Using Science to Hire the Right Team Members


Hey. It's John Lee Dumas of e Oh fire, and it's the entrepreneurial. You this show for dedicated and passionate Caribbean entrepreneur seeking daily inspiration brought to you by author. Speaker Award Winning Entrepreneur Hanukkah watkiss porter. You must be prepared to ignite I. Think the biggest thing to know is that scientists here to help you in the hiring process it's here to make things objective and take away that bias it simply one part of the hiring process it's a tool in your toolbox. There's things we want to keep natural and there's things that we want to get better at. That's where e Q. comes in as an opportunity to improve. and. So I, think the core thing here is don't be afraid of the results, embrace them as part of a conversation with whoever you're looking to hire. It gives you clarity on each role when you take the time to do this. Hi this is Hannibal I'm so glad you took the time to stop by today in Jamaican parlance one Magadan Sale. This episode is sponsored by. 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So we made a call an experienced transformation of our business through conversations John food seal of Jamaica Teas, and we are listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. Give. US A call today at eight, seven, six, nine, six, seven, three, two. One to begin your transformation through conversation, we want to see your company listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. And no Harris today's episode. Men Love to wonder, and that is a seat of signs while Waldo Emmerson? Howdy. Hello. My people form. What's Guan? It is episode one, hundred, and eighty of the entrepreneur podcast I'm your host handle. What Kiss Porter today's episode is with Amy Laugh Kono Amy Phone, dead car, consulting solutions with the knowledge they need to grow your people to grow your business. Amy Focuses her work on the employee experience that is derived from skill leaders and aligned teams anchoring who work in the people I see part-time amy facilitates. Team dynamic sessions and provides consulting to assist organizational growth from hiring to engagement. She assists Clarence integrating turn oval increasing productivity and customer satisfaction as a National Speaker Consultant and Facilitator Emily Averages over twenty years of professional experience in several sectors of healthcare, she certified in disc and that's the disc profile assessment driving forces and emotional intelligence, as well as a seven stages of growth. Some truly excited to be talking with a on using signs to hire the right team members. Welcome Amy Welcome. Thank you so much I'm really excited to be here. Absolutely my pleasure as well. Know before we start chatting I, want to learn from you. Do you know anything at all about Jamaica? I know that it is an absolutely beautiful country that I've only been able to visit once years ago for a friend's wedding, you know so many people I talked to somebody may guests have come either? Through crews are they've come to attend a wedding? I really look forward to seeing you at some point you know after this, craziness it over. Exactly that would be really nice right using science to hire the right team. But that's what we're going to be talking about before we into that I love to learn more about your background besides you know if you can bring home for us what what I mentioned in the intro just a little bit about your background and why you are in the air that you are in. Absolutely. So I came out of healthcare and I was. In leadership operations for over twenty years and I served as a leader in a variety of settings, and unfortunately I've failed as a leader and through that I learned so many skills that had the ability to help me truly transform and become a leader that I wanted to be so that I could best support my team and one of the things that helped me grow was really understanding who I am what my natural preferences are wear on going. To be able to be the most successful where I'm going to be challenged and might have limitations and then knowing how to work within those for me. One of the big areas of growth was in that area of emotional intelligence and and having tools that measured in a valid way my baseline of emotional intelligence, and then getting practical guidelines on how to improve it in a year and a half I saw dramatic changes in my levels. Of issue, and that's what I do with grants today right now, I'm working with a group in Ohio and it's wonderful at the end of eight months and they just redid their emotional intelligence assessments and I have to tell you when they did the first round. Some of them were like this cannot be right please I. can't have scores like this and I said well, let's just use it as a base line and work on your skill set. And I have gotten emails from all of them saying you won't believe what happened and here's how I've made progress. So. When we talk about using assessments I, think a lot of people don't realize that there's two different types of assessments and sciences we can use as part of hiring. One, it's science that's baseline. Who Are we? How do we prefer to communicate? How do we see the world? And the second kind are assessments that give us a baseline where we can and should make improvements. So some assessments. There's no right or wrong answer. You are who you