The A-Side Live Chat: Stipe Miococ vs. Daniel Cormier 3, UFC 252 preview, Sean OMalleys return, Valerie Loureda's Win at Bellator 243, more


Hey everyone does youngster ever made fighting dot com host of the a side live chat just a quick heads up. We did have some technical difficulties with this episode. So No, you're not imagining thing this episode did start rather abruptly and and rather abruptly but we got almost all of the episode squared away head of U of C two, fifty, two on Saturday again, apologies for the little technical difficulties with this episode but we hope to see you back in future episodes. You're listening to the marketing media long as networking. Class Jan.. Keep easy FIRST QUESTION IS JOSE. Was that movie where the guy fights in a Thai prison. Oh. I believe is called a prayer before dawn. I don't remember the actor's name. But if anyone watches peaky blinders the green room or the Black Mirror episode a hang the DJ it's It's that male character is the main protagonist he plays. Jonathan I WANNA say John In peaky blinders. He is an Englishman who goes to jail Thailand for I. Think he has drugs or something that gets arrested and he's a former kickboxer. So inside jail, you can join the protein pro team and then fight rather than spend your time just in a Thai jail. So his ordeals in that and I. Highly recommend it. There's almost no dialogue, and if there is dialogue, it's all in Thai or when he speaks English. So one of my favorite movies it's probably second after on box tenets and give it a watch if you haven't. This what prompted this question? Is this a new movie? Her not I think I talked to someone asked a question about it in a post fight show and I couldn't remember the name of it and I looked it up after But definitely, I think who's the? He's the main character in. What's that biker show that everyone was obsessed with sons of anarchy. Actor's name. He plays King Arthur. He was supposed to be the lead then he bailed for whatever reason. So but give it a watch I highly if you like. Specifically like watching Moi tie in like dimly lit cigar smoke filled rooms watch that movie because in my opinion that's the best way to watch my tie. All Right That's to watch more. Well, also showtime actually has documentary about the same thing the well just. The. Promise of getting out of prison through fight. So it is a real thing and there's documentary about it. So slow, you can shorten your prison sentence if you do really well the fight scene or yes I think. So and he goes obviously there's drama to like he gets really her and like you can't fight anymore and he's like I have to fight I, have to get out and then he has like a lacerated liver something crazy like that. It's it's also keep in mind it is jail. Uncomfortable with certain things. Don't watch it. Noted not. Anyway. But given wise if you like. Time. Okay. So the next question is, let's pull one from the anterior. From the comments from parents lover it can you read this? No. Okay. All right. Do you think it would take ballot or having a one sixty five division before we get one in the UFC? It took Delatour to crown a one, twenty, five women champ before we got one in the, you have your thoughts. That is an interesting question. I don't think the ballot or would be the one. To pull the trigger on that like an official champion I doubt they'll be the ones to pull the trigger because don't aren't aren't the way classes regulated by the Athletic Commissions if I'm not mistaken. Sorry just laughing at the random random noises in the background that's Mike, catt opening and closing kitchen cabinets. So that's what I live with. Amazing. No the commission's actually don't necessarily it is actually a for promoter. The only reason why I'm saying that is because Alita. Lightweight. And sixty pounds instead of one. I remember the canceled the failed card at the end I was canceled was supposed to be Eddie Alvarez Nick de as one sixty, five right when sixty one sixty. That's right. So you're not wrong. Yeah. So that's that's why but yeah, I don't think I. Don't know if the UFC is ever going to do a one, sixty, five division of obviously they kind of need to but then they would have to fifty, five, sixty, five, seventy, five. and. I gotta say the only reason why it's not happening happening is just because. They don't WanNa deal with the The paperwork. As long as. The weight glasses you know shows. Dana white things. It's like if Balladur does it, I understand that like bell turned one, twenty, five women's I but I feel like that was just kind of a natural progression of the sport. I felt as a one, sixty five and watches adamantly going to be so so much more against doing it because he doesn't WanNa be seen as like following word is doing. That's a good point I also think Dan wages doesn't want to do it because so many people want it which makes Dana White one it last because that's how his brain operates for whatever reason someone goes I want 165. nope. I don't want Greg Hardy to find command event. He's like well, he is. So that's just how his brain operates. especially, because especially if more more and more people keep saying something. So like we kept saying the small cages better and he insisted that there's no difference and the more people insisted that there was a difference, the more he insisted there wasn't a difference. Like when they, what was it? The UFC IN CHICAGO? Allison, is working at the time that's still fight card. He kept talking about wanting to bring back the old way on on the stage where everyone gets up sucked out on stage. Out Alex and I asked every single fighter. At media. Day like what do you prefer and they were all like it why would you wanna go back to the old way? It's so stupid. Megan Addison just went hard on the paint on it. The only one that said she didn't care it was call us bars. You barely cuts waiters is because she fights fifteen she should probably be an atom way and then was up on the state saying like everyone wants to go back in. I was like who? Would've give me a name? So wants to go over he wants to go back. All right. Let's get one from this past weekend here. I can see the questions now. So you I'm GonNa read them. Do you want to keep reading them you one? All right from mark. So Kiwi underscore m m. a. n. longtime comment or what's next for Olympic loser of J. D. S. and Rosen's streak to rack up his sixtieth professional win has diabetes that God I forgot I keep all week