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Welcome to the Republic here podcast. My name is Brad. It's Gina will be your host for today's adventure broadcasting from the forest and cottage Lake Washington. Just outside of Seattle on my russian-made MK 219 microphone off. This is broadcast. Number one point nine upon parlor Twitter Facebook. You know, whatever. Your poison is Brian your bro, and at the Republic. Com website for the social media connections and more and we will treat today like every other day and begin the broadcast by thanking God for good health and the ability to be your sharing with you and me. Thank you for joining this morning. Thanks for your time and attention and hopefully things are working to stream is going out people can hear me and I guess we'll find out with each of these jobs. iterations as we go so You know, I've been on this thing talking a little bit the last few days about why a Christian person can't or maybe shouldn't consider voting for The Democratic caucus it and of course, that's probably not been popular and that's cool. I'm good with that. But you know, here we are now and there's going to be one more song episode of that and that'll probably be Monday and we are going to talk about the pro-life issue and how it impacts a whole bunch of other issues and why am I being a pro-life person is not a single-issue position and we'll talk about that on Monday and some of the arguments also against voting Republican over that issue and explore some of those and there are some people who who make some arguments David French among them along those lines. So but today we're going to shift gears a little bit because I Had covered quite in-depth last like two months ago the Biden Ukraine stuff and I've laid off a little bit off because it just hasn't been in the news with all of the other stuff that's been going on but it's back in the news with the release of the Senate report yesterday, one of the Senate reports yesterday. And you know, I played yesterday on yesterday's broadcast at the end of the broadcast a reporter asked Joe Biden about this and Jo as we've learned now with Joe has a temper and he you know expressed that repeatedly we've seen him with the dog face pony soldier thing and and telling the auto worker, you know, you're full of it. I'm offering to fight people over and over Joe's always the guy who's going to you know, he does ball up his fists, you know, he kind of does that you know, hey, do you want to go a few rounds kind of thing and dead? Yesterday, I guess maybe day before somebody asked him about this Senate report and about his son and Joe doesn't take a lot of questions and he definitely doesn't take a lot of questions off that are shouted at him from reporters to begin with but this one came up and here was Jose response. Sons job in Ukraine how is that not a conflict of interest there's not a conflict of interest there's been no indication of any conflict of interest from Ukraine or anywhere else. I'm not going to I'm not going to respond to that page. Let's focus on the problem focus on this made focus on this man focus on this man now, I want to a little aside here and I played off last week some stuff about the color revolutions, right and about this idea of had a Cory Aquino there from the Philippines saying I can offer nothing but hope and one of the wrong kind of striking features of the color revolutions is that they focus on the person they focus on she was focused on battling are not Maryland area go Marcos Ferdinand Marcos there and they're always focused on a personality and it's very interesting that shows, you know, making that very same argument now the impeachment if we recall was about the idea that the wage President had been involved in a quid pro quo was the concern right that the president had made a phone call to Vladimir zelinski the president of Ukraine and had asked him to do something untoward and that is to investigate the bidens. Okay, well fair enough and if it was untoward, I guess that would be a problem. But if the bidens were off, maybe it wouldn't be such a problem. So Dick Morris and if I don't remember who Dick Morris is Dick Morris is he was a an advisor to the clintons. He was a strategist in the White House who helped them put them all together their dick Morris weighed in on what he thought the impeachment was sending committee report just released makes clear that the impeachment proceedings the whole hoax was basically designed as a cover for Hunter vitamins thievery Wow, so the entire impeachment hoax was designed as a cover for a hundred bucks and savory. So in other words Trump started asking questions over in Ukraine that Trump wasn't supposed to ask no one is supposed to ask us Trump wasn't supposed to win and to make sure that that investigation didn't move forward. They created the impeachment thing and made the ukrainians in a position where they were like hands off on us politics. We know anything to do with this stuff. We're just going to stay away from it and turns out not to have been the best decision on the part of the Democrats. It looks like the impeachment obviously didn't work. And so now we have Senate investigations and a whole bunch of people have weighed in on this and so these aren't any particular order here is Doug Collins now Senator Johnson who is running the committee and we're going to hear from Senator Johnson a little later in the show, but Senator