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UF294: Rose Namajunas, Anderson Silva, Alexander Volkanovski, and UFC 237 Preview and Picks


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It was like this. I was because I was I remember how much you enjoy my snack. I do. So it was going like. I was going to say like we I'm on the phone. Let me know because I don't want to when I'm singing jingle. I get snacks fool you 'cause my little bird my little my legal bird. I get snags food yuca somebody Lyn all bird, Jimmy Nordin. I I always doing like that. I was singing into my head. And then I wanted to sing it on Dana should make you saying that on. He should make you say. Are you kidding smile for my little bird friend? Danish. It make you sing that in the in the cage before main event. Got a little entertainment for you. Well, Jimmy, it's true. Thank you. All right. I had a couple. I didn't eat that many today 'cause I'm trying to lose weight. No more. I'm getting fat. I can't do it. We have a really packed show today. Our Anderson Silva, we only had the spider on once before we also have Alexander Volkov ski Kalyan. And of course, our pal thug rose number Yunus. Who's defending the main of any Jessica on drudge, and is in Brazil. That's how you'll see two thirty seven Saturday may the eleventh. Oh, that's this Saturday. I didn't realize it was this close. I like when they go to. Enemy territory, but but yet to win men for her to win in Brazil should never forget that the country before. And of course Anderson is fighting in the co main event against Jared cannon here who hits like a fucking mule. And we also have Alexander Volkov ski who is fighting Josie Aldo. That's an amazing card. You have C to thirty seven that pay per view is incredible. I think we have Anderson coming on the phone very shortly. I like it. He's my age, literally Anderson. Yeah. But he's like a superhero. He really is. Incredible. I watch piers Jimmy. Superhero to all right. A little bit. But like a retired. I'm gonna retire. You know, you're like an active superior taking off now. No, it's fair to say, I'm a retired into hero. He's a real beer. Chris is on the phone tell they're getting antsy. Now. I apologize for that jingle Jimmy. Dunno. I want Dana to hear that. I don't know. Maybe we'll try to get that. We're not gonna talk to Dana. Hey, I Anderson how you doing buddy in you good. You're talking to Jim and also met Sarah on UFC, unfiltered. Hello champion. Hi, nobody. Hello. Now. You're the co main event this Saturday, it's been about I guess almost seven years since you fought in Brazil. How does it feel to be fighting back at home? If I was doing before stretching. Chill. I'm so happy know this is the green moments from me back to fight in my country. You know, and while I'm very happy. I'm very I'm very exciting. You had talked at one point about possibly retiring? And what was it that remote of did you to take all of these fights? Because now you're just fighting regularly again. To little modest will. But it was in February toki, we'll see it. Both probably pass makes go. Sure, you know, I love my job. I love the sports in. That's me. You know? I love fight in. I try to do my best. Can you know because God gave me to to to be bring it in this war my life in every can't have in my life. You know? And I continued fight because they have timing is not too long, but I have tiny. And I need you absolve this time for fight because is not forever. You know? And you know, you you fought well against oughta Sonya that was an entertaining fight. Did he surprise you at all with his speed? Or was he what you expected when you fought him. So you how is a great fighter is a young have a great future and tell you see in the. I'm it. I'm so happy because I'm for forty four in on continued fight the same level for the young guys in. I'm so happy, you know, and you're fighting Anderson against Jared cannon near who came down in weight and his last fight. He knocked out David branch, but David had good success on the ground against Kennedy. At one point. It looked like he even looked up at the clock midway through the first. You've kept it on the floor are standing for a long time. How come you don't go on the ground as much as you could because you're a high level jujitsu fighter? So, you know, very beautiful talking about the compared to five for the less fight because this fight, you know, is everything is doing, you know, I'm I'm very in very exciting for this fight. I'm repair like touring Judy U2. or turn retired wrestling, and we'll see you know, because that's the very interesting fight. When you weren't fighting when you had a break, did you get bored? When you weren't training for fights. Did you find yourself thinking like okay now, what do I do after fighting? And then now you're back into it. Because life is a little boring without it. So yeah, you know. In this for the Emma made me need, you stay you mind opening in your body in. Your team together. You know, because this sport is very interesting. You know, you need to stay incompletely. Fox's old time because everything changed inside the cage. Dear. Now, you have kids your kids fight as well. Do they train to? Yeah. Gabriel training in prepared for five professional, but. Not now is the time for this. You know, I talked to Gabriel for keeps drinking FOX in new versity in splitting because in more important now to be a student. Yeah. Do you get nervous at the idea of them fighting a lot of fighters whose sons or daughters fight get very nervous watching their their kids. Fight you comfortable watching them a train or do. You get very nervous. So Gabriel follow me sometimes in my come training. And I look at when they gave grew take the sparring in training, you the more heart. I'm very exciting. When I watch my son, but I'm scared to because if not easy, you know, but it's up to Gabriel. You know, is it good boy. And but a when I talked to you about fight. I talked to one thing kids you love just do it. But you need you. Put 'em bitch inside, your heart inside your mind because. It's not easy. It's not easy is not is not for simple people. Do you have a different mentality fighting now when you were the champion for so many years, you were the guy who everybody was kind of gearing up to fight is it is it any different now that you're not the one that has the target on your back all the time. Wow. The life is more seem for now. You know, because when you don't have the target, but beat started in your bag, you live your life more simple in. He's not not too much about training. But. You stay in you stand. The in the position more comfortable, you know, because you weren't is the the the the big guy you have the big targets in your back, you never stopped training and never he likes. You know, you need your stay ready for everything all time. Do you know, you I I think your first professional fight was in nineteen ninety seven. Did you ever think that you would still be fighting at a high level or even a higher level than you started at age forty four? Did you ever think you'd be finding this long? You know, everything's changed. You know Spar is time really far for home time ago for now. Everything's sings. But when you love your job when you love you martial arts, you have respect to to the martial arts in your sports. You continues absolve more thank me and side who brought to different martial arts different these team for staying in shape in state in in in good level. You know, hey champ. When you retire one day not right now. I know you got plenty of fights left in you. But one day when you retire. Do you plan on being a coach OB an involved in the sport? And anyone? Oh, yes. Yes. That's that's that's very very possible. Because I like teaching by like teach people like to help in you mule guy. And you'll fighters, you know, and I'm very I'm very happy for for continue tie. The good message for the new fighters inside the this for you know, because he's not easy. You know, I have my my my my Zampa lls in this sport. You know? Renji contoured Ben Henderson's Heus Gracie and Macha old booth. Name sports, you know in. That's the point a continued fight because these guys give me the great opportunity for so much showing my job, you know. And I'm so happy for that. Let let me issue. Do you still you trained your jitsu? Do you still put the John once in a while and jitsu with the? Yeah. You know, I loved training I g too. I liked trainee more when a union the geese in the when I start my come train. I train you all the key. I never take it off the G M I using the gift for training every single day. And when they come more close to the fight, I take I take it off the geese in train the more. Did you phrase use