before that fight I kept saying the at fifty pro fights but for for some reason, the fact that he has has sixty. Baffles me but what is Dexter Olympic shore that makes sense to me what do you guys think? I think I'm GonNa go good August. I, mean, he's coming off loss as well. That's another big name for him i. feel like after Derek Lewis like you can't just go back to fighting. No. Names. Yes that's a good one because maybe. Yeah, no, no no, that's a in. You're going after a smaller smaller heavyweight. So if If I'm not mistaken. guston weighed significantly more than a limited when the during the last two wins forty or something right? Yeah. I'll link to twenty seven or something wild like that. So if God's US and wants to heavyweight, I'm all for it. Or. If you want to keep with this theme of smaller heavyweights, maybe Os. P., he's coming off that lost Ben Rothwell I would like him to fight Ben Rothwell. Rock Ben Rothwell called Ben Rothwell called after's after their wins the Jacksonville. But I think Ben Rothwell just got fight matched up remember who's fighting off his head IF AUGUSTA KYLE loses to over maybe Augusta. Sky That'd be his first loss in the AFC in a while. I think in. beat him. So there's a lot of fights for Olympic take, but I think there needs to be a few fights that needs to play before we could fantasy match make. Okay. That's that's fair. I actually do. Agree with everything you just said. I like the Guy Forgot Gus was even thought of heavyweight. So I that fight a lot actually STU smaller heavyweights tone down. I like Rothwell that's a good one actually because. Couple of grapplers. Yes and just. A couple of grapplers as with like a lot of pride in. Grappling. So shoe to grapplers with like it would be. So it'd be the Ezekiel choke versus the Gogo joke and to two heavyweights they have some of the most fights on the raw on the roster. Like like I think when Ben Rothwell is on the a side he said he fought Tim. Sylvia. When he was to know. And then he fought travis fault in like two or three times like if you fought travis falling back in the day, you know you've been around for a long time. All right next question we'll do one four this week. From Sam. Harris nine one, six, another longtime comments are also his profile is a photo of Danny Phantom pre turning into the phantom so much respect if if Sean o'malley wins against you do you think of? Jimmy Rivera would be a good fight to make next and do you think if steep a wins de the DC. Wind stay retired. So two questions esther I'll start with you if Sugar Sean o'malley beats cheeto. Vera on Saturday night and. Two fifty to do like the Jimmy Rivera fight. Yeah, sure. Why not? I. Don't know. Your name. Yeah. But no Jimmy. Big Win. Is So yes. Sure. I just feel like it's kind of A. Maybe I'm just thinking of how. The state on US GONNA LOOK What he's thank you like the Jimmy very matchup or do you want someone else I know he's like pretty high rank like top ten right but like I, really think the they're gonNA. After this fight. If this is like the Oh we're trying to like build them the right way to fight, and then like next I think we need to Kinda skyrocketed him a little bit I wanna see by like a big name. Yeah. I think it's going to depend entirely on how he wins if he goes out there and beats over in like ninety seconds with another knockout, then give them a huge fight. But if he goes out there and it's like a back and forth war and he's he's squeaks out a split decision. Maybe you give him someone lower down the totem pole, but there's I think John Dotson is fighting Merab. If Dotson Wins I. think Dawson's been a phenomenal barometer for. Prospects if you look people he's lost to. It's like Marlin Vera. WHO Peter Yang who's the current champion? Dj's beaten twice like if you beat John Dodson, you are a legitimate. Contender but then you give guys like Daniel would as as a stepping stone and he and Daniel clearly has the Datsun wins against even mayor merits called him out a million times we keep hearing about sugar Shawn's grappling. No one's going to test them in that division like mayor who has the record for most take downs in a single fight at Bantamweight I. Think he's also one of only two fighters in the AFC double digit take downs in two separate fights or more technically song beat Marlon Vera in Jacksonville I know everyone thinks she. Won that fight even though he he lost the Sauna Don, tackling got the W, he doesn't have five up so I would hate that fight either that would be exciting and. I really think that if you know morale is one of those guys that nobody wants to fight so. You might that might be a difficult one to book, but I think you could get the song it on. A hundred percent and I think if if The thing going for mayor is I think Sugar Sean and Mayor Ranked Fourteen fifteen. So they're right there. If they both win at bump up like two spots and they're sitting it ten eleven or nine ten. Ranking wise. Make Sense. If Sean wants to show off his grappling and make sense they're both the histories already there because Maarib called him out. And Sugar Sean said Brian Calvert can fight Mehrab in the winner gets to be my number. One Fan I really liked that that's we sell, but there's a lot of fun shooting Sean to make. It just depends on how we wins I think. Second Question. If DC winds steep amyot retire asks what he you. I don't think so but now I'm like, what does he do now? I? Don't know. I haven't really been paying attention like what he's been saying in interviews and stuff. So I don't know if he's been hinting at it it's certainly not out of the question maybe it's a retirement, and then of the year we're GONNA come back I don't know that's always an option that's a third career choice that I think people forget about. Esther what do you think? You. No. He's not gonNA. I think the answer is no He recently did an interview with James Lynch are Fr- a friend of the site and the one of the few men who beat me on between the links And he said steepest said he doesn't plan on retiring he doesn't plan on retiring but that could all change of course depending on how that fight plays out. But I think regardless winner losing fights, France and got next it's either for a vacant title or title defense I think it just depends on if he wins or loses against. Do. You think he's GonNa win. Stuff I don't know I haven't even made up my mind yet. That fight is so close and both sides played out. So differently that