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Hello Gamers let's talk about anchor. If you haven't heard about anchor it's the easiest way to make a podcast. It's free and you know us a budget arcade. We love free. There's creation tools that allow you to record. Eddie your podcast right from your phone or your computer in fact. I'm actually using that to record this ad in traffic as I said at a late. That's amazing Anchor would distribute your podcast for you. So it may be heard on spotify apple podcasts. And many more you can make money for your podcast asked would no minimum listenership. And it's everything that you would need to make a podcast in one place so go to anger dot. FM START ART slash. Start to start your own podcast. I can't wait to hear your podcast. Hey this is stem itch for Metro Metal Steven Universe Inviting Guitar Alive. And you're listening to the Budget Arcane Yeah hello and welcome to budget arcade a free to play gaming podcasts. To help you navigate through the growing realm of free play games. I'm Scott I'm Jeff. I'm Elliot and welcome to episode number thirty seven just recap. We play free to play game each week. And then we review it Elliot. What was this week's game played Cheshire? We played chess rush. Mats Run for me Chemo. Joke only wind drunk so it doesn't really count right chess off white cloth. ooh What what. But I don't actually have any white claws too expensive. They only sell it in like fourteen packs. I have never had white call but it also has an interest me at all all. It's not great anyway this week while I'm not gonNA say rain again but it's called chess rush. It was released on July Fourth of two thousand nineteen by pinsent It's available on. Is An android devices Goodall tencent. tencent make some good stuff. I've been playing a moba made by the minutes. Good Mobile g their college. I think they're actually more publishers than they are developers. I think that's true too because the other game we played that was made by two teams or timmy. Tin Yeah was published by tencent. And there's a a Moba on mobile called arena valor which is both published by ten. So and I think developed by teaming but I think they're like the alphabet where Google Google but it's owned by alphabet kind of thing you kinda them game play all all right. So gameplay is we'll be talking for the rest of the podcast just me Because this is one of my favorite games It is a auto battler in the vein of Doda under lords and Blanking on it what is a TV tactics You have a eight by eight board. Scott I WanNa say it's the exact same as any the other transport as far as numbers swears. I don't know that's how big your board is And you you have a bench of the same size except just one line so you can have up to a piece on your vents bench. Good Lord all right all. All three of us has drunk so the. How do I describe this? I was wondering Doda overlords under Lord. I thought you you had this Jeff. I'm just so I WANNA do the game justice so as you start the game you face off against seven other opponents so it's a eight player game and Each round starts with a store of five pieces that you spend Amana on as opposed to gold like another games And it falls pretty much the the same rules as any other auto chess game. That you've played You level up to add more pieces on the board so you start off at level one. You can actually early in this game. It's different than others because you start off at level two so it actually skips that first round because let's face it you're GONNA win that round no matter what you do So in this game goes right around too so you have your level to and You can put two pieces on in the level two three three and so on and so forth saw the whipped ten You gave actually seeing people lose that first round. Did they have any peace. We'll see here's the thing about this. If you don't buy a piece or pick a piece in the first or second round it will automatically purchased one and throw it on the board for you. You can turn that the settings so okay. I've no I didn't have that often setting so either at one point I wanted to save my Mana and didn't Wanna purchase is a piece because I had like some pieces that I had already wanted to start leveling up an auto purchase a piece for me. Luckily though you can sell it back act for the same price. But I was like I didn't want to do that right. I haven't had that do that to me but you can turn off the auto Where automatically fills any any space on your board if you if you like? Let's say you're level six and you have five pieces. You can turn that off where we'll put that sixty seven Yeah yeah anyway so as you go through you round robin play other players and The last team standing wins the last player. You're standing wins You buy pieces with different classes Embrace so in this game you have dragon and writer and there's nine I think if I'm not mistaken classes to choose from south on ninety nine different classes and fifty three heroes and that's from in their phantom with okay so there's probably nine classes but there's more races yeah then that will not damn that but so like you can have hunters and there's an l fronter in Goblin hunter And a cyborg hunter you know and so as you put these pieces on your board. The unique pieces will combine. And give you synergies that benefit your