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Everything is better when it's big app probably power same game multi allows you to combine a number of selections from a single match into one big bet check check out the same game multi tab and get building your bet terms and conditions apply eighteen plus blue ed thanks for joining us for a rice imposed european full price call special as bruce meaning to mark langdon limb flynn and patty pounds brian mcdonald how may going to scout all the cones and him for the best value on the four major leagues rules are going to look into holland import. We're going to see what the lights fancy to come out and talk in the classic. Nick bowel between barcelona and madrid. Can you bosse in italy p._s. Gee we know we're going to win in france cushion how these loads really competitive suffer not go frans is the closest relegation battle i've ever seen eleven teams quotas single-figure so hopefully the boys of susta few out there and we're also we were in germany as well. Let's see if bruce dortmund can challenge munich supremacy so tons and tons of great stuff to get through we will start in spain and i suppose the you big glamour glitzy bel as always in european football is who will come out on top between barcelona and real madrid brian. Could you give show betting from patty powell yet. We have barcelona at age. Thirteen row madrid six to four athletico madrid fourteen to one lensey at ninety. Two one sa- avia are one hundred twenty five to one filler out seven hundred fifty to one hundred thousand to one the rest army that is comprehensive maher is to stress its last show compiling in on that didn't really happen but i'm how fema one one yeah <hes> i i mean. I think let's call lots of so my densu special. If you look you know lucas nine there's and go dean antwon grease men. I think maybe two years they could come out with better. Bay looks estimates have rebuilding process spent obsolete fujitsu summer signings luca yovich military millenial they got from porto rodrigue oser young resilient paid about four million for the big one of course but i think as odds of mendi as well from liam was another fifty the million pound signing and he gets into looking at them thinking the only one. That's going to guarantee stories house. It's been what must be about. Two hundred million own apply is the is it doesn't make any any sense to me also on with nine points better than the last season they've added frankie dion and also antoine grease men into that there could be more to come as well. I think they're very favorites and you look at the history. People think this is a close battle bossert won eight of the last eleven. Even lollygag is so i think the shade of odds-on very fair to me they just so much more consistent than row madrid and rumors sedans no opinion could whoa coming out. The absolute nominate pre season off take over if he did probably be pushing tina. I think they would probably look to go to him now. Count midseason around madrid yeah yeah. I wouldn't couldn't blame him. I've really <hes> he feels. Rockies makings exit all ready isn't he. I mean he's got a couple of community policy calling the warnings fingers fair to say so. I was just say. Dan does woken imports. Tina goes in does does that gap suddenly close no no initiative in the short term. I think that if i look around madrid's midfield casamayor chimera monterey ch <hes> and crows teams are running all over that last year and he's not go any fitter hungrier popa he wanted you. You know some real stature in that midfield. They haven't been able to get. I don't see where that player comes from. Now this lay on into the window ericsson jason suddenly turns them into sort of just nine point different into a winning. The league against the boss strengthened anyway. I'm just want to talk about a myth about spanish punishable that he's a tools rice and they win every rather like we suspect liver pulling man city might zoo this season. They lost plenty of games did yeah i mean also a lot more points <hes> <hes> when they were concentrating champions league a league was over a long way out for them. That wasn't really that for madrid absolutely struggled. Let's see <hes> struggled and so did just about everybody. Else was personally that was racking up the hundred ninety seven point something on a nearly two hundred points between the big you too nothing barcelona a cliff. I even the most confident case you make on the whole post concert now offensive p._s. G. a. you know i i mean boss one for the actors. Yeah yeah okay well. That might be what happens is the course of this post cost awesome foes that we get into some punches will be quite happy to lump on bass annoyed obviously a bit too short tie your money up between now so we might the process of building ourselves. An aca should do greeley in the aca should include boss or do you give a bit more of jones. Are they actually going to go around madrid classical sokaia club. I just i can see why everybody's going for boston. Such comprehensive win his law season. I mean that was nineteen. Points ahead of of madrid but i think if any any club can overturn that deficit ah israel madrid the thing thing you've got your members. Law season was one of the season of transition for them had a lot of issues in terms of management. Obviously now's the damage come in how to fool someone to working environment. He's pretty familiar with the one free champions league and i saw this summer i mean even has always be the most exciting player they've had. Since