like after the second Cain Fight Waco. happened. You kind of knew how the third is going to play out, but because DC and looked so competitive in the second fight for a while before succumbing to the body shots, it's not steep a dominant for five rounds like candid jd and their second fight. So. That's tough I think but. Also said that He. Abandoned the wrestling that was working out for him before. Because like steep has one of those faces like like esther photographed million fights, their fighters like bg who just don't get bruised at all but then steep as the guy you punch at once and it gets a bruise immediately and he's DC said after three punches every punchy withrow, he would just leave a mark and it just Kinda just Kinda fell in love with striking any abandoned the wrestling that ended up being his downfall. So if DC shows up and wrestles maybe but steep, it did knock them out pretty violently in that second fight. So I don't know I have made up my mind yet. All right. Let's go to some questions about this or this past weekend some. Looking hospitality from Gandara Papa. Man. Pastor you us the you watch ballots are to forty three this weekend in you also recorded the. Post fight press conferences so you watch them also. So, did I but I'll start with you what do you? Where do you think Michael Chandler grows from here. This was a topic on between the links of people pretty much know my take on it but what is your take on I think? Yes. Because he's done pretty much everything he can do in Bella. Tour. and. He was very complimentary in the post fight to working with Balladur, how Baladora had built his career. On I mean he's been you know working around Scott Coker and even what I for a while because he actually actually fought on an undercard in Saint Louis for strikeforce. Hey wait long ago and I'm when I met him. I remember Tyron. Woodley came up to me and was like look out for this guy I was like okay. So I. Think he's done everything he's he's done. He can do in Bella tour and. He's GonNa want to see what you've see has to offer So I think he should go ahead and and and make that move. No hard feelings just to. Go. Who Do you want? I if he hops over the Had one in mind. Did I, say I want him to fight I? What well, while you're thinking about, Alex, where do you think Michael Chandler goes? You have see Bella or does he go to one to get that rubber match with Eddie Alvarez? That's a lot of options out there. Michael. Chandler. I don't know I. Wish I wish I knew what he was making right now because then I think that would be obviously more transparent to like where he stacks as far as what you're. Getting paid and it's possible that it's not even GonNa compare I mean I think a lot of people Bonnabel. Way Better. Deals does he have the star power that like the UFC would probably want from emit this point is he passed the peak I dunno, it's always a possibility but. I. Guess it's just it sounds like it's all about the bottom line for him so I don't know at this point I. Think you're right especially because he does have his adopted son years ago I think Michael Challenge the would be a no brainer because he is super competitive like he like we just Damon Mind just had that interview Dana cormet where he's like I think I'll most competitive person. My challenge way up there. He's down to fight antibiotic just because he when he was the champion, he's like anyone I don't care about super fights I'll fight. Wow. Who did Brent premise every member that masks article, and they had all the super fights and then Michael Chandler the companyman just fought the number one contender didn't need a super fight. He just wanted to compete didn't care who was against. And then post fight interview he was like MMA isn't about the competition about going out there in front of millions and just competing now. So if you want competition come over the UFC. or go to the UFC because I don't think he has anything left proven Belen. Let's gets that rematch pitbull but pit bulls tied up with featherweight Grand Prix at the moment I think he needs to come over to view of C. Fight Anthony Pettus right away. Anti the former champion they've had to have been champion simultaneously at some point in their careers. Antezana five tyler anytime soon, he's a super exciting fighter I think that's a really good fight night headliner for when they come back to the apex at some point or you could fight Charles. Oliveira because I'm not even looking at that as Michael Chandler deserves Charles Oliver Charles Oliveira deserves big name in no one of the top five is going to fight Charles all right now it's kind. Of in that odd spot where he can beat anyone but he's not a big name, it can't really speak English. No one wants to really risk their rankings or fight. That's not going to sell well. So Chandler, v Charles Oliver Anthony Pettis Ordine Hooker, one of those three and my mind unless cowboy wants drop down Oh we got watch my six six six says dare you or hooker. That's Deniro dare uses what keep saying but I I like that fight but I don't WanNa reward. Bonilla. Dare us with a big name after missing wait. That's just if he had made way and got another knockout Scher Bonito's areas maybe one more fight. And fight. Michael. Chandler. Also knock someone out that wasn't even ranked. Scott wholesome it after missing Wayne I like Neil use a lot. He's a very, very nice individual. He's a really good interview. He's very well-spoken man. Way He breaks down fights is very very. He speaks on your level like if he knows your highlight if you knows you know a lot about mma you can throw out words they know you understand. But if you know nothing about Emma you can describe fighting fall on perfectly I just maybe one more fight for Baena before he gets on Michael Chandler Charles Oliveira type fighter. I want to see beneath Darius rematch as Anna Hernandez. Back. Or Drew Dover One of those two because Judah over to speak anandas. Sh. I agree Mike Hates that I? I I like I like it. The only other thing I would say is if they WANNA do the Dober- fight they could put it on the undercard of gay CI. Habib, because a beef and dairy obviously e and gates you're all managed by Ali. So they can throw dober- engage er trading partners so they would all be peaking together at the same time heading into that fight. Next question while keeping the ballot theme here. Wasn't extra. Valerie, and will we ever see her in the AFC? Well, the second part of the