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Week's Best (Super Bowl LI, Magic + Bird, TO vs. Calvin Johnson, LeBron vs. MJ, AI vs. Dwayne Wade)


Welcome to the weekend edition of the undisputed podcast on your host Johnny Taft. Today's podcast features all the best segments from this week sleet of undisputed with ended up interviews and discussions. We have a lot to talk about heading into next week. Skip Shannon. Let's get to it yesterday. Sunday afternoon Tom Brady was watching a replay of super bowl fifty one and posted a picture of himself watching that game as he watched on. Fox on big box national a replay of Super Bowl. Fifty one as he watched his own team. The Patriots Rally historically from twenty eight to three down late in the third quarter as they pulled it off. Brady continued to post on instagram sort of emotion emojis and reaction and he had a blast watching that super bowl on Fox. Sodi Shannon Sharpe in hindsight as we look back at that. Epic Comeback and epic collapse does Brady and the Patriots deserve credit for it or does Kyle. Shanahan deserve the blame for it or if they deserve credit for winning the game. But the BUT THE FALCONS GAME SKIP. You cannot run the ball the same amount of time in the half up twenty eight three at the team. That's down twenty. Three Does Bay ran the ball nine tides in the second half after being up and they ran the ball five times on the first to drive four times over the next three drafts and then on the panel about this after being a three twenty eight three kill they go three and out Matt Ryan pompeo's on the On thirty one I intended to twenty two with forty left. Get a field goal. The ball game's over. They go second run side penalty and we all know what happened after that. Now this was skip. Bayless told us a little over a month ago. Skip saying the forty niners and Jimmy. Garoppolo lost the game. It wasn't that Patrick Mahomes boy and the chief came back from twenty ten. They lost the game. Now that's the same offense coordinator calling plays reporting out of that laws that would call it for the Atlanta Falcons that law so by skip logic valid lost the game. It wasn't Tom Brady. And the Patriots did it. What the Falcon Indu Right skip? I have no idea what you just said. You completely lost me. Because we're talking about Jimmy Garoppolo. We're talking about a quarterback that was barely allowed to throw the football in the first two playoff games. Excuse me that got them to that Super Bowl. And then when they were desperate in the fourth quarter and had to throw the football. Garoppolo wins three of eleven with an interception an obviously missed Emmanuel Sanders who had broken wide open on a deep route at the goal line and missed him by. What seven eight yards on that throw? I'm sorry Jimmy G. Finally spit the bit for the forty niners right on schedule just as as Kalle. Shane and probably would have secretly bet that he would've done because they didn't WanNa get in that position. But if we look back at what Tom Brady. The goat did in the Super Bowl fifty one. Nobody wants to give Brady credit for this. Shannon Sharpe is the leader of the Brady haters and they all try to sweep under their little carpet and got some carpet up there up on the hill and Belair in his palatial estate but he's sweeping under his carpet. What Tom Brady did once again. In a fourth quarter and overtime he threw for two hundred and forty six yards. Most quarterbacks would take to forty six for an entire super bowl but in the fourth quarter and overtime epic Comeback Brady throws for two forty six but Shannon never brings that up because it hurts too much it pains him too much to bring up two hundred and forty six yards so now let's look at what Atlanta did or didn't do down the stretch of that game. They were up twenty eight to twenty with five fifty three left and they had the ball first and ten at their ten yard line and what happened Wellcoll Shannon and did remember what had happened the night before Shannon? Sharpe you were there in fact you predicted this on undisputed Matt Ryan the night before was named NFL in the so. They didn't have Jimmy G. quarterback they had in the at quarterback right. You were there in the Matt Ryan. Okay so what do we do? Now if you're twenty eight to twenty you dance with. Who Brung you you've got? They're throwing the football year. Let the MVP throat. Because that's what you do best so on first down. He throws devante Freeman for thirty nine yards. Wow that'll work. Then two plays later. He throws it to Julio for twenty seven yards pass. Pass that good. Yeah that's great. So now it's first and ten down at the twenty two yard line with four forty left and he goes back to what he didn't do best which is devante running the football. And it goes from minus one yards and call Shannon's thinking what am I thinking? I can't run it here. I got to put the ball. Back in my. Mvp's hands so what happens. On Second Down Matt Ryan Drops back and he holds the ball and he holds it too long and trey flowers sacks for minus twelve. That's no good that's not an MVP play. You gotta throw the ball away and not take the sack. When you're saying okay lannoo thank you okay. Thank you thank you. Because he was doing what he did ask but he turned it into the worst next play its third and twenty three from the thirty five still barely in field goal range and Jake Matthews. Who's a very good offensive? Lineman gets called for a hold. Wow Really Jake. Amancio is holding ups. Now you're letting the do what he does best because you're looking at number twelve overrun. That other sideline you don't want to give him the ball back. You WanNA play to win. You want to go for the throat and you get a holding call sack hold and all the sudden. It's third and thirty three from the forty five. And now you gotta throw it again. And he misses Taylor. Gabriel I have no problem with any of those play calls. I would've called the same place myself. I have a problem with the MVP's execution of those plays and again. I've told you before. I'm not the biggest Matt Ryan Fan. I think that was a little bit of a blip and I think that year was partly re. I'M GONNA give part of the credit to call Shanahan for making Matt Ryan better that year than he deserved to look for helping him win the MVP. So I'm going to give all the credit to Brady and none of the blame to call Shanahan for doing exactly what he had been doing the whole year long. But if you think about if you look at it like this put this in perspective. If that now you got the ball of the twenty two yard line Matt Ryan has done his job Kyle. You've done your job even if you run the ball three times into the line make them burn their time about