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is the final weekly suturing the latest car racing news driver interviews race preview of vigorous discussion gushing rumors and more now here's carrie murphy totally crispy just a couple of guys talking to raise c. f. l. w. is you have found a place where we talk about all things nascar my name's kerry murphy longtime nascar media member and syndicated radio host of all things the final apper co host for the show toby christie nascar editor from vinyl dot com and social media director from all at the final ap his own website toby christie dot com breaking news on a daily basis feels that way yeah it's been going pretty good when all the other websites are doing twenty may twenty driver preview christie's digging deep in getting the the inside scoop for you working on it i'm working on it so yeah thanks for bringing that up by by the way those there was a good week for my website i would guess i would guess in both of us are now armed with brand new spiffing twenty twenty hard cards yeah with like holographic nascar logos behind our faces and stuff it's kind of cool yeah you're you're not going to copy this thing no although they actually take time to inspect that the holographic all graphic stuff's there i don't think people even look at these things to be honest now they just kind of get a quick glance at there's something hanging in there like yeah come on close enough close enough i remember ricky rachman one time started the season he's a host of racing rocks of nascar program and he he totally forgot his two thousand twenty card and they let them in with the nineteen that's funny i don't know if it's because they knew he was or what but it still must have been a hassle because you know those those security people are you know they don't know everybody and they're just hired for the weekend and so he needed a twenty twenty card even though we're we just got to twenty twenty this was back i i it was just using that as an example but i see i'm with you though it was probably seventeen or eighteen when the story happened i dunno okay well that's interesting yeah yeah i'm at the point where we start seeing how many people are walking around the garage area and stuff you start wondering did they even check and if they did check out what does that cardiac on library card sure that's good come on don't hold up the line yeah i mean i'm still honored to have one i'm still it's very cool and all that stuff but yeah there's a lot of people in the garage there is a lot of it is sponsorship and stuff like that they get a certain amount of allotted hard card not hard cards but hot passes they can give out throughout the year and so a lot of that is hospitality allie stuff for the sponsors but it is interesting how many people are the criteria these days and what's funny is the the lower amount of access you actually have while you're in in the garage these days than what you used to have the drivers don't like to hang around very much rush anymore you know what i noticed is i used to have to apply for a hot pass every every weekend that i went to and it was nice and all and it gave you the access but drivers look at you differently that you if you have hard card yeah no definitely for sure so so that's kind of cool yeah that is and i think nascar has been taking better stance i know there for a while they really didn't like the best hard card for media members unless you know they're long tenured folk but they've been doing a better job of checking out people making sure that they're credible months they see that they're credible they they kind of let them in the club so to speak in it's it's been nice for them to do that it's been cool not just for myself you several years ago and but there are other people out there that are working really hard trying to trying to do the other thing and they've all got hard cards now which is really cool to see for sure for sure hey we've been promoting it since early november and this past last weekend it finally happened the twenty four hour endurance race that is known as the rolex twenty four yeah it happened man cow bush competed g like that i was just it's good to see some nascar faces there i'm not a fan of kabul as you know but good to knock it off the rust he makes it up pretty good and his stints that he was behind the wheel yeah he was he was behind one car i was watching one time and he was just he was not having it in the heat of the inside and shoved him up the the hill trafton and everything he was he was giving it everything he had exactly exactly those other drivers are out there going what is nascar dude what the heck do dude we're twenty four hours man yeah it's got fenders on it but that doesn't mean you have to use them right yeah definitely so yeah good to see him out there sporting alexis had no shot at the win no not the overall win knowing that that he had no chance of a win made it actually better ultimate way you can go into a race weekend with kyle busch that's right all right i like him a little bit all right that's fine i actually think that's pretty impressive that he he chose to run it knowing he couldn't win the overall race i think that's pretty cool not a lot of people would really really do that especially at the prime of their career i know guys like age al-medina who kind of on their way out of nascar were in the class and several other guys have competed in this class from nascar before but to do it in this day and age when you're a guy that just won the championship macau bush is speaks volumes to kind of where he is now from where he used is to be allen think he would've entertain this opportunity in the past unless it was a prototype car do you think he shows this ride because it was the most similar to a stock car or he just couldn't find a ride in the prototypes i don't know if it's that he couldn't find a ride and the pro types i think it was just an obvious staying with toyota don't think toyota has a prototype and now they've got cadillacs and other things that i don't think there's a toyota prototype though so with that being said that's the only real link that had there so you kind of have to jump on that if you're wanting to stay aligned with toyota and it turns out this very good chance for him to mark his new energy gee drink that's coming out so that thing was everywhere all over the helmet over the hat he was wearing the shirt had the logo all over him