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Yeah. Previously on the Tony Kornheiser show. And they say this is only the second time that a Frenchman has one and the last time was nineteen twenty. Wow. So it's ninety nine years since a French and one and that's not the payoff. The payoff is the guy who won his name was guest on Chevrolet of that guy that guy. Mr. Chevrolet, there was actually Mr. Chevrolet. Got. The Tony Kornheiser show is on now. We're live chatter at the corner of Wisconsin avenue, northwest, and Jennifer street northwest. We're open for business. We are full service. We are for profit. Don't let that get lost. We are for profit to day in Washington. It is not going turn out forever in Washington to be beautiful. We are under an enhanced risk for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. And I started today coming in here before we did the show mcmanus's here and Gary Braun here is here, Nigel will run the board. Do the news and update us and everything that's important. But I came in and I said, tornadoes in big cities, Chuck bell this morning on channel four. Talked about tornadoes in Washington DC, late this afternoon early this evening. I said tornadoes in big cities. Is that possible? Can they hit big cities don't they need? My thought was, don't. They need a lot of wide area and the Rome. Yeah, yeah. And that if they plop down in a city, I thought they would break up and dissipate and gene, you look this up. I went to the Google machine. Right. And Google tornadoes in cities. And yes, indeed, they do hit these Saint Louis Chicago. Of course. Kansas City last night, I believe was hit. Right. But I guess what? I'm getting at is when we look at damaging tornadoes, and we talk about this all the time. How terrible it is it sort of looks like most of the damage is in housing tracts, but not in the center of. Like it needs room to run. You don't want it blocked at the corner of sixteenth street in the brain what you wouldn't get going. Is the quarter mile wide tornado that goes for a mile and a half, destroying everything that's path. Like, I think in that instance maybe all the structure of city would break it up. But when winds blowing one hundred miles an hour twenty twenty miles an hour comes in contact with a structure like an apartment building office building. Does that slow it down? Do you think this morning on the today show a woman was, you know, it's the usual interview, our whole life has been turned quite literally upside down the entire apartment complex where she lived in the roof was blown off the entire apartment complex and things were scattered all over the place. So she get a tornado alley. I don't know how it works. But I you know, I was thinking you could be safe living in a densely built up city. And apparently, this is not true. Apparently not to not the blonde said the other day as a kid, he saw car fly by. Watching twister. Sixteen. I don't know about that. I will say we had bike healing TOTO. I live, maybe fifteen or two miles from where the live relative laundry, which is our e want, what is it one? They can think. Picture when he talks people. Listen. So we and that that was last week. We had, I think they said, sixty three or sixty eight mile gusts were were the strongest around y live, and there are a lot of old mature trees, where I live, not unlike where you live, although they're, they're more of them, or, and they were, they were all over the place after that I can't imagine one hundred miles an hour. I mean, it would be anyone would be devastating. We are so sorry for those people who have been affected by this. It has gone on now for over two weeks. It goes on every single day. There is a certain amount of fear casting on, on shows like the today show. They're all the same they all begin with weather, because the footage, we, yes, the footage is so terrible that station reach out to America's a community and you say, look can end and people help. Do people help volunteers go there all the time. And they do everything that they can. And so we hope that it's mild today, from Dan Naven in Menominee falls, Wisconsin, put this in your golf bag for Kip or hide it, and use it for yourself. Keep the stories coming sent beach defense Neutrogena seventy water and sun protection. I'm not going in the water. Well, I'm not going to I'm not going after. That's why American vented caddies go with alligators get him outta. They are invention case. You can stop sending us. So much junk. And we just give it out the next day, and it's very kind of you. But it you know it's, it's I don't need to be eating trader Joe's corn. Chips at seven four. Seventy got so upset not a fan of these corn chips. You've been to name them. Name them. Trader Joe's organic elope coin chip, low tech. Elizabeth like Michael Dow street corn flavored season, it's basically take a perfectly good quench ship and throw everything in this space cabinet. From the woman that will any pizza made states. Rash pizza. She will lead them if I pour Ragu in the bag throw a handful of mozzarella thrown under the salamander actually the pizza. Same with Baker. Nine years ago bacon room when off a shelf here. From a box Ness on bacon. Big-box. No, please don't. So I wanted to begin and this is this is very odd for me not to begin with the Nance but to begin with baseball, but not the Nance I wanted to begin with someone named Derek Dietrich and not everybody's going to know this Derek Dietrich is player for the Cincinnati Reds. He's a player of limited consequence until this year. Derek Dietrich got three home runs last night against the Pittsburgh, Pirates three home runs giving him four in two days against the Pittsburgh Pirates Derek Dietrich now has seventeen home runs now that's not as many as Christian yelich and it's not as many as Cody Bellinger, who are going to fight it out for MVP. And Derek Dietrich is not in that category. But and here's the but in April Derek Dietrich hit a home run and stood there and admired it just sorta rocked back and looked at it didn't have a particular bad flip. But took about four full seconds to get out of the box. It was it was. A moment of self admiration that resulted in the pitcher, Troy Archer. Chris, you rather resulted in throwing behind his head the next time he came up. A brawl ensued. You may remember this because Yossi oh, Puig, who had nothing to do with what happened when crazy and tried to kill everybody wearing a Pittsburg pirate uniform. So that was in April the next time they played was is going on right now. And Dietrich not last night, but the night before did the same thing stood and admired homerun, and it's, it's different than sort of a theatrical bat flip. This is this is a this is a Bette Davis screen shots moment where he just stands there and watches it for a while. There was no brawl that ensued, and he nobody threw at him because that was late enough in the game that he didn't get up again. He then said yesterday, he said, I don't expect any particular retaliation. He also described his style at the plate this way said my coaches, tell me I need to slow down and lean back. So that's what I'm doing. I'm very coach -able. I expected tonight last night, I expected Pittsburg not. They're starting pitcher named Lyles who had a five one record in two fifteen RA. I expected him to go after Dietrich in the regular pitcher batter way. Homerun off him and admired it not to the extent that he admired previous home runs. But he certainly admired it, they brought in a couple of relievers, Dietrich hit two more. He had three last night. At no point. Did he