Top 10 Prog Rock & Prog Metal Bands of All Time


Tonight on the dean, hard rock and metal circus. The greatest hard rock and metal prog acts of all time. One know what they are. Stick around. You're listening to the Dini rock and roll circus changing rack history one podcast at a time. All right, boys, and girls moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas rock and roller 's of all ages. Welcome back to the dean, hard rock, mental circus. My name's Lou Lombardi, aka Lou Dini. And tonight on on the show the podcast. We are going to be talking about the greatest prog rock bands. We get like ten lined up. Nice even number. But you know, how we are. We're so what are we? We're all over the place all over the place where like very indecisive people. So. If we say fourteen while then you'll just have to deal with that. Little dish river it'll be a little bit. You can cry about it. We get we. So you listen loot any rocket hard rock metal circus. Our website is Lou Dini, rock and roll circus dot com. Please check back often for more great podcasts. Like this one. Please tune into rock rage radio. You can go rock ridge radio dot com. Get signed up get the app on your mobile device. And then you listen to great hard rock and heavy metal twenty four seven, and you can listen to us every Sunday at noon, loot, any rock and roll circus. Art rock models. Rather is the regular feature program at noon, Sundays, noon on the on rock radio sitting with me tonight in the co pilots chair is MS lily v six the sixer what's the lily lily? Is you? Since we don't have bumper music like that. I'm just going to sing good seeing all the things because I'm not gonna sing anything. Goodness. Any who's it's hey, didn't you everything going on this weekend? I had a thing this weekend. A big thing. Now, you don't anymore. Why so big it was like more JOL Guerande big ole and. Yeah. It was it was that. We we. We did a show. We did. We played twenty Monroe live in Grand Rapids, Philly. I am not Nikki sixes, brother. Thank you, though. We're going to chat after this. Go ahead. Sorry. Really you pissed off six or now. Now, you have to go to the ninety corner off you sit on the ninety bench for the resin podcasts. Continue your son. Billy gets a time out. Anyhow, we'll talk about that a little bit later on. But it was a it was a great show lament a lot of great people. They treated us. If you if you're in a band, you need to try to get out there to twenty Monroe live intervened, and there, the treat you frigging awesome. The crowd that they're really ask about music out there. So checking we'll talk about that a little bit later on. I wanna tell you about the vans. We're going to be playing this evening. Or does after depending on. You're listening the vans. We're going to have time they're going to give gideon's mob divine tragedy. Max out the silk nine so album things. Yeah. It's going to be really good show. I'm looking forward to it. So I think what we're gonna do is. We're gonna actions we're gonna be talking about Prague. We're going to start off with frog, and this is getting some odd. This is the latest albums. They have that they have out it is called to sell title gideon's mob. London. Nineteen sixty three the blue flame on the Ledeen hard rock and metal. Six. Landfall fall. Tim. Straight. Stick. See? Sources. It was so. Trek something straw. Nothing. Three. The stream. Sure. Just like. Flex. His life such. Bye. Just like. Okay. Gideon's mob on the Lou Dini, hard rock and metal circus. I'm gonna go ahead and give you their website. Brand new record just released this year. I think maybe like maybe just a few weeks ago gideon's mob dot com. Check them out. If you are a prog and you're looking for like, prog rock that you not really going anywhere. This is like deep shit. This is like a major indie. You know, the whole the record is pretty experimental pretty adventurous, Brian. So did a, you know, a very creative guy. So check it out gideon's mob dot com, and you can get it's an all the places suave find all the cool stuff. So we'll let we'll speak in of progressive not regressive. But progressive. We're we're talking about what is progressive rock. Do you want an actual definition? I have it. I wanted to lily is like the rock historian in the building. I am. She knows all the things about ROY. Why don't know all the things? So a lot of what actually is the definition of the textbook definition, progressive rockets style rock music popular, especially in the sixties and seventies and characterized by classical influences, these keyboards and lengthy compositions also called art rock classical rock and Subotic rock. The style wasn't outgrowth of psychedelic bands who abandoned standard pop traditions in favor of instrumentation and composition period. Do we have? During. Do we know what was the very first progressive album or progressive band? We do not. But we have a big three. So says the interwebs. Okay. So what are the big three of the the progenitor they say, and I don't care who tells me, I'm wrong dream theater. They're not now. Wait a minute. This is what they're called the big three three different ones as meaning. There's different kinds of. Okay. It didn't come up with this. This is like a new thing fates warning. And queens are considered to be the big three not the top three. Not the first three the big three. I prose you're gonna have to look that. Rock band. That's probably a good thing to look 'cause I didn't look. I mean, they're they're having this. It's like a war between Pink Floyd procra-. The moody blues that's legit. The nice should all be mentioned