The election ends and now what?


We're breaking news Canada Votes Twenty Nineteen See TV tonight declaring a liberal minority in the federal election CBC now acting a liberal minority and city projecting a win for the liberals so far they are ahead one hundred forty there were a lot of questions over the to find a way to effectively run the country over the next few months will we be doing this again next year orgy government and strong means they had at least thirty five seats more than second runner conservatives so there's none of the end I'm Jordan Rawlings and this is the big story votes are in John Stall is six eighty Sean's actually be governed for the next match actually I don't know how long will a workable parliament appear over the next few days will the liberals people are listening to this waking up the next morning some of them spared themselves this night so what are they waking up to waking up to a strong liberal his political affairs specialist he joins us in a quiet spot in a busy newsroom as we wind down our election coverage here late at night i John dissipated permission required from the Governor General Ordeal making that has to take place between Justin Trudeau in any of the other leaders Canadian federal election ended with an answer that leads to more questions this election is in the books is done but how will national treasury is astounding and generally you don't do that within a month talking to anybody you'd be smart to talk to people as as we go forward but that's what he can do just go in there and govern and every piece of legislation the first one would be thrown speech right there requires vote in the House of Commons he just puts it on the table and says go ahead wary of of being definitive about this it's we we don't offer comments overnight or in the next few days to establish a government it essentially means he could if he wants to just continue to govern as though he has a majority really and also the other parties are if they're not broke they spent most of their money the none of them could afford to mount another campaign conservatives probably could is that risky well it would be risky under other circumstances but nobody in realistically no other party is going to bring him down within a month why not trigger an election because the country would be furious yes person you know having to go through another election the cost of an election to the the he's running for office with all of those unanswered questions it is only fitting that the forty third ocean vibes I like the quiet chatty talk and I love the excitement of a newsroom on election night there's nothing like we're glad we could still you for a few minutes the first budget frankly it'll be two years that he could pretty much stay yeah before it's reasonable for an opposition to to consider in all the discussion leading up to this election when there were the conversations about a coalition but the end ep couldn't the green couldn't individual candidates couldn't so it it's unlikely they bring him down the first week I you know throne speech he could last longer if he gets the support of the MVP which is very likely to give him that support ever have is Being somewhat of a kingmaker using that leverage now as we go to bed or wake up this morning the number of seats that he women in and should Justin Trudeau resign if he doesn't have as many seats as the Conservatives everybody's sort of was coming at it from the point of view of the opposition would try to bring down comment when they could well eventually they do the question is how long does that take you know what is reasonable length of time so what would that look like has is almost equal to the difference between the Liberals and the Conservatives right so when it gets contentious if the Liberals can rely on Jagmeet Singh support on ever subleasing is more likely to keep them alive where it gets contentious on things like the pipeline if the liberals want to go forward with this pipeline I mean Jagmeet sings best case scenario out of this is that he has a degree of balance of power he's Never GonNa win so the most influence he could a case basis how does that change the platform that Trudeau was presenting in this election probably not unfolding kind of legislative policy they pledged during the election so they may withhold install the big ones like the the pipeline because it would just be difficult for the kind of support regions by trying to tie Doug Ford in and and Jason Kenney so the one on the one hand he wants to should does as a as a game plan to gamble on what they call the investments in people conservatives a call that wild wasteful reckless spending election that he is partly responsible for not solely but partly by trying to pit Ontario and Alberta against the other so he drew the the the wedge into the campaign by saying these other guys are the and they said they do they bought it well that's kind of my next question is how does governing from a minority position whether he's working with the end ep or with the block on a case the country well a lot of things none of them I don't think we're very important but they they choose can the big picture but the liberals lots of people wanted to do the right thing for Alberta and help them through this economic challenge with the pipeline and the other he's got to repair the damage that's been done in this election and how quickly will the Conservatives be looking at their strategy which I think everybody knows we we talked about it when we did our podcast about the Ontario Angle and the the smartest play in retrospect in retrospect but but what happens to the Conservatives now a little boy that's hard to say quired on the MVP site however conservatives on that they would oppose the government on most other things might say yes to the pipeline right that'll be a contentious issue from guys like Ford and Kenny who really took the brunt of his victory all over this election but again he chose that because I was the only difference that he could which no other damages ever been done for like this that's what I was GonNa ask you as you've seen a lot of uh elections how what made this one different in terms of fracture the contracts they really custody we just ask you really quickly can we just ask you what your we get wicked it distinguish himself from the conservative camp by and it became a little vicious in a little bit too personal well one of the questions I had was about Doug Ford and I think it worked but there's a lot of damage done along the way I mean how does he sit down for a first ministers conferencing get cooperation on other issues very few first term government's ever lose in the first election so there's a victory of sorts ones who are going to cost you lots of money because they're going to raise taxes and they're going to they don't work for the little people and all that so he he drew that and pointed to on the ground let's go back a little bit he lost two years pretty much guaranteed without anybody bringing them down for the sake of bringing them down dangerous to what surprised you about the results we saw last name the size of the block AVEC walk super hadn't nothing going for it then it's it's only the leader Mr Blanchette who really was able to coalesce support in rebuild a party behind him and it was shoe and got a hard job ahead I mean he's got to repair the kind of damage that's been done across the country there's a whole national unity crisis now that is a result of this assertive victory could unseat this this liberal government which road very high for the first two years and if it wasn't for I don't know that in two years and away they go whether they all stick with under shear for that or not hard to say at this stage brearley they'd be chatter about replacing them but that's it totally personality based That surprised me I didn't see this coming year ago and there was chatter that they were growing so that level of support in Quebec election which was to keep Doug Ford out of the public eye I already saw some people on our on our broadcast and other broadcast tonight saying in the conservative circles saying maybe that was conservatives even though they would have wanted to finish better and have the minority going there favor they did hold a majority government to a minority in the second term Hyundai in the House of Commons from ninety five to whatever it ends up being on the other hand there are a lot of conservatives who feel like Trudeau screwed up so bad rebuil- I would likely be more than the combined other parties opposing it which would be the block of the in the PC's and just based on that like crazy and this was there's to win given what Trudeau left them with on the other hand after made in terms of seeking a DP for that rank company how he treated the two women that that raise the concern was any one thing it was just a kind of humilation of disappointments and surprises I think in the way the Ah what whatever other you know mistakes and he never got you a lot of conservatives thank a stronger conservative leaders should have capitalist thought it was possible but a year ago it was I'm in my view impossible to think that you know what happens this one if the animosity continues and the Conservatives get their legs it could happen in an election and a half if in don't think they'll replace Andrew Scher right away he has increased their I mean the positive is he has increased their seats two and a half years from now we're into another election as a result of the minority government situation instead of four it could be a conservative victory and that would be a election Kenny and and deduct Ford Ford in particular playing what he knew has been a troublesome year for Ford in Ontario and to some extent strategists take a look at public opinion at the outset

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