GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 470: Standout Prospects and AL Central Offseason Gradings


Golden concept in baseball podcast. We cover everything major league from spring training who the world theory. Got your favorite club. Cover from new york. Combatant to elan is the golden state media content. Baseball podcast hello. Everyone and welcome back to the gmc. Baseball podcast brought to you by the gmc podcast network. I'm your host jack right now and we are getting even closer to opening day and i have to tell you with opening day and all these other sports that are getting ready to start or in the height of their season. I'm just incredibly thankful. We have sports right now because a year ago this time there was no sports at all. So we've definitely come a long way without question. And i already know i'll be parked in front of my tv on opening day taking notes and enjoying the immense amount of baseball but jumping into today's episode. We've got another really good one as get into some young prospects and players that have stood out early on in spring training another free agency division grading and so much more. So let's get into it and all first step right into some of the latest news going around the mlb in a little update from spring training as well. And what all is going on. Down in florida and later i'll share which young players and prospects that have been especially impressive early on in spring training. And who could be making some early noise in their young careers and then we'll get into which three game series is in april. And may you'll want to check out that could be great watches and also previous to either. Division title races wildcard races or even potential world series preview. And make sure you stay right here with us for the final segment today as i'll get into another division off season grading of the teams and the entire division of the al central. It's going to be a really really good one. A jam packed. Show but i wanna. I dive into a little contract update as kansas city. Royals catcher salvador perez society four year eighty two million dollars extension. That keeps him with the royals all the way through till he is thirty five and this is a big signed for the royals right. I've always been a big time proponent and believer in salvador perez. Personally i mean he's the centerpiece of this team right. I think that we can all agree to that. He's been around since their world series runs. He's been around since they're kind of rebuilding phase at. They're in right now. And i think that they're slowly getting out of to be honest with you not to mention. He's one of the best catchers that we've seen in the last ten years and i think a lot of people can make that argument. I think that you can put up there. Not in the same tier as yada molina. But he is really close. I mean he is really really close. This is actually the largest contract in royals franchise history and he'll making thirteen million this year. And i'll go all the way up till he goes into two thousand twenty five. He'll make twenty two million and then he'll have a thirteen and a half million dollars club option in twenty twenty six. So he's going to be a royal for quite some time and i think that they're really happy about that. And this is the third highest contract for a catcher in history trailing only jt room who as we all know sign that huge contract himself recently and then also joe mauer a few years ago with the minnesota twins regardless. I think that he's going to not only have a lot of success playing wise but he's also a mentor. He's a veteran. He's been around the block a couple of times and this is a really young team and they've got a lot of really young pitchers that have a lot of potential and everybody is always spoke very highly of his ability to have great pitcher catcher relationships. All pitchers that have ever really had to work with him have had said nothing but nice things about how he is very professional how he's very particular and just kind of a very fine detailed and how he goes about approaching things the pitch calling the pitch sequence everything that he does with the pitcher. Everybody you said that the chemistry between him and his pitchers has always been a very high level. So i think having him around being that mentor for these young pitchers i think it's going to do wonders for their pitching rotation. He had a great year in twenty three thirty three with a six thirty. Three slugging percentage. Then he was time for the lead in catch the he's tied for the most home runs by a catcher in twenty twenty with eleven him and jt. Romeo both belted eleven home runs so a really big sign really happy for salvador says. I think he's somebody that we also kind of forget about because he is in kansas city and he's not really in a major market and as a result. I don't know if we really pay as much attention to him as we should because he is a very talented baseball player. And i think that he's going to continue to etch his name in baseball lore. If you will especially in catcher laura as one of the better catchers to a played this game. So congratulations to mr perez. Why don't wanna just briefly touch on a little update involving the change in size and feel of the baseball's. I know i mentioned in disgust at a couple of episodes ago and discussed what i thought was going to happen to the game and how that might have been received by the players as again. There's already been. Some remarks made by players about the difference in the baseballs and all honesty. The things that i've read in this was kind of an update during an update. While i was reading the athletic everyday individuals not going to notice any difference. Somebody that has not really been picking up a baseball every single day. Numerous times throughout the day. They're not gonna feel any sort of difference. They're not gonna feel assize change or a change or anything but pitchers have already made comments early on about how the latest seemed to be much thicker than they usually are in the ball seems to be much squishy sheer as well near the as well so might give them a little bit better grip allowing in some will think that it's going to increase the spin rate for some pictures some pictures that already have really good off speed pitches and have great breaking balls. They might have a really good seasons this year because it might be a lot easier for them to a grip the ball that way but be also the just the sheer trajectory. That will come out. It's going to come out completely different. And so it might allow pitchers to kind of come back in and rain over baseball. As opposed to the last two years where hitter seemed to have ruled baseball for the most part due to all the home runs and all the massive amount of power offensive statistics. That have really ballooned. I would say and then also just getting kind of an insight from a particular player blake. Snell has already noticed that the ball does not carry as much on fly ball. So again it's going to be a lot harder for some of these big time. Power hitters guys. That haven't even been hitting the ball that far but have been pretty consistent with how often they're hitting home runs that's going to be a big change for them. They're not going to be able to give it or they're not going to be able to give it the lift that they're used to giving the ball when they swing and hit and as a result. It's definitely going. I think a little bit. I think that some guys are definitely going to see a digression in their numbers are going to see a setback a little bit. I don't think it'll be anything drastic but this is going to be a year of the pitcher. i think. I think we're gonna see pitchers release star to expand their repertoire. Pitching wise and guys like trevor bauer. Who's known for having a really really good spin rate. He's going to be one of those guys. That's going to benefit the most from this. So i do think that this change now kind of puts the ball back in play for pitchers to having the ball in play for hitters and really kind of the advantage being in the hitter's favor now. I think it's a little bit in the pitcher side so it'll be very interesting but also just kind of intriguing to see the early reports in the early remarks about the changing of baseballs and how the players are starting to respond to it this early on in the season. I mean we haven't even gone to day quite yet and guys are already making comments about it. So i can only imagine what's going to be said come june july and august as we really get into the thick of the season or they're going to be more comments or they're going to be more concerns are they're going to be more kind of high praise positive remarks about it and our players both hitters and pitchers going to like the changing baseball's. It'll be interesting. This is going to be a very very interesting season to say the least especially with the changing in baseball's but i'm going to get out of that because they want get in the story that again. I found the athletic. And i mentioned this all the time. If you or not or if you are subscribed to the athletic. I would check out as much as you can. Because they've got great great stuff on there and i'm subscribed it's if i'm not mistaken. It's a pretty cheap subscription so be sure to check out the athletic really really good stuff there but this is a story that it's kind of an inside look as to what all went wrong in colorado that forced nolan aeronautica to requested trade. As we know this offseason. Then you wound up. Getting dealt over. The st louis cardinals. And then also what kind of the downfall and really the relationship has been not only between himself and the rockies but other previous big time players in the rockies and also just general employees in the rockies organization so going to set the story here a little bit. Jeff brian which is going to be the main guy in this and dick montfort so bright the gm of the rockies and montfort is the owner. They're very very important in this. Because in all honesty bridage you know. He's gone some very high remarks in some very low remarks. He's gotten a lot of a a mixed review if you will. In terms of how he's viewed amongst other baseball executives how people within the organization review review him so on and so forth so setting the scene going back a couple of years ago the rockies. They were coming off a year where they lost digi lemay. Who has we may or may not know who used to play for the rockies. Lost him in free agency and they wanted to build around nolan air nado so they signed onto to an eight year. Two hundred and sixty million dollar deal a huge deal and quite frankly something that i think is very deserving. He's a very good baseball player. And he just is coming off a season where he won his eighth straight gold glove. He's a five time all star. The guys put up pretty astronomical numbers over the last few years now. What happened was thank started to go really south quickly and raw reading the story. A lot of