Reign of Fire (2002)


We are here to talk about the movie rain fire two thousand and two post-apocalyptic dragon based science fiction disaster film post-apocalyptic, but prima Coniston's prem- cognizance as you alluded to it stars math to become a in Christian bale as long those as well Gerard Butler way before the Mocatta since way before Butler and bail became household megawatt. Celebrities. It was directed by rob Bowman which you probably not heard of much. He's done. He's actually a prolific TV director, and you definitely hurt his stuff. He's worked on a lot of X files. He did like thirteen episodes of Star Trek. The next generation he still working today on like the drama castle. This and Electra back to back seem like a kill this career. I'm not sure if his screen career this movie is credited with five different screenplay writers. I think that's the problem that this move. Vs suffers from Jim what did you think? What did you think of this film? So I have this vision in my head. And I think it's it's one that's pretty shared across the board. The rain fire is a joke of a movie that it's bad in basically all respects. I went over to run tomatoes. I looked at the score. It's like forty one percent fresh which is to say not fresh at all. Now. I have a question though, after watching this movie for you. Okay. Is this actually a bad movie? It's not a bad movie. I think it's it's it's it's actually very close to becoming a cult classic. I think like I I we watched this kind of on back the back with army of darkness, and this is definitely more serious army darkness, but it's a better darkness to. But also are we sure this movie doesn't know that? It's ridiculous. I mean, they really lean in some of these some of these performances and situations. Yeah. I mean, the shocking thing to me is as I was watching it. I never really got the hint of this is completely terrible. I kept seeing all of these really good actors and putting in you know, performances don't ask a whole lot of them. But also performances. That are respectable right and solid. I kept seeing CG that for two thousand two seems like it. Really, well, this movie holds up because a lot of it's like the dragons or CG for sure. But a lot of it is like on location work with ex I kept I kept seeing story beats that were like, you know, borderline Armageddon level post, apocalypse kind of stuff. But serviceable I kept seeing jokes that mostly landed with Star Wars scenes, and and I kept thinking to myself. This is actually not terrible. Yeah. No. And it's a it's a hoot like some of some of these film fest. What I've realized is some of them are more entertaining live watches, some of them are more perhaps as entertaining as podcast. I definitely think this lives and breathes by it's live watch. If you're a club member, I think you should check it out because it's just a really fun movie to watch like one of my very first tracks ever saw was this movie. And it's it's a really good time. Yeah. Before we go much further. I just want to like a case you have not seen this movie and get chance you haven't the premise is in the early two thousands. They were delving deeply in some sort of underground tunneling project at in London. I'm not sure why if this was like chunnel related or what? But they dug too greedily in into deep and like the dwarves before them awoken, a ancient chamber full of dragons that burst forth and conquer the the world. No nuclear bomb can stop them. They quickly grow geometrically. They hunt humans to near extinction. And when we flash for twenty years and a future where the little boy of the mother who is overseeing the construction project that originally freed the dragon has grown up and has commandeered some castle in the moors, and he is has a small group of humanity. That's trying to re like wait out the dragons and rebuild civilization. Then some American dragon hunters led by the irrepressible. Matthew, mcconaughey, enter their life and their cautious strategy of waiting the dragons out that eking out a meager existence is turned upside down and several CGI base set pieces are executed until the end of the movie. And there you go. Again, the crimes of this movie are world building is lazy and surface level. And that's really it. And I think that's probably because they couldn't I don't how in the world you have five scriptwriters. Yeah. To credited for story, whatever the fuck that means and then three credits or screenplay shoe to credited for Bong hits to be like. Instead of nukes. It was like dragons in the world, and then three to kind of like polish that into some kind of shape that you can shoot. But like if you had a really good screenwriter that I mean, the the concept is a little bit silly. But it's solid. And I was really in love with some of the stuff. They did like there there little like cloaked gardens, and they're like all of their combat is based