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Hi this is Brittany from willow billy farms. You're listening to the dirt show <music> and it took him to the dirt show higher peaks and this is Lisa team all right in this week's special guest is willoughby farms really excited about this when we went out there about a month and a half ago maybe and took a tour of the farm sat down with them how to good interview and was able to talk to them about some of the practices and kind of get to know him. There's a lot of fun they're a couple that are from Texas and they were on the oil rigs doing oil for what they say ten twenty years now for quite a while. I do know that that's how they met yeah yeah. It's a great story and we had a lot of laughs with him. Yeah it was a lot of fun. We spent the day out there with him. Yeah so before we get into that I just want to go over a couple quick things about the internet or about our website actually <hes> I been working on it. You've been working on it <hes>. We've made it a lot faster now so you'll notice when you get on there <hes> it's noticeably faster. Traffic was slow there so for that he but it's been trying to get on there <hes> you can check it out now. It's like I said just way better and at the top you'll notice I added the audio burst. It is a cool little service that we've got on there. Now you can basically I've got like top five categories. I've got like the top editor picks got offbeat stuff which is really cool which is weird crazy stuff but entertaining yeah and it's got news on their sports and some tech stuff but <hes> they're all little snippets and so you get anywhere between like a minute to two or three minutes of the stuff but it's only the highlight of and it's really cool stuff so give it a check out if you want to in sewage think <hes> just another option on some of the media on their on our website and I like I enjoy listening to it so now some point I'm going to have its own separate page where we'll be able to to have each individual category and its own player see bill pick out some individual and and listen to that as well so good little options there and then I just wanted to mention that we had at one point had <hes> unfortunately lost Oregon rooted dot com when we had taken a short break we I had left the <hes> website labs and someone snagged. I guess are watching or something smart Guy Asshole that decided that he was going to and then try to resell all it to us for a thousand bucks because the fact that we had peaked at a couple of days before that to see if it was available funny enough when I went back to get it it was still out there but we didn't snag it right then. It was a couple of days later in dammit if he someone I don't know he she whatever picked it up but wanted to sell it back to his and held onto it for me. Contact you to do it. Yeah the contacts anyway. You know whatever it's the game of the Internet I get it but it was frustrating so we just you know hey move on. We don't stop what we we prevailed. We ended up getting a back. So that's the now you can go to either one and you'll still end up at a website right so that was the the long story short was <hes> we got Oregon rooted dot com back so you can't use that of course our remain pages is on Oregon route five four one dot Com yes but then lead to the same thing that's right so you can make it simple or just do what you know and <hes> all all your browser should be updated cleared by cash so everything's good there and it's testing out great so just want to let that no and <hes> are you too is caught up yeah a new car you tuba so that's good <hes> you everybody that was on like the subscribe list got blasted like seventeen times over the last day and a half it was from twenty twenty seven was the last one that was on there and I caught it all the way up to thirty nine thirty nine yep put on twelve new episodes upsets right and so this will be forty which I'm excited about. That's cool it will be forty but <hes> so you'll have another one to put up right here shortly and I'm getting the hang of it so it's fairly quick you doing pretty good too. I like how you're improving and actually you know we're going to even continue to improve on that so braxton spend some money on a software and also to rent started doing live videos. Eventually I mean <hes> can't always hide behind this. Mike why boy I'm in my pajamas. It works out this way. I don't have makeup on my you'd be better for us. I don't need a screen in front of me. Show me how haggard I look right now of a weekend <hes> <hes> so <hes> with willow billy you know we got tour again tour their farm big farm. They got two locations. They got <hes> one location. Where do the teach the course in another location that they do you the C._D.? And we saw both and they're kind of living swell. That's their golder. They're getting there. I'm sure they're probably they're now by now but yes by now but the only two second or third year yeah third I think third yeah as where they're at so yeah of course they're living twelve days getting around now and they did start out with synthetics which was interesting because <hes> they did switch over of course like I just organics and living soil and they noticed a big difference. Do you remember them talking about the thirteen plans that they did thirteen of the same plan side by side in random tests with this synthetic turpin 's synthetic nutrients since and in the Turpin count they tested the plants and then did the <hes> organic where they had the cows come come through and eat the grass and Pu until it up and all that okay so organically and move the troops doubled yeah so I thought that was interesting. I wanted to mention that just said the WHO made it more lustrous. Yeah it did bring in the PU. Well not necessarily poo. We're talking basically bacteria so yeah the poop <hes> but the the whole food web and the whole microbiology going on you said that when they're done that whole Matt Micalizzi just chill near like a white blanket yes so doing well the end you know I I would imagine it does something to do with Turpin count. Because how long have we had people talk about. You know how organics tastes better yeah exactly fortunately for organ. That's real really big on the organic thing so you don't find too much synthetic indoor exactly but you know outdoor light debt. Greenhouses all seem to be organic anyway but the cool part is you know did again. It's not an official science study or anything like that but could drive it. WHO's the best making the cleanest around Oregon Yeah in the term? That's kind of what we go through. I know that some people are like Oh yeah. Let's make these crystal buds down in California and other places and they're always like well. I make sure that I use this synthetics this. This isn't that well. You know what here in Oregon we strive to who can do the more so organic no deal it. We've got we've got everything you can think of yeah yeah and all of its tries to be as natural inorganic as possible. We'll talk talking about that. So when we're talking about Turpin count came out so high and everything <hes> they were talking about how they used mammoth p <hes> so there's a good chance to shut up to mammoth P. and also great white because <hes> we've been using those for some years and liking him in using him nonstop so we're doing really good with him so it's good to hear that they're using mammoth P shutout mammoth P. Right icon <hes> but I guess it biomass one which is a soil company around here. They have bio char that is not related with mammoth crazy. That's awesome that is cool so they're using that out there. I guess that's pretty cool and <hes> so for us. We use the mammoth in the in the great white and the Orcas well just depending on the situation but I just work awesome so hopefully our turpin come out good like that. I want some six plus while you did get that <hes> that fertilizer that was from the ocean anything close ocean yeah that was a good one so it does not stink by the way no no. It's good compost. It's been doing well out of it. Actually GonNa buy me another bag by another bag. Shit sure rotten rotten fish corpse difference okay women note that he wants a bag of shit corpse and no fish fish corpse and shit there we go anyway. We had the flight packs out there. See I'm trying to get on here. We had the flight paths with them. That's their ten count average around ten count half grams and that was the blueberry cookies and the Tangerine dream to have three different ones. I know that much where we liked him. I liked him a lot. That'd be very cookies was awesome. It was Turkey for sure like they sell yeah and that was the award winner at six some six and change <hes> but we enjoy the sense in you want check those out you know those flavors are out now and this white packs are out you can go to fireside yep you can go to ground up farms ground up farms in farm-to-table and find a shot to the farm-to-table and Ashland or five stable metric that was Medford word. Check those out. If you WANNA get those guys and try them out I highly recommend great for golf games or Fricken River days which we do a lot of around here except for unfortunately we now have smoke yeah boom boom boom so for the people that do live in this area we have that fire and Canyon Ville as you know and up to two thousand plus anchors or something you know honey. I was up six thousand last time that it thus time I watch the news or heard about it and and you know me. I don't like to watch the news often so I have a hard time to smoke in a damn joint. I mean not you know in the smoke yeah because your throat yeah you're already hurting choked up. I just headaches way too many headaches anyways tylenol