and in the time that no no what the topic all about they always come up with louis shoe so from that standpoint. I see what you're saying. Okay just talk about stand on the fact that they they had a tough division. Nfc south new orleans at tampa to always played a really tough. You know carolina campus even though they two and six right now. Cam newton had really juvenile that franchise talk about what does allow need to do to put themselves at the top of that division throughout the season. you know the big thing you got the gotta do man. You got to win conference games. There's no doubt about it and the nfc south is Extremely strong In the business. And when you look at the new orleans thank you know. I've said that they're the team to beat. Drew brees is playing great. You know already lost today. It doesn't matter because he's having a great season. He still probably the most active quarterbacks in the league. Right now you and then you can turn right the tampa bay instantly looking at another young quarterback down there who's having awesome year. And you got the matt ryan and you got cam newton so the the business loaded at quarterback and particularly young quarterbacks and that thing right now you know with the saints no win the super bowl a few years ago that If you can come out of the south you can reference it. The nfc and And i think right now you handle their business focus obviously on winning but they can control this out come out of they win that division they gotta look so special in the playoff. Yeah that's a. that's a good point. I mean josh freeman. Mattie ice there and cam newton along with you know the cherry on top drew brees representing the scenes. That is scary division. Really i don't look at it enough because i'm always obsessed. Afc east but it really is a good business. I think the next superstar in the nfl the young talent. Big body strong You know he's a kid who can really go and anti franchise around. And i think he can make them for test for tampa bay in the future. Yeah and one quick question about Tampa i'll let you go in a second Victor how how is it. That every time the falcons play the box. It's it's an epic game always it. Is it correct. i'm wrong. how does this happen no matter if they're good or bad either team they always play. You know about you know being in the south right next door neighbors. You know florida and georgia and And and something about That that robbo. There somehow brewed up over periods of us and not only that with the buccaneers. With the also that with the falcons in the state It's something years when i played It was just unbelievable that no matter what was winning losing or winning and losing records the game itself was a physical heart news. You know it reminds you of college raba type game and i think that's what's happening right now with the falcons and also the buccaneers got that ravel thing down and And everybody's trying to control the division to just before we like let you go. I want to ask you know fan know about you a little bit. You know using duck into the college hall of fame. You want the super bowl. You went to the super bowl. Thirty three jersey retired and ring of on all pro pro bowl one. What are some of the things you take away at some job biggest accomplishment in the nfl or your the that question because Know first of all it was on ener privileged to play in the nfl. I played for fourteen years when people told me that i couldn't play too small complement small school winds five approval. You know went into the cost of ball hall of fame and majority up handcuffing ringo on it georgia. It means a lot to me personally. Because i felt like i struggled and had to work hard until people could possibly play You know not only have so much respect for then the city who know for recognized as one of the favorite of all time and and the thing that taught my career off at. I can appreciate through hard work whether in my in my twelve season. Going to super bowl taking the franchise. I people both thirty three win. Thing had opportunity opportunities going down to miami a play. Their biggest win win. The nfc championship beat minnesota. When they had an most prolific office new could ever stop or we go up here place and beat them. I think the biggest game in my career and you know it just been great. You know my hometown boy that growing up right here in in greece and georgia state down in south georgia and white have plan for the atlanta falcons in georgia so Just been a great career for me and Have no for the game. I have respect for the city and I'm a diehard falcons fan. To the is and i know you got some up north and i know you play with the jets. Nothing great gaming the jets and all that too and But at the same time. I have respect for the nfl in general also on a on a personal note. I know you have their two kids in college One playing football. If i'm not mistaken justin right. That's an actually. He started out at the with the blend you bring college down in texas. What cam newton cam from jane college. He's they kansas state So he's there okay. No he's a. He's a quarterback there. And and my daughter is a tennis player ed prostate so wife and i got two in college man to athletes and their kids. And we're proud of him and compensates so Down everybody says truth. Don't fall for the though proof for that. So that's pretty cool man to athletes and very nice and one last quick head i. I saw an interview by one victim. Green he asked if you wanted to coach professionally and you really. You turned it down pretty quickly and he said you know and your answer was great really that you value your time and your family and your community too much and i would imagine. I would do the same thing if i was in your position but what. What do you make of. The players going right into coaching after after playing for a whole career. Is it just like an obsession that that won't let go or is it just different strokes