renaldo left <hes> luca yovich or no or point about saying some of these players probably i'm going to feature but are looking given a decent running the team possibly starting towards the end of the second half of the season at least and i just think that that squad stack night and it was agent and it needed an injection of the youth of rodriguez donald how at all mendi and the prices i would withdraw background madrid not always a nice. It's already said when boston won. The top convinced me but i don't actually think as well the fact that leonel messi took to the pitch recently to almost on the microphone to reiterate to the boss alone winning illegal was a good thing of highlights voice pretty unhealthy obsession with concrete conquer in europe and and winning the champions league. I think that could ultimately prove that downfall so distracted by that franken is an excellent addition but again. I think for me that midfield still looks. It's a little bit static. I don't think i mean even racketeered. She's getting older such a boost gate scare and older the young little bit of life to it but it's not the boss on a midfield of old <hes> by any means and defensively still issues as well as a bit of debate over whether or not i'm fundraising was a good sign in because if there's one area of the pitch you could argue that they don't need improvements improvements in the final third. We've messing and suarez who is on the wane but of you're talking about is on the dan bella are very exciting young player and and name all coming in as well <hes> and i'll just think you're not defensively the off season <hes> they can see more than than taffy than valencia than let's come a drink so it's certainly something to attend to that and then when you come to this the third side. I don't think i'd like to come into the picture tool and then joel felix is look great in preseason. Really i mean he's he's quite improving for the money they paid for him and the back backlog is being completely ripped apart the gordon going and philippa louisan and rodrigues man city now he was a real key component team and they've lost the goals of of antoine agreement. I think <hes> a hamas a goodbye at the back for them but generally i i can't see them anywhere near that. <hes> the prices i would i would say ground would be my pick so courtesy. It's just great colleague. I mean there's plenty of people would have just fixed death. Stare on. I just put in down. God sat impassively to say i just you know when you comparing what you go in terms of signings. I mean you know maybe over which will will prove to be. You know a good player one day but i mean he's got it all onto match what greetings done ready and often neymar if he goes <hes> just odds even more than the i mean be fun to watch who won play then lewisburg always bob luis suarez. We'll be rotated out of the team more often with a nine because they've goes mandela in if neeman doesn't come then probably have senior senior water softening suarez suarez is really close too messy so still minutes after show brian and mark likes barcelona. Liam likes real madrid. Who do you like. I like barcelona as well yeah <hes> raid of a huge overhaul of their squad this season and i think it's just gonna take a bit of time for them to jail. Am preseason hasn't gone to allow for them. They haven't looked to to smooth and preseason so i think if they are five or six points behind already in october it might be too big of a bridge the gap now then they'll top four last show is very fascinating little taffy almost for pits on the final day. What's the latest betting to be in the top four in league this year brian yet so we have atlantic madrid want four valencia eleven to ace seville eight to five athletic bill burr six to one villarroel fifteen to to bar tend to want sociedad tent one rail petits eleven to one guitar eleventh one espanol fourteen eighty to one hundred twenty five to one of those to the ball game in the laminate granite helds bed two thousand doesn't as competitive that isn't a value there on the top four in spain limb yeah <hes> valencia or more even look at them so without boscell around madrid in that market so gonna make wa- think about alex madrid this season i think the finally settled under the stewardship of masalina selena had issues with management needs along manager since emory was there now and you know very very defensive rebuttal the most exciting to watch necessarily on on the atletico madrid conceded goals in season they won the coppa. Del ray had a very good one in the league and i think that proves that they have to score to cope with multiple. Oh competitions in a season <hes> haven't really lost any <hes> any of this <hes> and they've added in mexico themselves of ego things next minute addition m._c._i. Frontline and given outlets coverage problems in the rebuilding project even with a fantastic manager diego simeone. I think the issue should pick them to third spot. What'd you think top three top for definitely looking at valencia <hes> and then so it's a big big suggestions that road rigo the foods outlet madrid and marcelino new sporting director war with the own and now and it doesn't take much at valencia for it's just suddenly full power never mentioned there. The conduct issues divide previously so i think definitely on paper at the moment of athletic on valencia will finish fern. Maybe argue case enter to finish third but just lay starving would worry me. I think so severe in a lot of players and look at tigers to coach now of course