are dead. Senator Congressman Collins ended up on Fox Business and was responding to Senator Johnson saying that because of this whole thing Biden's unfit for office wage. Here's Doug Collins. We never hear Senator. Ron Johnson talk like this his chair of Homeland Security in the Senate. He said that the basically what he's finding and seeing will show that Joe Biden is unfit to be president. What are you hearing? That would have Senator Johnson say a big bombshell like that. I think the same thing that we've been hearing list for the last year-and-a-half when we started seeing what I mean, if you watch the videos of the last president self as he actually, you know, we had this all this controversy of quid pro quo. We actually know that the Joe actually did that he actually demanded stuff for this prosecutors firing. He actually said if you don't get it, you're not get the money we again, we've went through this a lot of this and so I'm glad the senator using subpoena power and using everything else. He has at his disposal. The majority in the Senate is now coming forward. We're glad to get this out and report. It is something wrong. All over to you and something long that many of us have seen from day one as it began to come out and I do believe that Joe Biden is unfit to be president. I believe that Joe Biden has many reasons to be unfit for president. But this right here is something that corruption comes out of this. I believe this report is going to show in the bombshell. The center Johnson is talking about is the simple fact that America is seeing that not only is he not fit to be president. He doesn't need to be close to being considered to be president. Man, that's quite a statement isn't he's even close to be considered be president. So, of course, that's Doug Collins opinion and you know, it's an opinion based on what this Senate report says and I think Doug Collins was a prosecutor wage. I'm not mistaken and I might be but he's he's certainly an attorney. He was one of the house managers on the house manager, but he was part of the defense there on the impeachment off. So Jim Jordan has weighed in on the idea that there might be a different set of rules for Hunter Biden. Then there might be for you and I am I think what gets voters attention is is what we've seen from agencies in our government over the last several years. It started ten years ago when the IRS targeting conservatives then we saw the FBI Target President Trump's campaign spy on his campaign. We've seen what the Democrats have done the whole Mueller investigation three years all the all the lawyers all the money everything. They did their to find nothing the fake impeachment hopes hopes that they did last year. So I think all dead It gets voters attention and they're fed up with it. What what has happened to this President? So yeah, they just want the truth. They want the answers and they want to justice department. That is that treats everyone the same not this double standard Birds one set of rules for the politically connected but a different set of rules for you and I and the folks that I get the privilege of well, and now we know the answer to what happens when the streaming software crashes, I think. Wow, that's the first time that's happened. So welcome back. I don't know if we're we're at in the middle of that. Wow. That's the first time that's happened. And I kind of hope it never happens again. It was a little scary and I don't know if the stream is back up and running. I looked like it might be I I can't tell you. All right, we're into Uncharted Territory here. And yeah, that's new. So the the software that I'm using. I'm I guess maybe I'm wrong to ask too much of it because okay. You ready at dinner? Get up late. I got up early. But I didn't make good use of my time and I'm trying to do some of the you know, show prep and editing. Well, the clips are playing and probably am asking too much of the computer. So sorry about that guys. It'll be what it'll be. So I think I was in the middle of this is Stephen Morgan. You can't get off very I'm I'm back. I think I was in the middle of a Jim Jordan clip-in thing when sidewalk and let's see if I can get that clip back up and he could not crashed. All right. Well, you know, it is a mature. Here we go. I think what gets voters attention is what we've seen from agencies in our government over the last several years. It started ten years ago when the IRS targeting conservatives then we saw the FBI Target President Trump's campaign and spy on his campaign. We've seen what the dog Perhaps have done the whole Mueller investigation three years all the all the lawyers all the money everything. They did their to find nothing the fake impeachment hopes hopes that they did last year. So I think all that gets voters attentions and they're fed up with it. What what has happened to this President? So yeah, they just want the truth. They want the answers and they want to justice department. That is that treats everyone the same not this double standard where there's one set of rules for the politically connected but a different set of rules for you and I and the folks that I get the privilege of representing. That's what gets their attention. Yeah, I agree with that. I think that's exactly right. The people don't want to have a different set of rules. Most part of I think what was so frustrating about the the Hillary investigation was that there was the sense that if you and