have to eat the dirt? This surprises me very much. Because on the last one and the last one sort of cute because he goes around and looks in his dugout and gives the Jordan. Shrug you know, like I really don't know what's going on here, and I'm happy that it's going on. I understand that baseball is trying very hard to allow for individual expression, which is bad flips and things like this. But also understand that baseball over the course of a hundred years put the ball in pitcher's hand and instructs, Pichit over ninety five miles an hour. And if he can't control where it's going either deliberately or not there's a coding. That's the way did you watch any of this? I watch the re. Replace this morning. Don't you think this guy's got to get hit or someone on his team? Here's something else. That's trucks, mate, or somewhere in the list of people who've had destroyed accelerated amount of home runs in this short amount of time. That included Mark Maguire and Barry Bonds not to say anything about Dietrich but I thought they had it as very very young players. Four sterile. Hey, because I wondered, I think before steroids because this sort of meteoric. Burst always gets my attention. Right. Twenty nine year old journeyman. Yes. So you think that what we like to call in this area, the Brady Anderson, right? All of a sudden Brady and never had more than nineteen home runs legiti Jack than fifty one. His I looked at his numbers. I was not aware of this nor head. I heard of him before this conversation. He got to watch the way he stands. It's extraordinarily antagonist. I just is if you're the picture, it's like a Brad Pitt kind of mood or something like that. Look at why. So I don't know. Do they play tonight, does the Cincinnati played Pittsburgh? Again, these games, I think are incense Inada can check that tell you he's. So he's got to go to it's only hitting two fifty four, but he's got seventeen with seventeen and thirty like, rob deer like numbers seventeen in thirty five. Yeah, let's see looking at today's schedule gets in that way. The nets won a game one on the road. The nets play the Pittsburgh Cincinnati day game today. Okay. Well, I'm thinking Dietrich, if not Dietrich. I see this is what I would feel is not being Dietrich just some guy and some guy gets hit just drilled in the back of the can. Code. Yes. Yes. Guy hit another team. You can hit another. Now this is the National League where pitchers get hit as well. We'll parenting the pirates signed Bob Gibson to a one day. So the NATs finally won a game one on the road. They won in Atlanta. They went up five to two. They got seven good innings out of Strasbourg eleven strikeouts to earn but he comes out because it's a hundred three pitches and then and then it scary time kids how, and then they go to now it doesn't matter who they put in because they each and every one of them is terrible cow. Barrack is terrible. You gave up two run home run. Made the game five four giving it to Sean Doolittle do little gave up your hearts in your mouth. Your heart is always in your mouth to undo little struck out all the outs. He got strikeouts. Barrick two of his five of the six final outs for Atlanta, whereby strikeouts. But they also scored twice in the eighth to make it scary. And we'll do little gave up a hit hit two outs gave up a hit which is which is scary, they win. They win the game. My sense of this is is that they are like mice running on a wheel the same thing happens all the time. It never changes. I don't think Davey Martinez is going to get fired. I only Mike results going to get fired. I think this is this is what you've got for the rest of the season, we'll say this. Howie kendrick. He's the MVP non Anthony Ren dome. Howie Kendrick goes out there plays what he's not a good field of a wherever you put them in does the best he can. He got a rally started last night when he got a double. He hit a home run later in the game. He's batting. I think about three twenty three twenty five. How old is how we can he's gotta be in his mid to late thirties. He played an entire career basically, I thought with the angels playing California how Hendrick alsi is thirty five years old. In fact, he'll be thirty six on the twelfth of July and if he could if he could field he would play well, maybe not because it has his age. Maybe he wouldn't. Play all the time. The one thing that I saw last night, that pleased me was after Matt Adams played badly in the field last night on, like Scott Brooks says this is unacceptable, and then makes no changes the lineup at all. David Martinez sat him down and put in Howie Kendrick, it I, which is worked out. It's a liability. I mean Matt is liability how he can as more of a liability, but they wanna game. It doesn't does it make it doesn't make us optimist. I will say this torture watching watching the game is hysterical, because you I actually thought they stress I think would have led off the top of the eighth and I thought you might let him hit. I mean like you really in the eighth inning wanna go to one of these guys. And of course when they do it immediately becomes a ballgame. And again, it doesn't matter goals little was commanding granted, he gave up the hit and it felt like man this team. They want this team. And then I look at the standings, and as I've been. Paying for weeks here. I think it's gonna take ninety wins, which would acquire they go sixty seven and forty which from here on that happened illustration of the bullpen, it would be Dante's inferno. If levels of hell, it's just who's at the bottom, but it's all hell, it's on to get to do little because if you have faith in anyone, and I'm not saying it's not ill place. But if you have faith in anyone, you have faith and Doolittle you're not going to be getting there. Right. It's the Getty Heyer. You have to go through all of these other dopes, none of whom can get anybody out. They just it's no look at that teams. Statis- look that bullpens ER as the worst. It's over. Over seven. It's the worst in wilpon says ours is bad with the cubs, and we need Craig kimbrel. And I want to say if you, if you actually sat next to me, I'd reach over and try to choke you. In Los Angeles, on, on reasons, we'll take a break. Brian Windhorst will join us when we return. We'll talk about the upcoming NDA final, which I think is going to start before July. I'm not exactly sure I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is the seatgeek air. 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And obviously, we have to talk about the beginning of the playoff final, which is apparently one of these nights, maybe tomorrow night, or maybe next Tuesday, we'll von told me last night that if it goes seven it will stretch over eighteen days, eighteen is that right? Brian eighteen days before they end this thing. Yeah. You know, when it went seven back in two thousand sixteen you know, they had the real Olympics that summer and that series lasted longer than the Olympics. Yeah. This is ridiculous. Why, why is this? Why is it a teen days? Do they think there's such a demand that the public can't can't do anything but watch this stuff? Well so Adam silver, one of the things he did was he wanted to make the series two to one one, one. It was one of the first thing he did his Commissioner switch it from traditional to. Yeah. And the reason he did that was because he's trying to give it the series of opportunity goes along as possible longer better for everybody in terms of NBA fans revenue, etc. And I guess it did work thousand sixteen but couple of those times thousand sixteen. It was only one day off and