team During battles with creep rounds which are CPU Played Characters You also gain equipment that you can attach to your team to boost them in different ways. That's pretty much the whole of the gameplay. If you've played a auto battler you pretty much know what to expect here. I find them to be really similar. I've only played under lords as my only other auto battler but it handles very similarly. So if you understand that you'll understand auto chess pretty quickly I think. Oh Yeah I agree and I mean I feel that. I've was better equipped to play this game. Because of how he played under Lords. I agree with that too. We learned to play it but I think auto chess I think he did a better job of teaching. You how to play in the beginning then under lords did under lords basically just slight kind of let you figure out by yourself or auto chests. You mean chess suggests rush yes. Sorry sorry sorry I I will agree. I think this one of the reasons that I kind of stick with this because there's a lot of auto battlers on mobile now than the reason that this is the one I go back to in play and take seriously this is just so clean like the presentation is great. The graphics are the best style seen on an auto battle mobile All the characters looked denise good and colorful sounds good. The voice acting pretty good throughout throughout with with exceptions. Yeah there are some exceptions there for sure. Yeah like the witch doctor sounds awful. Sounds like someone just ran their voice voice through filter but there are others that sound great And then the announcer that announces your synergies. I love So if you get like two writers to riders and he's got a deep voice and then when you actually Max out synergy he's like oh six riders and it just adds something to the game is just punchy And everything is clear like what you do you and what's happening is clear to me. And that's well I. The other thing too is if it isn't clear to you it pops up with a lake. Here click the STU- understand more about like this thing so it does do a very good job does. It's very user friendly which is something. I liked a lot about it. Jeff what was your favorite units to us when you play this game when I play this It used to be sword dancer because she was overpowered But they have raised her. I don't know that I have a favorite unit. I love running writers because they're so versatile style against so riders. I didn't mean like a specific. You know riders because you can class or you can do a lot with writers okay. What about you Elliott the Iowa? Find one you. I feel like I use a lot of writers because I felt either bonus was really easy to attain. And I don't know how my wife is. Hey a two four six so you get a bonus at two bones bonuses six and the other thing about writers is pretty much combo with just about anything else you WANNA I do. I found my strategy and you just be whatever units. Were on my map. The first time I kind of stuck with a lot of those and see as you get further into the ranks. You actually have to do something similar to that because a lot of times. You're not given the opportunity you to build the Synergies that you want to you have to go. What's there available for? You and I noticed that a lot of You know players they go for certain synergies in that takes away from the pool that you have to be able to to pull from and so you can't do those exact same synergies The one I really liked was the druids because of their ability so if you have to druids to separately to different types of druids it makes it where air you only need to of each specific Jerusha to start up so say I've got you know two different druids and we should say wait a matching pair. Because we didn't go over it is what Scott's talking about as you level your pieces by collecting sets of three and I and That makes them a two star unit which doubles there. HP Out and damage and then when you get nine units it becomes a three star and That triples that output yes and so the druids their special ability when you have to separate separate types of druids if you get a matching pair for them they will to star into that without the third unit and then if you get four separate types of druids leads you can three star those druids with only a matching pairs well a matching pair of two stars Correct and I wanNA give you a little tip up using a total four feature to do it right and the druids are nice that way so like if you're running elves elves druids pair nicely or they do because like there's like three or four druids are also elza which was like perfect. Yeah and if you're running like beasts there's a lot of beast druids And the other thing about druids. It's great as you. You don't need to have them on your board to get that Synergy Reggie you can leave them on your bench and have that synergy. And here's a tip Scott. I don't know if you noticed this. But which doctors are. One cost units and if view level than with the druids synergy they become valued at three. So you can sell it off for a profit. How Nice so what I'll all do is if I've got a little extra money and I see witchdoctors? I'll just keep them on my board and then eventually drill pop up. I'll buy it for a SEC. Combine item sell it off and then sell off the other unit and just make a little extra money on the side that way so a strategy that I