to Ibuprofen it word cocktail it up have to in order to make it through everyday actually when the smokes here we almost made it to August. Almost we were nearly there. It was a great beginning part summer. Especially since last year was smokey from July fourth on often wonder how bad it is on plans because <hes> you know just you go out there. The next morning and dislike cards covered with all the day look all ashes they do. I don't always want to spray them off. You know it's like I'm just dousing all the time 'cause issues but so ugly all right with that said let's get into the interview that we had a really good time out there and we do. I plan on checking in with him at the end of the season. See how everything went again. Check him out on their. I G in website willoughby farms and enjoy the show the show guys all right so we're sitting here. Your farm and I think everybody would like to know where we'll billy came from the name. Let's start with that and two thousand fifteen my buddies were up here growing on the medical side route brookings and they originally I'll give him a shot of billy burden Andrew Bird originally from Willow Alaska and they're they're saying you always be instead of hillbillies. The growers up in Alaska were called willow ability from Willow Alaska like you'd only see them every once in a while they'd come down in the car hearts and their bunny boots and they're coming down and getting their pro mix and <hes> you know in these guys you know they grew up there so that was Kinda they named their original farm that and <hes> so when I first came out here to visit them we kind of joined together and they kind of it didn't work out for them so I kind of assumed the whole Willow Billy <hes> you know mentality and I just took it non-full force and just ran with it and I figured just out of respect for them. I'd keep it the same name and really you know I feel like I can kind kind of you know relate with <hes> some of the UH ideologies those old growers and like just hard work and they just didn't really care they just were doing their thing so you know willow is a real place and it is in Alaska so yeah so that's kind of the back story on that yeah so we didn't we didn't come up with that such creative unusual beautiful name if we would have had in charge naming it'd be like cannabis farm like my pigeon. Not There is named pitchy yeah yeah all right well like the name it's nice and it's got that far me feel right so we've seen some product on the shelf and when we first call on you guys as far as being farmers out in southern Oregon in here we'd notice you posted actually Britney. You'd posted a story your story about the the business or the form I should say. Do you want to share that and let us here the amazing backstory yeah it's been in <hes>. It's been a wild ride so this might get a little long winded but feel free to stop me. You know Mike Mike as he said came up here. In two thousand sixteen and fell in love with Southern Oregon knew we had to sell everything and and try. And make this work and <hes> we got together in two thousand seventeen and both of us we actually met on a drilling rig. Both of us come from different backgrounds. I <hes> studied engineering in college and was working in oil and gas and we met there and <unk> started seeing each other and I flew up here. Oh yes I'm into this so ever. Since then we was kind of like no question to ask we just started going teaming up going full force everything with the farm and it's been a wild ride you know we've gone through layoffs some promotions and unemployment sections and trying to make the farm work and then having to move to Denver and then moved back. I was recently <hes> able to move back. I was laid off from my job in February of this year and A. and decided to make a go of it and then I think we got a wild and crazy idea last fall to grow hemp this year high C._B.. Cannabis so we we have the wreck farm that we've had since he hasn't sixteen and we found this the property that they were sitting at right now in we fell in love with it and we knew we had to do it and it's crazy. We were talking earlier in the day. How it kind of felt like all the pieces fell together <hes> like as soon as as soon as things were going south south and we're like Oh? I don't know if this can happen something would happen and you know this is where we feel like we belong and where we want to be so it's been. It's been a while I did. I Miss Anything from a lot of stuff. No I mean it's all so you know it's yeah. It's been a wild ride. I mean I when I first started here is two thousand fifteen and while I finally found this wreck property for the recreational girl it was the Middle Two thousand sixteen is when we closed on that deal but you know <hes> we've gone through you know the county trying to shut us down and having a sued the county after like literally building our foreign and putting what we put into that and you know it's been. It's been really crazy so it. Didn't you say you guys closed on this house right before you got laid off so it was crazy I <hes> you know the we were getting the loan under my name because I was an employed position in oil and gas ask the last eleven years and we it was a long closing process for various reasons we jump through a lot of hoops overall like three or four month process and we closed in three days later was laid off <hes> and so so we were so thankful to get the property then what was even crazier they you know as fortunate to get a severance package which paid for irrigation you know like everything happens varies mice point about the county you might know <hes> Josephine County. You can no longer grow recreational marijuana on <hes> rural residential five which is what we are over there. Commercially gene plans for more is not allowed anymore so so we're grandfathered in with non-conforming use this but it was they tried to do outright ban for already existing businesses and you have you're talking about a lot of small farmers who are trying to make this work to make their dream happen and are invested pretty much their whole life savings women we teamed up with I think thirty five different farms farm who were all just like US small farmers craft cannabis China make something trying to make a better life and to pour your heart and soul into something and then have the counting be like no even though it's already built your we're taking it away so we we all band together. Mike I'm as vice president of FARMINGTON canal were still still fighting for property rights but we were able to get our non-conforming use so that went into effect this year so thankful for that but also kind of fortunate that that exists that we had to go through all that yeah so you guys being from oil background it it just <hes> this is probably one of the most unique stories of heard the you were saying earlier how you know you're out there. You don't want to get a hand tattoo but here are you aren't Oregon so I mean you were saying earlier to just can't get a hand point in what you were saying Britney. I know that you said you guys both have family. That uses cannabis or or was it. Just you okay so mind is also yeah okay my sister actually uses are so and that's why I was talking about right there France so <hes> because she has breast cancer she's been utilizing that and fortunately that we have people here in southern Oregon all over Oregon. They're willing to help in risk some of their livelihoods to use make sure that the oil gets there however they're not you know we don't have to get into that but you know make sure that it gets there safely which might sisters in North Dakota so like who actually just <hes> legalized also so so they're able to get medical but the weight on it is like she can't get our so there because the medical weight is like six seven months. which is the sad sign yeah? You don't have time for that. You don't have time to cure is now. Yes and I think a lot of I think it's a lot of it's been explained to me. Well don't worry Mike will ship at there because it's all about like you put the right vibe out there in you know what's going to make it you know it'll get through and and it has every time you know so tom Bin Cool and I think the the interesting thing is both coming from oil and gas back on it is quite different to you know save where engineers or directional drilling consultants and then now. We're you know cannabis farmers it is it is a different thing in <hes> when I I was moving up here with Mike. My family didn't didn't take it super. Well you know my mom. My mom partake my mom. She was like she sat let me down in choosing and he just he just can't you've always been so into health and fitness like why would you move up to Oregon and sell drugs and concern levy mom but I mean that was the the thought process and why I love him and I am really excited that we're getting into Hampton. I know Mike doesn't its cannabis why we're getting into high C._B._D.. Cannabis <hes> I think is really going to be the gateway into normalising it because we do have a C._d.. Product line and it has been so well received in it is helping so many of our friends and family in Texas sleep implementation pain like arthritis so much so much benefit from that and and once people understand that that's the exact same plant. It just has higher. That's what I meant. I love that I'd like I'm like okay so when I start breaking it down to them like let's talk about. Let's talk about like the plant and what it really consist Esta like and then I say hemp fiber like we're not even talking about. We're not talking about the stock. We're talking about the plant and like you can walk through field field of High T._H._C. or High C._B._D.. And you'll never