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This is the bugles. In his new book hater, journalist, John. Similarly, begins from a simple premise that. It is good to hide things certainly fills up your day. These days in this scathing unfunny rebuke of the status quo and the until to all those click bait articles that claimed that every new song viral video and celebrity moment is so what we need right now. Seventy skews terrible TV shows and hit songs because while his father and also because ultimately that shows us how to meaningfully talk about and engage with culture on the world. Hater is what we actually need right now in this hike fil world fight eight with aids it's on sale now. The bugle audio newspaper for visual world polo was welcome to Subash out four thousand eighty six. I there's no fool bugle this week. If you want to imagine what before would've been like this week covering the US midterms and the latest rumblings with Brexit for his basically a summary of what it would have been like. Just words instead of noises and stretched out four roundabouts another half an hour. We will be back next week through the full bugle recorded live at molester squad fit or Wednesday. The fourteenth of November with me niche Kumar and Felicity war tickets available on the internet. We will see you all that. In the meantime, here is collection of tasty morsels from recent bugles bugles post, and some extra bits being told may have been created by someone. Now, we're going to delve into the bugle archives for some classic US midterm post. This week. What house toll two thousand ten dates on the off avenue. To him in the midterm elections. President Obama was faced with a choice. Did he stand fight like a mind or did he run off on a long scheduled very important tour of India, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan lockup president, well, obviously, it was option number two the calendar. The results of the midterm elections by very clear that the American people wanted to bomber to focus on American jobs. And so that is what he was going to do. And the even if he was eight thousand miles away he was going to focus on some eight thousand mile away American jobs, even before he left. He he wanted to make painfully clear what the purpose of this trip was going to be he held a press conference and said, I want to be able to say to the American people when they ask me why you spent time in India, aren't they taking our jobs. I want to be able to say actually, you know, what? And then it was what felt like a long pause. And it was the president was considering saying, you know. What do you? This job is actually really difficult. This trip is extremely Poon in. If you're going to bother you with now, which we'll probably have a very direct impact on your everyday life. It's going to be extremely hard work. But I don't mind that because I'm the president what I'm not going to be doing. It's taking souvenir photos were active on come holding up or about eight the Taj Mahal lock you would if you were here you morons, but he's dead. Sandy, he took that fools. And he said, actually, you know what? Thank just crazy fifty thousand jobs now, did he do the right thing. Not listening instincts. Only history can say all I can say is it. The second version was a lot less memorable seem to be a lot less fun for him to say he's saw look about it or the moments particularly not press. Conversely did off to the the election results. Very much says account believe of two more years of this bullshit. Yes. This'll already didn't let Republicans and even more of the obstructive little big bags. Clogging up the place. He's like a Michelin starred chef told the only can use is a Preval machine. Why we need the people. Not enough bays bullshit enough. Number of you have sent in links to various massive penis drawing related stories. Let's go back to one of the original classics bugle sixty nine this week and penises on ruse. You see on the the bugle is already changing. Alrighty, become attention graphically commercial dumbing down. It's happening down the city of fallen. I it's true. This story isn't the about on roofs and eighteen year old in Britain secretly painted a sixty foot during of a phallus on the roof of his parents one million pound mansion in bulk here, it was there for around a year before his parents found out although said gonna have they're going to make him clean it off when he gets back from traveling. What does story I'm be afford ago? It was monkeys who stepped forward to take the bugles coveted top story slots and provide much relief to a world frozen and economic fair this week step forward rooftop penis this story. Well, this is unquestionably. The new story of the decade. I would say I mean, there's a global recession. You can tell you that you can tell you funk. New president in America, you looming environmental mega-catastrophe issue ongoing wars, the gradual devastate. Of everything we as a species, hold their on even meet your that's going to destroy the planet earth next Wednesday. That's a bit of a beautiful scoop at one, but there's only one story in town in the first decade of the third millennium. Not as this boy painting, a massive flying on the roof of his parents mansion everything else seems now John boys printed gigantic Jones and on a big house. This goes to show. So in terms toughest German. When the president is Blake in the future is even bleaker human code will go back to basics back to his roots and commune with its primeval prehistoric self and draw massive cocoon on something Tomlinson's the donor. Tom don't look at the Abbas joins down in the west country. In England started off when a teenage caveman chiseled, but you aren't William balls onto his parents hell is that was so embarrassed that drew a joint man around and pretend that it was religious. Winco was during the blueprint for the human being Joan Craig something simple elegant too many vulnerable. External tubers, his all of a sudden it gets a bit bulled. Bowls on it. Giggles goes to bed oversleep wakes the fun of it is refreshing secretary is already send the drawing off to be made up into a living being that's where the problems begin. Why do I on this story? We'll put the photo of this up on the website and are heartily encourage you to go and take a look at it. Because it truly is a work of Art Monk alangelo had the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the heavens this kid have a roof of a massive venous. They're basically the same. But for me, this story brings up a number of key questions broadly, warm. What does this do to the house price because if they actually added value? Pumps people have to draw massive roofs to compete. These are tough times on to buys market people. Use to have the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee to shift a house now, it's all about the painted roof. Penis thing is not question. Joan one us. Earth possessed tonight's boy to find a massive slowest parents roof. I guess the always that is he he's a nice boy and his parents have a roof. Night night to the he was going to draw