as Vance who pave the way for that first king crimson album, even the Beatles. This is something I want. I did want to mention the Beatles a little bit because the Beatles. Definitely I think the I think the progenitor invention it in your definition. There of of progressive was the psychedelic psychedelic has more jamming and progressive. It isn't so much about jamming as it is. Like this section this second long sections different sectors, kind of put together. But. Yes. So there's a there's there's the seeds of that. Are you go even go back to the Beatles? Yeah. Moody, blues procra- harem early. You know Pink Floyd. Yes. As with most things in music, it's very hard to pinpoint the first thing, very that's like there are some like you can pinpoint like Robert Johnson is like king of the guy the father of delta blues. But is he whether other guy there were other guys with document? Yeah. He learned that from some with it learned from the devil. I okay. So will. Yeah. That's my. Yes. So, you know, so it's very hard. Like, I did a video I did a podcast on. Why why at event Halen is the most important guitarist of all time. And I had a hard time finding out who was the first guy that did two hand tapping. 'cause that's one thing that you've got saints four, and it was very difficult to nail it down. Because there's this guy this guy and everybody every every time I study little thing. I had down at find out what there was somebody Brava for. Apparently, there was a jazz guitarist, maybe like in the thirties who there there who there's not video, but pictures, and you know, recordings of him. And I can't remember who thought my head go back with that up again. But if you think about the electric tar. Even the coup stick like if you're playing like, there's only so many things you're going to do so one things you would seem natural screwing around reach over. And you'd pluck note, you tap that on with your other hand like it's doesn't see like all that like crazy that people probably weren't doing that with Qatar from the beginning ATar so the same with the birth of of progressive rock, you can't really really hard to kind of go comb. You know, this is it this. This is the thing that you know, I mean, even like the birth of rock who we can't have a real definitive answer. Yeah. It's very hard. Like it was the first rock song. You know, you we all over the place anyhow, but we we're kind of in the ballpark there. It's kind of like late sixties kind of is kind of beginning of the sort of psychedelia more. And I think bringing in some players that were more educated type players guys that you know, really kind of had had handle little bit on music. We're a little bit more studied a little bit more schooled. I think too that like the whole jazz fusion this nothing. We were talking about in my private group about return to forever is return to forever. Progressive return to forever, jazz fusion. To me when I hear when I think of return to forever, I think jazz feud, but there could be elements, but some people say, no, no, no that's progressive. I Allan Holdsworth. I o you with Bill roofer is that progressive or is that to me, that's just fusion and not progressive. Here's here's the thing. Toto has progressive elements, but I wouldn't consider them progressive rock band the band a lot of people don't realize this. But until they became a sort of yacht rock band sang these sort of light light Rb ballads Ambrosia was a progressive band. Their first few albums the first four journey albums are progressive. You know, it wasn't really resi Perry. And study this more concise hop songs, so. So there's a there is a lot to this definition. His some also wanna talk before we start getting into the big countdown here. Why do you notice? It progressive really takes a lot of shit from critics. I mean, they get like they are. So like, I mean, they eat the. The ones that I was reading about most of them have critical claim. Now, my opinion is I'm not really big fan of progressive rock as you guys know already. My reasoning is because I just get bored with it, quite honestly, and I'm not even going to get into Russia. But I everything that I've read has been pretty positive. So I don't know what the negative things are. So I think they don't get. Yeah. Like, you know, here's a question. You know didn't know there was some bands of big pop hits did are listed as aggressive. And I don't think I don't think E ELO like, I don't consider them. I didn't that was on a big list of them. And I didn't consider I don't really consider the elements. But they have like they did some like it was the seventies. So that was when all everybody was putting weird. Interludes and opuses and stuff like that in between the song. But essentially this all the songs, you know, by Illo are don't bore us. Take us to the chorus type songs, right? You know, turn to stone. You know, don't bring me down. I mean, these are all like pop straight. So Jeff throw the band that? I forgot about as progressive is JETRO ta I mean, but here's why I always thought of Jethro Tull death-row tall to me was always black Sabbath with flute. I was that. It was spoke the, but I that's on my list. All know, definitely, you know, one of the, you know, founding meme. Meme band of progressive rock, very important progressive rock band. But I do remember, you know, a lot of these bands. You know, I it just seems to me like the Rolling Stone. And these different, you know, the, Lester bang types. Kind of go more for this sort of? Singer songwriter. Indie pop punk bands and any bands to connect play. Let's get crap. I have a