Monday, November 19: "Like Smoking 11 Cigarettes a Day"


It's Monday November nineteenth. You can't knock on someone's door to ask if they're okay if they don't have a door anymore. We start here. The death. Toll climbs in California. The number of missing skyrockets eight is a monumental effort. But it's also an urgent one family. Members are combing through tent cities to find their loved ones. We'll take you to one two votes have been counted. Finally, I was not victorious in this race. What is happening with those final congressional seats. And what it means for next time. And when Turkey made the claim the US did nothing now, it's the CIA. It will be hard to ignore this completely pool. President Trump side with on the murder of Jamal kashogi Saudi agencies or his own. From ABC news. This is start here. I'm Brad milkey. The damage was already indescribable by deaths by buildings lost the campfire in northern California was already the most destructive in state history. But as we talked to officials several of them said just wait this is not over the casualties. You're hearing about now those are just the ones who could be easily found and over the last few days as search teams got access to the decimated town of paradise and places nearby that death toll began to climb even higher. Twenty-five? People are now confirmed dead now forty four people are confirmed dead the number of dead making another jump their concerns here. Now, there could be over a hundred dead. They just don't know. Meanwhile, remember this entire town is still without their homes and not all of them are lucky enough to have a relative to crash with and as they figure out their next steps. Another number has grown distressingly large the number of people were just unaccounted for. Let's go to northern California where that fire is still burning ABC's, Marcus more is on the ground. And Marcus where are you right now? Hey, Brad, I am at a WalMart in Chico California, which is about an hour and a half or so north of Sacramento while you there what's going on there. Well, this is where a tent city popped up in the days following the campfire that they're ravaged of this part of the state dozens of people who many of them who lost their homes, and they didn't want to go to shelters in the area. They decided to get tents and have a set up in a in a field along the of the parking lot of of the WalMart here, a number of families and people have actually left to find more permanent housing. But there are still a number of people who are who are here. And there's also the concern about unsanitary conditions. We'll and yet Marcus early are heard you coughing quite a bit yet. What is it like for people that have been there on the ground for you? You just got in there awhile ago, and there have been people that have been dealing with that for for well over all week. Now, Brad it is it is almost. Unbearable? I it brings me back to when we cover the Thomas fire last year, those the the fire burning in the hills. But then you also have this cloud of smoke that is is really just choking the air, and as we flew into Sacramento, you could barely see the ground below. So that gives you an idea of how thick the smoke is. And we heard some information that there is so much smoke in the air. It's it's almost like smoking eleven cigarettes a day. Wow. So that gives you some perspective of how thick it is. So when we talk about the number of people missing, I know it was thirteen hundred last night. How many of them are just not returning phone calls, and how many of them do officials fear actually got caught in the flames? Well, we don't know Brad the exact number, but there are different scenarios. And I and I should point out that in speaking with authorities. They don't believe that the that the people who are considered unaccounted for right now that they're in endanger. But they just don't know. So there's situations where loved ones have have actually reported their relatives missing. Because they haven't heard from them. And so that person is considered missing police looking for them, and they can't find them or you have a another situation where someone has not been reported missing. But instead a level wants a welfare check. Well, there's no house, and there's been no accounting for where some of these people have gone, so they're just literally they're unaccounted for. But. You were talking about a staggering number and the search for people has happened at shelters, and so a thirties have been going to shelters and also to the tent city where I am and checking names and to see if that matches or they can match that against any of the names of people who who are missing, but it is a monumental effort. But it's also an urgent one. Although Marcus there is rain on the horizon. Right. So hopefully that will improve the air quality a little bit. There is rain on the way. But that also leads to concern here at the tent city where I am because it's in a flood plain the city officials have been urging people who have been staying here to to leave find some other place, a safer place to be when the rain comes. It's expected to be late Tuesday, but really on Wednesday and for the next several days following it's going to rain pretty heavily. They anticipate. So that will certainly at a whole new layer of. Concerns, including potential for months, lots. Oh, gosh. Yeah. It it's hard to imagine another natural disaster there. But you're absolutely right. The winter right after a fire is when Californians do get really nervous if they haven't already been affected Marcus be safe out there. Please. Thank you read. Absolutely good to be with you. A lot changes in a weekend. The last time we spoke we were all still waiting on concessions in races for the Florida governor's race. The Georgia governor's race in the Florida Senate race there were no concessions because in each case a democratic candidate was saying