I had destroyed evidence, you know free of our emails were subpoenaed and there were sixty four thousand emails and we turned over 34,000 over 30,000 missing and they said where are they? And we said well, we we destroyed them they said well they were under subpoena. Well, yeah, I know but they weren't relevant. We decided that they were relevant so we didn't turn him over. There's that work. I mean apparently worked for Hillary. Would it work for you or high? Cuz I don't think it would I think you were I woke up in trouble if we had done that and where as Hillary got away with it. And so I think it's a very different thing when we have a double standard. I think that's what causes us to lose confidence. I think part of the whole idea what this color Revolution thing and the associated is that they want a loss of confidence in the system. It's part of what they intend is a loss of faith in institutions, right? Because what they ultimately want is for people to question elections for people to question, please for people to question fairness and the systemic racism thing is part of that lie if if anything's broken if the system is bad, then we have to blow the system up, right? So here is the first of several clips from Senator Johnson the chair of the committee. Again, we never sought to Target or go after the bindings. They put themselves in the middle of this with the hunters glaring and obvious conflict of interest during the border brucemont. So this happens just a couple of months after Ukraine had their Revolution dignity which really all about reading Ukraine of corruption. And here we set up this glaring conflict of interest or a hundred items paid 4.2 million dollars, he and his his business partner his businesses 4.2 million dollars in her about 30 months, but that that character is about $140,000 a month almost 1.7 million dollars per year. It's pretty good Gig if you've got the right the right last name and let's face it. This was all about with chesty the owner Bree Smith trying to gain influence so that the charges or investigations guessed him in Ukraine would be dropped but one thing so it was like shifting is the guy who is the main principle behind bereavement and yep. Also, one of the principles be hid behind private bank and he was a corrupt kurupt kurupt guy. So corrupt that the bank of England froze his assets right about the time the Hunter joined the board there and so the Ukrainian prosecutor-general Victor Shogun was looking into this corrupt influence-peddling thing. I was off of ski was also prior. He had been the minister of interior in Ukraine and when he was the minister of interior, he dealt to his own company gasoline contracts, It's as though, you know, you were the guy who was in charge of selling military buying military jets for the military and you also owned the company that sold the Jets and you gave yourself the contracts and you weren't very careful about the pricing. That's how slow chesky got rich by basically raping the people of Ukraine it through that process center Johnson continues its khong Portable is that in George Kent's interview before our committee. He pointed out that seven million dollar bribe was paid by Gloucester by Brisa to make those investigations go away in months after Hunter Biden and David Archer joined the board of briefs. But remember Hunter Biden joined the board supposedly to consult on corporate governance and transparency. I do particularly good job, but then you have to Russia three and half million dollars paid to Elena baturina the former wife of the now deceased former mayor of Moscow. She's she's Russia's lone woman busy or a woman billionaire in Russia got her billions through probably Corrupt Practices being the mayor's wife. We had a very strange payment from Kazakhstan about $42,000 to buy a car for Devon Archer and then so 3 and 1/2 million dollars from the wife of the Moscow former Moscow mayor. A billionaire three and a half million dollars to Hunter Biden for what? And then this car purchased from Kazakhstan, what kind of car is $140,000 and certainly in Kazakhstan. What kind of car is $142,000. It was just a shell purchased right the millions of cash flow between the intricate web of corporate dealings with the Chinese Nationals have had have current connections to the communist government and former affiliations with the people's Liberation Army helping arrange for example that the purchased by and the control of buy Chinese business of a u.s. Dual parts auto wage facture. The the type of equipment could be used for military purposes by the TLA again such an extensive web. There's so many millions of dollars flowing back and forth with those associations. We just took only uncovered. I think we're only scratching the surface. We have no guarantee that we've uncovered at all. We just really laid out a pretty troubling web that represents potential conflict-of-interest counterintelligence and your name Torching wrists to abide Administration You know despite the the program issues there earlier in sorry. Thanks for hanging in there. You know, it's important that I'm covering this and you notice that all of the videos almost all the video that I have is from Fox News, and that's not because I choose Fox News as a biased Source. I went to every other one of the networks. I went to CNN. I went to MSNBC. I went to ABC CBS NBC MSNBC went to all the alphabets solid networks. I went to a gym every every single