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shout out to those Pacers fans who were chanting terraced. The verts causing him to smile at the pre Lou mine. Yeah because he knows it must carry the hates regularly again. You person thinks the world is round. Kyri Hate Hugh. That's supposed to be some kind of insult to me. They don't like me the best chance of the ones that a obviously the players I can hear but also the ones that are probably true in this one. Yeah absolutely we start with Joel embiid. He goes after getting booed at home. Sunday okay and then celebrating that game sealing three by mouthing shut the bleep up at his own arena and being took his feelings to instagram and quoted the Dark Knight. Either die a a hero. He wrote or live long enough to see yourself become the villain which Miami's Jimmy Butler naturally replied. I know a place where villains are welcome to which embiid replied damn right my brother. All of which freaks Philadelphia all the way out so Bomani. What does any of this mean nothing? None of it means anything at all. One thing about Jimmy Butler. He learns trolling. y'All with this stuff right like you think. He did not know the second that he press in this was ultimately going to be the result. So what do we think he's going to walk in and be like the trade deadline's past but y'all got to train me to Miami. No that's not what's going to happen what I do you think. Though if there is anything antagonizing the home fans never worked antagonizing. The home fans is never ever ever a good idea like I said he was yesterday. Hey this is immature and this is something that he should not be doing. So it's not going to blow up entirely but if this thing starts falling apart at the end this is going to be one of those sentences in the obituary wary of how we got here. I don't think there is going to be an obituary in the way that you describe though if this team loses. I don't think it's going to be because Jimmy Butler was puppet mastering Joel embiid. But here's the thing about the obituary right. Why do we think that we're getting closer to that? Well it's because Joel Embiid just likes imitating hating Jimmy Butler. Why did you beat fight? Karl Anthony towns well because Jimmy Butler said in so many words that he is a guy that is worth beating inviting getting. Why did Joel Embiid do this thing quoting the exact caption that Jimmy Butler used? When he demanded a trade from the timber wolves? Obviously it's because of Jimmy. So Joel embiid man. He is a troll because he likes the way. Jimmy Butler does it end. Because that's his comfort zone. That seems to be what it is a twenty five year old guys extremely your own fans cannot be your comfort zone. That's the thing about it. Yes embiid likes annoying. People people go forward because he bathes in the attention. He once our attention so bad. I'm just telling you right now. If this doesn't go well by the way it's not going well as stands in the seasons probably going to end in the first first round maybe the second at which point. It's all going to get loud. It's all good again noisy. And who knows how. These dudes going to be getting along at that point stuff like this. What does it help help? What does he do? All it does is get on television. That's it and how are you been in the League for six years and you still don't get. This is something that you should not do. All of that is right but the thing about Kanye mock the fans Philadelphia if there is any city that should understand. What Joel Embiid is doing? Its them Joel. embiid embodies you city. You Boo boos you right back. Rationality that's them and that's him. Yeah that's what the sixers are going to look at it in sixers fans going to be like you know what Jimmy Fair Arispe. We all know how reasonable they are right now. Taste them hill the oldest guy with a future in the NFL. Monday Mike Florio profootballtalk talk referred to heal as a future star hills. Pushing thirty his throne thirteen passes in the pros but the restricted free agent wants to be teams primary passed. I definitely view myself. There's a franchise quarterback he told the Associated Press on the podcast. I WANNA play quarterback in this league in New Orleans. Don't view me that way will then I have to leave who Pablo. How do you feel view Hill? I view him as a guy who threw one pass while jewelries was out. Teddy Bridgewater attempted one hundred ninety five. I am confused. I remain imminently confused by how it is that Sean Payton and the New Orleans saints see this dude as something that is obviously more preferable than Teddy Bridgewater that to me based on the evidence of how they used him when they had him that to me does not add up all right so the argument that you make on behalf half of hill over Teddy Bridgewater really is that throw right there. That is arm. The Teddy Bridgewater does not have right. Like as a physical Specimen Hill can do things that bridgewater cannot do. Bridgewater is limited. Bridgewater is probably what you would turn the game manager which is not simply a synonym for somebody. Who's not that good? I like Jimmy Garoppolo. Now thing about I just do it is. He's two years older than Teddy. Bridgewater is okay and we have seen through time like Mike. Glennon is a great example. Who Do we only saw me sorry in the NFL? But he was sorry young and they've got a couple years away if somebody couldn't wait to give him like eighteen million dollars to be their quarterback teddy bridgewater. That team was five while he was the quarterback there and we're hearing about Tastes Hill. Maybe be in the future in new wall anywhere else now. What I want to know about? He'll is no shave him he wants to be a franchise quarterback bless your heart. People want all kinds kinds of things. Is there anybody other than Sean Payton. There really looks at that dude and says