Episode 11H __End Run


Good Day to you. This is Jeff Ski Kinsey the founder and recruiter for Voice. I dot careers. This by the way is episode. Eleven H. And what's the H mead? How do you do it? No H stands for hiring managers. This is aimed directly at hiring managers across the country. We we only operate in the United States of America. That's our lake so to speak and on one side of the lake in our recruiting staffing hiring model. One side of the lake. Has You the hiring manager? The other side the opposite shore has what we call talent the players and nothing but the players and then patrolling the lake to keep the evil cat. Birds of the world away is of course voice. I dot careers. So what's all that mean? It means is a different way. The find the talent that you need for the jobs. You're trying to get done. That's right we want you to reach out to us. We want to have an old fashioned conversation. We want to talk on the phone. Or maybe saved trade some text messages. That's right Good FRIEND OF MINE. One of my heroes. Tanya Ross calls it a porch conversation. He'll let's sit on the back porch. Have a conversation about what is going to take to fill those critical roles you have and having particular in the voice I development space. Can you need some very talented developers? My partner Tom Monteleone in another adventure called Agile Audio Day sports we hired and tried to hire we subcontract and we joint ventured a number projects and we spent a lot of money on people that could not actually deliver and that was kind of the the force behind me launching this as an entity. Tom Is not a partner in it although I did offering the chance. His plate is full as we say. But that that disconnect between developers that no a language node J or Python and also have done two factor authentication that is a very select group of individuals or talent as we call them where we have access to them and we can help you find more. So if you're in the voice I development space to win some cool stuff and you're trying to get some skills in elects or the bixby marketplace. Then you WANNA reach out to us. Reach out to me and the best way to do that is grab your mobile phone and dial pound two five zero and at the prompt say contact ski man. Those three words their magic. That's your silver bullet to filling those positions. Sooner rather than later in fact will be rolling out soon. I mean we're only fifty seven days old this particular startup. We'RE GONNA BE ROLLING OUT PRETTY soon. The seven minute guaranteed higher. Think about that. What if it took you seven whole minutes to hire the absolute best player the player for that position that you have available? That's our business model. We want to connect you with the talent. Prequalified prescreened somebody with the credentials. You can look at them and say boom. How do I get on my staff today? Then in our model you go to the HR department and you tell Hey. I need this person. I need him today. What's IT GONNA take to get them hired today? Guess what you're probably get some pushback right. You expect that. Then we've got some ideas on how you can get around any roadblock or any one who's blocking the road to getting the talent that you need with their boots on the ground probably virtually in many cases especially given the virus situation. We've got answers for that because I've been at this a long time of hired. Hundreds of people fulltime employees contract employs temp to hire you name it staffing companies. A bender done that been on both sides of the lake and so now I can patrol it with confidence that I can connect you with the right people so again. Reach out to me. Say Pick up your mobile phone pound two five zero in say contact ski man. Those three words are your key and remember. It's going to be just about as great a day as you make up your mind to make it so join me and make it a great one.

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