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RHOC: Vickimoji Battle


Watch what happens would like to think it's premium sponsors. The bay area benches begging the slayer taylor herron mc nicholas. She don't don't miss no trick liz. Thank it's jessica. Dang lisa wallin's now. That's what i call wanting minutes. Let's go on a bender with lauren bender off nikki aguilo. Weber sarah greenwood only uses her power for good. He makes us we. It's jamie. She has no last name he actually cer- bony honey. She don't take no bologna. You don't touch nicky. Morgan letters sip some scott with jessica. He makes us we. It's nothing like alison. King king megan bird he can't have burger without the bird just saying okay christy robert dougherty telly barlow when she goes barlow we go hi lo oh hannah god. I love that banana anderson and are super premium patriots subscribers meena coochie coochie coo gee. Let's get racy with miss stacy sharon out of a cannon anthony incredible edible matthew sisters lulu simon suit soon studio. Give them how miss noel l. kelly stump the master always ready for nicole passer ready when data rachel's in the next say you're yes we can with howley caroline in an nancy seats and disisto. We love you guys in my best yeah. Hey everyone welcome to watch what happens the podcast about all that crap wrap. We just love to talk about on yale bras. I'm ronnie ron and carol. You can find me also on the roseburg's bachelor roast podcast doing bachelor in paradise right now on it's fine so let's check that out and it's usual here i am with my little coaches friends. Mr ben maller of the real housewares of kitchen island which is not you can look at on youtube k. high bill. Why how's it going good. Okay everybody. We're video today so this is a crap on demand video radio recap. Hello crapping volvo over to patriot and that's also where you're find our bonus episodes this week. We're going to have a really fun wine. Mao how that show annette flicks about airbnb's called instant hotel hotel well. I'm oh i can't remember the night it's gonna be superfan. That'll be up later today. <hes> all our bonus emphasis wherever they're all our videos are over there so if you wanna watch on your smart tv scott right ahead governor patriotic patriot also that's where you get presale tickets for our show right now. We're doing a pre sell on houston. We're coming to houston in january so those tickets are presell unpatriotic. You can also get tickets now for our show in tampa florida. We're going to be doing tampa and fort lauderdale jaunt to go get the lucas and then next month. We're going to be in charlotte and in nashville. We love love coming over there. We haven't been to charlotte yet but we've ashville so go. Get your tickets there and then i'm gonna read off the list of all of our cities for twenty nineteen. Listen for your city. Okay sarlat nashville ville atlanta car borough richmond tampa fort lauderdale indianapolis chicago new york saint louis philadelphia seattle well and you stayed and for those of you who were trying to get your bravo con tickets and couldn't we're gonna be there on the twenty-third. Do two shows new york city screw bravo con. Come see us. Yes yeah yeah and also on the same weekend. Bravo con rehab ever to chicago shows in indianapolis so you know by the way congrats on bravo con because they sold out really quickly so congrats. It's going to be awesome but we're going to be awesome too so don't fret because we there is a perfectly wonderful alternative called ben and ronnie <hes> yeah congrats on screw you the real super fun time in chicago and new york and indianapolis. Yeah come see this now. Today's recap is the real housewives housewives of orange county. Well enough of of you know actually i. I wanna give shout out before we dive into orange county. I wanna give a shoutout to gina not gina from orange county okay one in new york. This is gina <hes> she <hes> has a wine company called songs wine and and she sent us a nice little sampler of her wine. <hes> and it's like this awesome. It's actually wine and can okay there. Sohn's at additive and songs chemicals michaels and songs pretense. This isn't even add but i'm giving a shoutout because she was kind enough to send us a bunch of free wine and we support our listeners businesses so everyone go check got her. Go check out her wind. Why don't yeah do it yeah. Thank you okay so. Let's check out show k. We got our tag lines today. Oh my god so exciting and by the way also really good episode cautiously optimistic. That orange county's back on track. It's like very exciting. I'm absolutely traumatized from orange county and i'm still angry at orange county so get your shit together orange county although listen we we cover every show no matter our personal feeling so guess what we're still going to call for it so i'm rooting for you okay because i don't want to sit through shit yeah. I'm rooting for it. I feel like the vibe is good but yes we have. We finally have our <hes> are opening lines and they were just lovely. Just lovely salmon is first and she's like <hes>. The tables are turned and this time dancing on them. I'm so happy can't some this table that it doesn't have enough wine on it. 'cause stephen only two bottles for an entire party. I love dancing on table. <hes> my weight dancing on tables and then we get his next. I think tamara's ham right. She's likes thanks next. She's like these days family fitness. The only adds up. I'm like how about i give you for parenting. How about that what family that bath and fat shut up tamra okay. I can't even believe you're still pretending with this christian thing i i can't believe the earth hasn't opened up for satan to welcome you back home yet. Wrestling for this yeah well say well. Satan is well. I dunno no. I don't know his calling for maybe the other f- falling so long down downtown threes where i'm going with. This laugh is down to earth three where i'm going down down. Devin bothers so out of the bay shore tab ter. Oh did she yeah. She got a tattoo bat bama. That's bad bama whatever it is. You've been listening to so much much better name for jim than cut fitness fitness so gina she said occurs his wife made mistakes warns county but i'm gonna fix him and york minute. I don't think the court system works like fat. Pat yes aria. You're not allowed to reference a don henley song also yeah. That's just not how the court system where it's going to take longer than that. Sorry we visha here parking on the outside okay but put the put the coins in the meter because you're you've messed with the city government enough at this point. Sadly i mean i think everyone thinks that rhonda's joking right now but we all know that gino clearly went in front of like every judge and said why north mistakes but i'm gonna fix them in a new york minute. It was like no that's not a fence vents yeah. It's been a new york minute so everything's fixed now. Community service takes longer to matt. Sorry also heard drunk driving dr which i'm very like making fun of her her troubles today and she's had a rough year so i don't want to go too hard on her but that thing where i was in a mommy and fed and and you know i just wanted to go home and they kept wanting me one so i just went. She got a d._u._i. At three thirty three in the morning we find out today that were broadcast swiss three forty three in the morning actually thank you bang. Thank you grassy knoll. Why does takes also <music> so <hes> then we have emily in a town full of blondes on legally brunette most boring movie ever. I think he just made everybody play legally brunette their mind and we're bored canley. Get it together. It's just like a town full of blondes. I have a dog with toilet breath on my face in a town of blondes. I really need help over here. I'm doing everything <hes> in a town full of blondes low is this on low they just cut off the opening and then <hes> bronwyn is like i'm managed to wrangle family of nine and i'm still at ten and then kelly's snacks and if you don't want me to cross the line don't draw laurien joulwan awesome nice long drew i hey i was just imagining like then vicki singh your head up and me and me getting married to steve large getting ready to see blotch. Okay get a job. Get a job get it. I was really struggling all of last week and halfway through this episode. Try to figure out who it is. That bronwyn really reminds reminds me of. I thought maybe it was like jerry. Hall or something then i finally landed on it and i feel like it'd be really excited by this. If you look at bronwyn you really look at her. She's like like a glam up. Melissa de arabian who sat again. She was in the food network. Oh she does kind of look you. No i love having crap on demand. 