The Bitcoin Podcast #266: Bitcoin Zay


Entering Guy Podcast I <music> crypto these three guys they have this big point aw hey everybody welcome to the Bitcoin podcast episode number two hundred sixty six and I'm your first Marcello in almost number to dimmed Eric. I most number three DART. Corey petty got guest host. Today we do too Paul is going to be like an. I'm hosting before broke your could you up. Maybe go house number therefore Jesse. A man broke in this bitch hold on the same introduction the phone with a soundboard area you do this guy. You May know him in the slack has broke. I know him Jesse. The man broke he needs no introduction even though he's Kinda getting one man with the master plan the best Google earlier this side of the Mississippi Areas The number four Jesse elephant you get so into it. Like how else are we supposed to do. I mean you can't do it any other either way but it's it's great our own interests. You give everybody a great. I need to do that for you. I don't do that for our guest. He's fucking guy. He knew the fucking now. We always like touch. The guy like hey introduce yourself. There's a uh we didn't do enough preemptive work together. You are so behind these some somebody he watches W._W._e.. In the background here's known on <hes> so bitcoin. There's a lot going on crypto almost too much. I think our channel like earlier this week. Corey is when I was like man this too much shit to keep track of like I kid this. There's no possible way to keep track of everything going on in crypto anyone so you were talking about that before the interview with <hes> our guest today that's very true. That's very true. <hes> we're going to get into that <hes> we had a guest. We interview BITCOIN's a but I get let's go ahead Joe Camila okay <hes>. I guess the thing is consuming everyone libra. I really don't WanNa talk about Lieber though I don't know about you guys what's not R- that hearing that's the thing is as adoption gets bigger. There's going to be more more headlines. More Congress hearings more trump tweets. It's really have to start Cherry picking what we talk about. Do we want to spend like we could literally eventually. I think jealous didn't tell us we could spend the entire show could be talking about Congress hearings and companies doing poor limitations cryptocurrencies unjust Adar's. Yes deal just said what do we talk about. What we want to talk about? I I remember like let's get more chicken farmers right like we had a dude who raised chickens and sold them for bic one of the show. That was what Australia Your House Australian big chicken farmer guy. He's Lincoln hasn't changed since that so I can check in it. Just check it regularly like your monthly to do lists that go check farmers linked sick at this <unk> plumbers doing he's held since the episode that we record with each chicken. Egg is probably worth like two grand if hell yeah for real that was a long time ago back on is like what five hundred episodes sixteen not the golden goose. It's the golden chicken is literally the golden goose the good old days so things those as like I was still just as passionate with the price to seventy four as I am now with the Dow. Thank people are going on link to undefined people to buy chicken extra I would. That's the first place I'd go except for you to get your produce. <hes> so I mean we talk about Bitcoin. I argue for big oil. I of that like the progression that's making as a technology but I'd know core you disagree with me but <hes> you know lightning is getting an upgrade soon and you're going to be able to fund like like external wallets that aren't on the lightning that were from the lighting network. I don't even know maybe I'll maybe maybe that's what they say. I don't sorry in Bitcoin world. I don't believe anything until it's actually implemented in Maine that I love the idea yeah of technologies that could make into bitcoin. I don't not don't get excited about them until they're in bitcoin like tap root in all of all all of what's <unk> associated with tap root is awesome awesome but I'm not excited about it. 'cause it's not bitcoin yet. Companies feel the same way you do after the whole I._C._O.. Craze if I'm doing a deal with a company I can't. I can't pitch them things. That haven't launched it or do that anymore. It's just like cool. That technology is there. It's not proven proven is not there. No one's using it so I- reserve judgment I._B._M.. Made about four hundred million dollars selling people on hyper legible ship can't do that anymore. Wow that's a lot of fucking money. As a lot of money I think about all think about all of the market caps of all the I._C._O.'s during the boom and the lack of products. We still have like think about think about the company I work for Status Right. I'd say we are a very legitimate company trying to very legitimate said just now getting to the point of releasing version one of our application in why it's hard to it's hard to find developers build these things so I'll take his point is hard to find developers that can build these do things yes and because it's hard to find devs. It's like your burn. Rate is just so slow because you got a smaller team and you could just develop so slowly. I don't know it's it's it's like I'm I bounce back and forth between European cello of like I'm I'm pissed off and I want things to be here now and like a pissed and over into cores as Rome whereas like Oh these things take time and nobody really knows what they're doing and we have to be patient with them so Jessie your opinion matters to what do you think about like if you had to give your opinion on the general stated cryptocurrency right now. What's your sentiment? I think we're moving towards mass adoption slowly baby steps though and it may not be bitcoin. It'll be like some conglomerate of all the different specific blockchain's and I think bitcoin is just going to become one of them. Will there be one chain to rule them. All now links. It'll be more like like Captain Planet like Earth Wind Fire Heart with the planets. Here's you can be one to saving our planet is the thing to do. I love that focus on that song jams anyway what I was saying before my dog's rudely interrupted me tired and I see oh funding model so she said she followed up with us. <hes> the funding model does not do a good job of helping a lot of developers built products it gives them a shitload of money up front immediately with no real roadmap to to <hes> <hes> deliver that thing should should companies pay in Crypto is that encouraged people to build or deter people away they had small business services would be great if there was a way to count and keep track lack of the things you're doing as a business hang crypto. That'd be fantastic if status changed their whole business model payout one hundred percent status would have to employees leave. You think I'd have a hard time staying because I'm a U._S.. Citizen and I have to pay capital gains on that if they pay me thirty percent more than what I make now do it. If you feel like your colleagues would feel the same way you do a lot of it has a lot of them. Yes that's pretty cool. How much do you think they're paying marcus in libra? Almost you think they would pay markets in labor. Three hundred thousand dollars four hundred thousand dollars in labor and Labor. That's it one might be more than that and based on based on based in that position what he's trying to accomplish it could be much more than that. There could be upwards of seven. I'd say seven to a million. We'll see more reasonable leading libra yeah yeah oh but Labor was the subsidiary of <unk> start. Cobra is a subsidiary of Facebook Messenger right this appeal off