kick the field goal. The ballgames over. Why do you feel because that got you? They're throwing the ball that you need to continue to throw the ball. You have to understand how this game is going to play out now. We're just trying to get out of here with the way it does seem. Sometimes people get caught up. They WANNA beat. They want to blow the Patriots out. They want to beat them by fourteen. They WanNa beat them by twenty one nano now. You play into their hands. You take unnecessary risk that you don't do that you don't need to take you up a run. The ball retire. Make the call. Timeout Brayfield goal kicker on the kick a forty yard thirty eight forty yard field goal. Go Up with two minutes. Left in the ballgame by Levin. And if Tom Brady can get a level point two minutes now you got something. But you don't do what they did and you know that they also which you didn't mention scale after. They went on twenty eight to three what happened. How School Saudi? Tom Brady sacked the quarterback. Tom Brady fumble did Tom Brady. You imagine anything about bill. Defenseman bad all live where they give up forty points. Do you mentioned that okay. Gotcha okay. I'll give them some credit. I'll give them twenty five percent of the credit but two hundred forty six yards in the fourth quarter and overtime because remember after Atlanta went backwards. Tom Brady got the ball back but it was clear down on his nine yard line and here he cons and it took right away. It's third and ten from the nine hits Chris Hogan for sixteen in that Dr. Tom Brady this time. Dr Congo's conclusions of sixteen eleven twenty three twenty thirteen and seven and then hits Danny Amendola for the Clutch. Two Point Conversion to tie the game and send it to overtime. It was just extraordinary. And I'm glad that Tom Brady got to sit back kickback wherever he was and watch on Fox a replay of his own greatness and to post about it. What about the game because that would be fun? Can you this before we go? We talked about this earlier about will lebrons struggle and wins. All you mentioned. Lebron struggled Neverthe- win. Why don't you make it a struggle that Tom Brady had that? Put them in that. Twenty eight three deficit. 'cause YOU WANNA talk about the two forty six in the wind. You don't mention the struggles but Lebron gets the struggle of mentioned not the win. I'm just trying to figure out why that's all that's all nothing that's it. I told you down the stretch of game six twenty thirteen finals. Lebron was was atrocious. He would have been the goat lower case like he would have got the blame for that game. If not for Ray Al. So it's simple as that only let's heat it up even more here on undisputed. Larry Bird is now in the finals of the fan poll on ESPN to choose the greatest college basketball player ever and remember magic. Johnson made it to the final four of that fan poll. So this got US thinking about the most watched basketball game ever and that was obviously the nineteen seventy-nine NCWA championship game in salt. Lake City. I was there. I covered that game that night. Magic versus bird. That was the game that everybody said. Put College basketball. And certainly the final four on the national map so Shannon. Sharpe I ask you. Why was that game? The highest rated game ever in the history of basketball if given there were two elements that play here. You remember back then. there was not Amazon. Hulu there was not a whole lot to watch you had. Abc YOU HAVE CBS NBC. That was it so all these other channels. There was no social media. There was not a whole lot or you to do but also get remember in the seventies that was still this element of racial. You had the as you mentioned the great white hope against magic the Magic Johnson. Now a whole lot of people didn't know about Larry Bird because back then it's not like it is now you live in Georgia you could see. Ucla you could see all these other game but back then gave her regional. You only got a chance to see Larry Bird once. They got to what we know now. It's march madness. So there's not a whole lot of people that knew about Larry Bird or magic Johnson but when we finally get here skip. I remember asking myself. How did he get the name magic? I know his mom ain't native. I'm asking my liberal. Why his name is name magic? I didn't know because he could do with the basketball people hadn't seen before is seemed like he was a magician. That's how he got the name so I'm like okay and I'm looking at bird. Imagine as you mentioned skip if always been there for when John was the heavyweight title trump and he's fighting the as we call them great white. Hope you had these side whether it'd be Joe Louis Biting Mac smelling back then so you've always had one side or the other and you had rattled edging seat skill. I don't think watching that game and I remember watching it from start to finish that. I ever think this game would do this or would mean this. I didn't skip. I did not on the first national championship game. Remember watching with seventy seven was marquette in Unc But I'm like okay. You know vital four K. bird magic now. I don't remember scale it being billed like this because it was bird match. I remember we Kentucky be do the year before. Kao macy Jack Gibbons I think Rick Robey was on that roster skipped. They didn't talk about it like this distort the guys that game. They didn't talk like they talked about bird. Magic and I'm not mistaken scale whether that game on NBC. I could be wrong but I think it was. Nbc My it might have been CBS. But still I don't remember the previous game or even the Games right after that being talked about like this game it wasn't until maybe ten fifteen years later that I realized that had actually watched something special but when you got scared we've never seen like this. We've never seen a white ball player. That's been like Larry. Bird we never and I don't know if we'll ever see it again. Forget you know foreign born or America. We've never seen anything close to American born. We compare this Luqa Hal Burton and he might be the closest thing. But we haven't seen an American born white player even come close to Larry in its own element and I think the mere facts if there was not a whole lot going on. So what else are you Gonna? Watch you remember scale when you guys shows back. Then that good I remember Mash and I remember Dallas and Dynasty of skill. Those shows ran for ten fifteen years. They were pulled ten fifteen twenty million a week one way or if you were going to do yeah good point. Okay I start with the final irony to this whole discussion. Which was again. I was there that night. In Shannon the game was a dud. The game was basically a mismatch was never close. So