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Today's Sunday morning podcast is sponsored by prudential. What would you do if you had to choose between saving for your kids, college or your own retirement with the cost of a four year degree estimated to be over two hundred thousand dollars in eighteen years? It's a real decision. Many families must make at prudential. We wanna make sure your biggest financial goals never have to come at the expense of one another because financial wellness means planning for their future, and yours. Get started today at prudential dot com slash plan for both prudential insurance company of America. Newark New Jersey. Good morning. I'm Jane Pauley. And this is Sunday morning for too many. Parents it's terrible. And troubling question. A well, you know, your children and for too many parents the answer can have life or death consequences as the final entry in one. Young girl's diary made. All too clear. Jim Axelrod will report our cover story. She was a seventeen year old high school junior with a golden future straight as loving parents and bunch of friends, she's such a happy girl. And so full life. But there was another darker side to the story. Leaned over the embankment and look down. And I saw her just happen to us. But it did happen. Why these parents are sharing their heartbreak ahead on Sunday morning. Whatever your political affiliation. Julia Louis Dreyfuss may be just about everyone's favorite. Vice president her show veep is launching a new season Tracy Smith catches up with her. I am still young woman. Really look at my hands. Look at my neck. Okay. Inter final year HBO show. Julia Louis Dreyfuss had both the role of a lifetime, and maybe the fight of her life. How are you going to say goodbye through tears and laughs? I don't know. It's awful forget it. We're going to do another season. Behind the scenes that veep later on Sunday morning. Our series now serving continues this morning with Martha Tyson's visit to America's test kitchen. If America's test kitchen says a particular Skillet is. Believe it. If a recipe appears in one of its cookbooks know that it's been tested and tasted hundreds of times. The mission really has been the same for twenty five years, which is to our home cooks succeed in their own kitchens ahead the Sunday morning. We follow some carrots from peeler to page. Lee Hourn gives us a read on bestselling author. Delia Owens with Conor night. We visit a museum of music machines. And on the Saint Patrick's Day will be hearing from the chorus of University College, Dublin and more all coming up. When are Sunday morning podcast continues. Any law. Cut shore is tragedy especially for parents who a child and never sought coming. Jim Axelrod has a cautionary tale from the final entry in a young girl's diary. With beautiful. I try them. I. The home video will look so familiar to so many Barron, the sweet little girl singing and dancing her way to teen years. Where she's recognized for achieving outside the home consider me for the national on a site and thoroughly cherish insight. Like, this was awesome, Alexandra. She was such a happy girl. And so motivated in so just full life. But for millions will turn terrifying. When parents here the whole store, Alexandra velours. Just weeks after a family ski vacation smile. This seventeen year old high school junior straight a student class officer and robotics with made her bed tidied her room and walked to a highway overpass in Grafton, Massachusetts. Leaned over the embankment and look down. And I saw her dean velours Alexander's father. I was just hoping for. There was no one that was done. All cars driving by. My daughter's on the side of the road. Nobody saw this and she's cold. Nearby dean and his wife Alesia found two journals in their daughters belongings her final entry was written just hours before her death. The Gulf Coast of you listening to a playlist, she entitled goodbye. We had this one open at the bridge. And it was just like, phrases and words, and I'm not good enough. I'm worthless. I'm like these are things that we've never heard. There was just so much joy and everything she did. And it doesn't matter. What was in that journal two hundred pages of self loathing and despair written in Alexandra own hand broken? You are a burden. You're lazy you're failure. She was a highly motivated Cheever, but that's how she felt inside. Such a sherpa and confusing. Contrast to who they thought was they're happy oldest child strumming her way through outta lessons and still talking to her parents. You having all these conversation conversations. It just doesn't seem possible. But it's what reality was because it's written, right? With teen suicide at a forty year high for young women Alexandra's age and now the second leading cause of death for fifteen to twenty four year olds of both sexes. It is this disconnect that most haunts dean and Alicia Valois. The girl who seemed to love it. When her parents took her to a concert by the Scottish rock group. Biffi Claro went home and wrote. I hated it. I just wanted to be alone. I tanks two weeks before