from the Facebook Messenger team which is a different team than the facebook team but anyways. I don't know why news much of his <hes> I guess mass adoptions there that my my pops FIS it. You know almost everyone in my family owned some now. It's taken them six years in five digit percentage games to understand that I might know what I'm talking about but I think we wanted bitcoin to be a viral tweet. You know it's following massive option but it's going at the baby steps snail's pace when people are to be a revolution so I think that's where people get kinda disappointed. We're always going to be a step in the right direction because if you tell L. A. Secret to somebody gonNA tell it to people to people will tell it to four people that's normal but there's nothing revolutionary about the pace of bitcoins adoption. I don't think it's still cool. I'm still here but I wish it was adoptable quicker yeah. It's I wish it was a bit more lightning buzzy do because the logger in this in you see these cycles over and over again you get so like but yeah I don't. I don't want people to be like bitcoin. I heard something about that like. In Two thousand Thirteen Damn Thang still around the last response. What do you say to the Dude Jello in like twenty twenty five who rose up on you in his like bitcoin? Didn't that die. Will you just laugh at him like that Batman mean have you been. What do you go? That's the last thing I want. I think it was the trump T- was excited. That was last week right hurts inside our hearts been sad but I guess it's like here we are the president is who is Donald Trump is tweeting about help. BITCOIN is a currency because he's an idiot. Yeah I mean getting in trump arguments several talks throughout this week in our slack. I'm not only has twenty five million twitter followers though we're not we can't go there. We can't as a rabbit over me. You got to avoid this op. She D- can't handle themselves. It's like that was an Roger Rabbit when they're seeing that song and he's in that back room is like I don't know what Roger Rabbit you watch wait a second row traumatic the snaking in haircut any bus out of the wall and he anyways obscure reference <hes>. What is there anything in group though that happens we kind of you guys Oscar released version to the dogar obvious dangerous is it is actually easier to use that <hes> they promised it improve on many things from version one so that's headed in the right direction? Actually I push it on a Rep coin from our boy tease swail baby. Oh I do not have shipton of rip going. Still you hold onto it could for you why held on of it. Ed Ashir didn't know what the fuck do because I'm not lodging any Brett. I'm not lodging any markets. I don't have the time for that those kinds of shenanigans but you can sell it will Tony Swish was the one that that that got me into the theory of he was selling hard back when all we were doing is is talking about Bitcoin and he showed me a theory and I was like I'll give it a shot actually owned an enormous amount of them but then sold them way to early <hes> <hes>. I hate that I do that. I'm going to probably get them on hashing it out. All these changes are things I would like to touch discuss Auger yeah bleeding air lock Agassi scary for me. Just hold Donte because I know it's a powerful prediction mark scary whether Liu so but anyways <hes> just not so much. I remember looking back trying to put myself in like the viewpoint I was at on these things we're launching. How like we everything was revolutionary? Everything was going to be a game changer here. We are just a few years later. We're like okay cool. They lost something. They've been out on May net for a long time but do they have that. Ah like injuring level adoption. We thought they'd have where like you if you just click on a new source of NC percentages based on what the current markets were saying about that particular event now. Could it end up being that way baby. I don't know another thing a testament to your point they suck at marketing to have something that's as full tilt working like they wanted to as they do and they aren't really drying at all the tell anyone what's going on. I Jesse was use odd. Yeah like <hes>. I'm hype about the new terminator movie because they just cast Edward Edward Furlong back into it so the movies that out yet but they're marketing it where it's not that hard Edwards ain't long is on was eating original <hes> the original John Connor that had a drug problem so oh see now. You're excited not that it's not that hard to market something. That hasn't been out yet but nobody wants to do it and it's so easy I actually count as a lot now yeah me too. I mean they're they're marketing. Do tune up. The Dune pumped about that in fact Hans Zimmer. <hes> isn't working with Christopher Nolan because he couldn't pass up the chance to work with Dune. Now I WANNA see tune. Wow Yeah so it is kind of easy to just talk talk about what you do as you doing it she. I don't know it depends on the audience right. There's a lot of a lot of pretexts and previous feelings about a lot of those things that if the right thing is mentioned you automatically. I WanNa do it in this space. That's really hard to do <hes> because like you have to talk about certain people in certain cir- executive various people do something. I'm probably going to think it's okay if there's not that many people because the space is really small and you'll have the opposite of that situation where you have that people who have become famous <hes> end up going and doing different things in the thing that got them famous ends up sucking or like not getting as much fanfare as it. I used to look at Auger like Joey crew got famous doing Auger and now what does he do not ardor or May geogra- I don't know but like people who got rich on the I still boom went on to go build funds V._C._R.. Become influencers in some way shape or form and they're no longer like just doing the job they set up to do. Spanked chain sucks because a mean gene does a bunch of other ships other than spank chain now like it doesn't suck. I don't know what's going on with it I don't I don't know I have no idea it doesn't talk about it anymore. I Dude I actually brought this up on one of our shows along time ago that <unk> a reason why kind of Cryptos Kinda stuck sucks because or wise in this perpetual state leads Walpole because <hes> it's biggest fans are developers but man if I ever met a crew people that are that the have a low attention span do like they liked to jump from project to project to work on all these different things in quote unquote solve the next coolest problem but that's not how you like build something up you build something by sticking with it for a very long time and continuously improving upon so like <unk> stagnation is a feature not a bug will if you look at Spain chain we don't know what's going on with because he's not running around with porn stars in bathrobes Bitcoin. Whose job is it to yell from the mountaintops about Bitcoin? There's no centralized authority so it's up to. That's why it's so hard to figure out where where are we the mass adoption scale so one we need to talk. How are you judging it? Are you judging adoption. Personally Jello ages looking at market Cap <hes> I mean that's that's the that's the low hanging fruit is the only way I can really monitor it. What if you look at content creation surrounding like crypto currency like <unk> at large? It was at all time high with the I._C._O.. But all that was vaporware scam so I can't meet by that either only a few months ago. What there's this Youtube Youtube Channel bitcoin friends launching a little cartoon about bitcoin? Somebody posted