on keeping things cool and wet and not burning and they use these big elaborate tanker tanks. And I'd argue they need to be maybe shoveling a little more out of the media vicinity. Sure. But yeah, I I actually went through as I was watching this the second time, and I said, okay, what systems do they have in place to actually survive, this onslaught of dragons, and it turns out they actually have quite a few. Yes. This the place, and if it weren't for some really dumb character at the beginning. Well, a dumb character. Yes. Then a lot of this. Could have been avoided, although I guess in the end they don't really need to avoid it because they might have one. And that's where I'm saying. Like the that. That's the big problem is the tension in this movie all comes from essentially either stupid plot building like, oh, there's only one male dragon and a whole fucking world. And if you can kill that guy dragons her fuck like this is like the biological equivalent of a death star reactor that that can be hit with a photon torpedo, dude. I went to TV tropes to look up. This movie, it has the longest list tropes that I've ever seen. What's his impressive for like ninety minute movie? Yeah. And then the other thing is other plot drama is generated by humans being stupid. Like man, if they just came up with a smart way to. Execute the first dragon raid where you just didn't hate all of the characters involved. And the fact that these people were allowed to live like the movie would be at least a whole star better for me. If Matthew mcconaughey had reluctantly, but inevitably executed these people instead of like, oh, I don't know. They could have been right. Maybe we should. I don't know. I think they got a little too cute with their ideas for fighting dragons as well, these skydivers with nets come across as completely ridiculous. Yes. So yeah, maybe they get a little too cute there. But no, I mean, they tried like they went and they hired the best actors. They could find. Christian bale is awesome. You gotta keep in mind. None of these actors were where they are. Right now. It seems like a big catch, but in two thousand and two land or was to two thousand and sixty thousand to land Matthew picot. Hey, as a washed up, you know, stone or actor and these other two guys are weird dudes with with thick accents that, you know, jar Bartlett been in anything. Hey, he was doing romantic comedies and and sports movies without Pacino. And like he was really I can't remember exactly when because movies all came out bailed in American psycho. I yeah. The year or two before this. So it's not like he was unheard of. But he again, he hadn't he hadn't been Batman yet. He hadn't been John Connor. So so I think they both did a really good thing. And casting those actors also think they made a huge mistake in Matthew mcconaughey is character. Tell me why Matthew mcconaughey is leading a gang of soldiers who are all dressed in military gear. And then he's got this fucking sleeveless bomber jacket with a neck or Schiff. And a huge cigar six inches into his mouth. I don't know what the fuck is that this movie would be ten percent better. If you simply put him in a real jacket. Yeah. Like, a real military outfit. Right. Like all. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. Like, this is I think this is costing designed for people that can look at military outfits and distress and distort them, but don't understand any of the purpose of what they do like guys wear handkerchiefs like that to catch. Hot shells rejected from like burning your neck. I it's nonsense. If your jacket is legs zip down to your navel and doesn't have sleeves right? But like, yeah. Otherwise, I guess it makes him look like a kind of you know, the some kind of special forces fighter. That's that's I mean, it makes him look like something out of Mad Max. And that's the thing is like he keeps very high standards for the rest of his men. None of them look like ragtag dragon fighters, they still look like members of a proud military unit. And he just you know, way out of regulation with his dress, and grooming and cigar-chomping. Yes. So people might be wondering I mean, I don't think anyone wonders why we through this end super serious film fest fantasy drag-out dragons, but a surprising bonus also was one of the very first acting credits for one Jack Leeson. Yeah. As a teeny tiny baby Joffrey Barath, the brassy and in this film. Fi was about six years before he reunited with bail. And Batman begins four years before that. Oh, right. Yeah. It's amazing. How recognizable he is. Even at what must be like six years old five four five so young. He's those is man. Yeah. And the the point teach in all of the Gleason features right there. Yeah. He just got bigger like like he came fully formed with king Joffrey face. So that's that's good or bad. I hope he gets work after Joffrey. I don't think I the