'cause i got to see that wash over you because you were like you relate disgusted and then you're like an event like turn into acceptance substance and then into a smile. That's the path of liking melissa <unk> arabian okay. That was how it was unfair network because but i'm a mom i'm like i know it's like here's how to make. Here's how to make things for your family. Bisquick hamburger <hes> some bids from a coca cola some water and some powdered milk of that. It's disgusting. Melissa de arabian and yes. I will make it yeah because then it turns out she's secretly went to like the court on blue and france and <hes> then she goes onto the food network star as asoka judge and she's like a total like yes suck and you're like oh. My god wasn't the arabians like one of us i know but when she was on the show she was like so overly nice off aw let's make let's make potatoes in muffin tins poor for pay and that's what more people became famous and yes. He comes on the title wow. I wouldn't have done it that way. Lock bronwyn all this time. I hope we get that kind of attitude from bronwyn. I hope so i think we will. I think it's in there. I mean i feel like you don't just get a melissa the arabian face you work for that like that comes from like years of passing judgment judgment on people quietly yeah yeah especially. We match your mother or mother and she's like yeah. My mother didn't raise me so that was fine. The let's see serving a good grandma lucky kids <hes> yeah so happy so i have hope for so we see everybody getting along with their day to day and joey and kelly are playing tennis earth and timber eddie. You're driving and timber wants the have a she wants to have a party like everyone wants to come to the house. Just she's just going to have a housewarming party and you know the thing is this we talked last week about how tamra and eddie move every single season. You know we didn't really even consider how annoying that is for france having to constantly go to housewarming parties. I think i've mentioned it before but one time i had a friend who moved into a place a new apartment. He had a housewarming party. Uh shitty housewarming party where it was like ninety five degrees at any puts a beach it was he had wings and savita outside. This is like what it was like a weird combination and and it was also like really hot and severe was not under any sort of like ice or anything like that so he has like shitty housewarming party and then they move right afterwards and nine months later they have another housewarming party and i was like i'm not going to another house. I will knock you don't get many houses okay one year. No there's a two year buffer period between housewarmings and by the way some of us don't even bother with housewarming parties and that's okay too jerks dirks you selfish jerks and tamra is totally early like that you know she probably registers some place <hes> batch did that's what my friend did. They registered yeah michigan. Just get new ship for house and then brag about how rich she is when she keeps moving to get new shit no screw her. I don't believe at all that anyone's begging to come to her house like no one karras tam yet okay. No one wants to go see your stupid checkerboard tea kettle which i found out by the way someone told us that it's brand called mackenzie's child and i went looked on the website and i was horrified horrified and the only thing that's keeping me from really going in on that is because the fact that's called. Mackenzie's child makes me think that like it was like a something that was born out of the fact that someone died. Maybe at one point and like it's like an in honor of them so i know that if i'm like oh god this up his hideous that all this checkerboard shit is absolutely hideous band. That's not really nice because like mckenzie was that's a beautiful daughter and then she's not she's not with us anymore and this is like a testament to her so like i will not go all the way in on mckenzie's child things because i i sense it will come backed by any but just know people that inside. You can't name your furniture after a dead person. Just have people give it good reviews. I mean if you go that website. You will like like i don't know. I feel like you'll just like die. It's just like the worst thing you've ever seen that website. It was so horrifying. I felt like a tree vines. Were coming out of my eyeballs. Well you'll look camera then got shot and dog and then by the empire someday pass and eddie's like. I don't think we should have eddie by the way eddie more energy than ever this season. He's i guess. I don't think we should party party with your friends. You know the neighbors never like when your friends are over your friends or a craze and eddie that that big screen charisma yeah if anything is going to make me not believe that exercising gives you energy. It's eddie okay 'cause all he does is that why even bother i know i was just thinking that when they were on their later on i was like you know we're like eight or nine years with eddie and he's still has yet to show any sort of personality bureau yeah. All of his personality is wrapped up in his oversized striped collars that he wears. He's shown us a lot of bitch energy. You know a lot of bits and person like he's really bitchy with tamra being mean to being neither shannon on camera and stuff like fat like he's a bad. She's shown us a personality but it hasn't been a very good one. No not at paul <hes> so then governor shannon's oh and by the way yeah tamra did have to move from her last house because neighbor's hated them. Is that why yes she said because they hated the filming and stuff like that guess what guess who she told sa- shaw madeira again with the best of all time by also that house had bad mojo right because she also didn't like it because there's an issue like at his heart and such it's not that bad macho and then there was also that bank at issue. I remember i dunno some. We're both i is it now. Like what do you think you helped it now. It's had tamra living inside of it. I know talk about scary stories. This fell down already ready. Turn it into a casino hotel batch so then let's see we're at shannon's house and her sophia's getting ready to go to prom winter formal than anything else but she has a as a man in her life. Who's three months younger the heart so i guess that makes sophia cooler. She's just like a kid but it's it's time for more of shannon's like her ducking under a bridge lap like her new thing is imagine shannon on a kayak act going down a river and there's a bridge and the bridge is really low so she has the duck so she doesn't get hit by the bridge. That's how she laughs. Now employees the invisible drums like you said last week yeah. That's a little that's a little. That's a little physical comedy for people who are watching so. Let's governor kelley joe lee playing tennis n._s. So kelly is playing against a child and of course kelly kelly is still like i want. Yes kick your ass idiot bala across the line of one of the wall well so they sit down to talk and kelly is referring to brian has dr reagan which is really weird. It's really weird. <hes> <hes> you know my friend podcast her ben just podcast ipod i by the i want everyone to follow follow mr karam on social media. He's at ronnie karen but you can just call mr kerr. That'd be great yeah so yeah. They're talking about. <hes> kelly is talking about how she and dr reagan are going to go into business together on a skincare line because every time jolie goes off to michael's house she comes back with bad skin and then we see a flashback of kellyanne brian talking about the skin care line brian's like lot of children have to homes and we need to do a skincare line travel kids really if it's an a travel kit. It'll be perfect for split families like okay so it's a broken family only moisturizer. What are you doing over there. Could you please start running things by skincare issue. She's coming back with this on her face because you know michael got a whole jar of them on the kitchen counter to try and get to try and get kid points imagine brian just making some sort of tone deaf commercial. That's like just because you're just because your home is broken doesn't mean your skin