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"Naughty or Nice?" with Doris Burke


The problems it's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things. Ben Things make things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety smart loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart work visit IBM DOT com slash smart to learn more. Kansas Parker is with US tonight. All the lowest sonar sideline terrific. Ten is led lamp. I'm candace Parker and this is lead low and welcome into lead low and Parker. We've got Doris Burke Burke on the show today one of my all time favorite broadcasters one of my all time favorite people and this is a special. NBA on Christmas Day edition. And we've got a special edition. Should I will handle it with dignity and class certainly stop. I think all of us just want to leave believe better. And that's what we said that we said yes we did ailment weird like this is the fan mailbag edition. We asked for questions from the fans. So let's go ahead and get them started. Hi I'm Jay. Unfortunately I'm from Holland but deer Kristen and air can this this once the most fun thing about being on a podcast together and by the way it's the best podcast out there. How wide first first of all? I do want to start this by saying I am Dutch. So unfortunately you're from Holland you mean exactly. Fortunately so sending to us from all all over the world is just worldwide. You know what you're not going to be able to tell us anything soon. Thank you so much for taking the time to send us a question we I I mean he asked. What's it like being on a podcast together for me? It's been really just a privilege to sit next to one of my dear friends every single week. Talk about something that we'd be talking about any way to talk on the phone more often than we already were answering my facetime. To just turn on the microphones and let people listening on our conversations. I enjoy sitting at a desk and talking about a game that I love but also the people that call in. I mean Kristen. I have gotten to talk to some very special guests. That have dropped some amazing knowledge and I've learned so much much just sitting here about the world about basketball about individual people in what got them to to be as successful as they did to the point that I'm actually shocked. Some of these people answer the phone and yet here they are as guests exactly on our podcast all right. Let's roll the next question. Ludlow and Parker lemarie in here from Ohio Kristin you you interview players after Games in Kansas. You often interviewed after your own games. My question is what's the funniest moment from post game interview to ever had. Thanks canister you want to start. You're already laughing one jumps out to me. I was after a playoff off game and my daughter was doing the post game interview with me. Yes and she was just hilarious. I mean she would not stop talking the entire time. They're asking me questions and I'm trying to respond but she's tapping me and then at the end of the interview. She dabbed on television. It was just like everything that could be. I mean just a real quick snippet of parenting skills. I was embarrassed for a second. But it's it's one of those definitely need one of her many genetic gifts and I think for me one of the funniest moments I can think of in a walk off interview with Nick Young and I can't remember exactly what year it was or even where we were. He had told me several weeks prior that God had given him the nickname. swaggie P dream. Zip Nick I'm not kidding. So Nick and then each celebrated in a way we hadn't seen after a three pointer in the game. I was covering it so I asked him. If God gave you the nickname Swaggie got also give you those posts three celebrations like my dream last night. It was so Armee WanNa do is like a disco ball and it was a man going back and forth. Like that's why I kept it up and I said bringing back kind of the Showtime Lakers then Eh stands out to me is one of the funny. Because how are you supposed to stand there holding a microphone keeping a straight face while a grown man tells you that God gave him this celebration in dream. Well Kristen I have to tell you that one of my favorites as a fan watching you on television was whenever somebody he comes in. Pours water. No for Gatorade. Yes a friend and fellow teammate. It gives me joy to watch your reaction especially when and you don't see a company now but you can't though you can't often see it coming. Sometimes they make it a little easier because they come up behind the player. You're talking to so you can move out of the had the advantage advantage there a couple of times once draymond green was stumping the water on Klay Thompson and so I had a chance to just back smoothly back away and then back into frame as if I knew it was going to happen but you can't always know and I'm glad that's so entertaining for you and so bad we need more of those if anybody's listening and other stuff it is but at least when it's water it's preferable to the GATORADE. Let's roll the next question. Hey candace and kristen and this is Elizabeth from DC big fan of the podcast. My question question is what would you both be doing. If you didn't have a career in basketball kristen I would be a history teacher really in love with history. I was always weighs in love with history growing up. That was the homework that I finished way in advance. I always was way ahead in my textbook even now as as an athlete when I go to different places you can always find me in a museum or the history channel's always on at my house. I'm always watching documentaries. I didn't I didn't know that about you. Yeah I'm a documentary like