last. I heard is a he doesn't really want an actor, and he's got a ton of money and a lot. But I don't know. Maybe that's also like it. It seemed like it was also hard on him to be a teenager and to be that like this early hated by people yet. So like, maybe he just like fuck this. I'm gonna go get a university degree and. You know, maybe maybe think about it later on. But so, yeah, there's there's a solid game of thrones connection right there. I so again, this movie is notable for me for how close to greatness, it could have been if they I'm trying to think of. You know, there's all kinds of things that they could have done to figure out how to kill the dragons that wasn't like a just a massive biological weakness that they have with the magic hour, which get can we talk about even like there's six screenwriters come in. Because some dude came up the magic hour, but they doesn't really come into play at the climax and the movie, I don't think it doesn't really seem like there's one scene where Christian bale is fighting the dragon at the grand climax, and he's kinda able to roll behind the pillar or something and get out of the fire. I want to attribute that to the poor vision that the dragons have during the magic hour, but I can't but we see a dragon vision. And like if anything like it's a little distorted, but like you humans are outlined in does flaming gold. So I'm pretty sure you could spray flicker Terminator is targeting computers or robo conference something like. There's a couple of things like I defy. There's just a couple of things the dragons eat ash. That's so stupid. I mean, and also it's not even like it because this is like a supremely evolve life-form, right? And like a life form that Kenneth centrally make its own food is pretty impressive to me as far as Volusia goes. Okay. Because it's got the tools to create ash which then eats, and then it hibernates when there's no more to eat. I guess just feel like scientifically ashes the lowest potential energy Fisher. And have every like ashes result of what you do when you burn all the energy out of something. Yeah. Just leave a pile of carbon shit behind. You know, it's like if the dragons eight water, and they're superpower was to dehydrate everything. Right. I can't come up with something right now that would have been better. But and I think the other ways that where they kind of leave everything vague. Well, the great nations. Tried their biggest weapons and it just scorched to ground than it gave him more. That's fine. It's honestly, it's it's the creepiest parts of the script in the first act where they're establishing the crisis well crisis, the they're showing the survival, and they have these people. Go rogue, which kicks off the first set-piece. And then the in the end. Yeah. But you're right. The dragon combat seen kind of dumb because they act like these dragons could be anywhere, and they have to sneak around. They have to live underground most of the time. But then these dudes show up in like an m one Abrams and some sort of attack helicopter attack helicopter flies up. And like, I just don't see how dragons don't take helicopters winless flimsy things in the air. That's a one the slowest things in the air. I don't understand how the this would be the way to take down a dragon that you hire a guy jumping out and he's the bait and in two other guys jumped with net guns, and you take the nets down. And then you harpoon a dragon when he get him onto the ground. Right. It all seems a bit devious. Because if that's true, then how in the world can like a Sidewinder not take these fuckers out if a net and harpoon kin, then then Vigna, I I don't know. I think it can't. It's gotta be something about mobility like they are very agile as opposed to the helicopter. They can't they can't dodge a net to to nets that are going very subsonic speed. Yeah. No a lot of questions about that. None of which have answers in the film. They just thought. Hey, wouldn't this be cool? And all they do the other thing that drives me crazy but battle star where it's like the average angel last fourteen seconds in his lifespan. Like, how the hell do you have any of these guys left? Let alone one guy who's. Been doing it for eight years. Like, he's the average way the fuck off how the world like do some guys like die in a millisecond to to offset. This guy's eight year career I ever just work. There's there's a lot of stuff like that where they set up these completely inconceivably short amount of time. So the end of the movie they talk about oh, it's been three months since a dragon attack since we've seen one they must be gone forever, basically or they must be hibernating again. Three months is not that long of a time. So you're implying here that they get attacked very often like way more often than three months because now they're feeling safe after three months. So it must be like a weekly occurrence