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Hello. My name is Celia Ellen Ellensburg. I'm the beauty director at vote. I'm filling in this week for Andre today. I'll be talking to Bobby Brown the makeup, artisan cosmetics mogul. Hi, bobby. Hi there. We are talking fall makeup, Bobby. You know, I know you do shows yourself. You're obviously, very tuned in to what's going on on the runway. What have been some of the most interesting makeup looks you've seen on the runway the season. So this season we saw a few different things we saw graphic is little heavier liner a little bit the Atra call. There was also nude glowing skin with flush cheeks, which is a personal favorite of mine. And this is a look I created for markes, and the hair was actually really cool this season. It was messy, and I love messy hair to your point. There was a lot of different. So as much as the messy, Heather was also a lot of I felt sort of romantic air things that looked more done than we're used to seeing kind of got a little bit of both. Right. So do markes, and you Degen impact this what typically goes into the collaboration. For something. Like this to meet with designers beforehand. How far in advance? Are you talking about these things? We'll absolutely meet with the designer beforehand. And sometimes if you're designers coming from let's say, the UK you meet with the designer a couple days before which I did with Jenny. And it was the first time I met her. So you go in and you discuss her looks for the show, which what her ideas are and look at her pictures, and then there's a model or two and you do some makeup tests. And then there's a stylist, and then you pretty much together figure out what the right look is because often the the stylist designer have different ideas. So my job is just to make sure that everybody is happy. And and what happens because I've been doing shows for so long, even though you you end up somewhere when you actually get to the venue. You do the makeup you go on the on the runway for the test. It always changes more of this little less sparkle more glow. And so it's a fun collaboration. So it evolve it evolves. It's not always fun, by the way as in both. Both of the shows that I did refund. Obviously seeing as how you have done backstage for so long you've been a part of the industry for so long. How do you see things that we see on the runway affecting consumer? So if you see that blush cheek that utilize skin or some of these more theatrical looks that don't necessarily look like they can walk right off the runway. How do you see those things come to fruition for the consumer? Will it really does touch the consumer? And what it does is give almost permission to try something new for years and years. It was all about the smokey eye. And then one season it was about the dark dark lip and maybe the dark lip on the runway doesn't necessarily translate to most women walking down the street. But it's about trying something a little bit deeper. So the the main thing for me as as a makeup artist. And also the head of a company is I make sure that whatever make up we do translate to the consumer. And you know, it's funny. You mentioned dark lips were everywhere. Right or fall. It's interesting. They weren't just on the run. Away. You know, Saul them in the front row. You see them on riana? You see them on Creon pop stars like C L sitting front row. At Alexander Wang trends, I feel these days aren't just coming from the runway anymore. They're coming from social media. They're coming from tutorials. They're they're coming from all over the place. You know, how do you feel about sort of that that mix of influence, and how do you see it affecting the way people are consuming makeup? Well, it used to be that would ever happen in the show's translated out. And now is it is a big circle with all the social media and all the trendsetters all over and this season from our Keizo, we did a very special lip that was stained in the center of the lip and the girls look beautiful. It was interesting. But I actually saw on one of the bloggers sitting front row at the show. So either she saw what we were doing or, you know, I didn't invent it right at that way. So it's interesting, and do you feel like influencers have such a wide reach the days? And so many of them Kim Kardashian. In mung, the you know, they love beauty. So it has brought at least it seems to me a whole new focus on duty. I feel makeup has never been bigger than it has been in the last few years or it hasn't been for a while, which I imagine kennel a good thing. It is a good thing. But for example, that's a perfect example of a trend that looks great on a runway looks interesting on you know, an influence or in the front row, but if you're walking down the street in Ohio and see someone like that you're going to say she's done her lipstick badly. So there's a way to translate it. And it would be just maybe instead of putting a strong lipstick on a little bit of a stain and for me. It's about a little more carefree makeup. You put it on. And it will it will eventually kind of fade away. And that's still pretty at. What else are you doing to the face when you're sort of making it more translatable, right? So if you're doing more of a stain, are, you keeping the skin rash? Are you adding warmth or you adding blush? I am someone that always likes fresh skin because I believe that foundation is about evening. Out a skin and not trying to change the skin just making it look like it's