nerd like my friends. Call Me Nerd because I'm always trying to figure out history museums to go to on the road and I've exhausted exhausted. All of my friends. So Hey will you. Will you go around Atlanta. I haven't been to Dr Martin Luther King Top. I really WANNA go. I would love. Okay thank you. I would be marine biologists. I love that I wanted to be marine biologist when I was growing up I thought that that if I could just study what was in the ocean that means I could spend all of my time even life in the ocean beach. That'd be nice. I went on a field trip when I was in maybe seventh grade to down south of the keys and spit every single day in the water doing the studies but I was just as excited about the classroom portion where you learned about the different coral and the different Sealife as I was about actually being out there and when I was in Middle School School actually kept a handwritten note book of my marine biology experiences. Anytime I even saw Dolphin I wrote it down that is precious I can tell you. Have you done the little encounters at any tells okay. So you're anywhere so you have like fifty million pictures with like a sea lions sticking. They're telling a dolphin kissing all the dolphin. Yeah yes I was actually like in Mexico last year and we did the like Dolphin ride. We're used comes up at like picks you up and take your little thing. Like dolphins are so intelligent and I went and Florida to see snowflake remember the Dolphin of the Fin. And it's just like but he's a star but he's a star and he doesn't even know it that he's a star but like everybody drives to see him him. Yeah the best though. I think our win. Those experiences happen just naturally a couple of summers ago I was in a boat with friends and family and a dolphin swim up to the side of the boat. Nobody wanted to jump out and I jumped right out you know. What if I still had that notebook I would have written it all right? Let's hear the next question Christian. I'm Jonathan from Brooklyn New York and I had a question for you too so my question was basically for you guys. What was your most embarrassing moment on the basketball court? I have if several I have one that I want you to go. You go you go. My most embarassing moment on a basketball court took place literally on a basketball court but it was during a volleyball game my very first ever volleyball game in maybe six or so great. The surf comes right to me. I backup backup backup backup. I noticed that it's coming closer and closer to my face I lean back the ball hits me close enough to my face that my head tosses back the ball hits me and goes through the basketball hoop behind my head. Oh Wow that's talent Chris. Six The rain sport humiliation wrong sport. But that's pretty. That's that's talent right there. What about you? I would have definitely been on checked in a fool. Oh Annette I'm sure my mom has video of it somewhere may be able to get her to call to call a UH home video For me it was my one of my first varsity games. I was a freshman in high school. You know brace face acne. Hi ponytail breeds all that good stuff true beauty and to add to that the style at the time was like Baggy Baggy warm-ups and it had the snap warm ops. We just snap them off. I loved those so my mom had been telling me to like roll the warm ups and I was like No. It's the style you wouldn't understand. Yeah so I go to take off. And my foots slips on the end of the thing and I fall in warm blindly running out when they first announced us and yeah it was embarrassing. I mean I tried to get up like nothing happened but but everyone knew it happened. Yup well somebody who's undoubtedly had very few embarrassing moments on a basketball court doing it at the highest level for the longest time. Doris Burke is on the phone Over the key points. Strong upper from you'll Lebron thinks in my best interest Mike -gratulations good luck the rest of the land. Thank you very much. Our guest has covered. Basketball for decades was inducted into the basketball hall of fame last year as the Kurt Gowdy Media Award Winner in personally my very favorite broadcaster. Thank you so much doors burke for taking the time. Oh my pleasure with you too to it was It was a no brainer from me. I enjoy both of your work candace. I've been I feel like I've been covering you forever and it's just It's been amazing for for me to see you just step into TNT and fit so seamlessly and Just amazing and Christian you and I have spoken over the years that at the NBA finals. Else I just to me like to see your generation of women so confident so comfortable just as I've said to you. I think that that year at the finals or that the At the hall Christian You Know Your Generation is going to rule the world. And I'm going to be retired and enjoying every single second of it did. What do you think by any chance when you were hired by? ESPN back in Nineteen ninety-one about the women that would look up to you in that role as the only one for so long. No I never an IT's really. It's not anything I've consciously considered And sometimes I think you women are very to kind signed to me I. I didn't enter the business to be a role model to be perfectly honest with you. I you know I sort of picked up the ball. At seven years of age it has defined my life pretty much jason and to be honest with you our have been the the recipient very good timing right so I leave coaching in nineteen ninety right at a time when coverage of women's basketball starts to explode and then in nineteen ninety seven. It really was the game changer for somebody who wanted to be a broadcaster and television because I could work fulltime and by fulltime to thirty two games in