has to be. Let's take care of that breakout. It's your family's split well well. That doesn't mean your face has to be a call. Dr reagan so yes yeah i i was reading might've said that emily dead so kelly is like and i guess it. We want you to be the first phase of it and what what does that mean it means. You'll promoted. Julie's like <hes> i'm private. Mom up people are saying you're a coke ad so no. That's not going on my instagram. How about that. I've never done in my life because vicki said it and then jolie's like well. That's why i had to go private so whatever i mean look look mom. I just opening. Here's a. d. m. okay it says why is your mom. A fucking loser ass is bit. I pity you having her as a mom if she's not drug she's high on coke signed bergen-belsen wow that was so rude vicky tiny vicky vicky and signed ryan culbertson. Whatever who said that fucking message the jolie it was either like some like teenager in school with her which is like you know what congratulations look at ryan. That's your future or as an adult in which case that's like really like do what you should should be doing which is like have a podcast and talk about it but don't send a message to a little girl yeah so then kelly's like you know. Julie used to low fakey supersized. You were so sweet to were an kelly's just telling you there's a lot of bullying on social media and she's like your mom. Get it but i shouldn't beginning about when i'm twelve to be honest which is she's right. She's right yeah that's crazy. I can't believe that someone sent jolie that message. That is absolutely out out of control like where do people get off what is wrong with people okay what is wrong with people and especially like shaming. Someone's mom for being drunk who cares. How did your mom mom raised you. Yeah exactly you know that sounds like the sort of message that was sent from a household that has mckenzie's child things in it while i'll tell you this much which if my mother wasn't drunk through my childhood i'd be dead by now case she would have she would have thrown me off a bridge driven into a ditch so i would like to thank alcohol for everything that you've done for my family. Thank thank you yeah exactly so now we go back over to shannon's house where sophie is getting her makeup done for the big winter formal and she then like goes off to the bedroom to change her dress for the big night and she comes back out as like this bright yellow like egg yolk yellow like woodstock with soccer from mm peanuts super yellow short threats and she's like oh. I i have an obligation to be the cool parent. Let's run back to david half that bitch so i'm just gonna be like that's really short. I won't reprimand you at all. I'm not angry about having forty to fifty negative thoughts about what will happen. What do you later tonight. I'm i'm happy just it's sure it's a four millimeter from your ass and she's like <hes> yeah mom. I mean god gave me nice long legs so i'm going to show them okay and then sophie gets her <hes> her little interview time and and she's like god created everyone in his special unique way and i want to get that message out okay. That's that's fucking adorable first of all thank you for being a positive lovely young girl. You have gorgeous long. Lang's children have housewives. Stop okay okay. You're not here to teach the youth of america okay. You are not watching this so old. Queens are watching this show. Okay congratulations congratulations on your great fucking bugs that god gave you. You're just making me mad now with no who else had nowhere else had like tall long legs talk ungloved beautiful legs that bitch on the feature stole my you know god made me with chunky thighs knock knees. Yes and i just want to spread that message there. That's something negative and horrible that everyone has to feel bad about you. For for the rest of the day that's sophy god made me with week back muscles missiles that have caused me to have terrible posture my entire life and that's really my beauty money. That might be a deeper. I'll beautiful in our own ways. Yeah you just wind and and you just want to ask you just one. The feeling contest angel santa's essau dress l. now play now para meow now because they're still going to try and shove the three amigos thing down our throat. I'm so bitter it's only episode to usually it takes me at least till oh five to get this better. I played tamarin ryan nolan house so sophie <hes> soviet so shannon china well. It may entertain some people around here. I have a date might also so. I'm gonna have managed and so. He's basically like okay well mom. You're the four rules okay. Don't bring home and you want. You don't know no dancing with strangers. Don't drink to the point. Were you black out and we have to pull away from the fridge at three a._m. While you're trying to stuff cream cheese anti salmon when we all see it's just a jello pudding pop that you've pulled in the back of the number four have a good time yeah what those are my rules jusin zero drinking from you so kristen the date arrives and secure saw <music> match selfie with your yellow tie in her yellow drastic said your assets covered. Wow look at that like a pan even so fees found someone who cares about her who wants to coordinate with her. What a feeling. I remember when david salonika coordinate with me three drain aim to kill it when he got sushi are english and just tell me when sophia's trying to lose a little weight. Are you going to stand there eating chips right in her face with an angry. Look on your face. Okay no okay you can get married. Have sex drink to whatever you want. I don't even care at this point madore killed by the potential of her or daughter and whatever that kid's name is christian where i'll dress patrol okay covering that back back so she's like well. I mean you know you have good judgment. I think do not do drugs selfie. If you do drugs all die you die. What how i was raised and look at me like me was raised in look at me you see. I think you're just born with it baby. Maybe maybe we're born with it. Maybe it's drugs elite selene attic to lean. It's time for commercial. It's time for our show. Hey guys i'm rachel and i'm elliot and welcome to our brand new podcast bachelor happy hour. I am so excited about the guests. We are going to have the show. I mean i'm not just excited for you guys listening. I'm just excited for myself personally episodes. I'm still like oh my gosh. I have to know what this person was. Thinking all right you guys so raise your glass because bachelor happy hour is out now you can find it on apple podcast spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts okay so now we go over to emily's house where emily is wearing her favorite luck which is something dark like something black that goes up to her chin but has strange cutouts in the shape of p pods. Yeah you know there's a lot about shaming on this the show this year body shaming and stuff like that. I think emily's fucking beautiful um but i'm not anti close naming. Get together over. I mean meet at somebody who can just be honest with you and say no you need. You need a ronnie and listen. I'm no fashion maven. I wear old navy every day. It's cute old navy okay. It's not cut outs. Outs like you need help. I want i want <hes> you know what i would like for for emily. This is not to be good fashionable advisement. Just what i would like. I wanted to start addressing. Dorothy is born just long flowing things but that would be a hand type thing yeah. I would really like that on emily yeah me too just like the hairspray in the really thick makeup and foundation and then just more like let it hang out girl. I think you've actually even if she did go in like a kaftan forward the way. I think that would look really lovely on her. You know like instead of like these like these like ugly ass tops that are from like the the non lingerie section the victoria secret you know yes also something i suggest that emily get is a fly swatter. Which is what my mother used to slap us from the couch gay okay. 