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With the NFL. Podcast is not welcome to another edition of the around the NFL podcast. My name is Dan. Hans is coming from room filled with Heroes Mark Cecil into my left Greg. Rosenthal to my right. What's up boys? Well West is not here. We have no one to fill the void. And I'm by the way. Wait another hour. Nobody would have been fun to really after we had a second or two of it. I thought this might just go for it on the show. See how long it goes but only mark look at me. No that is not. I'm the one that you know. I moved out of my normal seat for the first time. In what twelve hundred helpless move terrible sitting here? I don't feel comfortable at all. You really don't have to. This is an audio program today. We're not no. It's not because I always discover that because we have a very creative producer and Erica. That you know an hour later if someone does anything Unsettling it's going to be there will be which as it should be our last Thursday episode. I had no idea it was on camera and then I see a link in an hour. Seven minute podcast was uploaded onto the Internet. I didn't know that you never know you always have to be better that either. So you're wearing. You have a very fashionable jacket on Greg so you had some inkling cutback nineteen forty one. December. Greg's get me into this war. I got clothing. Budget is probably worth a set of. Its own this off season relays constantly. I'm loving one hundred and forty dollars sneakers appearing left and right but no one's it's worn. I've been told jacket Was a twenty seven dollar on clearance at Zara so holy Pie by America. Who bought it for me? You know. See that's the missing link. I'm not is anyone buying new clothing. Do you have a significant other by my wife would like to do it for me but I just feels personal to me. It's not happening in my house. I'd not that I I would like to actually see what would be purchased. The money drops said that we are not injury prone. I went to big bear mountain. Which is a great getaway. If you're southern California person I'm Aubrac Great Great you know scenic family type VIBE. We went there for West. His Bachelor Party wants Tom Tom. was it bachelor party. No what was it was just a getaway. It was a getaway. I don't recall a family vibe. No and I drove past the very log cabin resort that we stayed across from a microbrewery and I just remembered that gave me fond memories of Mr says learn I carrying West back to lodge putting them in bed giving him a glass of water and then going into this little mini kitchen and listening to the counting crows at like three. Am and then since West is in here. I'll play. That's not how it happened. All it is actually back to. Its guys are exaggerated. It's a forgiving retelling and then after probably like midway through recovering the satellites. Maybe this Desert Life to the crows nine ninety nine offering. We went to check on West. Is he breathing as you sleeping on a side? And he had at some point picked up the water glass of water that we had given them and then spilled it over his entire Enron did west that he urinate on himself. That was the first concern. Right Well first of all you know. What is this dampness? Oh it's urine. No Oh it's the water and then he just remained passed out for the rest of the night and he left and now he's married and he's got a kid on the way. It's a different times in Hawaii right now on a baby moon. That seems to be going very well according to the Graham every everyone's got a friend that Pisses themselves well in this in this case you know he just because saying? That's why he had to check everyone. It was an immense amount of water. Wants to come out of his body. I would've been impressed from a whole different. Yeah that's true but I was going to say that I went snow tubing with my my boys and some friends and the shoulders barking at the Zeus. Right now and it's not because I took a spill or anything it's just it was rotated in a way that for man that's nearing forty years old. It's it's the shoulder say I'm barking at you because I'm GonNa need a few days. You're trying to hold onto two tubes on snow hill at once the whole. I'm hoping maybe Jack's Army were going down on it and it's barking that's life. We're checking all the DAD boxes here. Counting Crows Arkan shoulders. Today's show Greg wrote a Banger. Didn't get a chance to read it. So it's GonNa be a real time situation. I think it went up. Fifteen minutes before the show started so An email right covered. So it's essentially a franchise tag primer. That's right that's perfect because I have found and I've been told for the Algorithm on the DOT com side as writers this website the more teams that you could write about peace the more eyeballs and clicks and and Mark. Greg plugged on this stuff. So I'm sure you were excited to write this piece. Knowing that your numbers would spike at some Amal about the number. There was a time there was a time when I was when it was part of my job. Now I'm I'm blissfully unaware. Well there was a time when the shadowy leaguers were observing it too I was. I was one of those shadowy league figures on some level it always made me slightly uneasy getting like the eighth most attractive writing in the room. That probably you're not gonNA dominate metrics. It's you know be concerned so we're going to take a look at that and also as I t's last week the Connie Fox sweepstakes it's a theme song were looking to get it out there. Get one that that really defines the essence of colleen wolf and it'd be will become essentially tied to her for the rest of her time on this earth and I am excited to tell you guys that when I checked in at the submission Site which is the podcast at G. MAIL DOT COM over thirty emissions in less than a week. Some great some not so great. Some okay you listen to them. All I listen to every single one morning and Erica did as well and and we'll get to that later Playing a just a few of the ones that stood out to us. Erica had the power here to choose the ones that maybe advance to the next one. We're going to do this for the rest of the rest of the week. Is Your this In terms of get your submission in thirty seconds or less colleen will theme song and then we'll close it on Friday after Friday and then who decides the people right? I don't know if we try I try. I don't know I think we should put them on our instagram page will will let people vote or maybe twenty one and I think they're very will vote. Yeah I feel like a pro bowl scenario they they will be taken into consideration but if if we all feel strongly other way but it it does seem clear. The colleen has no choice and should probably should not have a choice. She doesn't get a choice but she does get to hear it. I think it's fine. Yeah in fact we're GONNA get get her on the phone a little bit later for that but before any of that. Let's do some news on offense to get something going. You need to change the whole entire game plan at halftime. What do you need to teach about the game? What are you touching? This is a lot going on right now mayor forest. Here's an often so a lot of things we want to fix it. Wow this'll be the the full of our savell coverage for today's show on. I want to know where was this? Map McGowan and the NFL. Because I love this guy he is. He's leaning into it in this caused quite a stir and I think it is one of the NFL's