things, but I loved you need to train training for a long time in I liked. I liked you. Because you to the is the only one the the the techniques in martial arts. You you can't do everything, you know. And I love you too. I love the that. And I love to hear that from one of the most dangerous strikers ever who played the game you understand Jimmy. Yeah. That's great. How's your body healing too? As the as you hit forty or forty two forty four. Is it a little harder to heal or to deal with injuries or have you just kind of changed the way you do that? Wow. It's is not easy. No. Because forty four you have a lot of injuries a lot of FINA body. But. In big points in my life. I tried to you can old is for from four in good springs in good energy for me, you know in. I try to make everything easy. It's not easy. But I try to make everything easy my life. You know, and I train everyday everything. I have a fan every day. I have soaring my body. But that's me. You know, I know of my job in I continue. Doing something special for my French. And before we let you go. We appreciate the time. What do you think Robert Whitaker against Israel out of Sonya for the unification of the middleweight title? What do you what do you think of that? How do you think? Those guys match up. Wow. That's very interesting fight. You know? He's always a good fighter is young in. I have a good good future. Inside moves. The older side have the B chanter in the world. And you know, we took her the people need your respect because of the changes and that school see this five because it's very interesting. You know, I respect the both in my opinion. UC have the best fighters in the worst. You know, there's no matter how contemporary, but no fighters in your see is a big craze level, you know, in the people need to respect because you're see have the best fighters in the work. Well, we're happy that you're still fighting the co main event against a Jared Kennedy, or on, of course, nominee Eunice on drudge this Saturday may eleventh enersen, good luck have a good fight. And we appreciate you coming on and talking to us. Thanks good to have you still around. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you coach. Thank you so much. All right. Nice talking to you take care. Thanks, jim. All right. That was you just talked into not your mind. Turn it off when I called. I love Aniston always saying goodbye that I cut you open. I was trying to say goodbye, I'm sorry. I tried even notice nobody noticed, but I brought it up. It was kind of. I didn't Jimmy. I like that. I want that jingle. I want that jingle inside. Dana white what you in cannot cut math. I forgot. I forgot I bought a snack for Jimmy the Burr, whatever I sang full you fucking. I don't remember the song. He just got so annoyed. You who's getting into it? You got annoyed Jimmy highlight buying snack. Oh burden. Whatever you're saying. True. I want Dana to Jimmy first of all first of all first of all I get snacks food you because you my little bird my little bird, wait by little bird. I get snagged for you. Because you're my little. But little bird g b now this. Stop. I the wo- not lesson. Don't not one lesson self-taught really got hard to believe. Okay. Meiring rights. Well, actually, you know, what I gotta get Alexander on the phone, then we'll talk fights after it. But yes. He looks the part Alexander smoking, NAS key. Yeah. Don't say it like that. He's a he's nineteen in one. Yes. Yeah. Not lost. Sitting in six years. He's on a sixteen fight win streak. It's like in. He's from New Zealand. Yeah. New New South Wales. We've talked to him before I know. But it's exciting. You know, you'll to Brown belt in jujitsu me does Josie doesn't use it much jujitsu. Anyway, you'll probably I mean do nothing other used to play professional rugby. You know what I mean? Yeah. For the warriors gorillas, you know what? I mean. I thought the sound like, you know, like a like can't think of anything that's not someone who who like a bad rugby player. The he played for the warriors hours. Diego Alves is fighting against. I cannot see. Am I saying that wrong? I am. Okay. I I was you the names wrong which humiliates base, but who was the, although no gloves. Oh, I didn't know who you're talking about. So you'll fucking around. That's alvis. I've I always say what about him? Kris knows you looking at all this is like a chart radio because the names Harley save the house how he just corrected. Is fighting? Oh laurant. All right. Good. Crystal get him on the phone. Okay. All right. Every all on the same hotel should be. You know, what it gets? Thanks for you. 'cause I'm a little bird. Who might do? You want me not to call you that anymore. I don't mind fended. No, no. You don't Jimmy. You know, why? Because your way little I can't I can't get you keep doing. Matt Matt Matt giving me a hug it's overture. Very warm hug from. I'm sorry. This down by chis-. That's. All right should be high. Sometimes you just gotta get that out of your system. You know, I do understand why by just going up and hugging strangers. You think they'll go over big? Yeah. Strong. A lot of people come up and hug me though. I don't even know if I know I know my high school was just the guy then further listened to the podcast like. I'm gonna look like it's going on here. He's got a weird. You know? The lovable little guy. I'm a little champ. Betcha Alexandra will know that reference. A rolled this morning. Jimmy. He did it takes me a little bit to get going. I'm not gonna lie to you, buddy. Man. Seamy hill the pay a couple rounds got a little loose. And then I put the top on to go with the the pants on already. You know, he did. And then it's not really a big what's going on over there, Alexandra. What's up buddy think it's easy to buy time? I'm talking about my motorist. Kitty Alexander vulcano ski. Hey, by the way, good news. Tony Ferguson apparently had a photo of Dana o- on Instagram. Champ shit only say to those still doing stupid shit when he said, it's okay, I need to China surgery. I can't breathe. I'm back motherfucker champ shit only. So looks at they had meeting his new management had of meeting. I don't know. How Brett Okamoto gets all this is pure. But apparently, he's connected say. Say it looks like they are in good shape for another fight. So it looks like I, and it was not city is gonna fight is ready to go and get whatever issues. He had good. Sometimes you need a little time you work through them. And then you're done. So hopefully, he will be fighting to forty two. They sit is officially taking place in Abu Dhabi on September seventh. Now, I understand they wanna fly us out for that event. Is that true? They're gonna put us up for a couple of weeks. Yeah. Let's get comfortable. They like you want. I I'm like, I'll take it. Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen. I hope a Sheikh is a fan of our show at flies us out. This is the deal you have to we should push to get to these Fokin shows. Yes, I can't win. But I'll be away on for Vegas. I I didn't plan it, but I'll be gone for that July fourth. We got Allison. I'm working. Oh, well, we got a call. Yeah. All right. Let's get Alexander on the phone Alexander. How you doing? I'm good might help. You could've talked to you get man. This is Jim Norton and Matt Serra on UFC, unfiltered, so buddy. All right. Obviously, you are down in in Brazil. When did you get down there? Goaty Sunday Sunday. What have you fought there before? Have a Ford. Now, maybe we are. Now, you know, what they say, it's a very very different place. Unlike any other place, I mean, everyone has a hometown advantage amount of where they are. But they said Brazil is a is a different animal. Have you experienced that at all since you've been there nor yet? I haven't yet. Pretty respectful over here at the moment. But I mean, I'm sure once the whining bulking up to the wines, and the and the flats, you know, be a little different. But you know, along for paid for that. Let's get a little warm up with the white. I would get used to that chant buddy, the the chan- with its Sherrington that oh, you'll get a die. I love it. I don't remember a rare. Yeah. Ooh. Yeah. Yeah. I I would listen to that. As almost as you're like walkout music because you're going to hear that. It's gonna feel Jeb. Yup. A Florida anybody in their on their home turf before like that. Hey, buddy. If you're speaking. We can't hear you think's aftermatch question. He was asked if you find anybody on their home turf, we kind of dropped out low armed, how did you hear Matt's question? Yeah. We can we we couldn't hear you. We can hear you now. That. That's okay. Did you hear that question? Without a bad, flooding someone. Yeah. Well, let's set meant there's a foot kept