travel, and it was really difficult to, to travel back and forth between east and west only one day. So they put two days in for every travel day. Plus traditionally, the NBA finals start on Thursday, which they will tomorrow and game to always Sunday. It's Ben, so as long as I've covered the NBA, I guess they want that Sunday audience. Why it starts Thurs? And not Friday that those question I can't answer. So the first three games the finals, you all it always search Thursday then game to always Sunday. So you have two days off that everybody travels. And this case going west almost goes to coast, and then two more days because there's a travel day built in and then regular off day. So the first three games there's two days in between all of them. And so we will only be three games in, like seven or eight days for whatever it is. And that just means more dabbing on PTI without any action whatsoever. Which is jetes right annoying. Let me get before we get to that there's a piece in ESPN by young man named Baxter homes. I have no idea who he is by saw on TV this morning on the overnight. Sportscenter. He was relatively impressive to me and it talks about the Lakers. Does that piece ring true to you? It rings true to me. I appreciate the amount of reporting that he did on it. I would say, Tony that if you took a reporter and put him for several months on any organization, whether it was San Antonio Spurs or Golden State Warriors. And you know, interviewed a lot of people, especially people who had left the organization. I think that you could probably find unpleasant things and qualified functional things that happen within any organization. Right to me, the stories, more embarrassing than it is damaging. We all have watched the Lakers move over the last couple of years, and seen very publicly that their thought processes and, you know, systems, don't seem to function at the highest level, you know, before Baxter did this deep dive we already knew that. So I don't think it materially changed, everything the Lakers are coming off of a, a not very good six year run here. But certainly, there's some things that came public with the story that ideally, if your station you don't want to happen. I'm we're going to talk about it here amongst ourselves later. But, but I know bikes position is I'm sick of the Lakers ready. Well, it's not that it's because he's close with Magic Johnson on a personal level. I think the Lakers, they're really important franchise. They're really glamorous van Cise. They got LeBron James, and they did what I think is unthinkable. They stunk to the degree that they did not make the playoffs. This guy had been in eight straight finals Golden State's being celebrated for being in five straight. This guy with two different teams have been to eight straight and did not make it. You know, him better than any writer knows him. I've got to think this is personally, devastating for him to not even make the playoffs. Embarrassing. I mean, I mean, that's, that's kind of the highest she can say. And the is guy who not only has a lot of pride. But I think he had sort of hubris to a certain extent, because he thought I, he knew what he what the Lakers, this was not going to be a championship contender this year. But I think he honestly believed and I think I don't think it was something that he felt was outrageous that by him arriving at the team that things would get cleaned up. This is happened with his teams in Cleveland of the past just let him get there. What him clean up the mess, and he'll get them into a place where, you know, they are competitive team and he carried them to certain distance because he's LeBron James and not only was the team put you know put together around him. You know, hugely floodway and the thing about that. Tony is. Nobody thought the way they built this team. What's smart? And that's what the magic magic has done a whole lot of defense of things from the from the Lakers last year. But his behavior in his decision making less July was just, frankly, preposterous and beyond the defense of all these little things the big things were crazy. But then with blonde wasn't himself able to make a difference. So it was not only was disappointing embarrassing on a personal level. It was very humbling or him. He's always been able to just imply in force his will on something, and that I think, is what probably shocked him as much as anything that. Oh my gosh. I'm feeling my mortality a little bit that I can't make this happen. It is amazing. If you, if you pay attention in the last couple of months, a lot of different people are named as the best player in basketball, and none of them right now are. Being named LeBron. I would think that next year I don't know what they're going to have around them. But I would think that next year, he would be on some sort of personal crusade to make sure you don't forget, how good he is. That's what you would think wouldn't it? He may not be able to. I don't think that he would be plotting is as much as he could to somehow make something happen, this free agencies. And you know as good as choline Leonard has been in these playoffs. And I think if we all put a vote together, ally would have won the MVP of the first three rounds awesome, both ends. If you go back and look at LeBron statistics from one year ago, we're not talking about oh boy. Lebron was in his prime back in two thousand thirteen no one year ago. Lebron's numbers were better. And not only were they better. They were better by a margin. All across the board is a fishing see numbers his scoring numbers. He doesn't play the same defense collide, but, you know, he you know, Colli hit that one amazing buzzer beater to win the series. Well, the brought to buzzer beaters in last year's east playoffs to get his team there. He won two game sevens. One of them on the road. So. This guy is is guy. He was that removed from dominance. And that's why I think you know he was coming off a time where he went as far into his magic tricks as he'd ever had. And then all of a sudden, like days of felt like weeks later, he couldn't do it. So I still think there's a lot left there. I think I think there's going to have to be digested for him. Tony the one thing that about LeBron. He spent a he spent that eight year run for Perry to be at his best in April may and June, and he kinda moved through the first few months of the season a little differently. He now can't do that anymore. He's gotta come the he about trying to make the playoffs from day one, and that's one of the places he's got to make an adjustment. I'll get to the actual finals now. But I'll start with Durant. Do you think random play at all? I do. I absolutely do. The thing is Tony the warriors. Haven't been a hundred percent forthright because I think that they wanted to give themselves flexibility. And they wanted to remove pressure from him. But this was viewed internally as a three to four week injury when it happened had fallen down three one or something to the blazers, I think he could maybe pushed it. But today, I believe is the three week Mark. So in all on he traveled with the team here Toronto, and I won't he won't play tomorrow. I honestly think he's getting back on the court. And I they haven't announced that yet but I'm fairly certain he's getting back on the court. And so I could see probably not game too but game three ish and the reason we're not pinning it down. Tony's, like, what if they get up to big enough, they may not feel the need to Russia and game three if they're down to o or heck, even if they lose game one I wouldn't be surprised if