Playoff Preview and Strategy Episode 045


Welcome to the fantasy football over time. Podcast i'm your host jake with me. Always are tyler. Hollerbach and matt win playoff time playoffs. We're talking about playoffs. It is that time of the year. It is the fantasy playoffs. They need for that intro. Tyler and matt will give you credit for that one too but you guys were here already like it just seems like the season just started. We were talking about covid. Would there be a season and we're in the playoffs bass time of the fantasy year right now. You're not in the playoffs if you made it of course this is what you pay for. We're here it's finally playoff all the marbles all the benjamins or franklins or lincoln's or even just pride pride maybe there's a trophy trophies are good. Did you guys make the playoffs in your big leagues. Yes so my my two biggest ones. I made it i'm looking at potentially ada eight depending on matchup. It goes tuesday this guy. It's more most likely seven out of eight and the one that i'm missing is going to be our podcast. Same i five out of six. Good year i am set to be the number one seed in my big saint cloud league so i am excited. I get a stress free week with a buy in week fourteen. So i'm looking forward to that. I just need my guys to stay healthy not at my big leagues have a by eighteen playoff interest like yeah sure. Make sense my big-league. I've had their one seed wrapped up for two weeks now. So i haven't had to worry really about that for some time. I've just been trying to pick the way pick up players here and there. It's it's been nice by week to speaking of like playoff time. Do either of you like operate any different strategies compared to kinda like regular season fantasy. i do. There's a couple of things that i like to do differently in the playoffs that i would never do during the regular season. The first one is. I like to look ahead to the next week for defenses so week fifteen for example the rams are owned in seventy percent of leagues. They got the jets at home. So i am going to roster the rams deion in many leagues as i can and save them for week fifteen. I would never have an extra defense in any of my leagues except for right now because it could definitely help you going into the semi-finals. Yeah i try to get a set it and forget it defense. If that exists like pittsburgh d you know them you would never think to stream. I got seattle and most of my defensive leagues. So i'll probably run them through the through the playoffs. But i i do a similar strategy. If i can carry two defenses if similar matchups but i just got lucky seattle. Having a pretty cake match up to the playoffs. Yeah same thing here definitely try to look ahead on defense. I think the other thing. I try to do but jake. I think you've kind of mentioned this one. We were discussing beforehand. Typically i don't carry a wide receiver or maybe one wide receiver on my bench in normal years. But i think with covid that might change us here. But i really try to narrow it down to running backs on my bench. I let a lot of fringe players go But with kovin. I'm trying to hold play. You know players in the past that might be borderline are probably staying on my team because of covid. You just never know what can happen. Dj more curtis samuel put a covid list this week. you know. you don't know if their status for sunday like that type of thing can happen at any time so this year. I'm taking a little bit different strategy. I think even like below fringe type players like sammy watkins. Or kyle rudolph those players that there's no sense in having them on your bench. They're never gonna play right. Yeah i get rid of those types of players. Pick up some depth that running back or look ahead an pick up that that defense for week. Fifteen other thing i like to do is going into the playoffs. The backup quarterback patrick mahomes in almost every one of my league. So i haven't needed to have a backup quarterback all year but i decided to go in and pick up. Derek carr was the common name that i found on the waiver wire and the reason why like to have a backup quarterback is because if you're star goes down the rest of your league is going to be very aware of that and especially if you don't have much fab left. They're gonna do everything they can to buy. Any of the quarterbacks worthwhile so make sure you're not going into a semi-final week having to start like a to a right. It's actually funny that you brought up coward off. Because i've had to start him last two weeks because i've had mark andrews on the cova list so it was very fitting name with my current situation so rudolph will not believing my roster right now. He's just a tight end. that's always on the waiver. wire yes absolutely. It's just funny. Because i haven't been in a few leagues because of my mark andrews situation and you're going to make the playoffs and eight of eight leagues with kyle kyle rudolph last week. He did great this week. He put up a goose egg that he was going to go off against jacksonville actually streamed him in a league to yeah. Two targets zero catches. Thanks any other strategies fellas besides win. Yeah that's the that's the biggest regius score more