nobody's. Nobody's chose him worse than haven last year or so. I'm getting sacked from spain for the world. Cup started and then ram would after a couple of months. I'm not sure about the players that are brought in <hes> looks to me to be that the quality was looking athletic bilbao our eight for season innocuous williams's estate on an i think that's a that's a big one for them really like him of course athletic routinely seemed can only sauce on a nine year conscious. Yeah i mean you can only for them. Alan paulos you get here but there are very unique clubbing. They can only by basque players when they sell the place. You have to pay the release goals as chelsea manning with herrera so i think that <unk> athletic showed enough last season home. It's as their away form <hes> but they wouldn't hiking huge amount for them to suddenly so leaping into the mix some without so valencia stability there in in the last couple of days or so of gopher athletics power and that's one of the grounds. I wanted to tell them bill. I've never according to the center for our defense. I mean you can it was possible offering to do there and the way that fixtures fell them and so she died insane day <hes> <hes> wow did like a morning game with one of them. I think they're may even have been a free game somewhere in an eight o'clock yeah yes i puts my day trip to barcelona barcelona took. My son is twenty first gun c- lionel messi and he got croaked after three minutes. That was good okay. Let's look at who's going to be top scorer. Go in the league rod. Smith messy is at the top of the market hebron his birthday leela messy is four to six luis suarez thirteen to to aden hazard nine to one carrying benz about ten to one grease men eleven to one murata twenty two one lubavitch twenty twos diego caused a twenty twos aspects twenty. I five looking for each minister. Buri signed by severe from rebel salzburg some way scored forty four seventy six matches and only the two classic club scored aww severe loss seasons. There are very messy folks last year. If he stays fair key wins and quite good and brian i am would you think not american. I'm particularly keen on get involved in books lewke ovitz twice. The price of bands missile will be very wall soleil relegation. I'm from patty powell brian relegation we have may orca at five to six granada thirteen to ten olivarez seven to five valid elite seventy five also also soon a six to four lamantia five to two lagaan as seven to two celta vigo six to one espanol ten to one thirteen to one rails sociedad thirteen to one rail fourteen to one on its eighteen miles less competitive elevates with challenging the top four. These tunnels show quite quite early this year manuel sentence them what it was <hes>. It was a case of them. Massively outperforming expected goes. I mean you have to look at they. They still being priced up in a match max basis as if they were as kind of potential relegation strugglers so inspiring a day day so sir on the new yorker in a world of pain they all zone. I mean often have to come up things going to be difficult for them. Never really really been strengthened enough. I was looking at levinson is the ones <hes> for me. They're expected goals. Last year was the worst in the league that go lock allow. We budget as well so i mean if you put them things to give her up and you go about seeing they've also lost my favorite player a nine player anyway david jason ah we just known as jason he's valencia e. I talk about five nine between daffyd. Jason does <hes> he's left to go to the roads valencia so they might be the ones also sooner. I mean they'll stay out the horrible place to go super planner offering to keep them up so at least one established team is in trouble. I think any relation fences from you. Limb valid delete the finish four points above the drop zone and last season. It was very tight the bottom unlike a law the teams down there there. She wasn't defensively lately really struggled for goals. The lowest scores in the division and there <hes> solution to that seems to to bring in the everton struck a senator rhoda meters who quite frankly as being a parent over the last couple of seasons of many filed scoring loan spells with with severe associate add much better teams going forward so i don't really know how he's gonna solve their goal issue and they've also been weakened at the back by the departure probably the best defender fernando coletta who's gone to westbound for about seven million euros so all of the pitching arashi's for them and and <hes> odds against a good bet brian. You like boss learn to win elite. Is there anything else you like either slightly further down at the top or indeed in the relegation rice yeah i agree for allegation volatile lead and they're looking to get promoted. They came up from the second tier two years ago. They were lucky to stay up last season when they won three asphalt games on. I think they're looking for this season lovely stuff. Let's move on to italy then <hes> sarah our favorites. I guess i guess i know our event certainly brian yep so we have events out four to nine napoli nine nine two to inter milan five to one a._c. Milan twenty five to one roma thirty five to one atalanta fifty five to one lot ceo sixty to one hundred despite those. Is there any reason to oppose you. I don't think john brown is a very foolish those right here like no. I the first full one ball. I'm not what people are saying is married so sorry could be the weakling not necessarily the right word. He doesn't fit what vendors