that in slacken. It's pretty funny yeah. It's pretty funny. That's Charlie in <hes> Sampson Maui Samson Mao in another other guy because what else do you do you sell like when the absolute hi you're sitting on just more money. You could wipe your as dollar bills you what you do is you buy a bunch of sports like <unk> n._F._l.. You're going to have light coin like right beside unidentified logo <unk>. He's been doing it for U._S._D._A.. Charlie Lee is buying up celebrities or like sports CELEBRI- he's a very smart man so he's getting the name of like going out there. Where people who go in go in droves Rove's to see these things C.? N. E. S. US that calm. What's the word I'm looking for like calm demeanor yeah like he just knows his shit's going to work like that's what I appreciate the most trial he's like yeah? I mean Bitcoin Lichens pretty simple. It's just speak when divided by four so why wouldn't it work in like wait. Wait a second. Why wouldn't it work in which you can't rely on? You can't rely on spokespeople either. If you look at Michael Bisbee. He's not promoting Timmy coin. Shell Sidon isn't promoting Dash. Rory MacDonald is promoting. You know what I'm saying. There was just fairweather spokespeople but if you have your logo on the Mat for an event that's that's immortal yeah I think he's yes. I think he's he was smart about not in that regards weight is likely on that and U._F._C.. Yes yeah so maybe adoption is just happening but it's we thought it would look a certain way in it's not looking well. I think we wanted it. They wanted to be different. Komo <unk> taking the same route of appropriate advertising not like making drastic shifts in the in the psyche of humans and how they deal with value transfer yeah. That's GonNa come much later. Little beep Barak chips in the blockchain is not adoption are not Livonia sallow little busy <unk> booze newsy that allows the barbecue got the boozy juice baby. Get the boozy shoes that those chips hey he actually did it. I'll commend him for that. It's just not on the blockchain thought it'd be into list. You described blockchain decentralisation Jesse by if I if I can and I wish I could show the emphasis. His manager was trying to get him to say certain words. We asked him that question we we're while I was telling Jesse like you know we had U._F._C.. Fighters Platinum Rapper's there to the personnel side looking in that might look like adoption but nobody knows what the hell is going on. I think Michael visiting was just trying to get rich off a booming early adoption industry. He got paid us very transparent on podcasts. I don't know what the Hell a health coin does or what they do. You know low boozy in what the Hell's going on. That's not adoption. You know what I'm saying for me. That's not adoption. That was weird. Same same reason will be passed up those interviews with like popcorn shit like I passed up in every with a game 'cause that's shit was really religious. Catch D- Didn't WANNA do little boozy. He told he told me like five times dude. Let's go right now. Yes Ma that was hilarious. No we did we did Amir blockchain <unk> like the Mirza solutions before doing that and it was like an incredibly technical interview retired about the kind of data instead of ice you will run invite us and then and then dobozy in his aunt fucking entourage walk up to like come to the next one and the the do look to me and he goes. Can I stay for this. You're being you gotta walk away a little bit then what talk us like. He's just like sat. There is like I can't believe I'm watching this right now. Well do we cut to the interview. See that all right well. That's a good segue to the interviews a little busey story so we we actually had on a guy big wins and he runs a gentleman crypto and. And it is a daily podcast Monday through Friday <hes> type in gentlemen of Crypto in your web browser and you can find it all. That's another thing I noticed that people start people getting so lazy now. They're saying search thing on Google on on T._v.. Advertisements it's awesome. I was like don't go to www dot just just type in the search bar man. I was like I was watching something on C._N._N.. And then the advertisement was approved medicine some sort of medicine and I'm assuming they're talking to the elderly elderly like and it said if you wanna find us online search this and I was like damn they have paid a lot of money to eat on that first page but anyways <hes> here's the interview <hes> because hello everybody <hes> we we got an interview for this week. <hes> we hope you enjoy the lasts <hes> this week we have another guest as been into. It's been a somewhat of a journalist I guess you could say he has a podcast self on Bitcoin but but we're here to talk about his book so we're here with the author of Bitcoin and Black America Erica Isaiah Jackson you might know twitter as big Wednesday so so I do a man welcome back to the show by the big bags <unk> speak when she fell about books in the bad seed things he'd be on spaces will Lewisburg so <hes> shitless she could spin just get into it. Let's get into it yeah. What is what is the purpose of writing bitcoin Black Black America well <hes> the purpose right now is <hes>? It's a solution based <unk> basically as a wakeup call to people in my community people because <hes> them graphically not really represented in the bitcoin space and been going everybody so I I just WanNa make sure that my community is reached out to them and <hes> the best part about it is a lot of the solutions can be used across the board however I'm only familiar with my community so at targeted <hes> the black community and talk about Bitcoin blockchain teaching technology how it can impact in the future so definitely wanted to put this book out just to make sure that the awareness is there kind of rid of the excuses and can hear it from a person who uses it not immediate. Most people stuff is coming straight from mainstream. Maybe who's WHO's Gimme your audience. What if someone protect your book and read it? What we're what who would you think that person is and then what are they walk away from that book now understanding <hes> anybody who is interested in bicker on a crypto currencies? This book is few <hes> Ages Sixteen on. I will be able to understand the language also <hes> any any community that has been suppressed economically in American abroad like the book because there's a solution solution to the way the banking system has treated <unk> certain community so anybody that crosses over those communities as well as investment bankers of people who WanNa learn about the industry <hes> from the viewpoint of somebody who's using it and like I said before not mation media is that that's what is looking for. That's it will pick this book up find interesting as some of the solutions like I said they would love to see exactly how this can be used in the future and not just <hes> you know projections from people on T._v.. We don't really have anything to do with space nice so let's dive into that <hes> there'd be some there'd be some objected objections. Even in the crypto crowd like where's does economic suppression. How did it come about? Why does it have to be directly targeted towards that but what are some examples of how this happen in how bitcoin can kinda counteract that all in house especially the you know the black community can grab old because you know <hes> we share blackness and I talked to my community as well and it's it's not <hes> it's not well accepted and last last time Dmitri how long black community finances taboo even bring up in the household? I never discussed it with my parents wasn't thing <hes> some trying to break that taboo one but