'cause you need that. Your kids are your kids. Are terrorists k yeah. It's it's time to get handcuffs and like it's just like or just tie them down. Crates like you know what bette bette midler had it right and big business when she when she tied seth green to a post in the middle of f._a._o. Schwarz that's emily needs to start doing the emily need a bunch of dog crates okay so which is fly swatters and rope yeah pretty much go for it so emily is like <hes> we'll we're having single-party so maybe soon will come home to nine yeah because it's for perry perez her mother-in-law so they're going to be celebrating her birthday and so oh <hes> she got like a private chef and everything and she's like well. There's gonna be free food. I'm not gonna make because appear in the shitty chef so maybe shane welcome home tonight for that. Emily put on twitter last night before the started. Hey everybody ready to beat up on shane. I'm ready star has owner yeah so everybody comes over and it's cute. The kids are so running around like maniacs have a private chef and a helper and so you know it's hard to feel bad for emily which you just see her surrounded by employees. You need to be like bronwyn and make that employees hide in the food pantry so it looks like she's doing everything anything alone. Yeah exactly and perry comes over and she's dressed like she's going to the oscars. She has like this bright red pretty woman dress on and she has a white like i stole <unk>. She's like she's ready to accept her award for best supporting actress in like memories from the heart barry story you you know for emily's. I think shane might come. Maybe i'm biting him. The whole family is come together so i mean how is this a maybe for his mom's birthday. That's being held in his house like how is that a thing yeah. He's a little prick. That guy is a little curric- so they you know they get served as weird olive salad with a even rhetoric appraising next to it and then they started talking because you know i'm gonna talk about that but <hes> so they're talking about <hes> how shane is studying for the bar and there's all this pressure which you know i understand i've had a lot of friends who've studied for the bar thing most people have and it is a lot of pressure etc and so serene who is gene sister is like you know it's like when i told dad cut serene is a lawyer. Also she goes. You know what happens if if i pass or if i don't pass well if you pass we got dinner celebrate for don't pass away. We're still we're still hungry serene about dinner. It is what it is. But of course i passed because i it wasn't about to shane it. Yeah i mean this is the third time so you know that's a lot of dinners. He's getting for not achieving match so emily. Everybody's everybody's texts. Emily calls she tries to face time and so we could say happy birthday and whatever and he doesn't answer and instead he calls the english girl the where accent by the way the cake moi own now so he calls the lies at the little instead dad and she has a phone over to emily and why shane glad you could call and he's like. I'm getting hounded by everyone. I get to be a degree of harassment known backs that i said no. So what am i supposed to do collins a i went yeah you little fucking asshole your wife's if you're doing all the work for your fucking parents while you're jacking off in some library somewhere can you can still do your job as a fucking us meant exactly guess what who bought those dinners for your consolation failed the bar exam you know anti celebrations who who for the bill your mother whose birthday it is and she dressed up because she thought she was getting an oscar and you're not even there to celebrate her fake oscar yeah and the least you could do is go on facetime as time say sorry guys. I'm with you in spirit happy birthday. Mom click does that yeah out of time that would have taken less time than you calling him being a fucking asshole emily leave him. What even doing with this fucking loser yeah you you calling to check in on your mom to say happy. Birthday is not going to be make or break moment at the bar okay. I'm sure like like all that information about like torts and like war dear is still going just like it will still survive being able to face time your mom. He's a little astle and listen in everybody on orange county gets divorced and i hope you're next you deserve and i know that there's not a whole lot of like. What do you call it <hes> when you get something to to do something <hes> like if if i said ben if you get an i'm gonna give you twenty dollars than some motivation. Johnson unreleased our incentive so i know there's not a lot of incentive to divorce somebody who make zero money because you're going to still be having to take care of for those kids and give him half of your you know what never mind don't divorce keep him and just get a crate for him. Get it great for him. Get bored weights yeah. Let's i mean he's just he's just a piece of shit air. I'm supposed to say hi has going and she was like okay. Shin forgetting he's like fine by and just hangs up and she's like what a piece of shit you know you should be. He should be so thankful that she has taken on all this stuff. You know that she's affording him this. This <hes> the opportunity to study for the bar <hes> it just it's well. I will say this lady's if a man that you're not even dating aiding proposes to you on g. chat. He's probably not going to be a prince yeah. He probably will not be a g sports yeah so emily wants more respect and then by the way ah the show does my favorite thing which is when they hang up. This are playing dislike. Super tense marriage is crumbling music. I just love that. I'm always like oh. This is so intense pads. I love it it. Just it really it really gets me every time it's like its own theme on this show called they're getting divorced by alan. Menken or whatever that guy's unmedicated next up is bryan who's totally over her shitty child and you can tell by the little girl pink suitcases she has. I really thought that was for a little girl role. It's her little pink kids suitcases. She's like an a run away from home. You know like go plant plant herself. At the other end of the cul de sac yeah <hes> yeah. She's like an inside out so so she's getting ready to go travel somewhere and we meet her. Now we get to meet her. Mom dr deb who i is basically we like electric daisy carnival and burning man and hot topic and just like pipe cleaners all mixed up together type cleaners yeah. She's this is crazy. She's like betsy johnson kind of luck and she's wearing this like t- like body to to see through with feick a diamond most sticker but you know when people put them on their forehead or whatever but it's right in between her she is which is really yeah it. It was like you know when you create any character in a video game and he can make like is like super wide or smaller high or low and everything she just decided. I'm going to be wacky and lower everything right into the middle of my face yeah yeah she's. She's got a wacky. Let coming on so she's wearing like yeah the diamond no sticker and she's wearing a necklace. It says it's like medicine woman talk. I'm sorry dr quinn no give out and then. She has another one that says ego so it's like okay. She's he's like a lot et cetera and then when bronwyn talking about how she surprised sean somewhere something she's like oh my goddess wow this is great for your sleep in dan. I was like oh man. I do not know how that's going to play well. In orange county saying progressive things like all my data's bronwyn told us a little bit about her childhood last week which sounds insane we get more this week. She's like when i was young. She was in a rock band and she wanted to be famous and then she decided to become a holistic doctor her and then she went to burning man and that's what really changed everything because now she wants to let connect with energy and she talks to angels so that's where we're at yeah that that was that was funny because this whole interesting story and ends like and then she went to burning man. You know the thing is just like i like. I know a lot of people who go to burning man and and you know i support their desire to be around people who don't bathe but the thing is this though is that like most people like when they lead brennaman. Leave it there and this woman who's like no. I'm burning man all year round. I don't know them. Leave the leave it. There like this off parties together and they're like ronnie. Would you like to join our community and mike now. What am i mayor mayor complainer. I will never make it a ban or cabbie. Play crap crap burning man l. No i'm not going to burning man. It's like an august. Isn't it yeah yeah like in two weeks now. Can you tell because there are starting to be signs and stories. That's burners. Welcome so annoying but here. It's like an amazing experience. Although i do know someone i once went on a