there's a franchise quarterback because if they do cards must be pulled. Because I saw all this do play enough in college to know night. Everybody gets people to wait around this long for you to turn into that dude. No it's weird and Sean Payton. If he wasn't Sean Payton I would would dismiss entirely out of hand but the guy knows offense that is his whole thing and if he sees and tastes them hill a new toy right analogy. That's been drawn up is he. He Lamar Jackson of New Orleans. The mayor of New Orleans. I don't think so. Apparently the world is he having common. We cuyler Murray Right. Like we're out there and it would be a cold cruel irony if the door. That Lamar Jackson opens up with his success is for Tasting Hill. Absolutely Louis but it's a dual threat concept and I don't think it's going to work but they're going to try it see threat concentrating new but okay up next is the MLB postseason because Joel Sherman reports. That rob Manfred is seriously weighing a plan for twenty twenty two that lead trevor. Bauer call the commissioner. A joke who has absolutely no clue clue about baseball. In the plan there would be seven playoff teams in each league up from five first round with a trio of three game series exclusively hosted by the higher seeds with with those number one seeds just off on buys but the most radical change that would be seeds to in three and get to select league opponent face in that opening round so Bonnie anything about this new playoff plan. Not really this all sounds ridiculous to me one. The last thing. Baseball needs is more teams in the playoffs. postseason all seasons already. You're random championship generator as it is. And I get interest generated wildcard. You give them around. You can sail you get more money all of those things. I understand that but baseball is is really not a sport. Best litigator best figured out by these randoms these seven game series. That go across this to me. Feels like a contrivance. This feels like something that you do around all star game or something like that okay. Cool but the idea that this is the thing that is going to get people watching more baseball. I do not see it but the thing that gets me about this and by the way the whole one game wild card winner go home sort of playoff that to me. That's the big also ridiculous. That's the biggest indictment of the one sixty two game regular season visit visit. The very least gets you the larger sample sizes but for me the thing. That's so exciting about this. Is the idea that you can draft your opponent. That to me is a great. TV Show you throw that up selection show man all of those choices you freight all of those series with meaning and it's not just made up like reality show meaning. It's actually a choice that's made because one team season the other team at select a weakness that to me is such great theater and that to me totally change with the first round actually means sow because because all of these rounds actually have another layer beyond older taking their first step to the post season. Right if you or the Yankees for instance and your that two or three and you pick another team team and you don't pick the team that has the worst record. Obviously that is a very personal indictment that the Yankees or that team is making about. The team may select. That's a real blood view that just emerging based on one single chore is in a Blood Feud though like I can see why this could be a concept that we come up with. Is this really. You gotta be above and if it is a blood feud it's a baseball blood feud how's it going to manifest itself because I don't think it's going to involve people being throwing that in the postseason because the stakes are entirely too high right right. So what are we going to get out of. His blood feud other than some people go. Beaulieu salty saltiness helps saltiness is additive. When you're baseball the NFL well and the NBA? And you're like. Can we get any of what they have. That might be the way they get it all right coming up next thing. Tom Brady my go to the charges because he did some on Instagram Ever been locked down. You know suffered a setback fired left. It happens it happened. Might Bloomberg Middle Class Kid worked his way through college. I got a job started a family boom fired at thirty nine. Would it might do or a lot of us. Do we got backup dove back in. He had an idea design a new computer able to quench date and process information in a unique wit. He built it. He sold it. He built more. He sold more. He built a team. He built a company. Company created twenty thousand jobs. Bloomberg is a doer. This is Michael. Douglas I played a president movies. This is real world this his our world Mike Bloomberg has what it takes to win unite the country find some common ground between Democrats Republicans and then lead the way a leadership. Mike will get it done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I approve. This message paid for by Mike Bloomberg. Twenty twenty coming to you from the seaport district and Pir seventeen brought to you by chicks. All right let's go the first up his rock. Boston plays a Houston tonight and derogatory. It's having lost two straight ahead on the celtics tonight. I am in on the rockets. I am fascinated as to how Brad Stevens attacks the rocket small lineup but to me. WHO STOPS DOC guy? Who stops the Russell Westbrook? That is now shooting one three per game over his last ten after shooting like five per game for the rest of the year. Who stops that guy who's also accurate from the paint? The effectiveness of your small ball line pass to do with whether or not you can make the other team adjusts to you. What team is better bill? Small in Boston hell. They basically did this voluntarily last last year. And they don't have to put scrubs out there in order to do this. They can put five of the