World speed record for steam locomotive set - July 3, 1938


from fireworks on the fourth of july the long holiday weekend the way there's plenty to look forward to during the summer but why way to celebrate new delicious lee spreadable cottage cheese single is giving you a reason to celebrate every single day with their single best states sweepstakes is it create with connor dot com for your chance to win fifty dollar daily prizes and the grand prize of one thousand dollars plus tips an inspiration to help make every single day the best day ever the stay in history class is production of i heart radio hello welcome to this day in history class where we've just off a little piece of history every day today is july third twenty nineteen the day was july third nineteen thirty eight the london north eastern railway class at eight four number forty four sixty eight mallard set the record for highest speed ever ratified fray steam locomotive when it reached one hundred and twenty six miles per hour or two hundred and wine kilometers per hour mallard there was the twenty eighth of the thirty five eight four class of express locomotives designed by thirty nigel grassley when he was the chief mechanical engineer of the london in north eastern railway or l n e r it was built in march of nineteen thirty eight and it had streamlined wedge shaped design it usually operated on the east coast line the aid for class of locomotives were more efficient than previous locomotives shortening the trip time from london king's cross to newcastle the l m as coordination help the disputable british being rutgers as it was claimed to have reached one hundred and fourteen miles per hour in nineteen thirty six germany's germany's b r d class five locomotive set the world speed record frisbee locomotives when it reached one hundred and twenty four point five miles per hour on the berlin hamburg line grassley and a team of engineers began modifying find a locomotive to beat the speed record's mallard was chosen to set the world be recor because it was one of three eight four locomotives that had special exhaust arrangements which included a double blast pipe chimney mallard also had a full mind speed recorder a device that indicated the current speed of a vehicle and recorded it on paper tape on sunday july third nineteen thirty eight driver joe denning ten attempted to set the world speed record from railway mallard the attempt was carried out drink child of a new quick acting break the test run would be between grantham in lincoln shire peterborough in cambridge tire mallard was hauling seven coaches wang two hundred and sixty seven as time or two hundred and forty three metric times with officials in equipment aboard there were three twin articulated cared is in a diner mom and her car which contained instruments that record it the locomotive speed firemen thomas spray was also on board the remaining crew and technical team were told that the trip with an attempt to be the world speed record until after the trains northbound run from green north london notably nobody from the l n e r magazine was aboard the magazine had to use and account from the railway could fit mallard went through grantham station at twenty four miles per hour then accelerated up to sixty miles per hour over the next two and a half miles eventually reaching seventy five miles per hour as in ballard went down stoke bank the diner monitor card recordings the speed at one hundred and twenty miles per hour beating the british theme rickard the train will soon have to slow down at the s and dine curves but there was little time to accelerate before that point so the crew did in the train made it to one hundred and twenty six miles per hour beating the world record's it maintained eight speed between one hundred and twenty three in one hundred and twenty six miles per hour for nearly two miles it was possible they could have gone faster has not had this low at us and died shortly after mallard set the right gird the force from the braves clause mallards big end bearing for the middle cylinder overheats in it had to go slow into peterborough it then had to go into the workshop for repairs mallard retired from service in nineteen sixty be three between nineteen eighty to nineteen eighty eight it was restored to working order incomplete it runs until nineteen eighty nine mallard still officially holds the world record the others have made unsubstantiated claims of reaching faster locomotive speeds eve's jeffcoat in hopefully you know a little more about history today and you did yesterday if there's something that i missed an episode you could share it with everybody else on twitter instagram or facebook at p b i h c podcast will be back with more history tomorrow podcast from i heart radio this is i heart radio app apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows creature feature looks at some of the most mind blowing animal and human behaviors on the planet it tries to get inside the heads of animals in explores 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