question probably not anytime soon but we're gonNA use this opportunity to speak about Valerie Laredo because Alex I know you have a lot of thoughts on the matter I, a man probably have less to say about this matter or What I say matters far less. Because we've had the post show, we've had what the heck we've had between the links and anemone fighting. We have not had one female voice talk about the response to Valleys Laredo or the buildup to valley. So since I am the only male on the show right now, I will let you to give your give your take. Alex all-star with you because during that flight, we were slacking at your like I, we knew you were GonNa have some things to say on the matter. So the floor is yours. I. In my head I was thinking I was going to call a written statement so that I gather my thoughts. It's frustrating because the way that women have been promoted in MMA has been focused on their looks and everything, and that's what gets guys to watch. In, a lot of female fighters will tell you whatever I don't care as long as people are watching I. don't care why they're watching but then they loved to turn around and slammed in your face when you use it per yourself, you know you're not allowed to promote yourself in that way it has to be through somebody else's eyes and that's what's so frustrating like everybody loved to comment page van. ZANDT. How hot she wasn't whenever and then as soon as she started posting stuff on instagram. Know you could say flaunting it when I wouldn't use that word but putting herself out there in that way that people just wanted to. Slam down for it and it's like, okay you can't have it both ways so like I don't understand why the disconnect it's Yeah I would agree I you can't have The only thing the only thing I you know because Valerie's young too. So she's not GonNa say these things just yet on slide twenty two or something the only thing I would have added to her statement 'cause I know after her fight she had said like look I just want to make it so that girls who you know want to be a girly girl can still be considered. You know about as fighters and stuff like that and I also wanted her to add just and also if you don't WanNa be. CARE If you don't, if that doesn't matter to you, you should also. Be Able to reconsider basically the same. The same leeway to men You know because you think that we don't judge the male fighters by how they look of course, everyone judges the male fighters by how they look also have you ever seen How many male fighters do you know that Shave their. Armpits. Probably most. I've never thought about it, but you're probably. About how they look you know. They look a lot of them tan that kind of stuff. So they just don't say it and they don't you know put it out on social media or whatever. But you know it it's all part of it. It's all part of the marketing. You can't come. You can't say that it matters to market yourself well, and then when somebody does it your marketing yourself wrong Unless actively insulting a group of people or anything like that. There's really no wrong way to market yourself. And you can't. It's like there's this spectrum right? You're either hyper feminine or your to muscular. It's like you have to find his balance of light being. The the pretty girl. But if you look to muscular people call your man like people with a man and Nina's like I'm sorry where are we supposed to go? Why don't you tell me what level of femininity you're comfortable with so that you can watch me find a cage like it's just so a relevant when you put it in terms like that it's just like. It sounds ridiculous like I'm fighting in a cage you guys want to like. kind of like, yeah. No. Let's talk about like how bulging muscles are how gorgeous my hair is like just yeah, it's insane. So. What, what do you think of fellow fighters fellow female fighters that take issue with Valerie and comments like I like macy. was commented like that, and even value-oriented opponent said a few things in. said. Like Oh. You said I was demoralized demoralizing the sport will look what I just did. Do you face so Her fellow fighters comments it's a real shame. I mean I think women putting other women down as a real problem but I hate when people say like Oh will it gives men and excuse to that now it doesn't. It doesn't get anybody excuse to do that just because another woman is saying, it doesn't make it right for individuals to say it I wish we all just kind of get on board and support each other realize that we're on the same team we're all fighting for the same exact thing which is equality. Would however you obtain it. That's that's your prerogative that you can't keep shooting people down. You know that's that's not helping anybody. What's unfortunate is people don't also don't understand I. mean they're not in the same way class shown in Laredo, but he will also don't understand that just by nature. Unless. You identify as a friend or a trading partner with that person. Most fighters can't stand other fighters. They're close to their weight class. They'll say like Oh yeah. Fuck. That guy or fuck that girl 'cause it's always just kind of. You always think about maybe one day I might face them and that's always going to be in the back of their minds. So when I remember whenever ask fighters like Oh, what do you think of so and so they'd always be like. Kind of squinting there is at them you know. There's there's you have to remember that their fighters are not going to necessarily support each other in that way. And Unfortunately I feel like the fans definitely make it harder for women to support each other with being. So vocal against someone like Valerie you're going to have. other fighters join in basically so that they can also be considered by this group of people to be honorable humans so. It's almost like the feeling that there's not enough to go around. There's not enough attention for female fighters to go around. So they feel like they have to compete for whatever there is in. That's what like I always bring up the example like when I started in college like my major was heavily dominated by by males in the industry and I never felt like I was competing against the men in my class. I felt. Like I was competing against the other women because there were only a few women doing it. You know and that's kind of how I feel that this works as well. May It's unfortunate but yeah, that is unfortunate because you and you're right because when I