This Week in Survivor: Season 38 Week 4 with Mary Kwiatkowski


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Everybody this week insert fiver special. Thanks to will from America for the theme song to this week in survivor voted the most popular new rob has a podcast format of twenty nineteen. Thank you guys so much for that. Of course here with me to talk about everything going on this week in survivor, the creator of the this week in survivor history quiz, Mr. Jordan, Kayla's doing rob doing great, Jordan. How are you? I'm doing well. Even though I am I am a big Devon, STAN. And it's sad to see him out of the game. But he's not really devastated. I am devastated. He's but he's on the island of extinction. At least we get to see him. Maybe do a couple couple of news reports and hang out there with with reim-. He's reporting live from the field out on extinction island. Also, I'm very excited to have this guest back with us here on rob has a podcast. She's played this week in survivor history quiz before you hear her on the morning updates with Attaran Armstrong. And of course, she was our Aubrey expert coming into the season. Please welcome Mary quit Caskey Mary. How're you? Hey, robin. Jordan. I am so pumped to be on the first ever episode of Twitter. I'm here to talk about everything from the live feeds, let's break down the document room. All the show Mance who's eating slop who sleeping in the HR h room. What's the other show is this haunted? Let me get my survivor notes. Once I get wait. Wait. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Don Denton this week in survivor. The Rick in David alliance also known as the await sorry. We can't we can't bet on the air. The devotees alliance was broken up because the returning players weren't ready to enact the vote out the middleman alliance created by rob sue back in season six and perfected by Tony and Kaga Yang. Let's see if this season's Bodega Tony can continue to worm their way in with Kelly next week, or relegated rebound and save the day. The day America Cousy coming at you from the GOP news. Wow. Mary coming in hot Tyler Frederickson style. Well, those are the only notes I have. So I. Real fast, Mary what's worse. Name Twitter or twists. I so I feel bad. Because when I first heard the the will from America theme song when he said, let's talk about. Let's talk about tweets. I thought he said let's talk about twists, and I'm like, I don't I don't love twist though, boil to twig. Yeah, I think it should still be called fish. But that's just me. I'm old school. I don't like change. Well, it's now for another whatsoever history. We're talking about survivor present maybe we should do with a twist. Yeah. But but it's now he's a horrible part of this arrive your history, I think still works. Okay. Mary. How're you doing? I'm doing doing great. I was I was on vacation all week. So I I went to DisneyWorld now that yeah. Yeah. Was is great my my sister used to work there. So she wanted to take me to all her old haunts, and she seems to have immediately forgotten everything. So I can be great having asking her questions and didn't happen. That's okay. But we went to Harry Potter world too. So that was a little bit more. My my up my alley. Okay. You're up to speed. Do you know that I'm a hustle puff? I I have heard that. Yeah. I I am aware. We're that your health. I'm a I'm a raven call myself, but I won't let that get between us, Jordan. What how are you? I would say total Griffin door every every time I've taken online I've ended up Griffin door, and I think it fits. That's another reason. Able to do better math than I do to be a raven claw. Okay. It's not cool anymore to just say that you're Griffin door. I know I look I I know that's like the cancer because all the main characters Griffin doors, but I am a Griffin door. I know in my in my heart, and my soul that I I am not in the other house. Okay. All right. Let's get back to everything that's going on this week in survivor, of course, still to come in this hour. We'll get into everything going on on survivor social media. And of course, Jordan Kayla will be here with this week in survivor history quiz, but our top story at this hour, Mary we lost Rick Devon's who I understand that. You have a special connection with Rick Devon's idea. I do he he shares a name with my father. My father's name is Devon hausky. Yes. We we both went to Virginia Tech. So he sees from Blacksburg, and I lived there for years. So it's really it's really sad to see my fellow hokey diva's way. But it's you know, we had the same alma mater along with Jonny fairplay, and and cowboy and Adam Jen treats. Cowboy from survivor not cowboy of big brother fame cowboy from survivor Cook Islands. No. Bad wind. Yeah. So okay, Rick Devon's is out this week. Which was very surprising to me. I thought he was going to be around for awhile. And who knows maybe he will come back into the game. Was this big blindside for you as a viewer Mary. Yeah. Well, you know, I'm a per diem STAN on YouTube, and I know that he thought Rick was going far as well. And I get I take all my information from other people, and that's how I make my decision. So yeah, I was I was really up on Rick and definitely not the way I thought this was going to go just just reading the edit. But I guess I guess better him than I don't wanna make all the Kelly stand said, so. It's going to. Mary have you given any thought to how any of your hometown local news reporters would fare on survivor where what part of the country? Do you live in? I live in Richmond Virginia. So now, right. Are there any other Richmond Virginia area newscasters that you think would do well on survivor, or do you think that maybe newscasters are not cut out for survivor? I mean, I think that you know, it's not exactly what you what you normally go to when you think of people who are who are great at living outdoors and really strong challenges. But but I'm a I'm a software developer. So I don't think that necessarily bodes well, either, Jordan. Ideally, do you want somebody who's out in the field as opposed to somebody who's back behind the desk? You don't want Ernie Anastas out there. Yeah. I think being in the field might prepare you better for survivor because then you're talking to people from all walks of life. You're interviewing people. Yeah. You're not just talking to other news reporters. So I think that could prepare you better. Survive. Also, he didn't blown over by the hurricane. Yeah. Very ever see Tammy Leitner on TV. Semi lane. She's like she's on NBC that you see on NBC or MSNBC like buying Williams. Like, all right. Let's go to Tammy Leitner here. And she's like, oh, yeah. I'm here at the site of she's it she's out there. I think a storm chasers. Really the way to go. Sir. Yeah. That's what you want on survivor. Yeah. I've have we had anybody in the meteorologisy goal art since how we Gordon. Probably that was not part of the research. I did pretty much just hurting people. Hurricane. How I think that he would also not do on survivors. Maybe maybe that it goes against my previous assumption. Not. So maybe we talked to you in the preseason about how Aubrey was going to fair, and you know, full disclosure I felt like well aubrey's probably done soon on the season. So Audrey correspondent back in here to talk about it. We're Aubrey went wrong. But these last two weeks that aubrey's have new life. Yeah. I just wanted to get very clear fall of those of you listening. Rob emailed me saying also, I don't think Aubrey has much time left. So we need to think about her again. Well, everybody thinks I know the spoilers then slit let the listen this was after she found an idol like you're so down on. Well, it seems like when they're coming for you. They're coming for you. You can use your idol. But usually that's not