she died on March nineteenth two thousand eighteen Alexandra's robotic team won regionals and a place in the international finals. We went there that day. We went there that day. She was so excited. But none of that made the journal. Instead the next entry. I need an excuse as to why I'm doing poorly. She was able to obscure this feeling of despair. You know, this hints, but I'm not thinking. Yes. The journals were a complete shock to her English teacher. Tim freedus her intellect her candle power where does that rank and of nine years worth of of high school kids, number one and number two, absolutely. That's mart. Alexandra head confided in him. She was having a hard time staying motivated, but freed is chalked it up to teenage angst. It's always playing back. How would you do things differently? Now that the outcome has been seen you still wrestling with that. Of course, how do I go forward and have kids sit right in front of me. And I don't have a clue what's going on in their personal lives. But still trying to figure out if there's something going on. I think we all carry a little guilt because we all thought we knew her so well her friends are also haunted. Molly Turner and Zoe Mahoney to Alexandra's closest friends at Blackstone valley technical high school, they were in engineering shop together read this thing to you. Okay. A hang out with my shop is someplace I can let my guard down a bit more. I shouldn't do this. Really, I'm pretty sure they've noticed by now I've been out of it for while. But I don't wanna concern them. When you hear that? Now, make you all happy to know that was a safe place for her or something else. I feel so happy that she was able to let her guard down. But I feel like she shouldn't have had to had a guard up at all like anytime. Did you notice she was in her words out of it? Well, I think we noticed that she was a little more stress than usual. But with junior year like everyone stressed, it's normal to stress. I have more kids who are cutting who are attempting suicide who are entering impatient psychiatric facilities students who in the past would have been considered the sort of model students many of Scott whites forty years as a guidance counselor were spent in affluent, New Jersey communities full of high-achieving kids. In your view is the spike we're seeing in teen suicide related to this. What you call an unhealthy culture. Absolutely. We have a culture that makes kids think that if they're not perfect. They're less than good Alexandra's journal. It begins with a checklist. What will get me into MIT valedictorian first robotics, captain hundred plus our service award model. You Anna ten both conferences win. Is there something wrong with these goals? There's no balance on these goals. There's no check is to not every person can reach them whether that child can reach them, it's sort of unknown. But if she did there would be another goal beyond that, you know that an I know that for Alexandra nothing was good enough. There was no pressure that you have to get into the school. You have to do this. She put that pressure on yourself. I don't want this notebook to end. I love it more than myself. She wrote I need a place. Where there is no need for me to be perfect. When Alexandra was terrific towards as you read through the journal is a place of unhealthy thinking, and I would probably wage that there's some type of mental diagnosis that could have been done. Which is why the Loris is are taking the crippling pain public that most keep private headlining suicide prevention works visiting schools to share Alexandra's story hurt the sadness is evolving. And now there's this thing called living. So then good five good husband person. They hope that in sharing the story of their daughter may be another family will be spared this trauma while I missed by dying tonight. The possibility of getting a lot of other kids out there that are like her that are high achievers that are balancing a lot. That's what. Makes her very relatable. And why maybe it's affecting people in why they're listening is because I have a child like this too. And in the pain of what Alex wrote tour parents in her final entry hours before she took her life. Don't blame yourselves for not seeing warning signs. His also what the Valois family hopes to salvage from her death. Some meaning for others, so many emails last summer the morning after an interview was published. They found this note on their doorstep. But he said an Alex Sanders article truly changed my life. Families are talking to their kids about their mental health. It lets me know that she didn't I ate having such a huge impact. Feels really good. And now a page from our Sunday morning almanac. March seventeenth nineteen nineteen one hundred years ago today the day the world gained in unforgettable voice on forgettable. That was the day Nathaniel Adams, Cole's NAT king. Cole was born in Montgomery, Alabama. The son of a Baptist pastor by age four. He was learning piano from his mother directed the church choir every time at fifteen colquitt quit school to play jazz fulltime at I just behind