for different fields among different strokes impose. But it's a you know personally for me. In the autumn years practicing watching t. Playing games worked in out doing the whole nine yards a lot of you know dedication and a lot of time a lot of effort so when i retired from the league. I know that. I went to the coach and you would take ten to twelve hours of my day. You know. prepare myself and being the best as i possibly can be as a code. Because they'll we put it in time. There's no doubt about it and big contest at that In that with me. What had young kids and i'd like you know what my time you know. I i did have my time and now top me turn my attention to make it so it was a perky time wheels in middle school and junior high and i got the opportunity to watch and galway through high school. And they're right there with them the whole time so now my wife and now we're empty nesters and yet at this point in my career As far as coaching. I'm like you know like my free time too much. Because i like playing golf in guys like victor green motivation. Good thank thank you so much for coming on jessie. I really appreciate it eight. Both you guys All right we'll remember it for this. Ask asked a picture pretty good. Call you dream of one day owning your own home. American bank is helping people turn their dreams into reality for fast approvals low interest rates and a chance to work with a real mortgage banker. Please ask us about our lender paid closing cost loan or how you can save money. Monthly your current mortgage for more information. Please call eight five. Five forty-seven loans here in american bank. Customer service is our only priority american bank bankers with vision helping people with dreams. 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Talk live with frankie. This sports scott the new york sports exchange eric. The starting nine with full reveling sports talk. Twelve forty with mike carver. Listen every sunday night at nine pm on long island's am twelve forty w. g. b. Andy be sure to check out. All past shows online at sports radio. Ny dot com making simple changes in your everyday travel. Choices makes a big difference to new york air quality trip. Use mass transit share bike or walk. Visit clean air. Ny dot org to learn more clean air new york. Breathe it in a public service message brought to you by the new york state department of transportation. You're listening to sports. Radio new york on long island's am twelve forty w. gb the station. That serves your community and now back to sports talk twelve forty. Yes indeed it is sports twelve forty my name is adam kern coming to you. Live from the studios. I've wtvn bay in freeport long island. There will be two more episodes sports radio. Ny later this evening. So make sure to tune into that with paul revlon and mike carver respectively at nine o'clock and ten o'clock this evening on the station. That serves your community w. g. b. b. freeport all right moving right along with my co host this evening former jet great strong safety down there in atlanta victor green. How's it going. They're great yadda. Oh good you're still with me. Thank god you're all right moving right along to the other side of town well across the country a little bit too a former viking. Great i can't repeat that word enough. chris doleman who played for the vikings for most of his career as a linebacker to defensive. End eight time eight time pro bowler with career. This is a ridiculous number one hundred fifty and a third sacks he had he racked up twenty one of those sacks in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine under the vikings newly formed newfangled four. Three defense had two touchdowns two safeties and probably saved a litter of kittens from trees somewhere. Chris how's it going. Are you today. i'm doing well. I'm doing well. Victor victor okay. Everybody's squared away. Let me ask the question that cannot be avoided as as most year career playing on the vikings. What in god's name is going on with minnesota this year did you did. You are a positive man absolutely. Should i mentioned that is your second win of the season. Yes okay just making sure. Because i gotta keep it real because this is a new york station here. I'm i think minnesota right now. Transition period. i really thought i still believe it or not. A big nascar as a lot of football left than No christian ponder and coming Guys who was You know chomping at the bit to get out there. And so what he can do You know it's it's we have wasted a lot of time. I mean this team very easily could have been Well there every game that they lost pretty much most of the time that they were leading at halftime finishing out the game Closed the games out Is very disappointing. You know obviously team but you gotta look at everybody's involved include coaches players and everybody else to in six chris right now. Do you feel minnesota half what it takes to to to still make a play office right now. You know what. I don't think that they'll make the playoffs What they can do is play for pride Get ready for next year. I mean this was a strange year overall with the strike and everything going on Nobody being able to work out Get to know What's going on as far as Players chemistry but You know everybody worked under the same rules. That's no excuse. Minnesota's should be a better football team. That what they are right now. Donovan mcnabb you. Still think he has more seriously. You really do i live. Watch the practice Okay alive. I don't know what's in his heart still wise he's the type of guy they can I think still play A good ball people's round fairly well You know twenty one twenty two years old absolutely not but you know he's he understands the game and if he starts I was thinking it'd be start realizing and start playing more of a mental cerebral game versus. You know that physical game to run the ball. Do this here. you can't answer to everybody. You have to play