the final score was seventy five to sixty four but the halftime score was thirty. Seven to twenty eight a nine point game it never felt like it was any closer than a nine or a ten point game and bird ran out of gas. He was playing the role playing every game every night. And he did okay at Nineteen and thirteen but shot only seven twenty one from the floor. Magic was was very good. He was twenty four seven and five assists but gregory cancer who was going to be a pretty good. Nba Player himself. He kinda stole the show with nineteen eighty nine. Nobody remembers that. But the only thing anybody remembers is the buildup in the crescendo. That was this game and I'll be the first to tell you. I have a hard time of saying this. Put College basketball on my map. It did not Shannon. I was a huge college basketball fan already. I was a pistol Pete. Maher Vich Fan. I had the honor and the privilege of seeing pistol. Pete played twice once at Vanderbilt and once in Oklahoma City at what was called. The all college tournament was played at Christmas. Time so to me college basketball was a huge thing already and then I was having a hard time becoming Larry Bird Fan. Because I don't know if you remember this Shannon but in the game that started to put him on the map which was the regional final against Eddie Sutton's Arkansas team featuring Sydney moncrieff and Scott Hastings at the end of the game. A bunch of Indiana state fans rushed the floor. They were the Sycamore. And Larry Bird turned and actually punched one of his own fans back the kid on him and I'm like who is this guy that guy on on the Sunday in between the game which is played semi-finals on Saturday than the violence on Monday night. Salt Lake City Larry. Bird Won National. Play the year in stiffed. Everybody who went to the big breakfast for the John Wooden Award so he didn't show up for that. I'm thinking who does this guy rank? He is well. He's Larry Bird. And in those days Shannon Gillibrand who was the draft master architect of the Dallas Cowboys always had a hospitality suite at the final four. Which is obviously football to basketball but gillibrand always prided himself on. I'm going to find that one kid who could play tied in some college basketball player. Who Played Tiger The Dallas Cowboys? So so all the Great College Basketball Coaches would come by Gilles. Hospitality suite because it's free drink and free. Food and guilt told me that he talked all the highest level coaches and none of them were big fans of Larry Bird. He told me that on Sunday. Gill said a lot of them. Think he's too slow footed to play in the NBA. And I'm like okay all right and so I'm thinking maybe he is too slow footed to pay play in the NBA. Well the nation didn't think that because the nation was already saying wait a second. Here's A and I'm talking about White America. Obviously here's a great white hope. Who isn't a hopeless underdog? They could already see that he's six nine. He's legit. He can may be hang with Magic Johnson. So here you had what you pointed out. The greatest nickname in the history of sports is magic. There's there's nothing like that. Nickname gives me chills even to speak it out here in my little house here on the west side of La because he was willing to be showtime but he was already magic in College at Michigan State. And now he's a great White Hope. Who wasn't great white hype? There's no hi Larry Bird he he's going to be really good. We thought even in this game. Yeah so so to me remember I. I had kind of a white guy. I'd I pretty much conceded at that point that the NBA which I also loved was mostly a black man's game it just was because the black players were just better than the white players so I couldn't even fathom how a white guy was going to be at MVP in the NBA. I didn't see that coming but it looked like maybe America kind of hope that that that was coming so at least White America and this is not racist. This is just a racial view. It that White America said. Hey maybe we have a guy now. Well they have a guy who became on to become the guy in Boston and often in the NBA. Go on right and the thing is that you remember back then read all back something because back then you can have the player. Sad plan could go back to go back to college and you still own right so imagine if you could dress Lebron we CABELA'S. He drafted him as a junior bird. Went Back to college and he's still possessed his rights but skip in order for magic and bird to do what they did. Magic had to come out magical not have gone back to school. Have Bird lead and then it had to. They had to be joined at the hill. Because that's the only escape. I don't remember maybe you can remember that. They build this bird magic. It wasn't about the team. There wasn't Michigan State Indiana State. It was bird versus magic. I don't know if we've seen and so they were joined at the hip because we're magic won his first title. It was take delayed. Didn't see the finals live. You saw it on tape delay. They change but think about this gift. It had to be one that they had to go to the Celtics and the Lakers. Because the Celtics Lakers had battled all through the sixties and a few times in the seventies so now in order for us to pick this rivalry back up Berg they had to go opposite and now we got they just. It had to be that. There's no other way for them to be tied like the word to play this game. Bird commensurate with only a sophomore. He could've come back to school but he left. He goes number one overall. The Celtics had already draft Larry Bird the year before on his right. Oh my goodness and skill it what it did though. It changed March madness. The way we look at it now skip. It wasn't like there before now. Well we never an underdog we've seen obviously VALPO Butler and Florida Gulf coast. But they never had Larry Bird. They didn't have that. We're the thirty. Three zero. Sycamore is made it to the championship game. But they add that guy and everybody could at least see that guy was a real guy he was. He was not just a whole underdog he had a shot and then. I just happened because I'm watching. Yes Classic TV. I don't know if you've seen even recently the magic bird documentary. I forget where I saw. It may have been on. Espn but I can't remember the other day and it was Cedric Corn Bread Maxwell talking about birds the first practice when he was a rookie. And Civic I'm paraphrasing. But he was saying you know. I just didn't think a white guy could play basketball and it only took one practice for cedric to say. Wait a second this. Why can't flat play basketball? And the amazing part of this story to me back to you. Shannon Sharpe is when. You'RE A kid. Larry Bird became your favorite