enders eastern, California. So that was a gift the was tear for him. But I mean, they Yellen you're gonna go. Different come out of you had. You fought Mendez you fought Elkins, and you very very impressive against amend us. Of course. So you've had tough, but Josie Aldo is is kind of a different level fighter. You really you think? This is the toughest guy you fought. You mentioned the electoral school knocking on the mainland healthy food. No. Are you cutting out again? But it might just be because sometimes you leave the country because he's in Brazil in Brazil. Yeah. So if you're talking Alexander, we can't hear you. Because I'm the guy will give you a really great aunts. And also, let's don't hurt it. I'll just fill him what he's gonna say. I think he's a great champion his election to the sports, and I'm prepared speak for that's my guess. I'm sure he's prepared. Cutting out again. Yes, we were you were saying we were talking about the different level that Josie Aldo is the toughest probably matchup you've had yet. And we didn't hear your answer. What you didn't? My aunt all my how could they also? That's okay. Yeah. Yeah. We're just. Outing elected, you know, obviously, all the food. I think it's you know, it's gonna be a I mean at the same time of just rule. Hundreds of the rainy he's sort of shawls hoped about it. And you know, get out of it. I'm I'm getting better. Tom. Josiah is on a again, we're not sure if you drop it out Josie is on a to fight win streak. I mean against two really tough guys McConnell in Stevens both TKO's due to punches. He seems since those max losses to really something has changed. I don't know what it is. But he seems to be fighting like the Josie of five or six years ago. Yeah. Well, you know, he's coming off a keep two wins against contenders. But also say earlier that still any trouble out of a lot of people just the fish and uncle performance. You know are saying a couple of holes in them. But always you'd have to those angel CNN you go to if you to be careful, and you know, then he ended up catching oversee on aware of that on who's gonna be exploited on he's going to be dangerous. But you know, why saying holes I'm gonna cut the laws of that number to slow down. Now, I don't know if you've noticed this Alexander. But it seems to me like, I I I love watching Josie fight. 'cause I love guys that will just shop your legs. I that's my favorite thing to watch 'em. As those guys that just kick the shit out of your legs. And he seems to be doing that less and less as time goes on and relying more on the boxing. I I don't know if you've noticed that. But do you do you have any reason you think might be behind that here? I don't know maybe. The little bond of the phone big lake keep so something lambo show. But I reckon that's going to be a part of his game playing coming into the put the pressure on. But a lot of people are going to what you have for the make, you know, these are the same now those go so we could lick. But I mean, it's easy to say you're gonna find lake for Wahlberg. In front of, you know, going answering so many questions is that easy to pull the trigger. So that's why you know. I mean, I think you're going to be a little more focus on Canada and throughout the hookah for the big for legs, especially when I'm just putting on a pie. So I believe that you know, Rick don't into the early. He's gonna try but. That real quick. Now max is coming off a very tough, you know, well fought fight against a poor gate at a at a lightweight and and a loss. So he might need a little bit of time to recoup we think I speak for myself. I I wanna see Frankie get the next shot at the championship just because he took Ortega when he didn't have to and Frankie is such a warrior. So what do you think happened? Like, let's say you Josie fight. Let's say you goes your way and you win the fight. What do you think should happen after that? Awfully is are they gone to liquor? That's all after that think he definitely deserve a toddler. And it's unfortunate how things repertory, but you know, keeping out of purely for for sympathy. But if you know, you know, what I mean, I just think it's time for sure not to go. You know, we we should whip welfare. And you know, what happened? We've Otegi was unfortunate. That's you know, that was a risk that he took. And it's a risk for reason you give it to me. That's what if a critter doing. But you know, what? I mean, he lost in, you know, through bad for the God of the franchise go and take that out does anytime country undefeated in division. You know, what I mean undefeated through say onto think, you know, go to go to more reclined to to be caught on a spot. You know what? I mean. It's you know, you never know what happened to be that, you know, just believe that I believe that's what I what is. 'cause I think it sits there for after that that's a very fair. Point. The fact is it will be seventeen straight. If you beat a who looks incredible in his home country that would be tough to argue. So either way, but I think from the UFC's point they have the made in the announcement because business wise, I think that Josie is fought max twice in recent years. So for them, Frankie and max might make more sense than Josaia max. But if you win, well, then you and max might be an interesting match up to them as well. He's you know of their number one contender. But yeah. Yes. Bell a lot of people. Yeah. You know, talking about you know, we we've maximize you come back down to the stuff. I think he will come back down. But you know, you know, full from X to us as well. I think that sort of people's eyes McCall flee back to a very liberal. The second in Florida, but at the same tomorrow. Wants to dateable. Sure. Big the hot fought sort of made Agassi who is five. Five. Our allies. Do we have to? We can hardly hear you. We you're giving really interesting answers to. But unfortunately, the connection the cell connection is just a little rough. Some can you still hear us? Yeah. I don't know if he's talk. You're not I don't know if he can hear us out, you let them know that we had to just because we we we we're enjoying this interview a lot. But it's hard to hear him frustrating to hear what he has the see to it stinks. Yeah. He's nineteen in one. He's on a sixteen fight win streak coming into for Josie Aldo on this car. So please, Chris tell us t-, we say goodbye. And we we appreciate the call. We liked a lot unleash how many fights in the U of C is that now he's six. It's not easy. No, not shoot, you know. And that's not well, not that any divisions easy. But that's a rough division. Also. And I'll tell you. I think it depends on how this fight not only a win. But we're kind of win if that's right. Yeah. There's something if he there's something dynamic. You know, Jose's all the way. All those not an easy. Even max put him away a couple of times, he's not easy to put away. He's not. Not. If he does something, you know, you know, this game's all about opportunities. It's a huge opportunity for the so, Amen. This is this is big. I can't wait. And the weather's going to be nice. So we got the little outside barbecue. We'll be having that going on on. It's nice. What are you doing come on? No. I won't be around by. Appreciate I I'm happy for Josie. Although that he's looking so good lately too. Because again after Connor and then those two max lost pulic. Well has he done and he looks great in the last two fights. It's nice to see. Yeah. Because sometimes you it's easy to write somebody off in this game. Yeah. You're only as good as your last fight type of thing. But as much as I love, Frankie, did you see how fast I said points Alexander did right, dude? Shoved right? Oh, I did. Like, the smart lawyers. I'm talking, but you got a better claim point. Why does it better claim? But I get his point. I mean fights in a row is kind of hard to Choon. All right. Let's let's over the French. Cisco turn Aldo Diego was that we got a little bit of time. We go for twenty minutes or twenty minutes. I wanna do picks, but I'm going to have to use the old little toilet. How about we want to do the first pick? And then use the toilet at one. We do a couple of picks. I'm not in a rush rush. Did I say the name wrong? DVD gopher fajita for. Hey. Yeah. For for what? For instance, go Francisco's Renaldo. Thank you took the behavior. Gimme their last fights plea. Yes. Unfunded up right now. This is the main card of UFC two thirty seven ten pm eastern on pay per view. Francisco tornado is coming off a TKO finish of Evan Dunham a knee to the body. And this was back in September twenty eighteen that's actually a really entertaining fight and the one he won that fight by verse Donal. Yes, I remember that. And then if I believe I haven't