TRPR 169 News Review 3 February 2020.


MM-HMM MM-HMM. Hi My name is Andrew. Welcome to the Red Fox and welcome to afraid independent written and God judge who made the mighty make the mighty in the BBC may have no interest in celebrate brexit. We'll talk more about that later but I do. I'm very very very pleased that we are now. An independent sovereign nation again. Under God's and well we are still whoa. We're now wicked. Independent nations instead of a wicked slave. Nation are waiting to be seeking God to bring revival to Britain and to shoop bringing not only news economic growth new independence but revival within the Church and morals of on nation ship. We have become a decadent broken. Hell that's no but we need to revive toge- Eh welcome to episode one hundred sixty nine recorded on the third of February. I'm sorry that we missed it but see this coming. Yesterday was international drone dyke masks around the world celebrating a day. So rack that unless you are very very sir lifetime so it says here this is of course a gallon drum day when the date. It's the same backwards this forward. This is oh two oh two two. Oh Two oh the second February twenty twenty and When was the last one? I don't know it was the eleventh of November one one on one which was a while ago if people weren't using Arabic numerals back man in this part of the world so we wouldn't have known it was fat. Anyway there is one coming up in the near future. I believe there are some others but in international powertrain pollen drum days. When it doesn't matter it was the month it comes before the day or the day before the month as some of our brethren get things messed up but the month I don't they anyway? That will actually happen. The Eleventh November I on the Twelfth December. Twenty twenty one so there is another one coming up despite what it says only only happening once in your lifetime. It can happen more often than that anyway. What are we gonNA do this week? This week we will be looking at the a stretch them attack. What happened there little bit on that? Not a great deal yet but a little bit on that Welsh smacking band set to cost eight million compounds football banter at work. While you gotTa stop just can't talk about football at work anymore. Britain Britain will be will not be aligning with AU rules praise. The Lord Brussels Broadcasting Corporation coverage of the brexit was rother somewhat. What biology shall we say? The whistle blowers in who Yang in China WHO warned by the risk of this inviolable outbreaks that we are suffering from the moment one last month they were arrested? So an expert claims study STUDY FINDS UNBORN BABIES. Mayfield paint as early as twelve weeks. Gospel events hosted by Franklin Graham to be axed because well people. Hey Hey to and just thinks you might be excluded them from your group of friends. Well that's basically a hate crime. Anyway this is the red pill report. Despite the strange opening the ripper reported normally posted every week as every weekend is unusual view the pups the read report is to help people especially in the UK and Europe Not European Union Europe to think about the news news and current affairs and what the media is telling us to ask. Is there another side. Hi to the events that we're seeing particularly asking are we being played. Is the mainstream media keeping us in the dark misleading us by omission or commission show notes and background articles for. Almost everything we talk about can be found on our website the red pill dot reports the three words there with no gaps gaps the red pill then a full stop and report no need for. WWW dot co dot UK just the Red Pill dot report and our homepage. You can sign up tron newsletter if you want to. Although this little news goes asking is it just gives you an update when the website is updated with a new article or a podcast and generally speaking because because life is busy. It's just the weekly podcast that goes up. You can also donate thank you very much to the person who gave seventy you plus pounds last week. Thank you very much. We don't have great expenses here but we do have someone that coming up in a while. We need to Redo our hosting. And each week we have to pay quite a bit for the for the podcast hosting To make sure that's up when quality you know with good quality anyway if you wanted to contribute towards that you can do through the homepage. It says he'd trigger warning you the sort of person who's desperately upset that someone women might think there are only two sexes or genders. I don't even think they're really gender. Would which were using. But if you will not well this probably isn't the right podcast for you. If Asians four fifteen should be speaking the truth in love that means that we modify the way we speak the truth not what we insight is the truth. The truth is still the truth and the truth should be spoken but we do it. Hopefully in a way that is compassionate and caring and is out out of love for the people we are speaking to and you can use mine. Shot dead by place after stepping in stoppings in London. She's BBC but lots reporting it. A man has been shot dead by the police in south London. After here tanked people on a busy high street. The attacker was under active police surveillance at the time. I'm the incident which pleased described as terrorist. Related says here. I've not heard any definitive vindictive information but we can be fairly sure that this was an Islamist incident. In fact now we know it wasn't Islamist incident since I wrote this So here we have another attack of the religion of peace causing housing death and mayhem on the streets of London. So who was this attacker well we don't need to worry about his name it's show dish Ma'am I man I am. I don't know but he's a twenty two year old. Who was responsible for the stress from attack in south London on Sunday in November two years ago he pled guilty to six charges charges of possessing documents containing terrorist information and seven off disseminate disseminating terrorist publications one of the manuals? He admitted to owning was bloody Brazilian knife fighting techniques he was jailed at the Old Bailey following the following month for all three years and four months though he's already out Less than two years after I think that is my math is right I was there and record that this is what the report says recall ammon smiling. As he was sentenced he was released. The end of January twenty twenty shortly before the streto attack a man was first arrested in North London in May twenty eighteen eighteen by armed officers on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks. But already he's back loose free on the streets of London to tempt murder again. He had come to the attention of the counter-terrorist police in April that year. When officers were made aware of postings on the telegram messaging application? I'm not quite sure how that happened. Because I thought telegram was unreadable by the police the end to end encrypted anyway maybe it was the other end. We're letting the police know about it. The posts included photo showing doing an image of a knife along with two firearms on a flag along with Arabic words meaning armed and ready manhood written of how he was thinking of conducting terrorist terror attack in north London and high conducted reconnaissance. Detectives discover that the college student had sheds and Al Qaeda magazine in a family. WHATSAPP group The then teenager sent extremist content to his younger siblings and exclaimed Islamic State is here to stay you know. Islamophobia is is not really the word that should be used for people who are concerned about Islam. Phobia is irrational fear. And there's nothing irrational about fearing a fanatic gerardus with a knife and the religion teaches him him to kill the. What's that group entitled? Al Family formula included images of his younger siblings in poses. This is reminiscent of Isis supporters. Such as the one finger salute and wielding weaponry. The court heard in messages just with one family member he suggested that. ZD women are slaves of the Koran. Making it permissible to rape them. If Tommy Robinson had said that the Koran teaches that Islam Iskin rape us any women he would be guilty of a hate crime. But that's what this man is claiming his religion teaches him. What we would we told here? I'm sure is that this man is a victim of white oppression. And that's the only reason he speaks like this. He sent beheading getting videos to his girlfriend who he said should kill Cafa parents now. A far is Arabic term meaning infidel reject checked disbelieve an unbelievable number. The term refers to a person who rejects or dispersed disbelieve in Allah or the tenets of Islam. So he's telling his girlfriend to kill her unbelieving parents and he told her. If you can't make a bomb because family friends or spies or watching suspecting you take a knife or a car at night an attack attack. The tour tourists meaning crusaders place and soldiers taught a UH police and soldiers of taunt Western embassies in every country in this planet the messages with her in messages with her he had pledged allegiance to Islamic state and wish to carry out acid attacks elsewhere. He asked if he you can have a knife delivered to her address and told her he considered Isis to be the best thing to happen to happen to Islam. So here we have a man later took wanting to die as a martyr and go to paradise here. We have a man who following the teachings of Islam maybe not the beliefs of all Muslims but the teaching of his llamas. He understood it believes that he needs to become a martyr to be able to go to paradise our dice and that confers. I'm believers deserve to die now. Of course we're not calling for all Muslims to be any Muslims to be ill-treated all Muslims to be hated or anything like that. There are many many nice Muslims Muslims. I spent much of my early ministry in Birmingham working with an in the Muslim community and had very good relationships with them but nevertheless there is a problem in Islam that leads to things like the Islamic rape gangs that leads to Islamic terrorism. He don't tend to get baptised machete. Wielders or Trying think of another group method Methodist Baptist Baptist bullet bullets and beans brigade or whatever. It just doesn't happen but it does