our any of them still alive. I don't know. I mean, I like I said, I think that they're really good at hiding at castle and rigging it up to sustain the draft full blown dragon assault. Like they for better worse. The castle did survive a full on male dragon. Biggest baddest dragon assault fairly easily. It seemed to me like that was the first one that they really had to defend against. I think you're right because this water system was brand new right at the beginning of the movie, they say, oh now, we can spray five hundred gallons a minute or whatever. But they also have like it seems like that there's always more mouths to feed because people are having lots of babies and like any refugee they try to take in. I don't I like I said they've got these lookout systems. Yes. Well, like, a Burt like somehow this bird is the first one is able to detect the dragon, and then they have like a Morse code system. And they have. Doctor Julian Bashir monitoring like some kind of sonar radar system or just communications period. Yeah. But that system entirely failed them at the end of this movie. I don't understand exactly how it failed them. Yeah. But it did because you see hilarious site, which is a dragon sort of slinging up on this castle. And then look at right in the window and breathing fire onto Bashir, and it's like. Where was the lookout? Yeah. Well, you just wasn't expecting a dragon belly crawl. I guess not Mando crawl up Tim. It's a smart dragon. So this is like a post apocalyptic disaster movie type thing I'm going to name some movies. You tell me if this movie is better or worse than those movies. Let's start with a pretty easy one. Is it called Dante's inferno? Or is it just called as peak Dante's peak tears Brosnan volcano movie, that's the one re paddles across an acidic lake. Yeah. His grandmother jumps in and pushes them to safety or something. I think it's better. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I will not watch Dante's peak again unless it was for like a live watch riff track situation. Whereas, you know, I could see myself wanting to watch Raina fire five six years. How about Tommy Lee Jones volcano better both volcano movies of the nineties to thousands or terrible Morgan Freeman's deep impact. I think that's better. Okay. It takes it. Self more seriously and more plot in more plausible as a disaster film equally. Good performances and characters here's a softball. Independence day. I mean this. Okay independence day is rain afire with a little bit more time polish descript. Yes, and a little more fun. It's a little. Yes, you're right. It's it's a lot more fun actually because this movie's aesthetic is very dour. But it allows it to have like, for example. There's nothing an independence day as cool or honestly as moving as Christian bale and Gerard Butler, re reenacting Star Wars to entertain these children like in an a morality play kind of way. The black nice days through the hose in shining. And he speaks words that burned into our heroes heart forever. All. I had forgotten that scene existed. And I actually found myself kind of like really caught up in it like, especially because they really sell what the kids reactions like the fact that these kids who have been raised and they've never seen the internet. They've never seen television ever seen movies. This is like fucking amazing. And it just shows how fungible the human experiences like we would like, I don't think our imaginations are being enhanced nor destroyed by these big blockbuster movie kind of things, but it is kind of amazing that two guys in a hokey costume reciting. Some lines can essentially get you ninety nine percent of the effect of James world. Join Jones voicing six and a half tall bodybuilder in a bad ass space wizard costume on a million dollar set. Sure. You know? That's I thought that was that was that was really cool and independence day doesn't really have anything. You know, like even when they're killed like, you know, they're killing off first, ladies and endangering dogs like the cheap Deatrich that there's nothing to really kind of gets to the human condition like that. Because it just doesn't take it seriously. You mean the party on the rooftop doesn't speak to the human condition blood does a bit. It does it but not in any way that's up lifting or ten years is trying to get laid in the desert on the last day that does definitely speak condition. Okay. All right. Yeah. Speaking of the children, I liked some of the world building around them because they had this mantra that they were Todd like, what do we do when we when we wake? When we sleep. What do we do when we see them? On. Their teaching this new generation how to live and sort of ingrained in them. So it will be that much easier for them when they grow up, which is already just have an intuitive understanding of what to do. Yeah. Which already makes automatically