points than your opponent and stay like that. Stay healthy this year especially just trying to avoid any injury. Any question marks. Like that's i don't know i. I don't wanna talk anything up to chance this year trying to be as diligent as i can. You guys let's jump into some fringe players at each of the positions for the playoffs. Let's do it all right. Let's start with quarterbacks. I have a list of some players. That i kinda wanna talk about. I want you guys opinions on if you see any value in them if you were going to be starting them if you're going to cut them kind of where you're at and i want to start with the shawn watson. Who is the number six quarterback and fantasy on the season. Averaging twenty-seven fantasy points per game over the last three weeks you obviously drafted him to be the guy but his playoffs schedule on the road against chicago. Indie over the next two weeks obviously just lost willfuller suspended. Pd's what are your thoughts on the shawn watson over the next couple of weeks it's tough match-up that's number one and number two defense against quarterback both of those defenses around the giving up fifteen fantasy points per game so if you can win your league with fifteen points as what you should probably expect out of the sean. I think what the combination of fuller being suspended. It's a tough call. I think there's a you can probably pick up like mitch trubisky who has a very very favorable schedule and play at least for week one. Yep and that's where you. And i are gonna disagree on our strategies because mitch trubisky will not see my rosters in less. Its covid related. But no i'm not overly worried about shawn watson. He does have the bears the first week. The playoffs stafford gesture threaded. The bears first off and he has no receivers is receiving yards about equivalent. To what does shawn watson is working with. sean adds elements. He adds yards with his legs. He's gonna score you rushing touchdowns. He actually should have had a lot bigger gaming. It's any than he did. He get a fumble at the goal line. You know that could have been passing or rushing touchdown there that would have gotten them in that twenty point range last week. So i'm not worried about to shawn watson but i understand. Your concerns are the next in my opinion set and forget especially in these playoffs as qb number. Seven on the season. tom brady. He has a dream fantasy schedule. He's got minnesota atlanta and detroit over the next three weeks of his schedule. Yeah you said. I think probably the second easiest behind herbert set it and forget it. Yeah absolutely not. Only tom brady but we can probably set it. Forget it mike. Evans chris godwin gronk unless you have you know waller kelsey whatever at tight end but gourock antonio brown. Do we going to say where you guys out within. Twenty at these br. That's way too like there's way too much spread around. There is say. Stick with the top three evans. Godwin gronk i'd love to be able to play. Ab another team but not not in this one. The good news about these three teams. They're all teams that can score so minnesota in detroit. They should all be outs. As opposed to like if you play the jets where you know. The jets are score three points. So i mean tom brady. Should've monster games. And it's just a matter of which receivers do the damage. But if you have to play antonio brown i think it could be a lot worse but i. I'm pretty worried about antonio brown with all of the other mouths to feed in that offense. Yeah i'd put him in. What same conversation is like an angler. Yeah antonio brown probably the player. I would the one wide receiver. I would play my bench like having my bench just in case something happened to any of those three even if it was wrong that went out right. I know it's off topic. But what about roadshow like is not a bad run defense anymore like they are legit defense now for whatever reason the when. They fired their defensive head coach. They became a defensive team. Minnesota is kind of a mixed bag on the ground. You don't really know they've shut down some good running backs they've gotten exposed others like what are your thoughts on rojo in the playoffs against atlanta. I think there's action against minnesota. He's probably started minnesota's just running running the mail against the running back so i don't mind him there as your rb to. Are you know playing in the flex. I'm i'm fine starting on all three of those matchups. I think they're going to be high scoring games. I think there's gonna be a lot of yards and points sides of the ball. So unless i have multiple options better than roggio. I'm i'm good rock with him. I can start them and more than likely. Don't yeah right it is. He's a name that he's kind of on that he's not a household name where he's like kamara like no matter. What the matchup. You're gonna just play. He's considered like a fringe in the running back. Community like a melvin. Gordon asked they be in the same conversation but real quick to lenny bench. Him get rid of him. Don't get rid of them. Put on your bench over lenny. All day yeah go tyler. You talked about justin herbert a little bit so his last two games. He has looked like a