done them retired after that fight. I think that the last five. Be as last night on the other side. Diego fajita is on a four fight win streak unanimous decision over a Livia Oban mercy. He finished Jared, Gordon. He finished Kyle Nelson. And he has a unanimous decision win over roost. Hobby Lavin his last their records on the feed it in the US. He's no he actually has two loss in the NFC. He lost a decision to Benin, Dr you sh- and Dustin Pouria knocked him out. But he is four and or no excuse me. Six two in the UFC. What is fifteen into of all and Tron Aldo is twenty three and six over square. He has a ton of UFC foods. Yeah. Uptake in true annulled? Oh trump. No, no. I'm not going to go through the whole thing. I'll take Tren Aldo. I was going to have you. What are you gonna come? You off. I forgot you're doing it. He's got to get back on track. Jimmy Cooper, sorry. Okay. I now you've got to be now that you listen to me. Yeah. I'm taking me to you wonder how yeah, I'm gonna take. Oh, sorry. Second round. I was gonna take sick around TKO. What are you doing? That's what I'm getting second round you. I'm my own man. I mean, you want to jump on my pick. You you're actually taking what I was gonna say hijacked. It matched it on fire lately. So I got to go with that. I'm going to go the other way, I'm going to go Diego. Fajitas second round inventors. It was the time heist. You know, what I'll take the pig heist. What I'll take her and Aldo decision. Oh, jeez. Me. Jimmy Joan hop. Right. From one year flip. I am. It's hard to pick. These fights man's impossible to Iago Alba's. We're all we're all right around fifty percent. You know, it's like, and we pay a lot of attention to Laureano. Yes, Frankie you deserve. It. You deserve the shot. Of course, you deserve. Good point fall. All he did make a valid point about sixteen straight in his home country. And it'll be number four beaten the number one, Frankie number three. He might jump has number three now. And he said a good thing about Frankie made a choice, and with the choice comes a risk and the risk is that, you know. So he had at least a good. He put up a good arguments to why he feels he deserves it gonna see if that was in the courtroom. He was definitely pulling a little my cousin Vinny seems good on that. He was he was like it's the risk for a reason. And that guy's good stuttering. He's good lets you. Mug. Good. I'm not good at it. I that he s okay? Matter of fact, I just interviewed Ralph macho and he was talking about my cousin Vinny. And he said that Fred Gwynne in my cousin Vinny, the judge. Okay, Herman Munster. Yeah. They do the scenes, but he said, whatever he does is close ups the other actors have to mouth their words. This way. No one steps on his close up. I guess again. He's a veteran enough active. This Joe Pesci, just won the Oscar like, let's say you, and I are doing lines. I'm on camera for my close up. You're doing your lines off camera and the cameras on me for my closeup. You'll do your lines, and I'll do mine, but Fred Gwynne would have it like the actors who were talking to him while he was on close up had to mouth their lines. What's the point is? So he could give the deliver. He wanted play. He probably in his career had his line stepped on before. Well, whatever. And just was like fuck this real veteran. That's that's funny. If that was happening a I would not be able to cut he'd be reading lips. And then you'd be saying the wrong wants to fuck with Matt Matt twenty as Molin Brenda what he thinks about them. Not listening nothing to listen to. All right. So I'm boring everybody with my thread quizzes sorry. I like what you're doing. I I apologize. That was Brando. What's all those last couple of fates a fights in store? Police courts is actually coming off a split. Decision win over max Griffin. And his last fight prior to that he had been finished by Curtis milliner with a knee and lost a decision to Alexei concerto. Yes that makes Griffin fight was at a close decision. Does a split decision. Was that a Justice in? I'm pretty sure I like the Abbas always say that. 'cause I know these guys. Yeah. But I'm pretty sure max got that fight or should have had. Maybe I'm wrong. It was I don't want to shit on a guy. Very clear. You're right. It was very close. I actually did think it was reasonable that Elvis very close decision. All right, man. All right, man. It's one of but you're right next. Griff? Would you be scared to to have a ju jitsu match with all this? Jimmy, no ups. Now, you know, what I call this back in high school, what that's a jacket holder was that that's the little pussy that goes. Let's listen, you think you could beat them equal achieve Kapito. Hold you, Jack. You know, there's a different. That's you Jim nose, Jack. Because I'm not saying that I think it should happen. I'm saying we be with you ask me about anybody. Okay. The answer is amount of freedom. Anybody and I'd lie. I'd be very afraid of him. I but Jimmy can hold us. Good though. I would definitely if we did a song right now. Jim, you're I'm not attack at least already. Alba? How? That's cool. The whole thing. I'd rather be a beta you're not a beta Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. You're right me. I'm talking. Then again, I'm a high school dropout. That's really bad. Listen, I'm not even saying, I'm well, listen was he black belt Tian? I'm sure he is. I I don't can double check. But I think he is Jimmy he's been around forever. Viagra was been around for a long time. He would she has peeve actually says he's a Brown belt on Wikipedia. I remember one of my first fight he likes he likes to stand up. That's why did he fight on the Jones car? No Jones shogun. I believe it was in New Jersey, and my correct about that. And it was Kioko Alba's on that card because for some reason I remember watching him go back and forth. Like a pit bull. What a scary fucking guy. What's it? Like a what a pit bull before the fight Jones versus show gun. You know, what his nickname is Jimmy. There's a pit bull. It is on not even. Being so ironic, I really wasn't. Jimmy. I might be thinking of another. It doesn't look like maybe it was a big fire. Leave you Jamie. Would relieve you believe Phoenix, which he says that she two guys which just to deaf guys. They really old Italian. Oh, yeah. That's true. Realize? No it, isn't it. Never happened. I love you didn't happen. Jimmy fucking light. What do you make me live so much? How about this Alvarez was he on the card was it rampage against Ladele was on that. I don't know what I'm trying to remember where I was watching him walk back and forth. And it was when I first started going to fight two thousand seven something like that around that. Well, you know, listen, we're not the last one. We'll check just curious. I don't remember which one it was all right? We'll be Siaga Silva was on that. Maybe. Get around like a pit bull. What is pulling out of this? He's the walk around. They go up. I'm tara. What does this? Era. Anyway was Jimmy gbi. Komo. I let's go Laurynas star poli is eight one say that again. Laurie on a star Paul is Aiden one Moriano. Correct Foley start pulling in his MMA career. He's you have see debut was his last fight, and he won by unanimous decision over actor Aldana. And he's in that was all right. Most coming your vision wins he's eight and one overall. When this is interesting. Why are they give in to give Ronal a real veteran here? You know, what I mean, it could be the TI. I mean, I'm just making up a story, but maybe wants to fight in Brazil. It's a good, man. You know, it's a match up for him. Oh, so in other words, I don't Christopher this is what I think right now, this is what I was going to predict that. I'm not predicting this fight or predicting what Krista produces doing here. He saying these saying basically that the valve is getting the gimme fight. Oh, no, no. How damn it takes Dr. I hope you come in studio one day in an appropriate to produce star. Pauly by decision. Yacht. Can I be honest with you? I actually had written down by decision listened to me, man. There's no school like the old school. Jimmy. I'm going to pick him the is, you know, why I fooled on many cards with that guy. He likes him. He's an old school, dude, man. He's kind of like a dare I say wild animal. A of a rabid dot wiler. Rub a Rottweiler Rottweiler, but different like Shittu on steroids. So first of all you saw is involved here. I'll rise autistic expression me, you're right hit. How about this on crack? I'm taking Iago Alba's by. I'm gonna say third round stoppage. Right. Sure. Why not by TKO, by the way? Yes. Thank you. Now. Do you want to do your bathroom? What's going on? You know, when you all do we got two women. Oh, let's all right. One