also to <hes> the backlash will push back for a lot of people they usually are one or two things that you don't know the history of banking system which has been racist nature which I have an entire chapter dedicated to if anybody can catch up and one of the reasons they don't know economics. They don't understand that inflation nation has slowly taken the middle class out of America <unk> buys notice but <hes> you know in the black community wages have stay stagnant since the sixties <hes> due to inflation so even though people seem more prominent make more money you also spending normally you're worthless and bitcoin offers the solution to do the opposite <unk> overtime value of money increases and there is no <hes> human interaction that stops <unk> finally have a way to to interact with the economic system without having to go through any sort of human error so to say because humans do <unk> essays out there people <hes> you know we had red lining of communities where everybody lives are areas. We've had <hes> banking practices with loans where they've been sued and one of the key things in the book I put all of my examples within the last five years because a lot of people when they think of it like a Jim Crow slavery so that's doesn't matter but no I use examples from on these banks of where they got sued in actually paid civil suits from two thousand fifteen up to now so it's not like some ancient thing this is very recent and it goes under the radar because the same people who give you your media also give you money so so they're not GonNa let that come out. You might get a twenty four hour cycle but it's not it's not a big deal. <hes> J. P. Morgan call it a billion dollars worth of cocaine and nobody's talking about that controlled his that's. You got sort of the rug so fast that got fired. That's all your real. Maybe yeah I just I just WANNA correlation in reason I keep bringing up. The media is a lot of times <hes> in the black community. We feel so misrepresented in the media unfortunately a lot of times representative something that were not and I think bitcoin done the same old is ten year history is represented as scam posits game criminals Lizard Activities <hes> it's whatever <hes> but at the end of the day will you know really was going on. You have appreciation for that technology end. He will have appreciation that that should appreciate <unk> how do you how do you break that. Break that cycle because you said earlier I started that that finances taboo in the black even be an d has told me this before you just you just said it again. Why is that an issue and then how do you break that issue in terms of like having to start these conversations to get people educated because people aren't going to adopt doctor unless they learn about it can't talk about it but they can't learn Oh yeah absolutely and that's why not started first startup gabby disasters assaulting education trying to help people learn about it before they can dive right in but to make it not taboo in our community? We'll take time I will say that but I think bitcoin helps because it's a it's a new money so as not we're not talking about money in the way that it was four something that we can build for the future so I think even break that taboo just by. I basically introducing the idea in then using some of the examples I haven't booked to explain why should be important to you. I think people will discuss it more. <hes> and I think it'll be less while talking about the on has money system but more of a way to change how businesses done. I don't think it'd be terrible as much anymore. It's too much social media. <unk> generation is less. You know it's running those. Don't give luck yeah exactly we we. We got shake Senate. They spread the word she quinson like we don't we don't give a fucking is over so I think it'd be a lot easier to communicate with people when people get out there and I think people are waking waking up slowly <hes> to help finance system works adamant. Anybody likes it by on the likable. I know people like money but most people just like. I can't stand bank so once the next step is pretty established which is currently going world should be should be pretty interesting. Yeah I agree in. I don't know why it's taboo. I think you're right though the younger the younger you are the more you don't care about the taboo yet you know I I'm abrasive. When I bring this kind of stuff to my parents now and I basically forced them to start investing in Bitcoin opened up your bank account voter this where Zaire family link yet yeah and I'm just really abrasive about it which you know it's a dual edged sword because now the epicenter of all thanks Crypto and I'm? I guess I'm the C._E._O.. Bitcoin in my family so I of course but you know you just gotta be thought to answer your question Corey. It's like a generational slash cultural thing it and go with him and he said the exact same thing so is there any like specific advice in this book to to people riding around our age group that are trying to <hes> you know just open the dialogue with their friends in their family about cryptocurrency well. Let's stick to big win about bitcoin like you give advice to you <hes> well in this book. One of the businesses will find the entire chapter <hes> it's called the twenty first century economy family but the outline's every part of how you can impact or have impacted bitcoin community so it talks about business owners how you can accept Bitcoin <hes> for payments how you can implement blockchain technology to business. It's about <hes> regular early day-to-day consumers request at different places <hes> are you can actually use a stuff like lally <hes> foldout a different applications. You use actually keep the key big on circulating a gives complete solutions like I said this is the solutions solutions facebook and is not really it doesn't harm much on you know what's been wrong. What's been done by literally go straight into solutions? I believe we had enough discussion and I think we should focus on solution so yes. There are definitely often least exact thing you can do. <hes> even own doubts children it college kids hassle students are they can use it. <hes> you know one of the examples I uses <unk> you read about Moore's College. Kids should be doing the most mining right now. Does he have basically free electricity in dorms after rebates wishing. You don't have a light bill. You come dorm <unk>. Be careful trouble yeah. I've actually discussed with colleges because of a a Sacramento Kings. I don't know if you've heard but they have a mining operation. They have you can actually talk with the school and have it going and it will actually benefit the school and one talks about it my Alma Mater N._C.. State it will actually open to the idea now two two thousand fourteen when I presented its own that was not they thought was some scam listening but I mean this is an example of a way to get involved in community as well as different ways that a that people who have businesses can't accept it and Dan use it in their day to day so accountants professionals who are accounts movements of blockchain world engineers even on down to people who work banks. There's examples of people who have left prominent banks to work in the blockchain bitcoin feel <hes> which has. Turned out a lot of people's perception because it like well. People are leaving Goldman Sachs people even J._p.. Morgan <hes> yeah this might be a very prominent way to to gain in the future so a lot of solutions in there and I'm interested to hear some from other people's oil after they read it might spark a the new idea <hes>. I'm sure there'll be somebody has some great stuff. Yeah