your game and thinking if he can get in and start playing his game i picked. They'll be great. I i would agree with you. But i would. I would also say that about every season that he's played in the nfl. Probably could i mean you know you're also forgetting that Here's a guy who took philadelphia to the nfc championship game. They did not have skills that Minnesota has you know in a person harmon and that means the big game changers. Today's peterson you know they have back like that Who knows what would have happened if that had adrian. Peterson may be now the sudden. You're planning five super bowl. Yeah but he didn't win being who plays in the super bowl. Somebody's gonna lose will agree to disagree on that. Victor gut was talking to the minnesota back of their minds fit as she was talking to a couple of weeks ago well i think the mindset was pretty much that well first of all you got to go back and you gotta look at the The cba i think with you know they won. The war lost that battle. You know they got everything pretty much. Ask for but you and custer south where the you cannot go out and do football maneuvers. Because you can't be in past once a year or times of season You can't feel the film no longer than this amount of time. These rules are great but it really it really handcuffs. The team is trying to get better and minnesotan can really benefit from that extra time You not watch them practice. And i totally said look like a glorified walk through. I mean their whole day like a walk through. There was no difference between a walk through and what they were doing. You know. I suppose in live practice no tackling. If you look across the board and the league tackling horrendous You look at the game is pretty much manifest itself into a big arena football league. You know where you got. Seven on seven receivers running all over the place here throwing the ball all over the place and i don't think that's you know pure fans someone like myself. I wanted to seek good defense. I want to see good rubbing schemes. I wanted to see the football. That i grew up playing educated. I want to congratulate you from an Placed in a ring of honor up. What was a cop. How would you feel in you know when you when you was out there in that your senior jersey in the ring a lot of well you know you feel good. Obviously but i mean it's just It was it was cold. it was something that i know my kids really enjoy I enjoy being a part of it and it was. It was something that you know that We'll never thanks. What do you. What do you think of And we'll we'll get back to your career in just a minute. What what do you think because christian ponder got his first. Nfl win as a starter today. And i know you think donovan has the skills and whatnot but do you think that christian ponder is going to be the future quarterback of minnesota absolutely. He has to be. This is this is where they put their Their eggs from you know left. They were able to come up with somebody else You know. I think this is probably. Would you know no uncertain terms that might be documents last year You know if you're if you're looking at christian ponder and you're trying to get your team better So i just think that you know you have to take it the way for what it is christian. Has he played well. The last two games. I thought he played streaming. Well yeah what. What are his arm as. It has head as it his legs. What what what. What would you single out. As what's going to make him a winner in the league. I think the thing that separates christian ponder From the rest of the young quarterbacks. I think he doesn't do everything. Great things without He's he's pretty sharp about how to football. Definitely need also himself in a position to getting that often Bake some great play against green bay last week and he he hung in the french leg bound brown Plays alive and that's what you need really to to take. You know to help your team win. I mean with. Adrian peterson right harvard. Those kind of guys. You gotta make it happen now. You know with sankoh you know great tight end. You gotta make it happen now. You can't wait to the twelve hour and say oh only we had this piece here. And i don't know why minnesota quarterback who's been hardest position for them. Oh just like green bay. Just i had to do that. I'm sorry chris. Talk about this No you got into the business world. Chris doleman for auction. Talk a bit about what that is. Got you chris We're having a little difficulty with the phone there. Thank you might still be on the line. But it's cutting in and out victor How's it going victor. We'll we'll yeah. We'll get him back in a minute. What what. I'm figuring if you're asking that question you know something about what he's doing business wise what what is he doing you know. He got this pro. That won't even explain it to the to the fans their unique Thing that he's doing where you can got this site where you can auction. And he'd go to these charities you know they're having auctions or have a charitable event and he put their charitable things on his officer on this site the optional. For the you know you do it for five days prior to The the What the what. The charitable the cherry offs. And don't say off. They put it back on his auction and people continue to be on the net can get rid of it. The a charitable interesting interesting an entrepreneur. Well we're gonna we're gonna try to get an well. What i ask you a question and while i try. Get him back on the airwaves for for the last few minutes of the interview. I'm going to move it onto the all right. Give me one minute on what you predict. The jets will end the season with. Because i got bring the jet somehow whether jazzman right now Four and three. You know ten and six. I think they're gonna do enough to get them in the playoffs. And i think that tennis six you know you know. I think buffalo's going going go. Slides somehow not even know these five and two still got to play