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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jeanine herbst a new. NPR PBS Newshour. Poll shows Americans opinions on President Trump and impeachment each mint remain unchanged. NPR's Domenico Montanaro has more despite weeks of public hearings on impeachment. American public opinion remains where it's been divided sided and partisan forty eight percent of Americans opposed the impeachment of president trump. While forty seven percent approve of it. That is statistically unchanged from a month ago the last time the question was asked. Meanwhile President Trump's approval rating is forty two percent pretty much exactly where it's been for the entirety of his presidency and ninety one percent of Republicans approve of the job. He's doing so the likelihood is this week. The House led by Democrats will impeach the president and he will maintain tain if not solidify the support of his base Domenico Montanaro NPR news Washington. The future of Boeing seven thirty-seven Max aircraft will be central today when Boeing's board of directors meets in Chicago Empires. David Schaper says the company is considering whether to reduce production of the airplane which has been grounded following doing deadly crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia Boeing is still producing forty two planes a month at a seven thirty seven assembly plant outside of Seattle even though the plane has been grounded grounded since last March after two deadly crashes a further reduction or temporary halted production could resulted thousands of employee furloughs layoffs but at the FAA suggests a seven thirty seven. Max Won't be certified to fly passengers again until mid February at the earliest. NPR's David Shafer. It's a high risk week league for the French government as it tries to calm strikers anger against its proposal to overhaul the retirement system and peers. Eleanor beardsley reports unions have called for huge protest marches. Tomorrow even the union that usually cooperates with the government is calling for its members to strike Tuesday all are opposed to the new retirement. Airman age of sixty four up from sixty two. Meanwhile millions of travelers could be held hostage if the transport strike runs through Christmas. Show you Brooke as glue. Nolla mayor told train drivers it was beneath them to keep people from their families during the holidays. French train drivers have earned a kind of mythical status from resisting assisting the Nazis and struggling for workers rights. A Christmas drag is not worthy of your history. Said Lemaire Eleanor Beardsley. NPR News Paris. The supreme cream court is refusing to hear a case from Boise Idaho over whether local governments can make it a crime for homeless people to sleep outside Boissy wanted. The justices is to overturn a lower court's ruling prohibiting authorities from prosecuting homeless people for staying outside if a better emergency shelter is not available. Wall Street is trading higher at this hour. The Nasdaq is up. One point one percent this is. NPR news from Washington. The hallmark channel was sharply criticized over the weekend after pulling same-sex ads from the wedding site Zola those ads showed to brides kissing. NPR's Linda the home says the controversial decision has already been reversed the conservative group. One million MOMS demanded the hallmark channel. Stop Airing Zola's ads that included -cluded to brides at the alter the network initially agreed saying it didn't want controversy. Zola responded by pulling all its advertising a weekend allowed social social media criticism from advocacy groups including the Human Rights Campaign and public figures including Ellen Degeneres and Pete. Buddha judge followed. There were even calls to boycott the whole hallmark brand ten days before Christmas then Sunday night hallmark changed. Its mind and apologized saying it had made the wrong decision and that it didn't want controversy Linda Holmes. NPR News Washington. Today is the seventy fifth anniversary of one of the most important battles of world war war to the battle of the bulge at dawn on this day in nineteen forty four it off. Hitler launched a surprised latch ditch effort. After Allies Push German Nazi forces back across France Belgium and the Netherlands Americans troops launched a counter-offensive and by Christmas were making headway after the month. Long battle the move into Germany was unstoppable level on Wall Street. The Dow is up one hundred ninety points at twenty eight thousand three hundred twenty five. The Nasdaq is ahead by one. Point one percent ninety three points at eighty the eight thirty two the S. and P.. Five hundred is up twenty six points at thirty one ninety five. I'm Janine Herbst N._P._R.. News in Washington.

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