I really trying to grease that that lay to get people into Bitcoin <unk> you know interested in it in this. I see see that as a this is a great opportunity. <hes> you know for any well like you said for anyone but per black mirror especially like I think we like there's a lot of noise thrown at US sometimes yet between what's the latest dance craze and who's was getting traded to add to just focus on some other things things that are just kind of important and there's a lot of noise thrown at our community is that you're trying to put put at least a new signal out there these things. I like about a lot of something d you You've been talking about since I've ever known you and that's a trend that you've been trying to break that. You felt I think in your family and that does like building. Generational wealth and in Bitcoin is something that I think it gives people the right mentality to start thinking like that and thinking about how they could build something they can pass down to that to their family over time and that's not something it'd be from what you said to me. That's not something that people think about much. Absolutely I agree completely and I think generational wealth. Is You know it's been thrown around a lot in our community but how in I think some of this lucious people come with real estate gold some of these solutions they're okay but the growth that has come from bitcoin as far surpassed any other asset acid so <hes>. I want to introduce that into the conversation 'cause it hasn't really you know some people like Dmitry Lone Wolves here colleges yellow from the <unk> when it should be it should be barred by. Everybody should be something that yeah yeah. We're definitely looking to change the way we do business. Especially you know helping done before so yeah you are correct in generational wealth being able to own a part of potentially something that will back countries at some point point is definitely a good half having you know downtown real estate in New York in the forties. If you haven't today you know your grandkids can move into a million dollar brownstone for free so it's the same big line from that standpoint of scarce Garissa asset so yes general wealth is something I'd I'd talk about the book as well. It's it's it's pivotal is very important had used so have you found. Have you found that when you're having conversations with people in person like I'm sure he did within a few stops. I think you're on a book tour right <HES> next Wednesday Sacramento. Oh it starts next Wednesday <hes> Yep of his I've been doing local interviews and <hes> I'll be coming to the east coast in <hes> hoping we would get you in the middle of it. I pay attention because I wanted to know like what's People's general fear when you talk about it in in in public because you can always sits like what someone steer is through the questions that they're asking you out the mass of curious but since you haven't gone there yet maybe we have you back on after the tour so we can get some this -sulting I will say I've had questions owed years pretty much the same stuff in use it sort of like a Q._N._A.. Guides you know stuff that I have the same questions I get. The biggest fear I've seen so far is <hes> the price by people thought bitcoin died. I've literally heard the sentence about bitcoin died from so many people this year <hes> and that that usually doesn't come often there on research like I said before media media made. It seem like they're going up. You know loss value and it's over part is over. It was a bubble bitcoin's not going anywhere when we all we all know this case. We all know this is long term. This is way bigger than just the price with a lot of people that will not on the money if I put it in a lot of times people look is is bigger than that but if you look at it as an investment I haven't met anybody. That's lost money if they stayed in logged in three years so you should be thinking in three to five rob longer term investment terms anyway so I usually can give people over with that but that's the big thing they look at that person. I think that also through security that comes up I can get hat can be going get hacked and I'm like no no no Bitcoin hasn't been hacked. <hes> people's Wallets have been hacked. There are people who have been act but not bitcoin so when those questions come up I've done a pretty good job will be as dillwyn. I'm sure on his books. Get some crazy ones. I can't wait to share with y'all but that will be at out fund to see what Whoa people come up with. Definitely man record that processes you see like what is the fear that people have <hes> a follow up to that. How are you and I this is a personal task? Escobar's going to get a famous rapper to co op this shit so again so we got so close yet so close once L._A.. I'm have a friend who has a studio. Please manager for some big names and I'm working on now. He's he's got some people that are interested in acts after meet with them next weekend but yeah I'm trying to get at least one rapper. Do it with me. Not just say it is an obscene future. tweeted sociable eligible had a bitcoin song <hes> little thing. Was it up garbage. That was horrible. Can we get something he bri- on this one but yes I was. I had multiple twitter to try and get a little nauseous. Nasdaq's make a big song and then come to find out somebody made a parody of it themselves so of the Ol- towers also on we'll we'll see you gotta get a real ruin. get You thinking I mean I try to stay dry it. We'll be dray <unk> corey. I don't know how many years ago that was when I was like imitating drake singing in invest in the house so long ago the cooling baby ethics yes. It's funny here. People Missing Point yielding fewer rapid us on point. We need Riccolo cone of rap to come out and be like yeah a bitcoin all way but we'll see I prefer more like a intellectual rappers like comment comment. Come out something that made you think mall so not yet that would be. That's what I want for. I like raptor. Come out is like you want it. You want it to change the change the what people to rapping about you want people to kind kind of start talking about this new type of thinking in terms of stack and money and not to spend it on stupid shit right in placating to to she like being something that you shouldn't be ripping you when you're trying to talk about talking about this technology and so you get rappers to start talking about that I mean w wrong everybody wants to sound like I want. I want real rapper. I don't want it to garbage Elliott Bay Naza might fit that bill it's he's he's deep in a lot of start up investments and yes a nozzle kamikazes the coin base Angel Ways Angel how not if he's visa quite base angel now ventures sitting on a bunch of big pile of money. I mean he's a Ross is gonNA be piled hunt. He made he put out a song recently time but <hes> the he's he's still money but nobody said it explicitly so I really want might explicitly I champion Glenn 'cause it will be that will give it the I guess. The kids clout that it needs to go forward but you'd be surprised kids know about it. They just I don't know exactly what it does but they can use it like was there was a dope that was that was five years ago four years ago and that was already on air. Let's see what was the Oria that new show that's out they mentioned bitcoin on there and it's funny how they do it to this used for sex workers so knows it's always something whenever they bring up. bitcoin is is used something elicited so they still have that in the American mainstream T._v.. Real but you know sooner or later somebody will come up with something. I'M GONNA guy said he's making the big movie so hopefully his be