rookie. Quarterback is one touchdown versus three turnovers. Only twenty two fantasy points in those two weeks combined. But he's got atlanta las vegas and denver coming up denver's pretty tough match-up but weeks fourteen and fifteen atlanta in las vegas. How do you feel about justin. Herbert love him. His hair has grown back a little bit and denver even scare me. They're a bottom eight against the quarterback. They somehow find a way to shut. Mahomes down like mahomes has had two of his worst games of the season against denver. One was a snow game but the one just this week. I don't own homes doesn't have the best success against them. You still threw for over three hundred yards touchdowns but he did. They didn't count kills right. Yeah drop phantom touchdown. The only thing that concerns me really vote. Herbert is four rush. Attempts in the last three games like bad. I don't like because he was adding a lot on the ekeler's back right. And that's the part i was just going to say his ekeler's back like caps. Herbert ceiling like can still put up thirty. Just office passing. Yeah absolutely but it's going to be tougher. How because he's not running as much in it and like i said it limits. His his upside. You know where mostly you probably got herbert lates. You might be run into quarterbacks where you have a herbert a lamar jackson like that conversation might be a lot closer now. Be based off of herbert not really running. Yeah especially lamar going up against cleveland jacksonville. Fourteen and fifteen would have that but herbert's hair is growing back that's his. That's all his skill and talent strength back inside scouting report herbert it. He sucked really. Yeah well those last week quarterbacks we just talked about you're more than likely starting all three of them. I'm going to say a couple names. That are more on the fringe. And i want you guys to tell me which one you like the most of these four cam. Newton kirk cousins. Derek carr or jared goff jared goff day easy jake. Yeah i would. I would lead goff out of those as well. You just can't trust cam. Like yeah he's gonna run the ball but he has a tougher schedule to he goes against the rams and miami and buffalo. Yeah cam has brutal schedule. He's only thrown five touchdowns all season and he hasn't eclipse the hundred yard passing mark and either of his last two games and then you said kurkin there. He goes against tampa bay chicago. Yeah get rid of them. Yeah i agree. I would go jared goff out of those four. He's coming off a big game against arizona. Went for three hundred and fifty yards and a touchdown you also ran a touchdown in. I don't know how i feel about his week. Fourteen matchup against new england all but he does get the jets in seattle and fifteen and sixteen. So if i can find a different option in week fourteen. I'd feel very confident. Pivoting back to gough in week. Fifteen new england's tough against the quarterback position. Yeah look what they just did to herbert. Herbert was seen ghosts. Casper was everywhere he looked. What are we going for running backs all right so backs. I want to talk about three running backs at. You're obviously starting no matter. What dalvin cook james robinson and derrick henry but bring these three up for a different reason dalvin cook and james robinson have arguably the two hardest remaining schedules for running backs knowing what. You're starting all three of them. Of course they're all top four running backs. But i kind of want to ask you guys what you see out of cook in robinson. Going forward in the next three weeks in the playoffs. They're gonna prove who they are this year because both of them had a very soft schedule up. Until this point i would. I lie for the temper. My expectations wouldn't surprise me if both of them finished rb two. I think they're both safe in the sense of volume. There's gonna run volume like they both are workhorse running backs that even if they have a tough match up if that team gets at the goal line you're looking at you know. Three potential carries at the goal line. So like you said like there's just set it. forget it. And i'm not even really tempering. My expectations too much on them. I'm not expecting a huge breakout. But like i feel confident. Getting in fifteen points out of them. Yeah i think that's a fair number. I think we can expect anywhere from thirteen. To twenty on average out of both of dalvin cook and james robinson robinson is recorded over double digit fantasy points in all twelve weeks. He's only running back in football. That has done that. So he's been extremely safe but we're going to see kind of what he's made of when he goes up against tennessee. Baltimore in chicago But yeah obviously starting both of them. And the reason why i bring up. Derrick henry is because he has a fantasy football owners dream. He's got jacksonville. Detroit in green bay. Three bottom five run defenses to end the season. I am predicting that. The number one player owned on the highest percentage of championship teams and fantasy is derrick. Henry thing that would be the second straight year in a row. So i'm pretty sure he did that last year in the playoffs to like they're just beast. He's supposed to do that week. Thirteen to he did. Yeah and he. He didn't also packers d. Maybe they're getting a little bit better or is it just. The eagles are really really bad. Eagles are terrible. 