was also doing a lot of times and and I don't think it's very like descriptive about the strategy. So say you've got a full bench. You've got a full map. But there's a a unit that you need to buy to be able to combine to make it into another unit if it won't let you buy the unit which you can do is you can take a unit off your bench. Put it onto onto the playing field by the unit. Combine them. And then pull that extra unit back into your bench and you before the the round starts and you don't get the you don't have that like Disability of not being able to purchase a unit. You need. Yeah you also need to be careful though because it will sell a random unit if you don't have space based on your bench and you have too many people on the board So normally if you have space in your bench it'll just pull a piece off and put it to your bench but if you have a full full bench and like ten eleven pieces on the board. It's going to sell one of them and it's always the one you don't want salt so if you're GONNA do that move quickly weekly yes exactly but yes but it's you know. It's more of an advanced tactic to be able to do that. 'cause there's sometimes you just like there's all apiece on your bench you WanNa keep prue and selling homes not going to be advantageous to you. What you do you WanNa start up that other unit and the only way to do it is to you? Purchase it outright and then started together. I use a similar strategy. If like I'm rolling down like I'll throw a bunch on there and I'll just start rolling to buy stuff and unhoped level at if it's getting late in the game and you have anything else you want to add to the gameplay. I played on ipad this week and I felt that sometimes the controls of trying to grab unit and put it to the board or put it where I wanted to was a little not lake Accurate Times but that was probably the only downside. I felt when I was playing was I felt that sometimes touching. It didn't work the way I wanted to and moving. I agree I I had that on Android and I play. I play a lot a lot of this. I haven't had issues getting maybe once or twice moving a unit around but the big thing is When assigning equipment you can hit a piece of equipment and it's got a recommended button and I can't sometimes I hit that recommended button and it won't take and I really mash it in and I'll miss a chance to get That piece that equipment on one of my pieces so that is definitely well. There's a way to circumvent that too. If view actually select the peace and then go into your inventory and click on the inventory piece into will add it to that specific unit right and and you can get around if you do it the other way you can only put on recommended one but if you pick your piece first and then click the equipment you want. You can do it that way and the other thing. That's that's good about this game. Unlike a lot of other ones I mean don't Underwood's let you do it but some some of the other big ones. You can't remove your equipment from pieces pieces without selling them but in this game you can. You can remove all your qubit and rearrange it at any time Yeah what are the other things. Like Elliott mention in that it is a much more user friendly experience the game does have recommended builds. And you can I turn them off because it kind of annoys me because it'll will recommend something I don't WanNa do. I had to turn them off. But if you're new to the game and you want to kind of know how builds work and what to aim for It does help hope to use that to write because I use it the first like three or four days and like I won every time and I followed the recommended what it recommended to me and I never lost so it definitely was accurate. I I SORTA did that too in the beginning but then there was like some bills that I couldn't do because people were taking the pieces I needed so I had adjusted a little bit. And that's why Jeff saw me doing a lot of Made Cyborg Combo in the beginning because a lot of times. That's all that was available to me. Even though it it was part of my recommended billed as well. You GotTa do cyborg hunters sometime. I did CYBORG hunters like just my last game. I think haw is shreds. It's so good. Yeah I believe it What about the? There's different game modes as well that you can select I think we should probably go over those i. I don't know I only played this week. I only played the ranked namely anything else. Yeah I play written about Eugene. Pretty much exclusively a turbo. Oh mode is a much faster mode in a does actually change the game. Play the basic rules are there. But it's more about forcing that build that you want a supposed to Kinda Playing it a flexible way where you take. What comes to you and build your build around? What let you get whereas turbos more about really just forcing that build because the game moves so fast into shorter game session? If you're playing on mobile there is is a new mode treasurer. Something I get. I have it really ventured out a classic Because I like the longer game mode I like the the the time it takes to play it and the strategy of it There's also sort of almost like a gambling sexual where you you spend money to buy in and can get arena. Yeah you can get money back. Golden ticket arena whenever you can get money back for placing there's a practice of bop mode so like if you didn't