you see Durant moving a little quicker. Do you think that cousins has any value to? Golden State whatsoever, because I don't. That's a difficult one because the way that they have to play with him is such an adjustment. The only thing I could see just from a straight Xs and os perspective is the rap away. The raptors would wanna play defense on, on the state would be, you know, the old switching where you switch all the pick and rolls and potentially they could force the raptors into playing some laugh that they don't want to or they could sort of break the raptors a little bit and punish them for, for certain alignments by using dozens. And he has worked very hard. So I understand that they would want to sort of reward him with something. But I, I would be surprised if he played a very big raw, it wouldn't surprise the if he had a big moment or two, I'll be surprised that he played a very big role. I will get you out of here on this. What if Toronto wins? I mean, what if they, you know, I it occurred to me, I was talking with Mike last night, not on the air anything like that. And I said, you know if Toronto wins one and two. Two. I think Toronto could actually win them all that, that all it takes to shatter the mythology of the Golden State Warriors without Kevin Durant is to beat them. Once just beat them. Once I wonder how you feel about that. Yes, I'm having a difficult time trying to evaluate this series. I won't say a few things number one. The east playoffs were real writer. The raptors did not just, you know, a couple of times, the Cavs sort of just floated in, because they were so much better in the Brown with so much better. The raptors earned this the seventy Sixers are a good team with big tall strong star players and they round their way through seven games. Then they played the bucks who were sixty win team with the MVP with all of these long armed vicious defenders they were deep team. They went on the road and one that and, and one that series over behind him both series. The raptors did not fall backward into the finals and are looking Starling around. How do we get here? There are really team. Here's something else. The, the, the trailblazers were were not where joke in that last round. I covered that series. I appreciate that. They had moments of good play. That was not their best foot looking at looking at what the warriors had to do to win the west versus what the raptors did in my viewpoint. Not compared the raptors had a much harder road. Much more earned this. I think that the raptors have proven that they are an absolutely serious threat. The difficulty is the warriors are such a beef and they're playing such a high level. Maybe it won't matter. But this is the first time they've had to start the finals on the road. And the raptors have had a nice mix of rest, plus not breaking their rhythm almost a perfect number of off days, and they honestly believe in themselves, and the Denny markets. Interesting tony. They have the, the, the warriors a pretty big favorite. I think if you wanna bet the warriors to win the series it's mine. Three fifty. It's almost not even worse of that. But tonight's game at least when I looked at it yesterday was basically a toss up a pick which tells me that the gamblers don't want to. They you to put money in the raptors but they're not sure what's happening game one and I feel the same way I wouldn't it wouldn't blow me away at the raptors came out here and grab this series. And if they do it's gonna get interesting. That's how I feel too. Thank you. Brian enjoy yourself. Thank you to the show. What does that Brian's mogul, by the way is called LeBron Inc? Brian Windhorst knows LeBron James better than anybody knows LeBron James and his current booklet Brown ink is all about LeBron in terms of money and reach and things not necessarily on the basketball. Interesting streak likely to go down based on what he said about Durant this Freising, but the last in the NBA finals, the last seven years, leading score has been Durant, or LeBron. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I would not that one because I, I don't. I mean, unlike Brian, I'm not sure Durant is getting in the game at all. He also has free agency to protect and I, I'm not sure he wants to. We'll take a break, come back with news. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is the simply safe Ed, let me just say, at the top of this ad when you spell out simply safe. It's SIM. I that's not it's not as y it's SIM PL simply safe, it asked me, and gene loves this. It asked me to personalise examples of fear things that scare me. How fear manifests itself for you to airplane with Tony words enhanced risk every? Everything there are dozens of words for fear, but just one for an exceptional home security company to stop fear at your door. Simply safe, SimpliSafe home security that. No. It feels good to fear less. This is an award winning twenty four seven protection that protects your home through it all through blizzards through blackouts burglars. 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We'd love to hear from you, as we said yesterday, we tell you all the time if you go friend is a great musician. You can't just send in them music. We need their permission as well. You can tag them on the Email sent to his p three. We'd love to hear from you. We get brilliant. I mean, this is just amazing. Just say you're them. We really don't report that stuff out. We don't fell. I think we just don't say you're Paul McCartney. Send us play everything. Yes threaten. Yes, we've got a we got an Email, regarding Rachel Behmen, who played on the show. Yesterday was just terrific great news. If you live in the emerald city and understand. That's Boise caro- I would have said that Seattle. Rachel, we playing at the tractor tavern tonight, Wednesday may twenty ninth and tomorrow night at the bottom it, which is in Spokane. Is that vote cans? Okay. So he's in Washington state. Yes. Viewer in that area. And you are free tonight or tomorrow night, go check her out because she's just brilliant. It's Spokane, not the home of Gonzaga university believe that is correct Tony. Yeah. We'll check that. So you have some news for us. I do need Mr Tony out install. We talk about tornadoes at the, the show. There are list of tornadoes have confirmed that have struck Washington DC, most specifically September sixteenth of eighteen eighty eight in two tornado touchdown between ninth street, northwest and ten street northwest. What happened with nothing really this now? Okay. Video to homes, damaged the botanic garden and damage the roof of the Smithsonian Institution. No injuries or deaths. Not sure if that and on that note, there is a weather man, by the name of Jamie Simpson Dayton, Ohio. I'm not sure if you with tornadoes went through dating. So he's the weatherman and they had to break into the bachelorette and to give. Roese right. We'll does not want anybody breaking in for tornadoes, when he's watching something, perhaps, this might have been wilpon who tweeted into the show this one comment. Thanks for ruining my night, Jamie. You've ruined bachelorette for everyone. Another one said get off my TV Simpson became visibly frustrated. And when he was on the air, he said, listen, viewers complaining, ready. Just get back to the show. No, we're not going to take you back to the show, folks. This is a dangerous situation. Okay. Good for think about neighborhood. I'm sick and tired of people complaining about this job as keep people safe. And that's what we're gonna do some people complain that it's all about my