manage usually is. What looks like how he suv carries himself. Just that is seen as a problem. I mean sorry was the best coach sarah then you went to chelsea everyone for the terrible job and yet you still finished third one won a europa league and reaching the cup on and the team didn't actually wanting so they still muddle their way through so i mean even if you've enters after muddle their way free with cristiano christiano ronaldo implies that thing that i think i mean do just fine did increase their midfield options randy and robbie. Oh the bat with the nick coming in <hes> i. I never call defended them. They've got so many options in the third as well ramsey. Get much of a look into the kiwi off in midfield it would be a little bit of an issue for them our fingers while they won't win the champions leagues. I'm not sure good enough in midfield but it doesn't seem to my sarah and still i don't think the inter and napoli about when levin's attend each of in the event is not sure which one of them's the best one don't offer all i ever made enough. You know you have a big old. Drop off and they need to improve. They might improve. Don't see you've dropping off so you are safe. Aca uh-huh boscell offing is a non stop ought to be well. You're sarah afterwards liam decker. I mean everything's been said about ventiseri. William you know the top of the table from august twenty fifth home woods with all season one by eleven points strengthened ramsey rubio and elect a conc- pasta sorry accumulate ninety one point lost. Tommy is in italy with napoli so yeah that'd be the standard option to win. If you're looking for a bad into milan in the without markelle mock said it's a bit of a toss up between winter and napa labor or go to the we've into sorry because i mean bigger deficit to overturn the napoli people rave about the napoli's defense insp actually look of one of the back now by <hes> skirting all he's really highlighted young defender and now they've added <hes> so the battle hardened diego gordon from madrid to that as well well. I think lukaku will get on better in syria then he has done in the premier league manchester united. I think it's probably the pace of the league will sue him more another addition mission. I don't think even perez is a massive loss of their my than us getting towards the wrong side too. I don't think he's gonna add an awful lot of by munich and additionally antonio. Kanteh's dante's is a proven winner. We've we've free titles to his name so i can certainly see an argument for them. Finishing second brian views on the top of the sarah title rice. Yeah i agree with that is capella juventus win on. I will be in the inter milan in the band. Would i marcus <hes> antonio conte naveh bigger gap to bridge the nop leader but antonio kante has a great record in his first year charge. You brought you vantage from seven to the league title in his first year. In charge he brought chelsea from tans to the league title in his first year in charge sofi can brief shows. Is that sort of form. I think in some lankan closed the season they brought in diego deemed. They've conte's finally got his man in romney lukaku as i think about independent market okay right. Let's have a look at top score. There because of the renowned is gonna be fast but i think the call could features there as well. It isn't hebron. He does yet so we have. Cristiano renaldo seventeen to ten when kristof piontek at night to mario cardi thirteen to two nuku were looking at seventeen to two there is fourteen to one out there on him <hes> do vans about a nine to unclog lorella eleven to one fourteen to one of those mall any thoughts there yeah i mean if he called a card is recording gains and napoli. If you call it he goes to napoli that is as a match made in heaven and it was scored on the goals for them but we you know the moment is he's only instagram more than these. Tom can't really advise him. This is a look at the past winners of the <hes> <hes> the the golden boot in italy. You get some weird like quality. Rela was so <hes> and you get wit wit wit wisdom usually from provincial clubs. Somebody scores loaded goes frederick as one hundred twenty five to one. He's only what's best tally so far is six son off rica yeah. He plays in a wider position. Be got free for the italian under twenty one's no doubt around my mind is going to be a stall for the italian national team and we'll move on to bigger and better things probably events where they normally go why i players. It's starting to get this thing that we're why players can score just as many goes anybody else. I'm not sure if senior will be good enough but underneath hundreds when he followed to one somebody visibility. I think he will lead. Those six goes behind at some stage in his career one on that how as a c. h. One hundred twenty off to unlim- top scorer in italy will be yoga towards the top of the market. I mean we're nowadays <hes> offset clear market leader. Both fantasy place finished ahead of him in the scoring charts saw season caldera's patrick colorado can't do that again. His age might prove me wrong but the one odd look a lot of peo tac milan nothing. He's scored twenty two goals all season a genova milan. He's settled with melanoma. I think of the age of twenty four. He's only going to get better of of those players. He's the one who's who's got the most improvement in him so i don't think he be quarterback brian. If you fancy sounds like you're very kane as a company on lukaku if you're virtually half the price that other people in the