have Wi fi in your on airplane or something you could play against spots I wanted to ask you about bots because Kazuko up mode as well. I wanted to ask about Bob's because I know you've played a lot of these. I felt like I was playing against spots a couple of times because I was just dominating meeting where I know nothing of this game and so do you feel like there's a lot of parts in this game or not really no. I really don't I I don't know I think what happens. Elliott is that you spent a little bit of time playing Doda and you know how to hit. Interest points You know that you need a hit synergies and you not two to three star and when you first boot this game you're playing with brand new and who has maybe never played one before four so like if I pick up I am expecting team fight. Tactics comes out on mobile. For my first ten fifteen games I expect to be shredding people just because I I know the rules of this genre and as long as I stick to those I'll do fine but once I get further along on a need to learn the Meta Anita learn which builds work Like one of the things that I like that I think helps me is that I know what units I need to be looking out for now like I've gotten so used I know what characters are available. What synergies they have and what I can do to kind of top off my roster it just knowing those things from playing it really helps? That's once you get that point. That's when it really clicks and but I haven't read the only time I've seen bosses when I went into botts mode. Okay yeah an now I could be wrong. There could be boss but the The Times where I don't get like there's several games right finished at last because I'm not getting the build shooting for and I it just isn't going all right. I'm not hitting my three star two stars and I just get shredded because everybody else plays that way you know. Yeah so I don't Know No. I know the very first game that I played was apparently was a practice game and actually when when I went into the list of my So if you go go into your character she it shows you a list of all the games you played and what mode you're playing in and the very first game I played was actually in practice mode. That was one that I when I showed you guys Ohka and then everything after that was all unranked and it was just and I've noticed that the further up getting ranked the the harder the players I'm facing are that's how it should be like and your strategy to change like I got out of the basic levels just by knowing knowing how to interest points and then I got out of the mid levels by learning how to make calms what I what I would call the rule of six six and three You want to fully complete one build or one synergy like Knights or warriors and then you want to supplement with three stack of another one and then kind of fill in the gaps where you can on other synergies and that kind of pushed me up into the bishop's here but now in the Bishop Jerem having to really work with managing my economy Making sure that you know there's times where I don't need to hit a synergy where I just need to have another another two star unit on there so one thing you'll want to pay attention to their certain synergy buffs that buff your team or buff off a particular race. So for Instance Nights Warriors There Synergy Only Buffs Knights and warriors whereas like Goblins. He's dead they give you a tough to your whole team or in the example of dead they deeb off the opponent team. And so if you have to on dead on your board it does you no benefit to put a third on but if you have three three warriors on board fourth thank you get right right at four you would get another on debt but if you have three warriors on your board if you put a fourth warrior or you're on they're going to get that warrior bonus whereas if you put any other thing in there as opposed to third on dead you're still going to have the same mm-hmm level of undeb effectiveness And that sort of things that you learn and then I'm learning now and really actually starting to get where I'm positioning starting no matter I noticed that this one guy kept He was doing a lot of damage and the way he had his team his frontline would block Khanin and in his backline was Mejia's and they were just being able to do this damage with everyone group together. So I- display them out. So I had two units that I moved up front on the left side and then I have my back line in the back right corner and so his like jump to the left they attack their backline was able to not get the damage and it was able to pull out a win. So I'm still learning things. I played a ton of this game. But there's just an impossible impossible amount to learn and we'll get into that when we hit replay ability. Yeah Um so the the Co op mode is Yuna friend can play. I think you could do up to four four players right with you. There's a squad mode which does four so you can queue up with up to four people in just about any mode The exception action being ranked you have to be Kinda similarly right so when Scott I turn on the game I was in high nights and he was just pawn. Because does he just got the game. We couldn't queue up in rank so we had to do Co. up So yeah there are those modes as well. Yeah and the co-op it was was interesting because you put two of your pieces on the side of the board on the left hand side