date with a guy who then went to burning man and he hit his mom his brain with broken by it and i'm not even joking. Keep you came a crazy person. He changed his name to two words that we're like not like they're made up words at and he threw himself off a bridge wound up in a mental facility and and then he like ultimately adults culminated with him like on his family's farm singing weird songs on youtube <hes> that would segue into chestnuts. That's the roasting on an open flame. It was a really strange journey for him and a great endorsement for burning man. We'll we're giving a lot of credit to burning man. It's drugs okay. Emma love drugs. I'll take acid at home. How about that. I'll do acid at home and then i'll just make s'mores on my stove. Hey burning man how about how about sitting on my couch dan how 'bout that how 'bout air conditioner man how about that we all sit around we take drugs and we turn on an air conditioner watching <hes> african tessa ma'am okay how about uh-huh yeah <hes> also you should have your children taken away for leaving them with this woman gave their senate so she is basically going to go have romantic take time with her husband and bronwyn has a pretty good attitude. She's like you know when i was growing up. My mom didn't have a lot of time which is a very nice way to put it yeah so i was sent around to different family members to stay at their homes so cam. My kids are getting a great grandma but that's nothing like my mom which is good. It's it's good is like she's fun now i am. I'm so happy my am. I smiling from pure happiness n._s. I'm i'm not feeling any other emotions. That might seem like resentment at this moment. I'm totally happy and basically it was like that was like that melissa the arabian a moment. I was like that's what i noticed. I was like that's who she is melissa d. arabian 'cause i could see her bitch flowers trying to grow a little bit of disappointment blooms. You see melissa so so then we go over to kelly whose genus newhouse they just built within your philly hells so we see that empty room that gina was walking around in last week where she had that box antiques and now that antiques fox's now been put on the on the floor with various candlesticks in it <hes> and so there's like again. There's like that giant like oversize clock. That's just lean against the the wall is like you know what i'm going to do when this woman i'm probably going to turn it into a you know adult hang out space. You know like a giant clock that we could pretend to reenact the the last scene of back to the future on maybe and then like you know look at the antiques box and think about antiques you know it's like okay then she goes into living room wants to make it a pool room. I'm a pool table room like wow. You're really not doing a great job of getting rid of your husband. You're not gonna give them a pool table room. In the house. That's not even heads gina yeah exactly like the first the rooms mutiple room and then they go into the living room and there's another oversize clock leaning against a wall unlike this lady has a problem she really does because she's got that many clocks fox and she's still doesn't know it's three thirty three a._m. Or whatever three forty three with like seven eight nine it was after your mom party so yes so it's valentine's day and she's like. I just realized it's valentine's day and date tonight that such that each time to make it pay yeah <hes> yeah. She's like <hes> yet so weird. He's like ten years older than i am and like we're just like different people because like while it's tech like a bunch of emojis emojis and then he doesn't use them back i mean he actually doesn't even text me back. I've just been texting protecting my ex basically just my ex yeah probably and so in kelly pictures and kelly goes. Oh is that as x. and she's like well. We're in orange county. You know so they go to pick up outfits and talk about the guy then you know is matt dating and i don't even know i mean i ask him. Any sporadically says now now whatever that means radically i learned my new boyfriend uses words like sporadically and respite block old. He said breasts fi. I mean so this is awkward. You know because we know what happened with matt ended up happening linguist matt so it's awkward to see this. She's like really nervous to see matt's reaction to meet dayton. Put the needs in my family before my own but look. I'm just glad you're out of there. I'm glad you're in your own house. At this point. Yes me too so now. We go over to irvine where bronwyn has like a condo. The little pieta tare <hes> and <hes> sean comes over and they're like already for valentine's day and we learned that when they lived in miami they had like a little what they call the love shack where they get away from their fourteen thousand children to have sex essentially so they got a new one in irvine. Yeah i like just by places you know for certain events. It's you know emily listen up. You buy this place. You put your children gained locked the door so they're getting all romantic taking she starts talking about the girls and out she's gonna be friends with all these new girls and stuff and how she was talking to gina needing help with her kids kids because they're all over the place and it reminds her when she you know when he was working all the time and finally one of their kids said <hes> by daddy he always thought that that that was the name of the dam and he's like and then i changed now. Everything's perfect yeah if only talk more we'd have known that we'd he's been happier with less money and like being happier being around each other. He's like we have sex yet. Why are we talking about this. I am i can't he seems very nice of but i'm having trouble believing that he's a good person because he's a husband on the real housewives of orange county. I know there is no bigger strike against you. The matt exactly and i really wanna call him frank but you sean sean. I'm like you're a frank. I know you're a frank and i think that's gonna come out because i don't believe named sean. He's a frank. He changed it to on yeah. I'm pretty sure his name is frank. Frank so yeah. I'm kind of bored okay so then over valentine's eddie and hammer earned the car which is basically their place to shoot at this point joint class. How we never did that is like it's a surprise brize. It's a surprise tam. Would you wake up. You're driving sir sir sir. What's the point of putting on that ten inch caller older. If you're gonna it's gonna crash your car. Okay you wanna make it to the restaurant so she's like without for valentine's brat had rat men of that time of a dead and out of the contract and the chocolate kind of <hes>. I don't believe that because he doesn't i don't remember it and i don't believe that eddie would ever send somebody chocolate anything okay. He's eddie yeah. He's eddie. He would send her like some wasa crackers. No he would send her like some meet. Who sent her like you know some duck fat or some shit. He would send her like something like the sharper image like hey look you can massage your ankle live but she'd never figure out how to use it so it would stay in a box. You know young then we go back to the to the apartment in irvine nine and bronwyn has done a costume change into something sexier and she leads sean into the bedroom. I was like okay. I don't know why we need to have like a call back to the scene. We you just saw but sure okay pack for this but please let it end here. Okay yes thank you thank you for the follow up and then we go yeah then we go over to emily. Her valentine's day is her with the kids. Cry climbing all over her and fisker going to the toilet drink out of it and going over to harass family because this scares just angry. You're going to put these demons. I'm gonna make you pay for me with a one well. I think she's kind of making out well here. I mean look what other alternative is that a great valentine's day either. No you win yeah. She actually got the better option the toilet breath fisker and wild children a so then eddie and hammer at a restaurant and he's bought her valentino shoes and she's like i think they might have a rash shot every how they get a new pair of shoes and what's really weird. It's all in his size and there's always like lady. Gaga took up that come with them saw weirds. I just listened to their order because i know that they're kito and so we're you so it was very helpful for you and what i it was not paying attention. I wasn't