we are still waiting for every vote to be counted this weekend. No, the votes were counted enough of them at least to require those Democrats to act let's be clear. This is not a speech of concession on Friday. Stacey Abrams said it was inevitable, Republican Brian. Kemp would be declared Georgia's next governor. He'd avoided a runoff, but she refused to admit that she had actually lost the election on Saturday. Andrew gillum was more definitive are John. I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Mr. desanta STS on becoming the next governor of the great state of Florida with a machine recount finished in Florida. He recognized there were not enough votes out there to make a difference. But the tightest of all these. Was the Florida Senate race which was still tight enough for mandatory manual recount, there'd been plenty of frustration. Over the vote counting in Florida's larger counties like Broward and Palm Beach the accusations of fraud were never substantiated by evidence. But accusations of slowness and carelessness certainly were at the end of it. Although that manual recount finished on time and Bill Nelson conceded to his Republican challenger, Rick Scott, I was not victorious in this race. But I still wish to strongly reaffirm the cause for which we fought a public office is a public trust. And so this morning besides a runoff in Mississippi slanted for later this month, the twenty nine hundred Senate is set and the Republicans have added two more seats to their advantage. ABC's political director Rick Klein joins us now. And so Rick, I know the ra- ballots in certain counties where you actually couldn't see the Senate race as easily in those happen to be democratic leaning counties. What is the most significant thing we learned from Florida? Was it a political lesson? Or was it a vote counting lesson? I'll tell you talking to Democrats since the election. The Florida is the biggest disappointment to them a puzzle. Really they feel like they made such gains around the country, including in some battleground states, like some big states in the upper midwest, but Florida just be devil them once again and to be disappointed in both the governor's race and Senate race, they can blame ballot design Blaine what you want. But President Trump showed himself to be pretty popular there. There's an increasing number of Democrats who think it really may not be in play in in two thousand twenty that could just be sliding to the Republican side. Although Democrats do feel like they learned a lot of lessons about Florida. They think might be applicable for the presidential. Let me ask you about Georgia. Because in Florida, you got Andrew gillum saying, you know, I came up short. This was a long shot, but we did our best people around Stacey Abrams in Georgia are saying this race was stolen from us yesterday. She went on CNN herself and refused to call Brian. Kemp the legitimately elected governor of Georgia. I mean is this the race Democrats are gonna keep talking about for the fall? Owing weeks and months, I think George highlighted a whole range of issues regarding voter suppression. The fact that the secretary of state was also running for governor refused. The recused himself some new voter access laws. I don't think it's fair to say that the election was stolen. But I do think it's fair to argue for the democratic perspective that if everyone was given an equal chance to vote if if these new laws hadn't come into effect that made it a lot easier to remove particularly African American and first time voters from the roles could have been a more competitive race might've even gone to run off all of that is arguably true. I know that eight years of systemic disenfranchisement disinvestment and incompetence had its desired effect on the electoral process in Georgia. And I think for Democrats in Georgia. This is a fast changing state. They live for very excited about the fact that they have this potential first African American woman as a as a democratic candidate. They thought they can break through it is a bitter disappointment. But I think more so than the Florida disappointment. This one is instructive to Democrats and tells them they're going to have to start to work on the laws of voter access. If they're going to try to be competitive in a range of states, and I I do think the Abrahams campaign broke through in a way nationally, there's a lot of people didn't want, and I think the issues highlighted a may also breakthrough nationally and kind of energize some talk about voter turnout and voter registration and changing laws to allow more participation in that less. Yes. Ninety nine Senate seats down one more run off in Mississippi next week. We will check in with you. Then rick. Thank you. Thank you. Brad. Next up on start here. The president seems to trust the Saudis, but he also says he will not listen to the murder. They've admitted to. So if you're struggling to get a good night's sleep. Then maybe it's time to give the purple mattress a try. It's made out of this brand new material that's better than memory foam. It's breathable it sleeps cool, and it's got a zero gravity feel to it. You can try with its one hundred night risk free trial, and it's got free shipping and returns. Also, you'll get this free purple pillow when you purchase the purple mattress just by texting S H podcast two four seven four seven four seven. The only way to get the free pillow is if you text S H podcast two four seven four seven four seven that's S H P O D C AST two four seven four seven four seven. Message and data rates may apply. The Saudi Arabian government said a lot of things since the Washington Post writer Jamal kashogi was murdered last month. They said it wasn't murder for a while. They said he wasn't even dead. Even though we now know a team of Saudis were sent to stable to kill him and dispose of his body, which by the way, still not been found. But