better. I saw I saw a tweet <hes> from you. I think a couple of weeks ago where you're saying you number one customer right. Now is is black women <hes>. Why do you think that is other than I mean? I have some. I have assumptions but let me put my assumptions aside and and what's been your communication your feedback from them after the book Eliot well overtime. One one thing I've noticed about Nen is when you want to teach something. Most men are going. They're not going to say yet. You can teach it. It is Kinda like we'll just give me outline. I figured out so it's sort of like the old dad can't fix anything but he drives anyway. It's SORTA like that would be coined. Some of you bring it up. I figured out yet just give me the outline. They'll go with it whereas women that I've <hes> that off associated is it or help over the years with is more explanation L. K. break it down and then a force is also that synergy with a lot of black and become an entrepreneur we have the biggest rise in Blackwell Notch knows at American history and a lot the times when you're looking for something as an entrepreneur. You're always on the hunt for an age that we're live with business comes from four for learning about Bitcoin in seven his payments and things of that nature <hes> yes that is that has been most of my customer base voice over the years and is good see everybody who wants to be a part of it but yet like women shout out to them they've been around and a lot of lackland in Atlanta where I'll be gone. August third have started a lot of projects in going embassy down there and a lot of things you'd see black. Women are running this shit beyond saying I mean Arizona Shittu the <hes> beyond running that S- launch cordless flip it. I'll email you the one you're the Nordea in this conversation. What was taboo in like was taboo in wipe? People's world is money taboo for you guys you just like assume as their <hes> had we never know. Maybe I'm not this conversation. I'm not the best scenario we didn't talk about it I do my parents made a bunch of money but I was is relatively privileged like I. I lived a privileged life. I can't be a good litmus test for the Sepah thing <hes> grownup looking back I know my parents were shitty with money but we never talked about it but it wasn't necessarily taboo I just it didn't care because ships good yeah. He's good as nobody's ask questions especially as a kid either by going to soccer practice and going to school come home planned sixty four our life but I'm trying to think my caddie like I mean you've talked a lot about this type of stuff yeah a lot. How long do you see like this could be an actual tool to help break a lot of those? I guess shrines like Generational or cultural trends that you've you've experienced your whole life. <hes> what happens if bitcoin fails. I don't think it will but like the people are scared to get into this especially because like they throw some money into this and then they lose and then if they start watching it. It's really hard to hold onto something especially. When you're you're taking someone's advice you're doing something? The News at night and allege investing for the first time this goes for anybody and then they see a portion of that dropped him for something that they don't quite understand how do you how do you keep them to hold on and see the light and instill that idea idea like I guess I still some trust in them that this is something worth holding onto despite maybe short-term voluntary will definitely <hes> you know it definitely described Bitcoin as a way of social change protests <hes> basically saying that if you want things to change you have to basically get the root of it which economic so as you said with the price the price decreasing at or something happens like that between trails one other things I want people to realize is we have to try something new. There has been nothing done before that is help like I said before wages have stagnated sixties and I think we have to track and also from risks and rewards than point. I always tell people <hes> was was riskier. You know let baron thousand with Bitcoin and losing it or not buying any bitcoin at all and it because money was their system of world and you have no generational wealth to show for it and you heard about it no dozens of times what's the big risk so in a lot of people they think <hes> you know it was about ten years from now. Thousand Dollars will not end July one hundred dollars whatnot wind you life but you will contribute to assist in that will help with social change and at least if it won't Iryna banks it'll keep them is because when people start when people start opening going banks <unk> shit down that's going to be you have a banker that that lasts that will be going to the everytime <unk> doing their due but I it's funny because every time something doesn't work in that big little bit shit in they laugh when the regular everyday person starts saying that and it is easier no cap is made it pretty seamless. I think that's what people will see. Yes the technology algae is great enough to fight toward the money aspect of it is going to come so <hes> like I said even a big fail you gotta try something at me. I mean what more do what more can what more evidence do you need that we need to trust them. Yeah I had mice fans Klinsmann's. It's been real difficult to get people to invest in it but if you can find a way to get people to earn it passively with a shift or already doing then there and then they'd get some in their in their pocket and then they can turn that into something real. That's the thing it's sold. So how do you get people to so glad Levy said that <unk>. I say that all the time the easiest way to get into the industry is not to buy it is accepted for famous people give it to you and they want to see you can accept <unk>. You need some bird it or you can keep your so. You don't have to stop doing what you're doing. That's one of the biggest names I wanNA point out by this book. Most of the solutions are based on small tweaks to you're already everyday life so you don't have talking about the change your whole routine make the kids you sign search small tweaks. You know little things like <hes> not. I don't miss this in the book. I tell my clients light not don't eat out for like two weeks it just by some big one with that why that's not a big life change actually healthy. If we eat at home is actually the better so I'm glad you said that you don't want to change out things already going <hes> but a small tweaks and you can get into the industry and a helps the greater good absolutely yeah I mean I. I love that you said that because it's not a lot of behavior change a lot of people think like if you change the way you do sell them. You've got to make massive changes. It's like you look at you. Look at me because we're the ones a spouse on the stuff. We've changed our lives drastically based on this technology but I would have to and guess what I do- dollar cost average every single week. The price goes up. I'm like Dang. I guess I get less bitcoin. This week. Price goes down. I'm like Dang. Get More Bitcoin as we hell yeah at the end of the day. I'm getting more bitcoin Elliot and it's it's Kinda tough to to give you understand one. BITCOIN is one big on <hes> but basically is we explain to people that you only get twenty one billion in you own percentage of that out big percentage of that she oughta bitcoin. That's what you should be gone for. Armies associates any stack overtime the price isn't really gonNA matter because as as as you all probably believe in Abu is I think at some point in the future they're going to be so valuable. You're not going to want