first started there was two female photographers and everyone's always like what you think about the other photographer I'm like why does it matter? There are six other men here. Why, why are you not asking me about the other guys that I'm shooting next do so. Yes it is a disappointing thing all around I in my opinion, which holds less water, the current, the current, my current co host I. I never understood male or females shooting down fighters skills in general especially when they're close to the same class like say macy Jason and value the rate of both auto twenty five and they both happened to be a Balladur or say. Scratch that maybe page Venza Valerie and someone's like they're not gonNA find any time soon, just based on their records and how long they've been in the sport but that could be fart further down the road page man's and goes out there s she's sucks she's this she's that I'm like. If you're shooting her skill set down, can you fight and you beat her your beat a bum? Yeah. If she beats you lost the. I never male or female I never understood fellow fighters shooting down opponents, skill sets, and their way class because that just gives gives your haters an excuse. Yeah. The beat a bomb or you lost to a bomb. But if you like HP is like Habib is the best fighter planet earth I it is going to be the hardest thing. I've ever done Dana Corner said the same thing about John, Jones Day mind like each other but Daniel Dan was like John Jones, the greatest fight who ever live, and then if you beat him, it's that much bigger deal if he's John, just sucks they beat him. All he sucked. Yeah. I never I. Never I never understood that that argument for that fighters make but. Yeah, it's Not going to try to input on the male versus female conversation because. I don't I've never experienced that from your side of the world. It's just disappointing but I will say a lot of my friends on instagram that follow an ma or our fringe fans that are female are huge valid raider fans now, and they all share that clip of her saying demoralized your face I broke your face when she was like visibly shaking up there. Like she seems out of breath jar, you commented on Instagram and she was like, why is she so out of breath and then all the comments were like she's angry she's like shake she was like literally shaking with rage you could see how much of relief she was. So she gained a lot of fans just from my from my friends after that converse after that after her words. Mike Heck interviewer, and that's going to be what the heck this week and there's some this is really good. Really good answers to to all of that. So I can't wait for you all to hear it but let's Go ahead to move this. From poly another longtime comment. Do you think the UFC cody governed one twenty, five title shot the worst in they could have done for the Flower Division and who do you think wins well. Few things I'm not going to even think about that fight because what's it all the way, November? Lag. Remember when Gilbert Burns was supposed to fight Kamara. In July and then it fell out like it's hard in this climate to think that far had a fights because remember even gauge resp-. Hub even supposed to fight in New York and then Tony Engage you're supposed to fight nor cal in April got pushed to May like it's hard for me to think about November but in a perfect world, this fight happens. I WANNA take wait I wanted to figure it mcvay make wake is he's had issues making way cody guards never made one twenty five and then we can talk about it but esther your thoughts Kinda. It's why do they keep doing that? They're sabotaging when twenty five by doing this you? There are so many twenty, five Contenders. There's Brenda Marino for example but so I just don't think that they need to do this because it makes it seem like there there there isn't enough talent flight when they're clearly Alex your thoughts. I actually disagree I think that this is probably the best thing that they can do with the Flying Division as it stands right now, the names that are coming up in the top five they're not big names are not household names they're not. I don't to say they're not anybody. But in the way that Ding stand right now they're not and cody garbrandt is a name in they're trying to build up the flyweight division at least in terms of popularity and people watching it. I don't think it's the worst thing that they could have done. Yeah. I think it's Shitty be frigging pissed if I'm Brendan Morale's Perez or whoever else is coming up yeah that's frustrating but I'm not. You know I made and I don't think it's the worst thing theft. I'm going to be in the middle and I'M GONNA. Say It will be great. If cody stays at one twenty five and it will be terrible if you wins and then goes back to one thirty five. Knocks off a champion bales like cody garbrandt says I will stay at one, twenty, five and five contenders. Awesome. But if he pulls a GSP wins and dips out, it's not going to be great because they just lost their current champion who gear made cruises on the ACA last week he says Figueredo could be the next big thing in Brazil still lives there. Speaking English has a super fascinating back story where he's worked all these odd jobs, he could be the next big because like he said a man in his doesn't really like connect with the Brazilian. Fans because she lives in America she wore the US soccer team sure at the press at the media days and press conferences figurados their next guy cody garbrandt knocks him off and then leaves they lose their current champ and they lose the biggest thing they have coach stays great. I think cody personally should've stayed at one thirty five and fought sugar sean if he wins because if they want a big fight that. Fight and then I, think Peres should have fought. Figueredo an Oscar offshoot of rematch moraine because he thought to draw Mexico but that's just me cody wins and stays that is awesome for the flyweight division. It's there. So you don't think it's GONNA be awesome. If figgy just knocks him out all Figueredo goes out there and crushes cody Garbrandt I think that's the best case scenario for the flyweight division but that's I don't again I don't want to even think about that until they make weight and we're in. November because. The current climate is so unpredictable. Yeah. Well, I mean I. GotTa War. So. Yes. figure. It was a bad bad dude. He like I like Jobe a lot but that was those hard that was. That was that was a bully