more minute. Let's say we did all the picks Jose who cares about my bladder against. It might be do you want to? We to break. I'm we definitely have touched take a break. If he wanted to take a break who said anything about peeing that will. First of all I Don J give Alexander Volkan. Wow. I like the way Alexander Volkov ski I like his style. I like his accent. I like his answers to everything we were bringing up over there. He sees an opportunity. I think he's going to seize the opportunity. I didn't say it. He sees an opportunity opportunity. Right. So you're saying cardia he's gonna see. He's always ruined. My flaps. I he's gonna seize this opportunity. Okay. Me. Four. I jimmy. I know I had that up. It's not about Jimmy stopping Barras in me God damn Icees that Jimmy Jimmy. I knew of some dream Jimmy. But I went that house. I view that. It was then I knew that would lead to another opportunity. Wouldn't you? Sure if the world. Yes. Jimmy when I shut them fucking announce it when you. City. What you put a pin in? I thought. Now, we have. To me what I think. Well, it's here's my what do you think's gonna happen? Although by decision because he's had to take again. I'm big on two years in a row. I there's no way to to to really know. I mean, he's just fought booking off skis on a sixty five hundred eighty Josie has had definitely a much higher level of guys. He's fought he's been in these high pressure situations before sometimes he's one. Sometimes he hasn't. This is by far the biggest fight of Volkogonov skis career. Do. I think he could win it. Yes. Of course. Right. But I'm gonna take Josie. I think Joe's a will win this fight. How'd you me decision? That's what she said. Yep. It's all in three rounds. That's why it's three rounds. So which is interesting which Aldo want want to three, but then they weren't going to make this a main event anywhere. It would have been the common potentially. All right Coleman to five to. Oh, no, no, no. I'm sorry. I think they did originally shit. Got me to agree with them. But I do think that they originally were looking at this to be the main event, I believe Dana said, but maybe bought about it. But listen who gives a shit about? What if what if comics they were great? It's almost like what if? Yes. Yes. Yes. What if that's right? Are you serious one hundred percent? I remember I to spite him in didn't get a bit by the spider. I remember I remembered those when I was a kid what if I had a lot of comic books when I was a kid. Yeah. You know, Dan, original fantastic. Jimmy, Norton jujitsu, and he was a survived Jim competing. All right anyway. Got it. I believe in Vulcan Ascii when nobody else in this room. Does go to stay in. Would you say Christopher these? I didn't say it. What do you think? Well, here's what I'm gonna say. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not going to. I'm not gonna give you any the word. I wanna take jobs a Aldo by decision. Here's why think people the two losses to max the Connor knockout. He loses three of four at that point outside of that Alba's only lost one other fighters in two thousand five he's now won two fights in a row by knockout to really tough guys Stevens, my Konno's a prospect coming up Vulcan, he's a really tough guy. This is a big step up a competition. It's Aldo in Brazil. I'm gonna take jobs Elda by decision. I think he's only thirty two years old is the other thing, I think people think because he's been so successful. He's been around. So young long that he's like an older guy L dose still very much in the mix. I'm gonna take jobs Aldo. Yep. By decision. What are you taking off? Skew by head kick for. Is that what what the fuck is that we've got a call coming in. Now. What's that beeping? Oh, I don't know. Nobody was going to hear. We're hearing it fucking by mail. I don't know. I promised we don't right. Well, listen. I'm listen, I'm going with Alexander Volkov. Okay. You know, you know, what? I mean. You know, why you don't why why? Because I think he's got nuts, man. I think you're key knows what's on the line. And I think the second round he's gonna find his home and the and he's gonna end up taking him out in the second room asked me another. No, that's crazy. I know you say man, but listen pressure. I don't know. But listen, he's explosive. He's shown that he could take a shot. And I think he's going to put everything into this. And I think Jose's gonna wanna put on a show at his home. And he's gonna come at them. Second round with third round. Ask a you know, what I'm gonna say the second round 'cause he's an explosive dude. And I think he's going gonna find his Mark does a great fight. I'm really say, this is one where you really don't know. It could go either way. Well, you know, a biggie Smalls what used to say, you know, you don't know. Now, you know, Jimmy it is a Jimmy. I didn't know any sends it. I believe is the great quote, Jimmy, you know, like snacks Jimmy, what do you wanna do? Jimmy. Here's what I think to me Jim now, why else do I think Josie might win 'cause if Josie wins I think the next title shot though, again, it'll be hard to deny Josiah again. But a third shot with max it just not gonna do it not yet. 'cause max is one the other two in the third round each. It's not interesting enough to sell. I say if Josie went Frankie gets the next shot at max. And then Josie in gets the winner that or they make them play one more. Here's a thought Brian Ortega just announced that he is completely healed. After the max fight everything like all his bones that are broken whatever. He's all healed up. He's ready to return to action. What if what if the winner this fights Brian Ortega because again, they're going to want? Both of Alexander. You don't want to jump over Frankie if he wins. I'm thinking of business with you have see they may say Josie, Maxine against Volkov's skis, a great fight. They will not be able to sell as easily Josie against max three. Because max one the first this is purely business. I think if Josie wins fucking max, sorry, Frankie, it's the shot against max. And then maybe the winner of this fight fight to our tag for the chance to fight for the championship. Sure. Yeah. I think you're right. I think Mochanov can you actually has a better chance if he wins the fight because he was not accurate because it's it's a no for Frankie. I want I want his sure I wanted to get his law. Listen, a fr-. I think I think that back on thanksgiving. I have his chance, but I think Frankie obviously Alexander actually, I would tell them you're convinced me, I think Frankie's on so much for the sport though. You can't deny him and styles make fights that fight is just amazing today. That'd be an amazing. All right Jared. Kennedy verse aimed is Silva. Yes. The great in in Silva. I'm gonna take enersen civil by decision. Interesting interesting. Well, listen to me, I don't think it's that there is thing. I think he could outpointing hit not be it. Right. You know, be like water, my friend, canon or second round knockout. Wow. All right. As great as Anderson is turncoat. No, I love him. But but the reality is what what have you eight cannon ear looked really good in that fight against branch and branch. What you said. Well, we washed it was doing a lot of right things. And and I don't see Anderson taking him to the ground. We'll all the kick is his kicking me throws cannon here a little bit. If he throws them. Yeah. I think that's the big. We watched actually the branch branch fight before we started. I was saying that might be the difference branches. Obviously known to be more of a boxer and then a grab bag to play third round stoppage. Anderson silva. Watch for that foot to the fucking face. God that'd be wild to be very happy that I'm gonna take love Anderson. I'm taking Anderson I'm gonna go wild and take Anderson. My second round submission. Maybe goes to the ground rose up a triangle. He's got that risk control guys though. He's good. He's good spots the shell Sony. But I like Joe someone a lot. So I don't wanna fuck it attacked by fifty dollars a night actually, chose doing great. So always a danger though. Excuse me. That's nice. It's always a danger of fighting when between somebody's legs there with the in that guard DNA Peabody before we go at a belch coming. But you know, what? Jimmy. I gotta pee. We'll talk about the main event just contracts versus the champ thug rose number unit about that. I it's up to you. What's on drudges record? Pulling it up right now. Do we got that? Call. Tenets? Yeah. Fifty fifty minutes. I spoke with the okay. So let's talk about the fight. She is just nineteen and five nine hundred six overall, and she's won three fights in a row unanimous decision over clutching daily United session over teasha Torres, and then I mean knocking out arguably one of the best knockouts in Stroh it women strongly district over Carolina Cova kitchen. Okay. Jessica first round knockout, not kidding. I'm going to go for now. I think that. Row thug rose fourth round rear naked choke. You know, I'm gonna take rose by submission as well. But I think she will do it in the third round. How many times Jessica gone she's made event that she's gonna fiber? You're saying round subjects. Yup. Yeah. I'm also going to go with rose. I think I'm gonna go with I had the season. But now, you guys are making me think maybe I don't know. I'm going to go decision making you do anything. No. I know. But then guys thanks mission. I could right is a possibility. But but I'm going to go to decision here. Yeah. You got to stick with what you feel. She me. 