the summer for the W. and maybe thirty to forty games in the winter took covering various women's college basketball And so yeah no. I didn't set out to be a broadcaster I just happen happen to be you know. Hit it right at the right time. That's for sure your very first broadcasting job though calling women's basketball games for providence on the radio and now now you're one of the most well known and well respected analysts in the industry at the highest level. If you were to try and sum among the journey from there to here how would you do it. Well you know it's funny you have young people come up to you sometimes and say you know I wanna I wanna be exactly where you are well. That was a thirty year process. For just about you told me that. Yes you know I think obviously you don't you fail L. More often than you succeed and I always tell young journalists like. Do not worry about the job. You don't have worry about the job directly in front of you and do the absolute best to master that job and because if you spend a lot of energy worried about the jobs you didn't get say job comes down two people in and they select the other person. That's a very difficult thing to do. But you have to absorb it and keep moving and it can't change the way you approach the job that you're in you just you just have to sort of be tough minded and stick with it if you're going to be in this business because both of you know it's subjective right. Somebody could listen to me. I think I really like her style and the person right next to him in the same room could go. I can't stand the sound of revolt right. It's just the nature of it. Well Kristen and I spoke a couple of weeks ago about how important it is for girls and women to continue to play sports At the youth level. And how about around fourteen a Lotta girls drop out of playing sports and I know you played basketball. Growing up played in college. What can you say the lessons that you learn from playing on a team sport? That have helped you in your job today. First of all I saw the same report Kansas and it really was alarming and disconcerting. Because I think all of us know so Obviously the lessons you learn you know number one. It's not about you right. If you're a team sport it's about the collective that's maybe the the most important thing that success takes work that sometimes you step on a practice court and you don't feel like practicing but as soon as you sort of put your mind to it and get a little bit of sweat going and you say you know what okay. This is good. You learn how to handle both winning and losing with grace as hopefully you know if you're properly You were taught by one of the you know the greatest figures in the history of basketball. I'M NOT EVEN GONNA put gender on. Ah Pat Summitt the opportunity to to play for her I really. I can't imagine all of the things you took from that canvas. I so I'm going to just reverse the question to you like what's the most important lesson you took from. What will be a hall of fame career into to what you're doing right now? That is an amazing question. Honestly and I am so thankful that I got to play for a legend. I think the thing from coach summit that I saw were two things. It was one that she didn't just talk the talk. She walked the walk and everything she had expectations for us has to do. She did it ten times over and then she always spoke about people and passion. And if you surround yourself with both you'll never work a day in in your life and you'll be happy and enjoy every moment and that's what I've tried to do is just surround myself with positive people and people that are passionate about what they're doing coming in that has been the reason why I'm here. You know in being able to team up with Christmas doors me here because you WANNA passion no doors than if you were to look back and say hey twenty two year old me as so you're finishing playing and and starting into your career which ultimately has landed you where you are. What would you tell yourself then? Oh Boy I think it's it's something I'm trying to still do. I and you know life has changed in so drastically and and if you know our business is changing almost light speed daily. You're getting you know different ways to watch the game. Highlights highlights cetera that this new generation. It's funny I over the years. There's been this evolution of feeling about me on social media particularly when I covered covered men's college basketball and then in the early years of my NBA. You know prefer good ten years. People really didn't like in that spot for the most part. I mean there were some were very diligent Kinda stuck with me but that was a hard thing for me right and you say oh well tune it out which I I tried to do over the years and then you know Oh for whatever reason probably just because I've hung in here so along the feeling has changed a little bit I would say the one is like always say like. Don't pay attention attention to the good or the bad on social media because the reality is I don't WanNa curse I mean I do want to curse because my but it's all baloney right like the good and I'm the bad that you get on social media is all Baloney the reality is your job is going to be defined and they'll your bosses will tell you so the two people well. I've tried really hard to pay attention to our my. My Co workers. People like you are in the business and know what the life is but then also. What are the assignments? My my bosses says are giving me and focusing on those two things but you know social media was something I had to learn to navigate and now I almost feel like because I use twitter as the new source. I'm getting these reports of. Oh my gosh