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Thank you for listening to this. podcast one sports net production available on Apple podcasts and podcast wind. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you. I wanted to remind you that you can support. My sponsors is by going to my show page at podcast. One DOT COM clicking on the support this podcast button and there. You'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing of course supporting now back to the show. Hey everybody findings rich Eisen. It's our number are two and the mets have new manager. His name is Louis Ross and I had to look him up. I'M NOT GONNA lie. You shoot straight here. He Used A. I'm wikipedia him and it says his dad is fully Paige Lou. He's a Dominican professional baseball coach. He's currently the quality control coach for the New York. Mets the the mets decided to stay in house and they went with the quality control coach. I mean his week Pedia page. He's the son Philippe Baylor the brother sure of Noisy Solo Thirty eight. He's thirty eight. He managed the Gulf Coast League. Mets in Two Thousand Eleven Savannah from Twenty Twelve through twenty fourteen. The manager of the Saint Lucie Mets Twenty fifteen and he managed the Binghamton Rumble ponies. How about them apples everybody now? He's big apple in two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen. They named him to their Ma- major league staff as the quality control coach. Wow these can get thrown into the deep end of the pool. Wow that's wow what you think. Teach Jefferson Rich Eisen. Show social media the What are we calling you the grand maistre? Now you want to be known as the Grand Mesa richeisenshow social media the odd met Clipper sixer cowboy royal hydrate hybrid from Pennsylvania from Pennsylvania by way of Southern California WanNa you WanNa do you WanNa give us your first blush thoughts on on. Did you have to look him up to do. I knew who he was rich. Okay Okay you you know. The funny thing is I really liked the higher simply for the fact that you know he's got a lot of young Latin ballplayers and yeah. I kind of feel like in order to really be able to communicate and engage those guys. I'd like that higher. I like the Beltran higher as a way of just being able to make you know make everyone feel more comfortable being able to communicate with okay with your team without having to use interpreters and okay. I'm forty I mean. Look let's give it a shot gentleman. What else what else can we? Can we lose the two thousand and twenty minutes. What else can we let me get Peter Lonzo? So you gotTa Pete Alonzo no no they gotta look. The mets have very talented team. That was in the playoff hunt wild card as we all know what the nationals did with that right last year nationals won the division and we all know what they were able to do in the NFC east right so he's an analytics guy we're learning we're learning he's an analytics guy. Don Buoy is a according coordinating producer. He's managed five of seasons in the Dominican Summer League in window. Hey Look I'll tell you what. He was. A coach in the Dominican. Summer League mets. He was also a manager in the in the Winter League. We'll see he's got a very talented team at his disposal. Write their share. Does and the general manager of the mets. I mean with a new owner Steve Cohen. Looking down looking at everything. That's big higher man. How Reynolds is going to join US shortly? Talk About Derek. jeter not being unanimous Larry Walker get men. He's got both on on his show tonight and then maybe he can tell us more about Louis. Row House your new manager of the New York mets met strike. I there you go. What should the other teams do he is? I mean Houston's got to go with Somebody who's done it before right the red sox. I don't know your they should go like varitek right. Yeah you know I've been thinking about my initial reaction was yes. I verified. Could be awesome. Dustin pedroia transitioning from player to a manager would be awesome but then someone brought up a good point like tech is one of the all time greats. Both these guys were captains to have like your idea of him ruined. If he's not a good manager all would kinda would. I don't know that'd be kind of a bummer. To like a great player stunk as a manager. Get them out of town to have them be fired. Managers are hired to be fired and have to fire. Jason Varitek as manager Roy. Now if you're if he's the right guy for the job and do I mean look David Ross could run for mayor in Chicago. Now he's GonNa go there and be the the cubs manager. That's the way to go. I like the cubs are winning. Eighty Games now. Then you've got a fire your hero. Yeah that's right. Yeah I don't know I don't know if I want staffer tech John Farrell back. You didn't want him to go right and want him fired. Didn't deserve it so again. Howard is GONNA join US coming up shortly here on the show Okay I got Storylines I've got a story lines for the two thousand and twenty version of the Super Bowl that the NFL