'cause they shut down miles sanders hard. Tyler had draftkings lineup. That was absolutely dominating. The only player that didn't pull his weight was tyler derrick. Henry no hard feelings about two hundred and ten point draftkings finished in the top one percent and i could tell you cannery our when we mentioned his name. How much do you think that cost to. Roughly the kim having like a normal game. What do you think that what have pumped up your pay from one hundred dollars If i would have had davante adams in there it would have been hundred thousand. Jesus sorry cannery little sour feelings over here. Hindsight's twenty twenty. It's crazy how you can have one minor tweak on a draftkings lineup and it makes a difference of one hundred thousand dollars or one hundred dollars at fertile so touch on miles sanders to. What are we doing with him. Going forward like is he still set it. Forget it is he a rb to slash flex with some upside is he. Bendable like honestly. I don't think you can bench them. Because who i mean. Is there any way you have two to three running backs on your squad that you're gonna play over him but let me name three running backs. It'd better than him. Lashing taylor wilkins and hines all three. All three of them over san giovanni bernard cj ham. Like you name a million players last week. But we don't care about last week who care about going forward and i. I don't know i'm not excited about miles sanders. But i don't know if i can get myself to actually sent them. I can't play them against new orleans like the top guy hinds. I'm worried the whole offense Goddard is the only player on that offense that i feel comfortable putting in a lineup. Sure i'm a little worried about god or to zach ertz being back and the switch to jalen hurts to. I don't know that's not official yet. But it's looking like it. I'm worried about that offense to. I don't know i just don't know if i have the kahane's to sit miles sanders in the playoffs. Yeah i don't. I don't know if i do either like i haven't been a league and i'm torn on what to do but like this is why we're having this conversation. Help me to tell me guys. What am i supposed to do. I'm still starting miles sanders over now minds week fourteen. I would probably start. Nyheim hines over him. A going up against houston but we fifteen. Indy is against pittsburgh. I'm definitely not starting him against pittsburgh week. Fourteen fourteen decision which one week fourteen. I might go hines. Are you going heinz. I don't want this. Might ogle hines over sanders in week. Fourteen okay thank you bye week. Fifteen against houston. What's worry about. We are clock next week. Yeah i looked. Vegas is week. Fourteen houston fifteen pittsburgh's sixteen. Yeah you'll figure it out jake. I got some more running backs. I wanna talk about. Would you guys rather have kareem hunt. Or ezekiel elliott. The rest of the way to make it a little easier. Kareem hunt schedule coming up. Is the ravens. Giants jets ezekiel elliott's got cincinnati. San fran in philadelphia so for hunt. I mean the ravens are atop against the running backs a fantasy points per game against running backs. Giants are in the middle. I'm not liking. What cream is hunt is doing there. I would probably rather just take the upside of zeke and the whole dallas figures it out. It's tough like especially week. Fourteen against cincinnati and then i'd probably swap hunt the rest of the way. Yeah you're running. Zeke week fourteen for sure week week. Fifteen the us the giants. I like hunt because the giants struggle against pass catching running backs. And what was the what they got the jets in week. Sixteen zeke's philadelphia philadelphia. Both yeah probably running hunt again on that one to one hundred percent running hunt. Yeah yeah hunt. Had three straight games under ten fantasy points. And that's largely in part to nick chubb and fully healthy and looked good to how and they just stop throwing the ball to hunt for whatever reason he still in on goal line carries like. He's still getting red zone packages. They were running both on field at the same time in the red zone which is cool but then baker through. It's an offensive lineman so that was really not cool i. I don't know what to think of hunt like. There's not throwing the ball. Once they start throwing a to them is safe. Pr floor comes back. Then he comes a lot more viable. But i don't know if they're just going to let baker Cook here agree though. I'm elliot in week fourteen. And then i am going with kareem hunt and week. Fifteen and sixteen elliott's only had one game over double digits since week six. Actually you just you brought this up. And i didn't think of this until just now but playoff strategy. Keep an eye on the weather. Oh absolutely now that we talk about cleveland. Link there in. Cleveland and there is any inkling of like rain or wind. I am benching anybody that passes or catch a ball. You're passionate about that. Yeah because have you seen cleveland's weather games they're tearing some really bad ones