you know. Here's your screen time or whatever that is and I'm thinking to myself you've got to be better about this like there's got to be life beyond on social media. Yeah I think as a player you know when you sit down and you listen to social media or even analysts for me at Tennessee. There were for a lot of times. We're coach summit. Used what people said as motivation for us at Tennessee and then as well in the WNBA they use a a lot of what analysts said as motivation. And for the first time this summer I was in a gym working out and Moody from Texas Tech Came Up to me and said that his dad had used my quote as motivation for him to be on the other side of things. It's very interesting as a player to really you look at that broadcaster. Like oh they but I think the way in which you do things in which you can say what you say but it you say it in a constructive way and yeah you know. I think that there's an art to that. How have you learned that through the years and have there been some times where you've had to have some sit downs with some players that you were a little harsh on air to I? It's I'm so glad you just said what you said. Because communication is so much more than just the words even in a in a medium such as television or radio. You know your tone Just modulating your tone Presenting your information. You know the way you say it and I've made mistakes with it and I would say recently you know I was. I was frustrated that did not play against Milwaukee did an eight thirty interview on ESPN. And I'm not backing away from my comments. I was really frustrated that I wasn't going and and believe me that particular night candice and Kristen that that particular night. That was a fan. Now I want my colleagues at ESPN to have the best players in the floor. You guys know this. It makes the night better but I didn't like the way I said it right it. It almost seemed to personal to me. I just felt like I could've said it better. So I continue to navigate. Navigate that because you are passionate and you do feel strongly and having those feelings as one hundred percent okay and appropriate and frankly frankly it's what we're paid for but I do one hundred percent agree with you and I would ask young broadcasters. Think about that. The the power of your words is just that they're powerful. How you say something The tone in which you deliver it. How your face looks as you deliver it? Yeah what's the what's the level of your voice. All of those things are remarkably important. When you're in a conversation with somebody just individually sixty five percent of your communication is nonverbal? Now somebody may not be consciously acknowledging all of that but the fact of the matter is your body language facial expression all of it speaks volumes about your message so great point the NFL has Thanksgiving the NBA has Christmas dorothy how to celebrate the holiday with an NBA game to cover. Well I mean Christmas for an NBA person is amazing. I would just say the young mother. There were challenges challenges with that now that my kids are a little bit older. You know it's much easier but listen. I've got Milwaukee at Philadelphia. I feel like I've got perhaps. The other than the Lakers Clippers League best game. So I'm I'm pretty jazzed. What then would you say the NBA itself means to Christmas Day? Now Oh my gosh I mean I would you would you guys say that. That is You know sort of a second tip off of the season right. I think opening night people awfully excited it but then the sports landscape gets awfully cluttered. And you know you're you're almost targeting certain matchups as a fancy. You can watch my for us where immersing them blue every every day But to me it's the time of year that signals okay. We know where we're almost you know well past quarter of the season. Maybe we're at the third third mark that And you have a sense of WHO's good. Who are the top tier? Maybe four or five teams can compete for a championship. Who who with maybe a move or two Could get into the conversation if they catch fire So I mean it's just it's a special day but I think it also is a trigger to okay now you know. We're probably six weeks. Seven weeks to the All star break and then the dead sprint to the finish. So there's a rhythm to don't you think you guys that there's a rhythm to the NBA season. And that's yeah. But I mean as a fan Christmas Day is just like you open your presents sense and you sit down in front of you and you watch the NBA the entire and it's something that word too but we're doors as a player. I have my routine and for twelve years in WNBA. Either when. I'm on the road or when I'm at home I have my game day routine and you know this past season I was able to being analysts for the in Madison Square Garden with Kristin as well and I found myself the morning of the game a little confused as to what to do as an analyst. You're like okay. I'm very excited about the game. That starts at seven. PM Tonight. But I don't know what to do. So are you pre game routine person. Listen Do you have a pre game meal. Do you nap like what is your game. Day routine look like yeah so definitely there's usually a rhythm to it You know if it's an evening game then we're at shoot around typically because we're gonNA capture some found from the player from the respected teams. That that we've requested sometimes that doesn't happen and you you you know you have a busier night. Because now you're you're squeezing into coaches interviews prior to the game and then you're trying to get sound from two different players so my rhythm would be you know attend practice if the coaches allow me which I really i. So appreciate those coaches who might let me check out shoot around it really kind of depends which team or what time of the year etc etc But I really enjoy the visits with the players because because you get insights into their individual game to the feel of that particular group So had to shoot around. We typically have a production lunch or sort of going through the schedule that takes another hour All my prep is typically done. Except for you know sort of organizing my notes on on any interviews we might do and then I right after lunch. Believe it or not I tried to get a workout in I shower and then I'm always over into the building about four four hours ahead of time. 