one hundred campaign is all said. And done I do this every year. My job is host of this show we. It will be live in Miami next week. We'll tell you in a second how you can join us and Every year as the host of this show and also NFL network's works coverage for so many years now Game Day morning on Super Bowl Sunday. Eight and a half hours worth baby eight and a half hours worth of this. Great Great Program I pretty much know storylines when I see it and I pretty much know the way that the media works in the way that media looks for stories and so I'm going to give you the top ten storylines for Super Bowl. Fifty four is I see them and how by the time everything kicks kicks off. We'll see if I'm right but I think I will be Mike del Tufo. Do you have music for this place. Of course okay. Here we go Mike Del Tufo. Thanks so much okay. Number ten the Number ten story line is the city of Miami usually focus on the city itself It is the latest iteration of the Super Bowl in Miami we. The last time it happened was ten years ago the saints and the colts that was a dynamic game. It's been ten years. It's it's been back hardrock. Stadium is now going to be on display for the whole world to see we might touch a little bit on the Miami Dolphins. But you're also going to be talking. Oh Nice done you're also talking about super bowl three being the first one and we can go down memory lane. It's Joe Nemeth was famed. Guaranteed we putting the photograph of him being poolside before that one in the Orange Bowl. All that's by the way on the left side of your screen for all those who are watching on television. That's Brent Musburger. Sitting poolside into one of the many members of the media obeys hearing Nemeth without a shirt on hold hold court and guarantee a win for the jets. The reason why also bring this up is this will be brought up because it was the very next year the chiefs went to their only super bowl. Oh and want it here. We are fifty years later. In the city of Miami that storyline number and story line number nine for Super Bowl fifty four. Put it up on the screen. If if you don't mind for our television Joe Montana connection. Yes Joe Montana played for both teams. Right Joe. Montana will be interesting interview Joe. Montana's already tweeted out something. Like over one hundred seventy thousand times on his twitter account his uniform for game warned of the niners and the chiefs up on the wall set. You heard from me. I I guarantee my team will win the Super Bowl a little bit more on Joe Montana later on number eight McCowan. John Lynch is big adventure his big weekend. John Lynch the general manager of the San Francisco Forty niners has helped put what this team in Super Bowl with some of his choices shopping for the groceries on Saturday of Super Bowl weekend. It's entirely possible and I hope we do hear his name called finally for the pro football hall of fame and many can the next day. Join John Elway. Join Ozzie. Newsome as pro football hall of Famers to have one ring as a grocery shopper and also join elway in terms of winning show for yourself as a player you imagine and all that together for Lynch John Lynch is big adventure. That's going to be some big talked about for. That certainly wants the weekend. Hits number seven on your hitlist every year. GO-TO guy for interviews. His press conferences. A must see everybody's going to be around this guy's podium because he can talk about more than just football all and give you tons of soundbites because he speaks his mind. He only knows one speed when he's at the podium. And when there's a microphone in front of him he's a man of many many many eh facets he can talk about the collective bargaining agreement he could talk about growing up in Compton and going to Stanford and getting to the Super Bowl. His name name is Richard Sherman. Richard Sherman time. Everybody get ready for him. Certainly of Durrell Rivas keeps calling them out and then by the time. It's his third and final media. Valerie val ability for the week on Thursday and he's sitting there to podium and he's done talking about also what happened the last time with super bowl the marshawn lynch stuff is GonNa be he coming up again all of it. It's Richard Sherman time number six more players more players groups out who's best tight end in the league right now. It's the George Kendall Travis Kelsey show everybody you will see so much of these dynamic tight ends. Were the best at the position. It'll be the battle for WHO's the best of the position and both of them are just stellar personalities. So likable so much like the guy you went to college college with and the guy you grew up with the guy that you want to share a beer with its the George cadle Travis Kelsey show for Super Bowl fifty four. That's the ten through six. Now here's your top five everybody number five on your hitlist. Who is Jimmy G.? Now who is Jimmy Garoppolo. Yes because rosiest and for a ton of casual sports fans they're going to get introduced to this kid from the