enough to get you out of the jam. Yeah. I dunno. I thought this tribe. Swap could have been could have been great for every if she had if she had managed to get like a three two or something something a little bit more mixed up. But she lands on the one tribe with the you know, the sole previous monitor person. So I think she actually landed a pretty good spot here, Mary we haven't talked about this a lot this week in terms of the dynamics of this tribe. Swap, but this is actually kind of similar to the situation that Aubrey was in after the second swap or the first or second swap in game changers for the first swat when when she ended up being with all people from her previous his mono- tribe and JT and similarly to I think what probably Aubrey initially wanted to do with Wendy before everything happened. She wanted to she wanted to work with JT. She wanted to flip over there and try to make that align. Ditch all the people from her previous try very similarly that in game changers. All the people from mono-. They were all people that like had wanted to vote her out in previous versions of Amman where I think that Aubrey probably looked at that tribes Papas. Okay. This is going to be my salvation and she ended up with Sandra. And with Varner who are people who were coming after her. Right. And then who else was there? It was Michaela, Malcolm. And then JT and Aubrey. Yeah. So I think the main difference here is that she wanted to get away from those people because there were a lot of big characters coming after her and it from from her her press, I read her interview with a Josh wake ler is seems like this week. It's been a lot more or this season. It's been a lot more about like not wanting to be with people who were so calm because she was having a hard time reading them. So I think having throwing Wendy into the mix and having that break up the calm, it probably helps break up the comments. So how do you think that she's going to approach this moving forward? Do you think that she's going to stick with going after big, Wendy, or do you think that she's going to try to rein Wendy in as part of a planning and, sir? Former tribe. I think I mean from from the next time on survivor, it looks like potentially Hernan, Victoria, pull windy in and try to try to turn the tables on Gavin, and Eric which I think I don't know. I do they usually show us stuff in that. It goes that way. Probably not I think they're probably just gonna win again. So I don't think it's necessarily going to matter. I think she'll probably I think she's in a good spot because either she can pull windy and or though but windy out. I don't see it turning on her next time. I think she's I think she's smart enough that if if that was the case she would probably play the idol. But I don't know I still have high hopes from her I feel a bond now having to do all that research on. It's funny that you say that about the we'll probably just win, and we won't have to worry about until the merge because I feel that way about all three of the tribes. Yeah. I guess I guess it sort of depends on Jeff Probst reminded us. The game does demand that people get voted out? Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. I I don't know. I guess it depends on whether or not Laura is is continuing to be kind of weak. But she she didn't seem that that in the challenge itself. So I don't know how much that matters. Yes. She seems to bounce back. We had a little bit of the sob story that she's not eating. Well, what's her problems that she can't eat the rice either? Yeah. Seems to be getting sick from the rice was now is there anything on survivor that you had a hard time eating? No. I think I did a pretty good with everything that was handed me on survivor in terms of the food. I played in the all some people recall, and there were like a lot picky eaters on my tribe there where like both Robin amber were very particular about, you know. The rice and became a thing in survivor, redemption island, where rob only eats the rice if it's like burnt and stuck to the bottom of the pan. He won't eat it any other way sue hawk wouldn't eat the coconut because it was going to I figured if it was going to bind her up or give her diarrhea. I forget exactly what the problem was there. But you know, I'm I'm starving. I'll eat whatever. Now, sue hawk go and eat like these like disgusting like eyeball shellfish that we're like stuck to Iraq's. And like, oh, yeah. I'm gonna get more of these eyeballs and eight those two I guess I'm kind of in your vote. I've never been so hungry that I but but unable to eat things. I don't generally have a problem eating things. It's usually the other way around the things that the problem eating you. Yeah. Danger his world, you know, my I have a huge fear of that movie cloudy with a chance of meatballs any food. That's like abnormally large. It's freaks me out not into it. Oh my God. This is a terrifying. Yeah. Really? It's really scary. I mean, I don't know. That's like supposed to be a kid's movie, but it's actually legitimately terrifying. When the, you know chicken, the chicken comes to life in that movie chicken comes to life eating people that happened not a children's movie, and then survivor is the chickens are taking their ideas from that. Okay. Let's talk about another animal in the survivor kingdom, and that is a the war dog. And that we have a lot of people who wanted us to away in on something that the war dog talked about this week. Let me bring in a voice mail that what we did not get to on the feedback show, admittedly that this is a question involving math. And I thought that maybe that Brett was not going to be my go-to guy to get into the probabilities of something happening. So let me bring in this question from. One of our listeners, Margaret, hi Robyn Brett, this is Margaret from Seattle. Can we get a fact check on war dogs claim that that swap configuration had less than one percent chance of happening? Not very good at math. So please check this out for me. Thanks. So my thinking was I should wait to this podcast. Because I thought that I'd have a better chance to ask a math expert about this Jordan is they're better or worse than a one percent chance of this tribe. Swap happening. Well, as dog was saying you do fourteen divided by four thirteen divided by three twelve and then you end up with. Yes. Less than one percent. I did I did all the computation before we recorded actually took these really long trivia questions because I was spending too much time on this this probability. Okay. So all right. Mary. Do you have any thoughts on this? Well, I wrote down the quote, I was hoping one of you to. So this was war dog had to say about the possibilities of this happening. Here's the quote from the episode. Positive percent because you just take a constant multiply four to fourteen three thirteen to twelve hundred eleven four times. Yeah. Percent less than one percent. To you multiply three hundred fourteen fourteen to twelve hundred one and then did in my Matha had. Okay. So the great Randy new poll. Got me the answer to this. So he went ahead. And this was his answer. The likelihood we need to discuss is getting the three men and two women from mono all pulling the same if they place that then everything else falls in place. One hundred percent since there's three men and only one of the postwar tribes gets three men less. Sue, we need to focus on them all landing there and Randy calculates it as. Point one zero two percent. So I picked on dog math adds up. Yeah. I I don't know who I'm more impressed with we're dog for being able to do all that in his head or David Wright. Just coming in with the correct answer of. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. I'm not gonna question met at all. He nailed it. Mary how are you feeling about the war dog this season because he's been a polarizing figure where I have a different guests on the show, and some of the guests talking about just recently, Carl Stephen fish back both seem to come away with the consensus of war dog running things Brett Lebel, Jonny fairplay of the opinion, not so much where you come down on war dog. Yeah. I mean, I think we're dog is playing a gate a great game to go to the end with Kelly, and or get voted on a great vote for Kelly on the jury, and that's where we're coming out. I mean, what a great character. But but it's not he's not he's definitely not running anything being in the in. The swing vote position is not the same. As running the decision behind. The vote is not like he went to Kelly and Lawrence. I'd like we're told them that it was going to be Rick instead of David or something or or came up to them and said, no, we're we're definitely going to do David and flip it e just chose one of the two sides. So. I don't think that's the same as running things. But you know, I noticed it. What's most impressive about him? Is is how he's managing to just completely make everyone forget that. He's that he's bald. Anyway, by he covers up his his own tiring. Oh, you think that's intentional? You think that the confessional? He wants to channel. Tony. So he takes all the stuff office head. But then when he's talking everyone else he's hiding he's got his buff completely over his head. He's got a hoodie, and then a hat on top of that just, you know, triple triple protection here. That's extremely SRI Mckee war dog is a master of the skies. Yeah. Yeah. It doesn't want people in person thinking that. He's like Tony. Let me ask you a little bit about the new comma tribe where we saw Ron Clark have another fun interaction with Joe, of course, last week. We saw where Joe with sanding behind Ron, Victoria. And then this week. We got the revealed at Ron had told Julia to go through Joe's bag. Did you like seeing that Mary? Yeah. I love the editing on it. I love the flashback. I liked seeing it. I like the fact that Joe cbs' completely unaware that this is happening around him. The only thing I have to nitpick here. Ron just walks up to Julia afterward, an inch said, hey, g get it. Didn't find anything in Joe's bag. You think that run is talking too loud? He has no volume control. I it's just like to poor just whisper Ben town, you know, you don't need to cash kidding Prissy, Hof BAC like. Yeah. Probably a thumbs up or thumbs down probably would've worked. Yeah. Probably. Hey overall. I think this is some some great, you know, the the confessional about it. I think adds a little bit too. We've seen people go through people's bags in the past. But but getting someone else to do it while you're pulling them away that takes more thought. And that's definitely definitely going to be added to the Ron Clark rulebook. Kudos to the survivor editors for, you know, taking a scene where nothing happened, but ending up with like turning into a really fun moment on the show. Yeah. Well, how do you feel about the whole Joe being given kind of the dodo edit this season? Also, I don't know if it's full doto. But I think that for Joe he's actually doing a pretty good job of not quite being the same guy who is so omnipresent. I mean, if you compare this to his edit from Cambodia, the edit was I mean, he was full on Joey amazing that this is like more like mere mortal Joe here in this season. Yeah. But I wonder if there's just some people we've had in the past who've who've come back multiple times and like on their last time, they get a really subdued at it. You know, I mean Aubrey even had that a little before. And like like Erik Reichenbach had that where I don't know if that's I don't know if that's a positive thing. More the fan base. Like, maybe they'll maybe Joe will get farther. Because of this. But he's not he's not being as big of a character. I agree that I feel like watching this through four episodes. And you know, it's dangerous game to make a lot of big takeaways as a four episodes. This does not feel like that survivor edge of extinction. Is this Joe story? Yeah. Yeah. Which like like you saying though is probably good to decrease his threat level. But you're third time out. Do you need to decrease your threat level in hopes of another game? I don't I don't know could be as best game. But it doesn't feel like that. He has the winner trajectory, Jordan. Yeah. I I think when first of all I also love the editing here, I'm a big fan of the genius. And the fact that survivors trying things do and going the route of showing us a flashback is amazing. But as far as Joe's story, I don't think it really is a great home for him. I think all based on the at I think all three of the other returning players actually would have a better shot. But I do think he's in. He's in such a safe. It's like he's making the merge. There's no chance of Joe England's not making the merge in this game. I don't even think he's going to end up going to tribal council before the merge, but as far as winning. I think we would have needed to see more from him at this point. Well, now, you know that you know, this is happening because you picked him to go far right of me. Yeah. You blaming me. Yeah. Well, look if that's what happens then people only get on me when stuff that they don't want to have happen where coming into the season. And it was oh Joe's juice gonna win. Well, guess what? I picked him to be the winner. And now if he doesn't win, and if you were happy with that, then I expect a few pats on the back around here. You just did it for the jinx. No, it's not like doing it for the gif. Yes. Yes. There's a lot of that going on survivor these days Mary. So I just wanted to say one of the thing with Joe. And there was a really funny interaction with Aurora that I thought, and I didn't see anybody else talking about this proposed thing. But this is Joe in talking about how he feels really good about this new group. This is Joe he'd slip bonding with Aurora and he's like touching her face. The one big difference that I'm doing in this game. Versus my past season is I'm really trying to build more strong solid relationships. I mean, it's obvious right? He's he's giving her face story. This story. The noise that she thinks Matt. I really funny face during this also I actually watched the episode for the first second time. I didn't notice it the first time. But it's hilarious. Just a phase that she makes while she's making that noise. Yeah. She's doing the sort of like hand under the chin white thing. That's kind of like cat like somebody. That was how those into it. She a baby. Now, Anthony on big brother the baby. I love it. Okay. Hey, everybody else that you're really enjoying this season. Mary. I I mean, I I like I like everyone I think ream like like everyone else has been saying is pretty much the highlight of the season. You know? They voted you out. So I think hot take that Remiz is afraid of lizards. Kind of enjoyed that the pull that clip, but you like get that thing away from me. Oh god. I will hear some lame reams. Two favorite words, are dude and lame. Yeah. It's great. He man we should've should've known to do that count. How many times I was gonna happen tiebreaker on twitch today? Jordan, I can't give you the tiebreaker in advance. But that is possible that as the tiebreaker. Okay. All right. So Mary, how would you like to hear about what's going on in the world of survivor social media? I would love to give it to me tweets. Davey tweets or tweets, they're better than swap where the whole tribe just repeats tweets. Jess thank you to Jacob Seger Weinstein for that got a lot of stuff going on way. If the survivors social media, I guess we should start with the continuing saga of the chickens mayor. We haven't touched on big, Wendy or