the Pano, but once audiences heard that silky smooth baritone. They understandably wanted more. Took people ride in the air. Cole had his first hit in nineteen forty four. And quickly became one of the most popular performers of his time. Are you? Are you? Really? Though, criticized early on for not being vocal civil rights activist that king cold go NAT king. Cole broke barriers is the first African American to host his own national TV show in nineteen fifty six. Often seen with a cigarette in his hand NAT king Cole died from lung cancer in nineteen sixty five. He was just forty five. But in nineteen Ninety-two he sprang back to life through the miracle of CGI in a duet with his daughter Natalie at the Grammy awards. Proof that while NAT king. Cole is long gone. His voice will remain. Well, just listen. Win. On. Marking this Saint Patrick's Day with a choral scholars of University College Dublin. And then there are music machines. Laura's music machines, presented by Conor Knighton for your listening. Pleasure. So ladies gentlemen, for your listening pleasure. Mr. Scarf. This player piano was released in the nineteen twenties. It offered an opportunity to conjure up the spirit of stars like George Gershwin intervene own living. But in the rooms of this, Pennsylvania mansion turned museum the piano, it's just one of more than one hundred forty music machines. All come together to bring the story of one man back to light. The self playing banjo upstairs. The self playing in the foyer. Curator Jim Masao guides visitors through the home of Charles Brown. The third one off the millionaire if you don't have any money you're in that. No. And if you do then you're eccentric Brown had a lot of money, and he was very eccentric. Born in nineteen thirty seven he made his fortune in the gas lamp business and spent a good chunk of it building, the Barron Hof, his Bavarian inspired dream home. Overlooking Pittsburgh, there are six bedrooms, twelve bars an indoor pool and surprises around every corner. The P was in near doc into you heard something else going Leonard. He didn't want to deal with it. Then he would just lead against this cabinet here. What we'll see where this secret passage leads us to. This like much the first step. It's a doozy. As whimsical is Brown's home was P was fairly buttoned up. The man was rarely seen without his signature blue Oxford shirt and after died in nineteen ninety nine the executors of his state discovered. He had two hundred eighty three of them. I say this is a guy who's wearing a blue shirt, but that's nuts. That isn't sorry meant eccentric. And you walked on this way. And what about the bottom floor of the baron Hof is a labyrinth cave made out of concrete and paper because well, why not I feel like I have to ask now wealthy, man. Giant mansion Bhaktapur is he Batman? Don't no the mention if instead of fighting crime, Bruce Wayne started buying a bunch of old instruments. That's the baron Hof. Instruments like this nineteen. Oh, wait, double violin meant for hotel lobbies species. The proud started adding them to his home and hopes of making it museum worthy nineteen Eighty-eight. He realizes need is the house was it wasn't going to be a standalone museum, he needed another attraction. So he started collecting music boxes. So he secretly wanted. This to be a museum opened do that. They will. Because the Barron Hof is in a residential neighborhood. It can't operate like a traditional museum. They're only seven small group tours week arranged far in advance and the ten dollar tickets don't come anywhere close to covering the cost of maintaining a place like this and the machines in south. Charles Brown king Chuck left behind enough money to take care of all that he wanted the music at the baron off to keep playing long after he was gone. And so it does how do you think he would feel that? We're here right now talking. Oh, he dance. Out. So what is the perfect recipe for preparing hard-boiled egg now serving an inside look at the show that answers nearly oh you're culinary questions. Our server is Martha tasha. A whole year before publication America's test kitchen was fine tuning a contender for its newest cookbook at its headquarters in Boston a recipe for roasted carrots and shallots. Is it salty enough not to sell to day? One testing was about experimentation. Here's a sweetness with aids naturally. Carry sweetness taste of more flat unday to the test chefs made adjustments. I'm gonna try roasting carrots less and try it again, this one turn out really nice their conclusion medium-size carrots any kind cooked in butter at four hundred fifty degrees and of story. Thanks, guys. Not in this busy place. On any given day. A television show is likely being is delivered down a dozen or more recipes are being developed in the test kitchen for flare-up, five sweet food stylists tidy up lights for photographers. I like the annual the pictures for a future a magazine good or one of America's test kitchens websites. So you're the model I mean, take special care of your hands. Yeah. I mean, I'll get a phone call once in a while to just get a