middle of the country who went to Eastern Illinois and got drafted drafted second overall in this a second round draft. Pick in this league and the whole Jimmy Garoppolo story. We're GONNA his parents. We're going to meet him and people we're GONNA fall in love with him and he's a handsome guy and who is Jimmy G.. Who is the Jimmy? Garoppolo story is number five. which leads to yes number four? What's going to happen with Tom? Brady and the Patriots because the Patriots aren't in this game and the reason why the Patriots aren't in this game is because of Tom Brady. And what's going on with the Patriots and the reason why Jimmy is in. This game is because they patriots stuck with Tom Brady or brady insisted that Jimmy Garoppolo go and how does that all play into what's going on with him and craft and Bella check right now. How and yes joe? Montana's names could be brought up and Montana was Brady's idle I mean there's so much connective tissue. That's GonNa Bring Patriots two of the four just when you think you're done with them not on how Jimmy Jesus in the Super Bowl and to the Patriots. Wish they still had them. Is Bell check upset at that. He doesn't have somebody like Jimmy. G. and where's Tom Brady GonNa go. It's common get ready for it. I think you're right about number three three all the homes all the time and I will right now tell you I will be leading that charge. I will be guilty as charged. Yeah because this guy has the opportunity cop branch set on Good Morning Football. I think it was him who said that if he wins game. He's the face of American sports. Okay Oh okay. That's a lot but this kid what he's able to do what he's been able to do. We as football fans have all seen it. The casual sports fan is it's going to surf in and see him. Maybe play for the first time or any. They're going to. Who is this guy? Because I don't see a guy who normally plays like this and all of us who normally sees what quarterbacks look like the Super Bowl if he comes up with a Kurt Warner type game four hundred yards passing if he winds up from four hundred yards against this defense he has the opportunity to grab the entire. NFL world by the horns. I know that there's a San Francisco team that is very stout to prevent it. It's IT'S A. It's a launching pad possibility posssibility for this kid to make his world his football world in which we are all paying rent and I'm I'm I'm all lean on it so I'm guilty already as charged number two. These next two are interchangeable. They're interchangeable but I'M GONNA put number two on this list because again it's the super bowl for the sports programs. Andy Reid Andy Reid. All these missing is this. He he went once. It's been years since he's been there he's now back. Can he win the Big One. Big Red can big red win the big one. Wearing red four franchise four city. That's been waiting five decades for this moment. Tanny it is this the guy is mahomes. The guy for him will go down memory lane about what happened with Philadelphia. You will learn more about his personal life. What did happen to his son? That side of the human interest will develop that might a caused ause the casual sports fans. Watch morning news. Shows to learn more about Andy Reid. At some point it's anti rain and then that leads leads to the number one story line of Super Bowl fifty. Four the Shanahan's hanging with the Shanahan's Kyle Shanahan son of two time on superbowl winner. Mike Shanahan the only father son combination to ever coach teams in the Super Bowl as head coaches. Mike handed his son the Halas trophy. It was a very emotional moment. We've seen Mike Win it twice. We're going to see kyle. Now try and win it once. It's all going to be about the family family of fair and again the casual sports fan. That's going to read about the Super Bowl and learn about the story lines through places like the today show and those types of programs hands will hear about the Shanahan's and the family affair that San Francisco hopes will lead to the same result as it did for Denver all those years ago. What Mike teach what is learning from Mike? What does mom think about all this? So those are those. Are Your top ten storylines. Chris what do you think right over there. I I walk this one of my favorite segments. That you do each year before the Super Bowl. I'm not so much interested in the Shanahan's per se. I'm all about the story line. I love that I love the Jimmy G. Stuff and I really think Travis Kelsey George kittle are gonNA come out where they're gonNA be superstars. Whichever team wins the game their prime for the all the commercials next year there are prime for mega endorsements? They're going to be household. Names and faces is in America. Whoever wins and I'm super excited for both those guys and you know we're going to get really bored and it's GonNa be like what about the Patriots? I think so I mean just think about it. It's they weren't in the championship game in nine years. They've been to for the last six guy that they traded away. Could they