player. That that's shocking right. I don't know Ryan how old you were when he became your favourite but he was in high school. I was in high school and even when I went to College. I had birds shoes. I had bird t shirts I had bird holsters by wall and gavel looking at me like they do rule south Georgia and you like the skill in high school. They could believe why you like bird why you won't burn to be a was skipped. I knew he was watching him. My okay good but when you start watching giving you remember he magic rookie of the year. The ball total was if I'm not mistaken like sixty three to three dominated burke finished fourth in the MVP boating as a rookie. Let the city is the likelihood of we have rookie in today's game. Is that how we're on sale actually won the award? If I'm not mistaken as a rookie but birth finished far behind. Corinne that was. Let's think skip in nineteen eighty. That was the last year that the players voted for the MVP. The players voted Larry Bird fourth in the NBA people. It was it was just something about and I'm just watching it. It's like you said he would floor but lab Larry Bird probably couldn't outrun the officials. That was calling his game but boy he could get a buffum. Oh okay so I wanNA point out to our faithful viewers. You know my man. Shannon Sharpe Shannon. Sharpe is a proud black man who's been hugely outspoken. On this show on black social justice causes and yet this guy the great white hope comes along who's not white hype and Shannon Sharpe in high school says that guy can play. I don't care what color is he could just flat out play so it. That's why this means even more to me knowing you the way I've gotten to know you was killed. I make no bones about it I would imagine is asked but not enough. I don't win that game. I got he he became. He became my favorite player after that game. But no you beat magic. Don't be magical in this one because I couldn't go back. Go back ragged. I got it so here. Came Larry Bird like magic six feet nine inches tall no jumper no leaper but he could shoot that jumper from behind his head and he was dead from anywhere with that jump shot and and he. He didn't have speed but he did have quickness foot and step on you because he was slick with that first step and any spin move. He was amber dextrous. He wasn't a good passer. He was a great passer. He didn't feature the past the way magic did but he had such a big body that he was a below the rim rebound or. Who could get you ten boards game and the full package of it. He was a bad boy man because he was a deadly clutch shooter. So you had the whole package in Larry Bird and you had the story book story of Larry Goes to Boston. Magic goes to showtime and and they're going head to head through the eighties. It couldn't get any better than that because not only did they put college basketball in the map that they put the NBA on the map. That rivalry that became able to a friendship right. Who Will Larry Larry Night? You mentioned skip that he was above the rim but Larry Bird with a career twenty four ten and six let that sink in for just a second. He averaged twenty points. Ten rebounds six assists giving his greatest game. Gold Notice Larry. Bird was one steal away from a quadruple double with thirty in thirty three minutes but they were blowing them out in. He didn't get it now. In hindsight he probably will look back and say. Because you've that's the hardest thing to accomplish in. I'm talking about the quadruple double skill in a good way. We've seen guys get quadruple. Double the bad way where they have Kim turnovers but he had nine steals in thirty three minutes and he probably like you know what because back. This guy didn't didn't look at numbers like they do now. But Guy is one rebound a was deal. One assist away from a triple double. He's probably going to go in the game and get that if he won. Rebound assist or steal away from quadruple double. He might be the game trying to get that. Because it's such a rarity you got it right. Maybe he was too slow footed to d you up on the perimeter and lock you down but he could roll on defense and he could disrupt he could get his hands on lots of balls and steal a lot of passes and in the end. Larry Bird was something. And we'll see now head to head with Michael Jordan and this. Espn fan all. I don't think he has a chance that we'll see. The athletic has chosen the best player ever to wear each number in the National Football League from zero zero all the way up to ninety nine and of no man. Shannon Sharpe at least was given honorable mention on number eighty four which obviously was one by Randy Moss. But still. That's pretty great for my man. Shannon Sharpe honorable mention to Randy Moss. Pretty great way to go Shannon Sharpe but beyond that the number that caught my eye was number eighty one because the player chosen by the athletic as the best ever to wear number eighty one was. Terrel Owens T. O. As I always called him. Team Liberator Shannon Sean. Do you agree that terrel owens was the best ever to wear eighty one? Yeah -til for me a gracious receiver to ever play in the NFL skills if you look at them from the first night years now Roy Remembering Calvin Johnson on only played nine seasons and the nine seasons kept. They're very familiar. -Til went to five pro bowls. Mega trump went to six four first-team pros three and everything is really really similar. There is the. Te'o every ten touchdowns magnetron every night. But then skill guesswork. Te'o play another six years over four hundred catches over six thousand yards fifty eight touchdowns first team all pro scale. I mean you factor in the longevity and you back there in the productivity seascape is just for me is just not good enough to play a long time because we're buckling Cayenne for a number of years. I will have a bunch of hands key on worth productive. Tia went to Buffalo. He was better than pillars prize. He went to Cincinnati Ocho. Cinco was still there. He was their best receiver. He went to Dallas. He was their best receiver. He's the only he ted Hendricks Dion Sanders are the only three men that have been first team all pro for three different teams. I don't really know. Look in. Mediterranean had unbelievable career but deal with the best eighty-one period. This just makes me sick at my stomach. I'm sorry and let me say before I unleash on this one. We've had on the show many times I've had him on. Tv with with me many many times. I like him. I honestly from my heart from my soul. I like the Guy I I enjoy having on the show we had the super bowl and he wasn't good he was great and I always look forward to having him on the show. Because we spar a little bit. He doesn't like me and I get