people in the organization even mentioned in commented on how quickly things just kind of fell apart if you will and they really really came crashing down bridage wasn't able to build a winning roster and that's what really reeled in nolan air nado was. They sat down with nolan aeronautica. They said hey. We're going to build around that. You were going to build a winning team. We're going to build a winning roster. And aeronautics was even quoted as saying. Hey you're gonna give me two hundred and sixty million dollars. That's not a figure that you give to a player just because you want to. You're doing that because you're saying hey we're trying to win around you. We're going to keep you here but you also have to uphold your end of the bargain and play that high of a level of baseball and he's capable of it clearly and then kind of what happened. There was bright as again was not able to bring in guys a lot of players he brought in were not very successful in the six years of him. Being the gm he's committed over three hundred million dollars to free agents three hundred million dollars and out of all of those free agents their combined war has been a minus three point four so he is pretty much just wasted. Three hundred million dollars on players that have not been able to produce at all and so you can kind of see the growing frustration that had and then really thinks started to come in a question about management outside of the relationships that he that bright h has had with star players but also how montfort runs the team. People mentioned that they don't know if he's really fit to be an owner of baseball team. If i'm not mistaken. I believe he inherited a lot of money he did build the rockies into a very profitable i believe he invested about twenty million dollars into the rockies to start back in the nineties when they became a team and now they're value as well over a billion dollars might be over two billion dollars so he's had a pretty solid return on his investment. If you ask me but some of the things that have kind of come out about bright which is that. This is a gentleman who probably should not be the general manager of this team and a lot of people think that the the decision making is kind of questionable and there's also been some executives that have kind of called montfort and bright is kind of these wannabe theo. Epstein's thinking that they can build these really successful teams and they haven't been able to show that and as a result that's really kind of been a struggling for them and they've been kind of i would say on the latter end of a success the last couple years. I mean you look at some of the players that they've had on their teams and that they currently have and it kind of makes you scratch your head a little bit and say how in the world have. They not been able to win. How they've not been able to even come close to competing for a playoff spot. You know maybe a wildcard spot here and there but that was about it and there were a lot of moves that actually could have been made by this team and if you kind of look back at it. It's shocking that they didn't make it they could made a deal where they would have traded for real mutya when he was with the marlins still brightest not. Wanna let go of brendan rodgers for whatever reason and as a result real new toe got traded over the phillies. And that's what kind of you know. involve the sixto. Sanchez explains and having him come to To miami and whatnot the rockies really missed out on an opportunity if you ask me and then kind of internally in w- and you kind of look at what this ownership and what. This management is kind of like right now and as a result you look and see you know a. There's some employees that are within the organization saying that honestly the communication is pretty bad. You know Bridage is not a very outspoken. Or or really just not a very Communicative individual amongst his of other employees and and people that work for him and so on and so forth and so as a result. It's made things a little bit. Challenging internally and a lot of employees have even said that there is a lack of talent evaluation. Which has been a really really big complaint and even players have said that you know there are some players for example. Charlie blackmon was so frustrated with the lack of hitting plan and kind of statistical analytics because their analytics department is one of the worst in all of baseball. I mean they literally just put it together about a year or two ago and as of right now there's only about two people in the department so there's literally no analytics and as we know. Baseball has become a very analytics driven sport. and i. it's it's really a sport. That relies on numbers relies on statistics. And as a result players are not having access to that and there have been players that have been outspoken and have complained about that. And charlie blackmon put together his own hitting plan. That was so well received that the rockies wound up using it not only on their major league team but also throughout their minor league systems. So that should tell you something if the players are having to do that and again that's probably not in their job description right there players they go out and play. They're not having a write up these workouts and right up these hitting plans. i mean. that's kind of insane to think about. And the rockies also did a lot of unconventional things during the pandemic they. Actually they never let go of any employees. They didn't they didn't furlough anybody that kept everybody on board. They didn't bring back any of the seasonal worker so what they did was they have people on the front office take other duties so there were guys that were working in the front office. They were usually executives or doing something during the day and then they would go and work in the clubhouse they would go and be or equipment managers or they'll go and be grounds crew members during the games or whatever so they're kind of a very unconventional way of running a team. If you ask me and i do wonder if that had any sort of implication into kind of went on with aeronautics and if he kind of saw that as a sign of like hey. If they're doing this. I can only imagine what they're wanting to do with me and they're going to have me now start to pitch or whatever you know. They're having these people that are going outside of their job description. The my going to have the same thing and not to mention. They're not building a winning team around me so i can. I can definitely see aeronautics growing frustration. What is mind boggling to me. Is that it just happened so quickly and it was almost like it just it came crashing down out of nowhere and it was kind of insane when i was reading. This story is just how quickly people discussed how rapid decline was kind of the deterioration of the relationship between aaron auto and bridage and montfort and as a result. I mean even even some pictures. I've had to make their own pitching plants and former players. I've been very outspoken. About how they don't feel like they're getting the adequate improvements that they need and adequate. I would also resources and tools to make sure that they are able to prepare properly to improve properly to work properly and then not to mention. I mean this is not the first time where a superstar player on the rockies winds up having very poor relationship i mean look at troy lewinsky chore to lewinsky in. The story went so far as saying that he would not even talk to bright. It's these days and there was some other players that said that bright was very again. Not a very outspoken. Not very conversational individual and some players got so frustrated trying to talk to him and he would the he would just ignore them or just passed on by like he didn't even know them that some of the players. I wound up kind of ignoring them nor ignoring him themselves. And that's just right there. That's not good internal relationships. That's not good internal communication and and if you want an organization to work if you want your players to be happy it has to start from the from the top and work. Its way down if players are starting to see that there is a lack of communication. There's a lack of desire. You know this that and the third. They're not gonna have a desire to want to play win. And what is mind boggling is that the rockies in the last couple of years they've consistently been in the top ten in attendance and they've got they have a solid following a decent fan base but they just cannot win and it is just so mind boggling to me that haven't been able to figure it out but hopefully one of these days they're able to because if not they're going to have themselves a lot of issues on their hands because it does not sound like bright the individual who is very i would say up to speed on how to rebuild the team again. This article was saying that him. In montfort these wannabe. Theo epstein's so i can only imagine when all of these star players trevor story whose contract will be up at the end of the season. And he's going to be a free agent. Is he going to resign. Is he gonna come back charlie blackmon. He's going to be free agent and a couple of years. I mean they have good players and it just is always been kind of puzzling to me. Why they haven't been able to put together winning teams but all in all. I think you can see why aeronautica wanted this trade and i think. What's so mind. Boggling is that we just saw such a quick change in perception quick. Change in mind by him again. He signed this extension in two thousand nineteen and it's twenty twenty one now so in about a year a year and a half two years or so things just completely came crashing down in colorado. So we'll have to see and we'll have to monitor the situation with colorado moving forward and if there's going to be any other superstar players that are going to become disgruntled with the ownership in the management. What i want to just finish things out with a little update from spring training and discussing players and teams that have been starting to play really well and continue to play well down in florida first things first. I have to discuss josh ross. I mean he's been playing really really. Well i've read a lot of really good things about him. How everybody has been very pleased that they were able to get him in arizona. Came over in the zach cranky trade and he's been a nice piece for them batting three twenty seven right now. Three homers eight. Rb is a nine eleven. Ps so he's got some power in his bat to which is something that i wouldn't say that many players especially shortstops have all the time i will say that more shortstops are starting to be more power oriented but it's good to see that roses kind of emerging quickly through the arizona diamondbacks organization and their franchise and also have to give a lot of respect to eli jimenez right now batting three. Oh four two homers ten rb is. He seems to be back to where he left off last year. And this white sox team. I mean