industry are yeah. I've lukaku myself fourteen to one and he's being a kanteh's meaner admire him for a long time. He's tried to get him in. He thinks that he suits his style place. I think he will score goals. He's proven and the primarily excite. I don't see why you won't do it. In syria. One person i definitely wouldn't be back in is cristiano renaldo. He takes up too much of america's. An event is on the league title for the last eight years but no event despair player has won the top goalscorer award since allesandro del piero back in two thousand and eight so that just shows that they sort of share their goals around renaldo won't be he could be arrested if you've got got louder stages of the champions league so he's definitely one that i would rule out of any acas x an interesting stuff well. Let's look at the bottom of the table. Who's going to go down from sarah at seri very bay. This shit is betting run yet. We have verona at four to nine lecce at wanted to a brescia sixty five parma seven to five spell five to two 'euthanazi four to one kellyanne four to will in genoa six to one on seventeen to buy those sambrana state we for the best spouse that little verona to go down. They are the favorites to go down but they are a bit of a yo yo club. They've been relegated twice from syria in the last four years. They fired a new monitor at avignon which on his win percentage in syria is seventeen percent so not to be shelton a show about there's i think verona quite rightly fives to go back down liam yourself see the newly promoted so it's dominated that market as we seem bigger clubs can get drawn in fear and senior down low season. I'll think spa overpriced at five to two. I mean they were right down there. They heaved himself danger towards the end of the season. We've shocked wins over a lot c._o._n. You've enters and that was kind of teams. I seasons one in down really so not outside the the the the relegated clubs off-season lost more matches and power and i don't think that helped by the the departure of their midfield manuel sorry so think they're overpriced respell respell. I tell him geography's not gripe. I've certainly never heard of a place could spouse. I'll google it while you're telling us. It's going to go down well. First of all the good news is um for for these tonelli. The they suggest is the new <hes> often can help them immature. I was looking to i think <hes> the pausing to have given up on them. You remember for when when these of alexis sanchez and employers i mean that's just completely gone now the quality it's also tonight c. One absolutely massive the price of some doria we saw that the neighbors general code into all kinds of over last year pryor has gone to leicester anson's johnson onto leon cognitive rallies forty six. If he doesn't produce the form we did last year. A day could be one to watch massive price. Just on the top four market atalanta atlanta were right it ahead of most of the big teams in italy are season laughing much business but i don't need it so often. They could be the value against lots of me. Eli roy mo parentally underachieve didn't hear a word of that because i was looking at powell is an acronym senator and ku ferrara between between bologna and venice so they got right okay. We're all donning leo we're good. We're going to look at the bundesliga next and friends or maybe more earn free bed for every friend referred to patty power. Thanks to our friends with benefits program log into your patty para count out and share your referral link to get started terms and conditions apply plus dot org welcome back to the race imposts european season special postcards bruce meaning to mark langdon limb flynn and patty patty's brom donegal kit germany now whereby munich of course have been the kaiser's for siamese. This will a rule again. I guess it pretty sure on brian yet. We have byron munich. One to four dortmund are four to one leipzig sixteen eighteen to laverick. Who's in our forty to one hundred one of those for have you got any top four betting or any way we can preview the top of the germany gonna slightly more exciting than assessing weather at once a four-shot wings at top four. We have lifezette got four to seven leverkusen eleven ten hoffman. I'm twos or show much. Go back to news frankfurt on wolfsburg about five to one seven to one buyer. Those supposedly in the first question is all bomb unit good things if they all just say so but then gimme a of of some sort of <hes> excitement to valley. Actually i think i think they're the best of the entire season for me of any league or just lost campaign lucienne fabrics first. This season in charge supposed to be a season of consolidation yet. They took the title race to the final day first time since two thousand ten and i've acted very well and acted very quickly and transfer <hes> this transfer window this summer they plug to a position that trouble them for a long time in left-back bringing nico show says a german international play the whole time <hes> but i've also improved i midfield attitude embarrassment barrasso of riches arrow ready but bringing in auden and you'll ian brown who's very versatile complained that holding midfield role as well. They want gem supercop analysis study days but i think that's a sign of things to come common just think the bavarians are absolutely out close by liverpool in the champions league last season and i think there are no real state of transition. They've tried to inject if you've bringing in luke annandale's benyamin kvant feta after the hamburg