it was pretty wild yeah we'll talk about that in a second let's hear from kyle busch and what he thought of his first rolex twenty four hour event i enjoyed it just you know being able to get back kinda racecar again kind of my season warm up if you will and be able to go out there run on a lapse and unfortunately we just got a little behind with the the break change there we had some issues on the right affront caliber i guess and that got us a little bit further back than we wanted to be but then we just didn't have the long run pace tires would fall off real bad and it was a real handful there layton runs so that's kind of where we lost ground third fourth fifth place guys the front two were just lights out so there was nothing we're going to have those guys you come into a race and you have a plan in a in a driver lineup and things like that and plans change on the fly doodo strategy change due to pitstops caution flags things like that so it's not always cut and dry as it looks and then i fast is this race went with the limited cautions lot was was changing on the fly so that's that's to be expected and for kyle busch what was it like racing at night which he does a lot in the cup series to check it out the racing at night you know people were talking about just how difficult that was or whatever and i've been to some short tracks that don't have very good lights so there was plenty of lights here to see around you know obviously sometimes when you're following a guy or having a guy follow you in their lights are in your ear the entire lap around the racetrack that's a bit difficult but you know it's it's not too bad just getting that experience of some nighttime running was fun and having a first twenty four hours ago was was pretty cool yeah i'm not sure what that question was all about it seems like like you know he he has some experience racing at night it must have been one of wolfgang's two questions yeah yeah wolfgang i heard him in there so i think it was nascar chasm he posted a graph after wolfgang started asking questions and they had like the whole schedule schedule for the season and so the first thing was real x twenty four next was like daytona five hundred other races and rolex twenty four it said on the one side of the chart is questions and it has like one onto three four on the bottom says i would've race and then rolex twenty four got killed in the line to too because he always has to questions right eight yes he does you know the funny thing about wolfgang and we've wondered this allowed is we can't find where he works from what i've talked to him he says he does work with clients that are involved in the industry itself almost like PR's what it seems like from what i've understood but you know i've not found his work but i'm sure it's out there somewhere it's just you know he's writing german outlets and stuff it's kinda hard to find i guess i think he's just an old rich guy that likes racing a lot and how cool would that be as a media guy just to mix it up he's just trolling us for the last fifteen years that's right i mean we've had with them and stuff i know he's a good guy he's a fun guy to talk with you know he'd noses racing there's no question question well he's invited me out to germany i think he's done that for others as well i mean i would imagine if he's done it for me he's done for others but yeah he told me anytime in germany just give them a call he's giving let me as cartilage seventeen times i've got an entire wall wolfgang cards at home he's never there i know right that's how you might he's inviting you yeah he's always here anyway back to kyle busch and his number fourteen car they finished twenty sixth overall in the race ninth in their car car class now the overall race winner was wayne taylor racing number ten cadillac dp i entry their second straight visit to victory lane in the rolex twenty four that car was yes in a class of its own literally yeah they've got to figure out that's three winds down this race in the last four years for that team and they don't have the taylor brothers driving for for them anymore so it just shows who's behind the wheel of these things are getting done definitely definitely good to see some racing back on the track but man we've got nascar coming what we'll talk talk about later but i mean it's coming it's coming oh definitely it is so my question to you carry did you watch the whole twenty four hours of course not well i didn't either and last year i know this is like the first time in a while but last year i did it and it's such a bomber with the way it ended so this year but you know i'm just gonna take is calm approach i'm gonna watch at my own leisure if i fall asleep i fall asleep if i wake up keep watching if i fall back asleep that's fine too so i think i probably watched i'd say about eight hours this year maybe maybe ten that's that's a lot more than me i watched last two hours it's like you do just tune in for the last two hours well that's all that's important right they give you updates and recaps and all that that stuff i think i watched the opening four and then once cow bush got him for his i watched a little bit longer kind of hung out with the family did some dinner all that stuff offen- watched more than fell asleep and then woke up watch more took a little bit of a break and then once i got down to the last few hours there about back on it was smith's here's good is it race as always i'm so glad that whether didn't give us a bummer finish like last year because that was really our last season you you know me i think the nascar races are too long so twenty four hours come on that's true the fact that you're even down with this idea even it being a thing is is pretty impressive it's so unique it is really making i know they do for lemond a couple of places but you know twenty four hour race especially with how fast they go down the banking and everything there daytona the roughness of all the bumps in the turns down in the the the road course portion with with all the curbing they put up and everything it is just such a grueling race for those cars on how they hang together as long as they do i don't either i don't either that's the the biggest this thing it's not just man it's machine it's you know crew members it's media it's everything that has to come together for that event yeah it's wild it's it's fun though it's fun to watch watch it's fun to take part i'd like to go cover that