and it was three weeks inner relief like i'm running nick chubb. Obviously you're starting to trouble. He'd be the only person i would see on the field because he is gonna get thirty five touches and baker might throw it six times maybe seven. Maybe to a lineman. One of them will be to alignment all right. You guys last two running backs. i wanna talk about. Melvin gordon and cam akers melvin gordon over. His last five games has had four points. Four points nineteen points three points in fifteen points so he has been boomer kind of all over the place. Can he be trusted against carolina buffalo and the chargers. Yes yes and it's funny that you brought them up. Because i was going to to and for good reasons like you said like absolutely you can trust. Melvin gordon and i felt weird being the person i was about to say that because the dog on him all year. But absolutely like melvin. Gordon if you have them you wrote them to the playoffs like good for you might be rewarded here. But he has some good match ups. I like it yeah. He's been your doom like eighteen weeks a row and there hasn't been eighteen weeks. That tells you how much you hate him. Yeah absolutely nothing personal. Melvin but yeah looking forward to the playoffs against kansas city to he looked significantly better than phillip lindsay which is pretty telling especially at this time in the season lindsay still hampered by that injury. So yeah. I'm fire. Not melvin gordon and then cam akers you guys don't look right now. But he is emerging three straight games with a touchdown twenty two touches last week. Is that what you call it. Emerging i think so three straight three straight weeks with a touchdown and twenty two touches. He's got new england. New york jets in seattle. He still in a committee. Yes your committee. You're not gonna play him against the jets or the seahawks. I would claim against the jets. Said new england new england and seok new england seahawks. Yeah the jets play. But yeah i don't know like henderson is still a thing like the. It's still a committee. I don't think he's fully ran away with this job. But he's looked better. and yes. He scored the touchdown. But can you rely on it. I think week fifteen. If you need to start cam akers you definitely can against the jets. But i'm not starting to against new england in week fourteen. I think you're missing one very important running back here. And who's my league winner. You've held onto him all year long just for the playoffs. And he guesses christian. Mccaffrey well he probably wanna now. David montgomery There you go even montgomery good right now. He's getting targets and pretty easy playoffs schedule. Houston minnesota jacksonville dude. He's like a top seven running back the rest of the whale. Yeah like david montgomery like. He's without to recall in two three to five targets a game. I ki- super-safe. The stars are aligned for david. Montgomery right now. We'll more running back. We kind of talked about them off on our own group. Chapa weaned goldman. I think tyler. I called him a set it and forget it running back matt. I think you disagreed. Yeah i don't really like winkelmann. He had to really nice runs in. That made up almost one hundred percent of his yards but he still had like one hundred and fifteen yards or something. So i'll give him credit for having a good game hundred thirty five. He finished right at what he is projected so he did. Yep only problem with him is. You didn't see any targets He got sniped at the goal from alfred. Morris don't like seeing vice do you know why though is tired from his eighty are the one by lake. Alfred morris catching a touchdown. Either from him he's got arizona in week fourteen. Like i think you can roll mouth for one more week. Cleveland baltimore in fifteen sixteen gets a little more dicey but are both in lake. Cleveland is in the middle for baltimore. Depends too much like so much of it depends on. Who's back lake class. Campbell's back their top to rush defense. So who knows with them week. Sixteen it's a long way to go but fourteen. I think you can roll them out week fifteen. You might be looking at another option. I last one here. We didn't talk about adding. He is emerging much more as a rookie. Then cam akers the last couple of weeks. Jonathan taylor starting to finally look like the running back but everyone was hoping for during drafts. Yeah he's looking really good right now. He has so much talent coming out of college. It was just a matter of it was nice to see him. Catch a forty yard touchdown last week. Absolutely so he's kind of he's kind of doing it in both avenues right now so it looks like he might be heating up at the right time. I'm definitely taking taylor over. Hinds right now. And he's going against two of the worst defenses against running backs week fourteen fifteen if you if he's been on the borderline for the fringe. You gotta start them in the playoffs. Yeah i agree. I think that hines has some dirt on Frank reich because he just loves to throw hinds in there when it should be jonathan taylor. But he's got something on them. I think i at who do you got wide receivers that you wanna talk about wide receivers. I have what i think is a potential