paying attention to order them <hes> savita jay and then lay and chilean sea bass there you go it sounds delicious by the way makes me hungry for the week. I have to like make chicken after this. You can never go and get a snack. You never have snacks. You have to make a whole big thing like chicken and get a rotisserie chicken for the store now. I'm gonna make indian butter chicken mcconaughey chicken chicken makoni lissi how it goes yeah have that with a nice glass of non compassion passion and you're going to have a great dinner. Thanks cream cheese. I don't think so so tamasek wet occurred ahead laugh at half most like why am i sitting. Tamara's scenes. Gift the fuck rid of tamra already. What is she doing here getting shoes and talking about nothing yeah a- and they start talking about shannon shannon like god i've got to get mad at our sin and at ease like at his basically basically saying so you excuse everything that shannon did last year like a like are you also you also be excusing with the gay and and which point they start they start talking about vicky all that nothing that shannon did last year tamra does housework and she knows it. No one has memory of anything that happened from the season before but i do and shannon didn't do shit to you last year. Okay except not call you him and then she apologized and then you talked about are all season trying to turn everybody against her. <hes> <hes> then you were a ringleader and all of this while shannon was the one that said that your husband was abusive was shannon shannon's drinking drinking yourself sell it tit yeah well so they start talking about season hate on this idiot so tambor's document vicki and how like she can be super compassionate sinead then walsh so but she starts talking about how vicky she's like. It's so weird because vicky was common. She hits jeannot but then like geno calls. Thousands epic is being super nice so obviously i have to ruin both of them so <hes> we see we see the screen shot of of this text chain. That's going on between the trace amigas shannon and vicki. I mean they're talking about gina's <hes> d._u._i. Which shannon is the first one to report like. I just heard self. Medicating bitch just got a d._u._i. And she said i was self. Medicating dot dot dot containers that cosmic and then vicky jumps and she's like wow what and then tamra says not god and vicky service circulars a death a jailbird ellipses responsible and santa's like yeah and she blew a stop sign earlier in the month so stupid and at three forty three a._m. Five question marks what i mean a stepson i stab sign. I mean if there's anything i've learned from the with is the stop signs do not work. He was like green light to the board. I'm happy happy happy who so yeah so we see that so we know that gina stories now fishy about getting caught <hes> with the road year without a little rhody. I'll trunk bronc got a little drunk wine. Get leggings. That's wall yeah so yeah. You know that's how to me. That just doesn't trust effec- komo. I've tried to be a mother that she's a bit stepper and he's like well. Why would she do that so that shift and psychopathic <unk> abba matt and my latte which is why i moved to cut to compete with that and be in the country clap your even worse so yeah exactly so now it's time for tambor's big housewarming party and she's getting everything ready at her house. I also noticed that they have like a grand piano in the living room. Why why is there a grand piano and tamara's house. I mean like i'm holding out hope that maybe spencer plays but like i just can't imagine <hes> really anything pertaining to like playing happening and yeah doesn't seem like the most talented family on the block gay just putting that out there okay so now. Let's have a break to skewer ryan some more since he's in this e fuck. This guy thought these tax on the show so last week doc we covered how he's a transphobic racist piece of shit yeah and this week we can talk about what an abuser he is to women. It's not fine guys came to a uh sarah. Jane re rodriguez. Who was his ex that we saw on. The show says you talk shit about my daughter after several times today she's just a child. You're supposed to be a grownup and he says and she acts like a little bitch just like you buy these are text. Messages is that sarah put onto her instagram. She basically blew up his spot. Yes and he's and she said i don't think you comprehend what you've done to my family and he goes so you can both get fucked and she says he says your trash fuck off and she says you are discussing an abusive and he says now i'm going to talk to whoever the fuck i want and she said in your games are unreal and he says go kill yourself and she said it's not a joke hello and he says fuck you a million exclamation points and he says this one's for you and it's a picture of him doing a close up shot of a bullet so holding a bullet in his fingers like real classy this guy bravo just keep just just mother fucker on until he shoots somebody up yeah. He is like just like in the epitome of everything. That's wrong with this country. I think truly truly truly terrible fashion too so yeah so he is just like a piece of shit huge huge huge piece of shit so i hit him and i'm like i can't. I don't even have the energies which is really. I can't believe i actually had more energy about mackenzie's child than i do about ryan this week but i'm just like i'm just exhausted. It's just like fuck you you and brought another example of bravo just keeping somebody on who know get rid of him and then tamra making a story i mean just gross okay so kelly and shit shit yeah so kelly driving over together and kelly. I don't want to talk to vicki only talked to or what are the big. We live channels like well. Who else is going to be there. Kills joe joe who who's joe mama ha that off my god how funny for brief second i can't joe from season one was watching it was like oh shit was invited to a house resident ask so emily driving separately but they're talking on the phone and emily's like who loves to move was. There tried to kill kelly so my goal is not to threaten anyone today. It's like listen if you can threaten anybody and get away with it the tamara's cameras house yeah exactly we encourage you to threaten someone. That was your best moment of all time emily seconds or when she told shannon to shut up at the reunion which they also showed so. It's an hour at back timers house. She's like boston. Kid were around and you know this real house beverly hills music. It's really being just like spammed out on the bravo shows because they played more beverly hills music. Where was it was the earlier this week where they played it may be on below deck or maybe on potomac but this time it was the one that goes bo bo bo is trust me. That's how it goes is is very much like lisa renee going off to note to try go yoga music to try go meet all of microphone on things you find out in videos <hes> so they're moving tables around and there's a catering tambor's bouncy live that tebow and it says jennifer lead caterer caterer. Hey i felt totally ripped off from my years catering. I was never the lead the lead fucking kate or have all that shit all over my i._m._d._b. Right now how you ever more you would you were doing more ensemble work. You know every every catering company is different yeah so everybody starts arriving genus i in her terrible fake for flintstone thing and it's just so embarrassing i've just i've just every every single gene. I'm really feeling for genome right now. Yeah she is really really going down a bad path and then so gina and tomorrow talking about the fight the bron- what's gonna becoming and timber goes. Everyone does this bronwyn but may which i was like oh shit shit that means that tamra is going to do two things. She is going to turn the group against the new girl or she's going to weaponize the new girl against someone so i'm excited to see how that goes. I think that tamara's game play this season is going to try and be the new head bitch and charge vicki's not. They're gonna try to be victim about everything and let everybody else. I think she's gonna try and do her. Tamra checkers where she's like making everybody else yeah yeah well. She's got the checkerboards so then we see eddie in the kitchen and he's just looking into food and then he picks up a piece of cheese and he's like it looks right in the cameron sniffs it deeply and then eats it. God viscous such a creep okay so then tamra he's been creepy. I