the pages pig out of pleaded jets twice and so i really think it's about being in that division. Just find a way to go. Tonight did not agree with you more. I really think they're going to eke in and what. Why should a jet fan be shocked that they seem to always do that. But whatever it we got chris back so chris. Victor was asking you about your company nowadays. What's and fans a little bit about. What your christova pro auction is. of course. Pro oxidant is a Online auction site. We helped nonprofits and charities to through their silent auction raise money and we put those things in line for them. We do a complete Pr campaign There's no Charges that we have for that We only You know we only get paid if we south and we wanted it that way we wanted to take the take the responsibility of making sure that we Do our job and give you the best outcome possible to to get You know to sell your items and make as much as you can for your charity curse. I'll be remiss if i don't bring up You know hall of fame. You know he was a finalist last year at a hundred and fifty third sack. You know third all time you know. You put a lot of thought into that in. Hopefully i mean. Obviously your name will be called. But how much time do you put into that the whole thing you can't i mean My whole thing is is that you know whenever they make that decision to make that decision. I don't worry about it. i You know first of all. I do appreciate appreciate the kind words victor. But you know that's beyond my control and to be able to To be able to go out and play at a level that is deserving that you know i feel this an honor within itself You know. I've done my thing. It is it is up for it is up to the bodies That are in that. Are that had that control to you. Know make the right decisions to figure out you know who they want to let him who they who they dealt. I mean if you're not gonna use numbers why even cable You know why. Why even track all this stuff is pretty much a waste of time. If you're just looking for super bowl winners those types of things But you know. I can't I can't worry about that. I just you know what's important to me is you know is You know the auction site You know crystalline pro auction. It is my family You know got probably one of the highest recognition. You can get through the vikings You know being inducted their ring of honor You know in fifty years. There's only been fifteen players. And you're talking about like alan page and fran tarkenton. So if i'm good enough to be in their company you know. I'm i'm happy very good answer. Because what else can you do at this point. There's no no point worrying about what you can't do anymore. I just have one quick question before we go. Why aren't the packers going to win. The super bowl this year. But you know right now. They're they're they're on a gravy train with biscuit wills. Everything's if you look at them. They haven't been they're they're they're winning by You know great numbers They're performing well. Aaron rodgers playing. Well and you know. I think that there's some point in time you're in that group in that Run you have to get what you call a reality. Check reset In a sense where that okay. Winning is contagious. But there's also a lot of bad things that come with winning arrogance cockiness Like i don't worry about we'll be taking care of down by you. Know fourteen in two minutes left going door by. We got this covered. I mean you know you let some little team like minnesota took him to the wall and they were clearly a better team than minnesota. But you know adrian peterson. Russ with two hundred and seventy five yards me. I mean you know you can't sit up there and play like that and think that you're gonna beat everybody and this is kind of that guy in vegas wanna roll and eventually that rolls stops. And now what do you do how do you. How do you reset from that. And that is the question that the minnesota minnesota i mean. I'm sorry green bay is going right answer huh interesting. You have any Last last questions victim. Last question for me chris talk about. Are you surprised way. Can new research rejuvenated carolina. Panthers will you know. Let's player coming out of the draft By far and cam. Newton brings a specific skill set to the carolina panthers Think ron rivera You know who i know and played against. Chicago did an excellent job. Their staff did an excellent job. Saying you know what we're going to bet the farm. Let's bet it on somebody that we know they can give us Running ability and throwing ability and he throws a a wonderful ball Standup guy in the community You know he can also make plays with his legs. You need today. you really do because if you're Running game back out. You know you have to start slinging the ball around. Will you might want to have a quarterback can also run as well as he can throw it and i think you know Cam does it. That's what we're talking about. Christian ponder kristen does a lot of wonderful things he has to learn how to play this level. But i mean he runs. Well throw the ball. Well he manages the game well but you know is. It's not one thing or another and i i think cam news also the same type of player. I mean you know coming back winning the game you know leaving. Let your big players win the game for you you know. Let your jared allen's and your adrian peterson those kind of guys come up with the plays that help you win just a loser for anybody and i think cam does that very very well. Super bowl prediction go. Well i mean who's in who wins it. I tell you what Jets go ahead. i don't have to laugh at the jets. Come on you know. Here's my thing with the jets take. Let's hear your on the The real reebus i mean. He's a secondary in the national football league. I think what ended up happening. Is that you make. Everybody wants to go out and play their super bowl game. Their best game against the jets and Thanks to the coach. You know who's doing all that talking and creating