a penis somewhere. Okay. I'll have another question. Retorted that simply that they had it for an entire year without noticing it. Which really makes you think can anyone truly say they are one hundred percents. Sure, they don't have a massive names on the roof. Roy. Now, what was the last time you were up on your roof? A penis could be there right now. How does the lesson? Go love north at the penis on your neighbor's roof until you show that you don't have an even bigger pain from us. A sophomore obscene fables the ones he wrote when he was drunk at night. How about you? Can you be absolutely sure? You don't have a penis on your roof. Absolutely. Sure. Boss account verify. No penis. Shaped aircraft have landed on my roof by mistake thinking that was a penis cross pad. But I guess, you know, there's another way of looking at this John a ton gentle Avon shingle question about whether of Pena's, Mark. This could be a fertility symbol, you know. Maybe this lead just wanted to have a younger brother or sister to play with. He was trying to summon the sentence of some primeval divinity to bring fruits to his mother's womb. Who knows all I do know Jonas at when my wife, and I were trying to get pregnant for the first time we painted dangle onto nuggets on our phone. Unfortunately, told me we're living in downstairs flat. So we had some very angry. Neighbors me upstairs. Fly also goes to replace their living room carpet with a little bit less obscene. The parents claim that this is their son's doing, but he's not there to defend himself from this charge. Could be stitching him up. Let's like Colombo for a second day. Because this case might be trickier than initially appears could it be they are framing their own son to protect themselves from the truth that they paint you a massive Pena's on their own Ruth. Our hope he no one would notice. Oh, what's this most supernatural occurrence aliens of being set to regularly swoop down in the middle of the noise and create mysterious crop circles, perhaps they're branching out? They finish their crop circle. Face now, experimenting with roofs and penises off got another explanation for this journal. Now, I think the boy is guilty of this challenge of finding of massive famous on his parents roof think what ace Joan is. It's the. The pitch markings from the old English sports of the roof game, which is an early form of football originated on the roof of eight and college chapel in the sixteenth century. Now, the story goes on infestation of dry rot resulted in the discoloration of the roofing timbers on the chapel in the shape of the aforementioned Anatolia and during the decade of flooding. The school was supposed to move the entire school operation onto the chapel roof now, and I started playing the roof game using this kind of pitch mocking nature created on their roof. I know in the roof game one team defense, the natch end named after two semi circular shapes one in which look like an ecclesiastical natch, which is a two headed set to use by school chaplains in medieval times, this team was known as the not just now the other team defended the end nearest the chapel's main bell or the Belen where the Troy foggy at grown bountifully around the outline of a spat bell that it'd be left on the roof off to the school Campanella tea society. Degenerates into alcoholic save fumbling homosexualism traditional at school such as he so that lay to Abell left unattended on the reform of stormy night this team, of course, it was known as the ballons now the attacking side how to use the slope of the roof Toco Abol, which isn't originally might from the stomach of the schools least popular boy around the defenders up alone narrow center of the pitch. This process was known as shopping list. The boys would roll up their school gowns or shafts at us a slings to impart extra spin on the ball. Once the team had reached the end of the main central portion of the patriots players would shout the word shaft to signal. The shopping phase of the attack was complete on the call of shaft, they tacking team would attempt to school for the balance this involved scratching images or tagging each member of Najib defense with the bull Walston the net sown for them. School revived request too young. Abellan's wrestle that offend is out of the area leaving an attacking Najef with the ball in the auto zone. Now. Of course, neither sought schooled. Either a young or scratch between six four nineteen fifty-six making very look the wall game chestful scratch. Nationwide press interested Queen, Victoria, and Prince Albert invited. The pope down the road from Windsor Castle to watch a game whilst observing from above in the role has air balloon the professional Queen and mother of eight was seen to come into fits of giggles, pointing the outlawed if the pitch and chuckling to Albert who himself then began to Saloth Queen Victoria was then seen to apparently grab Albert's other colts with her Royal hand provoking moral offers a loving couple disappeared from view into the balloon's basket Albert reappeared briefly, just a seventy call tethering the balloon to the ground when the Roble inflated off somewhere unsteadily rocking vigorously from side to side to the sounds of lascivious growls on prince consort an ecstatic. Whoops, from her majesty non months later, Princess Beatrice, boom for the headmaster and provost of Eton were so disturbed at the moral and psychological devastation reach upon the school boys from saying the monarch travelling husband that they instantly ban the roof game from ever happening again having viewed through from above and realizing that it did. In fact, look lucky gentleman's exhibits. They covered the old wooden roof with John Lewis currently resides in the Guinness Book of records as the world's largest posing. Couch and the roof going fund into obscurity until it was just recently Hiroki resuscitated by this brave young teenage different books. And of course, the yet bell Endon shelf, reminding popular usage tonight. You're a husband father too. Okay. Chris you'll go do your worst. Doc story this week. We're all women on Jewish on the bugle this week bunch of incredibly attractive famous people uncle no interest. There's always hidden victims. Go. Fuck yourself. Women. Women. Here we go. That's enough. President caravan was not an invasion. It's a it's a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border, very rude person. You are the enemy of the people. Go ahead. Not enough. Go. Fuck yourself. There you go. That was your special bonus extra free sub episode bugle for this week as I said, we will be back next week with bugle four thousand seven recorded live at LeicesteR square theatre on Wednesday. The fourteenth of November with me niche Kumar and Felicity ward. Don't forget you can buy tickets to my Andy's Oltmans twenty eighteen the definable history show that's SoHo dates from the eighteenth of December until the roughly fifth or sixth of January. Let's just bowl balk. It details and tickets on the internet until next week goodbye. Radio.

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