one of them. I went to o a n even no one. No, one had coverage of this. The vice president's son has been involved in corrupt dealings and it appears that we're going to find out here a little bit that the vice president himself has been involved in these corrupt dealings and we have some evidence that has emerged in this these hearings that demonstrates that and the major news networks can be bothered to cover it. Unbelievable. Wow. I'm going to take a quick break. Hopefully some of the rest of the stuff so it'll crash the software again. I'll be right back after that. Thanks for hanging in there and being patient. I appreciate it. I'll be right back. Song welcome back to Republic keep it podcast broadcast Facebook show live stream TV show whatever the heck this thing is now I'm not sure you want to call it but welcome back to it off and having a good time most of the time in the software crashes. That's not so fun. That was kind of scary. Anyway, welcome back and young man, you know, it seems like no matter what time I get out of bed. Somehow I still run out of time getting ready for the show. It's just amazing. But anyway here I am and so Senator Johnson's report what is showing and he said this panoply of thing, so I want to talk about a little bit of what he's talking about when he says that that all these connections off. Overseas and what they are they are vast and so Hunter basically was traveling around the world off on Air Force 2 with a secret service detail. Meeting with Chinese and Russian and Ukrainian diplomats. He went to Moscow. We went to Beijing you went to Shanghai. You went to Taipei. He went to Hong Kong. He went all over. Hunter was a Globetrotter on your nickel and mine with a full security detail. So August of last year 2019 finance committee wage truck route Charlie Grassman Chuck harassment started looking into this and the reason that they waited so long is because the first thing was the Mueller investigation what the Mueller investigation kept saying to the Senate is don't touch this don't touch this this as part of our purview part of our domain leave it alone and it was it turns out now a stall tactic. Yep, it was a stall tactic. So in fact, let's just go to that right now. I'm going to jump right over to this and I am John Solomon reports today. Okay, just hour and half ago 45 minutes ago and FBI agent who played a lead role in investigating Michael Flynn told the justice department thought there was never evidence of wrongdoing by the retired general or Russian collusion collusion by President Trump, but the probe was kept open by special counsel Robert Mueller because his team had a quote get Trump goal. According to the explosive interview released Friday just today just this morning just now just as we're doing the broadcast a live agent William Barnett's interview with the justice department prosecutors earlier this month provided a bombshell claimed that both FBI superiors and under agency director James Comey and Mueller's teenage exhibited bias in their pursuit of trump that upended the normal investigative decisions tactics and commitment to pursue evidence neutrally off. The interview emerged just one day after the justice department released text messages showing FBI analyst bought liability insurance. In January to 17th because they feared they can be sued for misconduct due to the Russia probe. Burnett thought that the Trump campaign may have been aware that the Russians were attempting to impact the election but that was Far different from the Trump campaign and the Russians having a deal or working together quid-pro-quo the report of his seven September seventeenth interview says aren't another joked about how the investigation and exclusion could be made into gay into a game which they referred to as collusion clue off in the hypothetical game investigators are able to choose any character conducting any activity in any location and pair this individual with another character and interpret it as evidence of collusion. You're what you're saying the inside the FBI they were saying all you have to do is put two people in the same room, and you could call it collusion. Put two people on the same phone call and you can call it collusion. That's what they did to General Flynn and now it's admitted. Burnett added with respect to Flynn's phone call with the Russian Ambassador in December 2016. Barnett did not believe Flynn was being directed by Trump Barnett did not believe Flynn had any additional information to provide the special counsel Barnett believe the prosecution of Flynn by the special counsel was used as a means to quote get Trump. There's a PDF of his birth you I'm going to include it in the show notes on the podcast. So you'll be able to get the PDF of the interview with the show notes Barnett described how the top levels of the FBI including now fired deputy director Andrew McCabe suddenly took over the investigation after Trump won the November 2016 election and continue to keep the case going even though there was little detail concerning specific evidence of criminal life events. And it's still did not see any evidence of collusion between Trump campaign and the Russian government. The interview report stated Barnett was willing to follow any instructions being given by the deputy director as long as it's not a violation of law the agent added that he thought the investigation was built on supposition on supposition, especially the