one thing they have remained crystal clear on that the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman had nothing to do with this that he would never order an execution. Like this not in another country, not a legal resident of the United States his ally. A lot of outside observers though, have found that implausible, and now the CIA might be among them. And yet President Trump continues to signal he trust the Saudis, and so the question this morning is how long can that last ABC senior foreign correspondent, Ian panel joins us now, and Ian, President Trump even seems to have some of the evidence of this killing in his possession yet, Bradley. That's right. The president now for the first time admitting that the US has a secret recording. The murder of the Rhonda Jamal has Shoghi. We're going to come up with a report as to what we think the overall impact was and who caused it visits the first public knowledge, I think certainly by the president's the do have it, and that's it appears to detail the merger itself. Although interestingly he's saying that he hasn't listened to it. And he doesn't want to listen to it. Why would he not want to listen to it? I think because the contents of pretty gruesome, and that certainly watts the president said who speaking on Fox News. He was asked by the the Anka, why don't you want to hear it, sir? His answer was it's a suffering tape. It's a terrible tape. I've been fully briefed on it. There's no reason for me to hear it. But that doesn't necessarily tell us who ordered it though. The Washington Post is reporting that officials have now concluded it was Mohammed bin Salman. What would they be basing that on? This is interesting. This is the first thing to make clear his the local intelligence agencies makes assessments. There isn't here is a smoking gun. There's no proof absolute defacto proof of this was ordered by Muhammad bin Salman, but their assessments is that he probably ordered the killing that's based on a number of things. Firstly an intercepted phone call involving the crown prince's brother, who's the Saudi ambassador to Washington, essentially, encouraging Mr. has Shoghi to go to the comes in Turkey to collect these paperwork. He needed for his marriage the other evidence or the other suspicion is based on the phantom. We talked about this before this is an absolutist monarchical system in a system like that people generally do not on their own initiative. So that they're also kind of basing on that and saying look in them mind their assessments, it was the crown prince who actually ordered it. And that's now the impact up by members of congress from both sides. They don't get onto airplanes go to Turkey and chop up and the consulate. Who's a critic of the crown prince without the crown prince having known about it and sanctioned it. Well. Here's my question in. I mean, people have said President Trump does not trust the CIA, but that's not necessarily true. Right. I mean, he trusted them enough to conduct missions against ISIS in Africa. It was when you started talking about things like Russian election interference that he openly sided with Flammer Putin. I have President Putin. He just said it's not Russia. I will say this. I don't see any reason why it would be is about convenience. I mean, how convenient would it be to ignore the right here? It will be hard to ignore. This completely the primacy of the economic relation this strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia should not be forgotten will the importance of trade on sales Trump human rights at sadly, the answer is probably yes. And so I think it's going to be very difficult balancing act. The more of this audio that becomes available. The more pressure that will be on the Trump administration to do. More than it has so far and all it's done. So far is sanctioned the group of individuals who are alleged to have been the killers one of the things that we shouldn't forget the president cooled the assessment premature be did say that would be a fresh assessment made public on Tuesday. The do I think that the president wants to hang the crown prince out to dry. That's what it looks like the moment. So many angles on the story. Ian, somehow you cover them all thank you. Thanks, brad. Remember earlier we were talking about the Republican victories in the Senate and some of these governors races. But take a look over the house. I grew up in Orange County, California and this weekend, we learned for the first time ever in the land of Nixon and Reagan every congressional seat. There will be blue next year. The democrat pickups have grown more lopsided in the last week there now at thirty seven seats and counting. So the question is what will these Democrats do with their new power and could they exercise their constitutional right to impeach the president will last night on a Guinea a new docu series premiered called the Clinton affair. It's about the Clinton impeachment. And it continues tonight at nine pm. We've got the director Blair foster here and Blair you're doing this project about norms being questioned an emboldened house with angry voters everyone's talking about sexual misconduct at dinner parties. All of a sudden like I got to imagine the current state of play came up. It's interesting. You know, they say past as prologue, and we really very quickly realize. That we were making series as much about today as we were at the events that happened then you have a president under investigation, which does I call it should never have taken place. It continues to go on you have a national discussion about sexual harassment. And you haven't really deeply partisan time the nineties is when I think partisanship search to really kind of ratchet. It's how this town is already like a pressure cooker and with all of congress about to return tomorrow, it can only become more. So when I guess you could make the argument that data impeachment