best players that they have can do this exact same thing and by the way these bigger than the rockets in the course of Eileen with Boston. Next Topic Clippers sixers. Why Leonard and company playing Philly tonight where the sixers are an NBA? Best Twenty four and two. So you win on the clippers offers or sixers tonight I I lean toward the clippers though the sixers apparently looked like the greatest team of all time when they play their games at home I will be interested in saying this though whichever way it goes it won't be like I don't see a blowout in either direction but I'd have to go with the team. I think is actually better. I don't see a blowout either. Although I will point out that the timber wolves kind of blood. The clippers clippers very recently in so Philadelphia. Man This is the game that you must win Joel embiid publicly now as basically shamed everyone else and himself he needs to deliver in this game specific now raptors Toronto on Fifteenth Street Gang last night by beating the timber wolves in Dangelo. Russell's debut with the team the longest winning streak this season in the NBA belongs to the butts at eighteen games. You went on the raptors rolling to the longest streak of the season. I am in on this this crazy Z.. Nick nurse is going to be the coach of the year. It looks like even though there's a team in Milwaukee that's GonNa Win Seventy Games and so what are they have to get through here. The Nets the sons. And then the Pacers to me that has worked at busy team which beat them by the way without a box. Orga sold last light. They can do that right. They can but cost you to remember that all the teams they're going to play against our NBA eighteenth now. I think it is likely that they will get through this eighteen. The eighteenth though is one against the Pacers and the Pacers are kind of an odd place right now of figuring out what to do as they get older depot back and everything else but if it's going to happen if there's going to be something to shut that street down in that window my guess is that it would be that last guy next up. LSU LSU was hired hired veteran NFL. Assistant Scotland Hander. Place Joe Brady as it's passing game coordinator so you win on that. Nah Man this is a bit of a hustle backwards that they seem to be making here like Joe. Oh Brady is the antithesis of what you think about when you think Scott Lenihan. He's a guy that we associate with your offense being just a little bit to vanilla so you take this guy that brought Lsu into the the twenty first century and then you go bring a guy seems like somebody who's going dial it back. Yeah this feels like an F.. ORDURE on heat check. This feels like a higher that I would absolutely dismiss this. If not for the fact that Ed order on was so prescient in picking o'brady in picking Dave Aranda and now here he has a guy that I guess his best selling selling points. What he worked with Dante? culpepper Randy Moss. It messed African Calvin Johnson years and years ago I mean he's an established coach he's been NFL head coach. He's an offensive guy. I I don't know if like bringing him into college. Move to where you WANNA go and finally Tom Brady Brady likes photo on instagram the NFL announcing the news of Philibert Philibert split with the chargers. You went on that being a big deal. I am in on this being the new deal. This is how this works. Once upon a time Tom Brady he would have to get his agent. You would have to get sources sources at newspaper columnist to sort of indicate this all of that gets boils down to just want like and so now we are talking about Tom. Brady and the chargers. which is I imagine the whole goal of this in the first first place? We should be ashamed of ourselves us as a whole industry is everybody. That's in here that we really I hear tracking these lights in this way. Is this a big deal. I don't care here. Is Tom. Brady probably wanted to go there he probably does. I don't even know how familiar Tom Brady is with these platforms. I will say though if I'm feeling rivers I am looking at that being like what. What exactly is there to like you exactly? And you've just hate lights in general. I don't see the point like what's the point and Click on an NFL post the NFL. Being like wow. I'm I'm glad to see you saw that bloody coming. Next thirty years ago Mike Tyson Guy Knack Dow down bitches which one. Oh Yeah we we go there report saying he may not have noticed what he did. That's what he did. There was no like functional upside is doing that but it was so identified. Sir I disagree. Got Him out of the corner. He didn't have no way out of there. That was just enough to distract him. I don't even know if that's I mean. Look at this kind of move that but but that right uh-huh once he went less than that way imposing is win the other direction either way. I've never seen anyone do that. There should be a new name for that. It's like a nutmeg. But you do it to yourself. It's amazing raising Bogdanovich. Man didn't get it. It'll quote top DITTO former knicks coach. Jeff Van Gundy are expected on Leon. Roses Shortlist Romar Burma The New York Post about who knicks president. Roses targeting against the team's next head coach Bob Blows. Is this the right way for your next next to go. Ara Narcotic to me. And the way that the Falcons are to you obviously but this feels like an astrologer play. This just feels like summoning up good memories that have been buried. We deepen neath layers of sewage and garbage in the Knicks fan experience so on the one hand sure but on the other hand no like I want a team to be built. That's built for the future. This seems like built for the past got. That's the problem I don't know why right because my thing is while you're talking about the future and everything else. The Knicks need to be one thing above above all else competent. That's it in