all this animosity You know throughout the opponents locker room it gets old man and these guys are like you know we can lose every game. He's wayne losing these clouds you know. And that's just how they see it and like you know every year we're going to win it this year. I guaranteed it. Wa- i mean come on. It's been three or four years and you haven't sniffed it. And i'm not saying he's you know he's not a good coast but that kind of arrogance really creates a lot of Animosity a lot of tension and undue pressure. Not only your team but it is a great motivator for the your opponent super bowl conviction. Or you got yeah with with that said out with that said i would say I like the steelers and From the afc just beat The patch today. Yeah and i like. I like those guys and i would have to say in the nfc right now in the ones really i will. I'm gonna go out and limit. I'm gonna say Well i'll just say green bay and the reason why i'm saying bay right now. They're playing really well. But you know what you know anybody can beat anybody. You're looking at You look at how chicago hanging around you look into orleans. Warlords losing today. Yeah i know. I believe you got philly. You know they can. They can and does giants. Who knows you who knows a lot takes you know just takes you know the right place. At the right time. I think there's more parody in the In the nfc there's a lot of Pretenders very many all right. Well last question who wins the packers or the steelers. The packers are the steelers feel. Sounds familiar so they'll get it this year. Well chris thank you so much for for coming on. We really appreciate it. Hope to have you back soon. Okay right you got you. Make sure you guys sick out chris. Doleman pro option dot com. 'cause no problem all right all right. Thank you victor. And let's bring on our last guest this evening. He is the kicker for the atlantic falcons who has just broken an all time record for the atlanta falcons. Knocking in is twenty seven. Th street field goal at the last miss- of his was in the second quarter of two thousand and ten season opener which is just unbelievable. He being matt bryant. Has it going good joining the lie. Week comfortably. Our other than i can't figure out how to turn on my My projector my rainbow. Pretty good this is a high class. Problem indeed only could have such woes. Hey matt how're you doing madison victory with you. Yeah i'm good. How are you doing here. let's start off talking about you. know that. Went against detroit man. How big a win was that guys leading into this by which has huge. I mean you know the difference. Obviously that game was a difference of being over five hundred or being below. Five hundred going through our bali and also to Was it the. Nfc a c team. We needed to get that win because they call for losses. Nfc teams so. That doesn't if it ever gets down the road only top breakers. We go. you know that doesn't help you. Well let me ask a very very important question as well of course last week october. Twenty third in tampa bay is matt bryant day. So how did you. How did you and your family. Celebrate matt bryant. It'd be honest with you africa. You forgot about your own day Guess maybe I had to celebrate break in the atlanta franchise workers. Then there. you go way. We celebrated to feel great right. Thank you there. Yes that of course because the mayor declared it matt. Brian get the day after you were on the bucks at that time right when you kick the sixty two yard field goal to end the game against shoot. Wow yeah so. That's that's kind of cool. Have your own day that you could even forget about that. He hasn't got a plaque that they gave me kind of You know to show stuff. So i sit every day and think i'll i'll need. Experience was the part of that day. That's that was to the second time you actually kicked a sixty two yard or wanting to be filled out your Philadelphia eagles last back as you know. Is that one of your biggest accomplishment. You fill in the legal. Your biggest highlight say Yeah i i would say so. I mean as far as I mean that's the one thing that most people remember It's sixty two yarder. I know i know the The guys that silly. Remember that 'cause Whenever i came to atlanta and we played them in two thousand nine for the game you could see her by telling you. Hey that's the guy that keeps sixty two yard so the yeah yeah. It was good accomplishment. What what's going on with the team this year. The atlanta falcons. I haven't been able to watch. I've watched maybe a whole half of one of their games. This season but matt ryan seems to be on and off mattie ice cold warm lukewarm. Ninety eight picks three fumbles. What what's going on with the team. What's your feel with the team as it gelled together yet this year. What will you know what this I mean i think this detroit game Was a good game for all of us. I think You know we've played a good complete game. I believe it. I mean i can't i can't remember his ex that i'll know i'll know. How many picks mad or whatever scenario. I mean it was a good game. It was a total team effort and against a very good team. I mean those guys were five one whenever we were playing them and then some good teams. You know that that needs to be. Everybody needs to look in the mirror and look at the guy next homes and say you know what that's what we can do. That's what we expect of each other and that's what we expect of the guy next. I think if we do that we're going to be you know we're going to be pretty good going down to the the last half of the season. How much confidence after his body. Week that you guys play into annapolis but you gotta new orleans right out but that you you feel that any game i mean i know all games is huge but how big is in the game coming out his by. We got to get rid of put new orleans divisional game. I mean i know. It's kind of cliche but i mean that's just how this league is. I mean that's the most important game because it's