happen. In the religion of peace moving on to better things march for life. In June this year June the thirteenth there will be a march for life with thousands thousands of people from across the U K marching to show their support of prolife initiatives. I believe that will be happening in London. Though I don't have details yet but for your Diary Thirteenth Thirteenth June twenty twenty the assisted suicide law protects vulnerable from pressure to end. Their lives. Is the current law on assisted suicide protects the vulnerable and God's against exploitation and coercion medical ethics experts. Say and. There's more you can read this this because we got lots to get through. This is the Christian Institute and is linked in our show notes but talks about how in some other the countries People are being pressured to well. You know your burden grandma. Why didn't you commit suicide? But how in England the in Britain the assisted suicide laws protecting them from that pressure. Now there are real problems with people who are dying in terrible pain or anticipate dying in terrible pain and who don't want to go through that but nevertheless pilots have K.. Is What we should be offering. Not An politics care may end up with a person. Almost dying of I've maybe even dying of the anesthetics or pain relief that they're being given but it doesn't mean that we use the anesthetics to kill them. We use the anesthetic to relieve their suffering and if they die in the process. That's well maybe what needs to happen. Excuse me something some coffee. Two o'clock in the morning and anybody deserves a coming this time of day. Welsh smacking Bantu cost crossed. Eight million. Pounds the government's making bond is set to cost the tax. Pay Up to eight million pounds. NEW FIGURES REVEAL yesterday. The assembly passed a bill to remove move defensive reasonable chastisement from the law by thirty six to fourteen and from twenty twenty two parents who give their children in a mild smack. Risk Prosecution here. Do you not think that eight million pounds could be spent in better ways to prevent serious injury or harm to children in Wales rather than Prosecuting loving parents who use reasonable mine. Smacking to chastise their children. Those says here say you can prescribe castrating chemicals to children. You can expose children to violent corrupting Ching Teaching on section sexuality and no crime has been committed but you give a gentle smack to a child and you are now considered legally really a criminal more than nine out of ten workers opposed Belfast Sunday trading Christianity Jennifer Dot Org again over ninety percent of the Belfast shop. Workers are opposed to extending Sunday trading hours. A new survey has revealed the poll which was conducted the Trades Union as door as USDA. W WHO said that allowing hiring shops to open for longer hours have negative impact on workers families and communities so the way democracy tends to work in our land nine out of ten vote against it but the those who hate Christianity and who hate anything that smacks Aksa Christian morality will have their way and we will end up with Sunday. Trading extensions in Northern Ireland. The BBC wants about calls for virginity repair surgery and cool for it. To be banned. Companies Are Urging the government campaign is urging the government to outlaw virginity repair surgery. Actually get your virginity back can you. You may be able to stitch the hyman back but it doesn't mean you're a virgin again. Many Muslim women. This is the BBC not me. Many Muslim women risk being out cost or or in extreme cases killed if their spouses or family discover discover. They have had sex before marriage. Here again we see the religion of peace striking for woman. Sins kill her and some are opting for met a medical procedure in which doctors restore a layer of membrane the entrance to the vagina but there are concerns concerns. A bandwidth increased the dangerous to Muslim women by driving the procedure underground The founder of a Ed Middle Eastern Women and society organization told the BBC News of a Moroccan student in hiding in London. After being told a father uh-huh had hired someone to murder. There are currently at least twenty two private clinics across UK offering hymen repair surgery. According urging to recent investigations for the Sunday Times they charge up to three thousand pounds for surgery which takes about an hour. Women's rights campaigners mm say that such clinics are profiting from Muslims. Afraid of what could happen to them if they are not brackets. Pure closed brackets rockets off for their wedding night. Now it's not me saying it's Muslims are going to murder their new wives of virgins. That's mm-hmm this BBC. Article Region See International Clinic Dot Co Dot. UK Say Hymen. German repair London get virginity back. which is a bit of a joke isn't it? You can unity back. You can just have some stitches to pretend you're a virgin. We understand that a woman losing her virginity before marriage can cause complications in some cultures. Read Islam and societies hence the desire for some women for hymen repair surgery. Men of developing countries now allow doctors to legally perform repairs. This has reduced the number of female deaths deaths Ju- questioning of virginity. We've been performing hyman plastics. Otherwise known as Hammond repair surgery since the late nineteen ninety s helping many women from from different backgrounds and cultures read their Muslim. The patients should then expect to bleed on I subsequent sexual penetration. Yikes football banter lighter are not football. Banter work excludes women. This is the BBC chatter about football or cricket in the workplace should be tailed. A Management Body has warned Chartered Management Institute. Heads and frank said sports banter can exclude would women and lead to laddish behaviour such as chat about sexual conquests a lot of women in particular feel left out. She she told the BBC's Today programme what are we going with this prescriptive world anyway don't we. We have a women's football league football. Let me not just transitioned to become a woman. Of course not this world mad. They don't follow these sports and they don't like either being forced to talk about the more if they don't run being not being included you can presumably now never have a conversation at work that all women in the workplace judo feel one hundred percent included founded in or it's basically a crime if any woman at any time doesn't feel included in your every conversation. Well well you're just filled with hate. You're a misogynist and you should be locked up. What sort of entitlement culture are we moving into I'm Anne Frank's being a bit sexist herself air? How does she know that women don't like talking about football shortly some women? Do we have a football league. Surely at least some women like football and some men. Don't she says I have nothing against in sports enthusiast. Saw Cricket fans seemed that means that crooked is not a sport that's great. She said but the issue is many people on on cricket fans. She added an arguing arguing. Buses should crack so arguing. Bosses should crack down on sports banter. Miss France's concerned that discussing football for example and the merits of video assistant referring a A can disproportionately exclude women and divides the office. She also calling for laws against sharing knitting patterns online because most men are not interested in knitting. It's a jumps strictly hitter even contemplate. This it's a gateway for more laddish behaviour and if it goes unchecked it's a signal of more laddish cultures. He said Bush's have to stop people talking about football because because well it's a hate crime so if a friend walks up to me and said what about the match last night I'm wanting to stop pinching female star bottoms at work. Of course not. It's a very easy. It's very easy to escalate from the V. A. R.. Talk Talk to chat and chat to slapping each other on the backs and talking about the CO conquests the weekend. I guess manages manages filthy animals. You shouldn't have anyone to speak at all what you just have. This all put down. Nevertheless Miss Frank does not dispose. Chatter should be Japan's just moderated. So how just how much of this gateway drug a football can we take each day. Can I talk about the goals. But not about the red card incidental is you should only talk about football on days. START WITH A T. I don't know what what's except except what is allowed before they actually start. Raping the female staff she said good manager should be inclusive and show that everyone in the team feels comfortable. Well everybody except those who want to talk about football. I guess Brexit News and surely nearly over Brexit in us now by the way. I'm not saying I want to talk about football in the workplace. I hate didn't test the idea of talk about football but my how the what do we call them. The snowflakes want to encroach on a freedom to even speak for men even speak about football. Because it's it's horrible. If men do that isn't it. The urges will just burst forth. Nobody you know disgusting. Britain is leaving Europe. We've laughed ish assists here. We're out we're out but we're still in the EU rules for few months wants yet and we need to keep praying that we do end up with a good settlement at the end of that time before or by December no later it sounds good so far. We've got things like Dominic Robb saying that we will not not be aligning with EU roles in post brexit trade deal. Let's listen to that question of getting clarity outset. So we're not going to be aligning with EU rules. That's not on the negotiating table. It's not even an issue of red lines. It is not even in the sitting room so Hallelujah. It's sounds like we're moving. Towards what's a good position where Britain is going to be free to be well either the widow of the Godly nation that we end up being. I'm as I say on the website at the moment. I'll take it down eventually but at the moment sort of the brakes shot is that we need now. Is the chest be praying for a revived LAVAR nation to once again turn to be that great missionary sending Christ honoring nation that we were anyway. Let's move on before we get there. We need to do some other things like the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation the BBC's coverage of the Brexit was well l.. Not Very Patriotic. Should we say that Newsnight studio was acting. EU colors with a blue background and gold stars. Not a sign of the Union for there was actually a tiny slither. I believe one of the stars had one of its five points points. This could have about five hundred stars or I'm putting one of its poorest points at one of its stars was sort of a union flag. The countdown clock was blue with a gold starlet. But of course one expects that at the end of the time when the countdown reaches the end each GonNa Turn Well Union Jack Ma who you knew. Flank like no plane pink pink pink to do with anything the thing they reported things like a few hundred people outside parliament but will thousands. They never showed you any real Distant shots of the crouch showing the massive crowd that was there though. If you go online you can find plenty of pictures of that. They sent reporters down into the crowd to speak them to interview them. Well they were very generous show he says. Listen to to one of these people first of all. Let's listen to some tape about what went on in Parliament Square. Ah I'm not sure this reporters name. Let's have a listen to a little bit of what he was reporting about the events in Parliament Square. It's the brexit celebration aberration that's put on by supporters of Nigel. Raja pretty noisy pretty KUNAL. No they're not supportive Nigel. Garage off Raja Seacoast Him Brexit is Patchy Arctic Pro British people. We don't support the man we support. Well the man stood for. We're not for Rajai tes. WE'RE PATRIOTS PATRIOTS WE'RE British people. I mean Englishman Brits we we're celebrating our Independence Day. No Farraj Man. He went on later to talk about what. What about the for? Boris Johnson had issued a short talk a message but the BBC wouldn't play the message. I believe still to date the BBC. I haven't anywhere played Boris Johnson's Brexit Day speech. Now I think there's several reasons behind this. Boris Johnson Johnson. And he's pretty pretty bullish in pretty pro British but more importantly he didn't let the BBC The film his speech. He's going around the mainstream media now. He recorded this using a private media company and issued it himself or other as number ten to the media instead of letting the BBC report recorded an issue at through the poll system. And I think the BBC feel a bit snubbed about this and fail that well hang on. We're beginning to lose control of our position. As Britain's Premier Media Organization will let us let us listen to Boris Johnson. What he said tonight? We are leaving the European Union for many people. This is an astonishing moment of hope. A moment they thought would never come and there are many costs. You feel a sense of anxiety and loss and then there's a third group paps the beast who had started to worry. The the whole political wrangle would never come to an end. I understand who those feelings and our job as the government. My job is to bring in this country together now and take aboard. The most important thing to say tonight is that this is not an end but the beginning. This is the moment when the dawn breaks in the curtain. Martin goes up on a new act in our great national drama. And yes it's partly about. Using these new powers. This recaptured sovereignty. To deliver the changes ages. People voted for whether that by controlling immigration or creating reports were liberating our fishing industry or doing free trade deals or simply making our laws and rules rules for the benefit of the people of this country and of course I think that is the right and healthy and democratic thing to do because for all its strengths and for all its admirable qualities the EU has evolved over fifty years in a direction that no longer suits this country and that is a judgment that you the people have not confirmed at the polls not once but twice and yet this moment is far bigger than that. It's not just about some legal extrication. It is potentially a moment of real national renewal and change. This is the deliver new you era in which we no longer accept that your life. Chances Your family's life chances should depend on which part of the country you grow up in. This is the moment when we really begin to unite and level up defeating crime transforming our images and with better education with superb technology with the biggest revival of our infrastructure since the the Victorians we will spread hope and opportunity to every part of the UK. And if we can get this right. I believe that with every month that goes by we will grow in confidence not just at home but abroad added our diplomacy our fight against climate change our campaigns for human rights fuming education occasion. We will rediscover muscles that. We have not used for decades the power of independent thought and action. Not Because we want to detract act from anything done by R e France of course not. We want this to be the beginning of a new era of friendly cooperation between the EU. An energetic Britain Britain that is simple Tena Asli a great European power and crew global in our range in admissions. And when I look at this country's incredible assets on our engineers are world leading. Universities are armed forces when look at the potential of this country waiting eighteen to be unleashed. I know that we can turn this opportunity into a stunning success. And whatever the bumps in the road ahead I know that we will succeed. We've obey the will of the people we've taken back. The tools of self government now is the time to use those tools to unleash the food potential of this brilliant country at make better the lives of everyone in every corner of our United Kingdom. Well you could see what the BBC. ABC didn't want to play that. But I only David Cameron had come with a speech like that the day the referendum result came out and move just forward art and if Boris Johnson to this they don't think like restarted business link which was assistant to encourage new luke businesses by older more experienced business people mentoring supporting advising new businesses. What a difference we could have by now? Oh Oh three. Ninety four years later it'll be three years later. We could be such a transformation already. Let's listen to the BBC. ABC said about the city. About Boris Johnson's message in the loft out. Boris Johnson is put out video message and he has hailed this moment. Depart approach from the European European Union as a moment of astonishing hope but he's also reaching out to the losing side. And saying I understand onto you a moment of anxiety and lost my. That doesn't really convey Boris. Johnson's message does it. But they didn't didn't want to play that now they send people down into the crowds griego. Ramada was one of them and Well numbers for interviews. We're quite old altercations with a pro brexit supporters. Were quite difficult in the you have experienced reporter not not interviewing a politician businessman. Someone who's used to public speaking but catching people in the middle of the celebrations uh-huh and well What's the word for it? Just sort of catching them unawares unprepared to answer her questions and well. Let's listen to what what of this is one of those interviews. Aw Very reminiscent of John. Snow's I've never seen so many white people. Britain still eighty seven percent whites which who brought race into this. No one's been talked about rice except the BBC. The brexit is didn't bring it up up. It's not part of the argument. The arguments about the fact that we want to be able to make our own laws. We want to be able to set our own taxes we want Amos responsible helper forum courts nothing to do with racism but the BBC bring up racism. The brexit is array. CEST therefore all these people here celebrating must be well white racists in the Brexit it night coverage when the Brexit party were singing the national anthem about trump is an image of this in the show notes a cutback to the studio in the present. His look actually disgusted. The Britain's should dare to sing the national anthem anthem. How do they now? Admittedly Niger. Faraj was quite heard quite prominently Siegen. Maybe maybe that was socil- most people's milk but there's nobody was about this is about brexit celebrations and they were to sour faced presenters says now. This is not a typical program. If anybody's tune into this for the first time this one couple from our Chech- might be listening into this for the first time. This is not quite unknowable program. But I'm a bit disgusted with the way brexit has been handled by the BBC. They put out a a horrible histories special bricks with niche. Koo Koo Ma for CBC now to start with nickel marsh never be speaking to see BBC's not appropriate children's speaker. I don't think but I'll put a link to the role in bed. The show in our show notes. If you want to have a look yourself horrible well history. It says is hilarious. Comedy Fun of grotesque in Grizzly bits of history. Well we'll discoveries hilarious not if you don't mind and brings selection it says in the introduction to this selection of sketches about European historical figures this is the BBC's brexit coverage for the children of Britain about Brexit Shit. Hello I'm nick. Kuma so here. We are on the verge of Brexit. UK leaving the European Union. You might not have heard much about it because things have been so quick and smooth I I mean if anything. It's going to well but I thought as we stand on the verge of historic moment we look back at what Europe has done for us anyway and most of what he talks about. He's nothing things to do with the European Union. It's about historic Europe. But we'll get to that the message really if this is something tonight Britain's a bunch of CRA pay and everything we have. That's worthwhile we got from someone else. Mostly Europe so he looks at. What has Europe done for us? He starts the Norman invasion and they joke about well. They don't even really joke in any detail. But the slaughter that happened to northerners to secure Europe so so the first rule of Europe invaded us. But I think with some some. There's no mistake of great architecture. They say the Germans gave us the royal family wealthy European royal houses a rather more complicated than just the Germans gave us our royal family of royal families have connections