one year you mentioned this kyle busch now has his own sports energy drink he unleashed it on the world it seems at at the rolex twenty four called rowdy energy now it's not made from kyle's own sweat or the tears of his haters as some have suggested but he was like you said holding a can of during interviews and i guess the flavor was cherry lime eighty couldn't decide on one flavor so he threw like like three together that is the flavor he was holding they do have four flavors total they've got sour apple i think strawberry lemonade and there was one more orange something orange citrus or something by the way three dollars can three dollars a can i'm sure there's probably a price break when you buy it by the case but yeah you can get it at the website is where they're selling it it's not in stores karate energy dot com to purchase your cans of rowdy energy yeah orange citrus is the other flavor i mean i'm a dicta- a little bit to starbucks and and i mean even that's not three dollars i mean you back it up i guess but well so in my research of this because when i was looking at all the logos and stuff like what i knew he he was bringing this out but i haven't heard much about it still so did some digging before all the details were kind of release this week as he did the full unveil and yeah so charline charline made orange citrus sarah green apple and strawberry lemonade the drinks are marketed as a low energy or low sugar not you loesch energy drink you slow down slow i guess that's why finished ninth in class so now the green tea based very low sugar so the cherry cherry lime and orange citrus actually sixty percent less sugar sugar than what your normal energy drinks would be and then the t to the other to the orange not the orange the green apple and these strawberry lemonade are sugar your free sounds awful speaking of sugar free i had i don't know if you've done the ship have you had the mountain dews zero sugar yet no oh sounds gross it does sound gross any usual drink that doesn't have sugar that usually has sugar is usually pretty gross in there's a weird aftertaste i had a bottle of this this weekend and it was great was just like the original did you grow third arm no i cannot believe it i'm sure i don't know i didn't go in depth on what they do sweeten it with but i couldn't tell the difference all right not me being paid by mountain dew to say this it was just incredible to me because usually if even if they do tastes somewhat similar you have the weird aftertaste houston i didn't either so both kyle busch and mountain dew we're we're almost ready to to pull the trigger on sponsorship of the show until you know i just opened my mouth what did you say at this time what no you're saying house gross i gotcha awful yeah every rowdies was awful and gatorade was gross and so yeah why are you so negative on i'm trying to pump things up we might get sponsorship if we maybe they sponsor my portion of the show i'm playing hard to get that yeah man toby guys really going to press with a career i'm mealy shoots it down every time that's right we kinda liked that it is an honest approach that's right ying and the yang yeah that's that's what it is let's it seems like we're getting our weekly dose of degan here is haley and who was at the rolex twenty four on meeting lyn st. james yeah for sharing meeting lynn someone who's had had such historical presence in this worth grazing seen and done so much in her past and just pick your brain on everything and everything that you know especially not just being a racer being a girl on racing and also just being a tracer at heart and having pure talent like she hasn i think that is definitely cool to go back and go through scenarios different things that we can relate on and with race coming up i'm super excited i think that is definitely going to go good i am glad it stopped raining so that's going to help alive because i felt like today coming out driving especially yesterday to like re baselining everything in the rain i learned a during the roy tests so i think that after the rain stopped get to the race we're gonna have a good run nine yeah now of course she didn't actually run the rolex twenty four she ran the companion event the day before i think what was it three four hour event her presence was felt melt that's true so oh before the next digging quote did you see the paint scheme that should be running in the series did not and so they have unveiled it on on the DJ crossley facebook page it has monster teeth on the front of the car like it looks like a monsters coming out to eat you pretty cool all right nice now check it out yep so big and how did she learn at the rolex twenty four yeah i think he's got a pretty much right there but once again the data has been helping so much it's like i guess he said it's really hard to know where you're messing up where you could work on aware another driver is better than you're even if you're a little part but they gain you in different parts so it's something that it's definitely been helping my learning curve and i feel myself excelling as a road course race to because i am not a road cursory sarah heart monitor so that's just been something that i've had fun learning and is definitely going to be a while before i get better and better but we're definitely learning as it goes and what was the hardest thing to learn while racing that weekend yeah the biggest learning curve for me is the whole not having spotters thing and even if you can't have a spotter that the person next to you might not have and so those are different things you have to take into account the whole paddle shifting between the traction control ABS there's a lot of different things i've had to learn and that i'm still learning and that you can adjust in the car that most of the time you there's a lot of stuff that you can't do on the oval track so it's just a learning curve trying to get better at it trying to keep in mind everything that i can tune on the car and what i can do as a driver to be better versus this is what i want out of the car facebook dot com slash the final lap like us at this is the final last week my name is gary murphy his name is toby christie and call us entire program the final lap weekly and we're we're starting to get teams showing up the race shops and we're getting to hear from them getting ready for the twenty twenty nascar racing season this week we're gonna feature penske racing and their crew