question for you by queen's Reich about it. Okay. To me is not progressive when I think of them. I think of listen jet said he woman. I think of be the best. I can I think of Syros that like three those songs don't sound progressively just sound like rock tunes. I mean, I practically have empire memorize I is like one of my favorite albums of all time. But I'm not now, I don't know mind crime as well. I understand that mine. Crime is kind of. Yeah. Wall. Kind of. That's yeah. I want to see Jeff Tate's up remind crime. When it comes to town because I do actually experience that even probably sleepless real, but. Yes, queens break I would consider progressive, but that's because of that era of music, so so so do so can you still be progressive and like not do some progressive record think? So because there's a couple there's two on at least two on the list that I have that. And what about some of the early Metallica stuff that has all these different? Like even the song. Like one by towel. Anybody can have the elements, but they're obviously. But there's there's like sample Tura is considered like a progressive metal band. That's fates warning has like ABBIE bad. I mean, they're definitely they're they're heavy. Of course. And dream theater theaters in progressing. Drink a lot, of course. Yeah. Dream theater. Yeah. Well, there's a Rolling Stone poll, and I'm just gonna kinda run these down real quick here. There's also a lot of bands. I didn't realize we're considered progressive because. Quite honestly, I'm going to tell you. I like I said, I don't know much about progressive. I did a lot of research for this podcast because I don't really listen to it a whole lot. So I had to get the definition of what it was before. I could make my choices. And I didn't realize that some of them the one my list, we're actually progressive. So I'm not gonna live out that. That's all right. That's all right. The this is from two this is from July. Twentieth of two thousand eleven Rolling Stone readers poll, the best prog rock bands of all time. Never -tendance dream theater. Number nine is Mars Volta. Like the name is. Oh, I don't even know what tool tool I've seen Emerson number seven Emerson lake and Palmer number six is. Yes. Five king crimson before. Jeff. Genesis to navigate. Oh, we won't ever. Get your number one. This even close rush run by won by a landslide. But this couldn't come as any surprise. The Canadian trio have perhaps the most intense enthusiastic Bank community in all of rock. I think that out of all the progressive rock bands out there. They're kind of the most enduring I mean, yes king crimson is, you know, still get together and tour, but they not have the impact. Decade after decade after decade and playing like. You know, that are forty degrees c the DVD. I mean, they're playing they're playing to like twenty thousand people thirty thousand people Russian Rio like is like insane king crimson. Those aren't even dream theater dream theater. They had. Trouble. Go through the late is not play you know, doesn't play those kind of audiences. So they are kind of unique in that sense. That a lot of progressive ads kind of gone away and come back on the way and come back. Yes, went away and came back a couple of times king crimson went away and came back. Genesis went lanky back but Russia's been like boom, boom, boom record record record record and consistent lineup with the exception of the first album. It's convinced consistent lineup. So you have to kind of give the devil. There do on that aspect of. We're going to get into our top ten here in a minute. What am I gonna play another band? I would've come back, and we're gonna jump into the top ten. Progressive rock bands of all time, this Aban called divine tragedy when civilization falls on Lucchini, hard, rock and metal circus. Guys soil. We have. All right define tragedy guys. And let's go ahead and give you the website for those guys Facebook dot com slash divine tragedy. Metal metal Facebook dot com slash divine tragedy. Metal before we opened the show with gideon's mob. So let's get into the big countdown. We've we've we've we've put it off long enough. So. What do you got Lil little? I'm gonna preface this by saying Russia's not on my list purpose, it should be. But it's not going to be. So don't get excited when I don't say rush 'cause I'm not gonna anyway. All right. We got what's your what's what do you got ten here? So go ahead. What do you are you having some kind of order or not? Yeah. I do have. I'll I'll like I'm gonna tend to one. So in place of rush is my number ten put Supertramp for number ten because they started out as aggressive. They did while they were originally considered progressive until they discovered pop music is more money making. So we have two prefaces. You can't can't be banded switched. You gotta be progressive. So what do you got free number nine dream theater? Okay. Why would tell us about during American progressive metal? They they didn't come around till the eighties. So they weren't part of that whole sixty seventy thing. Part of the big three highest selling album is images and words, I like them because they're more medal in heavier. And their most popular songs, which are unfortunately, I don't know whole lot about them other than that stuff. But metropolis part one the miracle and the sleeper change of seasons home and pull me under this that I liked by them. If there are better songs, I'm sure there are those are the ones I like, okay. So so that we had ten nine eight. My number eight is actually tool who I've seen? Don't be such a tool. I see I've seen