advantages. Because I watched a little bit this past weekend and then just grabbing guys like two seconds after they throw like an awful interception and getting like the raw emotion of their commentary and that one just took the offense coordinator and just like flung him under a moving bus and then he got benched. I believe he paid the price and the and the head coach of the team. That Matt McGowan place where I believe. The New York audience My hometown team Is Kevin Gilbride so for the second time in Twenty Five Years Kelvin? Kevin Gilbride was sucker punched on television. Good one he brought it all back together. Super Bowl champion Kevin Gilbride a lot of spags left. But you don't hear a lot of Kevin Gilbride loves the OC of the Patriots. The Oh twelve of the two thousand eleven giants team that will beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Didn't we interview them? And wasn't he a Super Nice Guy Gilbride or was he not nice? He is now. He's very nice guy. I don't WanNa make it up. It's all hayes number. And he was he was twelve at. This sat down at a table interviewed him. And you kinda wanted to be a jerk because Buddy Ryan fought him and everybody wanted to side with Buddy Ryan but gilbride seem like a great dude so Ovalles ornery aspect of that fight. I'd go Buddy Ryan. I'm not sure it was ever in a good mood. All right. Let's get into it. Drew brees is coming back the saints quarterback the NFL career passing leader who will return for twentieth season after an Instagram Post. Today Tuesday classic settler move just posted a photo of a Horizon Beautiful Sometimes beautiful location hike hike at the top of a mountain. And he said it's GonNa make another run at it. He turned forty one last month scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on March Eighteenth. But he wants to stay with the saints urge. Stay nowhere so now Just a matter of getting the money side of it done and I don't think that's quite as simple as probably everyone just reading. The coverage of this is just like okay. Drew brees back saints. Yes he will be back with the saints. I'm not doubting that. But it's just complicated. His his previous contract. Negotiations have been very protracted and complicated and this one is especially complicated because of all this money that he signed that his last. Theo was these. It was these voids that push kind of your salary cap pain into the future and now they're probably GonNa have to do it again but whatever he plays for ads fifteen million dollars to that and that's what the cap it's GonNa be so there's no who he's going to help the saints out this year and take a little less. I mean maybe he'll figure out as best he can but he's probably going to have one of the highest CAP figures if not the highest of any player in the entire. Nfl Saints have nine million in capital right now. Only five teams have less. I know that that will change drastically and you can make some moves. But they don't they're not GONNA be able to change that drastically yeah. They don't have as much flexibility as some other teams out there and there are some moves that can make generous Jenkins. They'll probably figure out. There's some guys that they can cut but they have a lot of pretty good free agents von Bell Being one of them and they're a team you would think would wanna be loading up this off season. I don't think it's going to happen. You basically got to bring back what you have and especially on defense. There's some holes there but why bring I mean you bring breeze back because drew brees. It feels like if you're not going to make the biggest push possible. Oh yeah have they do this whole thing where they push all this pain into the future? It's kind of the old cowboys move and the CAP keeps going up. So it's not even that bad but they're gonNA have to do it even more this year. The whole uncapped situation is confusing and it also spells the end of Teddy Bridgewater. Not that we thought he was going to be back but I think the the odds. Are you have breeze? And you have tastes them hill. Who will be back on a one year restricted free agent contract? Most likely and away you go and Tom Pella Sarah who wrote a world described his. Nfl DOT COM. Tom Pelser I feel like he does work there but is constantly seminar. Nfl number so it feels more of a network guy a little bit of a slight on their I think it was just an era. Clean that up. Please go back into the the content management system and Rodeo path. That darty. If you're out there let's go wrote up are you are the man now. It is he. Well we don't know that officially HP. I mean he's been there. The longest is one of the greatest fantasy writers in the game. Great at twitter and He writes the ranking. So that to me. Who who does the rankings? That's kind of how you know Dan. No power rankings. Time here so that's that's where it starts. Chaim saying going on down. Yeah it's a similar thing in the world. I agree okay. Well that floated away. Let's move And Not at all surprised. We got to that point but We got there quickly and I just wanted. My final thought on drew. Brees is good job by everybody involved. Assuming the deal gets done. It's smart from a business perspective in the NFL. Or any sport to get out a year too soon rather than a year too late but drew brees Tom Brady. These are special cases. I think and if they showed anything in the most recent season and you still think you can get one more year out of this amazing player. Just do it and push all your chips into the Senate and then make figure things out later I kinda. That's where I saw this much. I would be very disappointed. I was a Saints Fan. And they kind of got cute said all right take some. You're our man or who am who whoever else it would have been bringing back. That's one eight t twenty two season. I argue that two of the best three or two of the best four saints teams of the entire breeze. There are the last two years they've had some bad playoffs drums. But those teams have been great. Grandma pellicer noted though what tastes built first or second round tender. Seems to be what they're gonNA do with them so you're not I just don't see another team coming in and get him so you're going to get them both. And they both both quarterbacks have talked about using a on game days that that Tastes Hill would be used a lot more than last year. That's one of the only things I care about in free agency is what happens to taste some help. The rest of it is just a big flood of non essential information. Well depends win shots to me. What prison hired at me? It's a lot programming over the next month and a half percent of these players will face hills. Free Agency is the only thing that matters to the. There's a lie it's like you have to come up with the guy and I'm excited about but it's like that's number one and then thinking about the browns your favorite team only we have extra armour up after last off season to not even look at what they do and I hope they do nothing I would like to see them. Do literally nothing. I saw the device day and he was he was Kinda grumbling. Well just talking about Tastes Hill. It's like we can't talk about tastes them hill enough but it's because people like you out there hardly behind Yuliya enervating. More HOOPLA. That is that is the new Steve. Young Ace Hill Teddy Bridgewater by the way. Espn's Jeremy Fowler reported bridgewater expected to have a strong market in free