be able to tell the difference so like <hes> once. I start breaking that down to them. They're like want people even even people that we talked to in Oregon. Don't understand what we're classifying him now because it is we you know <hes> selective breeding of cannabis plants to create these high C._b.. Charge like I like think about the the forethought in these guys that were genetics wise like a head of bogging. These dudes were on-demand new like hey like this is the road. This is the pathway and we're GONNA work. This is how we're going going to get it through the government. We're going to call it him. You know what I mean. That's the real you got. I mean you gotta get those do some series because that that was the forefront to because once once they were producing those massive fields the old southern Oregon for the last three or four years like people Sir Michael What Hey a lot of people still think that hemp is that fibrous bamboo stuff that they're growing in the mid West or Serena so that's the other thing. There's going to be a big import of you've Chinese hemp which is more like the fiber and it doesn't create the same C._B.. Product it doesn't it's not the same thing. It's not a cannabis plant. It's exactly that's why you gotTa know your farmer in that path but if you just go buy it off the shelf you're better off. Get Your Shit from China and that's straight up like if you're if you're getting off the shelf from any store <hes> know your farmer know your producer new like you have to you have to because there's <hes> we we see even locally unfortunately there's. There's some producers out there that are you know putting out stuff that you know. It doesn't say what's in it exactly for a reason so like full disclosure. What do you think igniting it ties into what we were talking about earlier being passionate for doing something versus being passionate to make money cartwright place so where does that passion come from with you guys like I I was trying to get out earlier is that you know being from oil and whatnot and you know obviously highly educated in in things that would probably not lead you into the cannabis industry and then having to make a big move complete lifestyle change? All in you know seems like you'd have to really have built that passion <hes> to really get to a level of being able to jump in like that yeah I think for that stem from your family using it or does it to stem from the understanding. I think it more no not not to be honest with you from me my understanding ending of it was you know my use as a young adult was pretty prevalent to be prevalent mainly out of the California market. The medical market were was my babysitter was bringing it back in and that was the thing you know my babysitter. Bring it back and he always watched my younger brothers while I was hanging out so I'd come back and hang out with him and he always had it so like pretty cool whatever right so <hes> and then as I started getting older and some family things went on in somebody that was using it <hes> medically which he really was. She's using it for yourself at a Laker though because <hes> I just she was somebody that was interjected in my family through time and we just didn't get along so therefore then I hated cannabis right like I I I get your drug year. All this shit will so it took me a long time to come back to that and <hes> my passion really evolved in my experience in southern Oregon like when I first came here and <hes> I was traveling through parts to go see my buddies on Coast Atlantic Medford Dr one ninety nine get there like two wow displaces just amazing and then once I committed needed to move in here and I was like man fully in my passion for growing didn't really evolve until I started growing really but I just start building you know so I just started building. The farm and I knew that's what I wanted to do and I didn't really have an answer for why or what that's just where I was going and then you know as I put in the first crop <hes> you know there's a lot of things that I touch base with like on trying to read about life in general other than oil and gas and <HES> meister reading about about like <hes> you know the golden ratio and like a lot of that stuff and unlike the rate of expansion for like you know when you read about how bees created honeycomb and the way that that honeycomb expands ends and the way you're everything like you're the rate of your arm grows into your body and the Broccoli growth everything like flowers they all do that on that same expansion rate and I was reading about that on the cat cool whatever like I'm not not really super hippy guess I don't really get it and then I was walking through the crop like nep first year and I was walking down the road platinum purple and I saw it like the first time I saw that golden ratio of the bud climbing up the a stem like a staircase staircase in that C._R._A.. Show like it just blew my mind and then you know I just dove completely head over heels in love with it and I just started reading as much as I could and trying to understand and then really that's one after the first year your that's one of my passion for like organic started really evolving and you know then I started soil science and then we my wife and I ended up signing up for like a leaning gums like educated you take a class where you get a credited class for it and <hes> and when I started learning about fungi and bacteria and then you really have to start accepting things about like your reality of what you live in it's like pretty powerful man. It's like understanding that like in the world that we live in is pretty overwhelming in so amazing at the same time like I love it like one is just like growing growing without utilizing living soil. I think is an illusion of control because you think that you're so smart you can give this plant. Would it needs but it it almost gives me chills just thinking about it right now like how intelligent everything around us is and how much is growing list plant like for me. You know I came in later twenty seventeen and I got to the farm and Dan I didn't know anything about cannabis. You know my family. My family uses it and but I I never really did because I always got drug tested with oil and gas and in my career and everything like that and I always thought it was gonna be a lifer I was going to be you know there's big C._e._o.. Of Some Oil Company and then I came onto the farm and it really shifted like my whole life like I was like what am I do like it made me feel like what I was doing was so insignificant oil and gas was like isn't that crazy looking good. She went to Texas. Am She graduated with honors. <hes> she has his whole working for Chevron one of the hugest fucking oil gas E._T.'s mailing willing gas companies you know like as this like evolving young adult has this like career platform and then to realize it so edens insignificant to like the world we are surrounded by live in every day like that's a huge huge thing to say my God squirrel yeah. There's I mean the planet so I was telling you guys earlier. I wanted to be a brain biologist my whole life and when I was eighteen and I was picking colleges on my family sat me down and they were like don't try and make a career out of something you love rugged career out of something that you can afford the lifestyle that you can afford to do the things you love and you people may not like that advice but it was really what I needed to hear at the time because I so I switched from marine biology to petroleum engineering and went that pathway and I am so thankful that I did because it did. Did allow us to build this farming. We've been able to do this investor free which is incredible and we're so grateful for that but it's kind of cool how it's come full circle in my life how I'm now like instead of marine biology microbiology soil biology and on flew out to the farm and like just diving in with leaning school and learning about the just microcosm the freaking fungus highway that we have under feet at all times where everything's communicated learn Mike Arise of sequestered nutrients from a different plant like you asking my wife people you could give me some come hungry through the grounds yeah and so it was it was and then what other plant like. I've just never been around another plant that is like cannabis it grows beautifully. I mean name another plant that has like thousands of different varieties and cultivars and different idiosyncrasies and they all smell different. They look different and it's just I love the way they smell. Every one of them has the capability of expressing itself in a different facet under certain conditions so like if you and you know that as a grower you can you can express that upon them and they can give that back to you help what Kinda plant can respond by you. Imminent these environments that it wants her these stresses that at once even you know maybe once or not once you know it's pretty cool which adds to the weirdness of prohibition on it because we yeah this goes back. I think the last time I saw was six to ten thousand years for like actual provable usage but like millions as far as like actual growing naturally and then they just isolated it to the the plateau into bed or whatever they isolated to that actual area yeah just it blows me away that it can be I mean ingrained in our culture for thousands of years intentionally Millennia and we've made it illegal obviously cutting out of that but just odd odd to think of it that way especially for people as medicine you know when you guys look at people we see it all the time. Sarah sees <hes> <hes> you know customers that come in have cancer we've would everybody's probably been through cancer. You