affected. How Americans see the president and the presidency one of the lines. I really stuck with me. It was by journalists named Joe Klein who described President Clinton as immoral in his personal life, but imminently moral in his public life. And you know, the question that we were asking ourselves on this project is should we hold our elected officials to a higher standard than we hold ourselves. And I think we would like our elected officials to be moral in both their public. And private lives. Well, that's kind of at the center of the metoo movement. Isn't it? Whether you really can separate someone's private life from their professional life, especially if they're encouraging colleagues and subordinates to be part of their private lives. Monica Lewinsky spoke to you guys for about twenty hours. What have these last twelve thirteen months in like for her? You know, it's very interesting to go back and look at the reaction to win the story broke a, you know, immediately. She no one believed her at the beginning. They thought she was making it all up. She was a Stocker. And in fact, one news story compared her to Glenn Close from fatal attraction, and then she became this vixen seductress, and it really never seemed to occur to anyone that perhaps want it takes two people to participate in a relationship, and we should maybe question the president's actions as well. Well, she was a national pariah. Right. And specifically among Democrats does she feel like there's hypocrisy there. Does she feel indication? I didn't get a sense of her feeling vindicated in any way, shape or form. I get a sense of a woman that wants to. Live her life and has been tarred with this for for twenty years. Like, you know, a giant scarlet letter mortified afraid of what this was going to do to my family. And just you know, made a mistake that she deeply regrets and apologized for it's something that's going to be something that she'll live with for the rest of her life. Well, then that to this impeachment conversation. Do you think the Republicans of the nineteen nineties these Newt Gingrich Republicans would have any advice Democrats that that just swept to power? Well, one of the things that was I learned I learned so much on this project, you know, in one thousand nine thousand nine hundred ninety eight midterm elections. The Republicans actually take a real drubbing, and there is a genuine Blue Wave in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight which is the signal to politicians that they don't want the president impeach- and the Republicans move forward with it. Anyway, the other thing to keep in mind that I didn't realize impeachment is a deeply political act. It's not illegal act. You're not on trial in a court of law. It's a political act. And I think the political well has to be there to do it. Otherwise, I think if you move forward with an impeachment, and the political will isn't there? It's deeply damaging to the country. A lot of Democrats begging to pass some bills to two policies. But then you've got the other Democrats. Who ran on providing a real check on the White House and some investigations we will see what strategy wins here. In the meantime, Blair will look for the Clinton affair next episodes on agony tonight starting at nine pm. Thank you. Oh, thank you so much for having me on. And one last thing this just be clear. I mean, we didn't win enough yesterday. Our partners at ESPN reported that the Cleveland Browns who've recently fired their coach one to interview several replacements, but a source in the NFL offices told them one stuck out Condoleeza Rice. That's right. The former secretary of state under George W Bush. He's a huge football fan. She was actually part of the committee that selects the college football playoff teams. The Browns said, no, they aren't interviewing rice, they haven't actually considered her. But it raises the question when will we see a female head coach in the pros in just the last few years, we've seen a number of women higher to be decision-makers at the highest level of men's sports two years ago. Catherine Smith was hired by the Buffalo Bills becoming the first woman to work fulltime on an NFL coaching staff this year the Oakland Raiders hired twenty six year old Kelsey Martinez to be on their strength and conditioning staff and at forty Niners games. You will see Katie sours rocking the headset as an offensive assistant that doesn't even count. The number of women who are finding respect in pro basketball locker rooms, but still an assist. Is one thing a head coaching gig. Where wins and losses all rest on you were public perception can be fickle where you can get blamed for a players mistakes is another Condoleeza Rice. Meanwhile, says she will not be the first female head coach she says, she does not have enough experience. Plus even detractors would say with her pedigree. She shouldn't be setting her sights on running one team he should be eyeing a job as Commissioner. Right off you go live your best Monday start here. Tomorrow just hit. Subscribe. It'll be easier for you look back to our newly betrothed producer, David Ryan. He never stopped bringing the hot takes on Twitter. You can always connect with us at start here. ABC for more on all these stories had ABC, news dot com or the ABC news app. I'm Brad milkey Monday. Zia monday. From ABC. This is no limits. Even from the beginning all of us for saying this is so important. I'm your host, Rebecca Jarvis. And each week. We're taking an honest look at success, and how to get there with the boldest most influential women in the world, I said, I am a working mother. And I'm here to tell you how to do it. What happened after that is very long story to tell vulnerabilities actually a strength. You could hear new episodes of no limits every week on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app.

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