of the board and your Your teammate gets to use those additional two pieces on their board. Every time they battled over yeah so like we're running one of the synergies as punishers which is sort of like anti major if you've played Doda under Lords And he had one of the punishers. It's a to You know to get you the first buff so he had one punish or the other so I threw it on the this little you get to each player gets to put two a units in that space and I put my other punisher of there so he only had to worry about getting one punisher on the Board to get to punisher bonus. So it's interesting. I'd like to play that more But it was kind of tough to when we divorce concert couldn't quite get to work. I think it was more user error than the game I'm saying on my part but I think there's a ton of cool strategies. You could do there if you can communicate and say. Oh you're going for punishers will I. I seem to be hitting punishers and let me go ahead and make sure I can get those stacked up and put him on the board for you and opens up a lot of possibilities. But I don't tend to stray out of the ranked mode so as you play you gain xp and they do seasons Similar to like fortnight and so after season one I finished low bishop and they started me back at night one for season two. I imagine if I actually got up to like Queen it would dump me back down to bishop and that sort of thing. see gain x. p. and other things that will get into wooden hit to pay all. Yeah and I think you have to place in the top three to gain. Xp Top four stopped playing raining stuff. If you're playing ranked as long as you hit the top four you're going to get something If you hit the bottom for you're gonNA lose something thing and I think it's actually pretty even like if you're if you're number one you get a hundred like ranked points if you're eighth. You lose one hundred so But if you're good at the game you're GonNa Climb and it seems pretty fair to me while heck my first real game. I think I progress till lake. Doc Pawn One. After the first game I had levelled that far up to it so and that's because I just want it. Yeah so and I don't know if it when did you. What what are you in the weekend? Elliott what's the rank about besides pond or the next one rook the I got to rook. One I only played like a game or two a night excited play a whole lot but you actually level faster at low lower levels so I can't remember exactly but I think it's like sixty points to level at pawn. You Know Seventy at Bishop nights is like ninety and might be one win that but at Bishop. It's like a hundred and thirty so you you one win won't get you a level like a will the other modes insurance which is how it should be right. I mean that's good life pay well so there's two different currencies in this would. I don't think they are effective active like most of these other games that have these two currencies because you don't actually use one currency to buy the other shoe. One is a that you could by going. I see I didn't find that section so there's something a little frustrating in this game that new players won't deal with but I finished finish last season and they had a board I wanted to. I could spend one million gold and I was grinding and saving and grinding and saving and go. The next season started. They took away the store and they ended up having to put it back to appease people like me. But I'd already already blown that money because I thought well I can't buy it now So they changed between season one and season two a lot One of the things are actually used to be a third currency which was shards that you would spin on other particular items but now I have these shards of my inventory. No way to spend them and the only thing I've seen about the goal is to abused. Use it in the lottery thing. Yeah so again. They've changed it up. It used to be there. Were certain items you could buy with Goldman Goldman now you can just do lottery I so this is my biggest for. I love this game but my biggest problem are the micro transactions and not for any other so they are cosmetic which is great so you can go your whole life not buying anything and still have a great experience with just threat. Chess Rush But the problem is they're exorbitantly expensive Now they actually are little better the season because the gash upon on machine Is You. You're guaranteed to get a character if you spin on that and I think one token is three dollars and you're guaranteed to get a character her So that's a little better. But they add altered it before where you play the lottery and and you get permanent upgrades and then at the start of season two all you get temporary cosmetics and people complain they changed it back. So whoever's coming up with the transactions on this are taking a very electronic arts approach of just as much garbage arbiters you can until people throw a fit and then go back and fix it I. Their prices are really crazy to me. And their competitors are more reasonably priced. The Dragon Nest version of auto chess has very reasonable prices on their stuff off. Now the other thing is that they do have a season pass in its prices. You would expect about ten dollars which you would see on just about any other game. That has a season pass and I'm grinding through that and I'm getting some good stuff But that's the