more interesting than like nine seasons of the Walking Dead it, right? Because like is this really did show a society? That's not debating about. How does this is how the world isn't is? We got us revive and everyone has to be on this page. I I saw something interesting that that may be smile when I think about like Christian bale and how seriously he takes himself. It's so funny because like Kristen Bale's kind of like the pop success version of Dana day Lewis. So apparently, Christian bale, he read the scripts, and, you know, the world building went on and like the factors food shortages, and he's like, well, these people would be like scrawny and wiry and and scrappy so he lost a ton of weight. He went from and this is kind of story of his life. He went from American psycho where Bateman among other things was fucking in perfect human condition really built in jacked then he lost a bunch of weight coming in this movie. But when Matthew mcconaughey came in for like, some dress rehearsals, and I guess some some re read throughs and some some preliminary pre shooting work, he came in like, Matthew, mcconaughey, and this movie, he's just really bulky and heavy and muscular and Christabel also new in the script. He has a fight this man and through like, I guess I don't know how much of it is commitment to art. And how much of it is like no fucking way. Donor surfer boy going to go out flex me. But he like, I guess at eight weeks put on all of that that that lean muscle mass just so he could punch Matthew mcconnahey to face. Todd. Gerard Butler, everything he knows right? Right. So I that's Christian bills. Such an interesting guy because I think he is legitimately great actor, and he's been doing is his whole life. But he does a lot of like schlocky stuff or I mean, I don't know like Christopher Nolan's Batman is not schlocky, but superior films for whatever reason culturally are are are not taking with the seriousness because they're not I mean batmans inherently ridiculous, right? So you have to approach it with that actually have it takes for it to kind of take on its gothic grander you have to excuse a bunch of stupid shit to sort to have at work on its mythological level. But it's kind of weird because I it's hard thinking of other. I'm thinking like Harrison Ford is another guy who's done a lot of pop stuff and another guy who I mean, I guess he's done a couple of things like witness and fugitive the fugitive, but the fugitive is not high art. No, no, no. It's a definite. It's different crowd-pleaser. I feel Christian bale kind of tries. Straddle that art, you know, he does the machinist. He does. What else has he done American psycho? Although as Merican cycle, what you call serious art film. Yeah. It's pretty popping. So though, it is certainly I mean Huey Lewis is pop. Fuck. Yeah. So, but but I think it's using that to comment on society. Right. And so I would call it more. It has it has something to say about culture. Whereas I know that a lot of Batman movies have something to say about culture. It's so I guess they had like maybe hopes plans for this to be a sequel. I saw an interview that the Christian bale is talking to the the young man that he is kind of like mentoring throughout this film. And he's saying that like, hey, if they do the sequel like you'd be good star for that. Because like it'd be a nice little hand off. But this movie is seen as a commercial failure at cost. I think sixty million to make and only made eighty million worldwide. Okay. And I was one of the one saw I saw this fucking movie and opening night. Wow. I was super excited this. I thought this the trailer says movie looked fucking amazing as you can imagine they would. And I remember being kind of like disappointed, but not fully because there is a lot of awesome scenes and anything I was just amazed at how how well the thing held together. Yeah. Yeah. No. I think it's it's a pretty good movie. There are a lot of like little things that as I dug into them more. I kind of understood better, they don't they don't do a lot of direct world building aside from that little montage that we get between. I think it's like two thousand two or two thousand six or something and twenty twenty. But in that montage. It's interesting to me that like the apocalypse. The dragon apocalypse must be either very slow motion apocalypse or they said it took years for the world befall. Oh, did they? Yeah. Oh, okay. Because they said in the years in the beginning in the years in the early years like when it was very chaotic chaotic run over loves, no, I was shocked to see the time put out a magazine related to the fall of the world here with like Buckingham Palace completely destroyed in rubble and time it must have hit like. Two days before their deadlines, and they scrambled. And we're like oh shit scrap that article about Bush, we're actually going to run this thing about the dragons