what I do know about these. Two dudes is they ain't GonNa be the most fun basketball to watch but they will be competent. You will have have a basketball team that you will not be ashamed of shooting for the moon and how to build a champion. How were you going to earn your keep as an NBA team and both of these dues will put together teams that will if nothing else earned their keep absolutely the actual biggest upsides? Jeff Van Gundy though is the fact that there has been this cold war between him and Jim Dolan and so this signals. The Jim Dolan is actually going to move on his old grudges old blood to us that he has that is news to me and that would be good but man if they're just going to run out like all of the old knicks from your like that is not the move that's going to be sustainable. I agree that need to be doing gets sustain you talking about sustainable Get something to sustain so sad. It's my record and I wanted to be known that it's my record said former jetstar pass Russia mark gastineau about how the NFL single-season sack record should belong to him and not hall of Famer. Michael Strahan so boat is guest. No heavy legit. And I'm sure we're going to roll this this thing over here. At some point where he man Brett farve random bootleg that. I can't tell if it was called a bootleg bootleg ray right right here. Oh down down right so like how real is depends on what the play call actually mounted from our Gastineau is we know why you were so swallow. Gra like when you talk about the morality of the situation. We know why you were so swallow. Yeah I went into the newspaper archives on this play and this was not a play that he notified his offensive line on about so Brett. Farve absolutely gifted the sack to Michael Strahan. But the other notable article from the past on Gastineau is yes his confession that twice. He had tested tested positive for steroids. Way before this was publicly disclosed thing so mark Gastineau may have a real legitimate grievance on this would use the worst scenario although no no no. Let's talk about this though. In case you're wondering Gee why d'amour Gastineau just pop up out the ground. After twenty years on this matter. I lot of you. Not The man says says he saw Pete Rose on television and then lets him inspire to come stand up for himself whenever you look on. TV CPI rose. And say I I want to be like him. You have done something wrong. Yeah and this is a guy who was like you know a messed up due to begin with the guy whose families on reality galaxy shows and yeah this seems like a logical conclusion to all of that thirty one is the number. That's how much former pitcher Mike Balls. Anger is suing the astros foreign bonuses from uh-huh 2017 title argument that size stealing ended his career. Balls was the money from civil suit to go to L. H. Charities. Pablo do you find yourself compelled by Bolinger Case I. AM compelled by his case. And I don't care if he gives any of this money to charity. This feels like a thing that you'd actually be like a class action lawsuit. Not just him get clicked plane and Kershaw in their. Get you darvish in there. All of these guys who suffered because of an egregious cheating scandal to say hey this actually materially affected affected US David argument on that level. This dude has not played in the big leagues since he got rocked by the Astro. That's right well was his. Era that last year that he was out there trying to what was above five. It was six thirty one you know what is the. IRA was the year before six eighty three. This may be the reason that you got sick packing. But it ain't the reason nobody has called you back. Nobody is called you back because they don't think that you are a major league pitcher now. It is unfortunate that the last straw appears to have been one involve some measure of chicanery. But this is not to reason why you're not in major league baseball. But he played a game in that the last one third of an inning that got him knocked out of the major leagues in which the Astros Bank the garbage can fifty four and all of which is to say that if we we can separate the act from the career I do think him being banished to overseas because of that one third of inning he does have a gripe about how do you separate his career from the fact that he's not in major league baseball right now. You're saying that it never happened. My Ball Zinger is still in major league baseball. Still still try out. Era Damn near Senate he would possibly be employed somewhere you think. That's not the standard for a case in court but if you add had him to all of the other guys who suffered because of his both there is a real arguments on that level. We're talking about his case you went and brought his these other dudes out here class the action. That is what I'm recommending to that do. Not just you get your friends number because thirty years ago today undefeated and undisputed you did heavyweight champ. Mike Tyson loss to buster Douglas. who was a forty two to one hundred dog at the time? So let's all relive that moment the way four way. Four is racial this to the biggest upset upset. Ever there was no way. It's hard to say. What do you remember what nobody Washington Japan? This is what I'll remember. Though Mike Tyson underground trying to you find his mouthpiece right he was so caught up in trying to find his mouthpiece. I none of us thought anybody could beat this man in a fight. Nobody none of us thought Mike Tyson. Whatever look look like that and Mike Tyson by the way for the record in this fight up to this point he was not dominating? This was a fight that could have gone bustard. Douglas's made by this loss lost the fight. That was all it was did not take seriously do got twenty five million dollars in his next fight. I don't think he ever fought again. 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