could win. Those last couple with Brady right is now in the Super Bowl and what about Brady and the Patriots Future Do. They have traders remorse despite having the goat win a couple more times and one more thing Jimmy G. if he happens to win this game is third ring. That's more than Eli and Peyton Law. It doesn't count eight four four zero four rich number. Two Don. How Reynolds will be joining us? The mets of name the new manager that is news to a lot of people. Louis Row Haas the new manager of the New York mets. Wow and of of course derek. JETER got into the hall of fame one shy being unanimous. That's all coming up next on the rich Eisen show. What's up? Brian Deegan here. I'm excited to bring and you are podcast. The DEGAN that will be every Wednesday on podcast one and apple podcast. We'll be covering many subjects such as racing family family. Stay together. How he thrive is a family? So I think it's exciting. We're GONNA cover all those subjects and many more check out our new podcast against airing every Wednesday on podcast one and on Apple podcasts. Don't forget to subscribe rate and review. We interrupt the Derrick jeter celebration into the hall of fame in New York City for the introduction of the very first manager of a New York sports team to also have once upon a time managed the Binghamton rumble. PONIES L zero. Can you look that up to make sure that that is an accurate statement. That there hasn't like did Casey stangl dangle ever managed the Binghamton rumble ponies. Watch Louis Ross is GONNA win world series plural. The mets have a really a good team Do they just named him. The newest manager of the mets to discuss all those subjects and so much more as a guy who's GonNa have both Derek jeter and Larry Walker on on MLB network studio forty two on MLB tonight live at five thirty PM eastern time he is Howard Reynolds. How're you? Hr read some good man. How you doing? I'm doing you and find better talking to you right now. So let's get into. I had Cup Louis. Ross I'm being very honest with you. I'm not very well aware of WHO quality control. All coaches are despite their potential Famous family lineage. But I I give you the floor on what you think of the mets higher well first of all as Philippi I lose son so the great managers one of his sons. That's his made his mother's name so when police came to America grab the aluminum. Actually Felipe a row house a Lou and so the young guys stay would row house. But he's worked. His way through the minor are league with the mets he knows basically the whole roster. He's a man is some coastal. I've heard nothing but great things about him as far as being a field general and understand the game of baseball squawk so they're excited about it. I've been hearing this for about a week. I had to figure out who he was. Myself and ground away comes from so I mean There's a media aspect of this too and and I'm hoping he's he's ready for that. Also because is this is. This is the deep end of baseball pool manager of New York Metropolitan. Certainly after Carlos. Beltran didn't even manage a game. Harold I mean. Is there any sense on how we might handle that. Yeah he he's He's very well very articulate. Speak English quite well. Obviously fluid Spanish But he's handled the media before and they just feel like the pedigree had grown up in that family around his dad fully pay and spend time there but he's he's been through a lot. I think the big thing though They stayed within the organization and they felt like that opportunities for other ways and he just was a guy that stood out for a long time when they went through the process not too long ago to hire Beltran in the first place he was one of the guys that they had considered and They were going to try to bring him along a little bit slower in the organization but obviously once Beltran was not able to handle the the rains anymore they felt like it was just best to go ahead and keep keep the continental going and they felt like this kid was reading. I guess so I mean there's a baby step man and especially with the firestorm that he's coming in and you know having to deal with New York is a lot different than say Seattle. No offense but I played there long enough. Of course there's a lot more media the scrutiny in New York and he's got to answer some questions and we'll see how it gets to that place at least you know. He is totally removed from anything. Anything that that had anything to do with the astros in two thousand seventeen or anything with with any of this. I mean he just came into the major leagues is the quality control coach just last season so he and he's in house he's one of their own and look. I mean you could look around so many sports where let's go for the Guy Who It was the young guy who's got a lot on the ball whose sharp who can communicate with anybody in our locker room or clubhouse when it comes to baseball and before or somebody snaps him up when he supposedly quote unquote ready? Let's let's get them right now. I mean that that