them live. Don't Ella me, but fell asleep at that show because I was completely exhausted from seeing shows that whole week, and I'm sure they were great. But I totally missed the entire show. It was at the Peterson event center in Pittsburgh songs. I like buy them or Forty-six to schism third. I am on ladder Ellis. And they've won Grammys. They became dominant in the alternate of metal movement with enema nineteen eighty six. They really liked the visual arts thing. They did. I do remember that from the show. They did do a lot of our stirring their show and their videos as well. And they were very experimental. So they were they were probably art rocking. I think Taurus, responsible for designing a lot of that. Art work that that happens like their videos all. Stop motion animation. Some actual I met Maynard wants to he has wind. So he was finding bottles before Toby. Nice. I like them just to digress. Unlike his other project from circle. I do. Same night that I thought all playing that to you and the mystic like better. Okay. So we have Supertramp dream theater tool. What else you got Kansas, which I didn't realize was progressive rock and still I knew the definition of progressive rock. Yes. We know them more for their carry on my word sign in dust in the wind songs. But I mean, seriously, listen to some of their other stuff got some really great song other than those the ones that made the money, obviously, everybody knows them. But yeah, like, I definitely didn't know that they were. Huge Kansas fan. They were inspired by Jedis. The thing the thing like Kansas more than way more than. Yes. Genesis. And a lot of those other prog bands from that era. Was this Kansas is progressive rock band. Did not forget about the rock. Yes. I mean, I think that to me probably why couldn't figure out that they forgot like to me. Yes. Genesis gentle giant king crimson. They're great players and everything doesn't have any. Whereas if you listen to a song by Kansas loner is is like a totally like balls out in your face rock. Tune in the rich Williams is really underrated guitar player and carry live grit who plays guitar and keyboards rich worked really well together. They've had great lead singer, Steve Walsh mazing. Lee vocalists and amazing piano players. Well. They were one of the things that you don't realize I read carry LeBron's book. He was Hugh wildly influenced by Raymond's our. So a lot of what they do has that kind of doors implants, they had the war have a blues base kind of God elements of like Allman brothers and southern rock to in. What they do. I just I like one of my absolute for me was I was making list, they'll be way more way more stop. But well, like, I didn't know people. But I I didn't realize that. I didn't really was our Kansas was progressive rough it I just think like rock so whenever now can you hear? Now Hillary here now, nobody gets that. So what do you got next number six is on? My list is faith warning again, another medal. Heavier progressive band getting Kim around in the eighties. They are one of the big three as well. So they're one of the ones responsible for progressive creation. Developing popular Zeeshan, I'm trying to read the comments as we go to but they were influenced by the new wave of British heavy metal. So definitely tell that in a lot of their songs and. The songs I like, and this is how I chose them. I chose how many songs by the band, and that's how they made my list. I know strange, but point of view still remains guardian. We only say goodbye are my favorite songs by them. I think I like the heavier ones, but they're there at the bottom of my list for some reason. Okay. So that your top five bottom on one. All right, cool. So. What do you guys? Let's go ahead and take a look at we. We did run a post. Yeah. Got a little bit of attention. I saw you get internet's being bizarre. We having bizarre bizarre net. Bizarre webs webs? Well, first of all, let's go to the inner circle people because you guys chimed in on some stuff to I ran oppose and ask people to pick like one as opposed to trying to pick a whole bunch of people people can't just pick one. You is everybody's ten. They pick three. If you ask them when they picked five Stephen fifth and says Devin Townsend. And he is great as well. Jim Vernon says dream theater Floyd rush. His crush of Jim says a man crush on John Petrucci, we have some of the comments of. Voy? Void. I don't know who I do not know who those James you'll post that. And when we go to our thing later, we to go to after we'll check some of that, Dave FOX writes blue waster caught I don't think of B O C as. It could have been maybe one of those that were loves it because of the cowbell. So I who would it love it because of Calvo. So barb Hillary hill zoo skis recommend I asked her could you recommend fates warning because I don't know much about awaken the guardian recommended awaken the guardian some people don't like John arches singing. However, I'm fan and as for of void I recommend the album nothing face for one great reason, the welding of rhythms per song and second is second to none. I think she was melding probably Louis x Walker return to forever, Brian. Jeff beck. Steve Hillary Ronnie Montrose gamma project. I don't Jeff Beck as progressive, but Richards, j Richard Smith nectar and hawk wind Hoch went on your list. Donna. Okay. So so those are those are few then let me go to my regular my. My. More public. Not private not private so Bryner. So says yes Pink Floyd king crimson JETRO. Tall course. So Brad bradey Brady Nevada. And he says so many think this one. This. You don't get