know that you know of somebody. That's been through cancer so it's just it's just terrible that it's that it has been through what has been through so when you guys moved out here <hes> you guys have been kind of going back and forth and making it work what is will billy think is going to bring to the canvas world. What are you guys? What's your gift to the from the plant to the people to obtain Hashtag hashtags of we have start using that? We definitely like focus gets on. I mean the flavor profiles were at we love we and but really I don't know just just being in touch with everybody like a passion. You know that's that's what we bring his. We've in all aspects of everything I think we are fully committed fully committed to helping be part of the change. You know like we love love tercel. I promise you everything about yeah. We want to start growing lavender in between I rose later you know because it's all everything all these plants or so amazing like everything you know has the capabilities and we don't know besides cannabis what other plants can be beneficial with them. We know there's a lot of medicine medical benefits to different plants and stuff but imagine this is completely wide open and we can start experiencing some of those you know microcosm of different points together. It's GonNa be and excuse where we've heard different different studies about Turpin being <unk>. What really gives you the effect so it's less so indica? Sativa hybrids more Meyer seen little little like what turbines are in charge of any but as far as willoughby itself. Mike and I have talked about this a lot. We WanNA stand for <hes> you know building building doing something better than herself as leaving a positive impact on on the world so you know we will be the first to admit we don't know everything we're not perfect but we're always willing to help and we're always willing to take advice. Take feedback. If anyone ever wants to come visit or hang out like you're more than welcome so I guess being an honest open as much as possible face of Ken new face of Canada's. If another big thing is especially to southern Oregon in Josephine County in particular like you know and it's one of the poorest counties in in Oregon I believe or tax taxed Ki Ay poorest counties. I guess you could say it's pretty reported reported for <hes> but you know what I mean so like I I think a lot of that is helping the community a lot. We want to be part of that. Whole change also is just yesterday I read? I read something about Illinois. Valley teen graduates under expectations that weren't optimal like why should those kids have that setback or that you know hey you're most likely not going to graduate high school so like you know good luck with. It doesn't have to be like that and you know at some point you know she's wanting to help on the education oceanside maybe teaching locally and stuff and we wanted to start. We've into the want to start like a scholarship tightrope type situation just help out help out where we can in the community. He wants to volunteer fire fire firemen bonfire fight and you looking at looking at just get it because two teams stigma you have to have conversations with you have to be part of the norm you know what I mean so if you can be part of the norm you can <hes> people were like Oh. You're all so a cannabis producer. Okay cool like I can dig. You like you're okay with us really yet and it's unfortunate that has to be like that but I got. That's what it takes. When when I first moved out here I I was I? I don't know if I was embarrassed because I did come from the oil and gas background. I didn't want on gas buddies to judge me and be like what is this crazy girl. Doing you know quit. Her job moved to Oregon grown pot but so I wouldn't tell anyone I wouldn't post anything about it and then I was like how am I going to be you part of the change. If I'm embarrassed to talk about it so now I am completely open with it and I have so many people reach out to me to talk about it or like think me for like informing spot listening on knew it Lina I love but on the other hand it's also it's also hard being from Texas and you know my whole family would love for it to be legal and I would love for them. You know I'm proud of what we grow. I would love to for them to be able to try but we you know we obviously don't cross that line but it's just it's sad that they're not able to go so that's where we got to. We've got to get to as a country. <hes> I just you know from my grandma to to the my youngest youngest brothers. You know everyone everyone uses it for one reason or another. You know we're the Napa Valley of cannabis so they're getting Mexican trash Tweeden's. They'll decriminalize it so we can cause we are I don't I don't know if you were sitting on a lot of candidates organ and a lot of outdoor as they say they say lots of pounds of it. I wish we could send the stuff that we are sitting on. Two people there are is legally. I'm sorry but not label it as him like actually send it to them. We have quality medicine is growing really damn good state and we would like to share and it's like it's it sucks stay. We can't here's a perspective from the black market. I've talked to people in other states that <hes> are still illegal and they are commenting about how organ we'd is lost. Its Luster foster and I might I can tell you why I think is all that surplus is going out there. You know you're not we're not GONNA sit on seven years really cannabis when the whole rest of the world wants them so so imagine not everybody but some are going to solve market whatever they have extra and that's not going to be the best stuff you know why because the best stuff is going to be wasted dispensary and on so and so's shelf and it's all going to be right here. We're working all the Iressa stuff gets kicked out and and I can see that I can be like yeah. It is probably because it's all the Shit we didn't WanNA. Keep him to stay well. That's the other thing is i. I heard this last year <hes> up in Portland. They were labeling a lot of the shit indoor indoor stuff <hes> southern Oregon outdoor. You know what I mean. Come on man like we know we know if anybody's opinion about southern Oregon outdoor is less than optimal that they weren't smoking southern Oregon how to right from the real growers now you're smoking that was probably not the best quality and it doesn't it doesn't knock it but you know what God is also what some people with certain certain people like. It's become a big discussion that we've seen about people that use shit stuff to put into my teachers and stuff like that. I'm sorry but if you're using a Taser you want to have everything in there and it doesn't matter what quality is in there as long as it's cannabis that goes in there and as long as it does what it's supposed to and it's that medicinal effects. It doesn't have to be great a quality week because you're GONNA be selling that stuff on a shelf and so it's like every part of the plant can be used for every aspect of the process that sold and dispensaries so either way if it's being sold the new still have step is still looks good and they just didn't use it for staff so being on the happy side that it's not the booth that got turned into something that you want to consider uh-huh and it's it's a little misleading when people label full spectrum. We'd had a conversation a lengthy one about this but one and people in Oregon. I feel like growing having this culture this growing culture here that we do. It's people are a lot more aware but you know of being from Texas and even even Colorado people are buying hand over fist pin hundred dollars a bottle for Iceland MT oil. You know it's not no it's crazy. I see it's a very unfortunate but I- allotted audit these companies that are you see they're just hammering out the marketing there. They got huge teams and shit is because they really are playing on the ploy of these people not understanding what from here in Oregon they can't do that right so they know everybody. Nobody here knows so but they know it just like the same as our county commissioner. He's like I can slander as much as I can where I can say whatever want nobody's GonNa say any different because they don't have a lawyer to talk to or they don't have. They can't really they can't really prove me wrong right. Well all these consumers nap. <unk> nationwide are very unaware so they they're getting this little bit of information where they like. Oh full spectrum. I understand full spectrum and be this right so they take that in but these these these people are selling so no this they're taking advantage of this representation and take advantage of people's ignorant because they have this they have this time lapse this window of nut the people lacking education or they don't know themselves because as you guys know there's a lot of hands on C._B._D.. B._B._B. So you have a lot of these middlemen who have no idea but anything about the plan they probably couldn't even don't even know what it looks like you know and they're selling the product they know nothing about it and someone told them this is full. There'd be good yeah. That's what he was saying. Too is the fact that some people either they know and it's like say it's Greyli- basically it's not like a white light. It's like agree. They know it's a mark. It's they would like to say. It's a marketing term and it's like okay so you're bullshitting me. You're just making it sound sweeter than it is and so it's like did it go up and organic farms up in Portland. They have five indoor rooms in they have twelve thousand plants per room. Yeah it's pretty cool in all the root system yeah they have all these trees on every traders like every six inches is a