might be the scenario that the METCHA thicket of here. HR The one thing and that gives it a little bit of PAS is the mets are built to win right now. You know. This isn't right along with our new manager and we'll figure it out two or three years the grounds uh-huh ready You gotTA figure out what you're going to send a guard. This team is built to jump into and what looks like right now for me. The Best Division in Baseball is the National League East. I'm is a feast. So he's got to be ready and he's got club. That's that's GonNa be demanding wins. This is not going to be a repeal that new. You're so it's a different scenario so you think the analyst Yeah because Girardi is now with the Phillies we all know that the defending world series champions are are are in that division. You've got the mets clearly in braves. and how terrific a season. They had until their disaster in the playoffs. I mean you're you're you're right there I mean what do you think The Astros and the Red Sox are GonNa do with their vacancies That is still. It'd be determined. I know the red sox that will start the socks. I don't know where they're going I'm feeling like with with High in bloom. The new general manager He's GonNa go with somebody. He knows Any he's trying to get the Guy I've heard from Tampa. That was the bench coach. But I I don't know it's gotta be somebody he's very with. It's different scenario than it is with. Houston I 'cause he's gotTa build a whole new culture and You're looking at the red sox really starting to turn things over a little bit more sacred metrically with kind there And so I think he's gotta look for more sabermetrics minded manager Alex. Cora was familiar with the numbers. Use them occasionally but he was more of a gun. He was more old school and he had a lot more control. Cole over that organization most managers now offices and sending down lineups. They're helping order direct. HOW Games Iran? So I think you're got to see a lot more hands on in Boston in Houston toll different scenario you know. They're in the fire right now because they had their. They're they're a manager. And all the things that commissioner brought down on them I think they've got to go with an experience that and I to me I think buck showalter is the perfect perfect fit you know. Do you ban from from New York rich when George Steinbrenner got suspended from baseball buck with the manager. A lot of these different things are happening. Steve How got suspended. All those times was a manager. You know he's been through the storm. He's built organizations Jason. I I think he's the perfect that organization right now but what they need. Yeah because certainly a higher there the higher there more than you know. Obviously we're still waiting to hear from the Commissioner Michener how Reynolds here from MLB network. The rich are we still waiting to hear from the Commissioner. On what what what the two thousand eighteen red sox either opt to or not The hiring hiring Houston is so important. I mean so important. Where we just gotTa figure we gotta get rid of all the trash cans and all the Thera- guns and all whatever that might have been going on there in two thousand seventeen eighteen and whatever the the mindset that that these no other way to put it metastasized in two thousand seventeen that other teams might have employed in two thousand eighteen eighteen or not that that whatever went there needs to be wiped clean and then come up with a scenario where we're all the players? Say say something other than what Bregman said about you. Know he kind of pulled him Maguire out here to talk about the past. It's Fan Fest Two vase saying I didn't wear any buzzers or anything like that but everything else I'm not ready to talk about You've got to come up with a plan in Houston from the manager to what the players are saying to get this thing in a different direction herald. What goes totally agree that you know what they did? It fantastic is not gonna work and that was ill. Advised is on the WHO was advised them at that time but they got to come clean or it's GonNa Linger forever on the rest of their resume as a team. Everything moving forward so they gotta have that address when they get spring training. But it's a different scenario in Houston in my mind because you got rid of the general manager and the manager you you know. They don't have a general manager. And so I know the owner and that they've built their with their new systems of filling like they were very saver metric in their scouting department and player development. And everything's very reliant on that you want to have somebody that doesn't upset at Albuquerque. Because they really do have great players So that's a whole different thing that to me. That's that's why you gotTa have that guy that sits in front of the media that manager after every game. And he's is credible and that's why I think buck. So alters the guy how Reynolds here on the rich Eisen show okay. You're going to have jeeter an Larry Walker later on