if they can if they can have everybody playing on the same page this year and i know a lot of people the adopts season headlines have been. Can tony larussa mesh with this young group of guys from what. I've saying what. I've read tim. Anderson is one example. I mean he's come out and said and been quoted by saying that he really seems to be on the same page with tony larussa. He likes. he's going so if a guy that you know has been kind of around the team for the last couple years and i would say is a little bit of an older player. Who's been around a little bit longer. If he's kind of giving the a-ok then. I feel like things are going to be all right. I can imagine that the you know the other relationships that larussa has with the other players is probably also similar. So it's going to be interesting because they've got a lot of talent. They have a ton of talent and it's just a matter of them being able to put it together. And i think that they could do that this year. I really do. And then another guy for the padres or matteo. He's been playing great nine three. Oh ps batting three thirty three right now. Twenty five year old shortstop. I mean the padres. It just seems like they've really hit the nail on the head and they've just struck gold with all of these players they go out and trade and acquire all these players. They've got all these players that are kind of just sitting and waiting for their turn and the farm system and in and in their organization they can eventually become the next big thing in the organization or they get traded. if they become really good players. I think the padres are in a really good spot for the next couple of seasons. If you ask me well then another guy who i've mentioned before who continues to play. Well michael office. I think he's going to be really good this year batting two ninety five six homers ten. Rbi's and there's a lot of discussion in the red sox organization as to who's going to be the first baseman for the red sox and a lot of people feel that it should be shabbat. I mean i think it should be the guy's got a pretty solid fielding percentage. He's played in the most amount of games at first base out of all of the players on the red sox who are listed as first baseman. And the guy's hitting well so why not give it to him. If he's hitting that. Well i would go ahead and just let him roll with it. I think that he could be somebody that emerges as a big time player for the red sox and somebody that could actually help them get over kind of this hump that they're in right now because they can't seem to figure it out they didn't figure it out last year and they have been off to old start in it kicks in talking about which teams have been doing. Well the red sox twelve eight right. Now mets ten and eight but again if the red sox can continue to play like they're normally playing and what they're used to playing they can get chris sale back. Get him healthy. Get at water. Rodriguez back and get him healthy if they can get these guys healthy and they can get divers back to how he was hitting twenty nineteen if they can get jd martinez back to his twenty eighteen. Twenty nine hundred zander. Bogart's if he can build off of the year he had a year ago. This is going to be a good team. I think that we forgot about them a little bit because they were so bad last year. But you can't forget about the red sox. They're not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. But some other teams that have been doing well. Yankees thirteen and seven blue jays have been on a tear lately. Thirteen and eight. They're seven and three in their last ten. And again i mean right now in the grapefruit league the first four teams three of them are in the ao e so we might have a tighter race in the al east and many think because of again how well the red sox have been playing and then obviously the blue jays in the yankees and what their acquisitions in the offseason but then going through some other teams the pirates of actually been playing. Pretty well themselves. Eleven and ten. Billy's they're ten and eleven right now than going down in the cactus league. The royals again still really rolling. Thirteen and six cubs. Twelve and seven brewers or twelve. Nine rangers are eleven and eight. So there's some teams that have been playing pretty solid but we'll have to see if they can really translate that into the regular season because again folks only under two weeks a matter of days before we're back into baseball season and it's opening day so i'm getting really excited but just kind of running through some things and some updates and spring training and giving you some names teams to really pay attention to as we move into the first few weeks of the season but folks that'll do it for us in this first segment but don't go anywhere because when i get back from the commercial break i'll get right into discussing which young players and prospects have been especially impressive down in florida during this year. Spring training. folks. Stay right there. We'll be right back here on the gmc baseball podcast. The ultimate staffer. Everything's for the golden state media. Concepts wards podcast. Should i say more from the nfl. Mlb the nba to mma. All in here. The golden state media concept's sports bod cath lip and welcome back to the gmc baseball podcast. Jack right now with you. All an inner i i got into some of the latest news going around the mlb and also a little update from the spring training down in florida. But make sure you stay right here with me on the gmc baseball podcast for the final segment today. Where i'll get into another offseason grading of the al central discuss what my offseason grades would be for the teams in the division but also the division as a whole i want know get into some of the young prospects and players have really jumped out early on down in florida and we may see and hear more from as the season marches on so getting into the first player. That's really caught my eye. Tie france from the seattle mariners. Right now. he's batting four seventeen. Many feel that he's been the best hitter for seattle for the duration of this spring training. And he's really again shown early on and i know i'm recording this on march twenty four th so as of today. He's batting seventeen. And i think that is a great sign for this young mariners team that they know that they can get help from other people. Besides kyle lewis. And i think a lot of people right now are okay. It got kyle seager. But how much longer is he going to be there. Is he going to be there for an extended period of time. Are they gonna eventually move him and trade him. Is he going to go in free agency. I don't know if sears necessarily going to be the guy that takes them to the promised. Land kyle lewis. Seems to be the future franchise player of the mariners. If they can get other guys around him like thai france they need to get evan white back in and heading into a solid solid form because again if he's not hitting he's a great fielder wins a gold glove at first base. He's a great fielder but hitting wisey was not good at all last year. And he's a former first round pick and if they can get him hitting. I think that they can move things around well amongst those three guys and not to mention this is one of the youngest teams in baseball so they have a lot of time ed them to really kind of get going and and really get a feel for themselves and he hasn't had many reps in the field and some do feel that he could be the everyday third baseman if kyle seager were to be traded so that is something to watch what's going to happen at third base in seattle now. He was with the padres before he came to seattle. He batted very well last year between the seattle and san diego. He played in forty three games and he had three. Oh five batting average so somebody that definitely proved themselves. I know it's very small sample size but no no matter. What if he's still able to produce at that level and carrying that over into the spring training early on. I think that's a good sign if you're the mariners. His numbers did did just slightly when he was traded from. Cnn is from san diego to seattle. But they were still fairly consistent. I think it was a matter of you. Know just a couple. Tenths of a percentage point. I think he batted three. Oh nine when he was. San diego became over to seattle about three two. So you tell me how big of a difference that doesn't sound like a huge difference to me and he could be again one of those young pieces that they have to build around. I think that the fielding does need to step up a little bit. That's going to come in time with more reps. That's another thing. That factor in people do think he needs to step up the fielding. Obviously i mean. He had three defensive runs saved per year on average so he is in the positive in that but he hasn't had many rep so you can only go so far as to saying. Hey he needs to get better at third base. Well he has a really had as many reps as one would want. So i would say that if he can continue to work at that position they can definitely find an everyday third baseman for them. He's got five homers and ten. Rbi's florida as of again today on march twenty fourth. So this might be the beginning of something very special in seattle. And i'm really excited to see what france is going to do in seattle but getting my next player josh. Ross no i briefly mentioned him in the first segment. he's starting to blossom. And it's an incredible sign for the diamondbacks. I mean he's been on a tear during spring. Training reached base in thirteen. Straight games down in florida batting three forty currently with three homers and eight. Rbi's he's only appeared in fifty eight career games so again very similar to france. And this is a young player slash prospect list. This is a young player slash prospect kind of a ranking if you will not ranking you know what i mean these are guys that are going to eventually be really really good who started to kind of show signs of that potential early on in spring training and he's only two oh six career wise twenty twenty. He was hampered by a back injury so he seems to be back in a full health here in florida and he came over and that cranky trade when he went from when grantee win from arizona to houston. And so or rojo's came over from houston. And i think the diamondbacks got a steel. I think that they got a huge huge pick for him. I think that he's definitely to be a big time player for them. He's got a great swing. He hits a with a ton of power. Very quick compact wing. Nothing crazy the one thing about time france. I was just kind of going back to him. His swings a little long. It takes a little bit of time for him to get around to the ball so if he can shorten that compact out a little bit. I think it's going to be even scarier with what he can do at the plate. Aroha i mean he can be an everyday infielder. They actually said that he they. He can play a multitude of infield positions. He can play third. He play short. He can play second so