the chickens. Do you have any thoughts on everything that's happening with these chickens? Yeah. I mean, I think that Wendy is just continuing with the hey might as well, do whatever I can. And I'm on the out. So let's just go bigger. Go home, go, big, windy or go home. And I love this. I love this look personally, if just like I got nothing to lose anymore this tribe. Swap didn't seem stop her from continuing with that path. So I I'm a big big windy fan. So she is continuing on the crusade on the show. And we've seen a lot of reactions from the survivors on social media. I do think Jordan that among these survivor alumni, I think this move is polling at less than one percent. Well, yeah. I mean, you have these people who've been in this situation before where where they're living on the island. And if they have a source of food they're going to want to eat it as far as watching the show, though. It's very entertaining. The thing is though Josh Wigley pulled pulled the clip from his preseason interview with Wendy and her plan was to release the chickens, but the other part of the plan was to not make it obvious who actually release the chickens, and it was just going to cause chaos, which I really don't think is a terrible strategy. But it was so obvious that she was so opposed to eating the chickens like there's no way that it wasn't her. So I think she forgot the part of the strategy that would actually make it not a terrible game. Right. When the new tribe came Mary, and they were going to potentially eat one of the chickens. This was a Wendy's reason why maybe we shouldn't eat a chicken. A lot of energy a chicken. Yeah. They're they're going to start from ground yet. They didn't yet. But they are about to. So Wendy's a safety says she knows that the chickens are gonna happy. Hey, so watch out Victoria is gonna eat hurt. So as the big threat of the episode. The be careful don't do that. Okay. So this survivors responded about this. Current Kaplan Crin sanity said I would ethin- kill the chickens in the most savage way, possibly in forcibly hold Wendy's islets open to watch this f this wackadoo. I am not surprised that that was the currents or action. Hey, that's how you that's just traumatizing. No one's going to see that. You just head Carl the godfather on the podcast. What if she went? If Karenin, Wendy, we're playing survivor, and she went full godfather and put like the head in in Wendy's bed and she woke up and did the whole scream that's intense. That's how they shouldn't do that. Sorry shouldn't be doing this. Then also Russell hands says this is an indictment on survivor. He says survivor gives them so much food these days, they let the food walkaway. That's how much food they are getting. So do you think it's because they're getting too much food? Mary. Yeah. Yeah. I mean like like we heard at the very beginning of the episode. Kelly tells Wendy you've gained you gain so much weight, right? That was how that conversation went. So so I just think, you know, they need the need more of a survivor diet and Whitney's just trying to help everyone out, you know, get their beach bodies. Then we had one of the survivors from this season away in Victoria bay Monday had a tweet and she posted a picture of a chicken bones. And also, I must clear this up chickens are not a native species to Fiji because they were released production will recapture them after the season and give them to locals who will kill them. I was vegetarian for two years. But let's not be eighty attic. We were absolutely starving. I'm kind of surprised that no one on the episode at least just sat Wendy downs at Wendy where we're hungry. That's that's why it's not like we're trying to be cruel to the chickens here. You're taking away food. I mean, if Wendy had dumped out the rice, or whatever, I don't really see why this is any different those chickens look terrified to when when they were out in the trying to hide under a Bush when Wendy release them. They had a little house like they had a little house in their cage. Yes, they're going to turn into food the next day if they stay there. But you really you really like traumatizing these chickens. This Wendy need to take you to step. Further was releasing the chickens only phase one married this. She needed to then escort the chickens to safety. Like it wasn't enough to like, she did the jailbreak. But now she's got to get them someplace where they're not going to gain safety is she going to take them to their own extinction island. I look here's here's my conspiracy theory. I think production gets the chickens almost immediately. And then they walk around and go about like twenty feet away from where people are. Confessionals and then release them run on the confessionals. I think that's what's going on here. That's very possible. So let me see I've got some more from this season. Gabin wit's end tweeted this week on another episode of survivor quest is I'm asked at work. Did you see any Jaguars or lions out there and Gavin replied, no, we were in Fiji, not Jumanji? Careful Savar Jumanji would be amazing. I mean, that's what they have planned for season Forty-five so excited. Okay. War dog more dog. I end at I am the war dog. Not just wore dog on Twitter. Mary just don't get it. Twisted. Not just we're done matches the war thing. I am the war dog. Warthogs owner to receive second fishy of the season. I don't even know who to think so I will start by thanking are terrible immunity challenge performances. I guess you could start by thanking Stephen pushback, I mean. Seems pretty obvious who you're supposed to think in this. It's called the fishy hair. I think that this was a funny quote, though, after a week where there was so much drama of oh who is the war dog blocking on Twitter? Oh war dog blocked me. More dog blocked me. Here was wore dog during the episode. I'm always thinking what was going through options never coz indoors. And that's what I'm doing. He never close his doors. Mary. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Just just blocks people on Twitter, but Lincoln, that's where he's opened. So if you wanna wanna be real make those connections got a network on Lincoln. Dot com. Okay. Chrissie halfback at the real Chrissy h said all I know is I hope they eat the damn chickens before Wednesday's double episode because if we have to keep skipping fun player confessionals for more chicken time, I might give up on the season. Boy, I didn't know it was such an air b choice of will you see a fun confessionals or be chickens. I think it's fun confessionals about the chicken. Or like, I said you just have fun confessionals with the chickens running by in the background. Both words world's best of both worlds. People love to talk about the confessionals. And let me say something I have the hottest take ever. Okay. Who's ready for this who's ready for this hottest take ever ready? I don't think I guess I have no choice. I would rather. Have zero confessionals? Then one or two confessionals. Why is a player? Yeah. I would rather zero confessionals and get stand as everybody saying, why doesn't rob have more confessionals. What's wrong with you people with Chelsea? And all these different people who are seen as the no confessional people. And then you have like the Gavin's in Eric's in the auroras, and the Julie's all the people that are suffering on like two or three confessional. Nobody's cares about them. But isn't isn't it a pity standing do you really want the pity? Stan is it pity? Stan. I don't think it's a pity. Stan. I don't think that's pretty standard. Would you rather win the game or have zero confessionals, but be stand? Or would you are you are you? Okay with your current standing that. You have right now. I'm telling you, you go you go out there, you give them nothing in those interviews. And then