today at five thirty past time. Cool Man I was talking about. I was talking about earlier. This speeches in the meadow in Cooperstown this summer. You're going to have somebody like in a way corporate America with Jeeter and and then you're gonNA have Larry Walker showing up and I knew spongebob shirt. Maybe you know you're you're you gotta contrast in this class right here Harold. That's GONNA be blast. Well that's what's cool about it plus you know I mean all in New York going It's going to be amazing. It will be the largest crown in in cooperstown percents history. I know that they have some great crowds of Mariano with with ripken in Gwen at the same time. But you know Derek jeter Is Everything the thing from New York and Beyond and Larry Walker from Canada. And so you'RE GONNA have lost folks coming down from nearby Canada and Montreal and whatnot. Come down as well well so it's gotta be enormous crowd And it's going to be a fun time. Do we know who the individual that did not vote for Jeeter as a hall of Famer. Do we know who that person is. How haven't heard yet but I'm sure her they are searching for him all over the place him or her I so that They voted because they just felt like he wasn't qualified to be a hall of Famer. Okay that's your opinion. That's do you WanNa say but I sure hope it's not a publicity blissett stunt and it will be flushed out in due time and and that will be A conversation to be had but I I want an individual and I love love to hear what they were thinking. Yeah the only one that that my prediction is. You're going to hear. Well ripken didn't go in all these others didn't go in as unanimous animus at the shortstop position. I didn't feel that Geeta was better than them so I couldn't vote for for Jeeter and to me. That just makes no sense. I mean everybody should be in in its own world in its own time and its own place judged on whether the is the person worthy of the hall of fame or not and I know it took the Walker all the way to the very end of his eligiblity to finally get that consensus but Somebody like jeeter. There's just I mean you can't tell the story of the Yankees can't tell the story of that part of the century injury without without him. I mean it's not I I hear you and you know we all love for Jack and Watson. COMPLA- really wants to grow up. We spent time together covering from ninety six on You Know Fall in love with that corps for and the Yankees and the biggest thing you look back at Derek's legacy he did it through all the controversy and you look at all the players that fell. During that time the steroid era he stayed clean and trust asked me they were looking you know and and he stayed clean through the whole thing. I think that is a tribute to him and the player that he has to put up the numbers and I and all that so I think that stands for something as well. But you're you're you're dead on you're probably right. There's somebody if Willie mays one hundred percent house. He cow how does He. So you can be absolutely right but we'll see. I mean we're going to hear from this individual and I just wonder what they have to say. What do you think is legacy which it's usually I think he's one of the greatest players in history and His impact is GonNa be everlasting last thing. I mean it's it's Mickey Mantle. It's I it's one of the biggest Yankees ever and I think maybe bigger in this sense that we live in a different time and then in the forties and fifties with Dimaggio Mantle. And all those guys because of social media and the reach of how you can reach not only New York or baseball fans but globally you know derrick jeeter walk down the street. People know who he is. My child walks down the street. People know they're not recognized. Realized as much and Mickey Mantle they would they would have never known had. He walked down the street and Oregon. When I was growing up as a kid I never saw him? I just heard about him. I read about it you also. That's how things have changed so much but he transcends the game of baseball and it was interesting. Real quick out there i. I'm curious what's going to happen. Uh Induction Day. I mean that's the guy that I was fortunate to really get to know hosted his as events Golfing Tampa for ten straight years and we had John Legend saying we had man at his wedding. He knows Jay Z.. E. Events there's no telling who's WHO's GonNa be there. He's interviewed interviewed Obama. He's he was on Saturday night live I mean he transcended so many things outside of baseball and this is a very unique baseball player. We may see it in and other sports. You don't see that in baseball. I've already volunteered my services for induction day Harold Earlier in the show. I said that whoever did not vote for Derek should be we found And then forced to present jeeter at the hall of fame Reading comments written by me. Personally I would write them. MM-HMM I go for that person. That person made the remark would something along the lines of. Here's Derek Jeter Baseball Hall Hall of Famer