league winner in. That is deebo samuel. He's got a tough match against washington but then he plays dallas and arizona. He is coming off a great game. He is fresh off his injury. It looked like he was fully healthy. He's still plays tonight. We are recording this on monday. So i haven't been able to see how he does tonight on monday but i liked everything i saw. Deebo samuel was really high on him coming into the season. I think that he could potentially be illeg winner. If you can get two weeks fifteen and sixteen and if you haven't been pbr. He's super-safe like he catches. Negative passes like he like friday. The line of scrimmage like he is the safest wide receiver possible when you hand literally are essentially handing him the ball like at the goal line in its councils a catch like i love deebo. I love the call. It's a hundred percent agree with you. Yeah i agree. You just have to make it through week. Fourteen against washington. And he's still gets you double digits just based off of those catches. It's really nice that they throw it to him forward to. Because it's like. Behind the line of scrimmage but it's technically a forward paso counts as a reception because if it was even like a half yard back further it would count as a run right you lose a lot of his values so i like the way that they take care of their fantasy owners there. corey davis guys. Has he turned into a must start. Yes double digits. Nine of ten games a season he just exploded for career game against the browns. May we just talk about derrick henry. Easy schedule he's got the same schedule. Jacksonville detroit and green bay. Aj be has been playing through injury. He's dinged up jonnu. Corey davis is this year's devante parker. Yep i love it. Rollout corey davis. You've said it all like i. I'd love corey. Davis corey davis a top ten wide receiver over the next three weeks. No because against the wide receiver that the defenses are much different than derrick. Henry they're all middle of the pack in four targets from. Aj brown is he started. Yeah he's a wide receiver to. Yeah i was gonna say top twenty where i have him but starting to like. I said i'm starting. I'm the only thing that stinks about. Brown is derrick. Henry could potentially run the ball thirty five times. Yeah you don't pass like that's very likely wouldn't be surprised if tanna throws thirty passes right like fourteen is just a bit whereas through twenty. I like it's. It's that easy scheduled for henry. And that's biggest concern. Yeah that's definitely the thing you have to worry about. You need your wide receivers on tennessee to get off to an early lead because jacksonville is gonna get absolutely spanked. And they'll just run into the ground all right. Let's move onto kiki. Qt now that will fuller is out cutie. Got his chance last week you went for one hundred and forty yards on receptions would you consider trusting him against chicago indian cincinnati in the willfuller all indie. Yes because kiki lights up the colts he has for whatever. Reason has four career. Best games against the colts. So let's start. Kiki against the colts on facts with jay. Yeah in india's not even that good against wide receiver top ten. No chicago's just really good. Yes and we talked about stafford. Lit them up. But it's it's also kiki cutie so sitting week fourteen starting in week. Fifteen against indy. Thi- you don't have any better options where you guys. That was ceedee lamb. He is the another victim of the dak prescott injury. But he has seen four plus receptions in every game this season except for one yards and touchdowns. Haven't really been there though. Can you start him against baltimore. Cincy and san fran He's not going against baltimore. He's going cincy san fran and philly baltimore's tonight. I wrote that down wrong. That's a pretty favorable schedule all middle of the pack. He's definitely affleck's candidate. I don't know if he'll cracked the top twenty four you can get into that flex spot where he's an upside flex play like. He's not safe flex play. He's upset. I think like you said he's got four plus catches but really like i'm playing him because he could have two touchdowns like he. He is getting red zone target so to me. He's not the safe flex play. He's the upside flex play. Yeah i agree. I'm i'm a little worried about ceedee lamb. But he's had a safe floor. And i mean if that's what you need at that position that'll he'll he'll provide that for you. Mario cooper is still found a way to get it done. So you have to start ceedee lamb. You certainly can but don't expect a monster game. I want to talk about dj chart. He's been boomer. Bus throughout the course of the season now had three bad games in her. Although without menchu he's failed to break ten points in all of them. They play tennessee baltimore in chicago. Any hope of him returning to form regardless of if menchu's air or not possibly against tennessee the aggressive him even if he is healthy. I'm not starting. I just don't trust glennon. I don't either charge. Has all the talent. But it's just not a good situation with the at the quarterback position. So i i don't want to. I'm trying my hardest to stay away. Yeah the only jaguar that i have any