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"Dr. Sky" Steve Kates 6-9-19


Good Morning America. This is the cats roundtable, John cats. Matija send me morning. What's going on, on the skies with us? Today is our listeners, one of their favorite guests. We got Steve Kates, otherwise known as Dr sky. Good morning, Steve. How are you this morning? Good morning, John. Always a privilege and honor to be with you. I'm doing great. And you know, it's just so amazing John, I'm hearing stories that NASA is now opening up the space station for people like us, but here's the caveat. It's going to cost us. Fifty million dollars. If we want to go from here to up there. Ouch. Ouch. That's a lot of money. He's there. Per day per day. Stay besides I don't know. But I'll tell you I heard some somehow through the grapevine, and the in the internet there that supposedly it's thirty five thousand dollar a night charge. If you want an earth facing view with your room like you'd wanna notion view on a cruise ship. So, hey, at least there's moving forward. Right. Wouldn't that be great to go? Less john. There's so many good things to talk about here. Hey as we move into this weekend in June. I want to remind the listeners out there that the planet Jupiter. John, obviously, the largest planet in the solar system is really easy for everybody to see even if you live in a big city with a lot of lights, just look to the southeast guy right after sunset. That's the big right, big bright, white ball light, that you see about three hundred ninety eight million miles away, and John, I've been watching this as many people. Did you know that even at a pair of Benach killers? If you hold them steady you can see the four basic moons of Jupiter, and that's incredible. And one of them, the satellite called Gani me, this is another trivia thing. That's impressive here on Sunday. Morning that satellite gaining me is actually larger than the planet mercury. So is going through some changes, John this big spot for red spots storm is unraveling and it's been there for five hundred years. Nobody knows why it's just an exciting time to be studying Jupiter and the NASA space probe Juno is hopefully going to get the best view from its orbit around the punditry, but are amazing so that red spots for how long well, we think it's been there for five hundred years. But again, here's the part that's not maybe totally accurate. It's not because of me or because of the scientists reports this storm was observed after Galileo I found the moons around he, he discovered them on January seven to sixteen ten but the spot was seen later like around sixteen sixty and then there was a period of time when nobody saw it, but at least five hundred years is what they say. And what is it? It's a storm, that's called an anti-cyclone, meaning those counterclockwise and originally Johnny was. A couple of times larger than the size of the earth. So imagine the big hurricane or cyclone that spinning every six is around in a circle, and it's been there that long nobody understands why. But something unusual is happening as, as we're speaking now on Jupiter, now, those also discussion that no suspicions had somebody moons around Jupiter might have had water and other Clinton shows, you know, the story goes, Tepe, John, and this is it in our short interview today. He could go back to the movie, one of my great favorites. And I'm sure if people haven't seen it put it on their list of see two thousand one space odyssey but in the sequel and not to give away the ending of the movie if they haven't seen it, but they're basically saying, don't go and touch your opo. That's a sacred place. So you're Roba in the real science world is one of those satellites, the and moons that may have an icy ocean with organic, material dot dot dot maybe some sort of primitive life. And now, NASA has a funded spacecraft or at least they did just before the presidential election to head out there in about maybe four or five years to explore. What might lie John underneath the ocean or the water that they think, is there on your Oba, so that's amazing. So theoretically life may be not just the possibility on Mars. But maybe also around this massive planet Jupiter, which, by the way, John, if you just live the listeners an idea of how massive Jupiter is it would take thirteen hundred twenty earth's you could pack inside that beaks fear, and that's large by any estimation if that is correct. What do you make out after sky will will these disclosures by the government on UFO's that on navy has been chasing? I'm glad you asked you on, you know, for the longest time, I've studied this and done so much, the history channel asked us to be part of a project blue book when the first game out that great series on history channel back in January way back when Dr Jalen hynick I looked up this process of what was happening the government we always thought was studying, and now as you're reporting, and many people know, maybe some don't that navy pilots are seeing these objects, John, that are moving at hyper speeds. In other words, something that we here on earth. Don't think that even the Russians or Chinese or even maybe ourselves have the technology to do this, and what is this, you'll see an object shoot across the sky ninety degree angle, and then shoot away into the sky at foulland's and thousands of miles an hour. So the bottom line is the government's admitting that they have been studying this. And I believe, John, it's an ongoing investigation because one day, maybe we'll report it here on your radio show and talk in detail about this, wouldn't it be amazing to hear that, yes, we have detected some sort of extraterrestrial life. I'm not saying friendly or not. But the point is, I think people are smart enough and could handle it. But do you think I, I think disclosure should happen sooner than later, if that's something to disclose? Absolutely, john. Anything else? Dr sky, I just want to remind people that they can get to see a lot of the spacecraft's that go around the earth, and here's one a little bit of the tip. If people go to our website, Dr sky dot com. And look on the left side of the website, there's a thing called satellite locator Muslims saying, John earth terms is actually Nevada, where you're listening to the cats round roundtable, you can go and punch in your city, and let's say right here in Phoenix Arizona, where I'm base you can go out and I just watched it last night. Looked at it through the telescope and I can actually see the solar panels albeit, you know, a little bit out of focus space stations, only about two hundred sixty miles above the earth for John. That's great because you can see the Hubble space telescope the space station, a lot of other Russian and American spacecraft and even some of the so-called, then secret reconnaissance satellites that are still up there who knows maybe if they're working or not. But just check that out and John, it's always great because so many of the listeners love to get. Questions answered, and I always say at this way humbly if you've got questions, we've got answers my Email, if you'd like to get in touch with me, simply this DR sky, not your sky show, hat, gmaiLcom, and we do appreciate John so many things Somers, a great time. Not only was vacations and people looking out for things to do what a beautiful thing. John to go out with the family or yourself and just go out and observe and take our minds off of some of the things that were so obsessed with or so, you know, so much part of our lives. Let's learn and enjoy the wonders of the sky is I always remind people in a very simple and humble way, always remember what to keep your eyes to the skies. Steve Kates dot to sky. Thank you, and a happy Sunday, and we'll catch up with you again real. Thank you, Jim. Thank you. This is the cats roundtable. We'll be right back.

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