predicate to investigate Flynn, which she described as not great wage and not clear. Like the analysts who allegedly bought liability insurance part at said he had a reservation State the FBI's conduct of the case might Boomerang specifically, he feared the pursuit of trump and Flynn was problematic and could result in An Inspector General investigation. And so back to our theme Here the Dick Morris says off the Ukraine thing was an investigation that was a smoke screen, but the further the Mueller investigation Not only was a sham but it kept the Senate from getting into this any sooner. So Chuck Grassley finally open this, you know thing in August of last year, but it took that long because of that. Okay, and so There's this car from from Kazakhstan, right? There's the Russian mayor's wife. And then there's a bunch of Chinese money using mang Chinese National close ties to the Communist party boss Chinese military founder of China energy fund committee. Okay, millions of dollars in cash flow benefiting the Biden family is what the report says. Okay. Just read what it says G G Men's Enterprise and Hunter Biden were flagged by the treasury Department for a potential criminal Financial activity and in February 2018 thought he was a reportedly under investigation China for suspected economic crimes. Okay, so he's also connected to the government in China to the Army. In fact, he served as the deputy General Secretary General of the China Association for International Friendly contacts, which is their political liaison Department of the army. Okay, then another guy Kong lend dong another Chinese General help funnel millions of dollars to a hunter Biden even facilitate a six-figure global spending spree for Hunter Biden age and Joe Biden's brother James Biden and James's wife Sarah Biden. They all got money from Ghana wind dong and they got it because Hunter Biden got to go there on Air Force One with a secret Thursday Taylor forced to I'm sorry with a secret service detail and talk to him. While they'll blinds a credit that that Hunter Biden could could access and then the Ukraine mayor and what a mess, right? So Senator Johnson continues with some more Revelations here is Senator Johnson know as far as we can tell there's only one person to buy ministrations and it actually talk to them and talks with vice president, but he was fifteen who was a special Envoy over to Ukraine actually did talk to vice president about how troubling this was this this conflict of interests which by the way let the vice president then talked to Hunter Biden to set up a meeting with Amos hochstein to talk about this now. Remember Vice President Biden famously in the end of the 2009 said he never had spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings. This sure sounds like a conversation. He probably had with Hunter Biden about his position on recent was bored. So, I'm sorry to say I have I think we We've crossed the vice-president Ally which probably way I never believed that was true. How can you literally fly over to China? You know, it's not just a half hour flight that multiple our flight to hack Hunter Biden on Air Force two for all those many hours. Then Hunter Biden had his own agenda in China which included by the way setting up a handshake with a vice president with John Fenley one of his business associates. How could you not discuss that? So there's the first question I have for the vice president. Do you stand by your statement that you never spoke to Hunter about his overseas business in light of this new information about the device presence could have a really hard time explaining that if you ever asked and pressed on it and if he has ever asked is the question who's going to ask him the net worth of uncovered this literally, there's no one who's covered this at all. None of the networks have covered this right? And you know, of course we know why they haven't covered it right? It's not favorable to their candidate dead. It's not favorable to Joe Biden and the media is a participant in the race. Now, they're not they're not a an Informer of the facts and that may include Fox for for being you know, biased fine. But the and me, I'm biased, you know, I'm not a neutral Observer at any level here and I don't purport to be you know, you know, I don't want to be neutral. I have a side. I have a dog in the fight. I have an interest in the outcome, right? So hold on here. I got a I got a click a button on something. Otherwise, it's going to screw things up again. I want to play from you Greg Jarrett who I don't know if how much you guys know about Gregg Jarrett. He's a Fox News host guy, right but more importantly he's a an attorney and a constitutional guy who understands from the stuff at a pretty good level. And so let's hear what Gregg Jarrett has to say on this and I think if I've got that set, right we won't actually crash anything else. Find out here we go with Gregg Jarrett. I think well, a lot of this is being covered up by the obama-biden administration for years the Intel Community as well as the FBI. This is a damning report that accuses Hunter Biden of influenced heavily in profiteering and directly connected to his father who said she I knew nothing about it. Now, we know thanks to this report. That was a lie. He was briefed about it. He was warned about it. He spoke to his son about it. Look it's a crime to confer a benefit to a foreign government in exchange for something of value