somebody that they can move around. He can clearly hit and so i think that he's going to be somebody that they're gonna be really happy that they were able to acquire in that trade and the done vaccine might slowly be able to build themselves up into a winning team. I do think that they are still a couple years away from that. But it is a good sign early on. They've got players. Ross who are starting to bud early on in their career next guy want to talk about who already exploded onto the scene last year and i think it was just a scratching of the surface for him alec bomb for the phillies. I mean he's been on a tear very similar to last year. I mean he was one of the top rookies in baseball. He was actually an nl rookie of the year finalist. Before losing and devin williams who from the brewers had an insane season as a rookie. He's batting three twenty four. Currently in spring training got one home run. Five rb is a nine ten s but virtually similar numbers to what he had in twenty twenty bad at three thirty eight with four homers and twenty three rb. Is it a one thirty six. Plus so this is a a player that i think is really going to become a household name eventually him skins. The vilis have a better team than i think. A lot of people realize. And i know that it's hard to realize because they aren't able to really put together winning records in the avenue the playoffs in nine ten years but i think what they can do is if they've got these young players mixed in with some veteran leadership in veteran talent bryce harper and didi gregorius and jt. Realmuto you mix that in with alec. Bomb reese hoskins. You've got a pretty solid team. You've got a really solid team if you ask me. He's a very very composed player. To and joe girardi has raved about bombs ability to just kind of not beat in the pressure. He said many times last year he had some really really big at bats. He said he had some huge huge plays at the plate that a lot of young players probably would have crumbled in that situation and he said he was cool calm and collected and he just went about his business and so i think that's another thing to really pay attention to being young and being that composed i think it's only a recipe for him to just continue to get more even better as the years. Go on and i think he's going to be a big part of this village future. So i'm excited to see where it goes and what he does in philadelphia but then getting into my next player a bad do from the tigers. He has been on a tear himself playing great baseball. Another guy with a great swing similar to ross both have very solid aggressive strong swings short compact swings and they are smooth and they make a lot of hard contact lot of barrel contact with the ball. So that's a great sign that she wanted to see batting three forty four and spring training right now. He was actually the tigers rule. Five draft pick from when they took them took him from the twins and he's been on a roll ever since spring training started. He's only twenty two also one of the youngest guys that i have mentioned so far. And so if you've got a guy that's again twenty to twenty five right now. Putting up numbers like that showing signs of potential like that a great sign a great moving forward. He was hampered by some injuries last year of nursing some injuries here and there but it was good to see bad do back in kind of a full force effect in and really just playing at a high level. I mean he's got four home runs so far in nine rb is over twelve hundred s. So i mean. I think there's only one way from there. And that's up for this for this blair. I mean he by do is a great player. He hasn't had much time in the minors. As kind of one of the caveats now we have seen players who have come from single-a low a ball all the way to the majors and have no problem adjusting players six sanchez. Who virtually had little to no time in the minors gets called up to the majors. And he's got and he had a really really good season last year as a rookie. It is possible to make that big jump. I mean he hasn't really seen much time after an outside of high able and so if you're not playing much outside of high boiling you're going right to the majors. I would say nine times on ten. Those players would be kind of thrown off at. I really have to adjust but by has done a nice job and he's also and this is kind of what's unique about him because he's known for the defense in the base running that's what he's really been known for and so showing these signs of hitting this early on in spring training the early on in his career i think it also shows that he can kind of go against what everyone knows him for can build into his own player and i think that's what he's starting to do again. Great quick swing with a lot of power. And i think he's gonna be great detroit. I think he's gonna be a player that they're going to be very pleased to have for years to come quite frankly and i'm excited to see what he does in detroit as well another player now in cincinnati with the reds jonathan india. He's been playing great as well batting three forty four himself he owns a seven hundred psi. He's got two homers and five. Rbi's down in florida right now. And he's been playing really really well. He started to kind of. I think make the reds rethink their lineup. A little bit going into spring training. He wasn't really. I on anybody's radar in the in the reds organization. He's played so well that now they have to figure out what they're gonna do with the infield because they've got numerous third basements that they can move around and that's the problem. India was drafted as a third baseman. And he's had some reps over there. You have already over there at third. You've got guys like mike moustakas. Who placed third. You have guys like nick. Diaz who also has played third in previous seasons. Nick senzo was added as a third baseman. So right there that's five. Four five different is that they're going to have to figure out what they're going to do at third base now. I think that they can move some guys in the infield kind of around because mushtaq is he doesn't have to play third. He played a little bit of second earlier in his career. Castalanos i kind of see him more as an outfielder. I mean maybe you stick them at third still. But moore's an outfielder and i just think that india has. He's made such a big case that if he's not gonna play third and they have to keep swore although we all see him as a third baseman. He's lost a lot of wayne. Lot of people in the reds camp have have said that his quickness has just skyrocketed and as a result you can maybe move him too short you move him short a little bit of a position where you have to be a little bit quicker a little bit better laterally going left and right i mean it's shredding down. Some weight has definitely helped him out in that. Then you can put india at third and you can put newstalk. Is that second. I think that you've got a pretty solid. Infield from india has shown early on and again he keeps his what. I like about his swing. And i i've noticed this amongst a lot of guys that have these really quick swings and they're able to get their hands around very very rapidly. He keeps his hands pretty close to his body. And he kind of just waits and waits. He sees the pitchy loads locks and goes and exact. And that's exactly what you wanna see. I think from a guy that has a lot of power. He generates a lot of power in that swing. And i think that's why he's able to get his hands around so quickly he's not really moving his hands so far back and starting them so far no back behind his head or up you know towards the shoulder where it normally a lot of players are taught keeping them close down and it kind of his chest area. Gets it loaded and then goes. And that's why i think he's been so successful and i think he's gonna wind up being a pleasant surprise them. I really do. I think that they're going to be very very pleased. That they are able to have him around not only because of his you know fielding ability but his hitting ability and i think that's going to be a piece that the reds might really try and develop as time goes on because this is a team that let's face it. They had one of the saddest seasons last year with all of the offseason moves that they made all the offseason height that they had going into the season. I mean i. I was sold on the hype right. I mean i thought they were going to be at least second if not first place in the al central. They limped their way in the playoffs as a wildcard team and they just barely get there and they lose to the braves in a three game series. And that's all she wrote. So i mean i thought it was kind of a disappointing season for the reds. And so maybe they can try and rebound and build on that this year. Getting my last two players. I one pitcher from the marlins. Sandy alkan tara and now a lot of things that i was reading a lot of reports about him. They say that he's kind of the ace for the for the marlins i do see that but with how well sixto sanchez hitch last year and what he showed me. I don't know. I think sanchez could eventually become ace. But getting into alcantara. He's been on fire in spring training. He's been mowing batters over in spring training with as spring training. High twenty four k's. He's got a one point. Oh four era. He's been virtually untouchable. And he's got a one point to whip so he's again showing assign of being able to keep guys off the base path. And i know a lot of pitchers are great with that. Kenta maeda comes to mind. Who's actually leading the spring training. Last time i checked in with at a zero point four two and somebody who led all of baseball last year in that category. Kenta maeda. If you're able to guys off the base path whether it's you know infield singles or just hit some general or walks or whatever and you're able to keep everybody off tape that makes things so much easier for your defense. A and b mixed things a lot easier for your offense to they can give you that run support and feel very confident knowing that when they go out and play defense. They've got a great pitcher on the mound. That's going to keep the ball out of play and they're going to be able to move in and out of innings quickly but can tear. I think he's got a one thing that kind of one lincoln arm. He has a tendency to walk. Is he's got a pretty high walk rate. And as a result. I do kinda worry about that. If he can potentially get out. Get out of hand. One game he surrenders one too many walks what i will say. The mets are really emphasizing. The strong young pitching core. And i think the marlins are wise to build around that. They've got some really good pitchers that i could see having some really good careers ahead of them and if they continue to kind of build around that pitching slowly but surely. I think that they've done a wonderful job. So far and i know the probably not going to really compete in the analyst. Because let's face it right all these just stack this year. I don't think that the marlins can really