of drivers drivers and we begin with matt d. who i still can't spell so that's why call a matt d. on his roller coaster career the last few years here's ben crazy i tell the story best of the rollercoaster of emotions that my journey is ben as his last year when i found i wasn't going to return to the ninety five team you know my my wife was so is crying endlessly everyday then we go to bristol and you know obviously sleep a lot of you know what happened there and had a shot at winning that race and didn't really know what to even feel emotionally and then fast forward after that probably two weeks later so a whole span of three weeks went for my wife crying endlessly of sadness too fast forward three weeks later for crying endlessly tears of joy for an opportunity opportunity that i couldn't even put into words that i couldn't even fathom being with almost legendary teams in nascar brother such an amazing family and their alliance with team penske it's been it's been a crazy whirlwind says very just excited to get going what about your level of expectation this year compared to years past i mean this is the best opportunity opportunity i've ever had in my my racing career so it's been i've taken every single person every step of the way every race team that's giving me opportunities to get this but this is obviously salihi you know an amazing team to be with best shot that i've ever had so and i've got great teammates to lean on obviously pretty experienced guy so i think i only on them good but go out there goals go out and out of the gate fasting winston races and how about we bring ryan blaney into this conversation he's gonna talk to us about using the ford simulator as yes afford has a great simulator right actually by raus raus ration- bracing and by concord airport that's been around for i'd probably say five years and five five six years and there's been a long time developing it and things like that and don't a different tracks a lot of the four drivers used that simulator it's helpful not only do the drivers but crew chiefs teams as well you know working on things pre weekend and then you sometimes post weekend kind of breakdown and then just try to get accurate but today was was neat because because so there's two simulators over there and me and matt were kind of racing each other and we were doing a lotta hugging each other we crashed each other few that's a good thing about that race and you can just hit the reset button and it's pretty easy but no we're just doing you know you're always working on kind of behind the car dirtier stuff and we're trying to develop that that's kind of the next stepping stone own in that process obviously simulation is getting better and better as technology keeps advancing and we're just trying to utilize every little bit ryan blaney honey talking yet again on what the next step is to improve for his team at penske when i guess i mean that's that's the main goal but like you said there's already been a lot of changes i mean it was that was a big changes we've made you know two three weeks ago at the policy group but swapping a bunch of teams around and they thought that this was a good way to improve all our whole organization and getting to work with todd gordon has been pretty fun even though i haven't been at a race weekend with it's been nice to get to know everybody takes a long time to get acclimated with everybody alex kinda the shortest working with jerry jones microchip but we all worked with the same guy for a long time you know oh and it's nice to mix things up every now and then but yeah you just try to keep improving every year you know we're getting into your four or five for me full time and just you know time restart learn a little bit quicker and when more than one race a year you don't really wanna be that guy and try to try to make sure that doesn't happen try to win win in a lot more and be in contention so how about this brad keselowski v off season that was pretty busy in a lot of family stuff and he's gonna continue talking here for a while so nope just carry grab a chair it's going to be a little bit yeah it was good you know i added a daughter to my family sonoma a family of three and you know you know i was listening to talk talk about his mrs crying i have a wife and two daughters in any given time all three of them are crying and i'm still got why so hawking help with that really tips with that in mind hopefully there will be less crying and they'll have a nice place enjoy i keep hearing you gotta win the coq six when i started i asked us to do to get in that motorhome and it was where you got to win a race so then i wanna race is going to win championships so i wanna championship and then it turned me while you have to win the coq six hundred so i'm afraid when i win the coq six hundred one day that somebody's going to say well you have to lead all laps and so i was telling that story to my wife and then she said well wait a minute isn't the junior and there he didn't win the coq six hundred i said well well we don't have that last name so hopefully we'll get in there but we're all having a little bit of fun with that we've we've had some good it runs here and we had a great shot in the six hundred this past past year i think we wanted to to three two or three of the four state i can't remember was and had a loose wheel there at the end and and kind of got derailed but you know last year was a good year for us and wasn't great you know pence he's made a number of changes to all the teams because a good isn't good enough i think i heard my boss say but you know we want to win the championship didn't have a car in the final four and that's unacceptable to us our goal is to win a lot of racism and win championships so we're push really hard for that i believe that we we have the lineup to get team penske and other championship across the entire platform on i'm super super proud to be a part of that and you know good things to come i think it's great to see the turn out here today says really phenomenal we're so glad to have you guys you know a lot of changes in the motor sports landscape more to come of course as you guys probably know better than i do but you know with that in mind it's great to see that this has not changed turn turn out in the support of the speedway and of this sport itself i'm markus your commitment is certainly excellent coke six hundred to me i drink a coke because i can't have millerton