for yourself or your relative including your son. It's public corruption. It's you know extortion embezzlement. All of those words get thrown around almost beside himself off. The public corruption think about this Barista is paying four million dollars to Hunter Biden at the same time. His father is pressuring Ukraine to drop an investigation into his son's company. You know it ran Paul is right. Let's send this to the Department of Justice at the lawyers take a look at it and decide whether a criminal prosecution is merited but I'm not surprised that the mainstream media you identify them were crickets about that. They're not neutral news organizations their Advocates and Protectors of Joe Biden and the Democrats. That's right Advocates and protectors are Joe Biden and the Democrats and that's unfortunate because can you imagine if this were reverse? This was Don Jr. And Don Jr. Had been receiving, you know, $183,000 a month from some, you know, Ukrainian company or some foreign country club. Company while his because of his dad's presidency and you just imagine the outcry there would be behind that. I mean, it's just unbelievable, right? That's just the double standard here is crazy and and it's g n n and MSNBC not a word about it. I mean, it's just unbelievable. Here's one more Senator Johnson. I've already said an invitation to be turn off both Hunter and Devin Archer and I will note that the the President Trump's family the members of his campaign staff did not require any subpoenas whatsoever to income and subject themselves to a transcribe the interview. So so Hunter and Devin in Courthouse, the invitation is open to vice president as well. If if we're getting something wrong here, there's a innocent explanation for these thoughts Jackson's we're happy to come and listen that innocent explanation. Now the problem with subpoena is where you started going down the path of legal proceedings, and you know, I've only got three months. My chairmanship I want to conclude this investigation by the end of this Congress. So the American people know what happened that they have the right to know this so subpoenas. It sounds like pretty good idea and they can be pretty powerful more as a threat than anything else. But from my standpoint this report ought to create the public pressure on Hunter on Devon on the vice president to start coming clean with the American public and start providing some ass because again, the extortion counterintelligence the conflict of interests threats that this information poses all this intricate web of connections with foreign Nationals home or Nationals that are by the way countries are not our friends are countries that are not our friends China and and all these other countries are paying for influence here. And I think that the question that that should be asked as what are they buying? What are they getting for their money? I don't I assume that they're not doing it out of the goodness of their heart. So I want to take a quick break and I will be right back and Hope. You can't things stay up and running. Wow little bit edgy today, but that's all right things work out. So be right back. Welcome back to Republic keep a gas broadcast. Whatever. This is. You know, I'm not sure what to call it. You think about renaming it because the podcast is what it is most molesters are on the podcast but growing audiences everywhere. And so, you know, I'm not sure whatever I guess we'll leave it alone for now. And anyway, welcome back and yeah, you know, I got to figure out how to change plan this thing that better suits not so rough. Oh man, you know listener-supported and you know, the more support we get the less rough it would be right. So thanks for your help. Those of you who support the shows appreciate it and the question I was asking before the break is what were they buying for? The money that they were paying to Hunter Biden? I don't want to assume that it was out of the goodness of their heart dead. And I think that other people have made the same conclusion that it was out of the goodness of their heart. And so here is Peter Schweizer. Yeah, that's right Shawn. Thank you. And by the way the wrong with the reason we're at the point where the Senate has looked into this is because you interviewed me two years ago and Amplified our findings and what the Senate has done is they've used tools that I didn't have access to home. Not only confirmed what we've found but but take it a step further and what they've shown is that Hunter Biden was involved in a series of Foreign Corrupt schemes that track suspicious activity reports are so-called s r a s a r transactions by the treasury Department. These are triggered when money is Flowing from either sketchy individuals wage or the amount of money in question is Raising alarm Bells. So this is not a question of anonymous sources or speculation. We now know that money changed hands. We know who it came from. We not dead. Came from countries that are arrivals and we knew what know it came from very corrupt entities around the world and the questions Sean continues to be why did they give Hunter Biden this money? He didn't have that skillset. He didn't have qualifications. They were paying for something. These are not Charities and that's the question that Joe Biden and Hunter by need answer right? And so, you know when you come to the Ukraine, he didn't speak Ukrainian doesn't speak Russian. He had no background in gasoline. He