do anything. It i mean if they were. I would be very shocked. That would be very impressed as well. But i just don't see that happening now. Tara using all star and twenty nine hundred was out for most of two thousand twenty because of the marlins covert outbreak he actually wound up getting covert himself and it took about a month for him to get back into the swing of things due to again coming out of quarantine getting back into shape getting arm ready to be kind of that everyday starter when he can be ready but he owns a three point seven. Era career-wise and he had a career high in case in two thousand nine hundred with one hundred and fifty one. You kind of erase that twenty twenty season that i think a lot of players want to erase. He's on a pretty high momentum. Wave if you ask me. I think he's really writing. This momentum wave well into the season and he's got a great four seam fastball. That's really seen an uptick. In velocity. I mean from twenty eighteen to twenty twenty. It has gone up from ninety five and half miles an hour on average twenty eighteen to now ninety six point eight thousand just under ninety seven miles an hour in twenty twenty so again. A guy that's got a lot of zip on his fastball. A to pitch arsenal with a sinker and a foresee basketball. He actually uses those two pitches. Fifty nine point seven percent of the time of his pitches so just about sixty percent of the time so six out of every ten pitches. He's throwing a sinker or he's throwing a fastball. One of the two and it seems to be very effective for him. And i think that he can lead this young miami marlins pitching core and who knows it could become kind of the name steak and really the main staple of this marlins franchise for the future and. I think that this is going to be an exciting team to watch down the road right now. Maybe not so much but down the road. I could definitely see that last player and i mentioned him in my first segment. I'll continue to mention them until the red sox can hear me and they put at first base michael chavez. I am a huge fan of chavez again. He's batting near three hundred right around. Two ninety five three hundred for most of spring training is right around there now. He's had made a great case for being the first baseman opening day. Again he's had seventy three games at first base at in his career. He owns nine eighty one fielding percentage. That's the most games on the red sox roster for any player that has played at first base so he's locked in the most time at first. Why not just give them the keys to the first base position right. And he's bad well in his career to. I mean for the most part i would say early on maybe to forty one average not great but he shows potential and he's been playing well on and in his year in twenty nineteen. That's when he really showed the potential ninety five games not a great average to fifty four but he belted. Eighteen home runs and fifty eight. Rbi's which were both the most in those respective categories eighteen homers and fifty at the most in those categories by red sox rookie since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. So i think that the red sox might be potentially having a secret weapon on their hands. And it's jarvis. And i think that he's got again a great powerful swing from the right side of the plate. He can put the ball all over the field. I think this would be a big missed opportunity for the red sox if they don't stick him at first on the opening day so hopefully they do but just running through a couple of guys to pay close attention to going into the season right. We might see josh. Ross play shortstop or second for the diamondbacks. We might see tie. France be the opening day starter at third base for the mariners. We could see an sandy alcantara. Who will most likely be the opening day starter for the marlins be the opening day starter for the marlins so i think we could see these players slowly making their way through the ranks of of the their respective franchises in their respective organizations. And i think we're going to start hearing their names much more often in my opinion so i'm excited for this year and all the young talent. That's coming up through the league but folks that's gonna close things out for us in our second segment here on the gmc baseball podcast. Thanks again for tuning in as coming up after the commercial. I'll discuss the three game series to pay close attention to come april and may and in the early part of the season which matchups will become very interesting to watch early on and later on in the season as well. It's been a lot of fun so far folks but we got a lot more to go so don't change that channel. We'll be right back here on the gmc baseball podcast. Tired of hurting the vast jungle of podcast. Now listen close and here without their the podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching the golden state media context podcast narrower. Here nothing left men podcast blitz with endless hours of podcast cupboards from news sports music fashion entertainment and the football so much more so stop located around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build. That podcast is whatever it may be visit at. Www dot gmc podcast dot com follow us on facebook and twitter and download. I tune doubt cloud and google play. Welcome back the gmc baseball podcast break to have you. You're still with me today. Jack ridenour again then previous segment. I got into which players that have been playing wound spring training. You'll need to pay close attention to during the season and that could be major impact players during the season for their respective teams. But i want to get into some of the three game series. You should pay very close attention to during the early months of the season because they could become division racist down the stretch this year but also could be potential matchups in the playoffs later on in this upcoming fall. Now i'm going to just run through a couple of them and just mentioned briefly. Y i would say pay close attention to these due to the fact that again. These could be previews to a tight races. That are going to happen later on in the season especially as we get into the playoffs much further down the road so the first one i want to get into yuppies and raising a three-game stand april ninth to april eleventh again. This is kind of a preview. I think for the fight for the al east potentially if the rays are able to rebound and build off the year they had last year again. We only saw them in a sixty game sample. That came out really strong. Forty and twenty. But we don't really know what they would've been like after sixty games and this is kind of a rematch of last year's aled were the raised. Did beat the yankees. But let's face it. I think that this yankees team in a in out of ten times. If they had to get into a series with the race i think eight or nine times out of ten. They are going to win that series. And i think last year was just that one time that they lost. I mean if you look on paper the yankees are more talented team across the board hitting. I mean everything and especially this year with pitching i would have probably said something different last year for pitching because i thought the race pitching was sensational. But i think that this year it's fair to say that the yankees have definitely surpassed the race. I think they've raised got rid of a lot and they did not really upgrade. I think the yankees didn't didn't really have much to upgrade. They did get some pieces. That could be very good and could potentially turn out to be really great. Snags from the offseason like corey. Kluber and jameson taione. But i think that this is also going to be a test early on to see kind of where the rays are where they stand right. Are they still kind of that. Legitimate team or are they going to be going up against a really good yankees team. And are they gonna fold and that we'll see early on again. I know it'll be early onset. Can't really gauge it a whole lot. But it'll be early. Honestly what it will be kind of like a kind of a preview to the east peak it and see what it will be like for the yankees and the race to match up and this that and the other the other thing is how will the lack of of really big time moves by the raise honestly more lost than gain affect them in the long run to so. I'm going to be very curious to see how that is going to be very curious to see that series. Because i think it could be a preview to something big down the road but also love to just see a little rematch from the lds. A year ago so in other series. I want to talk about indians and white sox april thirteenth to april fifteenth. Again this could potentially be ale central race. I know the indians have lost a considerable amount. And they've lost more than they've gained very similar to the raise. But let's not forget. The indians are a pretty solid team across the they're able to feel the pretty good team for the most part but the white sox they're so good. The white sox have added so many pieces and it's going to be hard to ignore in my opinion. Mean you've got guys that have come on board over the during the offseason like lance win like liam hendriks like adam eaton. You already have guys. They're like jose abreu you and yawn mocatta and yellow jimenez. Tim anderson the list goes on and on and on not to mention lucas. Giolito and dallas kaikal. I think that this could be a really scary team. Not just in the central but the entire al but the indians they could put up a little fight they did go out and get fran malays who has been playing pretty well in spring training. Eddie rosario a nice ad for them. A moderate oreo. He could turn turn out to be potentially a pretty good player at shortstop for them but again i think very similar to the east. It's going to be an early test to see where these two teams are or the white sox. Going to rebound. After after i think what was a very disappointing season. I think that they should have gone much further than they did. Last year in the playoffs. I think that they were very underwhelming. When we got to that point. And i think that they have a lot to prove. I think especially with the team that they have the ads that they've made and with how well they performed in the regular season last year. I do think that they have a lot to prove that they still need to really let people know and say hey we. Are this really good team that you all perceive us to be. We're not kind of just this glorify team on paper and we don't do anything in the field. I do wonder what. Tony larussa zero. Impact will be early on in the clubhouse and in the team in general. But i am just wondering potentially how it's going to be in the al central this year. I think it could be a toss up in all honesty because indians they can put up a fight and i definitely think that the white sox and the twins are very similar to the east it could be potentially a three way fight in that top seeded and top part of the division. If you will. But that's a series