people will be like just like Ashley Nolan who wants about time. Also didn't have a lot of confessionals in Ashley Nolan. She went to ponder OSA searching for her thing zero confessionals can be thing. You can make it work for you. But who's standing Ashley Nolan a lot of Ashley? Okay. I think I think I'd go for all the vessels. I think it's just it's just one of those things we need to see happen. If someone can win the game Niro confessionals, then I'll agree with you. I that's fine. Rob survivor Amazon. You probably got more confessionals than anyone. I would. I would assume recently it was like. I would rather have zero confessionals than a lot of confessionals. I would rather have zero confessionals and had everybody making a big fuss then have to confessionals, and nobody cares about me. So you'd rather have zero confessionals than be like, I don't who who is someone on your on your season who had like a medium amount. I don't know because we didn't we didn't count them. Then. Janicot didn't call me. Confessionals? Yes, I guess somebody was counting them. But the people did not know like the back of their baseball card professional kind of thing that somebody with a lot of confessionals say. Confessional thing. The all stars. Had more than zero. I I wish I had Ciro. I wish I had zero. And then people get a bit like, we're all the rob funny confessionals. I am you you guys. What are you thinking? Whereab- Rob's confessionals. Okay. John Johnny six confessionals in survivor, the Amazon. Yeah. I think the worst thing that can happen to Julia. This week is one confessional. Asmat good. Yeah. Say the kind of thing where you go for like the clean sweep Niro confessionals through Jordan. How many people people would know who Anthony young was if you want a game here and there, I don't know. Okay. All right at the T. Freddie says so tired of Reno having the wrong opinion about everyone who lands on edge of extinction girl for thirty seven thirty eight seasons. Your ass would be eating terrible fa- gene pizza for thirty six days by now surrounding in air conditioning in boos, thank your lucky stars. You're still on it. Tyler did you know? Okay. You don't even know your hair, your anything, bro. Redesign? It's not fun. This the Holiday Inn. And year, lame your lame near lame Brel bell is right about you. All right. I love very much. You know, I think anyone planning. Just update on Anthony young. Right. You retire that when I was sick. So I I would I know who been a young. So you big sports fan. I hope exports fan, but I don't know random metro levers reliever if he's he's not random, he's he's the baseball record holder cashed. Are you even a sports fan to even like sports, even even know? I sport. I'm a professional baseball coach. I don't coach professional baseball team. But I do get paid to coach. Okay. Oh, he lost twenty seven consecutive games. That was like you on. The twist was less. Ooh. All right. Tyler also said everything on edge. Do we like the referring to edge of extinction? As edge is that like is like the new ghost. Every pilots is everything on edges super closer wide. I love that. The producers thought about this and made intentional choices to differentiate it from everything else. It's artful and well done. Yeah. I can play extinction isn't this? What we've always wanted was like prese pre jury Ponderosa is basically what we're getting here is more more information about the great mess messy. Here's yes, I think it's been fun. So far, I like it as pre jury Ponderosa. The problem is I think probably going to be more. So when it replaces. Post merge Ponderosa. Yeah. Well, we can always hope that they'll they'll cut it off at the marriage. We'll see. We'll see. Okay. I will say I I was sort of pooh-poohing it last week. But I think it was just the scene that we had last week wasn't all that interesting because it was really just going upstairs to get rice. I think this episode was a little bit more entertaining. And even though we got more edgy extinction. I was more in favor of it this week than I was last week because there was a little bit of drama between between Chris reamin, Keith. And then finally when he got the fish. I guess it was a character building scene. And I'm looking forward to seeing Devon's sorry, Jordan. Are you saying that last week's edge of extinction? Clip was lame. Yes. It was you will. Jordan. Wha-? What is with you? Do it's lame. Lame bro. Watch out remote remote drop, me dot kick. You I will drop kick you. Okay. This is a hot one. Here we go. Neal Gottlieb comes out of nowhere to say. It's Dayton on survivors. So once again, the chickens made it farther than Caleb Reynolds survivor. See that's what you do. It. Just come out of nowhere with the big burn deal. True. Yeah. Good god. That's God leaves music Kimmy cap and Berg with the from the sideline OMG Kayla. Reynolds comes back with who is at Neil godly. Well, he is someone who got farther than Kayla Reynolds survive. Neil responded. I asked that same question often. And then Caleb said what made you think of me to make a Jap? What day did you go home from your boo? Boo. Now, hold on a second. You can't you can't you can't pretend to not know him and know that but I also get on Neal Gottlieb for a medical evacuation. Yeah. Like he didn't make it further without getting injured. Yeah. And what started this whole piece of all the survivors? Like the could have picked for for that tweet. Why why Kayla Reynolds, I don't I think that maybe if I'm going to project here or be armchair? So I don't know if I'm projecting I'm being married. Well, what is it that? I'm about to do. I don't know where you go. Speculate. I think it's because I think that maybe Neal Gottlieb might think that he should have been on the survivor game changers for the second chance and not the beast mode cowboy he stole the medevac spot after if you were going to take a medical evacuation from survivor Koran maybe meal Gottlieb, say, hey, what's so great about beast mode? Cowboy. They they can't though because they have to save Neal for that season where he's coming back against Courtney moon and be. All metal survivor aubrey's allies, all of his first allies comeback. Yes. Okay. Now, I have something. That's extremely exciting. And something that me and the team over at twists believe is the greatest moment in the history of survivor social media. And. The greatest in survivor social. Okay. We take you back to Wednesday night. Really? Though, we take you back to a Wednesday night March thirteenth. At five forty two PM Pacific time Rupert bone ham. Using the Rupert's kids Twitter account tweeted out the following what parent names their kid war dog. And at Jimmy Clifton three on Twitter says Rupert I think he has a case of the up dog. What do you think? Oh, no. Referred set. What's up dog? This is Ben grace moment in survivor history. Thank you at Jimmy Clifton. I was going to reach out to Jimmy Clifton to have him on the podcast. That's worth it. I think that one moment is celebrate to sell to celebrate. If he's available if you'd be at war dog have been the biggest random Twitter people to contribute to this podcast. Maybe we could have a survivor season with at Jimmy Clifton three. I don't think that's ever going to get topped. I think that's mazing. Yup. If the war dog talking a little bit about the know it alls, I I am the war dog said war. War against c- fish back. Both wondering why Arabs sister, Nino is still not impressed. Does he not like the way I'm using his Amazon inspired strategy in two thousand eighteen wait. I'm sorry. The Amazon inspired strategy would be to get rid of war dog. It would have been to vote out ward off. So I appreciate I'm happy to see survivor Amazon inspired strategy from the war dog, but Kenny cap and Berg said it's not two thousand and three