Understanding vs. Being Right


Welcome to the chains. One podcast, daily message of perseverance, it versity. I'm your host. Conditioned in our society to any means to get point across. In politics used by stats exaggerations and out of context samples to provide pins as truth. Creek fables with misguide information and are limited experiences must look at things at face value exhibit community and understanding is this so wrong to be wrong? Can we admit? We don't know everything. Will it made me look stupid if I learned something new London, New perspective. Is being right better than being wiser. I get it. It feels good to compile facts logic. I experience to seem like an expert or leader, but we can't use these for deception or negative social influence. Sometimes is good deserve and ticket formation about the need to argue. As full as thinking. Individual has all the answers. I can admit a no little, but I tried to intake information and processes with couth. Being right should not overtake our need fron standing. Thank you for listening visit a website. James went our or defined future episodes and contact the show. Thank you again and tune in again tomorrow for another daily message of perseverance through adversity. Your friends can only handle so much via very have a breaking point when Brennan takes over and not just afraid Petra by. Halloween, Hometec kings dominion. We'll put you to the limits of fear. Come select nights thronged over twenty eight night-ride stimulated creatures and terror. You've never felt before. Fear is waiting for you. Save up to thirty dollars on tickets at kings, dominion dot com.

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