fucking everything it came out two days later in the world was done. Yeah. I've always thought that's funny is like what is the last newspaper before the apocalypse. So that's my point like they shouldn't have done a periodical. They should have done a newspaper man like this is like. Beginning of the cycle. They're never going to get that. Right. Yeah. Who did the glossy long form piece on the dragon Pakalitha the really hard hitting investigative journalism. Although I would I'll I'll grant you this. I bet it took a while for the dragons you'd across the ocean going back. Or? Yeah. Like, I bet that and especially since like, there's nothing there's no dust or ash within the eat over the land that, you know, they'd have to go up through like, Greenland, and Iceland, and like go up go go north the go to go west. I guess. So maybe it did maybe it would. And then you've got like, I bet I wonder if like you're supposed to understand that the nukes and stuff like slowed them down or at least killed a bunch of them. And yeah, but they're always able to re respond and rebuild with the one fucking, man. One fucking male dragon. Who was busy? Oh, yeah. Real busy busy as a one. Dick dragon a impregnate every dress female dragon in the world. They made it seem like he was just crop dust in the female's sperm like fish eggs. And you just. Yeah. That's gross. Can you imagine being like in downtown London scavenging on the day where he sh- lacks the world with dragons firm? I don't king. Shame. True. There's a lot of people spend a lot of money at bad dragon. That would would would trade their lives. So that experience. Oh, oh meant talking about this magic hour. Oh, yes. So we talked about what it does to the dragons vision. But think about this in terms of Hollywood writing a script or the achilles heel of the big bad is the magic hour, which to me is so. Self aggrandizing of Hollywood to do that. It's like, oh, what can we use to save the world? I know this insider Hollywood term that everybody talks about silly. Yeah. Like, and it's also the most expensive time the shoot. But it's when the lights the most beautiful and. It did feel like a very screenwriter thing to come up with. And it's actually kind of cool idea like at the dawn, and like when the lights flat, and there's some kind of advantage, but they poorly visualized and didn't ever felt like it was an actual issue at the end. And there's also a couple of dump things like they land right outside the dragon dome. And they're like, oh, I can't believe we weren't spotted and they literally walk fifty feet from their helicopters stick their head over a berm and a million dragons, take through the sky and the mail then immediately spots them. Yeah. Like what the fuck, man. Like this loud asked helicopter. Have you? Have you ever had been snuck up on a helicopter twice actually doesn't happen? It doesn't maybe the magic hour clogs ears to it's like, you know, when you turn down the music when you're trying to find the house address because you can't do two things at once. Maybe it's it's the same thing with dragons reverse they have to turn your ears down. So they. Can see magic magic hour amplify their site. Yeah. I don't know. I do want to talk about some other fun cameos. There was Isabela score. Rube co who is the first bond the first the good bond girls in the Pierce Brunson run. She goldeneye. Yep. She was in here as the pilot of the helicopter that was pretty cool Alice. Creech I think is I pronounce her name might be crude crude she is the Christian Bale's mom in the beginning of the movie, and you might recognize her as the board Queen. I actually didn't recognize her because she's heavily made up yet the board Queen. Yeah. I it's covered in dragon mining dust dragging, my stew. Delvin deep for them dragons. Oh, yeah. There's quite a few kind of nerd Alexander CD goes we already mentioned, Dr Bashir from deep space force, while we're on the topic of Quinn's mom, let's explore that a little bit more because I feel like that's one of the places where they sort of tried and fails with this movie, they make this connection, which seems highly coincidental of him Quinn being the first person to see the dragons and also somehow the best equipped to deal with him and ultimately kill the mail and save everyone, and it feels just a little too coincidental for me. Yeah. And they also don't do enough with the pathos that this kid might have given that his mother was Slade at the hand of the first dragon. Well, okay. So here's where I think the five screenwriters come in because his motivations are kind of all over the place. I mean, his mother's scolding him for being like not taking schooling seriously. Now, he's lost of scholarship. It's going to cost a family three thousand dollars every quarter or whatever none of that matter. And she's, but I think you're supposed to understand that like this new not