agency. Which I guess makes sense but even then I'm just like is it. Is it going to be that strong for Teddy? And he could land a multi year deal paying. It gets crazy paying him around thirty million per year now just to put that in perspective drew brees the last contract he signed with the saints and maybe slightly below value but two years fifty million. That's twenty-five doing. The math nailed it so teddy? Bridgewater what have I? What have I seen? What have you seen anybody seeing that? This guy should be paid like a star. Quarterback is thirty million star money tough situation which for Fowler aunt reporter and Bridgewater because a second this came out immediately everyone's response was just like don't believe it don't believe in Fallah's nailed like one thing after the now he's been right about now and he's getting this in for the nail on his foot on this one he's he's getting information from somewhere so maybe does maybe there is one team out there and the price seems awfully high. But maybe there's one team out there that is truly very interested in Teddy. Some mystery team out there. I think it's got to be strong. Market does not mean eight teams. Because there's a supply and demand issue and I think you the best case thing for him if the breeze and Brady stay home with their current teams and then rivers goes somewhere that had no interest in Teddy Bridgewater. And then there's let's say the calls so there's still three or four teams out that really though but what about the buzzer charges? Unless someone wanted to replace a guy that's there maybe it's maybe it's like if Tampa just for you know for some reason they love Teddy Bridgewater. No one knows it may. Maybe that's the Patriots. I thought he would be the perfect guy. Foxborough fans would be tough on them but I thought he would make sense if brady actually left but this number is so high. He was a free agent last year and no one really wanted them. Everyone's all like oh he's got one of the highest backup it. Yeah that was for seven million dollars. It's like no one really wanted him last year and now they're gonNa want him and I just did a job with the saints but what they asked him to do in that. Offense doesn't suddenly tell he's worth five more than he was. He's possibly the new Alex Smith in Alex. Smith eventually did get some big contracts but I feel like he's not there where he would have the panthers moved on from Cam. Newton had nothing under center. Some go ahead. I'm in the last week it's like so you're gonna you're so you're so anxious to get rid of Cam Newton in Charlotte that I'm GonNa now give Teddy Bridgewater. Two years for fifty million. I think it hit us all in the same way. It just teddy's very good. Nfl quarterback in the sense that it's hard to find guys who hit guys that are open and don't make mistakes as you could. Squint and you could see at worst these. Andy Dalton. Andy Dalton has gotten paid but it thirty million seems outrageous dart. Speaking of a thirty million dollar contracts Larry Fitzgerald senior to know Larry Senior into a few time. The Super Bowl's. I've seen him just sitting on a chair folding chair in the middle of the winning team Locker Room. Yup Waiting for the story to come to him. Because Larry maybe that's been in the game for a long time. It's like every nine months there's like you know. Have the bombs you gotta fit senior bomb. I mean it's more like the bombs land year coach bombs always lead. And I. I don't know you know. Apparently the background of life just means we've been covering this sport for a long time all of us and I feel like there's about one Larry. Fits bomb a year? He Does Evan Trek no other directory. There's definitely definitely a mouthpiece somewhere coming to him. Because if I sat or a you sat in the middle of the Super Bowl winning. Lock Ramona folding chair. No one's coming to me with a game. Breaking story seems to happen to them. I've we all have to do a little more research. Greg you need to find out if these bombs at I need to go read some of these gamers from these super bowls where he was just sitting in the Middle Locker. Maybe he ended up with an amazing piece out of it. I would hope that at all. Anyway Larry at senior He has been quote told. The raiders are prepared to offer. Tom Brady a two year. Sixty million dollar contracts so teddy bridgewater money For Tom Brady. Potentially from the raiders. But Again Larry. Fits not known as senior not known as a news breaker but like mark said maybe somebody's getting something out there through the old man. I don't know my buying hotline this at all. Espn who you know. They try to save your best stuff for like Super Bowl morning if you've got any good Colonels out there what was that old comeback earned? We did come back. We had that on the board. We have that on the board by chance all right. Let's Add that in post. Excess Bash Marxists. Come back come back says. Come back hurdles come back with BARR SAYS THIRTY ADAM. Schefter reported Super Bowl morning that the raiders would be that team. That would go in on on Tom Brady. So it's not totally out of left field but the Patriots. I think one thing that's been lost and Tom. Kern wrote a good piece this week in about it. They're not worried about other teams kind of dipping in on Tom. Brady 'cause if he reaches free agency I think it's already over and I don't think they're not gonna get in some crazy bit bidding war with any team out there no matter what these floating reports are. I by the raiders thing. Whenever you know seems to trickle up into the news because it makes if you're at any team shifting to new locations and Derek Carr is perfectly serviceable and works but it's hard to market around a bunch of the NFL quarterback out there. Derek Carr I would say it's just tough to market around to a new Las Vegas Fan Base Brady if you're an owner. Tom Brady Gruden seems like he dig. Tom Brady and the experience a coaching them number. One and it just automatically guarantees nonstop sellouts and endless attention in a new market. Which the raiders probably will get anyways because that fan base will go anywhere. I always anytime these pop up. I just think of Derek cars reaction to them because he did it. He didn't event. I think one week after the Super Bowl does a couple days of it was sort of under the radar. But I'm going to remember this where he spoke with a bunch of other raiders players and Mark Davis at the opening of the stadium and he was very open about how annoyed he was was blaming the media being like well you know what you gotta do. Basically to have this stuff stopped coming out and like every time this comes out is getting more and more annoyed. Sounds like a great opportunity for the players. Tribune column just blasting the media. This is me speaking you the fans the real story real story from me you know. Athletes sign that associate editor Derek. Jeter I thought He Solberg. I don't think he's doling out. Stories on is nine o'clock media right. What what is their plan today for the car story? Nine o'clock now. He's in at six. Am the Big Cup of coffee All right speaking right. So those are some quarterbacks in the end of their careers Brady and brees teddy not so much but one guy just starting Joe. Borough the LSU star the coming off the undefeated season the national championship. the heisman trophy well. He was receiving another award. The Davey O'Brien debut Bryan Award in Texas and was asked about What's happening with the draft? He's widely expected to be the number one overall picks Cincinnati Bengals. Pick number one Burrow said this I do have leverage Per The fort worth star-telegram they have their process and I have my process. We haven't even gotten to the combine yet. There's a lot of things that happen. Leading up to the draft and a lot of information gathered right. Now I'm focused on being the best football player I can be. I'm in this unique spot. You can go watch my film. I don't have to prove myself a pro day at the combine so I'm GonNa unique spot where can focus on getting ready for the year we have not? This is not happened. A player that was expected to go number one forcing his way. Out of that Destination since Eli Manning in the chargers Seventeen years ago. It feels like we're a little overdue for something like this and if I'm a bengals fan and it's unfortunate. Wes is in Hawaii right now. 