clone right and yeah they were they had went through a lot of grown experience or learning the experience and stuff but it was pretty cool like up there and check it out. I was like holy crap man like they did housing plants at a time and but they just be like they'd put it in there as soon as there's routes as soon as they transplanted and they flip it right away the song call. That's how picture of something that was like that was just a bunch of cannabis plants <unk>. Basically there was no dirt. It was just the plant Mike Wow any all you could see as the Roop says yet in there is constantly dishes. What's is crazy about it so the on every tray the tray water comes in one side with nutrients in it the whole time they're running nugent? It's so crazy so it goes out in whatever plant whatever it takes out the plant uptakes it goes back through this return. It goes all the way down to where the blue lab stuff decode how much it would ever nutrients are missing re-injected back in turn keeps. Just it's like one long table but there's it's not a continuous table just separate trays oak every twelve inches trains right and there's an inlet to every trae two trays like four inches wide aided eight feet long and there's every six inches of plant yeah. It's crazy having enough plant yeah yeah. They didn't be like we were providing clones for them so they didn't really have a good coin practice then but now they've you know they have their own mother. Plants and gotTa Get Systems Yeah Yeah. They've actually been doing pretty good. That'd be fun to go check out. That sounds really cool like the science of that crazy like they have. They have tapeh a old quayle farm so they have all these huge buildings. Man Huge buildings brought in twenty yeah they brought in one hundred forty acres. They brought in like put it. This way is enough power to provide power for like a hundred and fifty homes how like in what they were going to do is section it off in lease out to other farms right but they ended up never doing that but you walk in. They have like ten buildings but five. Kamar finished and it's it's pretty cool. That is what lead you guys into getting into Hampton was at your original goal to do both or canvas. It was mainly only light expelling him. We just knew the to get on a platform where we have a greater impact and be able to provide stuff for families that we needed to go this hemp hemp in any you know we have we we. We knew that there was just having a production license. <hes> we needed to go further right either a have a platform where we can sell her own candidates with we went down that road to get the dispensary when all the way down to the end of it was like oh no no no this is not gonna work got back out of that deal and that's why at that point. We're like okay. What what? What are we okay? Let's just get another farm. We're going to go into the game so when it evolved even from that because really we'll lease some land will grow a couple Lakers and then it was like when you play for your because we'd been this whole conversation going on for the last year and a half like hey. How are we going to expand in make this wreck farm a bigger platform? Um You know it. It's really hard to get your name out. If you don't have a good a good relationship I mean dispensaries and stuff like that and you know there's many times we'd walk into dispensaries and it's like a you know leave. They'd make you feel and stuff so we've needed. We knew that we needed to find a way to open up our broader spectrum to the to the world so like in can't hi CD canvas is where attack because we can go anywhere with you can sell it anywhere and the other bit of that is is I was still working at that at that are still working in oil and gas at that time we both wanted to be able to create this lifestyle that we could retire in quotes from the oil oil and gas market into something like farming fulltime and that's still that's still the goal. We didn't see we're that just having a wreck firm was enough at the time so that's why we made this move to either having a dispensary where we have an outlet so we can we can afford to produce and sell in function off of that that income or go into this direction. which is you know this is this was a much safer bet for us because the the dispensary side of it you as we all know the two eighty laws killer for a lot of people not to mention like we both just really enjoy being out here and being going plants? It teaches you a lot about yourself off about people about life like it's just crazy patients. It's just goes. I'm really glad that we went this route while he was smart. Especially financially I see a lot of other forms doing it and for you guys to come in is newcomers stuff and be able to foresee that as the futures is good. You know what's funny about. It is three years ago when I was driving out here kind of we're transitioning Ambi in and out and I was listening to a podcast with Seth Crawford from Oregon C._D.. And he was talking about his genetics and stuff like that and how they were doing a lot of their R._N._D.. Stuff and like for me I was still really trying to understand cannabis as a whole in the first place so like list <unk>. I constantly like a that's all I was listening to his information information information. Whatever it was in fortunately seth was a open enough to when I would ask him questions a line? He would respond in he would it wasn't like hey you deserve to know this kind of stuff. It was like hey here's words at like you know. He's very open to that stuff so Oregon T._v._d.. Who We have all our genetics from on her hips will not all but most so for them like that those little tidbits from people that were so well ingrained into this scene <hes> what led me to understanding so much because when I started understanding what he was doing what he was pushing for him in air quotes to be legal bill was he was producing cannabis and they were genetic going after the genetics were just hiding Siamese so like learning so much about that was like the what kind of rant me up to understanding? Oh my God it is all the same. It is all the same like Holy Shit. This is super cool so like <hes> that whole understanding of you know C._B._D.. has been evolving at the same time so it's it's really it's really cool to think back on those things we like. I don't exactly where I was exactly where I was. When the light came on he known I was listening to that podcast? I know I mean I can tell you probably the mile marker posts down the steep cliff. Remember that the steep cliff coming into Oregon and I was listening to it then. I called her and I'm sick get. It got to call this dude so yeah. I'll see think of this great. He's been ordered to one. That's that's something little side. Note that <hes> you know we've been referencing all were in and out or back and forth so our current our current dynamic as of February we lift your fulltime but Mike still works in oil and gas. He's he's on a drilling rig for twenty twenty one days straight in the he's able to come home for about nine days so as a February we're we're officially part owners in part operators because he's here part time and I'm here full time now and then we want to give a shout out to you know we have two other fulltime workers <hes> to so it's been able to keep it as a small team and but it just kind of gets confusing because you don't get to see this beautiful Mug of my son Instagram as much until you're done does exist he <hes> hopefully I mean I mean we're close yeah. I don't is just like when people ask me at work. When you think we're GONNA finish this well like right? I don't like to talk about it because like you know one. When we're there you yeah no one no and I'm going to drop the MIC? Drop the MIC like everybody at work like I know all these people for a long time and like they know they know like what my goal is and I've actually eh one. I talked to my boss last time I need to get to two weeks on two weeks off and historic leg. I got to spend more time at my farm and because it's really it's really difficult like trying to <hes> you know help here <hes> as as much as I can with <hes> phone conversations and really trying to direct traffic as much as possible <hes> I just have to be here in this I wanna be I really find it ironic that you <hes> were drilling for oil or basically. That's what you're yeah and now you're growing for oil right that we make a real L. everywhere. I'm saying that's almost like catchphrase. Okay charged twenty percents oil on came up. I came up about one by accident for big yeah. Come into my mind well. At least we're on the same sleeve right here right here. Yeah there's actually there's action extractor underground where would not underground but medical extractor it has on the back of his dodge. It says oil rig that's crazy. We'll sure liked the passion. It's actually catchy. I mean being guys. It's like we really go. There's some awesome a lot of fun. I really enjoyed coming out here and checking out the all your property. Actually I really enjoyed watching the talk into your vacation fine. She was so series pipe bro and stay little in my goodness sunshine. I do this out here. Too is incredible. It's like I was really surprised. When I walked out the last property to I walked in? I saw the greenhouses and then you brought me to the side of the water. Take for and I'm like Holy Shit. They're still like doubled this this. It's both of the properties are really good sized. It's beautiful. You guys paint a really good price for both of them yeah like we we were very fortunate so for and that's that's part of like like we talked to earlier. You know like not really understanding what direction going but really seeing that in your