striker but i just think that the majority of that score is passed its best and if there was a time to be back in borussia dortmund think it's this season. Ooh ooh mall you agree with that. Yeah i mean i certainly would. I mean by short pricing u._v._a. In barcelona i definitely found those two more than would know in the acapa. No no no no way <hes> won seven in a row but <hes> off in losing rowbotham robbery. They've lost russo a standard sets as in the dressing room as much as anything else homos leaving binds it goes dormant s- always wanted in these issues which was in defending. Maybe the east policies best boss still think he's a calmness to probably addy beena last year would have seen them over the line. You look at somebody like sancho. Surely only getting better absolutely ripped by nepal in that supercop. I think they've got the bay. Coach father's definitely better than kovac. I think dortmund can give him a go probably rothberg back dortmund and also little bit unlikely because this is. I'm producing of goldens. I mean they'll be the ones for the british over interest interest but also law good young players coach you inaugurum and go off and on to punch above their white incredibly to take them to the champions. He's league and footwear. They played was sensational. If he can get the same improvement at leipzig they don't fall to go and they could easily be involved not in this race as well and also in terms of top for leverkusen car however is just a sensation player and somebody frankfurt losing losing jovic and he's just too much for them so yeah probably lie buying in the bundesliga outright market and leverkusen top-four blimey i riley. I thought it was a dead dead duck. I didn't think it was worth debate about the boys very keen to oppose bonnie brian yeah absolutely full house for <hes> for dorman. They've signed well this summer. They've got in alcazar on permanently. They've gotten julian bronze to oregon hazard. They have roy scouts assange up top really young energetic squad. They've already beaten by munich into supercop tuna. Look a week or go and that is <hes>. That's a very competitive game in germany. It's not a friendly community shield here so four to one big price on dormant excellent johnny goes. Let's look at the bottom of the table. Today is on the radiation brian so we have potter born at one to two union berlin four to seven augsburg than fifteen seeped as f._c. Calm night two four five two two nine to two those sought. You're in the well. I don't really there's a big difference between bundesliga suit and the bundesliga offing union berlin of a better chance to paderborn they've very much community clubs of that less wings supinely kind of vibe going on in the crowd gonna be massively up for it and so it may help them but i think in terms of budgie and just quality quality those born to all the worst two teams. I wouldn't back all of them kind of very solid <hes>. You spot an opening for profit in the rotation limb. Yeah have agreed that union belt in powder bone will be down there but i think colline of enough to hold their ryan so i think there's definitely a room to look at inova side and i say it's unit duesseldorf i mean they they finished tenth last season after promotion and <hes> so punched above their weight but i've gone and lost the top goalscorers from season and don't look back he returned to wofford <hes> <hes> and is now a hurts at the lynn and buried benito remained wide play is not going to to xiaoxia and they relied on goes well because i was so shaky at the back i mean that they only the bottom four in the division conceded more than them and they will cost infamously on the wrong end of that seven one spanking by track frankfurt in which luke yovich. I made a big name for himself south. I i definitely think brian any relegation fancies yeah also another team incident makes freiburg out five to two they were the second worse team and bundesliga based on the extra starts last season if they don't prove on not dobie hovering around the relegation zone again this anything else in germany leads not not not for me. If i expect eleven indicates a win golden l. show is for that brown is a shade of odds on ten to eleven where i'm working now. I just just always get nervous with golden boots. Ten one injury could could could be could kill you really but i mean if he stays fit. You will get the job done art. Say i look at packer caserta dormant average to go over sixty seven minutes law season <hes> i._t. Legal is only four behind royal dossier think <hes> and he actually had an injury officials kept him out for eight or nine matches lost and if he's fully fit then he certainly worth looking the other one a longer bigger price fifty to one at freiburg is top scorer euro under under twenty one so we've <hes> we've seven goals in reminds me of lucado ski so you can be reminded me mall where we're going to be able to watch european foot with shit so change on scar and you can just sit. He's change will change so permeates. Sport is where you're watching your italian. Football miles base bt of got bundesliga and those are the french. Nobody has got lalita. It's <hes> vowed still is still being debated sports of admitted day forbidden reports the amazon prime are also in the hung of gotland or they. I'm going primary school in that particular battle that means it means. I'll be out to get the spanish and the italian under one subscription so i can actually use my arms and prime for things other than my wife's gardening <hes> yeah so i'm steven starts