had no background in corporate governance. Other than well. I mean maybe he was on the Amtrak Board of Supervisors George W bush appointed him to that and probably as a favor to his dad probably too by a vote that Joe didn't want to give up without something because he's quid pro Joe it appears and so Jim Jordan basically says look, you know the Senate comes out with this report and we we ought to check it out and so yep. A saying that well you got yeah, there's going to be with you got to respected Senators Senator Grassley, Senator Johnson issuing a report that has a number of alarming findings in it. All we're saying is mr. Ray check it out. Look into this if this was anyone else at this was any of this has any of the President Trump's children or frankly anybody in the country, you know would be front page. It would be there would be this demand from the press two check them out to look into this. That's what brand is asking Senator Paul's asking for that's what we're asking for. Let's just check it out and get the answers for the American people. Now seems pretty reasonable. Let's check it out and get the answers to American people. Why not? What's the what's the fear? You know if there if there's nothing dirty then no big deal, right and you know, there's even a month ago from a I always from talking about, you know, some people are bugged by it's funny I get messages. You shouldn't talk about your Christianity so much. Okay fine. That's fine. You don't have to listen to me. You know, you get what you pay for free last I checked but you know, there's a Bible verse in Romans thirteen. It says that authorities are not a terror to good works. If you're doing the right thing, you don't have to be afraid of getting pulled over but it's not an issue if you're doing the right thing, there's no problem. And so these guys who say well, you know, they shouldn't be inspecting. You know, what's happening here. Well, if you're doing the right thing, no big deal, right? So here's Doug Collins basically saying, you know, he's glad to see the investigation. It's great. I'm glad to finally hear it. I mean, just think about this list for the last year we dealt with the President Trump's very long. Gentlemen, very on his phone call with Ukrainian president, but we didn't really ever talked about was Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and the skeletons that they have in the closet from the Ukraine. I mean, this is really now coming out. We're actually getting to see what we've done about in the corruption is behind this all along. So now let's see if Joe Biden can actually answer a corruption issue that he has been a part of where son got $50,000 from a company in which he had no business getting only because his life was bad and only because his dad was the vice president and we'll see if he'd actually influence there. So it's gonna be good. I'm glad to say let's let's find out. Let's find out. What what did you get paid for Hunter? What did you do a what was the work that you did there? How did that work? You know, I mean you got paid a buttload of money good job, you know hard to hard to fault a guy for getting paid, right? And you know, Tom Cotton weighed in on this to for decades Hunter Biden and Joe Biden's brother have been coasting off of his public office earning millions of dollars from Chinese firm. And Ukrainian oligarchs Chinese firms in Ukrainian oligarchs good deal. If you can get it right good deal and get enough Chuck Schumer not impressed with Chuck is not impressed. He thinks this is just a big waste time Senator Grassley and Johnson should reimburse taxpayers for the money. They wasted a Johnson report should be relegated to the Dustbin of History the Dustbin of History. That's where we put it the Dustbin of History. Well, you know, probably it will be eventually like in you know, three or four hundred years when nobody cares anymore, but for now it's off the front page news if anybody, you know is honest in the media and maybe they're not but this just imagine at any level if I mean if Donald Trump junior took a candy bar from somebody overseas It would be you know, Candy Tycoon tries to bribe Don Jr. You know, the media is just so unfair and in the tank it's it's ridiculous and and they ought to be embarrassed those of you in the media who you know watch this and I are here at I know some of you listen to the podcast. It's just it's disgusting here is Doug Collins one more time, and I couldn't agree more with Doug Collins here over 400 trips your reaction to that that seems to be a lot it is a lot because we always say we see a trail of Hunter making money wherever he goes. We saw it in China. We see it in the Ukraine. I want to stop you. Do you see the email that's on the screen for those you watch it on the stream. And for those of you listening on the podcast, I'm going to read it. This is an email from George or to George Kent. Okay from Marie Ivanovic the Ambassador. So from one ambassador to the other and there's some other people on it that that are copied but it's redacted and the subject line says Medved linked Vesti trolls Biden and the date is Tuesday the 17th of January 2017. So that's three days before inauguration day off, gift that keeps on giving with Medved Chuck affiliate investee pushing this troll like storyline on visit day. So she's concerned about the storyline that's being pushed because she doesn't like the fact that it's the