going back to the Saxon kings starting with Egbert eight hundred eight hundred twenty seven BC B. C. N. B. C. Ad. Well before the European you union ledge the Italians giving us cooking and fashion and then they go onto about Leonardo Davinci. Well that was pre your opinion. You mustn't it. Napoleon Pre European Louis the fourteenth pre European Mozart pre European marie-curie pre European. And the he he says we have to say goodbye to all of these or the Great Europeans. We have to say goodbye to because we're no longer going to be part of Europe but enough of what will miss Britain is striking out on. Its own and leaving Europe Britain. I didn't know we were actually leaving Europe. I thought we were only leaving the European Union but apparently well. I don't know we're going to get a tugboat and tow us out into the Atlantic or who knows but we're leaving Europe. Apparently and he talks. Well there's lots of other stuff that they took out t coming from India. Not being a British competition comes. I'm from India. Doesn't mention the fact that it comes from China. Originally and Britain brought it over to India so that we could grow it and as part of our trade with India. Britain was just evil in fort wars and stole stuff no mention of the missionaries sure. Is that took the Gospel to the heathen of the Christianity bringing civilization to the world of trains and government police forces hospitals. Oh so much more that we took to the world. Sugar coming from the Caribbean. Even though it was I actually know domestically the USA sugar by the indigenous people of New Guinea a crystallized sugar was found in the medical records of both Roman home and Greek civilizations just in the first century after Christ and around three Hundred Years after Christ. Crystallized sugar was used in India so he cannot wrong too but none of that fits the slave narrative that they want to bring out. With a Sugarcane grown in the Caribbean England. Being an evil brute of a slave nation no mention of the fact that slavery had been abolished almost everywhere in the British empire. By the time Queen Victoria and Queen Victoria. They used to explore all these things. By the time Queen Victoria had got to the throne. No mention of the Church and Britain the British government were the pickus movement worldwide for the abolition of slavery that we paid thousands of pounds in we borrowed a great deal of money. Pay Thousands of pounds and we lost. Many sailors lives trying to stop the slave trade in east Africa. And that I believe in two two thousand fourteen was when we paid off those debts. Two thousand fourteen but the British only evil never a force for good according to this horrible histories and Niche Kumar hobbies. I thought that was uses free. There's a well before Queen Victoria. We had the first navigable submarine designed signed by William Born anchor anchor escapement for clocks to help accurate timekeeping. Isaac Newton invented the first reflecting telescope the first commercial steam powered device. A water. Pump was developed by Thomas Savory the first practical steam engine is designed by Thomas Newcomb the first electrostatic motors are developed by Andrew Gordon. The Iron Bridge the first architecture architecture bridge made of cast iron is built. By Abraham Darby Edward Jenner invents the first Vaccine Gene Humphrey not so Humphrey of yes prime minister but Sir Humphry Davy's Dave's Dave creates the first first incandescent light. Not Thomas Edison. Then the world's first locomotive hauled railways built the John Loudon John mcadam develops the Macadam road from which all around the world to build his evil. Nowadays isn't it. Charles Babich proposes. which is the idea of the difference engine? The first computer was around but Nash. COBB POO poos the Britain's basically invented nothing. Nothing no one twitter commenter come to. This is very funny that this this unfunny race baiter on horrible history voices prejudice through the medium of well either television telephone computers or radio illuminated by roomful of lightbulbs. None of which he would have. If it wasn't for Britain the most effective way to destroy people is to deny the the blitz their own understanding of the history says George Orwell we criticized for fighting wars but no mention is is made of the fact that we saved Europe from the dictator Napoleon all the Kaiser or Hitler through fighting coaching wars. We just evil things seems to come from a and basically this this program. This BBC programme appears to be saying Brenton. You are rubbish. What is the British bore costing cooperation with British government funding at least by British mandate as the government by the charter? That requires almost everybody to buy a TV licence. What are they doing so cropping? On our nation with our resources come back to the song the beginning land of hope and glory mother of the free. How shall we exalt the WHO are born of the wider? Still unwired. A shall I bounce besets God who made the mitee not make the mightier yet. God who made the mighty make mightier yet. Why are we not celebrating and looking forward to a bright eight godly future for our nation instead of pope owing us? I'm making us appear as though we rubbish and we're in brexit news but we're really talking about the BBC's propaganda against Britain. And I want to continue. Can you in that just for a little bit. Even though it's not really brexit news. But as I was trying to find the news I think it was yesterday to live. It might have being today to listen to her hanging two minutes and melody in Arizona so they were being sausage. Cut Remember where now I came across a BBC programme waterfall. Textbooks were black we can change our exhibitions and keep on changing them and keep on telling different stories but but if we don't also change our textbooks then nothing changes at all so. I'm going to be speculating about this. And I like you you to speculate with me. The speculation is what if our textbooks were black. What if our books and our education focused as much on a global black history as it does on a European history? The reality of it that is that there have been significant players contributors actors in the cultural history of the world who don't originate nate from Europe. who originate from the African continent and its descendants? So I like to maybe fill in some of those those gaps in histories and see if we can find some compelling stories around ways in which we can expand our history of the world now. This is a radio program presented by Naomi Black with. She grew up in Chicago South side and usually actually. I'm sorry. Unusually her school prioritize the teaching of black history of no problem with that I was a black neighborhood and teaching black history and black neighborhood in America where there's a large black community no problem. What's the problem with that great? When she opened a textbook she saw people who looked like it says here? Well does that mean that. I don't like her she she just looking on the color of my skin saying well. We're not the same bewigged different. I I don't I don't see why people being that racist assist but when she left that school most black faces from the past disappeared. Today is an international curator for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago her exist. Her exhibitions rebalanced the story of art and culture focusing on African American cultural figures who could and should be better known so. Her exhibitions are based on race and racial selection of artists. Not based on how good that artists but based on their color is that what Martin Luther King stood full our dream my four little children one day in the nation where they they will not be good by the color in but by the content of character I would judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of the character. That's what Christianity would teach. That's what I thought we did. But she argues that we we need to go much further. We need to reconsider our models of education so they are race based race favourite now of course she wants black people to be promoted. She's as racist as enemies about Chinese history. She's not an Indian history. She she in you it history initiate. eskimo she's not talking about. I don't know what are the history that might be. So how much of it now reading history. Oh sorry native American history. The BBC is promoting again. The idea that Britain is racist country and that we all Weitz Weitz and haters but Britain is eighty seven percent white in population and we are a European nation so why should not most most of the history that is torture. Our schools be from a British an English British. I've got European European history which is by chance mostly light even now how we are. Eighty seven percent white population but back in history were much higher percentage white. It's not racist to to say that Queen Victoria was a white person or that can george was a white person or that Stevenson was not racist. We shouldn't should brought them up or shouldn't say scrub those only talk about the few black people that were involved in street. Someone said In tweets I was reading. Britain is probably the most influential nation in the world. Historically it certainly in history since perhaps the time of the Romans the most important nation in history since since Rome ego but beyond that you might have some Chinese influence she might have some some other influences Mongol influence and so on but in recent history in the last thousand years thousand fifteen fifteen hundred years Britain is probably the most important nation with regard got to world history and by chance. A lot of those people were white is not racist but we are but the BBC we see a wanting to promote no. No we really do need to be lacking up our history as it were and and for that matter films. Three generations of black filmmakers on diversity and craft awards says the BBC award season is underway with both the Baptists and the Oscars coming up and once again the announcement of nominees has been criticized for its lack Komo of diverse city. I'm not surprised I'm kind of horrified that we're still talking about the lack of diversity. I just WANNA see films I can be like. This is like space. It's what we're finding in two thousand twenty. That is very little knowledge of the