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To forty one in Anaheim on August, the seventeenth I saw. But another great fight on that card is finally happening. I guess you L is all healed up and ready to go. You all Romero Paulo Kosta number two against number eight in cost. I think is twelve and all I could be wrong is undefeated. I know and Romero is just a murderer. So what an incredible fight. That's can be is that the Komen or no the daughter hasn't been announced yet if they're trying to put any other stuff together, but that is happening on the guys. They've been out of it. Now. Yeah. Romero hasn't fought since June last year when he fought Whitaker, of course. And then. Yeah, Romero Kosta hasn't fought since July of last year too. So so what do you think is going to be the combing through on their car? Besides Cormie match. I pull it up. What does that to forty one forty one in Anaheim? Yeah. There's so many Jones's Jones against Santos dodged allies. Yup. Yep. Yep. Yup. Jimmy. She say something. Well, my chairs go behind his broker talking to me. Hello good. Good afternoon Castro. Let's say that those the only cards. You know, I watched the what's up man, a countdown special the embedded or something. And it looks like with with a thug rose. And and Pat, Barry the way they live with their gardening. And they're and they're doing all the outdoors stuff. And then they're inside. She's playing the piano. And I think he played the piano playing it like angel since she was a kid. Yeah. Oh, yeah. And. It was I feel that if something happened in like their WI fi went out for a year. There's no big deal. They wouldn't notice. I listen between my fuck in first of all my video games. Second of all my TV. Not even a second of all. But you know, Alexa, put on songs from Queen. You know, when I'm in my video games. I and then while I'm in the lobby before after Merck, some fools out shut my Instagram. See what's up, you know, then maybe I'll do little FaceTime. What my buddy Jimmy? We don't have. We don't really we love face timing. You know? And then you all this stuff. If I saw I'm not what am I going to do long growly read a book? The panel. Throw it read the book, a maybe a comic book, but I need all this stuff. So something else we they don't Jimmy. No, they're very like they went away to build houses that time. And then this I'm sure password likes this. But they went away to do that that charity thinks someone's charity work. It was some tells me that this is much more roses thing. And Pat, kind of is like okay with it. Although I'm sure he enjoys it. Yeah. Well, he had his party. I mean, we've talked to Trevor which had his partying days back in the day. That seems like that's, you know, fast Emmys more settled sober the party rose seems like he more like a commune or kind of a beatnik lifestyle. Just kinda hang back and enjoy nature and then go into strangle somebody. Jessica's nickname. Great, especially it's. Buddy a stack stock. I don't know about this. I told you that Jessica, Android. Alexa. What does that on your house? Not me. But they hear everything report everything. Yeah. Hi, L driver, which I think is. Do you trying to call thug rose? And I once you get my wife. My wife calls me the piledriver Jimmy does. She have. Yes, I didn't bark in ages that on air. But in my bedroom. It's different story to me. Couple more bits of news wise. Give us some news because I'm just talking on kebabs manager could be manager Elliot is he's given up date on. Habib's next three octagon appearances. He wants to fight dust Emporia September. Like we talked about in Abu Dhabi not official. But that's where he wants to do it. Then he wants to fight again in December at the end of the year card. I would assume and he's still looking for this George saint-pierre fight Zach stop with that Georgia Georgia retired not happening. He's not going down a lightweight. I think could be would probably up to alternate. But I have no interest in that. I want to see him fight dust Emporia. And then we'll go from there because I like because that's exciting. Because Dustin got that whole irony and what's to happen. I've told you guys don't wanna listen. What else do we have Justin second round? K Daniel Cormet was talking about. He's probably got to fight slipped. He was saying you talked on Monday. And he was saying that he thinks when he fights John Jones, he's the most complete in preparing for competition with a guy like that. Because he's lost to him. Yeah. Yeah. But even still I think he he just looks at him as like a guy that he absolutely gets up for not no disrespect too steep. He said, but obviously John Jones and that guy, and then I was just laughing because John Jones kind of ruthless. He replied on Instagram somebody had posted that and he wrote somebody tell that man to just stop already. I really do. Like both guys I do too. I would love to see Cormie get win against him. Just because I like I like both guys Daniels so much, and it is weird though that you like 'cause sometimes there's like a feud like that. And you're like, well, I'm kinda with like like this guy or that guy. He kinda side more would one of the you know, like with the Khabib being. But like with this one I like both guy. Yeah. We've interviewed them enough. I've talked to John More. I mean, I really liked DC. But then I'm like, yo John Jones movies. I give you a little well with so I mean, not doing anything just babbling. But as far as a rivalry goes. I don't think of anymore. I mean, that's really bitter. I mean, they came to blows outside and he doesn't get more. You know? So you know, it gets dark too. So I wonder I'm looking forward to the steep a fight. I am to see if not gonna end the same way. Oh, I mean steep as look what he's done for this. I mean, it's so weird. How out a sow outta sight outta mind. Sometimes Jimmy, you know, where people also like I mean, you've got to remember who else. Steep a meal. I'll absolutely I mean, he got caught by DC who's on one of the best of all time. Also, and yeah undefeated heavyweight and again like DC can catch anybody. But I don't see St. big getting caught like that undefeated at heavyweight I should do. All right, man. What else can we hear rose on the phone? I don't want to come all rose 'cause there's a schedule on that. If we call early then we're not going to get her. Then we can I'll try understandable jobs us just one of the thing about DC DC revealed that he underwent back surgery in December. I going into the fight against Derrick. He had a shorter camp. And he said like at that age. She probably realisable shouldn't have done that he sneezed and hurt his back, and he required surgery, actually. So that that's where he's been for the last little bit. Why they haven't kind of put a fight together. Now, he's he's obviously getting back into the gym soon, but pretty wild. Sneezes? All right. You want me to try rose? We'll try why not. All right. Let's see. Rose. I'm not gonna crush into Mike. Well, you can. Hi, rose. Hey, how you doing? I'm doing good. How are you? Good. I'm doing I was doing good until I heard my phony producer on the phone with the hotel, and the any goes English support of war. Now have he doesn't speak any Portuguese. Have you picked up any since you've been down there? A few words, but not not really like I mean. Yeah. When Bim Bulle boom DEA over Gado Gado, you that was the first one I learned and what did you down there? Oh, we got here like Tuesday morning. No, so grows. First of all. Hi, how are you? That Sarah good, listen now, all you ready because you're so likable. So I don't know if they're going to be doing the chance, but you have to be prepared are you prepared for them to be doing that that chant that they do about the they want you to die. And you know. Yeah, I'm prepared. I mean, if anything it'll, you know, maybe be a motivation to me, I mean, or maybe like a good release for