ego. Stop. Okay, just stop right now. It's not. I'm done with you. People are really am this. I love this guy. He's going to be fired. Twenty four hours. That Dayton tornado there. Someone died. When if you're in an area and you get that beeping warning sound and tornado warning. It doesn't matter if the bachelor is gonna find. That you need to get that information. Mrs tony. I know you would talk about the Lakers, along with with Brian much as I wanted to, there's a big story, as I mentioned in ESPN, and it crushes Magic Johnson, and it crushes rob Pelinka, and it crushes super agent, Rich Paul who apparently at one point, walked up to Adam silver's, so he wanted to get rid of Luke, Walton as the coach of the Lakers, he did Rich Paul speaking. I'm sure LeBron James and Adam silver just looked at him and said, well, who who would you replace it says tight Lou and Adams that were win. And I it's like he he it is said that he took some flights on the team plane, this stuff sort of make sense that Magic Johnson, who was a great player and is involved in sort of glamour of the NBA, and rob Pelinka, who was for many years. Kobe Bryant's agent that they would be receptive to agents where some general manner. Ages are not the story which has been denounced by many people on ESPN. Not by me to me what the story says, is that Jeanie Buss is a terrible owner because she hires people that don't work out at all that the rest of the employees don't like and produce no results on the court that everybody said by everybody. I mean, Mike said, how terrible Jimmy bus was well Jeanie Buss threw him out, and Jeanie Buss brought all these people in and they're dumpster gone. Okay. Yeah. Bit as bad as the Knicks right now. Magic two way. Without even telling her would somebody please stand up. Or are we at a point where we can't do this with Jeanie Buss this falls, does it not fall on her? Falls on her. She's the owner. She made the decisions she hired all these people and a lot of people ESPN because they like magic a lot, which I understand, they don't really want to deal with this story, and that's fine. But the Lakers are an extraordinarily glamorous team. And they make news like this, this may very well happen. At other teams that nobody cares about right. They give the notion of an age of, of Rich Paul in agent super agent. Whatever you wanna call them going to the Commissioner of the league and saying, you're just coach you coach doesn't that then Warren, silver going to bus and saying this guy. Guy. Who started the whole stuff with Anthony Davis ruin two different franchise well worked out right for New Orleans because they got Zion Williamson, but, but it was terrible last year. It it's ridiculous. Some of the things that are written about are absolutely ridiculous with the Lakers. And I think that has to think it has to land on an owner at some point would thank sure lands on the owner here in football shape. Nice being protected because she's a woman to you think I don't know. I think that's poss-. I think that would be an act doors. Stories. Discussion which the Lakers, they're like, and she's the daughter of an iconic owner Dr bus, but. She seems to be untouchable. She by the way, has personal relationships with people at he has PIN, and everybody knows this that she friendly with people in. That's great to get stories. But the stories are the stories are always autobiography. So let me shine the nicest light on myself that I can just thinking, if there's one icon for the Lakers, bigger than Cini pus. It's magic. All this stuff spills, we'll play over this about how terrible he was to other people, which he denies all deny course, there's a lot of people think I'm a terrible human being. And I know I'm great person. That's my friends anywhere. Anyone staying with basketball, RJ Hampton is going to skip going to college and going to play with New Zealand breakers of the AM, B L. That would be the Australian National Basketball league. He's playing for a New Zealand team, but I don't think the games are in New Zealand. I think they're all in all. Yes, North Korea has good basketball, they do have good basketball, this was announced yesterday on ESPN, and it elicited applause from Jay Williams and Jalen rose applause from them. I took note of that. I think this is a one day story. I think it's a complete non event, because I think that in a very short time, Adam silver, who has already said the one in done is a stupid rule to complete restraint of trade awful ruled that people like this, this, the amount of people in that population this going to go to the NBA, you know, if he wants to go make money in Australia. Good for him the level of Australian basketball's probably every bit as good as college basketball in America. But I don't think this is the harbinger of anything to come. This is happened before other people have done this Emmanuel moody did this, this is the third or fourth guys done this, and it doesn't there's no revolution here. It doesn't happen. You don't say, oh my God. College basketball's going to die and the Australian it is. It is in that he said, I want. Dreamt of playing college basketball want to go to college. Now. What to go? What makes him interesting is that reportedly has something like twelve sixty on his boards, so he could go anywhere. And fine. But again, my position is let's not think that this is going to revolution from breaking. No, it's not. To baseball to baseball, Mr.. Tony the Los Angeles angels of Anaheim beat the Oakland. I totally to store, and nobody cares about this story in the east. Right. Nobody cares at all that, that Shohei Otani who can only hit this year because he's he can't throw because he had Tommy, John surgery, had a hit that beat Oakland. The only reason I wanted to bring it up was a Oakland had won ten straight, and I defy most people living, east of the Mississippi to name three people on the Oakland Athletics. Can't do it. Nobody knows who they Reggie Jackson and every year, Oakland go every year in the summer, Oakland has a stretch where they go like twenty two and five. Yeah. And then you see them at the top like close to the of the western standings. Right under Houston. And you go, what who are they, they do this every single year? They don't spend any money on any players terrible. Here they go twenty five and they are in the playoff mix. Yeah. Can you name it conversation? I couldn't well I could one guy I condemn the home run hitter and he's out but lucky Trianon I think, is on that team is trying to yes. Yes. Seen the gone out to the bay area number of times with the great Gretchen move, nobody set the ballpark the a terrible terrible stadium. That's wonderful because it sells stadium. Yeah. Yeah, terrific. And speaking of the raiders who no longer play in Oakland gonna play again. This year aren't before they end up going. Let's Las Vegas. It is still live. Yeah. But if you're raiders season ticket holder, aren't you just furious with the situation? Well, the raiders have signed a Richie incognito deal. The aptly named. Thing. But incognito, that's what the raiders. That's what Davis. What? Yeah, that's the raiders of the court of last resort. Jason. What was the name of the guy who he who he Stanford Stanford? Jason he was a first round draft choice on the offense Jonathan Martin Jonathan Mark. Yes. Jonathan mountain of the dolphins. How quickly we forget. Yes, it's basically gave I don't talk about the this. Okay. I want to talk about Mount Everest. Yeah. This is very troubling lart dying. This is Mount Everest, has become the Santa Anita racetrack of nouns to you see these