black experience premeditated. And say okay. We're GONNA have a Motif that's GonNa just because it's the process the remmy the Lamelo. He was serious about what he was saying. You manipulate unit. That's all we have no writers that are present in TV we have no holly and directors and talent or any expression of black. The black DOC experience. I'm Tim get off your backside then and write something or filmed something or actor bit. No one has made it illegal for black doc people to be in films to direct them to write them or to act in them today. It's easier than ever to get a start in media if the start a podcast on the video cost. Get yourself out there. Stop whingeing stars. Like Laurence Fishburne Denzel Washington engine Morgan Freeman Richard. Pryor David Murphy. Samuel L. Jackson Laurence Fishburne Again Whitney. Houston Whoopi Goldberg. These are people who have stunned in their abilities and I think many white people even think of them as being just actus amazing actors amazing actresses. Yes I'm going to use that terrible at actresses than female mel actors the actresses many of us. Who are minute thing? When we're watching a film with Eddie Murphy or Samuel L. Jackson that think? Oh there's a actor he's just a great character actor. Don't give a fig about his color. They do not need need to use the they. They did not need to use the race card to get themselves to staal billing or to a great salary and Jackson particularly early. Says if you don't like where you are just get out of there get on a bus out away you off. You feel oppressed go somewhere actor or get on with whatever you're doing and this is I know we still in Brexit News. An really his Roy diverging. Well who says it's my program. This is where I want to go. The BBC is to cut four hundred fifty jobs across news programs. As part of its money saving drive it says here. And that's in the independent and I think this is just a sign of the Malays that has come across the BBC. Hundreds of jobs will be cut at BBC as part of plans to reduce costs modernize the newsroom but broadcast has has announced. The measures will lead to an estimated four hundred fifty job losses including at Newsnight and radio. Five Live I think the BBC is is now such a discredited source of news. The did is no wonder that. They're having to make cuts and rearrange things they are they. They have run down the good name the BBC used to have around the world the BBC used to be they standard bearer of good reporting shambles. And a shame. It's a left wing liberal pro. LGBT propaganda machine pro was your brain fairly when you get out. And who is this. Rick Look in the morning. pro- who globalization propaganda machine. And you can get better coverage from a mine in his kitchen with a laptop and on iphone but when he goes out on the streets then you can from the BBC's news coverage now back to the article the corporation nations said it would also be be a review of the numbers of presenters. We have an how they work. The corporation needs to save eighty million pounds reduce financial financial pressure which includes paying for the free TV licences for over seventy five on pension. Credit when I didn't actually have to pay for that they just don't get revenue from it. The corporation said it wants to reduce dupree duplication while making the savings which will see a reduction in the number of films is produced by Newsnight the flagship political programme which recently made headlines with this interview of the Duke of your now. That was a good program credit where credit the chew. The man and his laptop would not get that one but but I watch a man who every day Jay puts out another well two or three videos about Prince Andrew and the investigation. That's going really investigating investigating investigating what's going on with Glenn Maxwell on True News more than the BBC done staff about twenty an income. Come up about well not much at all. Their loss should be post closures at five driven by the Changing Listings Habits Habits listening habits of the origins and demand for digital content. The changes made there will be a reduction in the overall number of stores covered and there will be further investment in digital news. The broadcaster said Fran Unsworth Director of News and Count Affairs at the BBC said the BBC has to face up up to the challenge of the way. Ordinance are using US. My comment is the way so many people are now listening to independent media over the Internet. Means that well I think they're switching from radio and television to try and Fight back against the independent media. Anyway we need to reshape the BBC's news for the next decade in a way which saves substantial amounts of money. We are spending too much of our resources on traditional linear bro Costing and not enough on digital with regard to digital broadcasting. Yeah I think the fact that independent brokers eating their lunch when it comes to Good Quality Broadcasting Costing people in their kitchens in their attics in their sheds with a laptop and an iphone eighteen the BBC's lunch when it comes to research approach to Investigative reporting and they are in my mind planning on fighting back. They say here are juiciest public funded broadcasters to inform educate and entertain every citizen but there are many people in this country that we are not serving well enough. Well my comment is stop propagandizing US stop trying to reshape society to the image of your perverted views and and maybe people will start listening to you again world news. We could look at the trump impeachment but why bother looks like his nearly all over. It looks like it's about to be dismissed but we'll see see we wait to see how developed nearly all over it nearly rate really never really began. Did it the nearest they got to evidence of wrongdoing wrongdoing. With someone say well I think the president was this. He didn't say that he said No. No no no pressure but I think when he met was really quick pro are pro pro quo anyway. Trump joins hundreds of thousands at US march for life. Christianity dog say president trump became the first. US President President in history to speak in America's annual March for life in fact. He did that several years ago. Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers had the president express his support for protecting the lives of the unborn. And this is I have no second or third time there. I just the first president in Forty odd years to ever appear at the march for life here for a very simple reason to you defend the right of every child born and unborn to fulfill their God given potential. Aw for forty seven years Americans of all backgrounds of travel from across the country to stand for life and today as president at the United States. I am truly proud to stand with you. He said today we must protect cherish and defend the dignity in the sanctity of every human life. Now he's done that greater job on their still Shuji huge amounts of abortions in America. He's cut some of the funding planned. Parenthood was still get many millions of dollars each year. And and although I don't think they're allowed now to the not paid any more to kill babies they're paid for other services they don't provide and they divert that money to the killing of babies. I believe that Trump probably would like to to see the end of abortions. He would like to see The killing babies stop. But he's under a lot of pressure politically and it's not easy to make those decisions. He should just make them anyway. But it's not easy and I'm not defending him but at least he was there speaking out in favour. What do we say about the the Corona Corona virus while we had seminar church? Today I had hoped up to get on the program here today but I never managed to get around to. It can't reopen stomach. I had hoped to get on here but that's not going to happen happen. She said that things that she's heard from her friends. And contacts in China a much much was number being told him in the Daily Mail this is whistle blowers in who young who warned about the risks of a contra. The Coke Corona virus outbreak last month were arrested experts claim whistle blowers who sounded the alarm about the controversial virus. Chris in China reportedly arrested for spreading rumors leading. UK expert on China has claimed that the whistle blower has warned about the deadly virus. A month ago go so I really don't know there's lots of questions I have. There are some challenging things we have to people with corona virus. In in in Britain. They wear to hotel and the people who were there with them. Close contact with them just being told with. Here's some symptoms to lookout for now you can be asymmetric permanently just a spreader. Oh you can take up to fourteen days. It's not about four days but up to fourteen days just to become symptomatic. All that time you can be spreading the virus. We have a massive spread to thousands of people before before. Anybody knows that the people who were with those two people caught the virus. That may not happen but it seemed very moist me. We're rich enough nation. We could have said to all rollers people. Look sorry you're GonNa have to stay in this hotel for fourteen days. We will secure your jobs. If necessary will put workers into work in your place. I will pay your bus to keep the place available for you will pay your rent. We'll pay your mortgage. We will provide you televisions and game boys. And we'll we'll feed you on caviar and champagne while you spend fourteen days and it would be cheap compared to allowing doing the virus to get out and spread in Britain. The people who came back from China on the plane. And we're taking into a fourteen day quarantine. We're taking on coaches and as far as I could see now I couldn't find any footage of this. The drivers of those coaches appeared to be well in civilians. They weren't sort of white coveralls and a mask on so when they get to where they're going they can take the covers off and throw them away in. The coach can be disinfected drivers in quarantine now or are they just going about their business. It seems James Very strange to me. Now this is not really a news. They want to come here but I want to bring them out just the juxtaposition. This president trump signs animal mccourty bill into law making the federal felony to be cruel to mammals. I