manicure kidding. Does that cake look good enough to eat? What's left is headed for the take home fridge an irresistible perk? AT ks growing staff who now number almost two hundred in two thousand seventeen the expanding edible empire moved to this. Fifty five thousand square foot space along boss. Sins waterfront, so we have the two shows are two magazines about fifteen books ear, and then our websites chief creative officer Jack Bishop like a lot of AT ks experts is a regular on the TV shows what Mexico fish sauce more protein. Dispensing? The often surprising results of eighty K research searing meat does not seal in juice. You do not need to sift flower. You should be steaming your eggs rather than boiling them. We have about five thousand books Bishop co founded the company in nineteen Ninety-three mission really has been the same for twenty five years, which is to impound your home cooks succeed in their own kitchens. Tie. Once you know, how to cook. Sam in this way, it's a game changer. It was and is the opposite of slick America's test kitchen, the first host eighty ks. TV shows wasn't some flashy celebrity. Chef we spent most of our time eating bad food. It w-. Was nerdy. New Englander, Christopher Kimball. Little dry. This was not an obvious blueprint for the huge success. AT K has had garlic breath is actually very real phenomenon especially since the company didn't then and doesn't now accept any advertising. The one problem the handles get really hot over a gas flame. In addition to the recipes review contents, very important part of the mission that America's test kitchen, and that's difficult to do if you are also accepting advertisements from the same companies that you're then reviewing five hundred Lisa McManus gets paid we go. Sorry little. To abuse still for no see very warps in this case Skillet. Wow. Okay. That in order to figure out which ones. Corpse war. Tough enough to take to get there. Just think the job satisfaction. We always try to find out. Why did the winners win? The losers lose just say take our word for it. We wanna prove why as executive tasting intesting editor how's that for a title? Her. Rigor is part of the reason people trust eighty K product recommendations today, I got some of the worst gadgets of the year. Trust is the reason AT ks cooking shows reach more than four million viewers tested. A lot of ways to heat up the Skillet. We found the oven worked best our whole business is cooking things wrong way. So that we can eventually find the right way. Bridget Lancaster and Julia Cullen Davison to longtime test chefs host the TV shows now after you've washed your parsley if it back into a bundle you take your knife. And you just start shaving it just like this on the outside. They come across like skilled stand ins for their viewers. God, that's so easy who truly eat up. Their advice. That's such a great technique. I learned wow. Which brings us back to that. Carrington shallot recipe. We sent it out to be row. Tested, by volunteer home cooks, and we don't debt eighty percent of the people to say, I wanna make that recipe. Again, it goes back into our kitchen and gets reworked about ninety percent of my kitchen equipment is based upon their recommendations. Stephanie Patterson of Wooster, Ohio is one of seventeen thousand volunteer home cooks who signed up on the website to test recipes currently in my Email. There's four new ones to test, and how long have you done this nine years, Carol Chris of holmdale, New Jersey is in other unless like there's too many recipes in too little time to say they're groupies is an understatement on their Facebook group in on Instagram. There's a lot of people. So it's like a clamp. If definitely a pattern. Sohn who has muscular dystrophy, it's actually more. It's a world. And I feel like I'm helping them. Make the recipe is good as it can be before they printed, and it makes you part of their families -actly. Yes. So did they like the carrots and shallots high marks high marks shallots or sensational? The recipe made the cut it's unpaid eighty six of America's test kitchens, just released vegetables cookbook. Very good. Steve Hartman this morning has a story that gives new meaning to the expression in the long run. No one wants to feel like old news like their glory days are gone. But Ernie Andrews says that's exactly how he felt in the months after his celebrated record-breaking run. Back in two thousand sixteen then ninety three year old Ernie Andrews became the oldest person ever to run across America. From San Diego, California, all the way to Saint Simon's island, Georgia a huge crowd joined him at the end as this World War. Two sailor storm the beach one last time to fervent chance and flying coach it was pure joy. That all happened about two and a half years ago today, Ernie still runs for exercise and still dreams of the glory. I was running three days a week. But it's the same thing, and I just got a little bored. He recently got so restless, he decided to do something remarkable. And I don't use that word lightly. If he pulls this off this would be truly remarkable yesterday