pictures. There's like hundreds of people queued up Disneyland ride. Get to the top. Accent, and they wait in line at Disneyland ride. Yeah. Let's let's do it. No, manage to member, the great book into thin air. Right. Is there? No management is not anyone who wants to pay the eleven thousand dollars to the Nepalese government can get the permits. Playing pebble there's a lot of money but you can play you don't have to prove that you've had the required amount of fitness, nothing nothing. You just pay the fee and the and they get rich you up there to get you the firm are lifting you and throwing you to the top, right? And people experienced people are dying and the reason seems to be because this logjam the people, we the one of the fellas that just passed way was in the seven summits club so that the seven is way down. Summit, the whole wide world, sixty two this guy. Yeah. Mountain climbing happens is you get up there. I mean if anyone's read the book, it's detail passed by Jon Krakauer, but you get up there. There's limited oxygen. You very few people can survive without transported oxygen rone's out, because you need a weather window to get up in there and stacked up. You're standing there waiting for the guy at the deli counter go fifty three three. Yes, experienced mountaineer of Vanessa O'Brien set. The red for the highest the fastest woman reached the highest peak on every continent said when you're stuck in traffic like that your body just begins to deteriorate. Brian gets crazy, who's responsible for this. It's the Nepalese government will. No, I'm I'm just saying there is. I mean, there's no one is responsible for it. The money will the governor of naval every issues the permit for three hundred eighty one permits that doesn't include the ship is go, there with you. But you gotta have a sherpa you have sherpa this is like, it's great to be a sherpa. You're not climbing without that's money in the sherpas pocket. But I don't know if this will turn it around and they pulled apparently just hide rub. Pelinka Amanda situation. So I think that should be fine. That's yes when it's appalling. I just want to say to. Does it doesn't it diminish the challenge when you see how many people are lined up like a Disneyland win so fees and for? To your people dying. I think if no one dies, climbing the mountain a whole lot fewer people want. Yeah. I mean he was I mean it was him. Sir. Edmund Hillary to you, sir. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Yes that was. Sure, they went out. They didn't have artificial oxygen. Demand up. Up there on their own. They went up there on which is Asian baby. This is well, I would I'm afraid of it. Of course, I don't see that on Buckfast go to face came. Climate for people, people should be outraged about this. Yeah. This is a huge trash situation. Litter, the canisters oxygen, and I'm sure yogurt yogurt containers and trail mix bags trail mix corn chips shimmy. Let him up. They don't biodegrade. I'm going for cheap lines. But I think this absurd these people, they're literally dying because they can't get up and down the mountain because this because there's a mass say though, they stand in line, I don't get it. If you've gotten that fall when I'm here, you know. Dying because they're using legal pads. I mean, they're trying to they're, they're attempting some death defying activity. So I mean, that's that danger is inherent. What they're doing? I'm not saying it's luck. They would have a better chance of defying death if they weren't stuck in a queue that went on for a half a mile. So perhaps, the Nepalese could actually make a lot more money by ensuring that fewer people would die if there was some way to regulate it, but you're completely weather dependent. I mean it's, it's not totally nuts. If you if you watch these movies of how the weather moves in. Oh, you'd never go up there. Yeah. Everything looks great. When they take a good picture, put it awful. All right. We take a break. We have old guy radio when we return. Yes, I can talk about Nick nurse and we return. I'm Tony corners. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. I radio food day. You have to be a certain age gene, and I are certain the this is broken Harum. This is the first big hit. And if you were an English major, and you were familiar with the Canterbury, tales, saucer, you would understand some of the lines in this, this was a very mystical song in the mid nineteen sixties, and I would defend in. I mean I know it can be attacked. I would defend it as a great song. I'm with you. Absolutely great song, we're playing this, because lead singer, and one of the founding members at procam harem, Gary brook, seventy four years old today. I have a few poco harem albums, including salty dog, which is why I always call your book, salty seacat, because I'm a million with that a one of them is hero is one of them in salty dog proclaim, albums laying around somewhere in sixty nine. Divino went out the door longtime. So I think pro REM was big time. I couldn't have told you that they had one album, not to mention more than one, well, one of the reasons this was big in my life is because there's a line, one of sixteen Vestal virgins was leaving from the coast over eyes were open. They might just as well be close. Well, Harper college Harper college is technically invested New York. So that was resident although we didn't use that word then but that was resonant with some of the people at Harper college, at that time I just thought they were really good, and I understand. And I would say the exact same thing with the moody blues that, that they can be accused of pretense again that they can be accused of pretense. But don't accuse them around me, right? You feel the same, same read who is a songwriter wrote every song for poco wasn't a cover city, the title at a party. He heard someone at the party telling woman. Wow, you've turn. A one shade of pale and it just stuck in his head outs. And these say great line. Terrific songwriter, and just one quick story. Pete Brown, who was the manager of the Beatles. He tells us in his story, I think the love you take. He flew back from America, ninety sixty seven this album came the record came out in may nineteen sixty seven and George Harrison picked him up with the airport George Harrison, of course, wearing a wizards uniform. No. Not a basketball, actual wizards caving in the Halldor. Any brought him into the car, and it was a limousine with all the windows who've been blacked out. And the only thing was playing on an endless loop was wider shade of pale just completely understand that. I mean that if, if you if you liked that song the first time you heard it couldn't stillness. It was mesmerizing, right. Gene. Totally MS looking at my favorite lines from that something about the room was spitting harder while the ceiling flu away. That was that, that did resonate really news to the notion that according to Wikipedia on the band in one thousand nine hundred seventy was known as liquorice, John death. I ever know what know anything about that humming harder as the ceiling, flew when we call that for another drink the waiter brought it. And so it was later, they later as Miller told us to, and that's it because it's the Millard it's the Miller's tale of Canterbury. Tales one on the shores of suit. I hate I'll sir I hate to Canterbury tales. I don't think I, I mean if you put your left hand out, and you say Chaucer and your right hand out and you say. Say Shakespeare, your right hand punches, you left hand as hard as it can't it knocks it there is no, there's just simply no