'cause make get a workout in and then your hair still haven't figured out a way to get a workout in on the road and then my hair rebound by game time challenges thankfully thankfully they have hair and makeup form. I am a you know a disaster as it relates to that doors. I have a teacher says my favorite broadcaster is Doris Burke but that t shirt was not the most famous one. I think the most famous one ever was the one that drake weren't now. I know that you've heard this thousands of times but we WANNA reaction hang on one second. What did you think after you heard this while? Usually on drake not I got to do Sideline Actually Cortott commentary for me. My inspiration is or I saw. I think she's a studying woman incredible at what she does. I wish she was here tonight. But the Senate all my love to her. I don't know what Cameron look out by blowing kisses knowing that she's woman crush every day. That's why that's why I I love it woman crush every day doors. You didn't get Wednesdays you got every day not just Wednesdays your everyday. Would you like me to describe the scene of where I I was when I heard the head please. My daughter is a loss to at Villanova. I'm in a really small apartment and we're trying to cook dinner and I get attacks from a gentleman WHO's working the game in Toronto that night and he said you are about to blow up the Internet get yourself to a phone phone army get yourself to TV and so I I'm like okay. What does he need and my daughter and I flip on the game and that happens and we both look at each other? I think we screamed. I don't really remember and I you know I I'm stunned. I'm absolutely stunned. I know. Drake Geico huge star. I'm not sure I really even my daughter Sarah said this and the after Mexico's I'm not sure you quite comprehend. How big a star this? This man is so we had. We had a good time with it. It was really. I'll be honest with you. It was probably a year later. I actually got to speak to him for the first time and and another game and he came over at the half and I said you know for what it's worth I said. I know you didn't do it for this reason. I am incredibly thankful that you expressed appreciation for my work and it Cetera et CETERA. I said because I do think you. You probably change some people's minds and and and at this point we probably shouldn't need that right but the fact of the matter is Kansas. When you're on set and those men are paying you respect and want want your information and you know have casual conversations with you about the game of basketball Sunday very powerful message and you know yes? It's twenty nineteen. Maybe we don't need to have it but I've said this over and over and over again it requires all of us for change to happen whether we are talking about gender equality race equality. Whatever we're talking about or changes required? Everybody has got to participate. That is the truth and honestly just as somebody that has kind of crossed over and is really enjoying my work right now but it does make it easier when you have those that are before you laying the groundwork and doing it in such a great way. I mean there's a number of people I know that. Turn into the game and talk about the next day about what doors burke said on air or you know. There's certain people that you enjoy watching the game while you're on your couch and you know for me you said it earlier the best way you know like you know the game of Basketball Kristen and I say this until we're blue in the face you know the game of basketball so whatever race ethnicity gender. It doesn't matter as long as you're fans know that and I think we're getting to a point now in two thousand nineteen. Finally that people are starting to accept that. No question Russian. I I have had people describe you to me in my world from ESPN in the highest possible terms. I'm like yeah like you. You can't be surprised at that. You know like and but I and I will say this though as I say. You can't be surprised on this goes to man or woman it just one thing to know the game but there is a skill set required to deliver it on TV and to understand what works where and to have some sort of chemistry. I was watching you. Candice on The show with Stephanie Ready. And there's just this this ease with which you and Steve Interact and you can't sane that nor can you manufacture sure chemistry it exists or it doesn't and you know I always think about those executives who are required to put teams together and there's no magic formula you have to give those people runs together right. Do they work or don't they. It's probably very similar to rolls on on the big screen or television. You have to you have to let people work. But it's it's just interesting and I listened. Nothing makes me me happier than to hear. People say they enjoy my work. Really it warms my heart it truly warms my heart because I know how damn lucky I am to be sitting there truly. We'll Doris before we let you go. We like playing games with our guests. You brought up a lot of games. You called a lot of games. You played