modern tactics. Hey kimmy. I was way ahead of the game. Okay. That's like a double slam. She's like knocked me and more dogs heads together. Route rob why have you been hating on the on the war? Doc not. I'm not. No, even seemed a lot more impressed by moving. You Stephen does seem super impressed with the word. But I as I said to Stephen like seething last week, you said that this was a terrible move to get rid of Chris. So I don't know why I think it's sometimes Stephen works backwards from the fishy of well. I gotta give somebody. So all right. Then this person is everything they did was great. He did write a whole article about how the war Doug paid a bad move in a Chris vote revisionist history. Mary you don't see the word dog thanking you for his fishy. So. Yeah. I thought a as far as the swab goes I mean, we're couldn't have ended up in a in a better spot. At least in the short term to be the swing vote with those those groups of two, and I think, you know, going into the going into that swamp. I I was like I actually thought that Devon's or David might be screwed. Because why if you have if you've stayed with with this whole time why go against her on this phone? I it just it's just another opportunity to get her as an ally going forward in the. Yeah. And I do appreciate the war dog said that being able to subtly play the middle and for see the battlefield depending on who goes home was one of Rod's grade contributions to the strategy of the games. Thank you for that war dog and Kimmy Cabourg even said, we love at Rochester near you went home way too early in all stars. That's right. And he got too many confessionals. Okay. So this just from from thing where they were the braiding you and then they're thinking you pick a lane. I like people on social media to have one one opinion consistent voice. Okay. All right. And then I think we'll wrap up our social media segment with Dr Mike Dr Mike is. Following the season. He said at the real Chrissy, h not posting the statistical probability of the swamp. It's like me not offering at Jay Rosenberg to twelve with her incontinence at zero is here for you. Okay. Now, Dr Mike is referring to Julie's quote from this week's episode aware. She said this. Can't drop here. Bob's I barely turn to Joe my pants right now. Okay. Now, this is coming on the heels of but the re a weeks ago what she said this. To help out around camp as much as I can buy I live in New York City. I had no now door survivors skills whatsoever. I have a splinter. But it hurts. I think low so that I can come to that I feed in the bushes of central park once and that was that was an emergency. I look her her one survivor experience is now helping she's she's running into the same things. I guess in true Ashley Nolan fashion. She has found her number one thing. That's that. That'll be her thing. And I'm excited for three one day talked to her about that as well. I peed in central park. It. It's a thing. I want to know that. Joking. Joking joking by. I was joking wink, wink, yes. Julia Rosenberg responded and said saying I'm going to pee in my pants. Does not mean I actually peed in my pants. You'll have to keep watching to see if it becomes a castaway. I, but I'll be sure to inquire about your professional services. Should I need them as long as I get a hashtag survivor discount. And Dr Mike said, maybe if you win the wand off. I guess we've established that that is how you get a discount. It's a urology. Yeah. I'm never getting a discount then. Mary let me give you would you rather have no confessionals or have mostly P confessionals. Well, where did we rank the peeing versus throwing up versus pooping in terms of how well you're going to do in the game, which which bodily fluid. If I wasn't thing that from if they show you because I think that that's actually a good thing. If we. That was. Kony right. It was on the heels of Tony and cow Simone, right? Yeah. But throwing up is. Okay. I I don't know Lauren threw up in this episode, and she was fine. Yeah. He'd because. I mean, I know I know that Amanda Kimmel one time had to run out of a challenge because she was going to your pants that count. Let's see if Jeff Pittman has some stats on this. And then we'll get back to this conversation. Knock knock. Okay. All right. Then we're going to get into our this week in survivor history quiz, but first let me think sponsor for the soda the podcast our friends over at a I s the auto insurance specialist survivor fans know that specialist is exactly who you want to talk to you. When you need. The best information your car insurance rates. They just keep creeping up year after year and your insurance company is banking on the fact that maybe you're not gonna notice anything there being real sneaky like a real Ron Clark, but you can use the. Smart, quote technology from a I s to shop the rates of dozens of insurance companies in just a few seconds. You'll get a quote that can save you some money in your car insurance. That's a lot of savings in as little as five minutes the insurance rates, they keep going up. But the big insurance companies are hoping that you don't notice so take back control and get to AS insurance dot com slash rob. Let ASU's their smart technology to save the money on car insurance. Don't make your next insurance payment until you. Check your rates with AIDS. So go to AS insurance dot com slash rob. It's the easiest thing you'll do today. Believe me is more valuable to you than the lifeline that Mary is about to get in this week in survivor history. Call one eight hundred seven seven seven four a SAS insurance dot com. Okay. Are we ready Jordan to take us away to another week of? Tweet. Yes. Yes. We are. We are ready. I have everything here in front of me. All my questions Mary is coming off a win last season and actually marry you could make some history here because since beckons eat did not beat rob last week. There is only one two time winner in the history of twists, and that is Leon Boris. So you could Tyler Liana as a winningest contestant besides besides her. I think what the winning is guest contestant intuition story. I'm you know, high pressure here. But I'm like go for it. Stakes are high. Okay. All right, Jordan, anything we need to set up. The I did get some feedback that you forgot to give Meghan Z the opportunity to use a lifeline last week. Yes. We did not. We did not announce the Alexa, Google or whatever lifeline. But it's really not a lifeline. I mean, it's it's fun. I like it. It's funny. But there's really no way it's effort gonna give anyone the right answer. So I don't feel. It's not like are you taking it away. I'm not taking it away. We'll we'll use it. I use it. Can I use it? Then I don't know Mary. What do you think should be able to use the lifeline? I happy to give it trial. I don't have any of voice activated things. So I was going to consult my medium. But if rob wants to take it doesn't it's a it's a terrible. It's not an advantage. It's just it's just fun, medium dot com. Yeah. Yeah. That one. Yeah. It's it's the medallion of power of of advantages. Okay. All right. Let's hear about the categories. They may need to refresh your on the rules. I mean, I doubt the two of you do, but I will I will break them down quickly. There's multiple choice questions each of you get to answer two of them. If you get it, correct. Without the multiple choice options you get two points. If you go for two and you're wrong your opponent gets his chance to steal one point. If you hear the multiple choice options, you get one point for a correct answer zero points for an incorrect answer, and you can't steal. If you hear the multiple choice. So okay. Then we'll go to the death match. I think those quick enough. Right. Was I good. That was good. That was good. Okay. So here are the categories for the