a pass or piss? Michael Stover mentioned like late orchestra in narnia, and Kansas and dream theater. Dave resort. Davis. Hard has has his own progressive band. Call check out the name of this Kevin. And I I the pike is this is one of the as we played all the time because the name is so cool to name his band is. We came from Spain. Sounds like a fifties. Scifi movie perfectly Kresa became from space, like an awesome. I love that name. I be still making. I actually went to see him one time to Mark Richardson tall rush. Genesis king crimson gentle giant bone ash. Brian stay. Yes. Rush Pink Floyd. Genesis LP Emerson lake and Palmer. I know nothing. Do oh what a lucky, man. He. Okay. What once on? That's basically nothing. Well, come back friends to the show that never ends. It's could attend come inside come in. You don't know. That's just being difficult. I am I to being difficult violin Holdsworth? Again, I'm not I'm to me to me when you're talking Allan Holdsworth, you're talking jazz, fusion, you're not talking progressive anyhow. So those are some of the picks from the from y'all fans out there. Let's another band. We're gonna do the top five when we come back. For all. All y'all. All y'all. These top is not progressive says he's doing Allman Charlie Doyle, no, I'm not agreeing with, you know, see about they're coming to name everybody threat. Motley crue. This is max out steel toed boots. I love that rock and roll are recommittal circus. Max out steel toed boots on the Ledeen hard rock metal circus. And I think it's max out dot com. Maybe what is it max out max out band dot com? Check them out. We opened the show with gideon's mobbing gideon's Bob dot com, and then we had divine tragedy in the middle there. facebooKcom Bax divine tragedy met we are going to close out the show here in a little bit with silk nine their new song. We're big fans of silk nine here in the hard rock metal circus. Great where great the great friends of the podcast, and they just guys alright banned. Yeah. Good guys. Great band put on a great show. So we talk about them here in a minute. So lilla. Little. Phil lily lily. To go number five. Nutsy is Jeff throttle? And there are fun. They're British rock band from Blackpool. They're fun because they have the flute guitar vocals, the whole thing. I got to see Ian Anderson concert at the palace, which was totally. It was just all over the place when he was literally all over the place, a little flew, go and everywhere I've heard that he's I've seen video. He looks like he's heard that he puts on it's a fun entertaining show. And I discovered that I knew more songs than I thought I did buy them, which was Aqualung look a motive breath cross eyed Mary thick as a brick bungle in the jungle and tool to Rockaway t under which is my favorite one by them. And didn't realize also they were progressive. I was just enjoying. I don't I didn't know what progressive told us progresses. She wouldn't have gone like you might she might have not. We'll see sucks actually that was an ex husband band. He really liked going to be like really the band. And I read it over play them like rush. Why Russia's and on my list guys? So. I didn't mind it. So didn't set aside. No, our personal feelings female active. We have Email bring in. Okay. So what's? So what do you got for number four? I have number four as yes. No. Yes. No truth. Okay. Although I didn't realize against progressive band. I only know the songs that are popular. Sorry. I didn't know what the hell it meant. I hear progressive. I hear rush. That's it. That's all I know. Somebody somebody really damaged you. You know, what I listen to abused by rush. You know what I listen to this is not using Russia's a weapon. Shaimaa. Anyway, this band has one. All kinds of awards Grammy nominations, nineteen eighty five nineteen Ninety-two inducted in the rocker hall of fame two years ago. The songs, I know and like roundabout owner of lonely heart level, find a way and changes. Those are the songs, I know. Like. And they are coming to town this year, by the way. Heart of the sun with Asia. Long distance run around the just. The album fragile is. Like their magnum opus. All these progressive. I think have an album that really kind of like just it ceiling together. Yeah. When I you know, I think for for for Kansas is left overture for rush. It's moving pictures for. Yes. It's fragile. You know, they all have that one record where like it just everything. Really? I think for Todd Aqualung where you know, the things just kind of like everything just worked. It's difficult music. And it's difficult to get right? It's easy to screw up. Because you've got to real so many things have to come together to really make it really really work, especially bands. Like like, yes. And JETRO tall and Kansas playing these longer pieces that have all these different sections and everything and it's very easy. If you got one section of the song, that's like. Would you consider Chicago? Then it kind of falls apart progressive Chicago who said that I'm asking myself. That they had on there. Earlier records. Definitely add stuff was progressing because. Yeah. I just remember them having very lengthy. Yeah. Compositions as well. I'm just thinking that fall under that, or is that just another sort of pop band. I didn't know. By the eighties were like, you know, hardly say 'em. So you know, that whole like beaters that whole only pops up, but you know, yeah, they expect they were more experimental earlier. But it's difficult to do. And it's very is really easy to screw it up. It's like one of the easiest things to do is to be