living up to your potential, and then senior mom die in front of you like this. Now, he's like alter a responsible, and he's all tro, everything for the common. Good and this supposed to be a formative, but it doesn't really track. Now, it doesn't really track. They don't do it enough with it. There's no reason that the boy that made first contact with the dragon has to be the last bastion of humanity in the British Isles. Like, it's no, honestly, I think they should have killed the boy at the beginning of the the Vivian boy there could just be workers, and it's just a five minute like introduction of the world. And then we just see twenty years later. Here's a group of humanity that surviving. Yeah. It's too cute. It's it's not as impactful like to let this boy live, and then ultimately be the here. Zero that sleighs the dragons they didn't do anything else. There's like Hintze. He's got a problem with authority. There's hints of him like having trouble following instruction and like fitting in but like, and maybe they could turn that into like why he had the fight with Matthew, mcconaughey. Hey, or why he butted heads? But again, none of it really tracks. No. And the the other shocking thing to me during this movie. Is the other angle in which I think they failed mostly is the romantic relationships. Tell me. Can you name a single romantic relationship? Okay. So there's the one kid who his dad there's one kid that his dad got him to get out of bed and his girlfriend was right? Okay. So that's an implied romantic relationships. I think there's a couple of Gerard Butler is making time with the blonde than the depth of the castle at one point. Oh is he is there? Like, you're not implying the Quinn and. What's the angel? Driver driver, Alexandra is that her name now. Alex. I think don't they call her, Alex. Okay. Alex. Fuck it. I think so the bond girl, do you think do you think that they were supposed to be in love because I didn't get a are. So at the end of the movie, they walk off into the sunset holding hands. But it struck me while I was watching this movie up until that point there's not a single damn actual romantic relationship. There's no flirting. There's no love making scene. There's no kissing. There's no anything romantic until that final scene. I think they should've left the final because I agree. I thought that Christian bills character through this movie would not be the type that would have any room for some sort of love affair too busy being the glue olds the fabric together. Yeah. No, I'm with you. I think that was kind of an afterthought by them saying, well, we've got this man. And we've got this in. Just put them together at the end. That's happy. Right. And that's the thing is is like in the last decade. I think Hollywood has tried hard to not do that. Like, I remember when the first funny enough Pacific rim stood out to me is like there's two young attractive leads and by the laws of Hollywood, they should start showing attraction to each other. But they never did the man and woman in that film that like join together and fighting it's just a completely platonic relationship. Or maybe even a brother sister relationship, given their relationship with Stryker. But I'm like, I kind of liked that more and more that they're just not forcing that together kind of say that about the new Star Wars do. So we pray in like, I think that's great to teach little little boys and krill's that you don't have to couple up. Right. Like, that's that's an option if both people are for it. And it makes sense. But you don't like if you get into you get in a situation where thrown together another track person. You don't have to bone. You don't have to you can keep you don't have to. Yeah. And this movie very much felt like at the end it had to and there again, there's the there's the five screenwriters because somebody like well. If the guy doesn't get the girl that how to even know one, right? You know, but you have this perfect opportunity with this kid write this three year old that he found and raised and kept safe. He he kind of flips the keys to the kingdom over to that kid when he goes off to fight the male dragon. But it seems like he comes back and takes the keys again, ROY says, hey, this is actually my car. Use borrowed it. They had an opportunity there to make that relationship. The father son thing echo, the mother son thing they had in the beginning. If they'd done a little more building that they just don't go for it. And they take the lazy way out at the end. There's a couple of things I saw that. They had the bad luck to be filming this on location where I think this is an Ireland where the dragons actually did come out of the cave worse hoof and mouth disease had erupted in this country for like the first time in sixty years, and it was like costing millions and millions of dollars. And it was like, and they were filming in