questions today. We have damn we have you got Wendy. We have Dr fa- Kochta and do my not dumb ass. I had some fun with the categories as well. This is the third category was octa for it's. Okay. Yeah. Okay. The first word is Dr. Who you call in Kochta document. You'll see who I'm talking about. So Mary, you're the guests you get to choose your your category. I all right. Well, I missed the last category. Also, what was the last one the last one I may have been laughing laughing to my own doctor active, but it is it's Dumont. Not dumb ass. Okay. I'm going to just go with damn then. Okay. Damn. We're going to go do survivor worlds apart March eighteenth two thousand fifteen four years ago, Monday, the Naga rotate tribe one the chicken reward whose birthday did they celebrate by eating one of their new chickens stem, hashtag sorry, Wendy. Okay. Inaugu rotate tribe. Right. Who was on that tribe? I know it gets very out one of the chickens. Jen didn't eat chicken. Haley is on that tribe. Right. Per day. I don't think it was. I'm going to go with. With. Will. So you say, well, you're not going to use the multiple choice. And you're not going to ask you said, you don't have a device, but you're correct. Will it was Will's birthday one of one of two birthdays season? So Mary, probably the less famous birthday from survivor worlds apart. You get two points where you could start and rob you get to choose the next category. Okay. I wanted to just want to add something there. I think that if in the history of people not eating chickens on survivor. I think Jen Brown did use this opportunity for much much more positive thing in her game. Where her tribe is eating the chicken she actually walked away, and she found the hidden immunity idol. So that's probably a way that may be one. He could've gone instead of stopping her for meeting the more valuable than money though. Well, it depends how well you do in the game. If if you win or if it gets you a lot farther than it's more valuable than fourteen thousand dollars. All right, Jordan. Can you reset the categories one more time? Yeah. We have you got Wendy. We have Dr fa- Kochta, and it's Huma not dumb ass. Oh, let me go with Dr fa- Kochta, Dr fecta we're going to survivor co wrong. The episode is player. Go home from March twenty third twenty sixteen three years ago, Saturday who acted as a human lie detector in order to figure out that Peter wasn't telling the truth in the episode in which the ER doctor was sent packing. Who acted as a human lie detector? I would I think I'm pretty sure of who this is what I would hate to allow this. You know, what go bigger, go home? I I believe it's Debbie Debbie Wegner is incorrect. So mary. You you have the chance to steal point here. Sorry, restate the say the question one more time sure who acted as a human lie detector in order to figure out that Peter wasn't telling the truth and the episode in which the ER doctor was sent packing. Well, I'm pretty sure he wasn't even on that tribe. So. I could be wrong. But but I have a lot of a lot of time studying co-run. So every cheese. I I don't know who this is going to be though. Maybe. Maybe. Julia. I don't know. I have no idea. Julia is incorrect. So if you remember there was a former FBI agent on that tribe. Jodel Campo Jodo capitals. Even lied to us sessional experience to interrogate Peter and figure out that he was funny vote against him. You know, it screwed me up. I think I had the sound clip here somewhere here Debbie in my head like. Like making a noise like that. And so I'm like, okay. That was Debbie making the human lie, detector noise. That's like a human human truck like that backing backing up. It's like the door the doors Costanza. Yeah. Maybe that was in game changers. This. This is what it was. This is what it was. That was a BS detector was a known itself, not quite the same as the lie detector. So the soundboard screwed me up on that one wrong episode yet. But w honor the reason I put her as one of the fake answers. You could totally see her saying, oh, yeah. I have experienced in law enforcement, and I'm I'm basically as good as a lie detector. But. Rob you're were down to zero Mary's on her way to potentially tying Liana Boris here. With with two wins intuition story, Mary you get to choose the next category. All right. I'm gonna go with you got Wendy. You got Wendy. Right. We're going back to survive a worlds apart Joe England's original season sometimes during a survivor tribe. Swap everyone from an original tribe ends up together with the exception of one person, which original blue-collar got Wendy at the worlds apart tribe. Swab aka swapped away from the rest of their tribe. Okay. I think I think I know this one. Because I know that Dan and Mike were together. So I think it's I think it's Kellie, Kellie Remington is correct. And Mary you are a perfect four points here yet Kelly Remington, ands up on the the other tribe from all the other blue-collar is Mike Roddy Sierra, Dan all end up together. This is after they voted out Lindsey, and there's actually a point where we're Mike is able to throw a challenge to to keep Kelly in the game. So you have a commanding four zero lead. Rob we have one more question left, and we're going to it's Dumas not dumb ass. We're going to survivor Fiji, Leah survivor, Fiji one. I've got strength now. To carry the flag is the name of the episode from March twenty first two thousand seven twelve years ago Thursday, I'm gonna read you a quote to start this question. Life is a storm young friend one day, you're battered in the sunlight and shattered on the rocks the next, but it's what you do. When that storm comes that makes you a man so shout do your worst for I shall do mind in the fates will know you as a man who on the Ravi tribe or sites this quote from Alexandra Duma's the counter bungee Christo right after the tribe swat. This is the new Robin tribe. Oh, okay. If I had to tell you the people that were on the Bravo tribe. I couldn't tell you one tribe from the other in survivor Fiji. So let me hear the multiple choices. Okay. Said, hey, Anthony be at Gardo. See Alexander Rita de Mookie -ly. You like that? It's either in Gardo or Alex thing to do. And I will say this feels like an Alex to me. An Alex thing is correct. And rob you get the point there just four to one that actually keeps you in the game. Because the most you could you could score in the final round just three points. So it is four to one going into our death match. This is called survivor potpourri truth be told I had a tough time coming up with a theme today's match they can't all be winners like last week's swaps. Crude and the legendary bait Blake in this game. I'll ask you a question. Keep this in. He keep in Jordan cracking himself up reading his notes. This is not getting cut. Okay. I'm glad you get some of the hilarity rub. Sub? So you go, okay. It's the thought of bape lake bringing it back. No now. Now, it's also the fact that I keep referencing it. I'm probably every single podcast. And now, you're adding Debbie's BB noise. But I'm composed now. I'm I'm good. Okay. Not in this game. I will. Okay. I can't read this right now, basically. Are you have to forfeit? Wrap up the show that I guess now I'm gonna read you questions. There's three answers there's three potential multiple choice to each question. You will have to get the one. That is correct. So it's really just multiple choice. There's only three options there's no chance of going to we're going to start rob you're losing. So you get to pick a number from one through six in order to decide the order one. Okay. So we are going to go to survivor Palau who lied to Bobby John that he or she didn't vote for him at the previous tribal council in which Angie was voted out. Was it Ebrahim James Miller or Steph Groza? Who lied to Bobby John