a bad progressive pant. Because like we got. This guy's a parody. Really? You got to really know what you're doing TV attempt at. So when the band like yes doesn't album like fragile which is amazing record. Even though. Yes is not my favorite Chris rock band. It's like a miracle like that works. You know? So it's I really have a lot of respect for AXA can really pull that off. Really, really? Well, and some of these bands have had a couple records, you know? Kansas leftover chair in point of no return are like kind of sister albums of each other. And they're both very very very good. They they did the progressive thing later on. They started going to more condensed type songs more straightforward three four minute type tunes, but those two records, right? They're kind of. Sister. Odds of each other that you know, they do the progressive thing. Everything really nail it. So what do you got nickel next to list number three number three is queen's Reich? Another American progressive heavy metal band formed in the eighties. They did not gain notoriety until operation mind crime in nineteen eighty eight. They still continue to tour to this day, if I could talk it'd be great. I feel like it's sort of underrated though 'cause they always seem to be like an afterthought on lists of different things. And I don't know sort of an underrated type to my in my opinion. But I do like silent city is of stranger. I believe in love Queen of the Reich. The lady were black who's my favorite songs. Okay. Number three, number two, number two. Genesis gonna do. Yes. Maybe later English English Robin for nineteen sixty seven hundred Genesis. And I'm not gonna explain it to you because you need to smack in the head with tack hammer. However, I discovered that I don't necessarily like Peter Gabriel Genesis. I like Collins Genesis. Well, that isn't no. But I'm sitting there leader Gabriel, the progressive lamb, again, they're they're magnum opus. They're like. This lamb lies down Broadway that album is their big. Yes. Record with with Peter Gabriel where it really kind of all came together that is one of those bands way to nudity for me. Like, I really honestly when they dropped the progressive thing became more like pop and brought in more like Aren be types that I like that so much better. I just don't think I it just it was it was progressive. But it was not rock. It was just something else. I just didn't like all right. But I think it's pretty bomb that they like will not got rid of Peter Gabriel, basically quit. And then they're drummer took over as a singer. And they still were freaking amazing. They were bit Phil Collins transplant. I think that's pretty awesome. Even though I would is awesome. I totally agree with you. Even though I discovered I did like Phil cone Dopp day, just dropped progressing. So to number two curious different of one. Floyd. Okay. You going to say like, you know, bumble foot or some crazy thing Floyd is going to be. I'm gonna say this Russia be my number one not going to get letters. Good. I I only don't like rush because it is sort of like a thing with my ex husband. However, I do I did go see to concerts. I did enjoy them. They're not going on my list. They would be number one. If that wasn't a thing, however, Pink Floyd is fantastic. As number one. They've been around since nineteen sixty five they had several lineup changes as so the other bands are a lot of the other bands. And I mean, they sold over fifty million copies of dark side of the moon alone worldwide. I mean, they're pretty awesome. Their shows were awesome, very, colorful and fun. And like they've had. Oh my gosh. What are the ones that were awesome? Dirk side of the moon. Wish you were here animals the wall, the final cut, you know, lots of fantastic things, and I have like seventy five songs written on here for like my favorites. I think that Pink Floyd like rush is one of those progressive bands just consistently put out really good records, just consist everytime. They went out and they got together in the studio. They usually came up with something really really cool Russian Pink Floyd or two bands that I can actually listen to the records and not have to change the songs. And again, like I said, it's very difficult music to do. What's interesting about rush is that that I think put them in a class all by themselves is that they were able to be progressive even when they were playing shorter songs like a good example Solly Tom Sawyer is that is crazy tune. There's no song that sounds like soil before or since it is in a it's like an genre all by itself. It sounds like aliens. It's like crazy. Nobody can like what the fuck is Tom Sawyer. It's insane. It's like I mean, it's just one of those songs, but it's a pop song. I mean, it's it's it's progressive, and they do all these little things that I do all these different parts just like progressive, except somehow they they will down to like, I think four minutes. I mean, it's. Not it's not like the side one of twenty one twelve or something like that. It's like, you know, they really, and I just feel like that is some such an amazing record. I just don't and I love I think they did great records after that. But I don't think that they did another record where achieved that. Thing musically where they were able to somehow retained progressiveness it seems like on their other albums when they play shorter tunes. They sounded more like a straight Rochman like like distant early warning time stand still and cold fire. Those are great great up just rock tunes. They're not really progressive. But somehow on moving pictures they were