me because it's like, you know, you're going to die will we're all gonna die. So mice just link for defensive. And this is your really is this your first fight outside the United States. Does that mean anything to you all like is it have any effect on your mentality? I guess technically make in like high school. I, you know, before I was old enough to do like a full Emma may fight. I did I did a pan Chretien fight in Portugal randomly, but you know, I wouldn't really consider to be real fight. But yeah. So I guess this is like my first fight outside the country. And it's it's definitely like a huge, you know, obstacle to overcome just because I said, I never would leave the country after coming back from Indonesia for like a month, and, you know, having to survive on an island and build these houses stuff like it was such a of grueling experience. I like I'm never leaving the states ever again. And then here, I am, you know, facing my fears once again, but you know, that's what it's all about. It's all about, you know, challenging myself, and yes facing my fears, and we were talking about your your lifestyle to you an inch such an interesting life. I Don I probably knew it and forgot. My memory sucks. I get older, but you play the piano. I didn't. I didn't realize that you played the piano. Right. Didn't remember it. Yes, I've been playing panel. Oh, I started learning piano. And I was like five years old. And my mom's a professional pianist, a she's like a music director at the church, and so she had been teaching me to tell us a little girl. But then, you know, she kept you know, there's something that I kept with up until like all the way through high school. I went to performing arts high school, where we, you know, majored in our like a certain art field and mine was obviously music, I double majored in jazz and classical, and I kind of realized that that point that that's where I started to learn about Emma may and I started to get more and more into that. And that's when my passion for music, kind of it didn't die. But it just it just I just realized that I wanted to keep it as a hobby and not as like a an wanna pursue it as a career or jazz and classical almost totally opposite. Yes. I think so I mean, you know, there's there's there's definitely similarities, but they're definitely like to polar opposites of like, you know, the spectrum I will say, you know, it's kind of like being classically trained and say like, you know, a traditional martial art like say karate being, you know, classically trained in piano versus like jazz is more. But like, you know, putting together all of your music theory knowledge, but put it in an improvised form in, you know, Emma maze kinda like that where it's like, you know, the traditional martial arts can help you. But you know, you gotta be able to improvise apply to like, you know, all different styles, and you kind of be a little more well rounded, but. Yeah. So it's kind of maybe a comparison. I will make does it real. Oh, sorry. Matt. Does it relax? You. At times. And then there's times where it's like, you know, I just had to like just with any type of meditation and it takes a little bit of effort to like make yourself. Do it, you know? But afterward, you always feel better, you know, just like going for a run or like, you know, reading a book or something. It's like it's not always like a easy at first it's to to pick it up. But once you start doing it, you feel a lot better. Speaking of reading a book when I watched the embedded, it seems like your life is so simple in a good way. Like, I mean, you guys guard on tonight podgy real quick visual alarm going off real quick. Caller. Oh, that's what it was like a fan. I got nervous before. Henry David it kind of freaked him out because they need because he feet that time. Yes. Yes. Okay. I'm back. So rose was that you was that does your phone have a bad question alarm on it, and you didn't like match questions. So it went off. How'd you question should be? Now, I got ADD worth. Now. You'll be good. You know, this is what I was saying we were talking about this before we got you one. Like, you guys are always what was like gardening. And then I saw you on the piano, I feel there was like a power shortage or something outage for a while. I think you guys will be fine. Are you picking technology? Oh, you guys. Meaning that something that, you know, I'm I'm I maybe would consider myself. I wouldn't say like a prep or something. Like like crazy. You know, like, you know, I don't have like no underground bunker, like where it's info hat or whatever. But you know, I definitely could go off the deep end. And sometimes, and I definitely it's not so much that you know, I think you know, she could hit hit the fan at any moment. I just I prefer to live my life in an independent manner to where I can rely on myself. And you know, it's just something that you know, gardening is definitely plays into that. And it's you know to be able to provide for yourself like you can appreciate the the taste of the food so much better in. Yeah. So it's definitely you know, I agree with it. Today. Life you like all right. Like, I like my wife in the morning. She's like, all right. If the kids at school, she watches her Kelly Ripa and Kelly Ripa remind secret Rienzi quest secrecy crafts sequences a game. Ryan asteroids, she watches that. And she laughs at their little jokes drinks coffee. I mean, that's like a routine like you, you have a normal like TV show, you watch or anything not even just too busy. Like like, I don't know Trump, and what is up. I don't know kind of like TV. I I'm a life TV is kinda played the role in like, you know, right before I go to bed, and I just like pass out, and I don't like absorb anything. And so this day, I still I think TV has been less less a part of my life. So, you know, but I did I did catch not the new of injuries movie, but the one before the one before, and I kind of gave it a chance because I'm not like super know like superhero movies, not enough blood. That was pretty good. It was good. You see the next one and game. I don't want to get inside a good. It's real good. I don't want to get too excited. But I'm gonna get I'm going to twelve year old boy when it comes to the superior movies. I got all excited that is fun. It is fun. But listen, I can't garden. So I gotta do something. Yeah. Now, we're now because as you know, I love pet Barry. So I wanted to know this you're you seem like the more outdoorsy kind of like the quiet lifestyle. Now this. Pat like that life, and like the outdoors or is that because he loves you so much that he's willing to do that stuff. And it kinda grew on them. Right. I think it's probably you know, it definitely I will say this. I think that being indoors definitely has come for natural to him. But at the same time, you know, he was he was raised in Bogota Colombia since he was like like 'til about he was six years old. And they would you know, there his parents would build schools and like the middle of jungle they would bilingual schools, and they would like, you know, cut down trees, and, you know, live in the jungle and stuff. So like, I mean, that's definitely an as in his in his makeup, you know. And and I think that it definitely comes natural to him after, you know, being issues to me and stuff, and I think that he really likes a lot. I going to it. Yeah. Definitely, you know, he likes being comfortable to he likes having air conditioning. So it's it's all about having that balance and just you know, enjoy and. I think a big part of it though. He loves me so much. I think so too. I mean, look, I mean, I I don't know if there's anybody I love enough to get into an ice tub. But watching you I told you I tried that. I was on a vacation let me get into an iced. You went to the heat. And then you go into the ice water, and I probably made it for three to five seconds. And I had to get out. You do that for minutes. Don't you pretty good? Thank you. That's pretty good. Yeah. I well. You know, I'm the Tampa and stuff. So you know for ten minutes. So do you really say for ten minutes? Sometimes. Yeah. But I mean, you don't really need to do more than the space. You're already cold. I mean any longer you might be like me or something. So have you tried cryotherapy? I was talking to somebody about that yesterday. See that's supposed to be helpful like three minutes at minus two forty. I know I've tried it before. And honestly, like I don't feel like just got shit on actual ice bath could be on like in my opinion. I know that like the degree says is like weighed lower something like that. But and I feel like there is. There's obviously a benefit like the any any amount that you do is going to be, you know, do the