that they that? They didn't vote for Angie that they didn't vote for him. So this personality didn't vote for him. The three choices. Yes. Ebrahim James Miller or Steph aggressive. So there were two votes for for John on that trial. Ten. I dunno Ebrahim doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would tell why. Stephanie grosser or James Miller. I feel like that. James would cast a vote for John. I'll say that it was Steph. It was stuff. So you get a point there is for staff. Yes. Rob. You you needed to get that one right before to to lead the only way for you to get back into this. As if Mary gets the next one wrong that would allow you to tie up the game going into the tie-breaker. So kind of Mary who was not chosen by either tribe at the Fiji tribe. Swab and therefore sent to exile island. Was it Cassandra Lee, Sheila Narus or Stacy Kimball? I think it was the Oji ream Lisi the OGSM ream Lisa who I think also did like to say, dude. And she probably said lame a lot. You're you're correct, Mary and you in the quiz by a score of RAV four five two and robs winning streak has three game winning streak this season. I think it actually extends back to last season as well is over I lost of the season. And the crowd goes wild. Okay. All right. Well, Mary we're very sorry. That your alum from Virginia Tech. I thought about this week, but you are the winner of this week in survivor history quiz. I'm so happy. You know? I mean to be fair, I would not have gotten either of your two questions. Right. But it's all about the luck of. What do you? What are you gonna do Mary where else can people find you? You can find me everywhere at frail, Mary if you if you want it just make it easy. You can just you just find the everywhere with that. And you can check out. My Riverdale podcasts. I do with Kirsten McInnis if you want on Caskey cast cow with a K you want to check out some other fun things or doing their you podcast anything else. Besides riverdale. I guess what? Riveta Riverdale podcast about the show revenge. Probably some other stuff in the future that I'm working on. But but for now, it's primarily Riverdale just because there's a lot of big brother candidate going on. Is it all in one feed or you have different podcast feeds, it's all it's all in one feet. It's separated on the website. But I think on itunes and stuff it's all just the Caskey cast feed. Okay. Mary. Mary had a good feeling about who's going to win this season. I, you know, I think I'm going to just go ahead because I was going to was was really rooting for Rick. But then I'm just going to go ahead and stick with my my preseason Aubrey pick and just keep my fingers crossed for that very who's the most recent survivor. You followed on Twitter most recent survivor 'cause you you've been on before you already. I didn't know this thing. I I have no idea. It might be it might be Gabby. But I'm not I'm not sure it's cap and Berg who is. Yeah. She was really out of the cannon on Twitter this week. Yeah. Well, I think I think Kimmy had liked my one of my tweets about about the whole chicken Sihamoni situation. When I didn't I didn't realize everyone was doing at the time. Yeah. We were all we all made the same joke. You on that one? Yeah. I was the only one to make that machete joke. So at least I got the machete joke. I posted a gif of you sharpening talking about the Shetty being sharpened back in like one of the first episodes. Good good good job on that one to keep that out there to find those not they're not easy to find those gifts, you'd think knows here. No, you wouldn't think. Oh, you wouldn't think stuff? And also, I see that. You are a bachelor fan Mary. Is that correct? Oh, yeah. Yeah. They got more of a reluctant bachelor fan. But I think it's kind of same thing. I would say this week in survivor history. Colton was was medevac and some people would actually accuse him of quitting. Namely, Jeff Probst. Even though I think it's pretty clear that he didn't quit the first season. Colton different Colton quit. The bachelor this week. Spoiler alert. That's spoiled so far in advance. I don't think it counts for what a week at this point. Just a almost almost that. We do get all of our bachelor spoilers from our resident bachelor. Spoiler expert bachelor. Steve chicken Morris. Oh, also, I when I was Steve. Reality makes more sense. Oh, I was going through the stuff that happened this week in survivor. Rob Dino, there is a similarity between your two seasons. Also and survivor this week. Yes, they're both even numbers like this season. Yeah. That's exactly how no you both in in both seasons. They did the same challenge. Oh. The running on the log challenge in both seasons of in survivor, Amazon and of all sorts during this exact week. Did both of the same challenging. I mean, you were not there for both. I was barely there for one. It's not my strong suit. But you mentioned Gabby Piskorski as somebody that you followed recently. She will be my guest on the double episode coming up on Wednesday on the recap. And then Nick yet danza will be my guess on the feedback show. And then we will talk with the great Amman add win next week on this week in survivor. Yes. Someone else who marry recently started following on Twitter. According to this list. A great follow who's that on? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, awesome. And this is like I follow everybody. Good job, Eric. Okay. Mary any any other thoughts survivor or otherwise? Now. Now just enjoying this season. And hope it keeps going the same. And glad to glad to share that reigning title with Liana. Okay. All right. Jordan anything else that you want to add no, no bad voicemails this week. I did get one that I got to do the parental notification. Because I don't think I'm I'm going to be able to to believe this. But it's been a long time since we got a wrong number on the voicemail, but this one is so bizarre that I did wanna play it somewhere on the podcast. So this was this week earlier in the week. And I thought that this was a voicemail for Brett Lebel. But I have no idea what this person is talking about. So I figured why not play it here here is from the rob has a podcast of voicemail inbox. This is just not the punch drunk stuck in. Number anymore. Fuckers? Oh my gosh. Dog. When you when you call her on number you just come out. Cook is this just not the construct stuck in. Number anymore. Fuckers? What is the punch drunk effing number is that? It's the number you call when you're drunk, and you wanna get punched Venezia's you curse him out. And then hopefully, they they come. Find you punch you this is the week where you have Carl and Brett Lebel on the podcast, maybe thought it was the drunk podcast. And he got confused. I you really have to sit through like a a long setup there to leave that message of the when you call in. If it's a long message, I should make it much shorter. But some guys stood there for a long time just is to say this book. Punchdrunk in. Number anymore. Fuckers? Little little bit of a conspiracy theory. I mean, the fact that he did have to sit through the whole the whole the whole voicemail thing in your explanation. Maybe he he was he's a twist listener. And he was like, look they're playing bad voicemails at the end of twist now, I'm going to get my voicemail, and maybe maybe that was it. Okay. And I think you nailed it. All right, Mary. Thank you so much for joining us, Jordan, great job as always whip the quiz. I'll be back with Robert Akiva, Anita podcast excited. Four that. We will have our stand tournament coming up there over the weekend, and then we'll be back with wiggle room. With just sitting in for Josh wig ler coming up on Monday and get into this week's Awan Dopp and much more care. Have a good one. I.

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