don't like it is is creepy and bland and he he has hateful is a lot of the men on this show have just mean person. Is you think tim is gonna marry. Someone who doesn't have hateful allies true true so let's see so kellyanne shannon come in and it's like wow isn't this pretty beautiful. Ooh she's stepping out so they go over to talk to to emily his emily gina. Who are there and emily's like whoa you look so good. Shannon shannon's like oh thank you kale thank you. That's the salmon vidor her voice. Thank you thank you and that smile. She's like thank you. Oh yes thanks ha sincere laugh for me. <hes> am i excited my whole. Sorry note that my head did not drop down below. My shoulders is when i let out that laugh had a slight head tilt and my posture was very sweet and i said thank you am. I excited to see emily. No sorry sorry guess you didn't era where no no. Am i being a bitch. Yes uh so kelly tells emily you're skinny and she's like no one dawn. I need to get on whatever santa's doing with the shannon. I need to get on the sanin and kelly goes yes. She just stopped eating meaning because i eat i eat clean which you can see i've still on my hateful polls and it is burning calories because i'm squeezing together because advantages up at i eat clean clean. It's a concept that some people know about. It's like how my soul is clean and emily. Yours is full of dirt at mac doc. I'm happy unhappy. Calm and presence kelly like yeah. She clean walks up hills. Don't you see you're on instagram. It goes no. I didn't see it because she blocked me on instagram hands like how well i really even go on the instagram. I mean honey. What did you say you like little center. A graham cracker lord knows. I don't let me the graham cracker. I don't even know where i stand then with emily. I mean i've said five things to did. I block her timur and i did it at the same time i mean. This is fun positive year her her she did something. I don't really know what she did but what we decided blocker so then brahmin and saen are coming and he's like is weird debris a gift to somebody. You don't even know like this is not <hes> get shot of some girl. I don't know who it is vise. A bar are pounding back a bottle of champagne straight from the bottle. Yes it was like auditioning. She's like i am ready to be part of this cast. I don't know who you are but i'm going to guess that you were invited added by ryan. Yes i would say so so yes. Oh sean and bronwyn arrive and tamraz gives her that signature tamra look where she gives a half smile and just hates this woman 'cause she's pretty interesting like she has fun personality and like already camera senses the threat and she's tinier than tamra camera. <hes> cameras half a point to mackinac latte. That's not going to be a good but it's not a good sign for you. From the moment the moment that like brahmins had i'm gonna go out to get a drink as soon as she was gone like who wants who wants to toys so she like obviously like i'm not going to. I'm not inviting bronwyn utah torch. She kept her out of it and she's like. I just done now but evan stack them on the ads. It's got sabbath fat cats thath from someone who's impressed with their own stairs is really nouveau. Yeah like settled down m._c._s._e. Okay it's just a staircase <hes> <hes> so then brand bronwyn talking to shannon and shannon. It's like well. I got married blade. You know thirty six then. I got pregnant on the honeymoon and then i got pregnant what the twins right after that i mean half leopard with you say she goes def leppard. She says like so she she she conceived. Did she say she conceives. Oh she conceived sophie after the honeymoon. I guess the twins the ones that she conceived after def leppard concert. Oh yeah associates like she's like the other ones death lever concert and then brahmins like that's pretty bad ass. That's a good story. I was like yeah that is crazy like again drunk at a death leopard concert in conceiving and then i was like that was like fourteen years ago that was thousand five death leopard concert certainly doesn't really have the same like alert as like eighty using were wild. We were just like in the back of my old dodge dr and then blah pour. Some sugar on me came on next thing until i had twins it's like it was two thousand and five four years out from nine eleven three years before the financial crisis this and def leppard hadn't had a hidden twenty years and boom. I was pregnant yeah. I see the best western see the sadness of this <hes>. Uh so then ryan is talking to emily. He's like where's your husband. Where's what oh you mean the little <unk> studying for the bar exam. He's studying. He's like as we will have beers together then schick well. He didn't drink anyway. He's mormon my first of all you know that ryan. It's like ryan. No the bar exam has nothing to drinking right. Okay second of all families just like looking at ryan like your trash <music>. You're just such trash and i have cut outs okay and your trash yeah so then by the way in the middle of all this this this couple walked in and they got a full kyron at said like sheryl michael which coincidentally the name of my aunt and uncle <hes> cheryl and michael timbers friends <unk> chiron and then that was it. Was there a reason behind that. Do we know maybe cheryl. We'll be a friend of or something this year who knows surprised yeah. I've no idea so so then we see kelly talking to broadway and this girl in a like is coming on wanna talk to her. I don't want to i won't do ron was just like what am i doing with this so so tamara's <hes> talking to <hes> to shannon i guess tim talking about how like vicki's planning to bring up some sort of pig video which we have not heard about yeah like a pig video and so- tamra and shannon pull up this video. Oh that kelly sent to vicky that it was like a pig emoji. I don't even know how to do this. By the way by knows a thing you can do where you can animate emoji and we just see this pig emoji. It's it's just one of those things at the bottom of your tax. You know how you outta gif yeah. It's one of those things i think i think it's the face of a monkey and then you read is your face and then you can do a cartoon character like i have my own emoji. I'm very thin and it's like a wishes emoji. It's me bald. I don't have the monkey okay. I'm looking right now. I have you don't let me look this. This recaptured rise. I have like i have like the verizon logo like hey. Hey you wanna send your friends something interesting about verizon. I'm gonna do a text. Ben and i'm going to press the application window thing and it's a little blur and i'm gonna do it in my face. I'm gonna say head bat. I literally don't have the monkey okay saint k. naked see what it's like. It's it's called an emoji scenario but it makes me really sad. Oh you have to go over them and and put it in your where it says more all the way at the end slide him over and i'm an advocate i had looked. It's there's no monkey in do you or do you have finger touch i._d. What do you have face i._d. On your phone or do you have the thing. Repeat your fingerprint to unlock anger. Oh yeah sorry sorry wasted wasted. Everyone's time when ben stone is just well guess his desperate ronnie. I'm gonna send you something lovely from verizon which you like check out the new razor phone uh anyway so her face and she tells she's telling off vicky in it and she's like you wanna text me you fucking pig bitch which don't text me. Don't write me. Don't tax me you pick. That's what's can you. Don't write me your blood. I do whatever i want and it was just so hilarious. Because it's such it's sort of like a message that's being spoken but the pig and it's just so fucking kelly as low as possible so tamara's cameras like sarah but that's fun and so she explains to us. She's like well. Let's malik up beckham pepa onstage and calendar. That's picard. Who knows i mean. It's a lab la at fella alyssa proud. I was so proud so so vicki is is like well. That's terrible. That's terrible like oh my god and oh no vicky comes in. She's she's like hello hello. This is like when the family arrived at the rest park. It's like we saw like water glasses shaking. You know we saw ryan little like a canister of dip moving around our first vicki scene of the season as friend of so seas of course no one's their degree vicky. She's terrible at entrances. Even at our own parties you know she can never just give them infants down so everyone ignoring her and tamara's hiding and she's like the shot at it