confidence in a ton of confidence in him as james robinson but other than that. I'm really worried about that. Offense yeah same to wide is that i want to talk about Marvin jones and kenny golladay was bring up kennedy to. We don't even know if he's gonna come back this season but they have a tough schedule. Green bay tennessee and tampa bay can even comes back. Can you trust him. Not against green bay but for sure against tennessee. He's been for so long at this point that i would have to see a week out of him before i'd feel confident putting back my lineup. Right so that's if even comes back this week it's green bay apps you're sitting up then. He has tennessee. What's your evaluation of looking. Good off of an injury like has two catches on three for twenty two yards. He's even necessarily look at. What is production was i would look at the number of snap. Said he played offensively and did he look healthy. Running routes i've bench. Both i mean like even five kennedy like you've you have pivot options at this point that you've gone most of the season without him. I'm not putting him in my lineup. I'm worried about the injury. Are you taking golladay or tyler boyd. Week fifteen say golladay looks good week. Fourteen week fifteen. If golladay plays week fourteen looks good. Then i will feel confident going with him in week. Fifteen hudas tyler boyd. Play week fifteen Pittsburgh has to be the worst possible. Yeah i'm gonna eat my word and say i'm gonna start kenny golladay. But that's lily because it's the number one defense like well. This is where. I think everybody can actually get a lesson in defenses. Because they're actually a bottom defense against wide receiver for fantasy points. Yeah garbage time. Suppose counts against them. They're giving up thirty three and a half points to opponents. Wide receivers st have a stat on receiver points against pittsburgh with their third string quarterback. No okay that's right. That's that in half. Yes that's where. I wanna draw my line there is. We don't know who's playing quarterback at pressure for cincinnati could be alan. It could be finley. I don't know which one's better i think either way i'm taking golladay. Thank you said you had to pick low worst defense to choose from so i'm gonna last wide receiver that i got for. You guys is tim. Patrick double first names. What is what is that called again pal and jerome or something. I don't remember what. It's sure tim patrick game against kansas city. Last week scored two touchdowns he's rewarded his fantasy owners and four of his last five games double digit points. The one game that he didn't was the kendall hinton experience so really he's had four good games in a row. Are you starting him with any form of confidence against carolina buffalo or the chargers slacks play at best. But i my team went out to be pretty bad to start them. I like the schedule. But yeah unless you got ravaged by injuries for some reason or covert or whatever. He's more of a bench wide. Receiver that if you had to throw in a flex position. Tyler boyd. Or tim patrick. If tyler boyd steelers. I'm taking. Tim patrick alice week fourteen. I'm going tyler boyd. In week fourteen. One hundred per cent no matter who is quarterback as what of kendall hinton is yeah tyler might be suspended. We don't know he kicked out of a game. It was pretty weak. It thrown bows reason. Unlike tyler boyd for me is he's like that flex wide receiver so tell. Her boys is the perfect. Pr safety wide. Receiver plays the slot. Even if you're the third string quarterback you should be able to find other boyd and carolina does a pretty good job shutting down wide receivers too so tim patrick in week fourteen. I'm not even super excited about that. Even though he has looked good. all right. you guys. Tim patrick or golladay. In week fourteen of golladay is announced healthy to play. Tim bedrick. See the the light bulb. Tim patrick flickering and tyler's over there. Okay all right. Let's move on to our final position tight ends. I don't have as much on the tight end position. Just pick up the good. Yeah like eric ebron a lot going into the playoffs. I do too and going into the season. I didn't think he was going to be a great option. But he's turned out to be like a safe tight end like he's a cake week. Fourteen in week fifteen. Yeah and the steelers. Don't run the ball. They'd only pass so if they're gonna keep doing that. And i want steelers pass catchers. Where are you guys out with. Mike you seki. He has seen his fantasy production increase in four straight games and he's found the end zone in each of his last two games. How are you feeling about him. Going up against casey new england and vegas no matter. Who is quarterback is. I'm taking bronco. Casey in new england super solid against the titan. Yeah i i would definitely take iran over seki. How about like a dallas gutter or mike koseki. Which one are you taking. If wentz quarterback got hurt for sure Got it against new orleans week fourteen against arizona. Week fifteen i'll take ebron against cincy. I know you like iran. I got her all guests seki through there. He wasn't even listening to you zero rating. Do it matchups ebron. i'll take her for