at the age of ninety five Ernie return to the Georgia beach were his run ended to start a new run back across the country. Again, we ask you to bless Ernie day as he begins this journey in earnest his last trip took three years. But now his run is more like most. Earn expects this one to take a bit longer. He hopes to reach San Diego sometime after his hundred birthday. The man is nothing if not an optimist. I've got plans crypt to two thousand twenty five play to get their way or the wheelchair gurney. Whatever it takes not in a coffin. Just like last time Ernie dedicating his run to the L S T that's a kind of ship the same kind of ship Ernie served on in the war. There's one left and it's open for tours in Evansville, Indiana. He's running to raise money and awareness, restrict be forgotten ships like a person to you know, we call it the gray lady sounds like your love of this lady. Oh, yeah. There's part of my so. Honoring his naval passed by plotting toward the Pacific and in his wake Ernie Andrews leaves behind all the proof you'll ever need that there's no fun in fading into the sunset at least not when you can run into it. Julia Louis Dreyfuss was left out loud. Funny as Elaine in the classic sitcoms. Seinfeld. And she struck comedy gold. Again, this time mining the world of Washington politics, here's Tracy Smith. Why do I have to tell people why I want to be president? I mean, I don't wanna hear about their jobs. If only politicians were really this funny. In HP owes veep. Julia Louis Dreyfuss is Selina Meyer, a one time veep and accidentally president and a fulltime Queen of disaster. I'd like to begin today. Her character is a narcissistic trainwreck a- politician who bad winner. Thank you want at your Beck and call Senator Secca and poor loser. Nevada's my state. I'm going to be president. I could be the first elected lady president the lovely inauguration. Billy Joel is going to sing. So now in her seventh and final season Dreyfuss says it could be her best role ever. Actually for me. It's the role of a lifetime. I really do feel that way. And you've had a really good roles. Yeah. Exactly. I really have. And but I feel like this is sort of unsurpassed for me in many ways, you top this or what we were busy writing culture references and a funny song about the speaker. In celinas world. Nothing is sacred. No insult is left. Unsaid military industrial complex. These are the president's flying monkeys. And she's pretty high maintenance Tony HALE is her faithless system. Gary for the perfect moment in the perfect life of perfect. This is Kathy Bates misery described. Gary's feelings for Selena. He worships her. She is his Jesus she's an awful person. But to him is just the second coming take all these meaningless syllables with you. Just get. Yes. Get up. Absolutely. But the shows real whipping boy is Joan Ryan play by Timothy Simon's Jones bumbling aid who eventually runs president himself. I want to make clear that she does do all the housework. It's been incredibly fun to play Jona. It is kinda hard to be this dumb. All the time. It takes some smarts to be this dump it does. I think you thank you. We have so screwed like so many great American TV shows fever has British Reuss derive from K political comedy called thick of Nippon minutes taken to extract from a bluetooth. This little inquiry has few it is now growing faster this. Of course. Total meltdowns are funny over here too. You have made it impossible to do. This job. You have to sex no decision and bad decision is Alitas fed up. Chief of staff is played by Anna, clump, sqi, so many people like a lot of young women, especially will come up to me like hear me. And I'm like, oh, God, I'm so scared here you are running America. You are the worst thing that has happened to this country since food in buckets, maybe slavery pick up. One more time veteran show runner. David Mundell knows how to bring out the best of the veep cast, especially Julia he worked with her back in the nineties as a writer on another show Gillian. Very nice to meet you. Yeah. This one. Remember the man hands episode David Mandel wrote it she had men. For veep. The standards are just as high Mandela cast shoot the same scene again. And again adjusting the timing and punch lines and facial expressions until it all just works. All sounds stupid. But I mean, we would crawl through glass to get an extra laugh into the scene. My favorite thing. When people say. I was watching I had to stop and go back because there's so much in there. I was laughing and didn't hear the next two lines. And that's that's I mean, that's all I care about are there moments where offstage you're trying not to laugh out laugh God, you'll if you're watching me at the monitor if we're lucky I'm somewhere where I can laugh. So that's number one. If we're far enough away. I will laugh can't help. But also, I am laugher. I guess I sort of subscribed to sort of the happy parts of comedy. I mean, don't get me wrong. I can be as miserable the next guy. But I like when I hear joke I like to laugh, but but I will I will cover my head. Sometimes I will bite my