are and all we're doing is simply revealing that. Other assessments help us develop and grow when you're hiring someone and you know where their strengths and their challenges are. You can tailor their development program. You can make sure they have enough of the skills to be successful. And so all of that knowledge is really what brought me to what I do today and how I help companies and how I help individuals. Absolutely amazing story. No you mentioned about you know you fail at leadership and isn't it? Interesting, how or weaknesses or fail is at times, propel us into a trajectory a path that we need to be on. You know kind of correct those mistakes and missteps that we've made along the way. So it's interesting that you say that. You are so right about that and I'm grateful that I learned I wish I didn't have to go through that and I, wish my team didn't have to go through that but I am grateful that I had learning that I had phenomenal coaches and mentors to help me get better and it really gave me the drive. Shoe Really Excel at what I do now. Emotional. Intelligence is something that you've mentioned down talk about that and the importance of not just having IQ but e Q.. Absolutely, you know with emotional intelligence I. Think. It's often perceived at this fluffy feel good touchy-feely thing and in reality the research in sciences. So clear that E. Q. is what determines superior performance and high level performers have higher levels of. And that said, it's one of the areas that we can most dramatically improve ourselves. So when I think about e Q.. The way that it's been outlined in Daniel Golden's work, and throughout time is really that there's five different areas. It's how aware are we of ourselves? Do I know what triggers me to have a response? And then it's about self-regulation. Do I have the ability to disrupt? Emotions that. ARE PROBLEMATIC AREN'T HELPING then. I want to look at how motivated I am I to actually work on getting better at this and taking my temperature so to speak when it comes to eke you. And then we talk about the social side and you've got social awareness. This is your ability to perceive an understand how your words and actions, impact others and how what someone else is experiencing impacts them. So think about the Times that we're in right now with a pandemic, there are so many things people are going through. And I read a quote about how we're all in the same storm. But some of us are watching from the shore, some of us are in the midst of the storm. But in a boat nother, US are flailing around in the water. We don't know where someone else is that the higher our social awareness. The better our ability to actually understand what that person's experiencing, which then allows us to influence the situation and help that person. Find their own neutral. That makes sense. Yes. So what do you consider them in emotional intelligence a science there is a science to it. There is a science and how you complete the assessments. When I look at what I chose with my health care background I came out of a scientific field as a physical therapist. It was all about what does the research show? Q.. Is a scientific study, and so you need to use valid and reliable assessment tools when you measure it, you know you can go out there and find free Q. Assessments and quite frankly they're like taking the cosmo quiz you know or the facebook quiz where's the science? E.. Q. In terms of developing those skills is part science. Here's what will make it better and part. Art. Yours the way that you can interpret that and then make it better You know one of the first questions that had in mind to ask you what what, the heck the signs off to do with who you take in your business. Since we're talking about using sense to hire the right team members, what the signs have to do with who you take on your business. Oh, my gosh that's a great question and thank you because rarely do people ask that. And it's quite simple. We have biases as humans we had likability biases where Oh, they went to the same school as I did or you know what they're from the same state I am or they're from Jamaica, they must automatically be fabulous. Indeed how? Yeah, we had these biases and when we hire people typically focus on subject did in formation. Wow. I like the front they used on their resume and it looks really long may must have done great work where they were before. Wow. I liked that suit or we have the same color socks or we went to the same school they must be a good person. We have a hard time as humans eliminating our subjectivity and eliminating our biases. Science brings objective measures to balance out that subjectivity signs using objective measures to balance all. Because as you rightfully said, we all have by Owen by season. We'd want to think that we're so neutral, but there's always something that is going to influence or a decision making process, and so having a measurable something that is measurable. We can measure against what we're doing. The decisions that we're making is very important. I believe as well. So how consigns help you to get it right? So when you're using science to get it right you start by understanding what you want in the first place again, using objective measures to say I need this team member to have be fast paced innovative ideas on looking for someone who has out of the box thinking and