it but but I think he kinda respects me and I really respect him because he was a great football player and he played with rage with high passion. I get that I also was there in San Francisco when he wrecked that forty niners team and I'm sorry he just did and then I was close to so many players when I was working at. Espn ex-eagles who've just said he wrecked US teams. That shooter one two or three super bowls and then I was very close to several Dallas cowboys. Who said he turned US UPSIDE DOWN UNDER BILL PARCELLS IN DALLAS I? I don't know even that I'll just forget about all be. It's not even off the field. It's in the locker room and in the huddle and on the sidelines. But I'll forget about all that Shannon. Look Calvin Johnson was a freak of a beast of a rare player. We'd never seen anything like it it. It's IT'S A. He's six five two hundred and forty pounds in any Rian. Four three five at the combine quat. It's unheard of. It's impossible. He could jump. He could catch. He was a package. Unlike anything terrible ever dreamed of what was terrible. A third round pick Calvin was the second overall pick and you could make a case. He should have been the first overall pick and he goes to a bad team. Detroit a team. That pretty quickly was GONNA go. Oh and sixteen and he got stuck there and he he his spirit died in in Detroit. And you're right. He went Barry Sanders in any quit. Early quit when he was thirty years of age over contract issues? Almost like what Jim Brown did with the Cleveland Browns and Barry Sanders Berry? Yeah Yeah there you go in. Berry just got sick of losing team. That wouldn't do enough to surround him with the kind of players they needed to go places in the playoffs and it was the same with megatrend but he had a nickname mega for reason because nobody had ever see thing like him. We used to have nate Burleson Nell on NFL network and obviously on CBS. But Nate Burleson used to come to Bristol Connecticut where I was with for steak and ESPN and occasionally we'd go to dinner. I think Shannon's been with me to Kaaba before there is like the only place to go on Bristol Connecticut and every dinner. I had would nate Burleson. All I heard about work. Mega tron legendary stories practice stories that that he was just unguardable and you look at the numbers of what he did Shannon He. He's still holds. The single sees season receiving record for yards. Almost two thousand yards. He's still holds the single season record for one hundred yard games with eleven in over his nine seasons he led the NFL in receiving yards and touchdowns and Taros putting up big numbers to I get that. But he wasn't doing it the way. This guy was doing it and. I'll never forget October. Twenty seventh twenty thirteen. You might not remember this game but I do because it was against cowboys at Detroit. Lord have mercy. He caught fourteen balls for three hundred and twenty nine yards that that seems almost like inconceivable that fourteen would equal three twenty nine and remember. It should have been the record. But I don't know how flipper Anderson did this but back in one thousand nine hundred nineteen eighty eight eighty nine it was with the Rams flipper eight hundred and thirty six yards three three thirty six so three twenty nine for Calvin against my cowboys and then he got to play in two playoff games in do you remember the one where they got blown out in in New Orleans. That's when drew brees and company were riding high in that game. Calvin caught twelve to eleven in a playoff game. And then it gets my cowboys and the game. That my cowboys. I'll be the first to admit stole it. It was a robbery Calvin triple-teaming in that game and he's still caught five for eighty five. Which is seventeen a catch. I mean He. He was something so spectacular that he had a nickname. Mega tron and. I'm sorry when I think of eighty one I think terrel right and wrong reasons but but I think of Calvin as the essence of eighty one like the beast that we'd never seen before receiver. I think he was the most gifted receiver ever. You can have Jerry Rice or Michael Irvin or terrel. Whoever else you want to throw in there it's just eighty one should belong to Calvin Johnson. He was just better than terrel. But but you're right. He didn't go from San Francisco to Philly Dallas the buffalo to Cincinnati to Seattle. He didn't keep doing that. He quit when he was thirty. And I don't think he should be penalized for that. That's his May t o fun of entertaining receiver. They ever played a game skilled. Look I don't I think the thing would hurt T. O. Is that because some of the things that you mentioned? Look there. There's always going to be a segment of a locker room. That likes likes you. They're going to be a segment. That don't like you but around the league's give. I think Te'o got punished. Sometimes because of the way he was eighty. Didn't get voted to pro bowls and he didn't get become an all pro because some of the reasons that you mention. You can't argue those numbers. Not only did he play an extended period of time. He was productive throughout the entirety of his career. And that's all you can ask for. He was on pace to have another five yard. Season have another double digit touchdown season before he towards. Neil I think the last two of the last three games in when he was clearly bitter receiver and they had Ocho Cinco still there so for me scale because of what he was able to do and the length of time in which he's able to do it. There's no no we'll probably never see another guy that big that fast. That's grown with that. Accountability played that position. Normally guys that play that that has that kind of free APP lettuces unskilled the deficit eleven. That's what we see. We see his alignment tight ends. That played that position that wide receivers normally noah faint skilled fan. He ran that past joke like that but he died in Metro. Toronto played outside the numbers. So yes it's freaky to see someone with that kind of size that kind of speed ability but for me any this this scope in his first three years he plays second fiddle to Jerry Rice. So what's your call them. Start only just imagine and they got rid of Jerry. So T- yoga let that sink in just a second. They got rid of. They got rid of Jerry so te'o could shy 'cause they knew what he was in San Francisco. Well let this sink in for a second. I was there the day the terrel Owens said the. Nfl Record for sit for catches in a single game at candlestick park and it was Jerry. Rice Day that day at candlestick in the Chicago bears were visiting and I was up in the press box in the bare. Said we're going to triple cover jerry rice and barely cover terrel Owens and Jeff Garcia was smart enough