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covid nineteen can the world reopen for business gives a sets of higher wrapping up taking care of folks on the ground. What's the long term to? Why will we not see a v-shaped recovery? Wind will there be a cure or vaccine? How can you model that at a time when it's unclear whether we're GONNA see a resurgence in viruses. The answer is will emerge. Can you give us a sense of timing and you'll find them here Bloomberg radio, the Bloomberg Business Eappen Bloombergradio Dot Com Bloomberg. The World is listening thing twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg Dot com on the Bloomberg business APP and Bloomberg quick take. This is Bloomberg radio now a global news update. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is leading president trump in four battleground states according to a set of new polls according to the New York Times upshot CNN college surveys Biden hold single digit leads among voters in Minnesota Wisconsin. Nevada in New Hampshire Biden's edge and Wisconsin is notable because trump flipped the typically democratic state in two thousand, sixteen voters Minnesota and Wisconsin say they trusted by more in handling race relations protests and violent crime crews? Continue to battle the Eldorado fire that's burning in the San Bernardino Mountains near Yucaipa cal fire says, the blaze has destroyed just over fourteen thousand acres and destroyed several homes. Evacuation orders remain in effect for hundreds of local residents. The fire started September fifth at Eldorado ranch. Park pyrotechnic device at a gender reveal photo shoot ignited the blaze infectious disease expert Dr Anthony. FAUCI says he's worried about moving into the fall with current copen numbers. ON MSNBC HE says the US has plateaued at forty thousand cases in one thousand deaths every day and concern.

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