mugging someone in the locker. Manila cave. Yes. I Lo- I was like selfishly I know. So Mel Kaye former rising champ that esther shot many a time. selfishly I wanted. Peres to fight. Miguel Cape on the same Cardis Figueredo and cody garbrandt. Merano and Ashcroft rematch. So we would have had six flyweight 'cause Bahrain AH books for the UNDERCARD Figueredo. Garbrandt let's they want to scrap that fight and remake it a remake them Peres fight because I think is awesome but he shouldn't out right away beating Peres deserves that they would have had six flyweight fights and I can't remember who it was. They wanted off limits on the main card that's how you build the division. Yeah. I. Definitely think that they have to include at least one more other flyweight fight on the main card and then one other in the prelims for that particular card. If you want to build a division, people have to see the other fighters division so. Alex your thoughts? Thoughts on this Right Luke. Luke rockall versus Chris Wiedeman from CUCO Keggi onsite. This seems like a perfect time to the rematch. How do you see this fight going I? Think Casey's thought the same thing I want to Chris Wideman and silver three I made my thoughts known on. The Post fight show. So Esther All Star, you've shot rock hold everywhere strikeforce. You have see all that you fought shot wiedeman everywhere you shop pretty much the entire division. So what do you think what's next for these two men I would actually I would like to see that rematch although I don't don't think luke would want. just the same way Wiedeman doesn't want the self. Rematch. You know these guys are like well I won I don't want to give the guy rematch. Do Chris I've never says Anderson Silva does does make sense but so does Luke Rocco versus Chris Wideman I actually think Lucan. Chris are actually closer in. Their place in life. And I think that that would make make a bit more sense than. Than Silva but you know. The civil fighters for the money you'd be doing it because you'd be earning more money so Alex. Yeah I think rockall Wiedeman is it probably does bigger numbers I, it's just annoying to me. I'm more annoyed by people coming out of retirement I N by people getting cut ourselves off of losses just as fresh like I have the phrase comes out of retirement like muted onto don't. Ask Henry. Announces won't see something. Please let me know I find that. Very annoying. Well he I believe Ronald I I. Hope I'm getting this rock. We'll give an interview to our friends over submission radio rockall says, he's down a rematch Wiedeman if that's what he wants, but he also mentioned Darren Sale Jacker Manson those who three name he mentioned. He wants someone relevant I also would not say, no Luke rockwall versus Anderson Silva because I'm pretty sure. They were champion simultaneously at one point in their career and I would love that fight that we never got that if we're talking about fresh fights, not rematches don't hate that fight either. Come retirement you start making demands like dare till like okay. Let's. Darren sales out for like nine twelve months with a blown out knee. So he's not going to be finding anytime soon if that fight, I also went ahead Darren over Zana's Silva they both are they both can speak Portuguese I mean, the Portuguese media would love that or the present the Brazilian media would love that. So there's a lot of fun fights for the middle of division right now. So I I'm just gonNA bring this up because we have to address at. This is not true. Dodson tied to. Entice page. Oh, getting cut I, heard tied I saw tied to revise a From watch my six on the comments I saw tied comment that but I haven't really seen anything about and I haven't heard of Tyson page I know Tyson Pager had fought since losing a shogun from now mistaken right down and Was Atalay. That Art Adelaide so I haven't heard that one, but that's not true. You say. said he was kidding. So, not a joke but like. A joke and on the less. So just letting you all know it was not true. tied to Voss's Ain't came up a lot during the. I saw on the comments and twitter for post by shows and stuff when talking about prospects brought up too quickly after edmonds loss because he came up pretty quickly ain't got thrown in going against GTS in a main event. And lost he looks good in that fight but he's lost two cents. So, but good thing they're not glad they're not cut. Okay. I wish Typhi Justin Willis I. Wish just stick cut solely for that fight. All right. of it's a fun one from the. Twitter's. From. Kiwi. May Enzi. Another comment Pasha the what's the most ridiculous back to you know you don't know how or why you remember you just do is this directed at all of us? I've got I've got one shoot the the original flavor for the filling inside of twinkies was Anna flavored. Oh ooh. Trivia night before and I felt like a frigging genius which no reason of that fact. Like snapple capital. Essay what's your most ridiculous back? Don't have one. I wish I had some kind of weird ridiculous fact. just trivia. I'm really bad at Tribune I. The only thing I'm good at it Trivia night is. The part where you know you'd like name that tune or whatever. But. and like random history stuff. But yeah, I just don't have any ferulic wants to say hi. Oh. Hey. I think the two, I have two one of them is ludicrous and is fun and the other one is pretty mind blowing in my opinion. The ludicrous one is the state of Ohio is the only state that doesn't share a letter with the word mackerel. I think that's always fun when people asked for a random facts see. As you think about and you're like that's a thing. And then I was told us a like an elementary school. If you folded paper one hundred and four times is over and over and over and over it is thicker than the observable universe. mathematically I thought that was it was impossible. See it is impossible but if it is I, think you can like technically as possible depending on the size of the paper. And the power you can generate like if you had a saying crane folding, a football sized field piece of paper probably because they could be able to flatten it. But if one hundred four times but that would be basically two N N. representing the number of folks would be to to the hundred and fortieth power, which would be a YODA meter which is. which is massive. So, yeah. If you fold the paper hunter four times, it is bigger mathematically than the observable universe and that is my ridiculous. What