in a lot lot of games. You've coached and a lot of games but we're going to play a little game called Naughty or Nice Christmas team. Listen more Karuna tell you the rules hold on all right. This is who's on the Naughty or nice list the NBA edition. So I'm going to give you an example. Can you tell me who's is on the naughty list. And who's on the nice list. Do you understand the game and my communicating this well all right naughty or nice. NBA Edition starting with the jump shot. Who is on the naughty list? And who's on the nice list this year fire. Oh man that's great. Well they're nice. The first guy that comes to mind is Bradley. Beal is just such a move towards that Komo radar because he plays for the wizards. So it's same naughty because it makes me feel bad I I I happen to be watching as your as I'm on the phone with you. TORONTO'S PLAYING CHICAGO ON MY LAPTOP ORLANDO'S PLAYING MILWAUKEE. So you know where I wanna go on on the naughty list. That's right anti what we're tracking with you and he's an MVP anyway all right able to make it a little easier than how about this. The Naughty and Nice List for pre-game outfit. Oh this is great. Oh Man Dan Okay Naughty. Wow well can can one person be both yes some goals or it can Naughty and Nice yes. I think he would love that. Yeah he would love that. What the Hell uh-huh and then? Sometimes I think man McMahon has got it going on now Russell Westbrook Naughty Naughty and nice and she has made that list and checked checked. It twice I really like that all right. How about uniforms? We've seen a lot of different uniforms. Seen a lot of the city editions. The Not Nice well. Well the Nice is just for me Miami Miami vice goodness the colors and everything. Yeah I know everybody. Everybody likes the The Denver Rainbow Editions. I do I'm not. I don't like those. I didn't like them way back when when. Yeah I don't like them. So why bring him back. Yeah let's see we got one more and we're GONNA go team Mascot Ascott Naughty and Nice Oh team mascot. I I enjoy Benny the bull. Yes the cargo. I D like wanting to hug him more than high five. Michael Jordan. Don't understand she loves beauty. Love Benny the bull. Just absolutely cracks me up I don't know that I haven't nobody Who who gives Robin Lopez the hardest stretch? That's a good one it. Yeah I would say whichever whichever mascot up stages Robin Lopez. I really been giving them a hard time. I'm not really time. You're probably right. I'm giving Robin Lopez. He's on the naughty list. That's a good Scott Doors. It his privilege a pleasure not to get to know you asked handful of years but that you would take the time to be part of our show as well that you didn't just bust through so many of these doors on your own but you've turned around to make sure that you're grabbing the hands of those behind you and I am so grateful so as candace thank thank you so much for joining us really appreciate it. Lau Crispin Candidates. Thank you thank you for having me. Keep knocking them dead guys. Thank you Problems it's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things. Ben End things make things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new you. Energy flight delays food safety smart loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart to work visit. IBM Dot Com. Tom Slash smart to learn more. I'm really excited about the Chris game first of all because our hold For the first APPs been the league so excited excited clean Christmas. They should excited to play against fully. He's going to be fine game to watch and hopefully the fans get enjoy Christmas Day and finding bills it will be home with my family You know the start up those Christmas morning being able to have the blessing to play at home and you're on arena travelling and then be able to come back on Christmas Day Stab Lonzo Ball with range just to be able to play. You know my teammates on such a national. The holiday is going to be tuned in so it's just great and be able to put on a shelf for those people. I'm so excited for Christmas to stay on his opportunity. I've never know had to NBA career so for me to experience. You know. I'm I'm looking forward to. This should be fun. No no my family decided as well so it should be. It should be a fun experience so the one thing about planning on Christmas Day is obviously wake up. He opened up the president's with the kids. And you're still kind of trying to stay in that mental space of like gotTa game today today. You know you try to keep things as normal as possible but understanding that you know Christmas used for your children if you have children trying to embrace that while still stand locked in on the game. I'm always taught but it's candice to close out the show. We've got a couple more fan questions but these are Christmas Christmas themed role the first one. What's up guys? This is hunter from Utah. Love the PODCAST. My question is if Santa's elves could help build the ultimate. NBA Player attributes. Would you take from current players. That is an excellent question. Fantastic the the L.. Let's see we've got to go head to toe if the elves are creating the Murph and be a player for Christmas day the hair. How do we start with? That's a good one if I think of great hair I think of like Jason Tatum. I think Jason Tatum has a superb curb. Line it's it's great hair line great hair line and I also think that he gets haircuts. His teammates have said he's he haircuts like every other day or every two days he gets Alana. So am I taking this the opposite direction. If I throughout like Robin Lopez perhaps yeah that would be the the opposite way to move down that. How about the smile? No let's go with the. I gotTa go