exception. As far as what I would consider an affordable micro transaction action although like Gash upon gastropod is actually pretty cheap. It's three bucks. You get a role and you're guaranteed to get something new. Yeah the season season pass though. I've noticed Even doing it without purchasing the past the leveling on it is pretty Substantial it goes pretty quickly which is very nice. Yeah and there's lots of challenges to season pass. I did purchase the season pass from season one and I wish I didn't on down just because those bouncing between a bunch of games and so I didn't really finish that one but I'm on track to finish this currencies in with you know getting everything everything without spending anything above the lowest buy-in which is the ten dollar buying and I'm enjoying it and so I think overall this season's better with their micro transactions. I just don't like the fact that day dump out. They you know they put out really. Don't don't be SORTA practices and in and just wait until people complain to fix them. I'd rather than come out with something cool to begin with and in everybody resolved. This is great. So that's all the complaint I have about. This game is just the micro transactions are not where they need to be of course they do that. dumpy thing where you have to buy more currency than you want for an item so if you want a Gash upon coin I think they're ninety and you have the by a hundred and thirty coins to get it you know so I don't like the Initial you I when it comes to the the The main the main menu. Because there's just like you know mobile pub G in some of these other ones as we played. There's and I think this. Is You know something with ten cent. They do like with all their mobile games. That I've noticed so far is there. You is just too crowded with so much crap. They've got their battle pass section. They've got their you know their role for for you know you're there lottery thing that they've gotten this game. They've got another sections sections like another lottery. Type thing. There's your friends section how many there's GonNa be at least I think there's like fifteen buttons on this from there might be more and that's that's fair but I think compared to other games it doesn't feel as cluttered to me because they're very minimalistic buttons around the border and in the middle you have a really nice like indoor setting where your avatars there and in the middle is you can see the the sort of small model version of the board. You have active so I think that's fair but I also think compared to other games. It's actually a lot cleaner. I've noticed I for my in my day job. I work with high schoolers so a lot of the games that we play like I ended up talking to them about like Call of Duty Mobile. And that's one of the things I feel like these screens are just like jumble with a bunch of just junk on them and when I say that to them they look at me like I am an idiot so I don't know if it's just because we're a little older Scott but like the high school kids I talked to you. They don't like I never really see it like that. And I'm like really I feel like it's it's just too much crap going on but like I've never complained about that whenever I talk to him about games like this but so it's kind of funny. I think it might be an old person thing that we have. Yeah I mean we. Aren't that old. I mean I guess we're like coastal but look fifteen year olds were easily fifteen years. That's you're in denial. I don't know how old Elliot is a thirty two year. Yeah you're not quite middle age with Scott again definitely are to fifteen year ruled here so to fifteen year olds. That's ancient. Yeah so yeah true. Oh Trust me. Fifteen year olds. Don't listen to podcasts. Actually they do. It's a huge thing do so yeah. I found that people my age tend to love it. You know because they grew up with talk radio and so now. It's just better talk radio. I they do or they're really picky. They like all the mainstream stuff. Joe Rogan and then they'll it'll have like one or two little things that like kind of weird that they're into but podcasting they seem to be into it from when I when I talked about in when it's brought up some I know where he's got. A war would Joe Joe Rogan. Yeah right either. You're nothing to that. You Suck Joe Rogan organ. Come on our podcast count. Actually he's a fighter he would destroy me. Kevin Smith on last week. It was a good interview. I apologized Joe. I'll still do you want me to start some through in Amman tuna. And you probably won't even respond. You know he's actually quite the the bad ass. Yeah I mean. I haven't listened to his podcast. Neil by really have no desire to people that I I like on it. That's what I listen to it. There's just so many interview podcasts. Like I got really disappointed. When CONAN'S PODCASTING CASS? came out and it was just interviews. Oh it's because his episode was Stephen. Colbert is phenomenal. I listen to that one all right. Let's get back to the game. Replay Ability I have stop playing this game The amount of time it takes to learn all the strategies and different strategies and the element of randomness numbness makes every game different. There's I love this game and there's no reason to not dive back into it. It's limitless replay ability without spending one cent. Yeah I mean even