definitely watch from april thirteenth to april fifteenth getting further into april. We actually have a two straight weekend series between the dodgers and the padres in april april. Sixteen th the eighteenth and april twenty second to the twenty fifth. Two straight weekends of what's becoming. Probably the best most hyped rivalry in baseball. Right now i mean this is the nfl version of the yankees. And the red sox if you ask me literally. I think that the dodgers in the padres could become the nl counterpart in terms of a rivalry. That the yankees and red sox. I've had for years. And so. That's what i'm excited to see. Kind of. How early on the temple was set by both teams and not to mention. It's going to be a fight between those two in the nl west the entire season. So we're going to see kind of a preview of what the rest of the season could look like. Will the dodgers really let the the padres know that there is still that much separation between the two teams or the padres going to show that. Hey we've even the playing field a little bit with you all and we can really hang with guys even if you have a really good team because we've added a lot also and so i do. I'm curious to see how the padres are going to stack up against the dodgers and how they're going to perform against them. You know last year in the playoffs. They actually held their own pretty well and not to mention. They didn't have blakes now. They didn't have you darvish. And now you kind of equalize things a little bit with getting those really good pitchers that the the hitting i think was very similar between the padres and the dodgers. I don't think that there was any dissimilarities there. I don't think there was any kind of weird differences or anything. That was glaringly just opposite from the other i think that the pitching was the big component. That was very very different. I think you had really good pitching from the dodgers. You had good pitching from the padres but just wasn't as deep now you've got that deep really good pitching in their rotation. You've got some really good guys coming out of the bullpen. Now you've got yourself a different team. And i think that the dodgers they might not really pay attention to that. I think that they're still kind of riding. This wave off the world series. I don't think they know what's coming. And i think the padres are looking strike. So i'm really excited for those back to back weekends series between the dodgers and padres really excited to see how much of a rivalry is going to be built up by the end of this year. I mean it's going to be intense. I think so in getting later on in april as and raise april twenty six to april twenty. Sixth to april twenty ninth. The reason why. I'm watching this. Because two of the lowest payroll teams that are going to match up but too low payroll teams that always billed winning teams. And so that's what i do. Love watching about these teams that they're able to still field winning ball clubs and even though they don't have these major star powered players they're still able to perform. Both teams have lost. I would say significant mount a significant amount. I think the athletics have added back somewhat of what they've lost but i don't think the race have done that so i'm kind of curious to see which teams lack of moves or better yet kind of impact of certain players that are no longer with the team. So blake snell and charlie morton with the rays. Then you go look at the as and chris davis is not there anymore. Liam hendriks is not there anymore. How will the lack of their presence impact both of these teams in affect their play. Moving forward not to mention it can be a wild card race. I mean it might be a little bit of a stretch but if the race find themselves the third man in that aleister the odd man looking at you know the the one team on the outside looking a little bit. I definitely think that we could see little potential wildcard series between the braves and the ray or the as in the raise and again. Same thing with the as who knows what's going to happen the al west. I know i'm very critical of the astros but who knows they could feel a really good team. This year guys could bounce back and play better than they did last season and it could be a totally different ale west. But i don't know. I think that again. The astros are kind of on their way out right now and i think the as are still they reign supreme over the al west for the most part so again another series to pay attention to getting now slowly into may braves and blue jays taking on each other april thirtieth to may second and this is very very far far far far far fetched. I know that it is way out in left field. It might be even in the parking lot. It's so out there. Maybe a little preview to a world series matchup. I think these two teams would be kind of my the dark horses in the world series. Watch if you will. I think there teams that are further down people's list as to which teams can make the world series. But they're still on the list and so i'm curious to see how they stack up against each other not to mention. I'm curious to see how this really talented blue jays team goes up against other really talented teams in the nfl. It can they hold their own right. Can they compete with teams. I think it's a big test not to mention. I'm curious to see how these young stars calvin busy. Oh vlad junior boba shed. They come back this year and perform. I'm curious to see how. Marcus semyon and george springer performance semi and has not played wilmer spring training so far but again it's spring training and i think spring training is more so of a gauge in kind of of a test for younger players. Guys that are coming up coming up through the farm system coming up through the organization and trying to prove themselves. I think it's more so for the everyday players in the guy's head of solidified their spots on the team kinda just getting your feet wet again and kind of getting your legs underneath you a little bit and getting back into the the routine that really not a lot of players have been doing for quite some time couple months now so again having to get back into that rhythm not to mention. They didn't have a spring training last year. So that's also been kind of a new thing. So that's a series. I'm watching as we creep into. But as we get into the middle of may mets braves take on each other main seventeenth to may nineteenth. And again i think this is going to be like i said for the yankees and the raise like i said for the indians and the white sox a preview to a battle in the east. I mean this could be one of the most competitive races in baseball. I think mexico probably the dodgers and the padres are at least. I'm speculating here. I also want to see how ozone affairs in a full season. How marcel zun. About build on the year he had last year with him now being potentially an everyday position player a lot of people a lot of reports coming out in the off season that marcello zona is ready to get back into the field. He's ready to go back in the outfield. He has won a gold glove before but he's had shoulder problems. And that's affected his throwing in that's affected his fielding overall so i'm curious to see how he fares and how he does in a full season not just being a strict d. h. Also curious to see about linda for how well linden place you know. I know that he's discussed trying to make a deal with the mets for a long term contract extension before april first. But let's say that nothing happens and they have to play out this year before they can really get into anything with him after the season. What of lender does not pan out the way they thought he would and they wind up still winning. But maybe the mets say. Hey we're we're gonna move on from you know we're not gonna so it's going to be interesting to see what direction the mets going with lender but also does lindor really put together good sees it is going to obviously think he will do that but we have no idea. We still have a one hundred and sixty two games to play to really see what's going to happen. I also want to see the pitching duels right. I mean it's going to be two very comparable teams with a mixture of experienced talent on both ends. You got good pitching on both ends. And you've got young talent. I will say. I think the mets pitching is definitely one tick higher than the braves but i still think the braves pitching can hold its own. I mean max. Freed was one of the best pitchers in baseball. Last year. ian anderson put on a show in the playoffs. One of the best pitchers in the postseason. You charlie morton in the mix and all of a sudden. You've got a brand new rotation and i know that jacob degrom looked incredible and spring training. I mean everything i've read in reports have been. His fastball. velocity is back up to like ninety nine one hundred miles an hour as if he didn't even miss a beat last year. So i think it's gonna be a good series. I would definitely circle that one on my calendar and definitely pay close attention to it but as we get through the rest of may the last series that i want to discuss white sox and yankees may twenty first to may twenty third. What i'm looking to see in this one is too heavy hitting power teams with a lot of offense. I mean they might be two of the best hitting teams in the al. Going at it. And i think that could really turn into a slugfest. I will say. I'm curious to see how the change in baseball's affects teams like that right. How much are we going to see. Maybe a drastic drop off. Maybe a little bit of dip in production from these really high powered offense of teams like the white sox have. I would say three to four guys that combat well over three hundred and that could probably belt twenty. Plus home runs home. Runs consistently same thing with the yankees. They've got four or five guys that can do the same exact thing. The white sox pitching is a little bit higher up than i would say the yankees are. That's where the white sox differentiate themselves but maybe this is a breed to the cs. Two i mean. I would love to see white sox yankees come october. I think that'd be pretty interesting to watch again. I think that the white sox would just barely edge path because the pitching's a little bit better. Oh we have to see. I mean of tyrone is healthy this year. He could live up to the expectations that have been set before him. And all of a sudden he's shutting everybody up like myself who is a little skeptical of him right now and that is me. I do find him to be a potential liability due to his injury. Tendencies and how often he's been injured in how often he was injured in pittsburgh. Corey kluber on the other hand has had his fair share of injuries. But he's proven he has shown a people that he can be at the top of the pitching game in baseball when he wants to be. He literally was that between two thousand fourteen in two thousand eighteen. He was one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. Cy young award winner winning seasons so that should tell you a