'cause I'd be interested in what he would say but I do. I feel like I know what he would say is if I'm a battles and I am terrified right now because just the fact that borough would put this out there that starts the media machine going nuts. Now then you've got guys like Carson Palmer even predates us at the Super Bowl. He did the media tour. Just basically warning Joe Borough to to watch out about going. Cincinnati Sally Wilcox comes in another former bengals. Great doubles down says the same thing that Carson Palmer was done dirty And Joe Borough needs to be careful with this. I'm nervous of Cincinnati Fan right now. Well I think the the minute that Joe Borough was attached to Jordan Palmer as his. You know pre-draft quarterback Guru and obviously Jordan Palmer has feelings and Carson Palmer's probably had been in conversations with them and Carson Palmer's Palmer with the bengals tube in Carson Palmer's end with the bengals was about as negative and antagonistic as retire. Trae right. He's like I'm willing to put my career into you know the dead box. Whatever that means to not play for the bengals anymore ox wealth. You're throwing away millions of dollars and you're putting not anywhere heart of an organization when you spend words like mark gotta just throw some crazy ones out there so they don't all end haven't you ever. I've had a job or to where I thought making. Okay money at this hideous corporation but not making money and having to start all over again is preferable because it's so dreary and so awful here and there's no future that you can feel that way sometimes feels like you're in a dead box. You're you're you're getting closer. You feel at night. They get the if your borough though like it is weird to me that we haven't seen another player do as much as they can with draftable number one talent and power like more. Elon manning situations because it just seems like players have more leverage and power than the APP before he just simply said. I'm not gonNA play for you and do yeah and even Eli. You went into draft day still not knowing how it was going to work out in. The chargers did a good job. I think of of handling that but you aren't even sure if Eli had the leverage when that draft started you still thought they might take them. They ended up getting a fair fair. Compensation for that number one pick but it's a nightmare and it's different because yeah borough I mean the fact that you're Palmer's in there in his ears and has all this in the knowledge is kind of a a worse case scenario and these. These comments were were. I opening it doesn't seem like it's so far fetched that this is something we're talking about for months and while he's from Ohio and stuff people want to link him to the Bengals as he grew up a saints. Fan jober he. I don't think there's any there is no share. Dna with the bengals it's a it's anti DNA Just so we have this cover this Carson Palmer. Said during one of his media stops During Super Bowl Week. That's why I wanted out. I never felt like the bengals organization was really trying to win a super bowl and really chasing the super bowl he told. Cbs Sports Radio and a lot has changed. A lot of people have come and gone in Cincinnati since Palmer was there But Mike Brown is still the owner. And there's a lot of bad blood there obviously all right. Let's do a little eight o'clock tonight. Like the Detroit. Lions are reportedly trying to slay trae Darius. Slay the cornerback. It's not the first time it's popped up. But he's entering the final year of Steel Pretty Tasty trade market. I think we're going to have in the next couple of weeks. Slate slaves again won. The redskins have formerly released quarterback Josh Norman. After Four Seasons he was the highest. Paid cornerback in football but didn't play like an especially last year mark. I don't I hate when bad teams sign like one star player in the secondary. You're expecting lots of pivot around. That no didn't work out. You didn't say that to him to his face when he did skies for it. I liked the man personally seems delightful but you gonNA play last year. Paul Rich in commerce a high paid a wide receiver signed a five year. Forty million dollars contract two thousand eighteen egon as well so somebody's redskin signing. Jordan could be the next one to go your old buddy George still in concussion. Protocol up tyrod Taylor Could be the starter. The Charter says Anthony Lynn. That's-that's BS right greg. Nobody believes us. I think he could be. If things don't work out. God that will fill up the stadium draft the guy number six zero eight one starter. And he's now going you know it's it's exactly what happened in Cleveland. Talk Tyrod Taylor. All off season. He'll be a nice one and a half game. Play sold to the rookie begins his career. It's the media reports. Let bill got fat last season and the cardinals give big money to know. We can't start the music over and there's only two left just ran out of time but I want we're GONNA move out. Oh Yeah Bell got fat and lost explosiveness as the season wore on rich. Simeoni said e according to the jets and Richard any is plugged into the jets. So good contract. They're speaking contracts and make him tougher to train. He's already he's already tough trade and I just want to throw this out there about left bell remember when he sat out a whole year of his prime said. I'm doing this for all the running backs. Then he got an okay contract with the jets not a gray contract but actually playing well after sign the contract. That's how you would help out the other running backs you kill down the running back this whole thing not exactly a visionary approach and the cardinals. Yes agree to a three year. Deal with offensive tackle. Dj Humphries three years. Forty five million. Mike Garafolo reported So nine million dollars guaranteed. This is just something to know. If you're looking for a tackle. It is impossible to get tackles on the free agent market when? Dj Humphries is making fifteen a year. It's just like the hardest position to fill all right. Let's get into it franchise tag. That's what's happening in the news. Francesa the headline is two thousand twenty. Nfl FRANCHISE SLASH TRANSITION. Tag Primer Coal in no-brainer candidates. I don't do the headlines. I don't even the hell is that there's a lot happening a take it. I'M GONNA go straight to. Are They not supposed to say the lunar new we do? You can beat her organization. That out Erica. I'll go straight to our