comparison. This is like Amadeus and Sally airing stop, stop end the middle Shakespeare. The Miller's tale was quite vain much of it. Yes, yes, you'd like to chassar. I love the Knight's tale conventions of courtly love. I think it's the only see I ever got literature speak. We had another middle English. Yeah. What are you hobbit to speak middle English? Nobody speaks mentally very surprised to learn that my eighth graders are in fact today because they were hurting this last night, doing some performance in their English class of Shakespeare midsummer night's Shakespeare. Yeah. Same. Number one. Yeah. I didn't know they still to shake speak. You make you read that weird English that he did. People should read it, and they should watch it be performed. And I say this a lot the movie, Henry, the fifth the Kenneth. Unbelievably unbelievably great it takes. American Fisher to hear it. You know, and understand that to say into your remote closed captioning, but it's truly okay. So yesterday on the show, Nick nurse was on Nick nurse. For those of you don't know is actually, the head coach of the Toronto Raptors and Drake. No Drake is the mascot. He's the one I see. He's the one I see on the Nick nurse Frankie nation who books people on the show said, we're gonna have Nick nurse. You know, go fine. That's great. You know, Nick nurse, what turns out, Nick nurse doesn't like me, and he doesn't like me. He sorta likes me, but he sort it doesn't like me because when Nick nurse was named as head coach. I went on not a rant or anything but I basically said who's this guy who's? Nick, nurse and the reason nurse knows that is because he watches PTI every day he learned to watch PTI everyday when he coached for twelve or thirteen years in England, and that was how he, he got news of American sports. He watched PTI all the time came back to the United States coached in the D league for a few years, did very, very well in the Dealey got a job with the Toronto. Raptors on the bench with Dwayne Casey Dwayne Casey got fired and the raptors gave Nick nurse the job. I'll get to that second. I also find out from Nick nurse when we're talking yesterday before we do the show. We're talking chatting Nick nurse listens to the podcast really listens to this was kidding about what I said earlier, I know Nick listen to, by now he said, I haven't listened lately, because you persistently pick Milwaukee to beat. I said, yes, I did. Yes, I did. So he's a listener. He's a little he's sitting on the bench and Toronto last year in the playoffs goes out. They get swept. It's the third year in a row, they get swept out of the playoffs. It doesn't mean they never won any rounds. But when they lost, they lost in four straight, so they fired twain, Casey. You know, it's sorta like dusty Baker. Right. Win playoff. Yeah. Let's get someone in the case of the nationals who can't get to the playoff so you don't have this problem. There's no, you never cooked blower. Right. So Nick nurse has never coached on the pro on that level as a head coach or anything like that Masai you Jiri, who is the president of the raptors fires Dwayne Casey who will week later is named coach of the year coach of the year for what he did in the regular season. You justify you say, well, we gotta do better in the playoffs. He hires Nick nurse on a playoff team you go. Wait a second. This does not happen. I mean it happened famously to Jeff Van Gundy, Jeff Van Gundy. When Pat Riley left they looked around, and they pick this little essay, you. Yeah. Yeah. What are you doing? And I would have said, had I been on TV, then who's this guy, and everybody would have said the same thing who's this guy? So step to Masai Eugene is to hire Nick nurse. Really Nick nurse will now he's in the final step three though. A much more important step than step two. Step three is he trades. He has to all star guards tomorrow Rosen and Nick Lowery, cut Kyle Kyle Lowry, rather who stink in the playoffs. Their averages are significantly below their regular season. Averages any trades. Damore derozen, who goes crazy. 'cause demar derozen loves it in Toronto. In toronto. He loves them in Toronto, he weeps at being traded. He gets traded to San Antonio. Kawhi Leonard, and you go. Oh, wow. That's a great trade. Leonard Colli Leonard is a one year rental property. He will be a free agent at the end of these playoffs at the end of this final. He is a complete unrestricted free agent. So Masai Jiri bits on one year. Now to me, this is a great in hindsight. It is a great move, because Leonard has taken them further than they ever went before. Now we'll bounce position is that they love him so that he will stay my position is are you crazy? He can walk away there and be a god-like figure what he's done already go play where he wants to play. He's from southern California. This. It's rare that, that people relocate in a place. That's forty degrees below zero most of the year. But maybe that's going to happen wants to go from anyone. Okay. Out of the midwest. So Michelle to foia did that, and I said, Michelle. So Nick nurse is thrilled to be on the PTI show when it's over when the interview is in the it's done. He text will like two or three times expressing his thrill at like this is the complement. He's always wanted to be on the show. He's very good. By the way. I mean he was very pleasant. He studied accounting in college at the university of northern Iowa, he was going to be an accountant. All-time three-point percentage leader at not not total numbers of. Right percent. He played there. He became he became a coach. I don't I think he's one of those fellas who looks around at night, and says, I'm pretty lucky. You know, this happened to me, he's now he's now on the verge of I would assume getting a really good contract. I wouldn't think contracting, thanks shoe. Think it'd be a really good contract, but if they lose if they lose Leonard your back. Let me let me say he may if I were in his shoes, I may recognize that I'm fortunate to be where I am. But it's not like the guy didn't pay his dues. The. Oh, stand in the Manchester giants and the London towers. I mean, you know, news rather see an assistant coach like that rewarded, for example, the worst. Offense at the Redskins committed with letting Sean McVay go, you know, there was a genius. You're right. But how, but I think I think it takes a takes courage by the team. President tap a first year assistant coach and give him this team that has been a failure, but I wish they would do that more rather than just going back to the same gene pool of writing coaches, the same, you know, often white men who were someplace else, recite. Well mic nurses, a white, man. Yeah, I know. But someplace else he was in England. Yeah. Basketball's not coaching. And although no, no, no. You're talking about the recycling dantonio the world. But I also think my dantonio good. He is. So hopefully when he can get a job in America. Right. He can do that. So I mean, and you never know Steve Kerr the greatest decision Steve Kerr ever made Steve Kerr is a guy who everybody thought would be great. He turned down the Knicks. He be. Out of a job, five years later, he'd be out of a job as it is he sitting on a dynasty kid, Nick nurse. Talk about Drake only briefly. We'll ask them about Drake said, he didn't even know that his show was being rubbed Tilly. He saw the video the next. And if you see the video, he does not react to be. I mean dealer problem with Drake doing that. Did you is drinking to sit down and shut up situation for your a team member I would go up to Drake and say no your place. We're