best bestself. So it's about does. It have a little bit of doing. Is there a little shimmer on the cheek is there a little glow many seasons? We took a lip gloss and padded on top of the cheek. We also did that to the eye. So this season it wasn't as as outwardly shimmery and shiny. But there was a health to the skin which I thought was really pretty and I feel like that health can also take some of these more progressive, look and make them more wear degree. Exactly. I mean, ultimately some women were makeup to look pretty other women were makeup to not look tired and other women wear make up to be noticed. And so the good news is you can do anything you want with it. And you can also wash it off and start again, something that has come up for me recently with all of the c- now by now talk bashing. So a lot of collections are walking right down the runway and are available to purchase stores. I'm sure this question has come up for you as well. You know, how do you think that's going to? Effect beauty. Are we going to start seeing products used backstage at immediately go on sale? I mean already you use your core collection as well as teasing thing that might not be available for a while a couple years ago when I would do shows we wouldn't do any kind of press on it until the makeup was coming out now with social media people wanna know now what you're using. So I will always tell someone how to get the look with the core products. And some of the ones that are coming out for the next season. You have to wait for there's no way that a company is big as mind can rush things out. It really takes eighteen months to get something out the door for my DEA to on the counter. So let's talk about transitioning makeup from season to season, which I feel is that much more relevant in these conversations about scene by now because you see something for fall, but there's the buzz. Now, you want it for summer are there certain looks that are just fall just spring. Do you think things need to be compartmentalized like that? Or can there be a fluidity to these? I think there's definitely a fluid especial. Especially because we're still in theory and winter here in New York, and it's going to be seventy degrees on Wednesday. So I think that a lot of our seasons are pretty much kind of rolling into each other. And I and I do think the most modern makeup is season 'less. Yes. In the fall, you'll probably do a little bit richer lips a little bit, you know, more on your eyes and in the spring. Everybody's ready to go share and pink in pretty. So I think that will always happen. And I think holidays always about sparkle and maybe the red lipstick or something bold. So I think the season is good for that. But the basics like the foundation the conceal her. The bronze ING powder that's all year. And it just depends how much sun you've gotten what color skin is right. And do you think? That's why. I mean, you were a pioneer in some ways of of the no makeup makeup sort of been all over the place in the last few seasons like with your Newt finish collection. Right. Do you think that that resonates with women so much because of its season listeners that you know, you need it almost all year round. Right. You know, Hugh. Can kind of use that as your base in riff. Well, my philosophy about beauty is really simple that I do. Find natural beauty the most beautiful. And sometimes you need make up that enhances your skin. So the nude look for me is it revolutionary. It's what I've been doing since the day, I became a makeup artist and even early on in my career believe it or not it was the eighties. When makeup was very very different. And I was the first one to to really make girls look like they just had a healthy glow. And people told me I would never work because of so I pretty much just have, you know, really stay true to who. I am. But I think women look the most beautiful, it's my style. Some of my sister make up artists, you know, sister and brother makeup ours have very different styles. And luckily in our big world of fashion, there's room for everything right? I feel like it's interesting to go in the eighties meant everything was very much in your face is more. You know, heyday covens always there's always sort of a pendulum swinging effect that happens. Fashionable. It certainly happens in beauty. I think probably what you started doing back then felt really refreshing in some ways, it was a pallet cleanser right now which direction do you see the pendulum swinging? Now, you know, what I I don't think it's swinging. It's going to swing as far as it used to swing. I think that it pretty it. Swings a bit. But then it goes back, and ultimately the consumer wants makeup that makes them look normal and regular and pretty and the trends for the magazines that maybe is a little more testing in creative is so inspirational in the magazines, but all of those are not always translatable to a woman walking down the street. So I just think make has to work with you. And also has a lot to do with your age. I see a lot of young girls that could put on this like hot fuchsia lipstick and nothing else and look amazing. If a woman over forty would do that it wouldn't work. So it really just depends on individual. You know, women right individuality is a big key word yell for fall. And it was for. For spring as well. Right. And I think it's about what works for you. And you know, for me, it's always simple in the classics. But that's who I am. But then you know, I might find what is