editor who you have a good relationship with and say you took some shots on our well could you? Could you also ask why they make the headline in that fashion? I think that it's a fair question. It's very fair. All Right Franchise. Tag Greg You know and this is just great here. Because he knows he's GonNa eyeballs on the swing so it's GonNa be a lot of players you you. This is the this is one of your absent narratives like fishing for for hits in the season. I don't know if this one is technically a banger. In terms of like people like the cuts people the Trades. Not sure people are super into the tag. It's yeah but this is the one that gets you like. When like Peterson? I respect the most last summer. It's like this is the article that he's like. Yeah Dan Mark in West. Yeah well he probably respects West. Second Dan in probably aren't writing franchise tag going deeper into marks. Mind is the sentence continues. The I respect Greg. The way to go pete. Way TO BE DMC. Debate teams can I designated franchise or transition players on February twenty fifth? That's next week and must do so by March ten March tenth. So that's the window and As I was saying the intro which Greg knew that Schrager is GonNa read this. So he's like. Oh I must be professional and make it clear what these things are franchise tag a one year guaranteed contract. That prevents a player from hitting unrestricted. Free Agency the salary is based on the five year average. Cap Percentage for the tag at each position stemming from the top five salaries he position at each position now the switch up that language each year. Because you've done this like cutting Pat Pat Abbott This is interesting the transition tag. It's also one year guaranteed contract based on the five year average cap percentage for the tag each position but the transition tag stems from the top ten not the top five salaries and he's like it's like slightly the only thing a bit cheaper. Well the thing. That's really interesting this year and I don't think a lot of people know it because it's never happened before. His teams can use a franchise tag and a transition tag. They made up these strange rules for this final year of the collective bargaining agreement which is right now and Israel's can even change if the NFL and the player's agree in the next couple of weeks. I'm not holding my breath for that so right now. There's there's three teams in particular not to me. That's like the headline with this whole sees. What can I just before you go on because Schrager might be listening right now? And he's like Whoa. Greg has that whole interest interest. But he didn't clearly lay out. What the biggest differences with the transition? Tag? That's up tag allows players to sign offer sheets with other teams but the original club has five days to match. So Pete hadn't read this EPA was listening. Now I like. How did Greg leave that out losing respect? Here's here's mark coming up. The power rank. What Disney schrager understands the rules on his own? But if Greg dinner not would have been yeah will rise mark moving. But I'd love to talk by because you're leaving avoid like we're just greg suddenly as lost his edge so marcus writes. Let's let's let's just go through it. Then the Peter Schrager power rankings STALAG. He stated number one less west of football head so he's probably number two. I would think through my weekly good morning. Football interactions with him and some direct messaging. Me and him have gotten to know each other better. So I'M GONNA put myself in the bronze medal. Yeah I don't know about Erica. Because he's worked with light therapy. He's stated constantly how she does such great work on the video side of things. And he's a champion of Women Pete so I would say Erica's for like the loan thing that created for. Nfl Network operation dirt. Nap confused him on an airplane trip and probably lowered me below fit. There's probably some other hands behind. The glass has interacted with some of our shadowy figures like Mark Mark Brady Brady. Maybe you know sometimes because I everything I think about. It seemed like a wonderful guy but sometimes like when you have. I don't know if I'd call it a friendship Someone that you work with that. You just can't get it right you every time you interact like do something wrong. That's sort of how the position that I'm in. It's GonNa take a long way to dig out from this On the bottom of an ant hill at this point maybe we can get him out at the. That'll this if we can work this out. Get Peter out until he respects me the most number out third place because you appeared on morning. I'm on the podium. Did well it's going to them saying there's a lot of work that needs to be done here but probably my entire getting or whatever one is too much of. Ascot. Think I don't think he's ever going to like you the best well. That's that's the goal though. I'm just saying I don't care about. She tried to get my spot. If you can third challenge we should have every guests. Come on our rank us. That'll be great content all right. Let's get into it. The No brainers Greg. Well I'M GONNA I'M GONNA throw out one idea here okay. I hadn't even overarching thing that I wish I talked about. You know when we when we've talked about it elsewhere it's like there's three teams and they've got some of the biggest names out there that I think this whole using the double tag scenario comes up with and it's pretty fascinating if you just think about how they're gonNA use it. And that's the titans with Ryan Tannehill Derrick. Henry that's the bucks with Shaq Barrett and Jameis Winston and that's the cowboys with Dak Prescott in Amari Cooper and all these fans out there especially the cowboys fans probably the titans thinking. Oh we're going to keep these guys. It's not GonNa be that simple at this point. It's almost impossible to get these guys signed to a long term deal. It happens but it's really hard. And so then you gotta start making choices the cowboys choices. Obviously you're gonNA franchise that but that might mean that. Amari Cooper bye bye you can't you can't you can't count on the fact that that some team out there is not going to just front load a crazy. Hughes contract for Amari Cooper and then I think Jerry Jones should be facing some heat from not getting this thing. I think that's a good point. And I think Amari Cooper if he was given the transition tag and left that that door was open. There will be a team because there's a lot of money to be spent in the CAP keeps getting higher and if you look at The teams that are willing to spend in the teams that need playmakers. He would almost certainly fetch a huge offer right. Not Almost certainly. He certainly would fetch a huge offer. And then that would put the cowboys in a spot where we might not even have the option and you basically. Then we'll have chosen. Dak Over Amari when these guys should have been tied together so I'm totally with you that that Dallas potentially is put themselves in a position created candidacy. Cheol Elliott over all of them when they when they got that done. You basically have until March tenth to try to get a deal done with one of those and I. I kind of subscribed to the theory. Oh you should have. If you're a free agent at this point why you know in your actually interested in leaving town or the market. Yeah why not let all these teams bid on the titans? Jerry Jones deserves critique if that unfolds in