Izhak. That's basically what it would basically read. I might workshop get from Staten Island. That's not ask the poll question one of hr before we send him onto again. have both Derrick jeeter an Larry Walker on MLB network studio forty two on MLB tonight at five thirty PM Eastern. What do you got over there crying? HR WHO's most deserving of hall of fame enshrinement. Some of the guys who aren't in. Pete Rose Barry Bonds Roger Clemens. None of the above all of the above I have a hard time with Pete. Rose not being in the hall of fame and I I understand I probably get get crushed by a lot of people but four thousand two hundred fifty six heads and I know the gambling thing came as a manager so And as far as I know he could have been gambling player. Too But I just think that as time comes. I'm watching the softening stance of bonds and clemens with steroids. And I think people are lapsing over Pete Rose and and and and that with the world changing the way it this I think in the hall fan thanks how again we'll see on. MLB tonight tonight at five thirty eastern with both jeeter in Walker. It'll be a fun show. I'll be tuned in. We'll chat soon. Thank you for a minute right back thank you. That's how Reynolds here on the rich Eisen show clemens sixty one percent of the vote bonds sixty point seven percent of the vote the sixty point seven percent of the vote is the largest voting percentage for bonds and is now eight years on the ballot. Two more to go. Clemens clements got up to sixty one percent two hundred and forty two people saying yes one more than bonds maybe that's where the G. Vote Went Aberdeen and Yeah man it's interesting when you hear about the rose. Look Pete Rose admitted to it. Signed a document saying I'm banned for Life Right. The hall of Fame Meet Museum. Baseball Hall of fame and museum could have basically said we'll we'll still put you in it's just on your plaque that you're banned banned for life in baseball. I guess they could have done that. I don't know if baseball would have been very happy with that. And then the guy that he could have appealed to eventually after years as we all know passed away. Almost right away and Bart Giamatti. So I think a lot of the following commissioners where honoring the Commissioner at the time and his memory by keeping this intact then of course pete never helped himself never went on. What member Mickey Mantle went on so many different solutions his and shows to talk about his battle with alcoholism? And how don't be like me and you know I wasn't a great dad and I wasn't a great person from time to time and I'm clean and sober now. I'm turning turning around if Pete had handled gambling like that saying it was an addiction. I just wish I didn't hadn't done that. Don't be like me. It can break up families if he had done. I'm not I think he's in the hall of fame. There's so many other things that have happened since then that just renews people's anger about what had happened. But he did all all those hits man at the ad so tough to haul cooperstown museum and the hid king the homerun king and the pitcher with the most. Cy Youngs aren't in the hall and by the way the report that that that was so comprehensive on that the dowd report Jon Dowd report. Just a cross dreams here. The John Dow that you hearing about an all the impeachment stuff all the trump Russia's stuff that's on the news same guy same guys thirty years ago the peers. That's that's that's how long ago was. Isn't that report was so comprehensive and it was difficult to read difficult to read. You think they're just going to wait until pete passes passes away the same people that are going to be saying it but he signed this document he knew what he was signing when he signed it the guy who if you will put them away passed away and we would be dishonoring his memory and and his his stance if we reverse verse and by the way. I think we will see pete at the draft because I think he does normally sign cards in Vegas Vegas Donnie. Oh yeah all the time right right where the NFL is holding its draft. We'll be driving the boat to stage by the way just just real quick real quick real quick and we said yesterday that that they're going to put the draft. He's on the boat it's not to announce their rights to bring them to the red carpet. Red Carpet is on them is on the fountain. Water the main draft stages right by Caesar's which I think is closer to P. I've been there in a long time. Repeat announce a pick. I don't think so. Ladies and gentlemen around Joe Borough Pete Rose on the third round they start bringing all these random people in a rang. A Tang announced a pig. That's true through years ago and May I loved it. Fake Elvis will do it. Eight four four zero five. Donny and Marie are GonNa shouldn't the blue man group do it for the cokes. Yup carrot tops on forever. JABBA walkies couple guy with a lump. It's GONNA drop in. We'll thunder down undo it with the from unto cheese that we heard from yesterday all right eight four four two zero four rich. We'll