fingers, especially sometimes I'm on the set behind the camera sort of throwing like different lines and stuff in and I I so worry about like, I'm here. I don't wanna make any noise, and I'm sort of like, you know in trying to look at them. Now, I'm really close. To like actually seeing what face Tony's making. I don't know how sometimes how. Julia even handles it with that close to tone stasis. No my gosh. So you ready for these buzz cut bows, talking about dealing with angry, aggressive dysfunctional men. I eat men and now just as with Seinfeld. Julia Louis Dreyfuss is leaving her audience wanting more you said goodbye to shows before and you know, you tend to shake about a shows when they're up here. Yeah. Is this different this one? I don't know. Because I haven't said goodbye goodbye yet. But I will say that our final table read that we had I was actually surprised by how. Frankly, hysterical, I became and maybe that's because I don't know. I'm more cognizant of what a treasure. This is just because I'm older I've been doing this awhile, and I'm sort of a wear of. When it's good. It's a very lucky thing. Yeah. And the EMMY goes to Julia Dreyfuss, and it seems lucky is the operative word in two thousand seventeen Dreyfuss won a record sixth consecutive EMMY for veep. No, one could tell as she accepted her statuette that she was waiting to hear whether or not she had cancer. It was so strange because that Sunday night we won them e she won. We won. We were at the party. We were at the after party. She was there at the after party. She knew she most likely had it. She was like, I think ninety percents. Sure, we didn't know she knew she's at the after party, she learned her diagnosis the next day and not long after that she told the world with a note on social media saying one in eight women get breast cancer today. I'm the one God at that point. It's like, what's what's forget about any of the show. What's going to happen to her true? This not even she knew that. But even when she began chemotherapy, it didn't stop her from showing up to work. Yeah. It's funny because I'm so yes, it is is been a tremendous gift to come back to this. And frankly, even when I was going through my chemotherapy that I had I did come back here every three weeks, and we did table reads and stuff just so that we, you know, kept the machine operating and took it as an opportunity to sort of get scripts written in advance and. And that was in so many ways, very booing. It was hard to do. Because particularly towards the end. I was pretty surf strung out. I mean, you sick, right. And you're still doing the table. Yes. Still doing the table reads. But nothing beyond that, I will say I mean, then I had to really sort of hunker down and just focus on getting better, which I did. But then coming back to this. You know, it's it's sweeter than ever because I don't know. It's it's a great gift to be able to do what you love not everybody gets to say that, you know. And and I really love doing this. I'm not sure about this part where I say I want to be president for all Americans. I mean, do I, you know, all and now a year and a half later. She says, she's a cancer free. I mean, it sounds so trite, but did it add to appreciating things? Well, it certainly added to appreciating life life doesn't go on forever. And so that sort of you know, came right up to my face. A reminder. And so, yeah, I think I have kind of a pretty solid sense of priority. Shall we say moving forward now so global incompetence this office is staggering moving forward is bittersweet the cast members that seem to hate each other onscreen genuinely admire you could even say love each other in real life. What do you think you're gonna miss the most? I guess that. Yeah. The relationships when you spend twenty hours a day with with people, you know, you see them at their best and their worst. And. And at this point, you realized how much how much they matter to you. It's okay. Damn it. It's the morning. Good morning. If there's a takeaway for long runs, maybe it's this in comedy as in life. Nothing. Good ever comes easy. Long flight we squeeze as much money out of it as we possibly can. And can that be torturous at times? Yeah. The. To. I know this is CBS. So I can't swear beep you you can beat me it can be awful. But once you've walked through the awful to find your way to the right moment. The right language, the right emotion, and you land it. It's like. Chocolate cake for days. Yeah. This week's New York Times bestseller list is out and once again at number one where the crawdads saying from author Delia Owens, just how the novel came to be is a story in itself as Lee Cowan explains. It's almost in Canada with a view of Montana. That's just how remote this northern corner of Idaho. Really? It's worlds away from almost every except nature. Now, this is really special. Sees oughta prints like Purdue yo ins, it's having wildlife is church fast isolation from you. Get lonely. Do I get so lonely? Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe. There's only like a part of do. And decide to write a book about please welcome the book where the crawdads sing. As become a phenomenal. It's still haunts me. It was so beautifully written recent book fair and Savannah, Georgia. She had readers lined up around the block just to meet him. It's so many stories of annoyed. I couldn't put it down. The book has become a fixture in the New York Times bestseller list over the last six months. On the day, we visited. Publisher gave her a coal gradually. Oh, you what to tell her? She just made it to number one for the third week in a row. Oh, thank you. They keep sending me. Champagne one thing is I have learned how to open a bottle of champagne by myself as they keep coming. They keep coming. What makes her success all the more remarkable is that Owens seventy had never written a novel before I have had such a great response from my readers. I just feel overwhelmed with gratitude the book is pretty tough to categorize. It's love story of murder mystery a courtroom drama and owed to the outdoors all in one year old copies of the manuscript which of the hilarious to read, but took her the better part of a decade to write inspiration coming whenever it came. I sleep at night with a little pad of paper in my bed with the flashlight and a pin. And I wake up in the middle of the night. And write something down to occurs that I think is brilliant. And then when I wake up in the morning out look at him half the time. I can't read what I wrote. Now, the long way to Nope. A thousand such moments became little scraps of goals and keep secrets much better than mud that one made it to the book sand keep secrets much better than. Great wine never occurred to me a million years. Title where the crawdads ING was taken from a phrase her mother used to use encouraging or tomboy daughter to take to the woods around the rural Georgia who and listen to what those woods had to say. I learned from the book crawdads don't really sing. But I learned from my mother that if you go far enough into the wilderness by yourself, and there's nothing, but you in nature. You will hear the credit saying she took that advice to heart. Earning a Bs Oualadi and a D animal behavior and the twenty four to one way ticket to Africa to put her science background to work with her. Then husband, Mark Owens. They made a name for themselves in the wild writing three books together about their experiences with elephants and lions to rupture and wear. Help. The owns determine lions age even appearing in this National Geographic documentary. Company. We were in what stage the only two people in area the size of Ireland, and we have no not unless people came to our camp. And that was very very rare. The two have since divorced, but Owens kept on writing which you wanted to explore was something she felt all those years in Africa, but couldn't really measure at least not in the scientific way. And that was her feeling of being alone. Our watch the lions in the late afternoon the sun setting behind the dunes, and they'd be playing and tumbling with their cubs in each other's cubs. And it made me think about my girlfriends back home. It made me realize how isolated I was not to have a group. And that was one thing I wanted to write about in my novel was the effect that isolation and loneliness can have on a person. Seed for her first novel was planned. She chose a setting a lonely place Indy. The Mark like the one she took to just off the coast of savannah wasn't. We cannot Cannell that she would come through her protagonist is a girl named not too bad the Marsh girl that she's known in town forced to scratch out a life out here. All by herself. This is just sort of habitat. She would be in after her family abandoner. They're like we should see her coming. Talk about her like, she's real. I see. She. Very real to me. This was her world the wild her teacher both in love and loss. The way owns herself had found her way through. I feel at home when I'm in place like this. You can put me in the middle of tests or new mountains when I'm out away from everything else. I feel like I'm home perhaps. That's why writing fits or sell after all it's pretty solitary pursuit. But being a successful writer. That's anything hard doing a book tour and all that other stuff you're surrounded make so many people and you've got somebody events book signings and everything it's very hard. I don't want that for into stand up in front of a crowd and talk. I've lived a remote life. I'm not used to seeing so many people in one place, and although I'm sure you're very nice the feeling of excitement that I get right now sort of the same as being charged by lioness certainly can't put the genie back in the box. She's even sold the rights for an upcoming movie. One Reese Witherspoon is producing. Hollywood though is a different animal that she's used. Owns remains a nature grew apart. Happiest way out yard, just like her mother or waste your dinner. Boy, this is where the credits right here. This is finally found it took a lifetime. I'm Jane Pauley. Thank you for listening, and please join us again next Sunday morning.

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