lot about what corey kluber can do. So i'm excited to see the white sox and yankees on may twenty first the twenty third. I think it's going to be a great showdown quite frankly. I think we've got a slew of really good match ups these next couple weeks here as we move into the early part of the season that could really set the tempo early on for the rest of the year. I think that we could see some players and teams start off hot quickly. They could start off really cool and then get really hot all of a sudden so it's an it's an in the air year if you will because again. We are coming off a year where there was no spring training. So that's a big adjustment for a lot of guys so ultimately we'll have to see how things fair for these teams. But i'm really excited for these upcoming three-game series that i think a lot of people should also pay very close attention to so they'll do it for us in this third segment as always thanks again for sticking around but stay right there because we'll be right back after this commercial break for the final segment today. All dive right into an off season grading of aol central and discuss the grades from the season. I will give to both each team and the division as a whole but also make sure you stick around for that because it's going to be a good one you don't wanna go anywhere because we've got one last segment here on the gmc podcast to know the latest thing that lengthened to the golden state media concepts blocker podcast from m. l. at the world and the premier li we've got you covered the latest update as matches and news on the league's top player at the golic. They'd read concept locker podcast. Don't listen. Nah hey everyone and welcome back found thickening here on the gmc baseball podcast. Jack right now are still with you. And in the previous segment. I jumped into talking about which three-game series early on in the season to pay close attention to and could have lasting impacts throughout the rest of the season and could also be potentially freebies too tight racist down the stretch of the season in twenty twenty one. But i want to wrap up today show with the division grading of the offseason moves by the teams in the central and it's got the team's offseason moves the grades for those moves and a great for the entire division as a whole i usually do. I believe this is my last division. That i'm going to run through on these offseason gradings because we are slowly and slowly getting closer to opening day which is going to be a great day. I can't wait for. I know i've sounded like a broken record saying it over and over again. But i'm just really pumped up for that thursday april one of games and every single team is playing too so that's even better so just running through the division like i usually do. Indians white sox twins royals and tigers. And i want to jump into the indians i. They've they've had some ads. I guess i'm coming over in that trade with lynn door as a result was with the mets now with the indians and then eddie rosario who was with the twins now coming over to the indians in free agency. I would say that those were the two major pieces that they went out and got rosario on a mud. he's an interesting case. I think he's got a lot of potential to fifty to seventy five guy. He's got pretty solid speed. he's a good good fielder. Got a good glove. He somebody that they could work with. And i don't know if they have this idea that maybe they're getting the next francisco door osh nother shortstop that's got a lot of promise has a lot of potential. I don't think that he's anywhere near lender at all i mean. Linda was putting up in saint numbers his first season as a major leaguer and resign is not doing that. I do think that he does fill avoid for them. Obviously at shortstop. I do think it's obviously a downgrade but i think he could be okay in the long run but anyway sorry. I was actually kind of impressed with this pickup because this indian team was one of the worst teams hitting wise from the outfield. I mean they were one of the worst teams without feeling hitting all of last year and even the year. Before i believe they were one of the lowest is across the board for outfielder hitting so going out and getting a guy like eddie. Rosario who two years ago had a season where he was over thirty home runs and neared one hundred. Rbi is he's a guy that can put up some serious numbers he can put up a lot of power. I know that they went out and signed. Ben gamble who came over from the brewers in a minor league deal. I think that he could eventually get moved up. I mean an was good. He's proven himself. I think he's a better fielder than he is a hitter. But i think that he can provide good hitting but eddie. Rosario is a good pickup for them. I don't know if it's necessarily going to be a game changer. I do think they could still compete for a playoff position. I think that they're pitching can take them a much further than people think. Shane bieber still coming off an insane season. And i think that he's just getting better and better and he's just getting started ultimately i'm going to have to give them a c. minus. I'm just not completely sold on all the moves they made and again i feel like with losing francisco endure losing carlos carrasco. Those were two big losses for that right. I mean rasco was one of their main guys. One of their main rotation guys. He was cy young finalist a couple years ago. Put up some really good numbers and twenty twenty. Put up two point. Nine two e. r. a. So he's somebody that's again. I mean he fits really well with that mets team kind of a back end starting rotation guy where if you've got him in that kind of three four five spot i mean that's a really good three four five pitcher if you ask me so i'm going to give them a c. minus because i think eddie rosario that move kind of saves them a little bit but ultimately not a huge fan of their moves. Now getting into the white sox. I think the white sox did a lot of interesting things went out the got lance. Lynn traded for him immediately. Almost within a couple of weeks of the season ending. Adam eaton also bolstering the outfield a little bit especially defensively liam hendriks really is going to heighten the talent and the ability coming out of the bullpen. I like what they did because what they did was they diversified their moves. They spread out there moves and they went after their needs in a variety of ways. They knew they needed starting pitching and veterans starting pitching. They did that. They needed some help. Defensively in the outfield. They did that. They went out and needed some help. In the bullpen. They went out and got that fixed those issues. And that's what i really like. I always look at these teams that if they go into an off season and they assess the needs that they have to assess and they need to fill. Then i think they're going to have really successful off seasons and then the following season you kind of just have to see how it plays out the white sox. It was very clear. And i've said this before when they were in that. Three game wildcard series with the with the athletics or not wildcard series but in three game series where they were up against the athletics in the playoffs. You could tell after the first two games right. You had really good pitching for the most part and then all of a sudden just dropped down right. you've got lucas giolito yet dow cycle and then you had dane dunning and dane dunning imploded. And so you need that third veteran arm to go to a situation like that where if you needed a commanding three nothing lead. You can take losing one game and then having giolito or having kyko or having lynn back out on the mound not to mention. Lynn is very durable pitcher. And that's what i really like about him is that he can go for long extended periods in games. I mean he led all of the major leagues last year in innings pitched with eighty four. He was one of the few pitchers over eighty innings pitched. So i think that's something also to make note of because if you need to keep him in for a long extended period of time that's great and a gives your bullpen. Some time to kind of ease up on things. But then when you get into the bullpen you've got liam hendriks coming out and hendrix has been one of the best relievers. Last two years of baseball. He has been on a tear anatomy and he's not going to be a great hitter but they don't need great hitting that's the thing if they had gone and gotten more hitting it would have said. Why are you just adding to someone you already have. You have jose abreu you have illinois jimenez. Yo n moncada who. The way didn't even have that good of a season. Last year batted around two twenty to twenty five and twenty. Nine hundred at batted three fifteen three twenty five himself so a guy that's got a lot of potential in the you've got tim anderson not to mention there. I think that this is a team that people need to pay very very very very close attention to because i think they could do a lot of really big things this year so i'm going to give them a b. Plus i think they checked off a lot of boxes obviously if they gone out and gotten somebody like a blake snow and traded for him probably would have been in the age range. But i'm going to give them a b. Plus because i think that they're moves. Were still just that good. And i definitely think they can go far in the season this year so getting into the twins now for them. Angleton simmons getting picked up and free agency after he spent a couple of years with the angels. You also have alex colom coming over from cross division rival in the white sox and then resign nelson. Cruz i'm going to start with the nelson cruz resigned. Because they had not done that that would have been one of the biggest regrets that they would have made. This was a roster. This was a team that had virtually little to no offense little to no offense. Nelson cruz is one of two or three players in their entire starting nine that even remotely near or above three hundred and he was the only one that had somewhat of a decent or substantial. Ps last season. I know he's getting older. He only signed to a one year. Thirteen million dollar contracts. So they're not really expecting him to be around for the long haul quite frankly. I don't either because again. He's getting older but still showing that he's productive and the fact that he re-signed with the twins is also maybe going to extend his career and his longevity because he can still played the d. h. They still have that void filled for them a lot of other teams. I don't know if they've got that void completely filled. I don't know if they necessarily have that defining player that is associated with them being the d. h. Some teams do some teams. Don't and the twins they've got. They've got that box checked off now for alex colom coming into that bullpen. That's huge because they have one of the best bullpens all of last year. You're a wise everything. They lost a lot of guys. They lost a ton of guys in free agency. So going out. And