on friday and nobody's going at the moment challenge for edible so the french b._t. But he got the french and that is is where we're going to go next obviously well obviously i said obviously a hall favorites in germany and the lads jumped on me and opposed the head out of him just very quickly as anyone planning suppose pierce geel net right here right so what's the latest on the outright and then maybe talk for us and without pierce jail something into exciting franz brian yep e._s. G. r. one to twelve leon ninety. One marseille forty two one lille forty two one on fifty to one barlow lows in the betting without p._s. Gee we have leon as favorites at eleven to ten. Lille are ninety two seconds saint etienne seventeen to two on tent won battles those who stayed with you brian any any juice in the top of the french table leon in the bed market <hes> they lost nabil factors terrell sororities. They lost highway and umbrella automobiles but they have. 'em replace them well. We got two of lille star performers from season to use of conan ontario mendez. Lil themselves vaulted last nicholas pepper marseille. We're a mess last season with all field issues stadium bonds the funds were rioting and they fraud andre villas boas and he's taken over there aww corn yeah data that sorry to the season a at the weekend there they tune out home to rim so i think <hes> there's a lotta issues where a lot of competitors so leon eleven to ten in the bent without market for me. Ring can only get better. I suppose for as far as i mean i they've. They've even poisonous by last. Week's tells you that much money. That budget is actually what they've go pay for his redundancy. Yeah well was it they they went for they ballots halley to- von as well so that a few poyet's sprint absolute fortune on <hes> still got a couple of good players but as a <hes> i promise on the spiritual wrong. Yes sure french fence. He's <hes> always leon. We've we've. I quite strong on this one. I ah for all the reasons that brian mentioned weaken their main competitors think in terms of leo the only concern i go is leo of genius in the sporting rights rollers louis come to as identified these players really cheaply that they've managed to sell on for an absolute fortune and you don't know if he's managed to do again. It won't be into christmas christmas song. We know wherever he's bobbing is very difficult to keep. Keep doing that to keep on funding players. You might make a year a little to sort themselves out. I really really see any of the dangers. I mean marseille just pretty hopeless at the monuments and villas boas as well just is never negative for them so often leonov i've got on. I mean mr dan. Bella is <hes> absolute quality fired at memphis the pie <hes> sandra applies that brian mentioned. I think they're a good thing leeann liam g._n._c. leon yeah full house fully on in the without p._s. G market pretty much. Everything's been said but i mean jason deny in your doc anderson night for a good defensive partnership completely outclassed monaco in that game season monica over the place and and leila had a loss of significant players nikola nikola pepe rafael mendez so and i also think of across most quarter of european football as well with monaco of just broke transfer record for ben eh from slovenia and there's two that they want according a couple of officer. I don't know if they suddenly you. You remember a few years ago. They went for a day to pump in the money back in so that would be that would be the only concern monica in that we've seen that was battering a couple of weeks time the moment then we're near right and top top scorer in lollygag. I guess emba- pay heads. The molecule is if the leads have gotten defense. He's after brian gives us the latest betting yet so killing about he is four to seven favorites cavani next at four to one name our ten to one willie won't he be in the league. We don't know yet lucid in ballet twelve to one memphis to by eighteen into one of those gifts for political willie won t z playful liam west value yeah i mean the market sat trae by p._s. G players. I think the goals tend to be spread around them and i'd look at leon's maimon mussa damn bella is scored fifteen goals last season scored in there right now against monaco and i think he's a six year old not going to profit from the pace and movement on the flanks of trial ryan dubai lie cavani <hes> just against him by don't take much for someone to go wrong. I mean this market mauka. Vanni go pen in week one. I mean he's he's woke awestruck. A himself and mbappe dusty will play <hes> into the wind up positioning of becoming more of a team player within that dynamic he won last year but i don't mean as a as much between the pair what the odds suggests brian if you go you're going to take on the favor ear as well. Now i like him. I think he does wins <hes> at four seven. He's got thirty three league goals last season weaver coppola specialty as well <hes> we've <unk> thirty league goals at four to five and at least thirty five at fort want he's already off the market one so-called start there okay on mentioned the the star of the show that the french relegation is really really competitive. I don't think there's an odds-on show in there is the brown there's not no we have dijon at the top at seven the four name next nine to four breasts newcomers nine to four. I'm a on five to two mets seventy-two andrzej ninety-two to lose ninety to to strasbourg ninety-two nod six to one ream six to one and fifteen to tube those said lim starts of course