mind and everything just falling into place like <hes> for instance the the wreck farm like I literally was in. I was closing on a different embar that was in Kirby in is the biggest crab in probably would have never worked I was they didn't yeah they claim they had water rights which they really didn't have water rights and no they did have water rights but it was dry they could nobody could hit water there art and two days away from closing on that and this property pops up and I see this literally Hourigan is no doubt once because that really goes with the you know I wanted something that you know that your heart is pulling you towards like everything just keeps putting getting put right in front of them. Everything and you just have to be open minded enough to see it and for me like my realtor realtor was with the bird brothers at the other property. I was like Oh hell no unique these over here go look at this right now and they literally went over there and my buddy billy calls me like dude. This is it so I I called my realtor right. There and it's like no that's the one that's right there and we got out of the other deal and made a cash offer just and now is the one that's out of the beautiful river that you could go swimming in easily yeah well. You don't get well. That's the beautiful thing about both these firms. They just feel so blessed to be in. This valley is an incredible place to grow its place to live and both of our firms are a river fed because you were on the river on the wreck farm and this farm all this water the disputable water that you see comes from a tributary of the same river that feeds ereck farm so it says Sucker Creek is were this irrigation ditch comes off which originally comes from it right yeah you said. What did you say the Illinois River was high in Kalamata inmate yeah we had it tested it came back and they're like in this is before I really understanding about nutrients in the whole and I was like yeah cool? That's pretty cool right like how important that was like yeah and yet to have like full-blown water rights to you know like that's it was amazing that river river fed canvas and the best cannabis comes from when you pump that calcium. I've noticed that well let's talk about the current stuff and so what what kind of strange you guys were on. What's your one hundred one hundred fifteen strains? You Got <hes> we did see yeah. We started the first year with one hundred fifteen clone only strains and we've whittled that down to we actually kept five of those does not that any of the other ones weren't deserving of it because don't get me wrong where there was a lot of really good stuff there but for our particular micro-climate a lot of them were very finicky and we wanna grow robust US exactly something is really vibrant. Even so that's what kinds of four we stuff within. She's the street she remembers everyone so we have the ones that were growing again that we grow grew last year blueberry cookies Tangerine Dream Purple Skeleton and those are are like fruity amazing smelling Turk casting the girls go into the other tin that one's beautiful too because it's purple but in green flowers and it just it grows beautifully and then Cape Skunk which is the cheesy cheesy one that we have <hes> popped in the original strain we have that one we have <hes> yeager got heavy hager shout out to Matt Miller and then Elmer's glue and ice cream cake so we're going all those again and then we're adding in golden and Strawberries Animal Mints Smiley Face Tangible Wedding Crasher and I think that would be short struggling lava. That's coming Eh and we we Pepsi's on this one like punch breath but we only have one of as we might not check it out a bunch breath. Just so you know a good strain that I've tried. I tried so if you guys do stick with that one just to let you know tasty yeah that one actually was hundred by a friend of ours yeah so that that's train was yeah so we transferred that we transferred that through a metric tricking got that one for men so now just saw listeners know <hes> listeners in Oregon at least we tried your blueberry. Could you slip cookies and Tangerine Dream Tangerine dream today and they were both really good hashtag thirteen actor se trim trim camp did a great job undoing rolling them up like accounts up to those guys they they smoked. Well you know we just hung up on his on his post tune they do they'd smoked well. They do not run they. They have great airflow and I love that you guys have the logo I really. You do see. I think that that's the way to go. I I do. I says raw says Russia you know whatever it is but at the same time it's really cool to have that it'd be like hey look. This is from this farm so when you're passing it it to the next person would be like that's the uniqueness of the details right. I think yeah I really like your packaging because it's it's. It's like it looks like it's quality and it's a really appealing packaging but it's not overboard like you feel it should come wrapped up with a nice little bow gift car all right and gold line on the sides. Some packaging goes overboard these days keep that classy level packaging without making it like vintage feeling and do a little sidebar with our branding so we rebranded is crazy how it happened. We went into best bud bags for shirts one time and literally came out with a whole brand package. We're less because you know we made our original. Mike made our original logo and it just it's good in. It's cool in. It's like super organized but it just we wanted something that would help us share our story a little bit better and who who we feel like we are who we want to be so best bud bags. I mean for the better part of a year now have spent time creating this whole vintage feelings over finally about to launch our pre roll packs. They're ten half grandmother available in Oregon dispensaries. I like that idea. That's definitely from those coming out. Behalf Half Graham you said ten dollars multiple flavors in those are just going to be. They're going to be three Labor that in this year this year we have the tangerine dream blueberry cookies so <hes> our shell flower. We've also matched that along with pre rolls all full nut rolls and ice cream cake. This was so those are the three were running with pre rolls this year and then yeah and you know what those are going to be perfect for those <hes> packs the half grams take those golfing often men. I'm Sam GonNa take the pack. Throw it right in the Cup holder half grand the whole. That's the c one half grand per hole to I want to go for that day to be like twenty over. It'd be like four hundred won't be about eighteen over good. I'm a bogey Golfer. Just so we're oh definitely yeah. I like the path I'm actually what they called him bowlegged offer pappa to drive on that patio or water and like water to my ball magnetised towards those the two directions if you can get a good burner going into skips across the one branch hanging in my path I will hit that branch. I guaranteed branches hanging in your path. You most likely will hit that one because that's right the way you're going to. I'm thinking two packs. That's twenty that keeps my nerves down one per hole there is that's a life threatening game when you play my wife. You've got you need if I if I smoke even to those yeah no. It's it's really cool because we know it's really cool because does set in even drinking. I hate six. I'm not promoting it but you know it's one of the sports you can indulge in a drink and and still drive legally and you know and it's Nice I find golf in cannabis hand in hand. I also like the see cannabis and golf ooh exercising told me about you know I. I've noticed that like I can really kick ass cardio. When I smoked beforehand? It's crazy and actually open to lungs alive and that's what they had been researching. When it comes to sports I like the sports like football players that are using it the swimmers all that stuff you know Michael Phillips saying it actually expands your lungs so it's seen drug and Michael Phelps? Take off gold right there. There was good way there yet arguing that yes really don't think it was in a good way like their single. You can't smoke because it is it enhances whatever the drug come on man. I mean to what to what degree so they're seeing the your. I know what you're talking yeah. I know what you're saying like. The things that there's the Kepler Kepler is basically are able to dilate probably more. Maybe also puts a different mindset like I don't know about like a sport per se but like when I go to do cardio I don't get on that machine and I'm like Gosh. I'm just happy that I'm GonNa do this elliptical for thirty five minutes but why smoke beforehand. That's not bad in what I'm watching this pretty soon. It's been thirty five minutes and we're done and I say afterwards. It's nice that want to expand your lungs from working out you go you smoke a joint. You're like Holy Shit. I got so much higher now. I am so relaxed. Let's go home. Let's take shower have a good rest of the night and we've been doing that. That's what we did for a really long time. It's like I've been smoking since I was eighteen nineteen. He's it's really nice took his break smoke before Asana too. If you guys are in the health stuff they've had a lot of good studies on <hes> getting on it. I guess both ways so the cryogenic stuff we're getting coal chamber's and the and then the psalm raising your temperature. I like that so with your farm now we talked about strains and as far as nutrients soil you guys are doing living soil or at least that's your where if you're headed is getting all in line and you amend apparently yes okay we have the last last year and then this year because last year was the first