that fashion and so I put as a no brainer and then I put Amari below just to be clear. They probably use the transition tag in that city. I think the titans though you know all of this happened to them in the last couple of months they didn't know they were going to be in the situation with Ryan Tannehill or even to some degree. Derrick Henry Derrick Henry I think is a tough one to figure out contract wise as much as any free agent out there because do you pay him for what he's been or what you think he'll be three years from now. I agree with you that they just have to probably use both of these options on Tanna Hill and Henry and you also Jack Conklin. If you're them I probably go. I put Tan. House a no brainer. Because what you just can't let him leave. I mean it's just. He finished top one. In yards per attempt number one in completion percentage number one in completion percentage over expected like pretty high and keep. You just can't let him leave. So at this point I think a one year franchise tag makes sense for them and then it makes it really interesting a one year ten million dollar contract for Henry. That's what it would be with the transition tag. That sounds about right. If you're the titans sure but it'd be a great test of okay. How much are running backs? You know this conversation. We have too much about running back valued this would be the ultimate test of it is Derrick Henry. Just out there after the run that he had will any team signed him to a todd. Gurley like try to deal. I kinda doubt it but early scared like no matter what Derrick Henry is but he'll get a good deal you would think and then the titans will they give him a monster contract now or are they just kinda happy to go on the one year. I would like to see like the next wave of forget this levy on Bell Camp anti-campaign that went totally south. Like the way that we pay them but give running backs like monster two year deals. Yes they all go bad like none of these things seem to work out and on the Ryan Tannehill topic. I would think I think it'd be equally crazy. Give him a long term deal making him one of the highest payed quarterbacks in the League or in the top five even I'm with you He makes perfect sense to to hold it. Give them the juicy one year franchise tag deal and if you do it again and you now have nearly two seasons or season and a half of evidence that he finally turned the corner. Then you pay him. Yeah I agree. And that sorta leaves the bucks as the as the toughest team to predict. I think Ian based on his reporting on air would disagree with me that I put Shaq Barrett in as the no no brainer because Bruce Arians is saying he's not going anywhere. Here's the guy who got voter to for defensive player of the year. I I just don't see any scenario where they let him leave. Maybe they can figure out a contract. This is the guy who's been in the league awhile and hasn't made a ton of money. Maybe they can actually figure out a long term deal. And then you use the franchise tag and Jamison and that just works out but if it came down to one or the other. I kind of think they may go the Shack Barrett route. And then you put the transition tag on Jamieson you say okay is another team out there and this is just think of the timing of it all because if you put the transition tag he still has to wait till he gets into. Free Agency has to wait. 'til March sixteenth. Eighteenth is our team's going to wait around that long and give Jameis Winston. A big offer come seems to think that can happen. But I don't know who had again what team we can say. There's a huge market for Teddy Bridgewater. What team what team is going to go down this James Winston Trap door? I mean the other thing about Shaq Barrett. He basically said he would be open to giving the bucks a discount. Now I don't really believe any of that till it happens but this stuck with me. He hates moving. He does not want to move this Jack Buried. I read this whole article or went off out. He hates relocating. He has a family he wants to stay in Florida. He wants the tax. Ooh What's actuation? Be Not taken down a notch. He doesn't WanNa get in a caravan not to move the whole family across the country. So a lot of this is sort of the stars aligning. They believed shack. Bear glide believed in from the beginning by the way and they believed him. I don't know if that's jeep fit well with Todd. Bowles the todd. Todd kept his job. That was good. Because WE'RE COMING UP. Pretty Good Dave finish them very strong they finish very sure and defend the bucks for the record according to over the Cap Dot Com of the fourth highest level of Cap Space Entering. They can afford it agency Another Florida teamwork. Since you're plugged in on this moving thing the dolphins number one So the pricing I would make sense to me given. They have a ton of money a ton of dough and given what? Aaron said that North Jack is go. Ain't going nowhere just back up the brinks truck pay the dude for the next branch is tag on James. Yeah that would be the ideal scenario. It would be interesting if James had the transition though. That's one year twenty four million dollars. Good way to save some money because I don't I think I agree with mark that I don't know if he's going to have a robust market team. That'd be willing to stare down where it's like. You think you can really do better than me now and like in the bucks really do better than James probably not. It's like you know they ask us to do these. These hits on NFL now. And you know we've been wanting a bigger role maybe move up in the hour. It's like now it just seems like it's a good situation for both the we're the best that they can do. We're available. They're the best we can do. You know it's just fine. What a setup it is Rounding up your no brainers list. So you said back. Tannehill Chris. Jones The defensive tackle the chiefs Justin Simonds Bronco Safety you mentioned Barrett and then Aj Green. I guess we'll see I feel like this is the bengals our team. That are tough to figure out now. Green said he would be okay with staying with Cincinnati on the Franchise Tag The bengals probably don't want to give him a multi year deal given his age and injury. History So this kind of makes sense that it would just be a situation where you know you do it. Pull the trigger. Maybe I'm just like a Patriots Fan. Though hopeful he would be available. And I think there's a lot of fans out there. Ravens Fans Eagles fans a lot of teams that need a big wide receiver thing. I've read these like free. Agent articles where other beat writers are always projecting? They're just they always are like well. You can just sign degreen and Chris Jones and it's like well. It doesn't really usually work work that way. I don't think he's GonNa be available. Ian Ian Really feel strongly. He basically says it's not happening so that I'm just try that. He's not getting it he's GonNa get the tag that he's going to be tagged he's not. GonNa be available that the bengals keep their guys and they're happy and you know what maybe that that acts as a preemptive olive branch to Mr Joe Borough. Yeah or you're one of the best wide receivers in the last twenty years. How about your coach? Who didn't have EJ green all last year on that total dog and pony show? You kept thinking he might come back. He's not coming back. It's like if Jack Taylor has any power. You have to be able to suggest that you don't let the Bengals