best. You can what you got. And so like that's available to you. And that's like easier to do than, you know, for sure do it. But something about getting into is with the water is like way more mentally challenging. And I don't know. It's simple. You don't have like into this like super scientific machine, and you know, have to like drive super far to do. I just go right out my back door and jump in. You know? So you do that in the winter as well. And in the summer, it does about it. He just getting the icy tub. Yeah. I I did it a lot this winter. You know, like there are times where we'd just like leave the leave the water in there, and there's a layer of ice on the top. So we have to crack it open, and you know, they're all the ice off. And then get in there. What does it do for you? For me. It helps me control my breathing it, and because it's just like it's for some reason every time that you do is just so there's another more scary than that like getting the cold, but you know, just controlling my breathing. And and also feel like it gets me like more circulation in my my body because it it kinda constricts everything. But then what she warned back up all the blood just go rushing through and you kinda get like this pump like muscle pump. But you know, definitely definitely the mental aspect of. It is is huge millwood you when you say it scared. The breathing is what messes me up because you'll sit in as. I feel like I can't take a deep breath. Is that what you go through? And then you just make yourself breathe. Yeah. For sure it helps you it makes it forces you to like control, your, you know, what is it your, you know, on a medic nervous system, or whatever it it helps you it makes you control it. Because if not you're just going to be like. You know, just passing out. I could see the panic setting in like, I don't know how anybody makes themselves do that. There really is a mental discipline. But your head is getting water poured on it. Right. You just kind of went up to the neck. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, at the very end I'll maybe do like a dip at the very end. But yeah. Yeah. Just go all the way up to my neck, and it's kinda like similar to that panicky like, you know, out of breath feeling you get right before you like walk out. So the ring, you know, so it's it's kinda like that. It's just prepare myself for you know, just the crazy emotions the overcome you. And you know, you kinda just have to ride with it. And just you know, just do your best. No, you you. You won your first title defense against you on a decision. This is she just is very very tough. Has it changed for you at all since you're no longer fighting to get there? But like I asked this to Anderson civil we talked to earlier. But now that the target is on your back. And you know that you're the one that every. A great fighter in this division is gunning for has it changed the way you think at all. I mean, I guess that's something that I'm may have taken into account. But like, I don't know I constantly focused on getting better myself. And being the best version of myself on no matter what the opponent is the minor. What the situation is. And I never places super huge importance on being the champion. Of course, it's, you know, important for me like maybe financially or just as an achievement in at a personal goal. But for me, I don't like identify as like, you know, if I'm a champion. You know, I'm not rose them us anymore. Like, I don't know who I am. So it's like to me, I just go in there and just have a fight, you know, at least that's what we're trying to keep my minus as much as possible. Of course, there's going to be pressured that are put on myself. But you know, the more main important thing is like you you shouldn't worry about the outcome. If you worrying about the outcome. You're just fighting near in the present moment, and that's that's pretty much. What I focus on. Do. You do any endorsements and stuff like that outside of UFC stuff? I think well, yeah. I have I have a Reebok is a sponsor, monster Charlotte's, web and trifecta. Okay. I'll just thinking you're such a an interesting in fun personality. I would hope so we'll listen we love you rose and tell Pat we say Hello, my favorite person. Pat, Barry, tell him I said, hi. For sure we'll do and good luck. I honestly can tell you that you're my favorite fighter interview. And I know Matt we we both love talking to you. So good luck in this defense against Jessica on drudge this Saturday. Thank you champ. Thank you so much are talk to you soon. Rose. Bye. Bye. Bye. She's so sweet, she's she's literally my favorite fighter because she's so she's a great talker. Just a good conversationalist gentler. Anything she could talk to you. I think that. She has a nice quality of life. Like, she just doesn't seem grounded one hundred percent. Like, I think like don't get me wrong. I wanna make millions. But sure I think if she didn't have should be just the same as far as the way she lived. Yeah. And that's that's that's a compliment. Yeah. You know, 'cause you know, me, I'm not boozy, man. You know, I'm not boozy. Jimmy. Would you think of me? You don't say I guys boozy. No, I don't what do you say. I want to tell you. So anyway, let's is it up to Jimmy. Well, listen, good luck. Thank you to rose thank yous Alexander. And thank you. Of course. The great Anderson getting somebody. Yes, I appreciate Christie producer. Thank you so much. And thank you Dana for hiring me. Can I just say? Can I just say is the last time you ever get a coconut chocolate ball? You cock sucker. Thank you. Actually. You're right on all counts. But I really should not be. I should not be eating because they really are fattening me up. So I can't have anymore those. All right. Jimmy, what do we wanna plug people? Let's talk the fights July fifth. I wanna be not the fight aboard. Gotta in Atlantic City net. Did not this weekend. The follow weekend may seventeenth eighteenth. I will be in a Rochester comedy at the Carlson and then up in October. I'm going to be at the stress factory in New Brunswick. Hey, gordon. My Instagram Twitter. I'm starting to put up stand up clips, especially some topical stuff. That's only good for a week or two. It's great. There's certain material. You can only do like what next went on putting up a couple of dumb little small jokes about the Kentucky. Can I get the Kentucky w I didn't put up here. That's only good for a few days because the news passes so fast. They can't build on it. I see what you did about the vengeance. And I liked it. But I'm going to go back. And unlike it why a shot at it. No, I'm not I'm talking about not knowing what I'm talking about. Okay. Then I'm going to still like Jimmy. It's fun. It's nice to see that. Because it's like going to see you at the seller or whatever it's like just seeing you do like a spot or something. Yeah. I like to call it. Good natured jocularity is the name on how little segment it's fun. Thank you. Can I be a guest on it? It's not like that. Jimmy. No, it's not that type of all right? But I would love to. All right. How much do chip tonight? I'm busy. But listen to me everybody. Everybody says me fully, Comores savage shirts. And I still don't have any. But I will tell you this Sarah, JJ dot com soon enough will have a school is. I'm not there yet. I wanted. I'm not exactly on the fast track. But I am a busy, man. Did you do spread spread spread love? Jimmy. I know you do you know what I mean? Yeah. I I help out. I like I like the teacher jitsu to those who are weak nece. I little right at me. I do need some my little wings. We'll get broken off. Okay. Jimmy. Let's go walk together. The bill. The event this week. You have see to thirty-seven NAMI, UNICEF versus drudge there. Saturday may eleventh from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, DeJean, Brazil, we didn't even mention BJ Penn Klaas on the prelims of this. Oh, my God in that's eight PM eastern. So a lot of good fights throughout the night. And how do we get it is it on the ESPN, plus pay per view the payment? Yes, they all tell people you got all pay per views on ESPN, plus now in the United States outside of the United States easier to do now. I like in the first beginning. Yeah. It's just gonna keep getting better. And I think be pretty easy. So make sure to get the pay per view on ESPN. Plus, I sure will. All right. Jimmy, you wanna say goodbye. All right. Thank you guys for listening. Thank you to our. Our great guests this year. All right. You know, see the bye bye. Bye. All right now. Remember to subscribe on apple podcasts radio dot com slash U. F C, unfiltered, or wherever you get your shows. Not my business.

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