to get rid of so the U._S.. <unk> yeah won't really out you say a million miles will bitcoin at that point. I'm not I'm never getting rid of. You know what I mean this is this is enough to start a whole. You know a small island so I'm pretty good from from there so yeah. I wish there yet it because at the point go ahead. I'm just saying like how do you <hes> I forgot what I was GONNA say Shit. I had it in his blood on my completely. I'd like to <hes> I mean I guess expand. I mean the Big One is passed that point man. It's been here for a decade. It's it's got a mature market for as far as markets ten years is a long time and what happened. This week was monumental for me because would people saw was congress arguing facebook. What I saw was a bunch of people that own a lot of crypto that have power in this nation arguing with facebook because they own bitcoin? Why the hell else would they be arguing for it or heels Congress those those are congressmen and women that point now where our leaders owned this of in our defending it? It's not going anywhere. It's here to stay get as much of that twenty million as you can and sit back and relax styling I like out say that and if it goes south wing and do come fight me. I'm GONNA say hero. It's not going anywhere and there's not a lot of opportunities in this world where that's the scenario where there's a scarce resource. It's still relatively unknown and you can get your hands hands on on a good portion of it for a pretty good price and then sit back and wait for it to basically grow in value because more and more people learn about it but the scarcity stays the same absolutely and I I hate the fact that most people know the economic importance of scarcity but when you haven't asked like you said that overtime there is only a certain amount you can get <hes> it should it should garner more attention and it should have more like a you know. Jewish should be more amped up by. Are we going to do what we gotta do but it was way they you know they have to live the actual activities kids families lots of one on but like you said both changed drastically when you data this industry does changes your way of thinking start thinking what about things different you see the news different like you say he's not a Senate hearing but Mitri and I thought it was these people on big less exactly what I said. I was like Oh so we have some holders here if fighting for us. I never thought I mean Patrick. <hes> what's his name Patrick McPherson. I believe his name is he's from North Carolina actually he he basically went up and said hey deal with Israel. Currencies blockchain technology is here disagree with it. <hes> you'll be on the wrong side of history type stuff so I'm like ooh is be why women wait a minute were vis and you're like yeah just telling me they got a big ass pile of bitcoin somewhere and may mean the protected another theory. All these people in Congress have kids who have big lot and they know of they clamped down hard. It's they should is gonNA mess of. I think a lot of it's at bitcoin are introduced to it like Giancarlo from the C._f._C._C.. He's like he's like you know. Teenagers have crypto big win unlikely the Bitcoin Dad or whatever yeah yeah. I think that's what's he thinking. He's thinking I don't understand it but I'm going to protect my kids value that much over this or making up laws get in trouble so so is the greatest crazy crazy crazy <unk> gang from now yet. The Senate hearings leers trump. Are you still doing your podcast. We the gentleman still doing it. <hes> daily <hes> we actually just got off a little while ago Monday through Friday at three ish on the Pacific six P._M.. Eastern so still doing gentlemen crypto daily were up to episode four hundred thirty four now so still going strong failing crops the you <unk> Yemen <unk> how you hanging in there on a daily podcast like woods yet will the best bar I think about it is people who watch are very loyal white. We don't have no use following but buried very loyal and everybody stakes meeting a lot of these people they bought products over the years. They've seen US make predictions with three years ago. Two years ago at all these people they support nine different lineups so that keeps me going <hes> just knowing join our impacted a good group of people <hes> numbers of small but that's finally our. Have you know a few hundred dedicated people thousands of people into whatever so that's the end no long term. I think our work as far as doing a daily show. We'll it'll. It'll it'll show up one day yes. This is needed deeds Nobel capabale because it changes every day literally is something new everyday unless we were talking about this before we even started the podcast and it's like how do you keep up at this podcast. PODCAST has helped me tremendously and just keeping tabs on what's going on and the more you do it. The more people you talk to the more you learn more you figure out the more you get a better idea of the landscape of what's happening now and then like kind of like the momentum of where things things are going then make you better at what you do absolute in the when a news comes out is almost too late so pretty much have to you know you're innocent as you can figure it out after you've done it for a while same patterns same fluid saying you know that's where I get old. Now's it's like man. I've seen these cycle so many times starting to feel like the old guy yelling a bunch of Crazy Shit quarter twenty thousand people oh <hes> <unk> happy because we had a thousand candle and I'm just sitting here like again. You don't realize I feel J. J. bit but at the same time the calmness I have a lot of people wish they have had it like us columnist allow lobby. What's all boys like I'm not seeing XS talking about this like ten to twenty percents? I'm not seeing excess that I don't care from the ten hundred this yours. What is this <hes> so I guess I guess we wrap <hes> what would be some <hes> you know pardon words you'd say to the audience listening now as to why they should go could pick up the coin of black America and and and where they can find it you know absolute <hes> way it's Big One and Black America is available on Amazon for kindle? 'em Paperback audiobook will become a soon <hes> Big Black America discusses of myriad of topics in the black community as well as other communities who have been acknowledged disadvantage and it shows how bitcoin can help <hes> so go ahead of now and for people interested in Bitcoin blockchain technology by itself it also defines how it gets industry all of us thanks so is pretty pretty good across the board of explaining and keeping it at a lower level of explanation so they go that works on Amazon I if you want to join the affiliate program which had just just introduced today you guys are I e rotted. <hes> just introduced affiliate program where you can actually earn twenty percent each book. You help this old so if you have family members <hes> want to purchase it you know if you have a groom. Economic Group at purchasing bogey can do that and. Actually honest with money back from it so everybody can get involved and <hes> yeah this is a great book <hes> for people to read light read one hundred seventy five pages. Can we ought to read it. I'll pick one out awesome. I appreciate this absolute. Thank thank you for coming all man and please come back after your tour and let us know I'm chas where they what do they want to hear those stores. I can't wait. I can't we were back. We'll be enjoyed that interview with Bitcoin say <hes> he just finished a book in it is out in his starting book tour next week or actually this week <hes> and <hes> it is called Bitcoin in and