out here running up and down this court. Stop with the theatrics on the sideline and I am waiting for Draymond green to go over the top in the face. Could be fucking right like right after Draymond gets technical. He's being thrown out on the way. Exactly the way after your five good minutes with him. This did not air on the show. But PT I tweeted out Nick nurse threatened to come to chatter and see. Yes, he did. He talked about coming to chat. Okay. Shuli listens to the podcast, though. Again, not since I picked against, but he'll come back, I think he'll come back. So all right. So we're done with this, and we will have Email jingle when we return. I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. Check. Be nice to Joe. No, it's gonna make fat months. Dr. Be nice. Just me. Mr. Tony's money and we'd be spending his profit. He'll. This is Steve lifted, and he did this for Robert Bergen Jamie Giuliani made an off hand remark about jingle love. And suddenly everyone had me down for a Steve Miller jingle. However, I thought it would be more entertaining, if I took it from the happy couples point of view and sought what every couple once in the patriarch namely for you to pay for the wedding. Don't look at it as a total loss while you'll be out thousands of dollars. Maybe you can keep the toaster for the little house. It's very, very nice. That's from Steve Lipton, and Springfield. Yes. And it's for Jamie, Jillian and Robert Berg. Let me thank Prien win for coming on the show today. Let me thank our sponsor seatgeek and simply safe. Remember to listen and subscribe to an archived episodes of the Tony Kornheiser show where every listen to podcasts, including apple podcasts, Spotify Google play in radio dot com. If you listen to show to, I tunes, please leave a review from Eric cetera. In Rockford, Illinois, Lucas g Lido is now seven one with an ERA under three for the White Sox. And that's traded in two other pitches for Adam Eaton. How'd that workout? At least Adam Eaton is healthy and paying more. Ademi's. It's been good. Yeah. Lucas deleo was losing mileage office fastball. We're happy for Lucas g leader. But I don't regret that one. I don't think that's a terrible trade. I don't Michael in Brisbane, Australia as a self appointed officials trailing on the show. I feel this may be my most important patriotic duty since leaving the navy. It's pronounced EMU, not immovable immu, EMU a y sound in that. So Michael, the weather is turned. I saw cloud the other day. It's officially winter here in two days, but I'll still be playing golf in shorts. Justin Johnson, Arlington Virginia wants dreamt that I was sitting in my car parked on the side of a road struggling to stay awake. I looked up and notice that you were standing behind a tree wearing a bowler hat, staring in my car, and mumbling something into your sleeve like you were wearing a secret service radio. I roll down my window. And I said, Tony, it's me. Justin Johnson from Arlington Virginia. You then said all clear into your radio and walk away. So hope that's true. Gabriel lexington. Kentucky remarks about Bart Starr. Well, appreciate it, but he was not an all American at Alabama after leading the tied to the SEC title as a sophomore star suffered a serious back injury. And a brutal hazing incident that would bother him for the rest of his life. He missed the first part of the next season because the injury started the last six games all winless as a senior. He didn't play much Alabama finished intent stars final season was nineteen fifty-five bear Bryant didn't arrive until nineteen fifty seven radically enough star nearly signed with them it, Kentucky. But decided say close with him and his girlfriend, whom he married after his sophomore season what she's read from Cheesehead. So I got that wrong, and I apologize for getting it wrong but Bart star as a pro quarterback was something. From rabbi Willie in Englewood, New Jersey. Mazal tov last Wednesday night, the woman, whom I'm related by marriage, and I welcome the new child of masculine child to our family below, you'll find the flyer with the information regarding his Bris. I'd say you in the gang invited, but one is not supposed to invite guests to Bris, but rather, inform them that such van is taking place, so they can be there. This is making it significantly harder to try and plan for how many people I have to pay for the breakfast following the tip off, like to hear that. So to recap the info is below, none of you invited. But you're all expected to be in attendance with gifts PS the baby boy, and his parents, do not need a toaster, oven or glassware from Mike Hirschman from Saginaw, Michigan with the line, it took me four days, the hitchhike from Saginaw. That is a silent and Garfunkel line got home Monday morning from world wind bus tour of DC with my daughter's eighth grade class much to my disappointment. There was no opportunity to come to chatter on Saturday, took the metro from the mall to the Arlington National Cemetery to pay our respects and lay a rink at the tomb of the unknowns as we're walking to the metro one of the other. Said, I wonder why we're taking the subway and not just the bus without a seconds worth of thought. I responded. No idea that thing catches, on fire all the time and don't get me started on the purple line. From gassed and crew this is long yesterday's mentioned of Gaston. Chevrolet now remembered as the Indy, five hundred winner and brother of the far more famous Louis Chevrolet who actually design the car that younger brother Gaston was driving when he crashed and died less than six months after winning Indy got me thinking about famous Gaston through history. So here my rankings based on both the historical impact, and present day relevance. I leave out of course, or posers, who have the surname guests on only two Gaston probably bearing, Gaston as a I, I make the cut at number four Gaston. Browne, not Jackson. Browne, the current prime minister of mtpa and Barbuda don't know much about him, but anti guez beautiful beaches on the rump punches fantastic at number three, gassed, on the rue like you. He was a writer. But unlike your Hoover, his novel phantom of the opera is the classic section library. In case you're tempted to dismiss his work. Let me know. When pumping irony is doubted for Broadwood moving onto number two, we have gassed on Curiel the award-winning Peruvian. Chef who's restaurant? Empire stretches from Chicago to Doha is the father and Basseterre of modern Peruvian cuisine, you own a neighborhood bar. So again, we have some connective tissue. And finally, at number one, we have a fictional guest on OB at one with a statue in the magic kingdom in DisneyWorld, so one owned by your employer, just like you are Gaston, from beauty and the beast may not have the best reputation, but it's theme song has proven quite resilient over the years, at least when measured by how often people sing it to me when they hear my name, I talked up as the price of bearing such a distinguished if not romantic foreign name. That's it. That's the list. That's a fabulous. Everyone is always do wear white donate. What you do. Maybe. Dodged. You. That you did. Adore. Head the law for you. Now. Online, ni. Stormer to love is truth. The. Oh. The for for you. Now now online. Stormer too. Truce. And. Say me. Yeah. Maybe. Me too shouldn't be so. When we were young, we made a lovely to, to. Now. The. We go. Just. We, we made us we'd do. Now. Due to bring. Oh. I just want. Still. Donna sing. Lynn. I would say. The. I just wanna. I just wanna.

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