get home but you know what they've done here to this event to make it the marquee event is is really something and start following this page on instagram called loss tracks tracks that have kind one out of business and now they're kind of the walmart parking lot and you know it gives you thump throwing there's hundreds of them you just can't believe how many race tracks have been built over last ask you know fifty to one hundred years that didn't make it and so the investment that the smith family made here and to see a be successful for sixty seven years that's really remarkable that's that's not the commonplace i think sometimes we might take that for granted that all racetracks are successful no exception rather than the ultimate but reality for everyone so it's great to see this event continue to grow i loved video that you showed earlier i can tell you having the name of the families of the fallen on the car every year is really an honor we get to to meet them i think if you members in media have come to some of my events that we have with those families and it's incredibly touching ching just one of the many events here at the speedway that that we're proud to be a part of so i could ramble on forever i'll let joey have his turn keri k. what you get you get a guy union there's another one what was going on and on about about everything well yeah that's what he does he took over the segment that's over sorry joey all right well here's joey lugano no no and he likes cars i do not as cool as the lincoln but it's my wife and i was getaway car at our wedding fifty fifty nine cadillac in speaking of the auto fair and things like that that's that to me such a huge passion for cars i love cars i love the environment i love going to car shows that my dad has a kid and you walk the oldies music playing you get the ice cream you look at cool cars and like that was something that so memorable to me or just taking taking your old car to church or whatever it was on the weekends i have a lot of memories of that and i can't wait to make those same memories with a son hudson and we we already have taken some rights and some don't tell my wife because the seat belts are up to code is to say to me those those memories just last a lifetime and can't wait to take him out here at least the day that we're home i think during the auto fair a lot of times it back up to a race weekend that was somewhere else but most i'm able to forget who are here for day for that and that's special you know i just think this school to see people walking around that family environment whether it's about antique cars or or or just nascar racing and being here with your family i think this is an environment that brings us all together whether it's your friends your family and you're able to talk about something you have something in common uh-huh and the culture that's a fun thing to to be and join gano talks about what goes on at penske team meetings after a race weekend he probably shouldn't let us know this i i think he's asking about our team meetings on monday okay you know a lot of it just depends on how you run right a lot of times sometimes unfortunately you have those-those learning days as i like to call instead of failure days i think there's just as that you learn more than others and you need to talk about it you need to learn from your mistakes so that's the most important thing i think having the opportunity to make the mistake is some of the one of the best opportunity you have to learn you just got to build learn from it and make sure you don't do it again and that's what the meetings are all about how do we learn from the mistakes that we made what did we do good what did we do bad as a team as team penske in general and then we'll break it in more detail to our individual teams but china learn from that and then look into future they're racist coming up water things we're gonna need where what do we have to to ultimately make sure one of our cars in in victory lane at every single race that's the goal i just like the fact that joey likes cars yes good thing it is i mean i would think that'd be very terrible career if you don't that would be funny i i race cars for a living but yeah dan bars i don't really like him as a skateboard that he commutes with yes or sadly kind of like tom cruise and days of thunder doesn't know a thing about cars right now that's true it all comes back to days of thunder always does shelvin into fourth gear finally at the five hundred mile cokes hundred car has no logos that you can discern earn whatsoever just black up and down the sides totally man that car has been through a beating that's right cars these days they're like pristine yeah they get to the engineering wow did they even race barely even have bugs on the front part of that is that the tires is so hard now that they don't shave any of the crazy tire rubber i mean they shaved some but not near like back in the day there used to be huge marbles all over the track we don't see that anymore so a lot of the tire stuff that would cake to the front of the cars has has been reduced in recent years all right well that's our look at penske racing hand their crew along with wood brothers racing de guy and i'm next we've got more fun i think we're going to news of the week coming up next on t. f. l. w. is calm down dot com the final elect weekly as back here's your host carry murphy and toby christie just a couple of guys talking racing welcome back to the lab legally my name is kerry murphy i'm a longtime on nascar media member and syndicated radio host of all things the final lap are co host for the show toby christie nascar editor for the final half dot com and social media director from all things at the final advantage own website there of course toby christie dot com woo that's where it is right that's it and so people are listening to the show by the way you could subscribe i have this podcast on apple podcast google podcasts stitcher radio tune in radio cats box spotify all sorts of places subscribe to the show you automatically be delivered to our show every week and while you're there it gives us a five star review it helps things out tremendously we need we need more listeners so i if you're listening to this right now go grab a friend grab their phone and subscribe to the show on their phone just without their knowledge alleged snow the they could know about it but that's you know one way to get people interested