able to do this. I mean, they've they have a hit song instrumental. That's there's very few hairs hardly any instrumental. We could do podcast on. There's probably ten hits that were instrumental over the years. And why Why's he is one of them? That in itself is massive accomplishment. Okay. And look at the kind of tune, it is it's crazy. That's another song. That sounds like it came from outer space. So I think I think that I think Russia's kind of a class all by themselves. They try in my opinion, they transcend what progressive rock is because they are able to do something. And I just think think couplings first of all it's testament, the amazing musicianship in the band. It's also testament to the fact that these guys are tight, I mean, they were broS they love each other. They enjoy spending time together, and they were really passionate what they wanted to play music. You know, these other bands Lil, you know, go out, and you know, they got all kind of side projects and are doing this. And that and don't keep the focus on the one. Right. And while I know Getty Lee and outside in both solo records one time for the most. And I know he's he did outside doesn't song with the guys from that trailer park, boys. Oh, yeah. They were unfairly. Yeah. Right. And know, they're big south park man's. I get that. But for the most part, they just it's been three of them. So I think that that has a lot into and I think the same way with Pink Floyd. Even after Roger waters left, Richard Wright, Nick, Mason and Gilmour. I mean, I think those guys would just really locked in the new what how three of them worked how how other worked that could play off each other really really, well, they could bring ideas together. And they knew just one of those things that you don't get when you're constantly changing numbers. You can't do that. It just it doesn't it though. It's not going to be when a half to have them. It's not gonna flow. It's not gonna flow. You're not gonna have the kind of consistency of great music album for album decade after decade. So with rush kind of being a category. All by if I had to pick my top three my top three progressive bands are Pink Floyd, Kansas and rush, although I really wanna put Kansas number one for kind of like you like personal reasons. Kansas was a band that like one man's changed? My life. They just when I heard that that band, they blew my mind completely. Because of the fact that they were progressive, and they were so rock and roll at the same time they had that a lot like you. Listen to the all the breakdowns and all the jamming and stuff in carry on sun. It's got that swagger. You know, what I mean, it's got that rock and roll their plant. This risks are all real sassy and kind of comic Aerosmith and as grooves, you know, going on that the two Qataris playing each other. And I don't hear you don't hear that rush. I love Reggie here that don't hear the Pink Floyd. No, there's none of that Pink Floyd the closest time causing pink. Floyd is a disco song another brick in the wall part is a disco song. Yeah. I get it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean that I could see I roller skated to that song that was going to be our class on. I mean, it's and it's got got killer guitar, and as well, so those are just those would probably be my top three with maybe. Yes. Number four because I was a Steve hall was a big influence on me and the fragile album. Just that was another was seminar. You picking Kansas is your number one. I would love to Kansas. But I just feel like I just feel like I kind of have to give it to rush just because Russia's rush my thing with Russia's I- Kansas did a bunch of stupid stuff afterwards. Like like, they got whole because the couple of guys in the band got religious. And like it kinda like pulled the band in weird directions and lost their groove. You know, rush just way more consistent record after record. I mean, there's something I like on every single record that they've done every single record. I don't how many like what nine thousand albums. I even did a record record covers. I think where they where they did. Like just song that they grew up listening to they play heart full of soul. He's like, you know, you know, and they sound cool on it. It just you know. So I kinda I would I just would have to give it to them. But my history with progressive rock is really Kansas. That was the band opened the door for me for progressive rock. And then yes. Pink Floyd and Russia was a little bit of a hold out on. I don't know why I just I just a little bit of a whole night on those guys. So in any case that would probably be Mike my my top ones right there. What are your favorites that we have any comments you want to talk to about talk about the the audience? Oh, let's pull all these guys because we have been jamming here jam out with a clam out. Billy says. Yes, Darth Mardom ass- wrath. Brin says, yes, Dave. Chris Wicky says yes, I'm gonna say your neighbor on your pronounce. I'm sorry. Let's see somebody likes my outfit Geraud said Michika. Oh, that's cool. Just feel like it's more heavy metal and not so much. They remind me more of what the speaking say. Real quick. We didn't really touch on the real heavy. No. We of bands like simple Torah vans. Like that. We just we didn't get it's this is a bigger genre than you, really. I thought this was going to be like. And then what about this? What am I sorry about those fans? I think Michigan more like megabucks, I I don't think they're necessarily progressive. But anyway, tool said by Jesse such a tool crash neck. Balls deep. Somebody said get