transition away from synthetics <hes> and and so we amended then we amended again this year as we restructured our beds understand that Britney really likes to use compost directly from the source from the store to the implant directly do not pass go do not close planted in the compost still in the shape of turn uh-huh is often. Take organic was right news brat mobile dairy. You guys are into turps whether it's poo or whether that's it has all facets interesting I have a video of it getting dumped up the truck and inflict steamy on the squatters in her house. Ah Shit I have breasts. Have you seen that video online where there's these people on this farm barbies they're protesting so you take tractor out there and he has his pu dumper sprays liquid with two so he went out there and he started doing circles around his get. You like hey what get's sprayed on you on. My property is not naught. Look like looks just spread like ants will ability call around here. That's our that's our but it has been cool because this is our third year using the soil <unk> and we had like fabric raised beds so this year we ripped all that out and we had a bunch of wood chips from the from the trees and we tell you know brought all that into the soil and amended it in an added some uh-huh cow poop and that's our beds now and I was just digging in the soil the other day and I literally Jews Doug this we have hey across the tar straw across the top and I dug through that first layer of soil and there was like five earthworms that I got eh shot a gardener outdoor like our outdoors like those beds are on point man. The perfect everything about them is perfectly. They are going to do really well but the first year like indoor when we were like we need to get out of these raise the other one hundred gallon pots we had so we got rid of by all that stuff and then tried to do in ground beds and that that was a big learning curve so that is getting to the point where we're going to get that down in a lot better but yeah but outdoor door like those bands are here soil is supposed to be supposed to be the best so we'll see how it goes. I we feel really good about our outdoor. Indoor beds like Mike said we're we have one hundred gallon fabric pots in there so this is our first year doing <music>. I'm living soil in there so it's it's going to be a learning curve but if you if if you keep to those basic practices and keep sipple and then test your soil which we do right away you know staying on those practices practices I mean I mean I think living till work into yeah yeah yeah he nor light deprivation not so much indoor indoor brake lights greenhouse yeah you guys do as far like your fields. Do you guys do like a chop. Drop until the stuff in or do you we will next year this year. You know just getting this property. We were kind of <hes> you know left up to what the previous owners had but is what we did do is this grass grew very quickly whether rains here so we brought a neighbor's Catalan we had like thirty head of cattle running my and that's quick to talk about the day and a half and talk about the cycling nutrients nutrients right in reporting those you know couching rate putting it right back in I mean but that's the fact you know like this soil we had tested prior to having those cattle near was very nutrient deficient so just bring those cattle adeline here in grazing using the grazing <hes> aspect of of you know adding nutrients to the soil I mean it's night and day from not grazing your fields or I mean if you're planting cover crops and stuff and then dropping it in until it in great. You're you're getting it in there but other than that like <hes> having cattle it works. Well works really well. It does yeah I was watching a program with about Joe. Rogan was on there and they were talking about how like wild animals bill purposely farmers will bring in like wild goats if they have them and stuff just to come through their property and eat the grass and stuff because it's just like a cycle like they're just dropping this amazing yet doodoo along the way it's way better to sacrifice the grass and get that Doodoo in there and then letting go and this grasping on here manages. I hear really like it or friends uses it in its is what is really cool about it from what we're learning that you don't have to compost it. You can use them right away. Brew monitored it it really did. We're good tell you what as far as microbiology in that teed brilliant like foam in like real living bacteria I mean that shit is on point right away like hit. Throw it in there. It's a live yeah. That's what you want. You want to add the microbiology tier so also that's what your intent on on T. is or a compost area to compost. I mean is that how you're introducing bacteria that point you could see like we had that thousand gallon per there. We use Brunetti right now so we're going to frigging just start hammering these beds with bacteria and fungi mainly four guys like what we like to go after because bacteria inoculated or they reproduce so fast that it's not that hard to we like to make sure that our guide numbers are really high and then we add whatever sugars in very at the end regular already to feed so you know those ratios are a little bit more even <hes> but yeah we're we're GonNa Start hitting these bids and breaking down a lot of that compost where the seas close to compensate for the season will will do fuller in in route trend compasses probably once a week yeah yeah so we believe in in that tell you what when you understand the relationship between fungi and nutrients sequestering and their relationship to feeding the plant in understanding seen the difference interpreting outputs <hes> between synthetics in organics tripling of are not only that like if you look at our testing across the board we tested thirteen strains in average four and a half percent out of thirteen different strains like the lowest one was like three point five which is just number synthetic which is yeah highs number went under synthetics was three point five our lowest number. This year was three point five across thirteen net. We've like you could tell they had some really good nose knows on this the thirteen that we wanna test and across the board that's where we're at and it all comes down to it. All comes down to fungi unlike we'd like we talked talked earlier. The plant knows what it needs. There's ninety nine different. <hes> micronutrients of the plant uptakes one. That was really shocking that we know the one that was really shocking to me was Melinda no because I used to work in a molybdenum mine. That's that's a heavy metal. That's added to steal like the plants using that one and a shoutout to dirt M._d.. In their products because they have lived lived in I can't curve and we utilize that leaves dirt indeed mammoth microbes jobs and visiting the Mount Affi Yeah. Do I like when you understand what their what their product is like. I went to the lab and Colorado like. Like a win met them personally like to understand like the wall I colon was out of town. I've met like their whole staff like and they understand how they got to that. End Product in the money put into that put through the the I think is a university school of mines are bowling one of the one of those colleges. They're out of the day rip. There's really a lot of funding behind end understanding for these guys. Take that education then bring out to their own liberally degree junk like to shave so I we've used them religiously for five six years and and I are buzzer considerably Ivan get closer to endure yet presentation with and and then to understand utilizing them during rooting in the utilizing your seats so our our seed mix out here is from biomass one and they I have inoculated bio char with mammoth P.. Oh Nice so that's sealed all those dudes were on point with it so lake and then when you talk to Josie who's a rep for mammoth pea around here hardly her yeah she she's like she explained a lot of it to me as far as the routing and how not only does it help with a ruining it also helps with structuring the plant and giving it a lot stronger the nodal spacing on it's closer which leads to better branching and all that stuff you know has that relationships yeah and I've noticed I can really crank out the bone meal one of these in the mammoth. I can do yeah yeah just force all that calcium and phosphorus but <hes> yeah I enjoy I do use a little great white right so us all inoculate and transplant with the great white and yeah and they make the work which is liquid they make the great white which is granular earlier which is for dry transplant and then they make powder which you can use either way you can use it like granular or it's edible and all I give those out to listeners because they're just little packs and then they send me the big envelope loop pack things for the granular and I like it. It works great when you understand the relationship with microwave. What what Mica Raza Fungi are the most important with? I don't know how to say the word but it's Eh Abbas after school or something like that but anyway that that might arise is the most abundant in the most has the the best relationship and has also evolved with plants in is the most important. It's only one out of all those ones that are available that winds up you know that one is the most important so which most of mart like Mike goes all that are made of wool and there's a misconception that like like a lot of people will hear all this information nation where they did that study and they shared about how trees they did this study on trees and and Micalizzi and the fact that trees were connected through this fungal pathway and that they were able to communicate reallocate locate