take your phone calls. Ah I don't even hear what you guys said. Probably glad I did. And we're back with more in a moment. It's the greatest time of the year in sports. Nfl College football MLB NBA NHL. What else can a sports fan as for? All the action you want is every day at one place and one place only bet online dot. Ag Sign up today for a free account at online DOT AG. Use Promo Code. podcast one for your fifty percent off. Welcome bonus don't sit on the sidelines anymore. Get in in on all this incredible action at Fed online at ag that's bet online that H. G. Your online sportsbook experts. We're going to Miami. We're going to be there all week next week. We've got a great guest list that will let you know later on this week. Whose common and we're going to be taken the show and the whole crew to Miami for the whole big week and if you're in town come hang with us you can get tickets to see our show? Rich and MIA DOT COM. That's rich MIA DOT COM on television. All of our show opens will be a send up of the old. CSI Miami show. I'm dressed as Caruso rex. Lin from the show back in the day is in all of our opens. He's in our green room. Right now is about what a fun shoot. That was. Oh Oh my gosh. She was giving me all sorts of tips on how to crusoe up a little bit more including when you put the glasses on after the line you've got to walk out of frame right the walk off the wall glasses on in the walk off. Gosh you're such a fun day. Oh my God show was and he's about to join us. Nothing quite lights up a phone line like talking about Pete. Rose have you noticed that in the five and a half mister the show. Yeah there are a handful of topics and guys who just get the phone Dean Virginia just called and I'm sorry cuts the line because of that fact act but what's up. Hey rich longtime fan of your games on. ESPN appreciate that. My nothing years is a lifelong Cincinnati reds. My thing is if you want to have very fine you know recognize the home run King Done in the record books. I don't see why that one should not there. The fame. He got category with beat needs to be. I mean nobody has ever got that many hit snow. Thanks for the call. Deny appreciate it and thanks for saying what you said for back back in the day promised bonds bonds was never found guilty of anything correct correct. That's right and Trainer Brian Anderson Pete. Best friend of all time he did sign a document said I'm banned for life. Put his pete rose on it. That's the difference Randy in Washington. State's been waiting the longest. What's up randy? Hey rich what's up sir. What's on your mind? First of all good luck on your. You're running for the children's hospital appreciate it. Saint Jude run rich. Rumour talk more about it in February. That's for sure all right Brockman. Listen Up Buddy only higher education. You're GonNa get listening to me talk so what Ken. griffey junior was elected to the hall. He didn't get all the votes. Somebody from the East Coast voted against him. Well somebody out here in the west coast found out who it was and ask them about it. They says well I want you to go in one hundred percent. Well we wrong. All that happens out. East got voted no out west. Thank you randy in Washington right there. Now that if that's the way it goes like it literally was tit for tat because some voters want reason why didn't vote for for are junior is because I wanted Geeta to be the first position or I player period to go in one hundred percent and then somebody who is going to pissed about Out that for Griffey. I'll show you wow. Could you imagine if that's what it does. Wind up being like literally to lab animals throwing their poop across the country at each other essentially all rain down judgement. And we'll move forward. Could you imagine i. That's what it is. I can't imagine that would be gosh. That's pretty embarrassing. If that's the case now now now we got tin foil hat lehrer and conspiracy theories for the hall of fame and that makes that would actually make more sense than anything else if that's true. I've seen right here that we had all the baseball conspiracies week more mad at that person or less. Oh Oh good question. That's I I become a little on silent Maglis mad on silent like weird way again. I would get that like I. I get that that was the way it was you. Jerks didn't vote one hundred percent. Are they going to keep getting by us. Four years old. I mean that's for what yesterday the baseball writers are have actually news update on the actor rex land and we will talk run rich running our three coming coming up a handyman tip. Ti hairs come. Check me out man. Join me on my new podcast cal. Expeditiously exclusively available apple podcasts and podcasts went every week we'll be talking to people who move to coach a four. Who are shaping can change in the world and they own? You're going to hear some we'll change your life and move the needle in your world. Expeditiously is exclusively available apple. 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