looking for someone who is really good at compliance. So with the accounting firms that I work with, I want people that are doing my taxes to be very good at following the rules being compliant. However that person who's great at following the rules it wearing a design studio probably isn't going to be the right fit and I know that's an extreme example. But that's the idea behind using assessments in the science is I you need to figure out. What behavioral styles are they going to be better if they're fast paced or are we looking for someone who is slow and steady? Do I need someone who can make quick decision. Do I need someone who's going to support the rest of the team? Were Hinder stand that now I've got benchmark I have every top candidate take the same tool which is neutral. And I get a printout that shows me. This is where someone did well in matching. This is where someone was gaping and boy. Once I have that now I suddenly have my interview question I have specificity around whether or not there gap is easy to overcome or if it's a deal breaker. Makes it. A more simple and queer process. Sucking of tools, amy what are some of those scientific tools that employers are business owners can implement in their hiring process to you know the gates against buses, for example? When I started my company I spent a lot of time researching different assessment tools. There's a ton of them out there and there's different companies that provide them, but I wanted strong valid research when it came to the tool they use. So I work with disc, which is about your behavior, your preferences, your communication preferences I always include what motivates a person I want to understand are they motivated by personal freedom and autonomy or being part of a team? So I WANNA, look at that component as well if you work in a company that really is focused on. Helping others for the sake of helping you want someone who's altruistic versus someone who's looking for what's the return on my investment And I also look at what's the one acumen is. And I use the T-. Ti Success. Insights. Hartman index and this allows us to get a picture of. What that person's worldview? How do they perceive their current role? How did they precede their future? How do they perceive the structures and strategies that exist in the world? And combining these things allows me to get a really solid picture of the person individually. And what I like about disk and the reason I chose disk and driving forces, and then some of these other tools. Number one, the Ti tools are actually compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which means Baid been proven to not have an adverse impact on diversity. That means if you're in a protected class, this assessment is not going to be biased against you. and. The second region that I liked to use them is because they translate. So well once that person's on the team, now I have a picture of them and making get plugged into the rest of the team, and with this I'm only looking at a few core elements which needs. It's easy for everyone to know and everyone else on the team in the better you understand someone else the better you can meet them where they are. Absolutely t t I what's what's what's not abbreviated to mean so ti success insights is Talent target international TI's success insights is the best tool company that I use, and so I have been certified by them to actually utilize bear tools in my work with clients. So I had a guest on this podcast the Benjamin Hardy and he was pretty much. is latest book. Personality isn't permanent in a nutshell is throwing out through the window things like this school file and other personality testing saying as the title implies that personality is in permanent, and so the result you get times pretty much skew I would be skewed if you if you take it another time perhaps you get different results, and so it's not really a good measure to us as his claim know how accurate in your mind you know would you say these these assessment test? These tools are particularly disc, for example. TCI success insights is so committed to valid on assessment tools. They have an entire research department in they have done thirty years worth of research to make sure that the tools they're using are valid. And that? Yes. There are times when peoples behavioral preferences or going to change if someone has gone through a significant trauma or if they've gone through significant light changes, their natural tendencies will change I haven't read Dr Hardee's book. But what I'm wondering is whether or not he's whether he's actually talking about someone natural. Behavioral style. Bursts how they're adapting. I. See that all the time I see clients who their natural graph overtime stays. Insane. But because of the work situation they're in, they adapt their style. And we adapt for one of two reasons survival. Or strategically. So for example, when I was a director of operations for urgent cares. I'm outgoing I loved to talk and I am not detail oriented but I was responsible for making sure that we asked our accreditation. I had to adapt my natural preference to ignore details. So that we could do that. That was an adaptation that was appropriate. It never changed my true core. And I think that might be where the difference lies and I think that's the that's actually the argument because you know we we are we