who are allergic to signing anyone in free agency can at least keep your own plate. Right they keep their own players better than any team in the league they are. They are the most homegrown talent team year after year. It's a pretty Nice Group of players around Joe Borough if he gets there Tyler Boyd. Aj Green Joe Mixing. He'll be worse on Rye. I would I would like to see any of their draft picks workout on the offensive line. There line is just simply not developed that anything else on a hit on this before we move on now. I think that's good. Justin Simmons is is a tricky one. He he fit with Vic Fangio did and their defense is was got a little worse under fangio. Well that went to a place in their possibly losing Chris Harris Derek Wolfe Shelby Harris. It's like you got to build around some people. Say You should keep one of the one difference few difference makers you got right and I just I like this one because this usually means the guys are moving on unlikely to be tagged. Devin mccourty and Joe Tony From the Pats your Van Belle of the saints. Austin Hooper Falcons tight end. Jack Conklin. We talked up by Jones Dallas. Cornerback they're all really good players and usually it means that there's something going on with the team and all of those teams that the Falcons don't have a lot of cap room relatively so I think hooper could actually be available and the Saints. Don't have a lot of cabinets especially after the breeze things. I think Malcolm and the Patriots. They just they don't like using the tag. Joe -TUNI- their guard. Who's very good? I mean it would cost sixteen million dollars. He's gotten better and better every year. You pay him. I know he's GonNa be overpaid but that's just the nature of the market. Especially if you're bringing back Tom Brady. You're gonNA take away one of his best offense alive and that that might not be a good match. I Dunno oh it's so tricky New England right now. There's a lot of a lot of free it yet. Conklin KINDA getting boxed out for the tags possibly think they could work out a long term deal with -Tuni- though on the I with Conklin rather with Tony they already paid Shack Mason whose Their guard a lot of money. So do you want to be paying guards big time? But how do you get the Tom Brady? How do you get them out of whack at you? 'cause him struggle especially this upcoming Russia up the Middle Everytime Center. God God Bang. You gotta be worried in the in the Post Dante Scar Nekia World Dante. Either the offensive line. There's so many questions. New England show out of pocket. Money's GonNa make a Lotta money. Can you imagine Tom Brady trying to move another nine months from now? He's just gonNA keep getting slower. You're not wrong. You love there it is Greg. You you did it twenty twenty. Nfl Franchise Slash Transition Tag Primer Colon no-brainer candidates Check it out. Nfl DOT com slash. Rosenthal all right. We promised her. We promised you the listener that she would be here and sure enough. Erica's on the phone right now. Connecting with colleen and now. Erica's moving over. She seems to be connecting. Doing something. Buttons are talking. Larry Hey we just heard you're nervous nervous for the listeners. Colleen Wolf what's up? What are you guys doing fun? Housing barnstorming another day. Off of years. Apart you okay yeah. He's been puzzling for the last five hours. I gotTA GET OUTTA here. The life of Connie in the off season is explain that please doing jigsaw. Puzzles this puzzle on. I gotTA finish it. I can't leave before Cintas though. What is the picture of the puzzle image of it's It's a bunch of weird. Mike Animals smiling. So y'all can help us going on there but all right. Let's just move forward. The County Fox theme song sweepstakes. I laid it out last week. Sending a thirty second or less submission theme song that will introduce colleen whenever she's on the show. The contest will run through this week's of send in your submissions the ATM podcast at and Erica. When I opened up the g mail account this morning I was so happy to see Incredible amount of entries. People are excited about this ton it was. It was actually pretty cool. A lot of them are really good. So we're GONNA play a few favorites right now and Connie just understand that you. I thought you would like to be on the phone while we were playing these. Don't think you need to pass judgment but you can. If you want or decide which one you would want it to be though you can. I just want you to be part of the process. And we're GONNA figure out a part. The listeners will have a voice and and this room will have a voice. Eric and perhaps you as well but for now it's more just like absorbing some of the ones that stood out amongst the initial batch and if your song is not played today don't think you're out of the running. This is more. I started some that I liked and then I said Erica one and you you pick a few that you like so as it's a good sign if you're played today but it doesn't mean you're out just understand all from Erica. Did air domain. Yeah exactly no but Erica will be posting for our listeners. The puzzle you are putting together on the around the NFL podcast instagram handle where these these maniacal looking What is going on with animals? It's frightening frankly and so we'll put that up on it. There is also maybe maybe twenty more pieces until you finish. I feel almost achieve. Its many many years and decades away colleen but you're going to be a fascinating old person like an old lady residents told me that you're going to have it right wacky glasses and is going to be like. Wow I can't wait all right. Let's let's here's the first one that That Erica selected for today's show. Let's listen in. Who is it from? I did not disclose that information. You don't yes okay. That's beyond essentially an Erica creation. Here in her heart she likes to answer. Signed your excellent start. Thirty two breaks down. Nice editor fades out on guitar. So let's like Bohemian rhapsody Winds involved I love that one bouncy melodic That that one is very strong. What else. Let's hear another one as the I would hear that. And just be like okay here. We go Mark your thoughts. The mood is different than I was expecting for for most of these entries but it feels like a lot of drug induced inspiration. There slow motion more slow motion entry. I enjoyed it. I like the end when it went. Good one another one production lyricism not a strong navy. Not Not as strong. I agree with you but I did. It did take me somewhere as Marcus. St Lucia vibe. Yes it did. Yep that's good appreciate it. Would you like that one? Yeah right well. It's another st the town same. This ended the Sitcom theme strong lyrics. I love the show richer famous soon. That lyric they could get out of which ones you prefer right. That could get out of date. Quick I would say it already has But you know in three or four years. Will that hold up? You know when she is one thing I did notice. Greg makes a good point there. That so colleen famously. On last week's shows she'd rather be famous than rich and I did happen to notice a lot of the entries. Work that into the lyrics and that is a risk and I think the people that win this contest of the person that wins the contest. It might be someone takes a look at it from a broader viewpoint of her seven years on the show. Yeah just on. The newest information available have been right or that becomes timeless that that. That's