the next day You know you can't you can't be five and three unless you win that game and You know that's the that's the only thing that we're focused on. The only thing that we're going to be concerned about is going to indian playing those guys and that next week will play new orleans wall. We'll worry about that when it gets the right now. The bus before thing is to go to indian and befallen three. Have you ever seen such a collapse like that. I mean one player essentially is injured on indianapolis calls and that team is. I mean i think. I think you could put high school teams against them now. I've never. I've never seen something like that. Have you no. I haven't seen anything like that and i was just front of mine. Were watching tv and it was like you know the question. The question is i mean is is one guy really that i mean it. C- really much difference. It's i mean it's a hard concept to grasp You know you can do this and the bus and all that stuff but Now i've never seen anything like i wasn't expecting those guys the Seven i guess now another loss today. So you've you've been playing of about seventeen you you know you walk all over fighting for You know coming out in to do you feel now that you find your whole maybe doing so. Well breaking records petted. You feel now now is where you lay your head if you will you know what i it's i go into. Every week i go to every week approaching it. Is you know do good today. So they'll let you come back tomorrow. i you know i it's hard you know. There's there's some aspects of this business like you know Just it's it's hard to explain. I mean i i. I never would have thought that i would've left tampa bay. Uh i just finished up with How many franchise records. I got there and then You know then to to get remove as part of the purge of and they system. But i mean the i like you hear the like the organization Mister blank is. He's one of the better owners He does things right. And you know Coach myth and and all the rest of our coaches in front office images. It seems really good here You know. I hope to fish here. I just signed a four-year deal with these guys so you know a box Shot that deal and hopefully stay around play a few more but you know my my protei tweak is too good today so they'll let you come back tomorrow. I i always asked this question with with kickers. What because it's such a weird game football really. I mean just coming from the name of it itself football when you know. It's only kicked every once in a while and in the biggest situations to what happens to does time slowdown when you have to make these big cakes or what happens the time or you're focused. Do you see things normally do hear things. What what does that like when you cross that silent at least for me It only go back to some years back that that show the twilight zone. It almost feels like that. When you i mean you can be in a stadium. Seventy thousand people going nuts and you know whenever you cross that white. Lie at least for myself tom. Same stop save. Slow down a little bit Now i mean you feel the heartbeat. Go up a little bit. Yeah 'cause it's You know you're out there and go up there and you know make this kick but you find out figure out you know little things too little tricks of the trade to to make make that heart rate slowed down to make everything you know slow down and just solely focus on one or two things and and rely on you know doing it in outcome being positive says matt before we let you go man. We gotta talk about your melissa star. Nydia matt through to try some found eight nine foundation. Talk a little bit about what that ask. Sids foundations all about man. Democratice talk about that wide. You guys up. Yeah well. I mean Coming into the league Wanted to be a part of something And what's whenever. I got the tampa Had some route showdown so Only have i signed. He was born premature. And it just seemed like the easy fit was to get the march of dimes and And all that. They do premature baby so we put our names down. We've been apart down for the last i guess seven years now and Then after our our second son He pass them sits at three months so we started foundation his name. Matthew trice brought foundation and And everything's pretty much geared towards You know helping out. Babies george march which got down with event here in atlanta Friday night but Yeah that's that's the main thing is just trying to do what we can to To give kids get babies That chance that maybe they didn't have that didn't look too good. The beginning did you. Did your wife. Melissa just gave birth to twins to that we did yeah They are two months now two months. Congratulations yeah thank you yeah. That's that's been. My colleague is Israel being home to help her a little bit more this week. I'll i'll bet. I'll bet a lot of more involved. Well thank you very much for coming on really appreciate an really wish. You luck the rest of the way and partially for selfish purposes. You know i have the atlanta falcons versus the new york jets in the super bowl. So i wanna see you there. And i want time to speed up when you go out to make the game winning. Kick so the jetstar hope. I hope your prediction is right that the stockings are in the super bowl. That would be lovely right. Thanks again. I really appreciate it very much. A thanks for having me right. Okay that mad. Bryant well victor. We've come to the end of it. I you know. I think it was a good job. How do you feel you feel good. Hey three quality guys on So i think i thought it went really well. Yeah absolutely we had fun so we do this again. Sometime and add more of the regular hours sports radio. Ny which is at nine o'clock and ten o'clock right here on w. gb Station that serves their community and check them out at sports radio. Ny dot com. Of course all pass shows blogs stories are posted onto that almost immediately. So you could hear this show.

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