his rural area, whereas like a hotbed, and they they couldn't travel and. There's a lot of restrictions on how they filmed and is a big hassle. So like, I think that was a hardship that the film faced and then just the almost everything wrong. Like the script is what it script what it is. And I don't think the actors directors did the script. Dirty like, I think it it. It's just a script itself wasn't engineered the hold the weight of what ad do like, it's a five ton bridge. And you just ran a thirty tone flatbed over it. And it's starting to buckle an Abrams. Yeah, didn't didn't quite didn't quite didn't quite collapse. But it definitely buckled under the weight and the actors are doing their damndest like there's that Christian bale scene. Where Quinn is trying to keep the kids. Calm once. We know the mantra, and he's trying to repeat it. Right. And he can't get it. But all the other. And then this this other woman behind him as to pick it up for him as kind of has a little break down. And I thought that was a powerful moment. Yeah. And they don't do enough with those moments or those actors. Yeah. No, I thought that there and there's a lot of things where mandatory were given better material. Like, I was thinking like I would have rather have sat in like a big council debate about whether they should harvest things right now. Seeing those guys like do a council Valeron style. And then then then unified like, maybe bail doesn't think it's right, but the whole Kim settlement. Yeah. Like, they're hungry and their kids are dying and he thinks it's a bad idea. But what is one like all the interesting things were cut out in favor of the stupid. Just just a stupid stupid daylight save. Because like, that's the thing. What are these guys in one Jeep going to do pick a bushel tomatoes yea were saved like what the fuck it made it feel like fundamentally more selfish like oh art because these guys are sidestep shoving their gobs full of tomatoes as picking them. And I feel like they lose the plot on the dire straits that they're in here. Like once to fuck face McGee thing is names like Eddie or something goes out to those fields and the dragon burns up. I don't know how much of their crop. But more than they were gonna more than they could pick guarantee that they kind of drop the problem here. The main problem for this community is now they have no food, and they can't replant for the next year. They are going to starve to death here, and they don't actually acknowledge that because a dragon roles in Matthew, mcconaughey. Rolls up, and they kind of get sidetracked. But then Matthew mcconaughey goes away. And they never really dressed that issue. But it's all felt like there's like three days. Elapsed time Matthew mcconaughey, and they weren't going to run out of food like tomorrow. So like, I think. I I'm I'm fine with that. I think they should win. Are they going to be like the second Matthew mcconnahey rolls out? And also he took a bunch of dudes with them to get back to business. There's less. There's less dudes with wasn't only six. Oh, that's right. He's six strongest the most. But yeah, they eat six times the foods. There's six people walking out the door thirty six you don't have to feed. I don't know. If Matthew mcconaughey is quite cut out to beat this kind of action hero. He is. I thought he's a bad ass as as rust coal in three detective kind of like a wiry guy. It'll take you by surprise. And he's he's cutting and kind of ruthless as a beefcake. There's something bad is is his eyes are way too. Teddy bear to be this kind of like head shaved fine sheen of motor oil all over his body to tribal dragon tattoos like he's trying to be something. He other than the bomber. Jackie looks like he's stumbled off to set for a Vikings. Okay. Yeah. I just there's something. He's just a little bit to stone or poet in the eyeballs man to pull that you like Elijah Woods trying to roll that hard. Now, man, I'm buying it. You can you. I've seen you be scary and sin sin city. I'm not saying, you cannot intimidate people these Cain intimidate people this way, right? Yeah. I think I'm with you. Christian bale? I think though is well cast in this movie. Oh, yeah. I think he's about perfect. Yeah. Yeah. No, he he plays like, he's smart. He plays like, he's tough. He plays like he could conflicted. If he's, but he's also got leadership qualities, you know. I thought he Ellie elevated the work. I thought Gerard Butler as number two was really really good to Stu bad. It works better than you'd think. Dragon based apocalyptic film at work. But boy, it's so close it is so close to be tightened down here and there and being like an independence level day or even maybe a little bit better. But they didn't. So that's the thing about these schlocky fantasy films as a lot of times, they just tinted the not sweat the details.

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