truth. They're talking about biting. I think getting this out is a definitely I mean it was a great thing for him to use his father's and title is Vise. So then the next thing is this song s t and his email says it's to give media and it says will Joe Biden arrived to secure his son's business according to experts Joe Biden as The Unofficial curator of the club. Ukrainian question will give Petro poroshenko recommendations about working with the new US Administration. Another aspect is the protection of his own business interests. In other words. Trump's been elected. Biden was making the last trip and everybody's asking why is Biden coming to Ukraine? You want to Ukraine three days before the inauguration and or three or four days before and the answer was because I thought they said because he was handed it giving advice to Petro about handling the new Administration which he was he told him that Trump was like a the dog who caught the car is what Joe Biden said, he was a dog in the car and Trump is like the dog who caught the car. He caught the car. He doesn't know what to do. That was the advice he gave Petro poroshenko over the phone that we got, but apparently it's he was saying that they're both the state department email. Another aspect is the production of his own business interests present and last name of to enrich his own wealth, and I think we're seeing that and he's been hid from us he can save Bad judgement, but he was a calculated move in the vice president knew he was on those trips the vice president knew what was going on Joe Biden you this? Joe Biden new this Joe Biden do this. Now. I have sons and I had a dad and some of you have you know, everybody's had a farm right and some of you have sons and some of you are old enough you have adult sons and adult children like I do and Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were travelling into the point earlier. They were traveling on Air Force two. It's like a 15 hour trip to China. I don't know how long it is. It's not fast. You're not going there in two hours. Even on Air Force to enforce to doesn't I think she took a commercial jet speed right? So probably souped up if it needs to be but the reality is just on a normal trip. They're just flying normal commercial air speed and so it's 1415 hour trip and they were traveling around the globe like this all the time and Hunter was getting introduced to business people and introducing his dad to business people and Joe and Hunter say that they never discussed business dead. Credible believable. Do you believe Joe Biden when he says he never discussed business with Hunter cuz I don't it's not credible. It's not believable and I'd like to know what the money was for Monday. I'd like to know what they got and what policy interests were achieved and I'm not sure that anywhere but I I know that it's very interesting almost hochstein who's mentioned here. I'm going to have to explode this a little more maybe over the weekend and pull it together by next week almost hochstein who's mentioned here was Joe Biden's Point man on Ukraine. He is also today a board member of NAFTA gas the Ukrainian gas company. So a lot of these a lot of the corruption happened not necessarily in the government, but by people getting placed in the right place or on the right board, there was one guy that I saw the report was that he was on ten Boards of birth of corrupt companies for a hundred grand a month each. So he had a million dollars a month coming in from these ten operations, and he didn't do anything for it except that he was the guy who greased Pig Open and so you got placed all these boards and this is the way the whole Washington Gameworks. You need a vote on something and I know this we're talking about overseas. I'm mixing the two things together. But this is the way the whole political world works. You need a vote on something and you need somebody to be your ally you say. Hey, I hear your I hear your son. So and so, you know needs a job. I hear your I hear your daughter just got out of college and she's got a law degree and and needs to get a job at a law firm. Well, I happen to have a friend over here at such-and-such a law firm, you know, maybe I could get her an interview. You know if you can support my bill. And so it's that's the way that that the whole world works right in terms of this kind of public corruption and see exactly what the public corruption laws are intended to prevent. And in fact this case did not succeed in preventing it appears and so Hunter Biden minimally is I think the nicest thing that we could say about him is that he's not a good guy and he's had some real drug and personality problems and appears to be a criminal whether or not that has sucked his dad into criminal Behavior month or into just knowing about it and not saying anything who knows and you know, maybe Joe Biden is a guy who's just trying to protect his criminal son and there's maybe some level of nobility in that but in the end we're hiring a president here and that's none of that works. So we'll leave it there and I will see if I can get out of this broadcast without, you know, destroying the computer and the software and we'll see you next week on the remote broadcast. Thanks again for your time and attention. This is the website and it's all new and it's better and it's getting better every minute. So we'll see what happens. Thanks again.

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