Chris Paul Paul Yes Chris Paul I mean are we talking court vision or are we talking is also well. I was just saying that pretty is If we're going is talking about Chris Paul he probably has the double double feature. Okay Scott Court vision and he has the Nice is yes he has pretty. He is also has great court. So Chris Paul I would say okay. We'll go with Chris Paul on that one is both then. How about the smile? You've got to think of somebody that smiles all the time which I can't really think of anybody in the NBA that constantly please with a smile. Everybody's just seem so angry. Well you know what guys loosen loosen up but if I were to at least what feels like. The most special smile is wise. Because you feel like you weren't it votes leadership would be Eh Jaanus. I would say oh. We skipped eyebrows. Are you going Anthony Davis since he like kind of coined the fear the brow right okay so then if we're just talking about physical attributes then we'll go with. Anthony Davis is eyebrow in James Harden speared Bam and let's let's think about like how how well they play the game like you know understanding basketball that type of thing like brain for the game you yes thank you gene. That's why I keep you around around. I think of the word I was like so you know what I'm talking about yours. Very high very high. What is it if we could go with Lebron's Iq so his brain and his Braun is what I would like could we? Could we build also off of his stature. Yes yes I guess I. I've got that word Nicollet. Then as we continue moving down all right into the arms the shooting and the jump shot ability. I mean Steph curry without a doubt I would say it's a tie between Klay Klay Thompson and Steph Curry. Even though Steph curry gets the nod just because he shoots off the dribble. I feel like better than clay and his handles are a little bit better than clays plays better handle could be better than steps would you take. Perhaps Kyrie's handles I think what makes steffes handle so crazy are because of of his shot so I think he has the craziest Hanes in the game. But if you pair Kyrie's handles with Steph shot that's what we're doing. I think it'll be breezy. The perfect place for Christmas. I think I think the elves would definitely take all right then lower extremities strength of lower-half I mean the Russell Westbrook has to be somewhere just because I think he is the only athlete in the NBA. I won't say the only athlete he's one of a handful of athletes and MBA. That could probably play any sport. He could play football. He could play baseball. He could run trust that explosives that explosive right now and he's in his thirties. It's scary than feet. How about foot work? I mean we have to go James Harden right at. It'd be watched that Guy Dance. I would say James Harden but you know what I'm GonNa go with the surprise I I think. Sometimes it's not always the quickest of foot. I mean Luca don-shik got to put him in there somewhere. Hey Lucas unbelievable I mean and what. He does his fakes. I think Lucas in there and then we can. We can give a little loved ice tray. I mean trey gets aw is small as he is to be able to get the separation that he does. I think ice trays another one boom. There's a perfect player. You're welcome all right last question. Hey this is Kelly from Texas and I love the podcast. Do my question is what are the best and worst. Christmas presents you've ever received saved or given. Kansas has already laughing so I'm GonNa let her start with this one. Every year I got a robe and underwear underwear from my grandma every single year and my parents would encourage me to act surprise in act excited and it'll be like it's the Same thing every year and it would always be too small or so. That's my gift that I was just didn't WANNA get. Aw and then the gift that I remember being the most excited about was I wanted American girl. I wanted addy so bad I wanted addy more than anything in my favorite Christmas memories surround American. I mean it was like I had all the books I had everything and I did not have an American girl and I remember the store got built in Chicago. All we drive pass it and I would just like wish and hope and I remember every night I was like I went over all the good things I did during the day and then I would try to like talk my way out of the bad stuff. I did like reason with Santa and then on Christmas morning. I'll never forget. Come down on those stairs and seeing addy and it was like I still get chills. I remember feeling the same way about my Samantha. Samantha I love Samantha. Well easily a best Christmas gift and I guess the worst that I've given or received the robe and underwear I had planned to give to you this year. Glad that I stopped it before it happened. Thanks so much. The fans for sending in those questions. We've got to do that more often. Join US again on. Ludlow lead Lower Parker next week because we're saying goodbye twenty nine crazy to the roaring twenty s. Kristen it's crazy. Twenty nineteen is flown by. I have to say this every year my brother and I always talk about being better people. And that's what we're GONNA do and like this year. Dang it got away from me I must say so twenty twenty. He's definitely my years December. Definitely my year. It's my year a better person in two thousand twenty problems. It's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things. Ben Things make things better. That's why so many people work with IBM on everything from city. Traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety. SMART loves problems I._B._M.. Let's put smart work visit ibkr Dot com slash smart to learn more.

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