we adapt easily to situation than different circumstances up to you know whether by choice. or by force you know so that ability adaptability. Functionality and an ability of humans to do that could perhaps be. Why he has drawn that conclusion and here's the wonderful thing about the tools I use. Is that it not only gives you that adapted style. It gives your natural style. So yes, I get to see how and where people are adapting. And I get to see what their natural chorus, which is the stuff that doesn't change over time. My needs, eleven years old, and let me tell you. She has a high dominance high influencer that's not going to change when she's forty seven. So. Home much of that adaptability then versus your natural tendency. Is Some people would say pretend? So you're you're you're being somebody that you are not how much you know and and how much would you adapt versus your own personal style When I'm working with clients I, WanNa see small adaptations meaning a less than ten per ten point difference between their natural and they're adapted. If I see greater variation than I want understand why because that that adaptation causes stress. So I want to know, are they doing it for strategic reasons? I WANNA. Know if they see a reason for it and they have a timeframe for how long they're going to be like that or are they. Adapting so much because they're desperate. She Be Successful at work and I see people who when I get their scores and see their natural versus adapted and I talked to them go. Oh my gosh. That's why I need to quit my job. I said, yeah you're trying to put a square peg into a round hole every single day. And so hearing that what comes to mind no is a stress factor in terms of your cortisol able and in terms of yeah what that can do to to at a team member and Ho Ho effective is that level. High level of adaptability is in terms of your long term health over all exactly. That's where coming back to new idea of each issue is so important because you can adapt in a moment but how how quickly can you get back to neutral? How quickly can you get back to your core? You know one of the reasons I like to use science because I want people to be successful and unless they have to adapt to fit into a role, the better that's what causes the burn out is the stress over having to be something that they're not and so when I think about cortisol levels and on pressure and heart rate changes because of how much were adapting. The more someone understands this is not my natural. Then they get to make the choice. And my adapting on purpose which they can be comfortable with. Or am I stop adapting out of survival and I need to change my situation? Absolutely amy, laugh. Go you know we are about to wrap our conversation? Very interesting if you've been very insightful, I want you to close off with your final thoughts one at two home-made our peak performance in touch with you and also to share thirdly the. giveaway that you have four or unity. Absolutely I. Think the biggest thing to know is that science is here to help you in the hiring process. It's here to make things objective and take away bias it simply one part of the hiring process it's a tool in your toolbox. There's things we want to keep natural, and there's things we want to get better at. That's where each hugh comes in as an opportunity to improve. And so I, think the core thing here is don't be afraid of the results, embrace them as part of a conversation with whoever you're looking to hire. It gives you clarity on each role when you take the time to do this. In terms of how to get in touch with me, you certainly can email me amy a. m. y. at CAIRN C S DOT com. So it's A. M. Y. at C. A. R. N. C. S. DOT COM or you can just look for Karen Consulting Solutions, which is Cairns es dot com muscle on Lincoln feel free to connect with their and in terms of what I'm offering I, think one of the. Most powerful ways to see that assessment tools are not something to be leery of is to experience the power of them yourself, and so if there's someone out there who's listening to this podcast I, want you to e mail me amy at currency s dot Com, and I want you to just put Hanukkah's podcast in and I will absolutely send you a tool. You'll take the assessment and then I'll gladly take. Forty, five minutes to an hour to walk you through your results and help you see how much information can help you in your world. Thank you so much amy aiming less cool. Has Been My absolutely having this conversation with you and I, wish you all the best on your journey. Thank. You you too I appreciate the opportunity. Absolutely. Thank. You might be performance unique into this episode with amy. LASCO. I certainly look forward to connecting with you next week. But in the meantime I'm super thrilled to tell you that you can always with me or anything on passing all things. Courses Books on workshops, etc Going to heaven. Dot Com sending me A. Message, you'd find the what's icon to the bathroom rights of the street sent him a message. It comes through my phone and I'll be happy to respond to you. Now this week I one share with you. Of This point of Ov- is therefore with minds at are alert and fully oboe since you're on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ as your. And is coming. Pizza One. Verse Chapter. One verse thirteen. Good.

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