is shot and kelly caesar from outside and she goes. She looks like a sasquatch. The biggest here so picky joins the ha. I've been working. I'm working get the job. Get a job. Get everyone's like high and kelly kelly just leaves immediately and just like little montage of like vicky going to various spots around the back yard and kelly just immediately leaving yeah so then vicky comes to meet all the girls and she just completely ignores bronwen totally completely won't even look at her and gene is like oh okay. You're not gonna meet her. Okay then him. Dreamy goes matinee against it's not today becky so then sean is talking about his necklace and he's like yeah. It has spiraled from hawaii represent spirals and he's like oh looks like it's now like a snail and brahmins like if she's she like flirting with sean because he's young enough to be her son. I'm like i don't think i was like i don't none of this none of the process any any of this right now. You don't think he's young enough or just like the idea of vicky hitting on sean but i'm also like. I don't think she was hitting on on seek. Ida was oh l. o. Really put your nice guy. She's kind of grabbing his arms. Let's get away get away vicky yeah <hes> so so <hes> so bronwyn is already about to kick her ass. You know so kelly's like i don't just go talk to vicki doing go talk to are now so they finally introduce it is rhonda vicky and vicky is like oh hello. Hello probably have a job okay because wastage life giving it to so bad. I'd like be who owes everything that i have thank you thank. Are you okay yeah. It's really nice that your husband has a nicholas that represents what your marriage is gonna do downward spiral downward spiral talk to us about that technically us so <hes> <hes> she's so nice jerkily raffner and so then there's like more awkwardness with kelly and vicky the and just like biggie is it's just two magnets that are like opposed. Their polarity is like whatever whatever pushing each other away. I don't know who i'm talking about magnets right now. It just goes insane clown. Posse just released a new album today or something either they all start walking away from the table just leaving vicky mckeon tamra there and emily the last one standing and she's like you know i gotta go to the bathroom and vicky thank god now you will to ooh and tamara's like you should've had a claire rab back so so now like halley's inside and the kitchen and talking about this like pig emoji thing that she said and she's basically like you know what becky is not telling you is that before sent that vicky sent me a whole big text message saying like don't write this or not allowed to say that you can't do you can't do that asked so i just sent a pig emoji because i want to talk about a whole dissertation about why she's a piece of shit i just mirror image which it looks like so why going so then we get a shot of steve standing alone in the living room staring up with a family photo creep really big this big family portrait thing this over the fireplace and he's just standing there staring at it was like reminiscent of ghostbusters offers to when that guy staring at the painting and it comes alive and spread slime all over the city i was like okay. That's what's going to happen with tamra stammer all right such a creeper. That guy is such an such. It was such an odd shot on the show. I mean there's there's husbands <music>. I'm every housewives with this one. They're all just gross. I mean bruins. We haven't decided we jury is still out but the rest of them yikes so tamra and vicky talking and tamas like well. You got to talk to her. And of course i just put god she text me. I forgive you. Everything's fine at the people we'll keep talking about it and gets all round up like to fire and tamara's like yeah bat fangs as k. We got but that she does she did she did she okay then. Don't fucking go. Apologize vicky still gonna come on tv and say the same fucking thing yeah exactly exactly so just under stick up for galley and there's yeah well. Can you fix your friendship because like i dunno i dunno. I dunno chris advices. Retaliation isn't the best becca ricky goes. Okay tried that tabora. Why did you try that. <hes> <hes> yeah exactly so now shannon's talking to kelly and she's like kelly you did make comments don instagram where you said a her face was was melting like like cream cheese and lovin wrapped and salmon is like no one is they re melting just said that her malfunction. That's all function fees functioning just like whatever i don't give a fuck no no you you know. I didn't say that that mean thing about vicki. I said something actually a little meaner and i'm proud of. It sounded says well then she texted. You asked you to please remove inches. No no there was no pleased lovely. She ordered it. She ordered it yeah so yeah so she like made all these demands etcetera and so so now of course tamara's doing this thing that she loves. Don't you think maybe like you're it like a and kelly like maybe you should talk with keller whatever she's like going under the guise of trying to fix this friendship. She's going to have them talk. Just so you know basically. They have a seat at her house. Yes so she's gonna make them talk and vicki's. Don't leave me out of your alarm. She goes in to try and get kelly. I just had about about jared. She said she'd like to talk to you. Don't want to talk to her about south there and just say well. Now kelly knows what tamara's game is because she's already played it for many years so she's like no. I don't wanna see her so so <hes> she's like. They think you forever. No i ever minds that cools cool your door so then we cut to eddie in steve talking and i don't know who is at his talking to but he's like you should do it. Tequila ladies need more too key. The ladies mean mean more to key last what's happening. Did they drug out every husband all this show today. Everyone's disgusting today. Oh i thought he said ladies. We need more tequila eela kerry well. I hope because that was a cool it not even what i thought he said was bad. I just don't know what's going on with anybody. I was like it's an it's an eddie and steve seen scene. I don't think i would pay that much attention to this right now yeah. That's that's good advice now. There's some good advice yeah so <hes> so <hes> timber goes and tells dell's vicky that he doesn't wanna talk and think you want like like vicky wants to talk to kelly. She has to do with herself so because like okay fine but why w. w. Right now she's doing this. We've both we both wrong which is always vicky says has always in every single argument ever. She never apologizes. It's always we both agree about shannon's like well if you say what can i do to make this better. Gotta go tim deputy deck. Just be a deck. You guys you guys have the packers you have to have back to back this associated with the meat because you're always the one putting your big ass but in your mouth yes so then vicki's like canada had a can. We talk if i don't have anything to say to you vicky. I don't want anything to you. Unrolled begin the chase. We begin to chase space which is even more hilarious. Mickey is dressed like a sasquatch so it was like this like weird slow moving like they were like vicky kelly's just trying to get away from vicky just like walking from room to room and vicky like furry vicki is just like going like honor healing now. You said you said that you want you want to move auto. Ah change what happened. What happened to get a job get a job and kelly's just going no not today no not today and just keeps walking away and then so vicki he switches gears and she's like. What do you think you have beauty queen. But what are your beauty queen. You should never talk to women like that and kelly's like oh just go vicky. Just go vicky. We city your city. You're looking lena. Lou kelly new don't you don't know of course of course i did do do <hes> but i i i don't care i mean i do care about you a lot lot kelly and she's like you understand what you've done to me. You hurt my daughter. You understand your cocaine. Have you ever seen done and that brings us the end to the real housewives and hopefully hills well. Thank you to everybody who's with us and thanks. It's everybody who's with us on video hi there <hes> do you guys want these videos. The patriot act five so tickets. Everything can be found at watch. What crap is dot com. We'll talk to you next time guy i ain't.

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