think it is. I won't go into detail of a federal felony now after Donald Trump signed the bill into law on Mondays. The bipartisan bill preventing the Animal Cruelty and torture the pact act preventing cruelty and torture packed. Act Act and I believe the penalty for for breach. This is up to eight years in prison. Of course tearing a baby apart it in his mother's womb. No problem even speaking about the baby being born late in a cop. Besides mother having a chat chat with doctor about it and then killing the baby well even. That's not a crime although they haven't yet I believe normally killing babies post birth. We do in England if they have down syndrome. They just don't tell you they do it. But eight years in prison for being called to a rat tearing a baby apart in his mother's there's room without anesthetic no problem on that story here study finds unborn. Babies may feel pain as early S.. Twelve weeks gestation from Breitbart a new study in the British Medical Journal has concluded UNMOWN. Babies can feel pain before four twenty four weeks and possibly as early as twelve weeks just station to medical school. Researchers including one who claims to be pro choice A paint expert asserted investigation strongly suggests unborn babies who are aborted prior to twenty four weeks legal limit that exist in Britain could be experiencing pain as they are being terminated. Well he say being ripped bottle burnt to death of the chemicals. British professor Stuart Daba share Who has served as a consultant to the pro choice forum in the UK And Planned Parenthood's joined American John Bachman including good evidence that unborn babies brains means a nervous systems are sufficiently developed by eighteen weeks for him or her to fail pain during termination. I think so too and so it goes on. You can read more yourself. They can feel pain so they go through the fact the well maybe we should give them an anesthetic static before we kill them so no moral problem with killing a human being but we ought to give it an anesthetic. I they do go on. Actually the office do go on to note the May experience pain is a more morally significant and I did science again points it's the humanity of the unborn lastly in World News News. And I'm not going to talk about this much tool but I came from a very interesting video. My research this week how donating to charity can make poor people poorer and the gist of it. Basically something like this. You have a nation that has an existing clothes economy. People manufacture cloth. Clothes people sell clothes and the end of it. You have people who buy clothes because you know you gotTa Win Clinton's but British charities have lots of clothes donated to charity shops. That don't really fit to sell all the just don't sell get put in huge shipping containers incentive cross to places like Africa. Well if you're a poor African who gets off with a free pair of jeans and a t shirt or you go to a native store and buy cheaply some native clothes made by native seamstress. Starting with the word made out of cloth that was made by cloth manufacturer in your native country. Well you're going to go for the free stuff on you so dozens of people in that chain you can get put out of business and the same same happens with food and with technology video talks about the fact that people use to have a thriving industry three in selling doing up and selling secondhand or cheap electron. It products was now charities donating thousands or millions of secondhand phones secondhand computers and so on and his absolutely sleep devastated the the natural economy of these nations and the clothes economy goes the food. Economy goes the farming economy goes. How's the seed in the fertilizer? Sort of economy goes that transport Economy for those goods go. The markets for those goods go the a clothing manufacturing the growth weaving cloth production close production close sales businesses all collapse ups and I guess it's the law of unintended consequences. Anyway there's a video I will embed in the show notes if you want to look at. How donation relation to charity can make poor people poorer? Now you know those lovely people who are really keen on people's rights and the everybody deserves a freedom medium of choice and freedom to decide how they want to live etc.. Well here we are Christian Dot Org the Cushion Institute Gospel Event hosted by Franklin Engram axed over Biblical views on sexuality and this has been in the BBC in other places to major a major British conference. Venue Major British comforts values of cancel bookings for Franklin Graham Billy. Graham's son no this is a nice man once a major charity. Samaritan's purse helping tens of thousands of people in hurricane struck areas and so on where the charts she's not making people poorer. What's happening in desperate circumstances? Franklin Grimm's Gospel event because of opposition to his views on homosexuality but he says he's coming with with a message of Love Not Anti Homosexual Glasgow Sheffield and Liverpool have all dropped the preacher with some lgbt groups claiming me his mainstream Christian stance on issues like same sex marriage well violence against gay people when has a mainstream stream ordinary Christian preacher ever called for violence against homosexuals yes. I'm sure there are some particularly insult like African denominations where it appears they get such a strange view Christianity that they will try and beat a demon after someone burner demonopolise someone with brands and so Jesus spoke to demons and they came out in beat them with a stick. We don't call for homosexuals to be thrown off buildings. That's another religion as the religion piece Billy Graham Franklin Graham of never called for violence against homosexuals in response. The son of like Billy Graham said I am not coming to the UK to speak against. Anybody I'm coming to speak for everybody. Franklin Graham has planned on eight Van van Utah across Britain to speak about the good news of Jesus Christ between May and October Graham has status. The Bible says marriage is between a man and a woman not to men not women here's also expressed the mainstream Christian view that homosexual sex is sinful but also that all have sinned and we'll come to that Latroun Israel Phyllo or flour someone the by to say homosexuality is similar losses greed is. Sid says the pride ISN since the not loving goddess in the door and your parents have sin saying it sins. Not Saying you're worse than me it saying. Hey we'll send us from Sheffield said. His statements direct hate speech and incitement to violence against LGBTQ communities and on individuals well violence and to move would be sent to but here we have Heather Patterson calling Ling Biblical normative. Teaching hate speech. Being a Christian is to be a hateful person. Listen now in Britain off the Docks Christian theology is now hate speech you WanNa say Orthodox I mean traditional not Greek Orthodox traditional two thousand years of Christian teaching and before that four thousand years of he bright teaching from Adam to today says that marriages between one man and one woman that now is hate speech. No one who believes that marriage is between a man and woman has any right to speak anywhere in Britain anymore all all venues must be picketed and partitioned by the LGBT community to silence you we have no freedom of speech according to the LGBTQ gpt community partisan added this homophobic beliefs include branding homosexuality since it's to say that homosexuality is a sin is hate speech. Well they don't believe in God anyway. So why do the cameras is not so yes even believing that marriage is between a memo manner woman not even speaking of just believing it the Liverpool a Labor lgbt networks Graham's appearance may incite hateful hateful mobilizations and risks the security of our LGBTQ plus community. They know this is not true. They are lying but they using hysterical language to whip up fear and hatred of Christians. Can I say that calling. Franklin Graham or Christian belief hate speech is whipping up or risking being whipping up and mobilizing hatred of Christians cuts both ways. He's one of the proposed venues in Glasgow said following pressure from its principal shareholder the city council. It had cancelled canceled the booking so here we are Glasgow City Council Anti Christian. It's just true you can't deny you can't go around one way and the other Glasgow City Council is Anti Bible Anti Christian. You are a hated minority because Christianity is a minority in this country. We are a minority religion minority group and we are hated it. I'm persecuted minority Sheffield Arena. Venue also faced pressure from the cancel as it barred the US pressure the city's major claim to believe in free speech and the right of freedom of expression but said it did not not extend to Graham so the the man claimed a belief in free speech but that free speech does not extend to Franklin Graham and presumably not any any other Christian preacher either. We've said many times before the rights do not belong to Christians only to the left into the LGBTQ LGBTQ plus plus community. You Christian have no rights in this country or we're beginning to get to that state by what they claim we have by the law. We still do but only just in Liverpool the venue the preacher statements were incompatible with our our values. What surely there are Christians in Liverpool who values that are compatible? The the churches should on mass. The Christians should on mass be at Liverpool City Council offices tomorrow demanding that they have a right to have their preach preach in their city incompatible with our values in light of this we can no longer reconsult consult the balance between freedom of speech and the divers impact. This event is having on our city. So yes yes you have freedom of speech but if algae bt people don't like it you don't hope not hate. We'll be protesting against the bigotry of these activists who are shutting down Christian speech. I don't think so. Do you just one item into science news and his under climate change and and this could be true of so so many more celebrities and bigwigs in the Climate Change Movement but here we are Prince. Charles flew sixteen thousand miles in just eleven days says the Daily Mail Prince Charles took three flights of private