does the observable universe what we are able to see with telescopes in the human is? So if you follow the paper, a hundred and four times, it is bigger than that. mathematically. I did learn something yesterday that I did not know. That College? Basketball. Jersey numbers don't use six, seven, eight or nine. Yeah I know because you can only because they wraps us. Yeah. So if fifteen gets fouled, they hold up a one and a five. So they so five is the most digits you can use on one hand so they can't go one seven. Yeah. Also I read your back although in Asia we do have we count to ten and land. Shows, that. I also read somewhere that in North Korea their rules and basketball are just outrageous like in the last thirty seconds like a three is worth five points or something crazy like that, and they're only allowed a limited number of dunks game like it's basically not basketball, but the basketball is basically. So if you're blowing someone out in your down like fifty, you can just come back and make it exciting in the last minute. It's pretty it's pretty wild. So I'M GONNA go look at the actual rules. There's like a four point shot to. All right so that I don't I don't have a cat opening and closing cabinets you're. Just you're haunted. Did. This is kind of a weird one. I'm not really sure. What Oh. Interesting from. Hashtag. Number one a heart surgeon I think that's an office reference. what is the ideal role that a manager should play in the fighters? Careers seems like some managers like to use the fighters as personal mouthpieces, control of their twitter accounts and involve them in personal vendettas. Does this come along with the territory enemy or is this something that should change esther you've been around Emma and then both of us or at least been covering sport logging the both of us what do you think either all the man should be you know this just reminds me of guilt burns yesterday was complaining that he's like Oh people think that? Ali Runs My. Twitter and then he he's like if all around my twitter. Let's see how quickly he can delete this and it was a video he had face swapped Ali's face. I saw. That's fat is so funny. About that Taylor swift, it's another video so. Yeah. No. Manager's role. In boxing managers are there mouthpieces actually You'll find managers coaches tend to do most of the talking and I actually don't mind it I. I don't know necessarily it's ideal I would say it depends on the fighter, right? So if you're a fighter that's maybe more quiet and. Someone who's should have kind of an air of mystery around you say like fatal or you should have somebody else speak for you same with Brooklyn you know somebody else should speak for you. I don't agree necessarily with a managers like. Running a fighter twitter or social media. Especially without being forthcoming about it especially, if they start beefs. Because then you know I mean it's not genuine. Also, it might not. That's not the how the if that's not a fighter feels you know you're just kind of dragging people into this but overall actually do think that it is kind of the matters while it's a little different because we find. You'll find managers with much larger stables. Case. In. Other. Combat Sports. Unless you count professor wrestling, right? When you come out with like a swarm of wrestlers that your quote unquote representing but Alex, what do you think managers? The role of manager should be. I don't know how it works sports as much but. Yeah, it doesn't really bother me. They want be that mouthpiece of I agree vested with social media if you want to put something out on social media than you need to put a little dash with your initials like this came from you But I think this debate does that Yeah that's a good idea. I just think. It's so we all know it so much more important to be a personality than it is anything else and if you're if you're just not good at naturally than sometimes you do need somebody else to speak on your behalf if that manager wants to make money off of you, they're just gonNA taken into their own hands on it doesn't bother me but again, as long as they're doing it with the fighters permission. Him. I I agree that if they if fighters are uncomfortable on the Mike and this and that then their manager should be the mouthpiece as long as the manager doesn't make all about them. Like if they start picky like if a manager starts picking beef with specific fighters or other managers and then is just like. Is this about your fighters is about you. When Ali and ABC are GonNa, go at it and you're like through other accounts you're like we know who's talking it should just be yeah yeah yeah. Yeah Yeah. Like when whore Hey Camario or tweeting at each other and everyone's like so I see Abe and Ali or just yelling at each other through their fighters. But I do I do like when fighters but the DASH I? One Brock Obama was the president. He would do that because obviously as a team but when he which we would say like Dash. Oh, just to know that was him steeply does that too when he put that long thing about how like I'm not afraid of DC. After everyone wants to Dash Sm. I like that idea. We Have A. Question from a Guilermo crews. So, this is about the video game probably from Is Dana White still available, and it's almost as Mikey batts and you'll see three he was playable in like three weight classes Ella. Mayo. Hashed out UC four as far as I know Dana White is still in there and as far as I know he is still in several classes I just unlocks Tyson fury and Anthony? Joshua had an opportunity to play them yet but they look cool I pretty much all been planning on lightweight outside of a few fights as Israel out of signing because he's. An he seems like built for video game, but oddly enough the most fun in terms of like cool moves in the game that I've found is ask Sarah has like the most enjoyable. Arsenal of kicks and punches in submissions and everything because he's just so unorthodox. Seems, actually pretty realized. Yeah. It's. It's one of those things where like know think like when you get the video game, you don't want like I can't which play ask Sarah's but then when you play his wow, this is super fun. He's just not like is kicking power is in his heart as his stamina is in his grade, his grappling is great. But like the moves he has are a lot of fun I've been blasting. Through. Uc Four, the career mode and you can make like relationships with fires. You have to check your social media and