both. Yeah unless unless hurts his name starter. Then i might have a pause. But i got her more to god. It's been really really good over the last three games. He's averaging seventeen fantasy points which is a lot for titans. Yeah absolutely dribble. The average had who looks really bad carson. Wentz that ends zach ertz ertz just looks slow like beat up. He hasn't played in like eight weeks and he still looks like he's just been beat. The crap of has gone in philly to like these games. I could be could be. I don't know is linemen a little block in when carson wentz is your quarterback is there such a thing as a. Decoy really wants to see what their future looks like. What at the same time when you're still kind of in the playoffs so there in the playoff hunt but they wanna see like jalen hurts with dallas. I don't know they're just kind of a mess right now. Zach ertz will not be on the eagles next year he is gonna walk and then kind of going back to the lions of kenny. Golladay coming back. If kenny g. comes back ebron how do you feel hopkinson. I don't like them either way. Yes i'm really hard matchups. I like hopkinson a lot. I like them based off a volume. Like you don't get that typically from tight end but if kenny g. comes back i'm assuming they're gonna filter targets at kenny which would assume would come away from hodkinson and like you said he does have tougher matchups week. Fourteen green bay guests. How many points they gave up two opposing tight ends six six. I was gonna say six seven. We're closeness combined with multiple titans ebron or all right you guys tyler higby or hayden hearst or just neither neither if i had to pick between the two rehearse yeah yeah i. I was actually really solid to the first nine weeks of the year. But he's been terrible over the last three games. So as a matt ryan the offense struggled. They got chargers tampa and kansas city. Coming up so. I really don't feel confident about arnold. Just pull a fantasy. Footballers dan arnold just go go homer at the arizona cardinals with them but circling back. Because we talked about this. Todd gurley i don't get i don't want to start todd. Gurley like he is. You can't todd. gurley will not be in my lineups. I don't even have todd gurley on a single one of my teams. But if i did i would not be starting him. He went from rb. Tuta frigging rb one cut. He was in the top twelve for like the first eight weeks. What happened the knee injury. flare up gossi-. I think it is he when he does play. He's looked slow. he's not cutting he doesn't look explosive like there's something going on with. That knee agreed. Any defense as you guys. Are we kind of touch on a few and we talked earlier about seattle tampa bay. I like both those cleveland arizona. Yeah arizona's boomer bus defense. I think if found new york giants philadelphia eagles saunderson. They're just the boomer buys like they they've been high scoring or they've been getting kind of torched. Oh oh washington football team. That's that's good defense to. I'm absolutely loving the rams defense right. Now i'm surprised that they're are only owned in seventy percent of leagues. Let me ask you. This is your defensive scoring. allow you to go negative. No yes because that changes how. I play defenses. 'cause if i can go negative i am not playing washington. No i am trying to be the safest i possibly can but if my lowest scores zero. I'll rollout almost anybody. Besides the jets are defensive. Scoring is kind of unique. But i actually really really like it. So we start at zero. And i think most defenses start at like ten or five or whatever but we start at zero and you can only get points so a sack is wanna fumble. His one an interception is one and a touchdown six. So what i like about. That is the yards and the points matter so as the game's going on i'm not sitting there watching and seeing like all they gave up fifteen yards. I just dropped point five points. You know exactly what you need. But at the same time some people would argue if your defense gives up a bunch of points yards. They should be penalized. So yeah ours gives ten for a shutout once you start scoring drops but that we don't do anything for yards or anything because it's random defenses sometimes get torched so it's i've never seen one yards just points any stream -able kickers coup not streaming anymore but he sanders in football sanders. Yup blankets rodriguez rodriguez cool down a little bit lately. He was on. Fire was a number on kicker for a while. But just pick the kicker with the highest score in spread to do if you have a crappy kicker or if they kick in doors true allegory. Cleveland do young way. Who is a cheat code right now. Like he's putting up fifteen to twenty points a game for me. It's amazing all right. Well that's going to wrap up the week. Fourteen playoff preview. Hope y'all have the best of luck in your matchups unless you're playing me then screw but No real good luck in your matchups. Of course we will be back for week. Fifteen give you some more insight. Yes good lock in week. Fourteen bring home. The w and we will see you next week. Offer lesson brescia. You bye bye later who see.

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