the one trend that I actually really like and one of my favorite fashion trends in the universe is sneakers. We can wear sneakers anywhere. I mean, we never could wear. I love it. One thing that I've been noticing. That's happening. A lot at the shows both last season and this season is we've had so many back to back seasons of no makeup makeup, very bearskin. And we're starting to see a lot more self expression right through makeup both on the runway from social media, which I think to your earlier point speaks to the individuality that make up affords you have you been noticing that a bit as well. I have noticed a lot. I've seen a lot on Instagram, and others social outlets and one of the biggest trends that came out a couple years ago, which I know is still trend, but I've always been very anti and spoken publicly about it, which was contouring. Not not not a fan. I don't understand why so many needs to contour face. I find the face beautiful as is. And I like to enhance what I see. I also think contouring sets a bad message. It says something's wrong with you the way you are. And if you don't have cheekbones, you don't have cheekbones beautiful, and that's fine. And most women the when they do contour, you know, look, I'm glued to those YouTube 's when I see these women make up artists or bloggers, totally transformed their face in a very unnatural strange way. It's just it's mesmerizing could make themselves. Look like truly other people. There's that one Angelina Jolie tutorial where she manages to look like at the end. It's it's amazing in my, you know, it's funny. My background is the makeup. I studied and got my degree from Emerson college in Boston. And so I studied how to do contouring like that for the stage. You can't walk down the street like that. It doesn't look good. I mean, even. The best makeup are shoe. See it on their skin. It's for the runway for stage. So that's a trend. I don't really love. But you know, I'm amazed especially with all these new cool Gips that bloggers and girls are doing to be able to line your eyes and to do either thin line or a the Africa line or from the season. It was you know, the very geometric line. You know, very graphic. I love seeing video of it. Because a lot of people just made it up, right? Like where does the line start? Where does it stop? It's it's fascinating. Why do you think contouring speaks to so many women is it just at it because it's a trend, and it's out there, and it's in your face, and you can't avoid it. Or the contouring speaks to in for many reasons as one is the popularity in the strength of the Kardashian. So they were all about the contour. And that's you know, how they started their beauty brands. So everybody knows you know, the reach of any Kardashian. So that's number one. But number two, I think look. We all wake up sometimes we wanna be someone else. And yes, if you do it with makeup, it's easiest thing in the world. I think there's better ways than doing it with contour. But I think that women do like to see themselves differently in your opinion. What's an easy way to kind of give yourself a fresh start. So not mask yourself, not not transform but sort of become the best version of yourself. If you know, you could say they're five products would use to that. Well, I wanna watch is not a contour contour palette. And trust me. My foundation sticks have been used even by the Kardashians to contour. So thank you for that sail. But but honestly to me if someone wants a new look and most of the time, they are working too hard their stress, they're tired. Maybe they have a new baby. Maybe they have a new job you want to figure out how to use makeup to look better, which means not to look tired. So people forget that moisturizers are as important to make up as foundation as so the right moisturizers will instantly. Transform your face and make you look fresher and the right? Correct. Corrector conceal. Her is to me better than any spanks. You could buy fear body instantly fix. What's bothering you? And then if you line your eyes and putting some killer mascara, and you know, I browse really important too. So try really, yeah. There are big trend, but they're also important to us women, but I feel that's one of those things that I kind of discovered later in my mediating career and shared with many friends. And when you realize the power of eyebrows eyebrows game changing, right? It really is. You know, one of the reasons why I love, you know, radio so much. I don't have a stitch makeup on. So it's really fun to talk about it. But you know, some days you, you need all that and other days. It's okay to go without. Yeah. You know, especially we haven't really talked. We talked about the trends. But what's really important to me is beauty from the inside out. So if you really take care of yourself on the inside, you'll look a lot better on the outside, which you know. Nick, citing turn of events is actually becoming mainstream more and more. Have you always been a firm believer? You do you take supplements to you? What do you do to make sure you pretty crazy or I am I am pretty crazy. And I believe that you know, the better I take care of myself. You know, the easier it is to do my makeup. And so I believe in exercising. I believe in you have to hydrate with a lot of water coconut water water because that makes a big difference in your skin, and how you look and eating vegetables and healthy fats is the number one thing, you know, if you're someone that doesn't eat and you