that's true i think that should be the homework is not to just nikolay do that but just explain the people that might not listen to podcasts what a podcast is how easy it is to download it each week and how cool it is and how much information you actually get from i'm listening to shows like this t w or other podcasts out there i think that'd be great we just need to keep building the podcast community i think a lot of people hear the word podcast mr download and they get a little intimidated about what they have to do so just if you listen to this explain it twenty or friends and say it's easy check it out you need to help you i'll show you it's basically like net net flicks for audio i mean people figure that out you would think it would just it is taking off at this point a lot of people have learned about podcasting but there's still some some people that just don't get it they don't understand it and it's not that hard no it's free you can stream it you don't even have to download it and subscribing ebbing is just making sure that you get all the new latest stuff well and you know it shows like this we're gonna completely dog any sponsor that would possibly ever want to sign on so it's ad free the as well yeah i mean you know about that ever it's like we don't want any money that's weird isn't it it is kinda bizarre those are yeah yeah so i think you hit the nail on the head i'm not sure what it is about the nascar audience i mean podcasting is crazy huge but there's something about the nascar audience i don't know what it is that like you said they're scared of the word podcast or download or whatever may we need to call it something else yeah so give us suggestions on that what do you think would help bolster the entire nascar community start downloading these shows well it's not like we don't have downloads and we don't have listeners we do have a loyal following we've had a lot of people who do listen but we would love to see those numbers even trend higher and when you look at the amount of people who watch nascar and follow nascar and the amount download our show dil junior show other people shows those numbers are not quite the entire nascar fan base so we need to figure out how to get those other people to listen to these shows especially when you compare it to your website traffic affects so they're reading your goals they're going there for information this is just another layer that you can you know if you're in the car and you want to listen to some nascar content content were there if you're bored at work filling in spreadsheets put it in your ear there you exactly so i mean compared to your website traffic i mean in we need that we need those folks to to check out our show as well so like i said grab a friend grab their phone find our show subscribe on their phone because because i'm assuming you're already doing it and we should be able to double our fan base like overnight seriously news of the week music music you uh hey so this weekend had snuck up on us at least it did me twenty twenty nascar hall of fame is inducting some new guys here i've heard of them to bobby labonte joe gibbs tony stewart waddell wilson and buddy baker newest members down this weekend yes j. g. r. triple triple trio there which is pretty cool they're all going together and then what i wilson one of the best engine builders of all time and buddy baker the gentle antle giant a guy who had a lead foot was about seventy five feet tall wound unfortunately but he's not with us anymore and that would have been really really cool to see him up there telling his stories going into the hall of fame so it's really a shame that this happened after he's no longer with us but still cool to see him get the honor rebounds it was and he did get to accept this for his father buck a few years ago as well so we did get to see somebody up there at the at the podium telling some funny stories but man i'm not cool to see him do it this time around it's a little weird for me with tony stewart because he's still out there racing and stuff yeah he's not old i mean he's what forty nine i yeah so blessed superbowl barbara bonney either he's not very old and he's still racing over there in europe so i mean the joe gibbs is an active active car owner so it is weird to kind of see that happening it seems nascar's definitely wanting to go with the modern era as much as possible with the hall of fame just to generate much interest i for whatever reason they think that will do it yeah i still think you take care of those that deserve it the most so i'm not saying these guys don't deserve to i bought the hall of famer regardless jobs as well by the bonnie cup series champion but we've had some guys don't have cup series championships or whatever or guys have gotten very close those two getting in without those and we still have lots of cup champions we have other champions and other forms of the this series and other forms of the sanctioning body that really should get recognized is an don't think it's going to happen for a while because we're trying to push these these modern era guys in to to quickly very interesting that's my thought yeah stage blank they're changing yet again for the cup series sixteen events for twenty twenty essentially reducing the final stage length at those races from what i could tell it's like really cutting a lot of the races into thirds somewhat yeah and so with this the rule of the race being official at the end of the second stage is no longer thing anymore anymore now it's back to the halfway point i don't know i'm hearing talk that nascar was thinking about going to four stages per race this year and backtracked on it and said you know what we'll think about it next year once we see how this plays out this season i don't know about you but i don't wanna see four stages per race stages at all and here's why i have a feeling i get a sense that they did the stage racing to fool millennials because of their short attention spans they flip on the TV like halfway through the race they say oh there's only twenty laps left i'll i'll sit down and enjoy this when in fact there's still like one hundred eighty laps left the entire race yeah no i'm serious i think i think it's it was trying to fool people into sitting down and watching the race and so what it has done is it has given us some some kind of crazy moments mid race that we might not have gotten otherwise wise because there was a little bit