to say I'll keep throwing it over to number eighty one but that game alone is not any reason for Tara loans to be voted the all time where of number eighty one. I'm Sorr- I'm happy for that. He got in the hall of fame on his third. Try even though I would not have voted for him but for him for his sake. I'm happy and again from my heart. I look forward to the next time terrel visits us on undisputed when we're back in studio but I'm sorry I just can't bear the thought of terrible being the bearer of number eighty one all time but another two. Yeah go ahead. No but but he was. He was clearly a very close second. You made the point. Maybe terrel eggs out the win. Because he was so entertaining because of all of his dances and all this shenanigans and stick that he did and it was all great. I love the sharpie out of the SOCK. I was there that night covering that game in Seattle when he ran to the box at the end of the end zone in from his agent. God sharpy to sign the football putting in Issaquah. You we know all that the POM Poms and it was one thing after another covered that team but despite all that maitre the athletic has chosen the best players ever to wear every NBA number from zero zero. All the way up to ninety nine and guess who was chosen to represent number twenty three not Lebron James and for that matter. Lebron wasn't even chosen to be the best player ever to wear number six out of course went to Bill Russell the Great Bill Russell so Janet Sharper Shy. Call you Shannon. How big a problem do you have of Michael Jordan being chosen over Lebron James to represent the number twenty three? I don't care about no number. We know what time one guys about the have thirteen first team. Nba The other guy had ten. Nobody has had. We have not seen a player. Enjoy this level of greatness for extended period of time in be a history and I mean I was watching a game last night. It was on another network games five and six game five or seven. I like he did that skin. You'll know he's the only player in finals history to lead lead. Everyone in every statistical category port rebound assists steals blocks. That's never been done game. Seven on triple double both triple dove and follow history skill. Stop List Yeah Okay. Fine we get number what it seems to me. Well had the number. I got the credit so okay yeah he headed them first so it no big deal. We cried about all that but you know you know what timescale you keep hanging. But he's six old with six days at the wall. Gov I get all that but that ain't changing my that any change in my view. Lebron James is the greatest basketball player to ever dribble a basketball player in the seventy plus history of the NBA. That's fats that is phony slacks. Because yeah I know what time it is. It's about eleven o'clock eastern time and Michael Jordan is still and always will be the goat. And you're having a terrible week and you will not give it up even though you should because you're sounding more and more delusional because this week Michael Jeffrey Jordan was even voted in an espn fan. Poll the greatest college player ever and now on top of that. The athletic says will undoubtedly the player who should represent number twenty three in NBA? History is as Michael Jordan. Obviously the original twenty-three but but he's the goat. And you've got to give this up because in the end Shannon it's laughable for you to even try to make this case it's laughable for Lebron fact. I saw a clip on. Espn this morning of Lebron. Talking about what was it on more than an athlete that he was doing with. Maverick Carter and he was saying. Oh the night that we came back from three one down in one game seven. That's when it hit me. This makes me the greatest player. Ever know it does it. Wouldn't you talk about makes you the greatest player ever I mean? Let's okay the reason he's got all those numbers is he's played forever. What's he up to like twenty two years now and he? He played in eighth straight finals because he was able to dominate. The leash turn conference so he played in the finals. He he poured numbers into the stat sheets in the finals. He he stuffed the stat sheets of finals because he got to play in so many of them but he's three and six in those finals. He did a reverse. Tom Brady Tom. Six three and super bowls. He's three and six and he's lucky because Ray Allen saved his legacy with the greatest clutch shot I've ever seen or they would have lost that one to my spurs and what what. Lebron should be known more for his epic failures his meltdowns in Boston. That last series as I go around in Cleveland when the owner Dan Snyder even accused him of quitting against the Celtics of as he just folded games four five and six and then his first go round with the heat. I finals with the heat. That was the all time superstar meltdown I have ever seen and then in two thousand thirteen game six. He had an epic meltdown in the last three minutes of that game and missed or Lebron I should say the time three and Ray Allen cancelled it and saved in with the clutch shot I've ever seen in two thousand fourteen. He had an epic failure in Games. Three and four and Miami's they blew that series to my spurs. It was one to one going home to Miami. Then two thousand fourteen go look. It's just one after the other. That was blown off the floor by record margin by my spurs and then game Oracle Oracle a couple years ago when when he just melted down after overtime and quit on his team. I don't know Jordan didn't ever have one of those and that's all I can remember for. Lebron James Can I ask you a question When Jordan couldn't get out in the first round what number was he wear he had to be wearing another number right. Because what do is that. You hold final losses against Lebron but you never home Michael Jordan. Not Getting out of the first round bow. You keep saying that. He went up against historical. Great Big Three Celtics was the warriors of seventeen and eighteen. Were they not historically great? So what so so you mean to tell me. Tim Duncan Tony Parker Modeling Kuwa- for Hall of famers. He could beat them so he's terrible. He loses when they got Rondo. They got Kevin Garnett. They got ray Allen. They got Paul Pierce. He couldn't be pill so he's a failure likely join couldn't beat the big three Celtic he could well. The longest today started dismantling see people. They went over to heal. When you keep going making the play runs like the Pistons did year after year eventually. Yeah you're GONNA track down. That's what happened. The Golden State five th grade final and the wheels came off literally and figuratively because Klay Thompson blew out his knee. K. D. towards a key. Leave and we all know what happened to Ronald