jets. Gets the helicopter before meeting. Activists Gretchen Somberg after an impassioned speech on climate change on Wednesday. He took a four private Magette from Switzerland to Israel. His flights travel traveled travels over sixteen thousand miles in less than a fortnight at an estimated cost of two hundred eighty thousand pounds. Two Hundred Eighty K.. To the taxpayer on a trip to the world economic form in Davos last week Prince Charles met activist Greta. Bergen used an electric Jag. You Aqa aw to travel to the Swiss resort but the M. S. O.. Can reveal who that is could reveal the deneen eleven days before this is high profile of parents. Child took three flights on private jets for official government business and one helicopter and after his speech on Wednesday dream which that she urged the worldly to take bold imaginative action on the environment he then took for jet to Israel on another trip. You and I must give up our leisure and pleasure. Not even that more than that. You must give up your right to drive drive to work to drive your children to school to have a fridge to watch television. You must give up all of those for the sake of the planet but we the elite screw you. We're going to do what we like technology news while quite a way to go with this. I hope this is true. ooh This could be really really good news and it could be part of what's going to screw the BP device said screw you screw now. I haven't really have. I know I'm a good aboard. Mark Zuckerberg declares facebook. We'll stand up for free speech. Unlike living boosted counsel Mark Zuckerberg declares facebook is going and to stand up for free. Speech is the Daily Mail and allow people to post what they want but the CEO admits the new move. Will something awful awful people piasters estrus offer. People Mark Zuckerberg touted excessive. Censorship joined the tech summit appearance on Friday varying facebook would stand up for free speech. The social media said his company had previously tried to avoid being going to offensive but no longer curtail those against freedom of expression. Mark Zack has declared that facebook is going to stand up free to repeat a lot. Don't they ask for a lot of people told the audience at the face that facebook had previously tried to resist moves that would be branded as to offensive. But says he now believes he's being asked to partake in excessive censorship. Now we know this we know this all too well but I guess he's beginning to see the light or as you can see. The doctor told US disappearing probably not because he's excessively wealthy but maybe increasingly we're getting caught on to censor a lot of different kinds of content. That makes me really uncomfortable comfortable. He claimed we're going to take down the content that is really harmful but the lines need to be held at some point. Now now this sounds like fantastic news to me and we'll wait and see our people like Tommy Robinson is going to be reinstated. I give them back their facebook. Page all posts. The that mentioned the name of Tommy Robinson going to be reinstated. There are several possibilities. That underlie this it may. DP that he really has been censoring to avoid pressure. He's being put upon by other people. He's not really wanted to send me being put upon and felt. Well I I probably should censor these things because well it will make my life easier. Maybe he's at less day-to-day control over a over facebook and its foreign into the hands of left wing activists who have used left-wing consultants to program facebook with a censorship ship regime. And maybe now he's saying hey hang on. I've lost control of facebook. I'm going to get that back. Maybe he's saying the people that facebook is falling out of favor and actually show many young people now. Don't use facebook because well either because grandma does possibly because it's not where the truth is anymore. Maybe he he sing is company fall out of favour realizes he needs to do something to get it back. Maybe he sees facebook is being taken over by whiny borey. Leftists and the right are no longer interested in going to his site. And that's hitting his profitability. Maybe that's the same thing as I said before. Maybe he sees the coming collapse of much of the left-wing media like the BBC like CNN. Like well so many ninety of these left wing media stations and programs and and imprints. That are coming coming to well Because of their left-wing ignace if that's a and he realizes he needs to position himself further to the right before the comes down metaphorically chops off the left or just dwindles on the vine as it were in dies and he wants to get out from underneath that before the dwindling arrives. I don't know what the motives behind it. Lots of possibilities. But I do so hope that he means what he says. Israel still not allowed to express his beliefs sacked Australian rugby union play. Israel flower has been signed to the French Super Super League club catalans dragons or similar to that however the new signing has renewed criticism of the player over his previous comments on social media which warned various sinners to repent from their sins wins among them homosexuals says Christian concern for lower was sacked in April last year. Four after he posted a call for people to repent on instagram based on various versus from the Bible He hit the post led to extreme criticism in the media and from other players many labeling him homophobic homophobic which is interesting. Now we'll come to his actual post but I believe he's relations is five thousand. Nine hundred twenty one is the foundation verse for there's another works of the flesh Manifest which are adultery fornication on cleanness liberty assists toiletry witchcraft hatred variance emulations Roth. Strife sedition heresies envying murders drunkenness raveling and such like of them which I told you before as I have told you in time past. They wish to such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God to even have homosexuality even think we did his post. Let's go down. I'll find is posted not warning drunkards homosexuals adulterers liars. Fornicated thieves atheists in idolaters odometers. Hell awaits you repent. Jesus only Jesus saves now. Let's go back up here. Many he calling him homophobic strange. They didn't call him adultery PHOBIC. They didn't call him four negation of PHOBIC. They didn't call him witchcraft. PHOBIC PHOBIC or Angora phobic or merger a phobic. They call him homophobic. That's where they center into in on. Because they hate the fact that he stands for righteousness and according murderer phobic will. You couldn't really sock him for that good you. But he's as a Christian. They hate him. They want him gone after swift. Disciplinary Proceedings eatings flower sacked from rugby Australia. An issue with a former warning from the rugby football union with crowdfunding support. He mounted a legal challenge. Challenge the led to an outcry. Sorry out of court settlement now nine months later allow continues to be criticized for his beliefs reporting reporting on his Mussa catalans dragons mainstream media among them. The BBC The Guardian. The Sun all continued to label his comments. Homophobic home phobic not adulterous phobic. Not Fornication of phobic not which crafter phobic Angra phobic not merger phobic phobic only homophobic rugby football league are Raphel. Said we have sought and received reassurance a show from both the player and the club regarding future behavior fillet himself also reassured his critics that he will not make make any further comment. I'm proud I'm proud Christian. My beliefs a personal. My intention is not hurt. Anybody I will not be making further further public comments about them. He has been shut up. He has no free speech. He cannot coat the Bible. He cannot share his belief. We do not have free speech for Christians in this land. We are a persecuted. Not Minority continues warnings of stubborn issued. That philosophy is not free to express his belief Super League chief executive sexiest chairman. Robert elston said that strict guidelines are in place to prevent fallout from making any similar comments in the future. He has has been shot. He continued by saying that a repeat would result in the players contract with Catalan being terminated. Immediately Caitlyn also facing a substantial fine if allow us to do so. Let's hear how the BBC spoke about this subject when Israel fill out the rugby union players last year in Australia for saying that Hell awaits gay people now. This is the BBC Today Programme and here again. The BBC propagandists the Babylon Broadcasting Corporation. They're not the Brussels broadcasting comb conversation he didn't say Hell awaits gay people. He said warning drunkards homosexuals adulterous liars. Fornicated thieves atheist idolatrous. Hell awaits you repent only Jesus saves but is that where the BBC does the BBC. He's against drunkards to this as against adultery liars. No because they can't. Hey Tim Tim enough for that. Those things aren't bad enough Stralia for saying that Hell awaits gay. People may well find himself playing rugby league against Huddersfield as the Super League. Season opens this weekend. That's the surprise development to follow his return to League on a one year contract with the French club. CATALANS dragons now regularly correspondent. Dave Woods is on the line Monday Sunday morning. Ron How did this come about. It's been something that's been in the pipeline for a couple of weeks. Now I know the clubs the twelve superleague club's met last May and the name of Israel L. Flow came out then whether any of those clubs should approach him given the circumstances of his background and what he'd said and the twelve clubs at that point seemed to agree. No this is not apply. We want in Super League but Catalan of gun alone and have gone on signed him a the. RFL and Super League itself the body have deployed and rather condemning in that comments yesterday. But there's nothing they can do legally at this stage to actually stopping being registered as a player as you've hinted flowers risky not to say controversial. Sure decision for the dragons it is under warnings in place the RFL who say they can't stop. The registration now have said that he repeats anything that he said in the past and remember more recently as well as those