of hay they're at the stage when you get those stage points but at the same time each we're gimmicks just continued to add layers and layers of just so much it makes it so much more hard to follow and so much more harder to explain to new people trying to get in the sport he started explaining the point system today which is funny they simplify the points from like the weird one hundred eighty five points for the winner you know forty three for the winner all the way down to one but but it is so much harder to explain everything else these days that i think that is in itself what turns people off on this start coming to nascar cooled old tune in i'll check it out and then they get half the race i don't know what the hell's going on i'm gonna to now i will say this about the the fourth thing i mean at least people can relate to that with football for quarters that's true but man i would almost like to see either if you're gonna do it eliminate the caution laps they don't count for that because we're burning so much in these races just from these stage breaks man i mean especially in the truck series xfinity serious it's insane how many laps are clicking off the stage break so i would love to see the if you're going to keep the stages eliminate the caution laps from counting but man four stages that's a lot i know i know we have and you're making it where or if you have four stages you don't have to have a green flag pit stop all race we have nine stages and within each of those stages there are three little stages ages yeah and so here's the door just gonna blow past but here's the other weird thing i want to take away from this as well with nascar asker cutting the length of the final stage to kind of make things more even it makes it were again at these tracks you might not have to pit based on the amount of laps at our per stage and hit nascar saying this move was made to encourage more strategy how how does that happen how does that add more strategy to the race carry there's no like us now set in stone this is when we're pitting because the caution is at this time you don't need any other time because you can make this lap so here it is we all at the same time we all get the same thing because if we don't get the same thing we're going our doors blown off for the next sixty laps and that's it there's no there's no strategy in that i don't like getting ignored while sorry continue with your thought then no no it's too late so you said make a stage with i don't wanna hear about it now okay every lap kansas stage point your you had your chance doc my brilliant only comes around once in awhile and if you if you lose your chance you blew it i'm sorry i missed it i guess we'll catch it next year you're really old guy jeff hammond coming back to kerchief yeah that's pretty cool clay greenfield we'll have him as as crew chief for at least eight races this year jeff hammond says if they win daytona they're gonna run for the championship all right so that's pretty cool i guess okay okay i mean he's a two time series champion crew chief he's obviously been out of crew chief ing for almost twenty years this has been part of fox sports coverage and the sport hasn't changed at all so it has obviously but i still think if a guy was going to do it the truck series is the place where you could possibly still have success with your old tricks tricks 'cause you know with the big box trucks it's not quite as arrow dependent hobbies they're still they're here to hemmings involve for sure and it's not is engineered as as all the other series but i still think he has a very good chance here clay greenfield also showed some pretty decent speed last year and as part time effort so i think with jeff hammond on the box this should the elevate the sixty eight team a little bit more and i'm excited to see what they can do all right kurt busch announced that he's hoping to give away at least one hundred cup series tickets for every every single race on the schedule the veterans and active duty service members this is pretty cool he's done this in the past he said we're fifty thousand requests for the thirty eight hundred tickets last last year and is hoping for more help from the nascar world to fulfil even more this year if you want some details check out the final dot com we've got you linked up from their boom boom boom well how about kyle larson man he just continues to make headlines with his off season racing not in a good way all the time yeah sometime it's been more good than bad the bad ones have been pretty bad this time callers took a scary tumble a wing sprint car in australia after a restart so that was pretty wild and and on that was what two saturdays ago or was it last saturday i don't remember any while ago i dunno just today's together at this point but heat race day ed and you know this during he race them rate of that event he was really trying to win it but luckily after the crash did walk away and was okay but it was a scary looking can scare looking tumble again i actually saw that thanks to you you're welcome by the way heat race taking on a whole new meeting down in australia because it's really hot ants it's on fire and it's summer down there right matt gave us an update on his condition you'll remember he had a seizure with about four races remaining last year and it turns out he had another one during his honeymoon in the off season on december twelfth matfield that he's still on his road to recovery and these latest bouts with his health are anxiety diety related so we'll have to keep you updated on that yeah that's a bummer man i mean this guy can't catch a break yeah no kidding seriously medically has anybody had as rough of luck as this other maybe other than brian vickers i mean seriously brian vickers is is pretty high on the list what about trevor bayne too yeah but he didn't really miss miss a lot of time with his medical problem right okay taking a chunk of water i was taking the opportunity i thought you'd you talk a little longer anger let's interject immediately because i don't wanna cough when you're really intelligent thoughts now you want to hear from me yes i have to hear from can carry just two guys up on the fox sports booth i'll let you take that one yeah so this is big yeah fox pretty much already let everybody know this before but they did finally officially announce it with the retirement of DWI mike joy and jeff gordon will be the only two in the booth so