won the series scale as straight final. He did that as trait. But you don't home first round but losing in the conference finals against Michael Jordan like you home finals losses against Lebron. Why okay. Let's just do this then? Let's go back to the shot. Heard Round the world against Orlando in his first go round in Cleveland and Megawatt two games. And everybody's telling me boy you're damned to eat crow on this one no no. I don't think I'm going to have to eat crow. And what happened in Games? La Bendigo betting going to those they go up to one they were already down only because Orlando had beaten them. Game One that was the game to show Orlando Beaten twice in Orlando. He came back one in Cleveland and then they beat him again in Orlando. They lost four two. They weren't up to one against Orlando okay. But after the shot her round the world they still lost in six games. They didn't even get it to game. Selkirk he's the goat he's okay. Don't don't give me that. That's that's a failure. That's an epic fail on Lebron's art because it was just a collection of shooters around Dwight. Howard you're better than those guys. You're still the best player on the court and you lose in six games after you hit the shot heard round the world and then against the Celtics. If you're that guy come on you gotTA. You can't just quit as Dan Gilbert said and then I have here in this story inner circle. Oh Lebron had to be sedated in games four five and six against Boston stop it. And then of course. He takes his talent to South beach and he joins forces with Dwayne and Chris Bosh. He wasn't by himself and in the final one against the baby thunder. Did he not get huge? Help from Shane Batty hitting threes and Mario chalmers going crazy and then Mike Miller hitting seven threes in that close out game five and Miami. I mean come on. What are we talking about here safety? He still he's he needed a lot of help. Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen. Okay so what? So what are top fifty player? So what did is Rodman adopted nuclear eighty talk fifty. Really this auto. That man was a made man before he soot here to championships. In to the player of the year any led the League he led the League in rebounding for six seven straight years. He was a made man before he was so Michael Jordan. He used to put Pale. Michael Jordan when you see what you did. Lebron is the guy he's got to beat the Celtics. Well a Jordan is the guy he's got to be the Big Three Celtics. Why not why do you? Why do people hold Lebron to a higher standard than the whole Michael? Michael Go beat the Big Three Celtics. Beat the bad boy pistons before they start dismantling them before they got. Oh boy eighties. What happened in the eighties killed? Yeah but wait a second once. He broke through Shannon. He went six. Oh in the finals with six. Mvp's not only. Did He win a college championship with a last second shot? He won his final championship in Chicago. In a game I covered in Salt Lake City by holding the pose on his last second shot. That beat the UTAH. Jazz Karl Malone and John. Stole the ball from Malone in the corner what do you mean? Stop saying backed. You can't stand fat as you. First of all a Carolina that was not a last second shot. There was fifteen seconds spilling the clock. Because you will not within the broad will abroad his shots like that. You will give him that. There was still time. Yada Yada Yada now. He hits the shot. Brown does not throw the ball to save word. Who knows but I'm not gonNA get into that. He did that. That's over all I'm asking you is that why couldn't he beat the Big Three Celtics in? Why couldn't he beat the bad boy pistons in the eighties but he got in the league. If I'm not mistaken guy. There eighty seven eighty seven. Eighty eight eighty nine ninety. Why couldn't he do it? Because who is your favorite player when you were a kid when you're in high school that Mary Jo Battle. Yes Oh it doesn't mess okay. It doesn't matter now. Don't hey let Larry. Bird was a bad boy. He was a bad boy he had Robert Perish and he had Kevin McHale and he had Dennis Johnson he had Danny and I could go on. That was an all time great basketball team and they referred to Michael Jordan. As Jesus in sneakers I took all of their collective greatness to overcome him. It took all of the collective greatness of the bad boy pistons and that team went about ten deep and they were bad. Boys is their nickname indicates because they played football basketball and Sam Smith. The Chicago Tribune ended up writing a book called the Jordan rules of bestseller about how they had to come up with a complete set of rules. This is how all five of us have to contain that guy. And that's how they kept overcoming in barely barely barely and they went onto the finals and won two of those three finals because they were an all time. Great team but once Michael broke through low. Six ps you can't argue with that it's game over. Well how about this here? I'm going to get ghost rider and I'm gonNA write a book. How teams loaded up to beat goat. Jane Mailer the warriors mainly clear. 'cause we had never seen anything like this before. So yeah we'll get real gold rider. We're GONNA ride a book how the NBA loaded up team. Loaded up to take down go James. That's going to be my book fix you all you want to do every burbank to the George Rees. All I'm asking you don't know. Aj at all. I'm asking you if that if Michael Jordan skill you do realize he would go into the play off some five hundred gins spout. He never got the first round until he got pinpoint pupils paper. Like he's like he's just a guy. I gotTA get back to the book you want to write in. I'll I'll he. Elsie write that book. And we're going to call it the Lebron room else. And we'RE GONNA quote coach. Popovich about the Lebron rules win. Spurs had all their epic matches against Lebron Company. Because the Popovich rules to the Spurs. Were this get off him. Don't cover him shoot. Three's dare intew shoot three's daring. He can't make film. He's not a good three point shooter. Let him shoot that. We don't want him to drive the ball because he's the greatest driver the basketball ever but he's afraid to go to the free throw line so he wants to keep shooting threes and pop was rier. Layoff him layoff him game. Six down the stretch. He Air balled a three then. He La Brick three off the back rim to tie with like five seconds. You know the rest of the story his several okay. And what about a I'll forget the other t the Big Three Celtic the new version? Two Point Oh why you put that team together. I can regard netting draft about the Celtics Ray Allen and get drafted by the Celtics. James Poll. The didn't get drafted by the