responding to people in this and that like like when I set the record like when I set the record for most title fences, Anderson Silva's like congratulations so and so for breaking my record. But then like Kevin League at her and he's like cy I can't fight and you can be like you're dodging me. Worry men back in future and you could like build your relationships. Me Now stairs and mark the of your best friends. Just like the randomness of that game. And Paul fell there hates me because I beat him five times won't drink. Well because Iran I'm at the point where it's like the year two, thousand, fifty and off elder has forty five times a beat them every time and I won't train them. So you're fighters named Butthead Brown Alex. If you've got to name your fighter. When, when you finally get the game, who would you would you? What fake name would you give your fighter? The sugar. Bitch Oud. Border Nickname Bee. And So they give you like a huge list of nicknames to pick from, and that's just so like Bruce Buffer can announce you in the game and then you even have to make a fake twitter handle and everything. So mine is the butcher. So I'm the butcher butthead Brown and my twitter Hashtag my twitter handle is but head butcher. Using. Desi, it's a good time. There's no Providence Rhode Island as a hometown. It's I was like I was like excuse me just because we don't have any fighters in the AFC doesn't mean we don't exist. So you know where I made butthead butcher from quakertown Pennsylvania because apparently that's more important than Providence Rhode Island who's from Laker, town Pennsylvania Good Intel you could not tell you whatsoever, but that is where the forty and lightweight champion of the world by head Brown is from. Also. Knocked out Robbie law they become a champ champion welterweight and lightweight. So game is the the Algorithm is absurd in that game too. So. Does Dana White look different in every way glass? No No. It's like he's like short for heavyweight but like talk for like a welterweight. No, no. Like compared to other welterweight taller. I know I haven't played every class yet. I also have not played as any female fighters. Yes. I can tell you how they look. PJ Higgins Wears Providence provinces in Rhode. Island. small-state longest name short motto should be the first State. That's not true that. Well, where's he from? is an hour the country stops from the people that are from there. So yeah, Bronson Island northeast you'll find it. You know we have really really we have excellent payroll systems in providence route that we. Owe that is. Another random fact they're. Chatting edited rumor. That's just that is a complete inside joke with which we VIP. Calendar Katie from quakertown Pennsylvania Wow so quakertown Pennsylvania than you and butthead quick by head Brown College Kagan both contenders from quakertown Pennsylvania. All right we are winding down here. So I wanted to know. if we've missed anything. Trying to. I don't think I'm going to start going through the comments one more time just to see if I miss. Any sure. Sure. All your. Let's talk. You'll see for because that game as. We can't talk about it because none of us have it yet. So you're history. I'll have when does it come out I August fourth scenario August fourteen. That's Friday couple. Yeah. It's a little wild like it's pretty realistic in the fact that I'd I was like fifteen anno fourteen with all knockouts and they still want to give me a title fight and I was on like one hundred and fifty hundred and fifty contractors like to realistic. Like they beat. So I had a Ko win over dust a who eventually became champ and then I will I ha I was so I was the number one ranked lightweight doesn't play was the champion I had already be in doesn't play early on in our careers. You'd assume I've got the shot. nope. They gave me number nine. Evan done them instead. And then I win and then fall the number three. Surrealistic. In. This kind of question from like three different people and I'm not sure why it's coming up but If both fighters retire Saturday, who is your next heavyweight title match up France and Ghana has to be one of them. You'd have to you I'm paper should be curved blades he's into. To Franson gone so I don't know him maybe Derek Lewis. Yeah. That's the suggestion here. It would have to be the rematch in five rounds, Oh, my God if. If the replays from the first five but in five rounds Alex what do you think I'm just trying to picture in my head over the retiring like in the act again and a quiet arena like I retiring and the guys like. Also retiring. They put their gloves down together. I. Imagine I. You know what do you? What did you think about Mendez saying that it DC wins he doesn't think DC will retire. More money talks obviously in DC. I'm sure would not say no to huge monetary. Benefits coming his way in the contract. I still think there's only three names he'd come out of retirement for. Two of them will never happen. Those would be fade Orrin Brock Ladner. and. The third would be John Jones which I would give maybe a thirty three percent chance of happening. But if if John Jones UFC, aren't on the best terms right now I don't know if they'd open the if they back the brinks truck up for. A third fight between those two. Well, that was hard because I'm not really even sure I never seem to know this is status of John Jones whether or not he's eligible. Sure that's very true. That's a good point. I, also think. It would depend on how the fight plays out. If he goes out there and crush a lake, did the first fight and comes out unscathed maybe if he has a fight like as under Gustafsen where it's just like back and forth wars all beat up. Yes. concussions and everything and he goes home and his eyes swollen shot and she's his family I don't think fight again even if. He wins but so I think it depends how he wins if you win. So that's that's fair. I, do think that if he somehow knocks deep in the first round, then for sure he would probably feel the itch to keep fighting and probably will call Jones but if not. Yeah. If he's beat up, he's probably GonNa look at his kids and one stop doing that. Hey Guys Jose youngs here. Again, host of the live chat just want to say apologies again for the technical issues with this episode, we hope you enjoyed it nonetheless ahead of UC C two, fifty, two on Saturday night, and we hope to see you back in future episodes.

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