the fact that we've only played really one mode and there's like there's like four four to six other modes that there's quite a bit of replay ability here that you know. We haven't even scratched the surface on and just that fact fact loan just shows how much there is to this game. Yeah I don't really know what else to say other than it's just so much depth to it that I'm I'm not tired of it and I've probably got forty to fifty hours in it. You know and I keep coming back. Emma keep learning something new or Whoa whoa judgement so this game is GonNa get my seal I mean I can't get not give this my seal appeal. I'd I'm pretty sure I gave under Lords. My seal and this game is far superior to that game so one hundred percent my seal. I recommend this game Elliot. How much I think this my thought is this speaks to the genre? I feel this. Sean is Kinda bloated right now. I I think there is a difference between this and under under lords which is the only other one I've played but when I look at the the League of legends one too. They just looked so similar. The rounds Kinda feel similar So I think like whichever one you just find that you like you need to stick with. I don't think it's a bad game. I'm giving it my seal but I'll I I really would i. I don't know maybe it's just not the game genre. That is my choice I well. I think you're being fair. I think it from an I've played just about any one of these. I get my hands on so I think that's a fair criticism. This is to me though the best at least on mobile. I don't know if you're done now. I feel like I feel like the Games are a little long for a mobile game. I don't know it's it's not. I think it's fun It gets more than the biggest qualm with the under Lords. Though was I said the Games. Now you've got at least these thirty minutes. I don't know if we played under lords now if I would give it my seal after playing this you know I mean well under Lord has changed a lot. Yeah the worse I in my opinion. I don't know just weird it is and it's still growing. We're still figuring how blizzards trying trying to do their stupid version of it. Now too I that I watched the video. I think that will appeal to people who like her stone but as someone who likes auto battlers. Where's that does not appeal to me But to kind of go back to Y I give chess my seal of approval is I think it gets the best one I've played and that may change when team fight. Tactics comes out on mobile next year. But it looks better than everything else on the On android I don't know if they're probably apple as well and it so my issue with under Lords now now is that the Ui after playing so much jess rush the U. I.. Unknown awards is garbage. And the if you go to to Auto chess which is still a great auto battler but that game is ugly to look at this game. Looks Gorgeous it plays great. Its presentation is off the charts for a mobile game Again my only criticism is the micro transactions but you can completely ignore those rose and really have a great time and get addicted to a new genre so we didn't have any listener commentary this week and mainly because you people are joining enjoying discord you people and he gets so bad battery so bought her. You GotTa do this. It's it's like. Hey Man maybe you want to join her discord. Whatever man is fine but we will if if you know if you play along with us and You want to give other people your opinion on the game if you write in whoop read it on the air You know and have a conversation with you about it so I think it's a missed opportunity. If you're not joining discord to hang out and Interact with us. Also tell a friend about the PODCAST. Yeah it does. I agree so a lot of times. People ask for five star Reviews News. And I'm sure they make a difference to Joe Rogan. But we're in Indy podcast. And I think if means more more that you say hey gyms then my good buddy. I've listened to this. PODCAST called budget arcade. That will go a long way all right so next week. We are going to actually doing something. A little. Bit Different I top speaking to us every week. Bottomless endless week. Also everybody or playing another play Magic Bang Bang next week. It's auto battler Muslim yet. Next week we actually have a developer. Who gave us some codes for a paid game? And we're so we're GONNA play that Shit and review chills and then at the end of that episode. We're GONNA give you a chance to be able to win either a version of the gauge or in Android version of the game. EA Get at us. You want us to talk. About how great battlefronts Transat micro transactions are mark. Just says it'll coin all right. We WanNA thank everybody for joining us if you're listening on on wherever you're listening you know trump's review jeff says it doesn't really make everybody's always like I know I didn't say reviewing but I think unless you're really getting like thousands of reviews I'd rather you tell your buddy about us but whatever you do Louis in the Scott Okay so if you WANNA follow us on twitter. It's at budget. Arcade a wheel seven instagram at budget arcade facebook page facebook dot com slash budget gate. And of course you can head over to our website. WWW DOT budget arcade dot com. Where we have right up some articles? And I I know that The complaint that Elliott has is this

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