Black America so if you are interested in a little bit about the history of the economic story of the black community and how bitcoin can aid in changing the course correction of that you should get that a book are you GonNa. Are you GONNA buy it. I am going to buy it. I feel like it should just been called. America is alienated half his audience already will he actually alienated eighty seven percent of his audience but we make up thirteen percent of ovulations. I was being generous but yeah a little bit too Hayman but that that thirteen percent is getting quite a bit of purchasing power of the last thirty like if I made a book called Bitcoin for sheiks like we'll probably we'll probably wouldn't be on the number one bestsellers list being number one but bit good luck to you. BITCOIN bitcoin people in automatic wheelchairs pretty targeted Nano <hes>. It's it's a great book. It's definitely needed we. We talked about a lot of things that you okay generally are taboo in the black community in you know you don't have to be a part of the black on the book to know a little bit about American history and you know how big winstons change it Russia so <hes> I'm just GonNa plug our stuff and bounce because his big quite an episode. <hes> we hope you enjoyed another week of the Bitcoin podcast all of our patrons that subscribed to get his twenty four to forty eight hours earlier than the rest of everyone. We thank you so much. <hes> we really do <hes>. There's a lot of goals that we have as a show and you guys are helping us get there very slow so if you're not a Patriot police become one pitcher on dot com bitcoin podcast network and pledge money pledge your allegiance <hes> that was creepy. <hes> Jesse actually send out the flaming hot cheetos bags. We purchased the flavor now cheeto bags seeking out the story there are three family size bags of cheetos sitting in my girlfriend's apartment right now in them out because reasons but they are there she gets boosy chips chips and some boozy juice and then eats eight him Tweeden. <hes> Jesse wants you plug your experiment man. This is the time to get the people going all right so everybody people who know him slack or that are in the HASHTAG random channel. I've been secretly working away in my secret laboratory on a secret pre-workout l. gummy that I have yet to release a I'm taking pre market surveys from people that are in slacked gauge how much of this I have to produce <hes> I'm going through the final stages of packaging and the logistics of shipping it to everybody <hes> that survey does help me figure out how much you guys will have to cover shipping costs you know from one end of the country to another end. I hope you guys don't live in a different country because I cannot take those orders. Shipping to a different country is GonNa be a whole new problem so maybe at one point it'll scale to that but right now. Just a the product is going to be thirty dollars for a jar of pre-workout. Gumy's way wait. You're there but like you're to the point words products like I thought this yes through like an ongoing okay. Well keep going now. Launch launch date is GonNa Be August eighth. That's the it's it's like a it's like a somewhere in between horrid in medium soft date but yeah trying angling answers. I mean potentially further down the line once we get the first few batches is out and get everybody's customer reviews in. It's it's all green while everybody likes it then yeah <hes> I wanna I wanNA take into a into account. The fact that I'm getting a lot of requests for this custom shape of gummy bears with ads so we'll have to consider having a custom silicon mold made and then yeah hopefully in one of the later batches will push that out various with apps but yeah the flavor right now is is called Raspberry Bitch and servings of a lot of Shit so if he joined slack I can post more information. You guys can paying me about it but everything's pretty much done. labellings done nutrition nutrition <unk> at the nutrition facts of the supplement facts already listed so I can tell you a little bit about the ingredients in the dosages. They're all like effective dosages so I'm not really skimping on anything. They're trying to make this whole process as transparent as possible so if these guys are interested man. Let's go the fuck on shark tank. I will rip we will shit. There is only one other competition for the same product and they're shittier compared to what but I made so wow ow well. It's pretty baller <hes> this. That's exciting that we finally have something go from idea to reality in the slack from the members of the slag. A lot of talk goes on in there. We're still waiting on a trading parody. Show from someone in there <hes> until then you guys can watch your stegosaurs patterns on bid stamp and not contribute to the big one podcast network <hes> what else so thank you Jesse that is awesome. I hope it goes very good in if you do indigo video. Can I be in it. I don't know if I was GONNA kick starter but you can't have energy future energy supplements elements on their apparently salt have to look into Indie Gogo and see if they have the same prohibited items list <hes> you could always do Patriot Cagey. I don't know I'll have to look into it but the gumy's are fucking delicious like everybody buddy I try to taste test them with like hand them like a real gummy bear and they're like yeah the taste like a real gummy bear and then I hand him one of my prereqs and they're like wow this is like a million times better and I'm like yet in a even has pre workout in it and <hes> yeah so like the first test batch. It's going to have a Gusher O._D.. On pre-workout Dude it's going to be so great no like the delivery method. I like the way we're GONNA do this. First test batch is going to be like a gusher so like in addition to like the Cube actually being one hundred twenty five milligrams of caffeine dissolved in it. It's going to actually have like a center. That's like flavour-filled Caffeine. It's like an additional two hundred milligrams so lacking in twenty five yeah dude for Cube. It's fucking awesome and all the other shit that Senate. It's amazing amazing really amazing. I'm body you. You could sell your shirts on our camera. I'll man <hes> all right well. What else do we do? We do some stuff never does enough the we have a book of our own <hes> a lot of shows. We gotTa Patriae on the donate page so please show your love joined the slack. Show your love the we have people globally joining someone from Australia joined <hes> a good time Joe. We were growing. What do you think our voice will be heard in twenty two time zones I did you knew that when we were one day we're going to be talking about Random Shit and people twenty two time zones are we'll be here mov that Jesse? <hes> didn't think he was GonNa Make Gumy's ads I did not did not that was going to happen even grow up in think he'd be Gomez. They're not so if this does become a wild success. What's going to happen to your Pre Med studies? I will still do it <hes> you're you're. You're different breed. Mr Brok manage it help had he can manage. At least you know you get the situation <hes> well. That's it guys thank you for listening to another <hes> show the SEQUIN podcasts up to sixty six. It's been good big. One <HES> GOJIC OUT BITCOIN is as book by clicking the link in this show description and hey you kick back twenty percent. If you buy that book through that link thank you support the show that way as well and support because acres US trying to get a good message of all remember Shout Zoe Saldana is I see pizza and Carl Lewis <music> <music> <music> <music> <music>.

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