might we'll be doing play by play jeff gordon providing the analysis the race goes on this will be joyce twentieth straight season in the box for fox like that it's nice and just a small part of his fifty years covering the sport and believe it or not this is the fifth straight year for gordon realize he's been up there for five years already i know that's kinda weird aren't they trying to save money on microphones and maybe shirts and ties or i think there's just too much going on up in that booth and things have been the hokey and hokey or each year so hopefully we'll get a little bit more professionalism i liked what he w brought the first several years of his career idea respect them overall and it is sad you seem go but this is a chance for fox to kind of reshuffle the deck and maybe try to bring a different product to the to the coverage think all right we'll have to see how that goes in the coming we we had help with jeff gordon breaks out in a huge personality up there by himself now without having to battle DWI every ten minutes on on their opinions that's true that's true by the way if you're wondering it's less than two weeks until the twenty twenty daytona five hundred but even before that there's plenty of racing like the bush clash daytona five hundred qualifying lying the duals which has a really long name now that's going on on the thirteenth yeah so good stuff huge awesome staff how about this though we've got william buyer and he's gonna cool paint scheme in daytona oh yeah it's going to feature exalts keller of the year sea glass and what color is that it is a light blue it looks really cool it'll still have the customary exalted flames down the side they will kinda gradient from yellow oh to orange but it's a pretty sharp looking car looked a little bit different than usual how about alex bowman also did you hear about this i did so little he had no sponsorship authorship lined up and then all of a sudden chevrolet accessory groups three different companies that are partners chevrolet that provide accessories have stepped up and we'll sponsor alex bowman for twenty twenty six with a thirty eight races this season with the clash and the all star race so that's huge for him he's now filled out his late for the for the season all four hundred more sports guys is now have full sponsorship the entire season all right let's let's prop that forty eight and let him win the championship right how about daniel schorr has also we can't go without on him while that's coming up next no okay well we'll do that next then man sorry on t. f. l. w. trevor bayne and you're you're listening to the final lap weekly my name's gary murphy his name is toby christie when call us entire program final weekly and it's time for our pseudo driver spotlights drivers saying what daniels warez officially with his new team now it's been unofficial thanks to christie dot com for a couple of weeks now but now it's officially official gaunt brothers racing sounds like some sort of medical condition driving their ninety-six car for the coming season and they are going to be racing toyotas news and he'll have dave winston calling the shots top box as the crew chief here is daniel suarez with his thoughts on the whole the whole months you know a lot of war got a lot of time on a lotta your little bit of stress into these also but you know ooh i'm happy that i'm i'm finding that here i feel like in the next week or so being able to a little bit more than two weeks or so so i've been able to finally sleep but not raise united as you well know that kapoor view they've been a little bit difficult for myself personally from our team that we just can't control i wish that we can all those things but sometimes we just can't and i two things happen to people so i'm sure that there's a lot of good people around me wearing these right now and we're gonna gonna we're gonna we're getting better feeling we're gonna heading to actually give daniels juarez with more thoughts i i'm on many really you know it's it's hard not to to to down there what happened two years in a row because that's easy to guess but you know they say that nothing could you just make you stronger right so so here we are on i NFL that that been a lot going on they live chat we're we're now in a position 'cause they have the greatest scope go down and many others out there that you know we're working on on hopefully we can we're gonna do great things here we've got we've got to you know we'd rather stay with our expectations but they know that they we know that if five winning projects in the in the lock in long-term i wouldn't be here right now so culturally enough things better much better than the way they play yeah so mr murphy i'm i'm afraid you've got gaunt you've got the gaunt want man we're going to have to cut it off got the gaunt so so do you wanna keep it ajar when we get done cutting it off or well yeah we offer that service service all right gone jar that hangs from your keychain that's a new alternative rock band name gone to an ajar yawns gaunt and ajar all right so daniel warez finally has a race team cutting it close cut it very close now obviously this deal has been done for about about two weeks but they've had a lot of catching up to do to get ready for the season so they've been slammed over there finally got things announced that they were doing all the media days and all the production days with nascar the last couple last week so finally got it done but yeah so pretty big pretty big chris dot com nice get there and i scoop no doubt checkered flag flying on this show this has been the final weekly catch us next week toby you and i will chat next week we sure will and it's gonna be great tag that's a wrap another final lap weekly is in the books the final ap weekly is hosted by kerry murphy along with toby christie proudly syndicated by united stations radio networks in new york city city executive producer kerry murphy kerry murphy sound design by russell mash audio director dot audio i'm tom mode some tombo dot com thanks for listening and as always we like to personally thank each and every one of our our patriotic people members of patriot dot com slash the final lap yet kerry we have some patriotic people that really like to help this show out but we could always use more so there's that yes so if you'd like to join this awesome list here are the folks that are currently 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