up. Hit me up. Everybody should get one of these everyone. Please. Somebody said Charlene mcclain's Hollywood dead. Not really going to agree with that Hollywood. It's not like the Hollywood vamp. No, it's different band. Somebody's gonna call me. Great. Okay. Drawn lily at eight six seven five three nine Jeff per US Dream theater. Definitely progressive also say rush crash McCracken. Yes. Jethro to Jethro toll. Genesis also Kansas. Jeff derna. Yes. Jeff Purna queen's Reich. Operation mind crime snooty Heemskerk king crimson, which we did not talk about at all. What can done after I'm gonna give you a little spiel on them you need to give that she'll Michelle wack rush tool. Yes. Jethro tull. What about BT? Oh, no, you're wrong. Sorry, Bachman Turner, come on come on. You make me look that here thought I trained guys better than. Connecticut. Chris thunder we'll dots. And it was the last one comment. What about thirty eight special drummers and three guitars, but a little bit southern. Chris I love you, Chris you're like original fan. And I love the shit and your top fan, according to rock radio. Catcher is another one of these bands that they did court of the crimson king. Which is which is which is coal jam. They're cool band. I love the musicianship. But I personally other than. The album discipline and there and court of the crimson king. I'd never felt like the song writing. Was there the way that like dream fee, even like dream theater and these bands like they're amazing musicians? And I I got to see him live one time. Just just absolute killer band. But. I just don't I just don't here. I don't I don't hear the I mean, you we could say guy we haven't talked about. We know nobody mentioned, for example on the the list on Facebook. They did. But I. I don't know. I just I don't I'm not fan. So I'd it's white ever listed. I mean, I love Frank is. Well, I see in my mind, I think of him as fusion, I don't know why I just think I just put him more in the. Because to me he's like beyond progressive things. Did he you know, he does he has jazz albums, you know, make a jazz noise here he has shut up player guitar albums and son of shut up and player. Guitar your. I mean, I don't to me it's way reading about him earlier. And I was I it didn't feel like it didn't really mention a whole lot about progressive mentioned experimental because definitely he was experimental with a lot of different things. But I didn't see the progressive. There's the whole thing where with all these things. There's always overlap. So there's an overlap between fusion and progressive right there. You know, there's an overlap between psychedelia and progressive and fusion, you know, what I mean. It's like there was a lot going on. Yeah. So so this is one of those topics where I really wish Keith would have would have been here because I think that he could have brought a little bit more clarity to it. It's just a very big. It's a lot bigger genre than you realize. Yeah. It really is. I mean, a song like bohemian rhapsody technically progressive that's on a lot of lists. Queen was on the list. So it's probably wise because of songs like dad is like completely, you know. Experimental progressive, you know, multiple section. This are really good example of a song like Tom Sawyer where it's an a class all by itself. Like there's no other song label. He mean rhapsody right now. Well, I mean, there's nothing did nothing else. Nobody ever did anything like that before or since it's completely in the glass by itself that would be fun podcast. Twenty songs that are like completely in class. You cannot really. And I think well, he me wraps. Tom Sawyer would definitely be on the list of those songs that are just like what the hell is this? It was huge people loved it. But it's like. What is it? Can't. We are going to bug out of here with some silk. We're just gonna kinda play them as we go out. You've been listening to Lou Dini rock and roll circuit or high rock rock will start circus hard rock something you want to lose any Rockall circuits that come listen guys. If you want to get access to me on my regular pay on my main page, and my other business pages, I'm not real interactive. If you wanna hang with me a little bit more where I like, actually, you know, kind of get mixed up with you guys more you need to join my private group. You can do that at Lombardi rockstar calm there. You get exclusive music exclusive video exclusive conversation, it's a great community of people that are really passionate about great guitar driven rock, progressive rock metal rock and roll alternative. Metal alternative rock. All there at Ledeen, excuse me Lombardi music dot com. So check that out. That's actually we were bugging over to here in a minute for the after party. So, and that's where we hear the real juicy stories in the realtor jokes. So you all that they're lily once you head. You gotta show come on rock radio. What he went talking with lily, six nights on rutgersradio. Six PM eastern time. Download the app or stream it right from the website rock radio dot com. Guys, six eight we are live on rock ridge radio every Sunday, you can tune in here, the rock circuits. We actually he'll songs imagine that. So it's you know in this not us moments of silence talking amongst ourselves. Talking yourselves for three minutes while this is so. So we're going to wrap up the show with silk nine you guys have a great night. Great rest of the day. And we'll catch you guys all on the next day hard rock metal circus. Take care guys. Wait. What? Screen. What's?

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