nutrients all that stuff and these trees and the thing about that is cannabis those are democracy and cannabis does not use active Endo Micalizzi so the thing about that is the easy route dweller obviously collects on the roots and grows with the roots but it doesn't branch out from there so like if you planted like your whole bed you'll get the microwavable connection between those but is it really benefiting. I don't we don't know because the endo doesn't do that. As far as they can. Tell into micro is the only stuff that's <hes> working with plants. It's so crazy because like the one thing we noticed okay hey so and this might just be coincidence but having so we'd layered all of our in between the rows last year Oh was layered with widgets everywhere which they're not there now we've tilled them into the beds and stuff but under that layer there was a it not only was there. A micro is a like a like a like a blanket isn't it exactly to the entire back and rob was in a crawl out around out any team up to the surface right there and you know what a strain was over the top of blueberry cookies which is such a trip because is it in relationship to that or is it not who knows yeah well I do believe of it is but I believe it's how you're treating because Micalizzi lives off organics so if you're like we put you pointed out if you're using a conventional line. It's all going to die away does that it uses dying organics the aid itself and so as long as you're using organics that Mike should develop right and you could I mean I i. I use micro Arizona flowers I I was I was doing some some some living soiled do living soil with the flowers I mean it's the same dirt we just amended and stuff like that and this year I was really happy hours like digging through the dirt just kind of filling it up and same thing big blankets of palm yeah. You know you're doing something when you when you well I know there's some some definite interaction but you gotta feed those guys because they're not and there's also like like there's debate on track Dermot. Ah That's because Dermot it does work with the cannabis like they think Indo those but Taika derm eat in the Micalizzi and vice versa so it's like this food web. It's like having a balance and I I simple you can just sit there and be like we got well. Billion four billion track Durmus five billion globus intra diocese is what you're trying to say. was that it thanks. I have to look it up thought it started with an A.. Okay maybe those anyway like it. Just think about this like <hes> so being from North Dakota originally like a grown up around farmers Ben you know my family family <hes> my stepfather in his own like two thousand acres and they've been ranchers and they've been all this and that to hear what they have to say about <hes> <hes> organics and the misunderstanding about why they can't can't produces much and why the concert thing is oh. We'll get all these invasive weeds. We'll get all this is a they have their person coming out. That's providing the nutrients for them. For the year is also working the soil the guy I chestnut soils the guy selling them the nutrients guy selling the nutrients is also working for unsaid unsavory chemical farming right in his telling him that it's not possible right so the soil is so dead in books that stirred. It's not but the real reason it's dead because it's the synthetics is assault assaulted dehydrating the in roots have like this fricken film layer water around them that protect them from dying in being a from drought in all the salts. Take that away which kills the plant and it kills everything around in so if it's not living you that's why it takes a while for them to regain or get this traction back for these organics take full effect ensure. Maybe yielded the older production. Wise people can say all the time they can say. We'll never be able to feed the world on well. Okay well. Maybe the world wasn't meant to have that many people there and that's just honestly like you should be able to produce food for yourself and that's just how life is the people get mad because I say it's <hes> you know of life of the fittest or hover you wanna say like you have to be able to provide for yourself you you know and that's his point simple. Overproduction has only been increased by synthetics and that type of farming you know I don't think to me farmers. We talked to US Minnie's listen. They don't admit to it yeah. Eh more they are on the opposite side. I do know forms of US synthetics but not not your oil wreck farms food food production it will here's it. Here's a kind of a shocking story like like a one of the firms that we're talking. We're doing big consult about like him farming all that stuff <hes> that they were producing lintels under a government program and <hes> they were all you know they're using is in synthetics. They're using this protocol to desiccation okay. The desiccated is what they kill the crop off with at the end of the year to dry out with okay moisture yet so in they're using this product and these to kill the plant yet the lentils those are are being shipped overseas to third world countries. The government is paying them to produce under these conditions to produce this product so they can sell it but these farmers are in this bind. Were like they're producing it because they need to make money right but they're in this little thing where they know they'll sell it they in their their given these guidelines like hey these are worth what you're going to produce how much you're gonNA produce and they're selling to these countries knowing they spray the death camp because they it's too expensive and too time consuming to cut it down in dry field so it's a drying agent and then but it has a half-life so they have to spray it and then they have to wait a certain amount of time before they can ship it because it's a poisonous chemical countries given it to human with beans to consume as it's like a you know like I don't give a crap what you're giving them. If you'RE GONNA lie to them and put give them poison like you sounds like some Monsanto I find it. I don't even say the name but that's the fact that that's the scene that's the people that are selling the chemicals. I find it hilarious when people do come into the dispensaries like are you guys organic and it's like I really WanNa look at him and be like you know what our food is. More are smoking smoking stuff that you have in front of you is more organic than the food that you can do every day and because they don't have the rules and regulations even though they claim that they do it's more monitored and cannabis than it is with your food and especially Oregon candidates to exactly unlike in just like well. I don't know about that and they want to discuss it with you on Mike Okay go down to California. No it's going to be different. It's going to be less testing. They're going to have private it testing it ever and they have proven that it is a lot more a lot more toxic stuff going on down there whereas here they test for everything all right will thanks for having us out here. You guys got a beautiful farm and it's just it's beautiful property out here looking forward to try your product so we look forward to coming in. Maybe you guys might look into carrying yeah because I like to have some of that Blueberry Muffin cake out. Hey Hey now. This is really good so as far as listeners check out check out those flavors on the shelf those to our favor. We still haven't tried together so we don't know yet but I do know that there at firesides so I will do a shout out to you can find their strains that fireside dispensary so because they had fish by side down Oh yeah plug we're always on the shelves at ground up farms and farm-to-table Nice okay I actually I have heard that at ground apartments and they have some good <hes> you guys are on the shelves with some good product. They're too focused north. I noticed there as well and there's only two shops. Focus North was that in southern Oregon and that's our shopping ground up. That's awesome yeah really nice looking stuff. I really liked they showed me and let me smell the focus north lower. I don't remember exactly which one it was but all so maybe that's they're pretty legendary when right now also it's the pledge Indo G._M.. <hes> G._M.. Cookies that yeah they're doing. They're doing good stuff for sure definitely look for the fightbacks. Come out yeah. You can't Miss Packaging and check those out. I think it's a good we will be take pictures and put the money. We have three packs to show off a told you that my two I'm going to walk the dogs with those five nights and play golf all right so keep bringing the turps and one is you before we go. Why don't you guys are we'll ability farms on G willoughby farms on instagram and willow billy dot com on coming soon to for our webpage for now is just at willoughby farms and are are you on facebook or facebook okay excellent so check him out there follow them and watch for these releases coming out? I'm excited to see what the future holds for you guys so you know good luck and we'll check in not again. Hopefully you'll have us back out and we can follow up and see big plants Anson yeah some bad ass mounds of funds in a big big bonfire. At the end of the year top. Keep are uh-huh maybe little ceilings and it'd be awesome to see him as a big Mama plant. Oh Yeah Yeah and just you guys are really good people so thank you for bringing the passion and the kindness to the <hes> to the scene we welcome with open arms. I hope everybody else has and the humble humble side of the awesome. Check them out and thank you for being on the show. We appreciate it thank you.

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