what colleen cares about is just fame. I don't know maybe we don't know it's too soon to say we got to laugh. Terry God's here desk it said you wanted a theme song so I made you a wrap this. I know that Greg will like this even if it is brab. Let's get serious now because we talk and colleen post Thursday night football Philadelphia Queen See. The history is rich. But you'd rather be famous ever since. Tanf you'd think this podcast as Venus. But don't worry colleen because I still wish you well but you in a hero no more just upon a Goodell oh that would turn into a disc strap and a hammer. Well that's definitely a planning it in some at some point. I'm glad that went full. He'll so that we could Samaria. Summarily dismissed that terrible rapping. We're not GONNA listen. We're not gonNA listen to that ever on regularly so disappointed that we might need to hear that came in. I don't like that. He's coming after colleen so now we can just speak the truth that this does not speak well for our listeners that someone would have that for of a flow. I did not feel that strongly against these person. That's that mean he's him and he will. I think it was all in fun. First of all did it hurt your feelings instead of pond. Kind of feel like this person really knows me because they know that either masochist and they know that I would actually like that in a weird way. I mean there's no way he finished taping that and was like nailed it. You know that really can rap. I think I wouldn't say I wouldn't say he's gifted in terms of the flow as a rapper. But I will say that in the end the history and the and the rich history is rich of hip hop culture. The distractions sometimes a sign of respect. And that's and that's why. I think that was a nod to came into left field. I'm taking it respect. Oh that's a cannabis in. Ll Cool J. Not a lot of respect between those two. Last one I think cannabis said that L. not wait to get the ninety. Five percent of his fans wore high heels and then L. Cool J comes back and says ninety five percent of your fans don't exist ladies. Love Cool James should never taken the Grammy's away from him here. We go war is war. Don't that's pretty good. That's pretty good and I would love to give you. That was taken a totally different angle on. I I love the title of that is there's a wolf parentheses stupid. I kinda liked. Although it's not in this gentleman's version I like just hearing colleen cackling over the work that can work that in. I don't know if you're allowed to use the the mother. Goose lyrics is freely as he did. But I'm assuming that's passed copyrighted. This you know and that does remind me. We did. Get a bunch of submissions. That were either taking the melody of a different song or just using the beat outright. No no this is all they all have to be original compositions that that's the way he did it. Though is you can do that. Yeah I feel like there could be different for different colleen songs at like one in the morning. She's like Roman down the street like that's plain not one the first war nets nighttime sugar. Sweetened puzzles built in alcon. He's got he's built up puzzle. They know we're not today but I think we had to particularly strong the first in the last centuries we heard today were both fantastic and the book ends. Where my favorite like? I might add those to my airport playlist than when I'm walking through. Tsa they know. What's up okay? I I'm with you on the first and last as maybe the early favorites. I know debate and Erica. We'll figure this out how we want to work it out. But we can With whittle the list down essentially to maybe five choices club. But let's move. Let's move the first song on the fifth song into an and maybe we're not sure yet. Maybe one of those other songs will make the finals as well for voting process. But that's good to know colleen track showed you think the distraction advanced. I'm with you. I'm with color I am too. I'm with colleen but we have to. We have to listen to it. It just was a great ula particular issue with it that I don't think the rest of the Group -sarily even colleen I that's fine but you want the person killed. I'm not sure how strongly it doesn't speak well for our listenership. If that's what we choose all right we'll speak privately about this evening so on musical it was set up with like it'd be good music. I think Greg likes rap and he's hitting out a little bit about against that as well. You'RE GOING TO BE A. It's gotta be better than that immediately. I thought Oh let's just quietly bury this. But then he buried colleen and it was open season. I just posted a photo of your puzzle calling on Instagram. And I made the caption only die. Hard fans will get it but the podcast hasn't gone out yet so I'm interested to see people's comments like it should be interesting. I'm almost finish it during this call. I hope so you had like twelve pieces left so let a life the life of Connie again. If you had a submission if you have a submission you WANNA send in. You have to do it by close of business. Friday has to be thirty seconds or less it has to be an original composition and as we said having the history is rich with colleen if you WANNA lyrically work in some different elements from her past. Don't just folks at all on what's happened in the past week but that's really up to you mention of Gonzo in any of those but but then again you're right it doesn't it also doesn't have to be like a history of her. The last one went on a totally esoteric level and it worked beautifully. That's true that's very true. Strong first round the podcast at G MAIL DOT COM. If you want you getting letters in that other people are using this to connect with us in other ways and with all due respect. That's not what this is about. So maybe we'll keep we're GONNA keep that will open in perpetuity and if you want to connect with us. Erica will comb through that on a daily basis. I'm going to add that to her workflow But for now we're only focusing on songs. All right well thank you for your time. I know you're very busy. So the fact that these ten minutes is it really once again tells us a lot about you as a woman I mean thing for us is the fact that you're rich and famous enough now to call in to our show is is a big step. Will we get back into it now? Will we get a pulse? We'll see again greg. You're connecting on that the district. Yeah that she's no longer a hero. She's a lettuce goodell on thinking we handle the truth. Sing that song. Are we sure Greg didn't make that one? Yeah yeah the man doth protest too all right. Let's let's Let's get out of your thank you all right. Bye Bye all right. We'll be back on Thursday. I think West. We'll be back with us to right. That's right excellent and then starting next week While we're heading to the combine next unbelievable it just happens though the wheel keeps turning. There is a week this year between the end of the Super Bowl and the start of free agency and a good. I wish there were an extra twelve to last year. So it's a little more stretched out. That's that's what they're going for before our time with this companies through that dead period in June into July that won't exist. They'll figure out that could be a deal breaker in my world this Dan hands signing up for quite store. The old boss the tiny box called in and the Great Rick Hollywood behind the glass deal Thursday.

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