smoke cigarettes, and you just are always inside and stress you're not gonna look so good. And so it's really important. I think health and beauty has always been hand in hand. And I think it is becoming more and more popular. Yeah. I think the term beauty has become much more all inclusive of what that means. Right. Yeah. It's not just what you put on the outside. It's really what you put on the inside that makes the outside look good. Yeah. Toback for a second. So the popularity of contract obviously came from a lot of. Of reality stars a lot of YouTube tutorials. Do you follow to'real toils? Are you are you is is YouTube your medium, are you more of a Twitter, Instagram user? I am much more of an Instagram being visual person. I not only like posting pictures. I do the brand my personal one. But I also love surfing. I just Instagram surf. And you know, sometimes my husband has to just literally hit me on the back of the head and say, let's go because I do fall down that rabbit hole weather. It's you know, an illustrator who so cool, or or, you know, makeup looks behind the scenes at the shows. I mean, I wasn't in Paris. But I'm seeing what's going on behind the scenes, and it's really interesting to me, but I do go on YouTube, and I look at videos, and, you know, besides the cute baby ones. I do look at the makeup ones and some of them are better than others. But they're quite something. And and it's about good lighting with good lighting, anything will work. Yeah. That's true. Can you name drop a few Instagram accounts that you? You've been really into recently. Sure, we'll beautiful destinations just because it's these amazing places in the world that you wanna go, and I love really crisp clean pictures. I also daily go on clean food dirty city, which is this young woman named Lilli who shoots everything with beautiful light down really really, healthy foods Sikora life. I love really really cool. And I love you know, I follow all of my artists. And I see what they're doing with makeup, and especially when quote unquote, mom's not around do some really cool fun things that you know, are really fun to watch. So I I do look a lot can you? Remember discover you've made on Instagram really, whether it's been an illustrator, sure. Food stylist or a chef or whatever I Well, I I did actually hire lily from clean food city to to cook for me for my company, and I met her on Instagram we have coming up for our spring collection. We have an illustrator that I found name Richard Haines who is really cool, and he decorated some pallets. Coming for fall. And I know I've I've seen so many other people, but I talked to people on Instagram, it's kind of strange, but and they talk back, and I answer some of the people that talked to me, and what I love is when I post something from the brand I to read all the comments of what people love what they don't love. And if they're not having good customer service than I send it to someone. I just it's a great way for me to really understand what people are are are thinking. And that's certainly a newer development. You know, it's part of I think the democratization of beauty, and fashion which have always sort of been you weren't able to kind of have the communication have now, which I think is great for both consumers, but also for artists it informs how you create design right? And I and I see a lot of really great un-integrate like those very quick little videos. I don't know if they're probably boomerang at are. Just, you know, these really funny quick ones, and you know, they're informative, and I there's a lot of us out there. A lot of visual. People that we don't read words, we actually look at pictures to learn things. So, you know, I think Instagram's great for that. So technology is obviously improving every day, and there's new formulations coming from new video frontiers. Especially South Korea, recently, I know you were recently there for your skin foundation cushion compact launch, right? How is that influencing the way you're formulating the way that your producing and sort of thinking about new collection? Well, it's it's amazing because that product was actually made in Korea. So Korea has been a giant force in beauty the past couple years from k pop to you know, to the Korean skin-care to BB cream, which originally was in Germany would Korea adopted it. So it's very very big and beauty. And it's one of you know, my company's biggest markets is Korea. So I really believe in in doing what's right for for a woman. And I do think that the Korean beauty is popular everywhere. So in. What I love about. It is it's it's clean. It's a it's a very clean look. And that's what I really love it. How else would you categorize what sort of Creon beauty is? And what's what it's bringing to in the American market will the BB cream was an amazing multitasker, it, you know, it was did five things and women like that. Because women are very busy and have a lot going on. And I also think that's one part of it. The other part is you know, trends, you know, the Korean beauty culture sets their own trends. And now the world is wants to now be part of that were before it would be that. They would follow the trans. Now, they're really setting the trends and beauty is really important to a Korean woman. Thank you so much for being here today. You are welcome come somebody as they say career. Please be sure to go to the I tune store and subscribed to the vote podcast.

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