the valley. I think breasts kabeer a good good one guy for a second season behind metz this early. The week of the two teams came out conceded thirty five goals in that promotion campaign which is a little concern <hes> <hes> and it concerns going forward as well. I mean that's sixteen shots in the league opener with to lose <hes> unstable. They will wasteful when drill one and not getting anything. I'm the only strengthened going forwards abroad engrossing and kukupa a neem. I mean they've lost <hes> <hes> savannah. Who's desecrate key created offseason medicine the division. I did finish nine floor. Season or seeing ed block has got a group. That should should stay renovation so that'd be. You're going to go down brian. Would you like to go down. I like to lose to go down at ninety two. They only finished on thirty eight points last season the season before they won their allegation playoffs laughing flirting with relegation for the last number of years. They've signed a new striker. The greek striker cobras in from in from greece. I don't know much about him but if he doesn't fire the goals. I think we'll be in trouble again. I'm mark go different one for me. Amazon <hes> <hes> they would win a yeah they were terrible and expect to goals last season their budget neiman breast of the only two teams in in france with with a smaller budget and the leap handily publish that she would have budget diane do lock them and i think if you got small body and you got bad experts goals. Thus does a recipe for disaster. Fantastic knowledge guys actually brilliant and don't forget if you do enjoy what you're hearing from the lights here. They are fantastic. European football tapes ryan throughout the season free for you to enjoy at racing post dot com or in the newspaper right. Let's look at the other european leagues next here at paddy power. We're the home of the money back special with some incredible offers every single week. Check out the website or app today. Terms and conditions apply eighteen plus begun dot org doc. Okay welcome back. We've looked at the four main leagues. Let's look at where else putty power baton on. They've got some shows in portugal and in holland where we will go next. I think it's the tools rice in holland. Isn't it brian it is yeah it's i x four six favorites p._s._v. six to four and it's twenty five battles to who'd you like their limb. Perhaps guy for acts of the bulk of that. He found to be touch. Districts golden eye watering hundred nineteen league goals last season and just above the rest is so lasana could be the yong already deposited be very surprised. She blew this two-horse race. In the netherlands over import you go into similar similar style of play. I think isn't it brian yet. We have been fica at the top of the market four to six porto second favorites at fifteen to sporting lisbon than at seven thirty not three to one of those three them up. I mean it's been a sensation star. I'm butch goes poltava where he lost one game a bit like the old firms that we used to be if you lose one gain need people say the league's over i think often the frost michael to fall it still only one match you can recover porto went out of the champions league on thursday nights says it feels like a disasters on the moment you know this some lost weight over favors league is ben freak loss shell felix and also <hes> join us as well. I think he'll be important figuring the dressing room. There's no longer around. That's forgive pool of their bad. Stop the guy for benfica. I just think the losses of eta emulate tower in philippi back could be too big to overcome tangles all of tori's aren't. I think felix departure will be that fellow benfica. They've go to plan is going forwards wonderful stuff. Let's thanks very much before we go because there's lawsuit price teams and you don't really wanna be back in a singles. Let's see if we can get an echo. Five five components mall will let you chuck into liam you can chuck into an argument marks and brian. You can throw one in your right with that or you're going to trust. Drop doc goodman. You never know you might get the cost involved. Actually so who your team oh i'll go for i ax to win the division and boss salaam to win the guy for benfica primarily and inter milan in without market in the without okay and brown you chuck to and if you like brown they've taken my two which intimate annoy x. So i'll go. I'll go to leon. We've out in front of opens elgar neil right so we're going to go with a five time. It's barscelona to win sarah. No no that was a bad start wasn't it. Boston owns win the league leon in the without pay us gee mark in fronts. We've got i axe with benfica imports you go and we've got into milan then without events in syria you hyper that let's all good gruden back that one at pow potty dot com or any other the major put my gosh. Thank you very much indeed great stuff like aside. There are superb european football previews every saturday in the rights of bus and we're back soon as well because matter of weeks before the champions leaks so we were doing a special postcards on that as well everything is better when it's big party power same game multi allows you to combine a number of selections from a single match into one big bet. Check out the same game multi tab and get building your bet terms conditions apply eighteen plus becoming aware dog get to old navy right now. All jeans are on sale up to fifty percent off from this fifteen bucks for adults ten bucks for the kids. 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