original currencies linked Australia's bushfires to same sex marriage and abortion laws. If he repeats anything like that then they will come down very heavily on him and the club have been so Catalan have been sold. That they too will be. Fine and Catalan seem to agree that that yet they will accept that and they will do their level best to make sure that whatever with lots he might have that he keeps to himself. What exactly I mean He? He had a distinguished career as we know in Australian Rugby League before switching ten years ago to ozzy rules and then to rugby union. uh-huh maybe it's best. Hope of avoiding further controversies in performing well on the pitch. What are the chances of that? I WANNA well easy. He's a very good player. Put everything else aside. He's a he's a fantastic player. He's He's played in not just Rugby League and Rugby Union Australian rules as well. He's an all round athlete. One of the interesting developments yesterday though and this cannot literally a minute after the announcement that Carolina decided assigned that Wigan Rugby League club immediately announced that then when they play Atlanta March twenty second they dug it pride day on. It's going to be a celebration of the LGBTQ plus community that. I wouldn't be surprised if other clubs go down the same route so that is seen as a positive. Let's take this negative and turn it into a positive how much that acts as a provocation. To the play himself to Israel remains to be seen so misquoted. They lie about what he said and so most people who haven't researched. This looked what he actually said believe. He's a he's a homosexual hating bigot. wjr weather then. Rejoice that weaken and others are going to be provoking him and hating on him by making it an lgbt pride day whenever he plays anywhere. This is deliberately heaping. Hate on a man who who is a Christian you are a hated minority courses courses because he was a Christian. Have no rights to not be hurt you. Dan Not hurt the feelings of a homosexual or a transgender the man with testicles who wants to wear a frock and go into the girls changing rooms you cannot speak against them but you can hate Christian or you like in fact things get so strange that the criminal prosecution services now say that if you think acute being excluded Nisa Cristina dot co dot. UK Christner's to excluded. It counts as a hate. Crime says the C. P. S. if a pupil believes they've been excluded from a friendship group because sexual orientation it could be a hate crime according to the Crown Prosecution Service we. Where do we go with such statements? If someone thinks they've been excluded from your group of friends it's a hate crime you don't have to done anything acted on a thing. You've not punch the hit them the more than anything. But if they think you've done it it's a crime so you need to make sure that everyone in the whole world world knows that they are all welcome into your group just in case someone by mistake gets the wrong idea and you are guilty. Not a crime the new guidance schools written by the CPS alongside lgbt active grew to activist group grant Greenwich Intelligence and stonewall other examples of potential anti LGBT hate crimes LGBT hate incidents it puts forward include rejecting someone or not wanting to work with them so now by law while sort of love by law. You must be friends with people whose life choices you find objectionable. It's a criminal criminal offence not to want to join someone who to be friends with someone who I don't know wants to cut their penis off wants to have their breasts. Removed wants to have sex with men with a man. You cannot you d'hainaut it's criminal few not to want to have them as best buddies his months. Now buy low befriends. We'd Raucous rugby players. Must now well well play Ping Pong. I guess consensus will seem to vote for Labour presumably it's J- US bonkers continuing on the CPS defines a hate crime miss any criminal offense which is perceived by the victim or any other person so not even involved some third person so you may be happy. The other person may be happy but someone else thinks you being nasty to them. Perceived to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person's race or perceived race religion or perceive religion sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation disability or perceived disability and any crime motivated by hostility or prejudice against a person who is transgender or perceived to be transgender. Now normally they have religion in here. I thought but I guess you can't have that because we could say that I perceive you're hating Israel fellow so you could have a Homosexual and or another person who are happy not being investi buddy friends but an activist group like Mermaid says says hey. I think you're hating on that person. And now you're criminal this document states that the CPS regard homophobic homophobic and transphobic hate crimes as particularly serious you thought Gbh murder criminal damage etc.. Were serious but no. You're wrong long thinking the wrong thought is what the CPS plans cracking down on not physically hurting or damaging property not people damaging property even have to be your thoughts. You may not have thought anything wrong but some third person may perceive that you are doing something naughty a now you can be held guilty. The new guidance source tells schools. They could face legal action if they refused to allow male pupils access to female changing rooms. They don't even need to pretend to be transgender. They just need to want to go into the girl's rooms to watch the girls change and shower and if you don't let them it's a hate crime. Apparently what can I add Chris. Long the national leader on hate crime said the guidance would educate children and young people and support victims in regarding transphobic Abuse Parent Group transgender trend founder founder. Stephanie Davis Airy also criticized the document for the suggesting that single-sex spaces are on lawful and her opinion what it said above which is scores May face legal action if they stop a man going into the latest changing rooms that is unlawful Sarah film or a barrister who specialized in public law. Aw Child Protection described the guidance as extremely alarming she added that clear incentive is being set to encourage students to report one another's behavior behavior or for teachers to feel under pressure to refer on to the police and I suspect This new guidance tell schools they face legal action if they refused to allow male pupils to access female. Changing would also apply if we tried I to stop a man going into the latest toilets at Church for man wants to go into the latest toilets church and disturb the ladies in there. Hey it would be a hate crime to stop stop him. Scottish transgender reform unleashes gender. Free for all says the Christian Institute put the new Scottish bill would allow self declaration of Gender. The Scottish government has come under fire from gay activists for its controversial proposal to enable more people to change sex by self identification the LGBT Line Scotland called for the withdrawal of the government's draft. Bill saying it would unleash a agenda free for all Roman Catholic churches also said now the proposal to reduce the minimum age from eighteen to sixteen is a troubling development. The L G B alliance Scotland said there would be nothing to stop a man legally changing sex and gaining access to female only changing rooms and hospital wards while it appears from the above article. He doesn't even need to do that. A. Woman wearing the LGBT allowance. T shirt was removed from an LGBT bar for being anti transgender lesbians are now Evil Committees of LGBT. Oh Gee bt hate crimes even though they are part of the Lgbtq community we are just falling apart as a nation. Are we not off so God help us every hour forty nine minutes in hope. Well make this close very short If if you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and he is your own hope as Israel for lower says if you are any of those categories including things like pride not honoring God as you should not honoring your parents thinking. Thinking lustful thoughts not even committing adultery. Book thinking lustful thoughts. Jesus in the sermon the amount you are guilty of sending against God Almighty now we all are no one's putting your finger you say your sinner. I'm I'm I'm a good person. You're a sinner. Now we have all syndrome. I was all in the full shortly. Glory of God. That's why Jesus came to forgive sins and he did not by taking our sin upon the Cross church. Today was the father. Jesus became a no value. became nothing became as the dust and blew away. He's wrong when Jesus start on that cross. He had no reputation among mad and but he was still infinite. Value is God incarnate. He had sufficient value to pay for your sin and my sin as one man he could only pay for one man sent and it's still have to be perfect man. It was a perfect man but he was more than that he he was God all mighty so we could pay for your sin and my sin. If you want to know more about that when you just need to call it God I hear of messed up. I realize allows it messed up. My Soul tells me I'm guilty. I need forgiving. Please forgive sins. Pay For my sins on the Cross. You want to know more about that. In the the end of the show notes every week now is linked to finding God's way where we look at God making the world goods how things became bad. You know God made the world good. What in God's good loving God how can we got cancer and disease and San and sickness etc.? Well there's a good answer there. What a man? Dying two thousand. In years ago Jesus Dying on the Cross two thousand years ago can do to deal with your sin and the last section is what you need to do to get that for yourself how to appropriate that forgiveness for yourself finding got at the bottom of every show notes for the red pill report. podcast cost so God. Bless you got into this week. So love and serve your Gordon King and live to his glory and Hallelujah Brexit should is well underway not complete. I gather we've left the European Union you will. I want to wait till we get past that December deadline. Maybe a bit of of that when the deal is done I would see that we are really really out EH.

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