getting alex colom. I don't think it necessarily a racist all of the players that they've lost but what it does. Is it at least alleviate. Some of the pressure on the starting pitching which i think starting pitching. We'll be good still. Jose berrios is still there. You've got randy dobnak who had a surprisingly good season last year. Who you know very interesting story about him. And he kinda came out of nowhere and now he's really put himself on the map and he solidified himself as a starter on this twins. And the of kenta maeda. Who's coming off of science finalists year in the al and twenty twenty led the mlb and weapons. Your point seven five. And so. I think that he's again. They are there said what the starting pitching the needed to go out and get that relief. Pitching with an angleton. Simmons is more hitting. he's still solid bat. Great glove over at shortstop and it'll be interesting to see what they do with horry polanco if they move him over at second keep short what they do there but that could be a very interesting middle infield palanca a couple of years ago was an all star at a pretty solid season. I think he's got a lot of potential. And i think they've done a nice job at surrounding him with other talent. Like ben simmons. And i do think i've got pretty high hopes for the twins this year. I don't know if they're going to break their street that they've got going in the playoffs because they are really bad in the playoffs. I don't know what it is. It's like a switch goes from being turned onto being turned off. Come playoff time and they just they fold. And i think that they i would say the one thing they should maybe done is gone out and gotten some sort of real veteran presence. That's been there before that's done that you know they had gone out and gun charlie morton the perfect guy to go out and get great playoff experience. Great playoff pitcher. And i think that you know. Even though charlie morton won't go down as one of the best pitchers ever. He'll go down as one of the most talented and most composed post-season pitchers i would say of all time. Just because of how well he does in game deciding situations however he doesn't series deciding situations. And i think that if they done that but yeah it'd probably be a pretty impressive. See a team but they still did a lot of good things. I think i'm giving them a beep laws mainly because they went out and got nelson cruz. Resign them and they also went on. Got alex colom so those are two huge huge huge moves that they made that i think are going to pay off for them. Well down the road again in the last two teams. I'll start with the royals. They made a lot of early moves. I mean really throughout the entire offseason just a couple of highlights carlos santana from the indians. Greg holland resigned and then they signed. Salvador perez do his extension for years. Eighty two million dollars so all in all. I like what the royals are doing. I think that they're still in this rebuilt face. I would say if. I had kind of a rebuild race face or kind of a gauge as to where each team that's rebuilding is right now. The royals are very ahead of a lot of other teams. That are currently going to rebuild. You look at the teams. Like i'm about to mention the tigers. Look teams like the pirates you look at these teams that are still kind of the mariners. They're still kind of figuring things out. I think the world's are much more ahead of the curve. I think that they're much further along in the process of rebuilding. I don't necessarily think that they're going to be great this year or even next year what i could see them. Maybe in three or four years going back to the playoffs. And then maybe who knows we can see a reemergence of the royals in the mid twenty twenty. It's like we saw in the mid twenty tents with how well they were in two thousand fourteen in two thousand fifteen back to back world series appearances and winning twenty fifteen. It's not too shabby if you ask me. What these moves. I don't think necessarily game changers. Greg holland is a really nice move. I liked having him get re signed with them because he does provide good pitching and they have a lot of young pitching and so they're going to need some veteran leadership there. Same thing with peres. Everything i've ever read i mentioned in the first segment. Great report with all of his pitchers. And i think that's gonna do wonders for these young pitchers on this royals team. And then santana. He provides only hitting but patients at the plate. This royals team was one of the worst teams in walks and on base percentage last year. And they're getting a guy that is coming off a year where he led all of the major leagues in walks. And i think that's going to really pay off for them. Well i think if they can constantly know that okay santana's up at up at bat weaken at least hope in assume that he's going to get on base somehow someway whatever way that might be so ultimately i like having carlos santana there. I love peres coming back. I do like hall. And i wouldn't say moves like getting benintendi was big. I don't think getting michael. A taylor was big michael taylor. I think the reason for him is because they're trying to replace. Alex gordon who retired in the offseason alexkor not a great hitter but a really really good fielder. That's exactly what michael taylor is. And then you look at andrew benintendi. He's just been underwhelming. I mean he's been underperformer. I think his entire career that he's been in the major leagues and so maybe he can get. Some revitalization really have kind of the birth of his career in kansas city. Because it clearly was not happening in boston. So i'm going to give the royals a c. Plus on their off-season moves i. I liked them wasn't a fan of some others. They were okay early on. I liked them but as time went on the kind of fizzled out for me. So the last time the tigers i would say the major ads that they had it was pretty pretty. Quiet off season in detroit wilson. Rama's comes back. But honestly what i mean. What's he going to do right. I think he's well past his prime. I think he's well past his time. I think that he needs to maybe think about retirement. I know i did that segment a couple of episodes ago. Maybe he's another guy of potentially think about retiring. After this year following or the following year robbie grossman. He brings some defense to the outfield. I think he also brings some some reassurance that if a guy like jacoby jones goes down with an injury which we saw last year they got a guy like robbie grossman that can step right into that same spot and fill that void. Jacoby jones is going to be an interesting one. They also resigned. Jonathan scoop which was a good move. They respond heimer candelaria. Which i really really like. I just wonder if if jacoby jones will be healthy if he can stay healthy. I think this tiger named can be a lot better than people think. I'm not saying that they'll be a playoff team. When i think that they could be closer to five hundred than what a lot of people think they're going to be at this point in this the off season as we approach into the regular season. I just wonder if again they're going to be making the moves that they need to be down the road i think having. Aj hinch at the helm is very wise because he does a lot of great things not his reputation has been a little tainted right now with what happened in houston quite frankly. He's got a reputation for building winning franchises. he did it in arizona in his brief time. There he comes to houston has kind of a setback year. And then the next couple of years just gets on an absolute role and so you do have to wonder okay. They've got the guy in place that can turn things around for this team. Are the the the front office. Management are the ownership. Is all of that going to somehow. Someway pulled themselves together and say. Hey we're gonna make big moves that we need to make. I think one thing is for certain they need to eventually get go cabrera off contract and off payroll because he's just eating up so much of their payroll now. He is still been semi productive. But i think that's gonna stop to start start dropping very soon. I mean it's already started to dip a little bit. And so i do you worry that he's going to be a guy that's continuing to kinda just wither away on the bench and wither away on the field. And he's not going to really do much for them they're ultimately going to potentially lose a lot of years of trying to rebuild because they don't have the financial backing to go out and make those moves because they're tied up with a long contract with cabrera that you can really do about it right now. But i wouldn't be shocked if the either maybe bought him out of his contract down the down the road or maybe they trade him who knows it depends on how much more he wants to play. But he's in his late thirties. He's approaching forty. So i don't imagine many more years out of him so ultimately i'm gonna have to give the tigers deep plus wasn't a huge fan of their moves. I i feel like again kind of a little bit behind the curve as very different from the royals in terms of where they are in there rebuild face. I think the world's are much further ahead the tigers. I think they're just starting so we'll see how things go. But i'm gonna give an overall grade to the ale. Central of a b minus. I floated with this one a little bit of thought about a c. Plus but i'm going to give them be minus mainly because of what the white sox did and what the twins did. I think that they've done moves in the in the past couple of months that have been able to set themselves apart. I think they did things that were going to really again build some separation between themselves and other teams. Now it'll be interesting to see how much separation there is between the white sox and the twins because that's another kind of thing to figure out but all in all. I'm pretty hopeful for this. You know these two teams. The twins in the white sox. It's other the rest of the division. Not sure what to think of it. I think the indians could be that kind of sleeper. Third team we'll have to see we're gonna have to figure it because again opening days only a couple of days away folks so get excited. Make sure you got your popcorn. Ready on april first because there is going to be a boatload of mlb action but folks. That's going wrap it up for us here today as always thank you for listening the gmc baseball podcast brought to you by the gmc. Podcast network. i would like to ask that you. Please remember to subscribe to the show and write a nice review. That really helps us out. Also if you can please follow us on. Facebook twitter and instagram. We'd really appreciate that and as always folks. Thanks so much for tuning in today. And i have a wonderful rest of your day. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts baseball. Podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. www dot g mc podcast dot com download. 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