Celtics. They geared up to take down. Go James the same thing with the warrior. The same thing the clippers are doing so the Lebron rooms. I'm about eight about author bestseller. Come boy we put together these Golden Shannon. Please Holler at him. Because we need the chapter about how Draymond got suspended in Game. Four of the. What was it two thousand sixteen finals which flip that on its ear because Golden State was up obviously three games to one and all of a sudden doggone dared to Yell Yell at Lebron? Ub Word and Kiki away the director of you know suspensions for the League is sitting courtside and says you can't do that. We could hear that on national TV. He called the B word and then he goes down and kicks La Bonne in the midsection. It was the ultimate double jeopardy in salt and it got the glue of the Golden State Warriors suspended for game five which they lost. They lost momentum. Momentum Kyrie started taking over games. Lebron was very good but Kyrie made the shot of shots to win game. Seven Jeff rank in disappeared. Well the timeout. You keep. We'll talk about what was the glue. That thank Dick Okay. He was suspended for game five. Okay what happened and gave fakes. Were they. Drain their now. You just got the unanimous VP momentum. We'll we'll do that. Hello now you just told me will hit the shot. They got the momentum. They should a road off in what you're talking about. They lost momentum because they lost stop. No what story do you love to tell? The most draymond went crying into the parking lot. The Night of game seven and call Kevin Durant and said. Please come save us. That's how tough minded Ya. How gutsy that. Golden State team was stop. It give me a break was a hello so when somebody overdone that when somebody of a cry because it's Okay. I need you to come join me so we can be Jordan. They didn't do that but it do. Make the big businesses. We got this other control. We got this under control until they started expanding the Lee in Rick Mahorn Lia had gotten oh skill you do realize Isaiah came in and after eighty one and all those files of all those finals appearance that he was going to even though they win. Those deep playoff run bus up the bulls. And they're finally but Larry Robert and Mikhail got old. Dj Got Home August Celtic ghetto. The sixers had already got no Dr J. Moses blown and moved on Yada Yada Yada and then all of a sudden but he took time off. I wish Lebron head of one of those finals took a couple of years off comeback couple because then we judge differently. Because Oh Michael would've done this. We don't know what like would have done. All we know is that he took time off any did and there were three year they which he did not go to the NBA finals. Lebron James eight straight. Eight athletic has chosen the best player ever to wear each number in NBA history from zero. All the way up to ninety nine number three caught my eye because Alan Iverson was chosen over. Dwayne Wade Shannon Sharpe. Do you agree with that choice? Skip probably would have went with D. Wade for the simple fact that three championships and the three The finals MVP and when he was clearly the best player on the the first championship team. I think it was all sex. It which they won. They beat come from down. Oh two and they ended up beating the Dallas Mavericks but skip their career the similar as far as credentials way with the two time first team all NBA a out with three-time all NBA APD. Wait seven for thirteen time. All-star for D. Wade Eleven for Alan Iverson and have mentioned d. Wade won the finals. Mvp A out one of the regular season. It'd be so I probably skipped would've LEAN MORE TO D. WAY. Because indy way was a first team all defensive to time dependent team A. I didn't give a whole lot of debate. Subside skipped he could steal the ball but he was so small he was probably. Maybe what five six foot tall. Maybe they buy books sixty soaking wet so he didn't really provide a whole lot on the defense side because people spectacular and he would all these guys weren't availables Lee. What do you think they got different skill? God Elbow Sleeve came with the coral. They changed the rules. 'cause because A. R. T. shirts were getting bigger. He was above sixty five. It had a t shirt that would shock. It is pay as Kevin. Garnett Davis. There's not enough. That's enough for that. His impact might have been different than d. ways in the NBA. But I will win the game for the simple fact. I think accomplished a little more as far as championships then but I can understand but I'm not disappointed that they chose they are. I'm disappointed. I'm offended. I'm just shell shocked over it because I am the biggest Dwayne Wade Fan and I love to watch Allen play a. I was spectacular. He was box off as marquee. He was highlight show. He was the littlest man putting up the biggest numbers with popping mind-bending moves and crossovers on big guys in again. He must see TV for me. But I'm sorry he just was not a better overall more valuable basketball player than was Dwayne was a leader. Dwain was a big game player. Duane was a big play maker down the stretch. There's nobody more clutch than Dwayne making big plays and I will forever give dwayne credit for teaching. Lebron how to be a Pro. How to win championships? Obviously Lebron more gifted than Dwayne because Lebron's gifted as anybody there ever was but it took dwayne helping Lebron big brotherish Lebron for Lebron to breakthrough against the baby thunder that year. And I give dwayne credit for caring that that first team in six to that championship as you point out. He was the finals. Mvp and he was three times. All defense. I give Allan this could steal the ball because he led the League in steals three times but it was thirteen all stars. Dwayne Wade two to eleven for a I in just in in stature an NBA magnitude. Dwayne Wade was on this level and Allen was on some other level that was out there in that sort of almost rushmore level. I'm sorry Shannon. I would've just gone dwayne Wade Slam Dunk. No second thought about that. I mean like I said a our special skill but like I said I would have went D. Wade. Also for the simple fact skip. I believe he's a little more accomplished especially with the championship but you know all the NBA All star. They're very close and so I'm going to leave when it comes down to skip. I'm always going to lean toward the guy that won the championships as opposed to the guy. That didn't win the championship situation. Like Barry Bonds. You got bad boss. You just like we've never seen anything like you before that's a that's a whole different ballgame but I would have. I would have to be weighed on.

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